This one is a present to Scuzzbopper (actually spelled with a k) for writing This awesome awesome Dr/Master porn.

It is a poem from Spike to Xander after an encouter that they have in one of her stories. I hope it helps her write more to the story.

A Lovepoem From Spike To Xander


Sweet dreams, my prince. I lay with you, watching the
Clock, I wish you sweet dreams. (Though once
Upon a time I would have killed you in your sleep.)
Zealously I have guarded all my gore, my guts (my garbage)
Zealously Iíve mused about deliveries of dreams. But I
Botched it.
Once upon a time I thought I found myself a princess. All-
Purpose knight, I was a
Paladin, a swain (a prat) and
Ever present poet

        Rushing headlong into glory.

(Synonymous with blood.) The
Cosmic clock claims me a failure. But once
Upon a time I dreamed I wrote of gentle
Zephyrs whispering on the cheek of ......................the gentle
Zephyr stroking the hair, the shoulder ofÖ.................
But twice upon a time I tricked an
Open hearted lad, an all-loving, all-touching, all-
Purpose Paladin into my bed, my arms, my
Poetry. Will he
Ever cry for help? Respite from these hands, this mouth, this body, this imagination?
Rescuers are scarce down here,
                     this poor poet be the superhero in this story.

The End

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