Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: male/male sex
Summary: Xander is the first male Slayer ever and Spike is intrigued.
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.

Xander the Vampire Slayer

WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead

Spike looked over his shoulder at the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign he had just run over. He looked back to the road and took a big gulp of his JD before tossing the now empty bottle out the window as he sped down the street. Dru had left him again, this time he was pretty sure for good, so he had been wandering around the country for a while until he heard about the newest Slayer on the Hellmouth. Having nothing better to do, he decided to go and check it out, see if he could get his third Slayer under his belt. After finding an abandoned warehouse he could stay in, he took off on foot to get a look at the small town he now called home.

Xander was listening to Giles, his new watcher, prattle on about the greatness of being a slayer, a male one at that!

"I'm a freak," he growled to himself.

Giles stopped speaking and sat down near Xander. "You are not," he said firmly. "You may be the first male slayer and that is a very amazing gift. You will do perfectly. I may sound like I am a harsh cruel man that won't let you have friends, but I will keep it a secret." The older man gave a grin of his own. "I know Miss Rosenberg and Mr. McNally wouldn't leave you no matter what."

Xander nodded as he saw them come into the library. He let out a deep breath and motioned them to sit down at the table. "I have to tell you guys something important..." He then told them who he was, and that he wasn't going to ever stop being their friend.

Giles smiled and stood up, walking to his office and calling his apartment, hoping his lover, Ethan will understand he wouldn't be home until later.


The next night, Spike had just finished draining some drunken man in an alley when he sensed the Slayer nearby. He growled and hid in the shadows as he traced the Slayer to the next street. Spotting three teens, a girl and two guys, he figured that the redheaded girl was the Slayer. He paused when his senses heightened and told him that the Slayer was actually one of the males.

Xander stiffened when he felt a vampire nearby. He looked around closely in the dark.

"You guys go ahead and get into The Bronze. I will be in there shortly. If I'm not back in ten minutes, call Giles."

Willow and Jesse nodded and walked into their favorite club of the town.

Xander strode towards the shadows, "Alright, Billy Idol, you shouldn't have your White Wedding in an alleyway where vampires with sharp teeth might nip at ya," he grinned as he ran forward with his stake pointed straight at the blonde's heart.

Spike easily grabbed the wrist of the hand with the stake and spun the boy around and pulled him close, the boys back to his chest. "Not nice to insult people you haven't even been introduced to yet, luv. And that prat, Billy Idol, stole the look from me, not the other way around," he growled into the Slayer's ear.

Xander couldn't help but chuckle. "I bet you say that to all the Slayers," he batted his eyelashes playfully, shoved his elbow into Spike's stomach, and pulled the vampire around so it was the blonde's back against his chest. "Ooh, this is fun," he whispered into the other's ear. "But you probably want to go back to trying to kill me, huh?" he added with a fake pout.

Spike smiled and reversed their positions again. "I probably should, but I have some questions first. Plus, you amuse me, pet," he said with a shrug. "Now, how about telling me why you are a bloke, and yet still the Slayer?"

Xander sighed a little, "Nobody really knows why I am the first male slayer. But I think of it as an honor. They decided to give a me, someone that cares about others, the chance to become a slayer, and protect them from evil." He gave a slight shrug, his back pressing a little harder against Spike. "Who are you?" he asked softly.

Spike let go of Xander and took a step back. "The name's Spike, pet. Tell your Watcher that William the Bloody let you live tonight," he yelled over his shoulder as he walked away casually.

Once he was back at the warehouse he sat down on his bed and contemplated how the slayer being male would change his plans.

Xander shrugged and walked into the Bronze and over to his friends table. He grinned as he got a soda and chugged most of it. Willow, Jesse and him both grinned when they saw blushing Giles walk in, and not too far behind a smirking Ethan. When Giles walked over, Xander blurted, "William the Bloody let me live today... I guess." He shrugged and took another drink of soda. But it was spit out of him when Giles yelped in shock.

"What the bloody hell do you mean? Let you live?"

Xander looked at him sheepishly, and told him what happened not too long ago.


Once the sun was down the next night, Spike made his way out of the warehouse and down the street. He wasn't very hungry so he figured he would just wander around the streets looking for trouble for a while. He was walking through a cemetery when he heard a roar and spun around to find a large demon charging at him. Smirking, he shifted into gameface and pulled out a dagger from his duster. Disappointingly, the fight was over quickly and Spike was left with a large gash along his chest.


