This is my third Spander Sextina. You can find my first sextina, my second Sextina and my Livejournal Sextina rules.

THIS Sextina is dedicated to

[info]spikesredqueen with the words "red" and "queen" (Spike wouldn't use his own name in his poem, unless he was actually talking about spikes.....hmmmmm....this requires thought.....)
[info]windchild85 with the words "wind" and "child"
[info]cozzybob who tells me "cozzy" means "cosmos"
[info]dragonyphoenix for "dragon" and "phoenix", but not the Spanish word "y"
[info]shakensilence for coming up with such a cool LJ name.

Using these 6 "words" I happily present From the Son of Night, a love-poem from Spike.

From the Son of Night
to the
Knight of the Red Queen
Upon the Event of Sunrise


The cruel sun rises, the dread red queen
Like a deadly dragon, an ascending phoenix.
Sunbeams (my lash, my rack, my whip)
Spread violent light throughout the cosmos.
The rebels: dark-child, rain-child, wind-child
And I. In earth I hide. In silence.

But whom do I find in my earth, in my silence?
The White Knight of her, the dread red queen.
His eyes are all sunrise, his voice, the wind.
Is he not the dragon, the sunbeam, the phoenix?
He is my mate, this Knight of the cosmos
To save me from lash and rack and whip.

I, Son of Night, fly from the whip.
Cozy up with my White Knight in my sweet silence.
But why you, sent to me from all the cosmos?
Why you, White Knight, ally of the red queen?
Will you love me or burn me, dread dragon,
Burned quick to ash, blown away with the wind?

I am warmed by bright eyes, caressed by the wind.
I find fur-lined handcuffs and velvet whips
And a rose on my bed. Waiting there, the dread dragon.
His requests, his demands disturb my silence.
He devours, demands while the sky grows red,
Lays me down, laps me up before the stunned cosmos.

What canít he do to me, this Knight of the cosmos?
This Son of Night is battered, buffeted by winds
Of change. Pushed up to the light harsh and red
And I bear marks other than his velvet whip.
He kisses my wounds in this secret silence
And his mouth proves deadlier than a dragon.

Iím finding your mouth in strange places, dread dragon.
Youíve learned obscene games in your tour of the cosmos.
Take, savor, taste, drink, steal. I wait in stunned silence.
Your gaze is my lash.
This bed is my rack.
Your touch is my whip.

Take your pleasure in me, please? I offer this childe
Up to your hands. And your words, soft as velvet
Bring me almost to heel, even to your red queen.

Fleeing from the queen I became dragonís treasure.
With hands soft as velvet he shows me the cosmos.
And my cry, like the wind, has shaken my silence.

The End

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