The Expanding Universe

Yin Again

"You know me, I never refuse a dare."

There's a reason they call them "famous last words."

The reason was staring Spike in the face. The reason was wearing an ugly shirt and a "kick me" expression and a tiny, sly smile.

The girls were looking like the cats that shared the canary, and Spike was so very, very fucked.

He'd thought it was going well - a date with Buffy. Sure, they were doubling with her best friend Willow and Xander Harris, but...Buffy. Oh, but that was too simple. The universe didn't let Spike off the hook that easily. Nope, the universe hated Spike.

And all that hate had been channeled into those two demon women and their apparent burning desire to see Spike snog Xander Harris for two minutes.

"Make it good," Buffy said, settling against the headboard and pulling Willow toward her with a firm hand on Willow's narrow wrist. Willow went easily, with a smile to Xander, and bells went off in Spike's head. Yes, bells, and they were tolling a happy little ditty called "Spike's a Bleeding Moron and These Girls are More Than Best Friends." It had a good beat, and you could dance to it.

Xander's tiny, sly smile turned into a big, sly grin, and it made him look... dangerous. Dangerous and a little mean. And hot. And somehow the universe knew that Spike had a thing for dangerous and mean and hot, and that thing was located in his pants.

Xander reached out and snared Spike's ankle in one big hand and pulled him flat on the bed. One quick inhale later and Spike was blanketed from chest to knees in Xander's warm, heavy, hard body. Hot hands bracketed his face.

"Go," Willow sighed, and Spike's world did flips. It did double flips. It fell right off the fucking trampoline, because Spike was getting kissed and it was good. It was better than good - it was eye-opening. Metaphorically and physically, and all Spike saw was dark eyelashes against golden skin and the fact that he was very, very gay.

Xander's hands started moving, one sliding to the side of Spike's neck, the other trailing down his body to grasp a sharp hipbone, and Spike slammed his eyes closed and opened his mouth and kissed back.

Both girls and Xander sighed, and Spike moaned. He grabbed Xander's ass and pulled their bodies together, grinding up to feel Xander's erection against his own. Xander pushed down, his hands clutching painfully at Spike's skin, and they found a rhythm with both tongues and hips that made birds seem out of tune and ocean waves seem syncopated.

Willow called "time" in a breathy voice and Spike opened his eyes. Xander pulled back with wet lips and stunned eyes and both hands up Spike's shirt. Spike considered ungluing his hands from Xander ass, but instead deftly flipped them over. As he dived back down to resume the kissing, he spared a thought for the universe.

Thanks, universe.

The End

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