Rating: mature
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *fan*fiction would it?

Summery: Spike get's into a bit of trouble. Writen for [info] bloodclaim 400 celebration.(446 words)

Four Hundred Years


Four HUNDRED years. A long time, even for a vampire, to be bound to another. Spike banged his head against the cell wall. How in hell did he get himself into these things?

It was Peaches fault it had to have been. Bloody bastard probably set the whole thing up. Spike slid to the floor sighing in resignation. Alright, ’s unlikely but Spike was still going to blame him. His idea after all, ‘Take some time off Spike. Go somewhere exotic.’ Git.

While he’s passing out blame might as well add Harmony’s name to the list. Dumb bint ’s the one who suggested the damn resort. Not that Perpetual hadn’t lived up to the brochure. Lush scenery and Japanese architecture gave the place a sensual feel. Since it was demon run and catered to various demons all the buildings had necro-tempered glass.

Actually Spike had quite enjoyed himself until last night, probably would still be if he hadn’t caught Tem’s eye. Tem - right hand of Xarth the Ni’bus chieftain and owner of Perpetual. Fucking fae-demon hybrids.

There was to be a huge celebration tonight - feasting, drinking, music and Spike. Since, according to Tem, he’d make a perfect present for his master’s newly returned son. The heir apparent to the ruling clan of the Ni’bus tribe. The guest of honor for the night’s celebration and Spike’s soon to be master.

Not a bloody thing he could do about it either. Spike was technically in Ni’bus territory and subject to their laws. By the time he could get word to Angel for help he’d already be bound.

Spike looked up as a guard opened the cell door. He’d been bathed earlier in preparation and now two girls came in dragging him up and efficiently dressing him in robes. Moving rapidly to keep up with his escort Spike fidgeted with the robes. A white sheer had been belted on first with a voluptuous shimmering dark blue over-robe. His neck and shoulders were bare, Spike felt if he were on display in spite of the numerous yards of cloth wrapped around him.

They reached the outside and he heard Tem presenting him to the Heir. Spike gulped as he was pushed onto the dais and he got his first look at Xarth’s son.

His eyes widened in shock, “Harris!” Xander looked fucking sexy in formal robes. “Let me go?”

“No.” Xander jerked him closer “I think I’ll keep you.” Spike’s cock twitched at the possessive words.

Xander worried his lobe making him moan as the magic of the binding tightened around him. Spike changed his mind - four hundred years as a pampered consort to Xander sounded perfect.

Five Hundred Watchers

My late contribution to the Bloodclaim 500 watchers celebration.

Title: Five Hundred Watchers
Author: Werewindle
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/twin_swords/
Rating: R
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *fan*fiction would it?

Summery: The bonding is witnessed by the clan.

This is inspired by this challenge pic: Huang Di

The ritual was completed.

Xarth and Tem by his side beaming with satisfaction over how well his son had taken to his consort. The ground rocked as the five hundred strong tribe roared their approval. They had long mourned the loss of their Heir and had wreaked a vengeance upon those responsible that had lasted for a decade.

Xarth stifled a growl. That was past and he had found his beautiful son - returned to him by the Lady Fates. Smiling once again Xarth motioned to Tem and they moved forward. There was still one more act of the ceremony to complete.

Xander’s pale beauty snarled at Tem unhappy at the interruption. Tem firmed his grip and shepherded him further back. The vampire subsided when Xander took his hand being similarly guided by his father. The group stopped at the foot of a large raised sleeping pallet. Xarth and Tem gave the pair a nudge and withdrew. The blonde took a step back as if he was going to refuse. Xander just captured him by the waist and tossed his Consort on to the bed.

Xarth turned his back to them arm going around Tem’s waist trusting him to watch after the pair. Instead he faced his clan. They watched avidly as Heir and Consort consummated their bonding. Xarth prayed to the ancestors that it might be a long and happy one. Perhaps, he mused, the ceremony might even mark the conception of his first grand child.


Spike gasped at being thrown onto the bed. Xander couldn’t be serious! Spike had a bit of an exhibitionist in him but the whole bloody tribe! He opened his mouth to protest only to be caught be the sight of Xander disrobing. The man’s tawny skin now uncovered by red robes was utterly bewitching. All reservations forgotten at the sight of his bonded prowling up the bed to him.

Xander kissed Spike until his eyes crossed. Broad hands skimmed down his neck and up the outside of his thighs pushing the vampire’s robes out of the way of his seeking fingers. Frustrated when the bunched robes trapped his arms Spike shredded the material, freeing himself. Pale hands followed the dip of spin down the muscled back to knead the globes of Xander’s ass. Spike pulled his bonded closer grinding their straining erections together.

Xander growled in pleasure latching on to the vampire’s neck and gnawing at the flesh to raise a mark. The binding magic was driving at them to consummate the bond. Spike mind clouded as he lost himself to the sensations. He barely registered fingers opening him, slicking him. He moaned finding himself suddenly impaled by Xander’s thick cock.

The rocked against one another, their movements frantic as they clung to one another. Mindless now as climax approached. Xander thrust harder and faster urged on by Spike. Kissing again - devouring each other’s mouths as they came.

The forgotten audience roared once more as the pair was surrounded and obscured by light. The union now blessed by the ancestors. Oblivious the pair lay entangled, sated and sleeping.

The End

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