Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Type: Romance/Smut
Warning: slight D/s

Summery: Spike and Ethan help each other plot a little Christmas cheer. For the Excessant Spander Christmas Cracker

Chaos Christmas Crackers


Ethan hummed as he assembled the the various odds and ends needed for his project. The act of making Christmas Crackers put him in a festive mood for the first time in... a decade at least. Of course these weren't any ordinary catchpenny party favors, no these were a special order chaos blessed prizes.

A lot of work would go into these gaudy little beauties, all to secure the help of a certain blond vampire. Oh, but the end result would most definitely be worth it. Hmm, he might even have enough makings to secure a treat for his Ripper as well. Waste not, want not as they say.

Ethan sheered off a wide piece of purple and silver paper; singing as he carefully wrapped the cardboard tube and it's contents. “Santa's going to wear a black dress, just for me and you. Santa's going to grunt in Latin and slay a dragon or two.”

He tied a bit of silver ribbon on each end to make sure the wrapping paper twists wouldn't come undone. “We're going to have a Gothic Christmas, that's what we'll do.” Ethan sang quietly a smirk on his lips as he set aside the first Cracker. “Hope you'll have one too.”


Spike strolled into the underground workshop Ethan had taken over since his return to SunnyHell. “Mage!” he called, not seeing the human.

Ethan came out from a back room drying his hands on a towel. “Vampire.”

“My pressies done yet?”

“Of course.” Ethan handed Spike a box. Inside there were five bundles in different colors of paper. “Just as we discussed. Now, here is the potion. Make sure you give him the whole dose.”

“Right. You sure ol' Rupes won't be able to taste this?”

“Scotch flavored.” Ethan assured him with a smirk.


“Hey, Spike?”


“Do you think Giles was acting funny when we left?” Xander looked troubled as he unlocked his apartment door.

“I think the old boy might have been pissed. He was swilling back the scotch.”

“Maybe. So... What is this great British Tradition that you wanted to show me?” Xander asked, throwing his jacket over the back of the couch.

“Well now, it wouldn't be Christmas without crackers.” Spike explained, he pulled a purple and silver package from his discarded duster pocket.

“Aren't these for kids?”

“Commercial ones, ya. Bloke I know made this up special though. Come on then.” Spike held the cracker out for Xander to grab a hold of.

Xander sighed the sigh of the much put upon and grabbed the other end. “Three.” He said and pulled. There was the traditional crack, then a billowing cloud of smoke and glitter. When the air cleared Xander's living room had been transformed.

Wood and wrought iron, velvet and leather replaced the laminate, aluminum and polyester that had dominated his furniture. The walls were now a royal purple a few shades lighter then the velvet on the chairs and curtains. His couch was black leather, the coffee table and lighting fixtures curled, intricate iron and glass.

Xander head turned from where he'd been gawking at his living room to stare at Spike. Xander's mouth dropped open at the sight of the vampire. Spike's clothes had changed from his usual attire to tiny leather shorts, cuffs around his wrists and ankles and a collar with a delicate silver chain hanging from it. The outfit screamed SEX and SUBMISSIVE.

With some trepidation Xander looked down at himself. His jeans and cheerful white sweater with it's poinsettia stripe had morphed into dark brown leather trousers and matching vest held together with silver toggles. In his hand instead of the expected cracker end was a tooled riding crop.

“Merry Christmas, Xan.” Spike said voice just a touch wary.

Xander took a moment to think the situation over. He and Spike weren't exactly dating, more like friends with the occasional benefit, this was something different - unless Xander was reading the signs wrong. Truthfully, he was ready for the change.

Minor metal adjustment over Xander stepped closer to Spike and tapped him on the chest with the crop. “You know Spike, all you had to do was ask.” He brushed a kiss over Spike's lips. Xander leaned away and pushed on the vampire's shoulder urging him to kneel. “Of course you do realize all bets are off now. No more running off to your crypt, no more flirting with slutty girls at the Bronze. You're mine and I. Don't. Share.” Xander emphasized each word with a tap of his crop.

“Yes, X-” Xander shook his head sharply, “Master.” Spike said.

“Good.” Xander smirked, he was really going to enjoy his Christmas Eve. “Now why don't you show me what a worthy pet you're going to be.” He encouraged. Using the crop to snag the end of Spike's leash Xander wrapped the chain around his free hand and gave a little tug.

Spike moved closer and ran his hands up Xander's legs, thumbs riding the inseam until his hands framed the human's sex. Spike peered up coyly through his lashes and rubbed a cheek against the exposed button-fly. The silver snaps were cool compared to the leather and the hot flesh it concealed.

Xander made a rumbling sound, a cross between a growl and a moan. He twisted the leash around his hand a few more times, tightening the slack. Spike leaned just far enough away to give himself room to undo Xander's fly. With careful, greedy fingers Spike pulled Xander's cock from it's leather confines. He swallowed, feeling his Adam's Apple bob under the tight collar, unaccountably nervous now that this was a reality instead of a persistent fantasy.

He- they had done this before, but usually while at least half a sheet to the wind and under the guise of fuck-buddies. Never anything more serious; and now Spike was so bloody eager he was worried he'd do something to fuck it all up. Xander broke his panic with a sharp tug on his leash.

Pushing everything out of his head Spike turned his attention to Xander. He cupped and stroked, kissed, nibbled and licked trying to drive Xander over the edge. He knew the other man was close when he felt the cold drag of chain over his head where Xander had grasped the back of his neck. Spike stepped up his efforts and was soon rewarded with Xander's release.

Xander shuddered and tightened his grip on Spike, using the vampire to steady himself. “Wicked.” Xander sighed and traced his thumb along Spike's swollen lower lip. “Up,” he commanded. Xander watched appreciatively as the pale form before him rose gracefully from the floor with not even a twitch to show from holding that position.

“It would be such a pity to let this all go to waste,” Xander gestured at the transformed room. “Since I imagine it's only temporary.” Spike nodded. “Well then we'll have to make the most of it.” Xander led Spike over to the wall and gave a light sconce a jerk, testing it's strength. Satisfied Xander pushed Spike to stand between the two facing the wall. He unhooked the chain from the vampire's collar and used it to secure Spike's hands to the iron fixtures talking as he did so. “Lovely. And that chair with the high arms? It looks just perfect for a nice rough fucking. The table, now that is giving me some naughty ideas. You'll enjoy them.” Xander assured him.

“Although,” he commented, hands gripping Spike's ass possessively. “You might be a bit sore tomorrow.” He didn't sound at all apologetic. Spike smirked, he was really going to enjoy his Christmas Eve.

The End

The song Ethan sings is 'Gothic Christmas' by Within Temptation

The BBC: Make your own X-mas Crackers!

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