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Summery: Xander had too much tequila last night. For [info]windles_orbit weekly prompt #23 'bottle of Tequila'

Too Much Tequila


Xander woke up with a clan of imps excavating his brain. He wasn’t sure what they hoped to find but they were working busily at it. He cracked an eye open prepared to slam it shut should the light mistake him for a vampire and try to kill him. Xander was pleasantly surprised at the dim room, he would have grinned but movement of any sort was sure to disturb the imps - and everyone knows imps can be a vindictive bunch.

Finally when it seemed that most of the imps had gone on break Xander carefully levered himself up and made his way to the bathroom. His mouth felt like he’d been sucking on a fuzzy sock but he wasn’t quite sure he was ready for the shock of Listerine. Blearily he adjusted the water and let it heat up. Xander’s thumbs curled down his waist trying to hook the waistband of his boxers, only to find he wasn’t wearing any.

He took a look at himself, yep lacking in boxers. Strains of ’Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off’ ran through his mind. Xander stepped into the shower with exaggerated movements, his legs still unsteady. God he hoped he hadn’t really got drunk enough to strip for the gang. Last night they’d had ’Mexican, Margaritas and Antonio Banderas movies’ at his apartment - Willow’s idea, and he just couldn’t say no.

They’d finished Zorro and just started El Mariachi when the bleached one showed up. Just kinda strolled in and plopped down on the couch next to Tara. There was some eye rolling but no one was too upset about it. Of course two of Buffy ‘More is Better’ Summer’s Margaritas was enough to make most people mellow. By the time the credits rolled on El they’d run out of mix and moved on to shots.

This is were Xander’s memory started to get fuzzy.

He could remember starting a round of ‘I Never’ and being shocked that Buffy had kissed a girl - not being shocked that Spike had kissed a guy. And Willow and Buffy demanding details when he drank to ‘never kissed a boy’. That had deteriorated into a tickle fight that lasted until none of them could breath; with the exception of Spike who didn‘t need to breath anyway and had sat on the sideline and giggled at them.

Xander finished washing up, feeling slightly better for it. There was something nagging at his mind though - like there was something important he should remember? Shaking his head Xander stepped out of the shower and dried off. He walked back into his bedroom, towel over his head drying his hair, and decided a few more hours sleep sounded good. He made his way over to the bed and pulled back the covers.

“Ack! Spike!” Xander slapped his hands over his mouth. Naked Spike! The vamp in question rolled over and snuggled further under the covers still asleep. There was very definitely a naked Spike in his bed - where Xander had been sleeping.

Xander was NEVER EVER drinking tequila again! T’is the devils brew, evil, evil stuff.

Xander pouted at the sleeping vampire. He’d slept with Spike and he couldn’t even remember it!

The End

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