Fandom: BtVS
Rating: pg-13
Category: Romance
Word Count:405
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Said the Spider to the Fly


Xander swayed his body in a serpentine motion, eyes closed and hands above his head. He could feel Spike watching him from across the room and let his lips curl the slightest bit. It wouldn't do to give the game away too soon. Though the vampire had to know something was up from the way Xander was dressed.

He was wearing his 'harlot' outfit, as he'd dubbed it. The tight leather pants were so dark a red that it was nearly indistinguishable from black to human eye, but Spike could see. His tank-top had once been navy but was now a pretty gray color and worn thin, after so many years of use, to the point you could see where his skin darkened at his areola.

He dropped one arm, letting his hand drift down the edge of his chest and fly away from his hip. Xander flexed his wrist so his hand mirrored the sway of his body for a few beats. The heavy pulse of the bass flipped to a lighter melody, playing mind games with the listener. Xander tensed his abdomen and rocked his hips in a sliding curl that would have done any belly dancer proud.

He held the the last movement; shoulders and head tilted back, hips thrust forward as the last quiet note faded. Xander moved as the heavy bass screamed back, his hips once again moving in a slinky figure eight. He slitted his eyes open, watching as Spike stalked closer.

'Soon.' Xander thought with glee and fluttered his lashes like he was remembering some particularly satisfying encounter that his body was mimicking. The song was nearing its end but that was okay. Xander could smell the scent of Spike as he drew near, that enticing mix of saddle-soap, smoke and whiskey was unique to the blond vampire.

Xander let the swirl of his hips turn him around, the movement so natural that an onlooker wouldn't have known it to be calculated. A mere breath later and Spike griped Xander's hips and pulled the brunet back against him.

Xander could feel cool lips brush his neck as the vampire growled, “Mine.” Xander moaned at the declaration and didn't bother stifling his smirk, Spike couldn't see it anyway.

The End

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