Vampire Sestina by Witchway (From Spike to Xander)

This is Spike's Sestina

I used six usernames instead of the six words and used the organization called retrogradatio cruciata ("retrograde cross"). (Wikipedia explains it better.)
The last stanza incorporates the 6 words in 3 lines, but I cheated on that one.

My six friends in this poem are:

Kindred Spirit [info]kindredspirit75
Sea Dragon Lady [info]seadragonlady
Skargasm [info]skargasm
Storm Weaver [info]chrystlfox
Lazzi Kat [info]laazikaat
and Deadly Night. [info]deadlynight27

To My Fellow Castaway


To My Fellow Castaway
By Spike
to Xander

If on the waves a Kindred Spirit
I found also cast out to sea
By Gods forsaken, bearing scars.
Forsaken of Venus, of the Storm-
God, and of Mars. We will then laze
Upon the waves and pray for land, and pray for night.

And should I pray for dark of night
To hide us, me and my Kindred Spirit
To wash us to shore, where we might laze
And mourn our homes, our beds, our ladies.
Hide us, night. Hide us from storms
And sins that mar, and needs that scar.

What ARE the wants, the needs that scar?
The longings spoken but at night
Where digits, limbs, and lips might weave
Share touches known only to kindred,
Known but to ladies, Hide us Lady-
Moon! Hidden in your gaze we laze.

Side by side we laze, not lazy
Tracing, tasting old wounds, scars.
He rises, falls like waves at sea
I spread and cover like holy night
Beneath the moon I kiss my kindred
And in my mouth I catch his storm.

Now *I* am a God. Call me Storm-Weaver.
Nor is the one by my side lazy.
He moves and makes, remakes his kindred
Mouth making marks deeper than scars
Upon my body. This Holy night
He is land. I am crashing sea.

What Gods make new words, new land, sea?
He is the Maker. I, his stormweaver.
We are the new Gods of this night.
This hiding-place, our mountain. Lazing
On Olympus Gods took pleasure scaring
Lives, skin, fortunes. Not our spirits.

Welcome night, new land, new sea
Welcome new Spirits. We weave our storms
(for Gods, with mouth and hands, weave storms
and Gods with hands and mouth CATCH storms)

And under peaceful lazing
stars we heal our wounds
and make new scars.

The End

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