Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: pg-13
Category: action
Word Count: 809
Status: Complete
Archive: Excessant, Spander files - otherwise No.
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *fan*fiction would it?

Summary: Xander stakes his claim with a little violence. Written for Summer 2007 Fest: 3 Little Words challenge

An Irrefutable Fact


“Spike is MINE.” Xander stated, disturbing the conversation the two creatures holding Spike were having. The pair had been arguing over to whom Spike now belonged. Around the three were the bodies of five... or six, other scaly blue demons.

The two demons turned their heads toward the threatening voice but didn‘t release their hold on the blond vampire. Xander glared at the offending demons and tilted his axe so the moonlight glinted off the blade; drawing attention to it’s menacing weight. He could see Spike had been injured badly already and spoke again almost growling. “Let him go, or lose your hands.”

The one on the right tilted his chin arrogantly, “Leave human, before we make a snack out of you. The bounty on this one is ours.” Spike made a whimpering sound; the silent demon sneered and slapped the vampire.

“I don’t think you understand,” Xander gritted out, “Spike is my Mate. Release him now.” As he talked he slid a stake out of the holster on his forearm. The sharpened wood was carved to fit snugly in his palm and weighted for throwing. He held still waiting for the blue jerks to make their move. When the one who had spoken stepped around Spike, Xander let the stake fly.

It struck the demon in the eye, sinking at least four inches deep. The scaly beast bent over howling and Xander stepped into him swinging his axe upward as the demon came down, severing his head. His partner dropped Spike and charged Xander, machete slicing the air in front of him. Not fazed, Xander thrust the end of his axe into the demon’s sternum with a loud crack.

Before it could gain it’s breath Xander swung in a horizontal arc cutting the demon’s side and belly open. Rotating his hands Xander swung back across, this time slicing into the demon’s neck. The blue creature fell down dead.

Xander hurried around the bodies, using one hand to haul Spike up while keeping hold of his axe with the other. “Spike?”

“M’fine,” the vampire mumbled. “Sever the spine.” Spike’s eyes rolled to the second demon.

“What?” Xander asked, preoccupied with trying to see how badly damaged Spike was.

“Hafta sever the spine or they can be reanimated.”

“Fuck.” Xander shuffled them over and swung his axe high, letting gravity do most of the work. He turned the blade sideways making sure the head was completely separate from the body. A quick poke around and a few more swings of his axe took care of the rest. “Come on, Blondie lets get back to the Magic Box and get you cleaned up. Maybe Giles can shed some light on the creepy, rise from the dead, bounty hunters.”

They made record time getting to the shop. Xander let the door slam shut behind them and guided Spike to a chair.

“My word.” Giles’ glasses came off. “What happened to you two?”

“After we finished our patrol we decided to swing around the Athletic Field; they were having pep-squad/cheer-camp or something. We separated to do a quick look around the edges, the place was really lit up so we weren’t too worried. I finished my side, came through the parking lot where Spike was supposed to meet me and started back up his side.” Xander explained as he took the basin of water from Giles and began cleaning the vampire’s wounds.

“When I found him these two scaly blue guys had him and there were six more on the ground in pieces. They were all dressed the same; black and olive green military surplus type stuff. The one said something about a bounty on Spike. Got any ideas what that‘s about, G-man?”

“Hmmm. Well there was some rumors that one of Spike’s old... associates, Markes, had taken up with a clan of noxcis demons. A mercenary breed, that holds contracts with several other demon clans for bounties.”

“So, you knew some guy that was probably out for Spike’s blood had hooked up with these noxcis guys and didn’t bother to tell me- us!”

Giles sighed, “I didn’t know for certain that he had. It is certainly immaterial now. After destroying their hunting party, Spike’s bounty will be too dangerous a contract to hold. The noxcis clan will return the fee - minus the cost of their lost warriors. They won‘t be coming after Spike again.”

“That is really lame excuse, Giles! Spike could have been dusted!”

“You care?” Buffy asked, face scrunched in disbelief.

“Of course I do!” Xander exclaimed.

“Why?” Willow looked from one to the other, head tilted to the side like she was looking at something particularly intriguing.

Xander glared at his friends. “Besides the fact that he is supposed to be our ally?” The other three had slight guilty looks at the reminder. “Because,” he answered slowly, “Spike. Is. MINE.”

The End

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