Fandom: BtVS
Characters/Pairings: Xander/Xander, Xander/Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Prompt: #102 Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Warnings: Um, slash, sorta but not quite twincest
Spoilers/Etc: For the epi where Xander gets split into two. Also no Xander/Anya.
Summary: Spike spends the night with two Xanders
Disclaimer: I don't own any of BtVS, I just like playing in their world. No money being made and no offense intended

Two for the Price of One


Xander looked down at the dark head resting against his thigh. His doppelganger had fallen asleep quickly once they got home. After Willow's failed spell, Xander was wary of letting the witch try again and had brought himself to the safety of the new apartment. Somehow Giles had convinced him it would be safer if Spike walked the two home so he now had the blonde leering at him from across the room.

"Gonna take the demon chit's suggestion?" Spike asked, breaking the silence.

Xander shot him a dirty look. "No, that would be pretty much like incest."

"Hm, not really," he disagreed. "Think about it, you're the same person just in two different bodies so technically it would be masturbation."

"Wonder what Freud would say about that?" Xander snorted.

"Dunno, he'd probably like it," shrugged Spike.


"Freud was a demon," he paused. "After reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra I was certain that Nietzsche was a demon too but the Poof said he wasn't."

"Sometimes you make no sense, Spike," Xander sighed. "Help me get, well, me to bed."


The first moan echoed into the empty living room, bouncing and rebounding around Spike's still body. He never thought the whelp would take his suggestion seriously, the young man was too uptight, too moral to do something like that. Yet he could hear the breathy moans and whispered pants for more. Spike wasn't sure which one was the initiator, but either way the picture the sounds painted was pretty.

Giving in to the temptation, he rolled to his feet and moved quietly over to the bedroom door, cracking it silently. Before him was a scene of pure pleasure. Two bodies twined together, sweat slicked and passion locked. He watched as the construction muscled bodies rocked together, groin to groin and making the sweetest sounds.

One pushed the other over and Spike wondered if it was the more aggressive Xander or the shy one finally showing some strength. He watched as a wicked mouth trailed over a straining neck, down across the smooth chest muscles and further down until it reached the proud erection waving from between the prone man's legs. He bit back his own moans as that mouth opened and swallowed down, taking it all. Pressing his hand against his own cock, Spike wondered what it would be like to have that mouth on him, wondered just what that heat would feel like.


"He's watching," Alex whispered as he moved back up to kiss Xan.

"He wants us," Xan whispered back, wrapping his arms and legs around his twin.

"Then he should have us," Alex grinned, moving out of Xan's embrace. He slid off the bed and walked toward the door quickly, opening it to smile at Spike's shocked face. "Are you coming in?"

"Which one are you?" Spike asked suspiciously.

"Does it really matter?" Alex asked, reaching out to grab a pale arm. "We both want you."

He pulled Spike into the room, pausing by the bed to strip the vampire of his jeans before pushing him down on the bed. Xan smiled and rolled into the vampire, leaning over to kiss him. Alex watched them for a moment before pushing Xan back and taking his own kiss from the wide-eyed Spike.

"Is this all some joke?" Spike snarled out. "Taunt the vampire or some other sick game?"

"Nope," Xan said, moving to straddle Spike. "We want you. Apart or together, we want you. Have for a while and now we have our chance."

"Of course we're going to take it," Alex finished. "But if you don't want. . ."

Spike swallowed heavily. "I want," he said softly, reaching up to trail a hand across Xan's shoulder and down his arm. "Just not sure if I should have."

"Oh, have all you want and nearly everything you want," Xan leaned down to whisper, grinning at the shiver that went through the body under him. "And we have a fantasy."

"Fantasy?" echoed Spike.

"Someone fucking us while we fuck someone," Alex murmured huskily. "Are you up for it?"

Spike glanced down his body and back up at Alex. "I'm more than up for it, pet."

Xan grinned. "This is going to be fun."


Spike woke slowly, surrounded on both sides by warmth. Opening his eyes he looked down to see two dark heads using his torso as a pillow and smiled. The night before had been filled with pleasure and teasing. Both Xander's had a teasing streak a mile wide and Spike had reaped the benefits of it. After hours of giving and taking pleasure from each other's bodies, the three of them had fallen asleep in a jumbled pile and somehow Spike had managed to end up on the bottom and in the middle.

"Hey," Xan said quietly, lifting his head to look at Spike.

"Morning," Spike smiled, running a hand down the long back.

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Xan.

"What's wrong?" Spike was worried that the young man regretted the night before and wondered if he would be facing a stake in the next little while.

"Would you still have done this if we were whole?"

"Slept with you?" Spike asked, Xan nodded. "I doubt it."

"Oh," Xan said softly, looking away.

"No," Spike snapped. "Look at me." He waited until the dark eyes were on his again. "Would you have come to me it you were whole?"

A soft blush swept over Xan's face. "Been thinking about it," he admitted softly. "Didn't think you'd want us, me."

Spike chuckled and leaned down to kiss him. "Wanted you. Didn't want to end up in a dustpan."

"Does this mean you'll stay with us?" Alex asked sleepily. "Willow will probably have a way to fix us today. Would you still want us, me?"

"You want me to stay?" Spike asked, shocked.

"Yes," Alex and Xan said together.

"Then I'll stay. One or two, you're both Xander and it's Xander that I want."

The End

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