Rating: pg-13 (minor swearing)
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *fan*fiction would it?

Summery: Three conversations between Spike and Xander. For [info] fall_for_sx free-for-all day.



How Spike and Xander got together:
Location: utility closet - waiting to trap a wannabe wizard.

Xander: I have an urge to lick your eyebrow.

Spike: What?

Xander: Your eyebrow.

Spike: ...Yes?

Xander: I want to lick it.

Spike: *blink blink*

Spring Cleaning or Archeological Dig?
Location: Xander and Spike’s apartment

Xander: What's this?

Spike: What's what then?

Xander: What's this? This! What's this?

Spike: Oh that.

Xander: Yes THAT.

Spike: Dun know.

CCR and fond memories
Location: Turtledove Cemetery - on patrol

Spike: *singing* ‘I took her down to the railroad track and her dead, red lips touched mine’

Xander: Ha! I knew it! You’ve been listening to my Cross Canadian Ragweed cds - admit it! Mr. Country-makes-my-ears-bleed.

Spike: Humph. But this Pet, was obviously written by a vampire. Kinda reminds me of when you got us thrown out of that bar last week. ‘got a walk to make a man cry, throw back his head and howl -- Ruby red lips, liquid hips, more than the law will allow’

Xander: *grumbling* That Narth’al was just upset I won the ‘armature stripers contest’ instead of his pet.

Spike: You incited a bloody riot luv.

Xander: Yeah but we didn’t have to pay our tab.

The End

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