Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: Nothing’s mine, and they’re all lies. Feedback: I need it far more than I really should. Pairing: Spike/Xander Warnings: A little bondage fun, nothing serious. Shameless PWP Author Notes: Written for [info]quettaser’s challenge, which prompted my muses to go down naughty little paths Summary: A game night between Spike and Xander does not include a set of cards.

Game Night

Yours Truly

Fingers lay spread upon white sheets, nervously twitching as Spike watched closely, lost in a trance. Tanned skin made a beautiful contrast with crisp white sheets. As Spike reached out, though, as he touched those hands that were so openly presented to him, he found they made an even starker contrast against his own pale skin.

His colder fingers moved slowly, circling a taunting dance down Xander’s trembling arm, relishing the soft moan his lover’s throat emitted. Moving lower, Spike touched that heaving chest, tracing invisible lines on the tempting skin. There was garbled sound of need from Xander then, and his fingers twitched restlessly, as if trying to grasp air itself and hold it as an anchor. Spike tsked softly, murmuring nonsense as Xander looked up at him pleadingly, big eyes shimmering with tears of exertion.

Spike sighed, sitting comfortably on Xander’s chest, staring down at his own hands for a moment before stretching himself to grasp Xander’s bound wrists in his own hands, avidly watching the contrast, feeling the pulse flutter restlessly against his flesh. Those hands were larger than his own, Spike thought faintly, yet they still trembled in helpless shivers against the silken ties that bound them safely to the bed.

“You have the hands of an artist,” Spike murmured softly, licking the shell of Xander’s ear so close to his lips. The broken little sounds his words provoked were lost to him however, intent in his purpose as he was. “I think ‘tis time we put them to good use, don’t you, pet?”

Xander’s feverish eyes looked up at him dazedly over the wet bundle of cloth that gagged him securely, pleading wordlessly as Spike leaned back to study him. His boy nodded frantically, wrists twisting helplessly against their ties. Hours in the same position made his lover a bit restless, it seemed.

Spike smiled at him sensuously, licking his lips slowly, feeling as Xander’s heated gaze followed the moist trail of his tongue. His mouth still tasted of Xander, Spike realized faintly, stealing a brief glance to his lover’s bound cock, still moist from having Spike’s lips wrapped around it. The head was leaking steadily, jumping to attention as surely as the rest of Xander’s body was wriggling against Spike’s body.

Taking pity on the lad, Spike leaned over and slowly unwrapped the silk-rope around Xander’s right wrist, massaging it slowly to allow the blood to flow freely into the limb. Then, without a pause, Spike led that warm hand to wrap around his own cock, deaf to the pitiful groan his pet let out. Arching onto the lax hold of Xander’s hand, he smiled when his cock was gripped firmly and a smooth stroking began, teasing his senses and making him shut his eyes for a second, riding the rhythm Xander’s hand established.

When he reopened his eyes, he found Xander’s zeroed onto him, devouring him hungrily with just that glance. Spike moaned quietly despite himself, moving a hand down to grip Xander’s bound cock on his hand, stroking him gently and teasing the tip, laughing under his breath as Xander’s eyes rolled back into his head and his boy arched his back, pleading wordlessly though his soaked gag.

“Now, now, begging won’t help,” Spike told him softly, leaning to steal a kiss to the corner of Xander’s mouth. “But don’t let that stop you, luv.”

Xander shivered violently, body moved beyond coherent thoughts, as if by strings that pulled him restlessly against Spike, seeking release that was deliberately denied. The hand that gripped Spike’s cock tightened its hold suddenly, and when he looked down, Spike found himself looking into the desperate eyes of his lover. The hand stroked him rapidly frantically trying to shatter Spike’s thinning self-control as the vampire groaned loudly, distantly aware that Xander’s plan was working. Hours of this had hardly left Spike unaffected.

Sliding down Xander’s body, Spike sat on Xander’s legs, just below his navel. Eyeing that bound cock hungrily, Spike leaned down and brought it back into his lips, easily stopping Xander’s hips from thrusting up and choking him. Closing his eyes, Spike hummed, enjoying the sight of his lover’s erotic writhing against the sheets; the sweet tang of the sweat that had broke all over Xander’s overheated body was a sweet taste upon his tongue.

Xander’s only free hand reached out again, having lost its hold on Spike’s cock and took a hold of Spike’s hair instead, gripping it and trying to thrust up into Spike’s mouth. The vampire swiftly moved away, grabbing the hand and giving it a lick, leading back to its rightful place on Spike’s leaking cock. The boy stroked him feverishly then, squeezing and using every trick that Spike had spent hours teaching him, making the vampire moan loudly and arch up into the touch. He closed his cold hand around Xander’s member, jerking him off, making the bound member twitch ineffectually against its bindings.