Xander staked the third fledge of the night. "Quite a few tonight. Wonder if there is something big going on." He glared when he saw another fledge come towards him. "This sucks. I wanna go home and watch movies!" he was getting angry that his relaxing time wasn't going to happen. He ended up staking that last vampire with all the strength he had, as if it might stop other ones from popping up.

Spike watched from the shadows as the boy staked fledge after fledge. After making a mental note to see what was going on to cause so many of them to pop up, he sauntered over and stood aside as the slayer staked the last one.

"You know, I just remembered I didn't catch your name, pet," he said when the dust fell.

Xander jumped a little and gave a breathless laugh, "I'm Xander. And I gotta say, you really freaked out my watcher. I thought Giles' eyes were gonna pop out of his sockets. His husband calmed him down though." He gave a small smile and started walking toward his house. "Wanna walk me home?" he asked casually.

His wound already closing, Spike decided he had nothing better to do and that it would be beneficial to know where the slayer lived, so he followed along.

"You're not like the other slayers, you know that?"

Xander chuckled as he looked down at his crotch and then grinned at Spike. "I know," he purred, then started running to his house, knowing that Spike would soon follow.

"That's not what I meant, you cheeky git!" Spike yelled before he growled playfully and chased after the boy, easily catching up with his vampire speed. He looked around as they ran and noticed the neighborhood getting more and more run down.

Xander laughed and pushed Spike onto the grass and started to wrestle with him. "I knew what you meant, but at that same time I really don't see how I am so different, besides being a guy," he gave a shrug as he started to pin Spike to the ground.

"Watch the duster, luv, got this off my second Slayer," Spike said as he played along and let the boy pin him to the ground. He reached up and started to tickle Xander's sides, trying to get the boy to fall off of him so he could pin him.

What Spike said finally invaded Xander's hormone driven mind and he jerked back as if burned. "Fuck," he hissed to himself as he shook his head. "How many Slayers have you killed?" he asked quietly, his eyes begging Spike to be lying. "Giles didn't have a chance to tell me everything about you, just that you are a very strong master vampire."

"Killed two," Spike answered with a shrug, like it was no big deal. He leaned up on his elbows and realized that he was playing around with the current slayer. "You should go," he growled.

Xander covered his mouth as he backed away. He couldn't believe he had a crush on a vampire, who had in fact, killed two slayers.

"I can't believe I let you keep touching me," he gasped out, his eyes wide. He swallowed nervously and looked at the road. "How long were you gonna play around with me till you decided to kill me?" he yelled at the blonde, "How long?!"

Spike jumped up to his feet in one swift move and shifted into gameface. He growled loudly and snapped his fangs. "I don't have to bloody answer to you! You're food to me, that's all!" he lied to the boy, "I should kill you right now!"

Xander spread out his arms, "I would like to see you try, you-you Billy Idol wanna be!" he tried to insult the vampire that has been pushing his buttons lately.

Spike laughed aloud and push Xander's shoulder, "That's all you got? 'Billy Idol wanna be'? Pathetic!" He turned around and started to walk away, ignoring the boy behind him.

Xander growled, ran at Spike, jumped onto his back, and started to bite his neck, totally forgetting that Spike was a vampire... that liked to be bit on the neck. He bit hard enough to make the wound bleed.

Spike instantly grew hard and flipped Xander over his shoulder before pushing him up against a tree. He stared at the blood on the boy’s lips and growled loudly. Not able to hold back any longer he quickly attached his lips to the Slayer's, still in gameface, and kissed and licked the blood away.

Xander gasped into the kiss, he wrapped his arms around Spike's tense shoulders. He jumped and his legs twined around the blonde's hips, their cocks aligned perfectly. He moaned as his tongue was rubbing against Spike's. His fingers tangled in the white/blonde locks.

Spike bit into Xander's lip and licked away at the blood until the wound healed. He thrust his hard cock against the boy's through their pants and moaned into the kiss. Pulling back from the kiss, he was about to bite deeply into the neck of his soon to be lover when he remembered who it was he was kissing. Growling, he dropped Xander to the ground and turned to walk away.

It took Xander a minute to figure out what happened. He felt hurt at being pushed away. He knew Spike was a vampire, but he couldn't help but like him still. "Please," he said softly, but he knew Spike could hear him just fine. "Don't go. I'm sorry I did that to you. I just... I'm drawn to you." He looked down, embarrassed at bearing his soul to a vampire that could kill him with one twist of the neck or one bite.

Spike sighed loudly and his shoulders slumped before he turned around and helped Xander up. After checking the human over and making sure he was okay he turned to leave again. He stopped a few feet away and didn’t look back as he said, "I'm drawn to you too. And that's why I'm leaving," before he started to walk away again.

Xander grabbed Spike and pulled him close, "Nah. No reason for you to leave. We feel something spark between us, we aren't gonna forget about it." He started to walk with the blonde vampire, and he slid his hand down and into Spike's own cool hand. "Wanna go somewhere quiet? To talk this over?" And at the time he really wanted to talk about what was going on.

Spike growled under his breath but nodded his head, deciding to take Xander back to the warehouse since the sun would be up soon. As they walked he tried not to think about the fact that he was holding hands with the slayer and quickly disentangled them when they got to the warehouse. He walked inside and shut the door after Xander before walking over to the bed and lying down heavily.

Xander looked around at the practically empty warehouse. "So homey…" he said full of sarcasm. He walked over and sat down beside Spike. "I'm sorry if I make you uncomfortable. And it's not like I chose to be 'The Slayer'. I was normal until I turned 15.” Xander sighed and laid back onto the bed.

Spike leaned up on his elbows to look at the human. "You don't make me uncomfortable. It's just that William the Bloody, Slayer or Slayers, shouldn't be 'friends' with the current slayer, even if he is a bloke."

Xander nodded as he gave a sad smile, "I know. I get what you mean. But I feel the most comfortable around you. The only one that really makes me feel comfortable is Willow." He scooted closer to the blonde and bit his lip nervously, "But if you really want me to go... I will." He cocked his head at Spike and looked at him thoughtfully.

Spike laid back on the bed, "Might as well stay, if anyone saw us together they would have already spread it around town." He kicked off his boots and got more comfortable in the bed, not knowing what else to say or do.

Xander grinned and pulled off his shirt, then laid back. "I got bigger muscles than you," he smirked as he started to flex his biceps. His eyes glittered as he teased Spike, and he was loving every minute of playing the master vampire.

Spike's scarred eyebrow rose when he saw Xander take off his shirt from the corner of his eye, but didn’t bother looking away from the ceiling. "It's not the amount of muscles you have, pet, it's how you use them. Hasn't your Watcher taught you anything?" he asked in exasperation.

Xander looked down shyly. "He has. He is a nice British man, if I do say so myself. If only he were younger I would take him in a heartbeat. And if his husband didn't know him when they were younger either," he laughed, his eyes crinkling in the corners.

Spike laughed and folded his hands behind his head. "I think it's programmed into every Slayer to have a thing for their Watcher, that way they listen to them," he shook his head and chuckled.

Xander laughed, rolled onto his side and put his head on his elbow. "Really? Well, man, I hope the Watcher's don't know this. Giles might not look at me the same again." He grinned as he pulled off his pants and moved under the covers, in his boxers. "Is it bed time, sweetie?" he asked innocently.

Spike got up and removed his shirt and jeans, not caring that he was now naked, and climbed into the bed next to Xander. He rolled onto his side so he was facing away from the boy. "Yes, it's bloody bed time. Now sleep."

Xander curled up against Spike's back. "I will be your hot water bottle, and you will be my cool cloth." His breath was blowing against the pale neck, and he leaned up and started to nibble on the ear that was teasing him so.

Spike's cock slowly started to grow hard and he growled loudly. "Knock that off, Xander. Go to bed," he bit out and tried to move away from the heat of the human that was turning him on.

Xander frowned and pulled away from the vampire. "Fine. I guess this really won't work." He reached over and grabbed his pants and shirt, and put them on. "I should just go home then." He swung his legs off the bed and stood up. "Don't worry about me, I will get home fine. You don't have to see me again." He ran out of the warehouse and to his own home.

Spike sighed and buried his face into the pillow, angry with himself for making Xander leave. It's not like he didn't want to sleep with the boy, of course he did, but it would complicate things too much. After hours of going over the mess in his head, he finally drifted off to sleep to dream about male slayers and their puppy dog eyes.

Xander got home fine. He ended up having to stake two fledges that were 'trying' to kill the Slayer. Which didn't work... as usual. He wiped his eyes, 'I'm not crying, just got something in my eye.' He sighed as he crawled into bed and fell asleep.