The litany of Xander’s muddled begging was only broken occasionally by a whimper, and the sounds made Spike’s self-control slip. Arching up into Xander’s warm hand, Spike cried out, feeling his release wash over him in a tidal wave that left him reeling as his game-face came to the fore. Burying his face in Xander’s chest he nipped gently at the skin, tasting the drop of blood that welled up as his fangs receded as he was left panting, unneeded breath passing unchecked through his lips.

Long, hazy minutes passed by, and when Spike finally looked up at his lover’s, he found Xander’s eyes trained on his face, begging as loudly as his voice wasn’t allowed to. The warm hand still rested obediently on Spike’s softening sock, covered in Spike’s release and trembling slightly, the strain of holding back giving Xander’s body a thrum of pain to accompany the pleasure.

Spike smiled, gently taking a hold of that hand and leisurely licking it clean, before leading it to rest on Xander’s bound erection.

“Touch yourself, pet,” Spike murmured softly, watching hungrily as that hand tightened its hold, obediently keeping away from the bindings that limited Xander’s release. “Let’s see you perform, Xan.”

And Xander did. Uncaring of anything, he writhed against his own touch, mindlessly seeking his long-denied release. Helpless sounds slipped freely past the soaked gag and his body trashed wildly against the sweat-soaked sheets, his left hand still fighting its bonds uselessly. Spike, sitting between the boy’s spread thighs waited until the heat in Xander’s movements reached a peak, before moving, swiftly thrusting two fingers into Xander’s exposed hole, feeling the warm muscles twitch and clench around his fingers in a vice grip.

“You may come now, pet,” Spike whispered breathlessly. Xander arched up in the bed and screamed as Spike’s left hand deftly untied Xander’s cock. Hungry blue eyes watched avidly as Xander’s release was freed, a spray of white reaching even Spike’s chest as his lover arched his back even further, head thrown back in mindless pleasure as his gag barely restrained the sounds he made.

As he collapsed back against the sheets Spike watched him lovingly, leaning down to lick away the splatters of cum that stained Xander’s skin. Minutes tickled by in silence as Spike set about cleaning his pet’s body from the remains of his release, watching as Xander’s glazed eyes looked sightlessly at the ceiling, unaware of anything.

Carefully, Spike finally reached out and freed every one of Xander’s limbs, massaging the feeling back into them with experienced hands. The gag was soaked through as Spike removed it gently, stealing a kiss to Xander’s unresponsive lips after tossing it away, not seeing where it landed.

“Four hours, pet,” Spike told him softly, stroking the wet bangs of Xander’s hair away from his forehead, watching as his lover fought impending unconsciousness and turned hazy eyes to look at him. “You were so good, luv. Now you believe when I say you’ve got talented little hands?”

Xander just looked at him blankly for a moment, before blinking, as if in slow motion, and nodding, giving Spike a small tired grin. Spike grinned back at him and moved them around carefully on the bed until they lay entangled together, the covers tucked safely around them both. Laying his head down on Xander’s chest, Spike let the soft rhythm of his lover’s heart lull him, tired eyes shutting with a will of their own.

Spike was drifting off, at last, when a hand entangled itself in his hair and tightened its hold, grasping a handful of strands in a painful grip that dragged Spike’s head up violently. Dazedly opening his eyes, he met Xander’s hungry gaze, which studied him closely before dragging him up for a kiss. Xander’s tongue invaded his mouth then, making Spike moan helplessly and melt against the hold, uncaring of the pain as Xander’s tugged on his hair again, twisting his head to the side and seemingly trying to suck Spike’s brain through his lips.

“Tomorrow’s your turn, Spike,” A tired voice murmured against his skin as Xander finally pulled back, panting breath warming Spike’s face. “You’ll pay dearly for torturing me like this.”

Spike just laughed, stealing a breathless kiss before reassuring his position on Xander’s chest, and licking the speck of skin that rested beneath his lips.

“Happy to oblige you, pet,” Spike murmured sleepily, feeling Xander’s hand slowly caressing his hair. “Love you.”

There was a kiss bestowed on his forehead, just as Spike fell asleep, and among his dreams that night, he thought he heard those same words whispered back to him.

The End

Challenge: A porny drabble-y thing would be nice, and the more you focus on hands the better. (This is more a ficlet than a drabble though) ;)


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