Spike woke up the next night and stared at the ceiling, debating on whether to get up or not. He needed to feed, but he didn’t want to run the risk of running into Xander when he left the warehouse. Growling angrily at himself for being such a pansy ass, he jumped out of the bed and got dressed. He lit up a cigarette before exiting the warehouse and wandering towards the bad part of town to see if he could find a drunk to feed on.

Once he was well fed, and slightly buzzed from the drunk he drained, he realized he was almost out of smokes and would have to go into town to buy another pack. Cigarettes were one of the only things he actually paid for, loving the fact that he was supporting something that humans willingly did that slowly killed them. He made his way into the convenience store and bought a pack before walking back out and lighting up.


Xander had spent all day going to school, and the afternoon in the library, eating pizza, and catching up on research. He looked up and smiled at how Ethan ran his fingers through Giles' salt and pepper hair.

"G-man? Umm... what if I told you I liked Spike?" he looked down, not wanting to see how ashamed his father figure was of him.

"I honestly don't know, Xander. Are you sure he isn't trying to just make sure your back is turned before he tries to kill you?"

Xander thought for a minute before nodding, "Yeah, I am pretty sure. We laid in his bed talking for hours... but in the end I left because he is ashamed of me..." He looked at them sadly and shook his head. "I guess there is no point to it then.”

Ethan walked over and patted his back, "Don't worry. It will all get figured out in the end."


Spike flicked away the butt of his cigarette and continued walking back to the warehouse district. He paused mid-step when he saw the school up ahead, but figured Xander wouldn't be there this late, so he continued walking and grumbling to himself for being such a pouf.

Xander was yawning as he turned another page of a book.

"Xander, you can go home. Ethan and I can keep looking. Willow will be here tomorrow, as will Jesse. So you can come by after your quick patrol."

Xander nodded as he closed the book and grabbed his stuff. He waved at his Watcher and Ethan as he headed out of the library. He was close to his own house when he saw platinum blonde hair walking down the street he was on. He started to run to his house, so he could avoid the blonde.

Spike looked up when he caught the scent of Xander at the same time that his slayer senses went off. He sighed when he spotted the brunette running down the street.

"You might as well stop running, Xan, I can smell you," he called out.

Xander stopped but looked at Spike reluctantly, "Why? All you are gonna do is say that we can't be around each other. You’re ashamed of me, just because I am a Slayer." He shook his head as he went to take a step towards the vampire, but stopped and instead took a step backwards.

Spike folded his arms over his chest and thought for a moment before coming to a decision. He purposefully closed the distance between them and cupped Xander's face in his hands before sealing their lips together.

Xander immediately shut his eyes and put his hands on Spike's waist and held him close, his fingers tightening around the boney hips. He moaned into the kiss when he opened his mouth, and a cool tongue slid against his. He moved backwards until his back was resting against a tree. Xander thrust his hips forward, to rub his straining erection against the blonde's own hard on.

Spike growled into the kiss and pushed his hips against Xander. Realizing the human had to breathe, he pulled back and moved his lips down to Xander's neck, kissing and sucking everywhere he could.

Xander groaned, his head tilting to the side and back for Spike to have more room. "Yesss," he hissed, his eyes shutting. He kept lightly thrusting his hips, and then put one leg around Spike's back to get better leverage. "Oh fuck," he moaned.

Spike chuckled and nipped at Xander's neck. "How about we head back to my place, luv?" he asked with a smirk as he pulled them both away from the tree and down the street, holding the brunette's hand like they did last night.

Xander nodded as he started to 'feast' on Spike's neck. He didn't bother to pay attention, because he knew that Spike would take care of them just fine. He was tempted to just jump into the blonde vampire's arms, while his legs wrapped around the tight thighs, and hips.

"Want me to ride you now or later?" he purred.

Spike groaned and stopped in the middle of the street to kiss Xander hungrily before pulling away and dragging the other to the warehouse. Once there, he quickly went inside and started frantically removing both of their clothes. "Come on, luv, help me out here," he growled when he couldn't get the button undone on Xander's pants.

Xander laughed as he started to unbutton his pants for Spike. "There we go," he smiled as he gently kissed the vampire's cool lips. "How about we test drive that uncut cock of yours? Hm?" He knelt down and started to lick and suck the tip of Spike's cock.

Spike started to pant and fisted both of his hands in Xander's hair, encouraging him to take more of his cock into his mouth.

"Bloody hell, Xan!" he moaned out.

Xander moaned around the thick red cock that was pushing to get further in, and he let it slide in more. After a few minutes of sucking Spike, he slowly stood up and made sure all his clothes were off before plopping onto the bed and grinning at the blonde while wiggling his ass.

Spike growled, grabbed lube from the pocket of his duster on the floor, stalked to the bed and paused at the end to admire the sight of Xander. "You are bloody beautiful, luv," he said huskily when he finally crawled onto the bed and up to the brunette. He pushed Xander down onto his back and positioned himself on top of him. After slicking up his fingers, he slowly circled Xander's hole with one and looked up into his brown eyes, "You sure about this, luv?"

Xander grinned as he grabbed one of Spike's hands and helped him press the cool fingers into his hole. "I will be okay. Don't worry." He leaned up and pressed a kiss to the corner of Spike's lips, and then a full one. He groaned, his cock twitching as his prostate was pressed lightly.

Spike smirked and pressed harder on the small bundle of nerves. "Feel good, pet?" he asked cockily, knowing the answer, as he slowly pressed in a second and then third finger. When he deemed Xander ready, he removed his fingers and quickly replaced it with his rock hard cock. "Bloody fuck, pet, you're so hot and tight," he groaned out when he was fully inside.

Xander groaned, his back tensing, and his arms gripping the comforter tightly. "Please?" he begged, his eyes wild and pleading. He pushed down to get more of the delicious cock that was teasingly pressing into him. "You better fuck me a little more, 'William'," he smirked. He then waited for the roughness to begin.

Spike growled, pulled out, and roughly pushed back in. "Don't call me that, Alexander," he mocked. He held onto Xander's hips as he pounded into him, growling and moaning as he did so. Looking down, he watched as his cock slid in and out of the human's tight hole, starting to pant.

Xander wailed as his prostate was battered on. He bucked and moved one leg up onto Spike's shoulder, making his hole stretch even tighter, knowing it might pinch the vampire, and not hurt him as much as it would another human.

Spike threw his head back and moaned when Xander tightened around him. "Bloody hell, Xan!" he yelled and started to pound with renewed vigor. Soon after he felt his orgasm approach and leaned over Xander's body to lick and suck at his neck. His hand reached for the human's cock and started to jerk it.

Xander gasped and shuttered as his cock was gripped and stroked. His hole tightening around Spike's cool, rock hard cock. "Yes, yes, yes," he moaned, one hand reaching up and gripping the blonde/white locks in a fist and kissed Spike on the lips, his tongue pushing into the cool cavern,

Spike growled into the kiss as he started to cum deep inside Xander. He couldn't hold back his demon as his face shifted and he cut the human's lip with his fangs, licking and sucking at the blood like it was a lifeline. When the taste of the slayer's blood hit it tongue he started to cum harder than he ever had in his unlife.

Xander's cock throbbed as he felt Spike pulsing inside him, and the cool seed filling him. Seeing that look of rapture on Spike's face made Xander cum, and his blood was all the more sweet.

Once the both of them were done cumming, Spike slowly pulled his now soft cock out of Xander and laid down next to him. He pulled the Slayer into his arms and, without thinking, started to lightly purr.

Xander was still shaking while coming down from his orgasm. He didn't want to even say anything to ruin the spell that Spike was under. The purring was making Xander smile as he slowly fell asleep.


Spike woke up the next night without remembering falling asleep. Looking over to his side, he spotted Xander and smiled softly. He growled playfully and cuddled closer to the warm body next to him, kissing the human's neck and shoulder.

Xander chuckled softly as he turned around in Spike's arms. "Well, well, Mr. Big Bad Wolf. What do you plan to do with me?" he asked in an innocent voice, his eyes wide.

Spike smirked and growled again before pulling Xander into a deep kiss. As they kissed he moved his body on top of the Slayer's and ran his hands over the tan skin under him.

"Let's run away together. We'll forget about being a master vampire and a slayer. It'll just be the two of us."

Xander pulled away from the blonde just a little bit. "I-I can't Spike. I have friends here who mean a lot to me and I have to protect the town from evil." He looked down at Spike's chest as he gently rubbed the vampire's shoulders, "Please understand that. I would love to, if I didn't have a responsibility. You can stay with me! I'll get a place, and we can live together..."

Spike sighed heavily and rolled off of Xander. He laid staring up at the ceiling, thinking hard. A few minutes passed in silence before he came to a decision and rolled back on top of the human.

"Okay," he said simply before leaning down and pecking him on the lips.

The End

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