Friendship Never Ends


The Past
Alexander Harris was hurrying to school, his ears still ringing from his father yelling at him to get his ass out of bed. He was thankful that he didn't live that far away from his high school, but usually he rode his skate board there, badly.
He was about to run into the metal handrails that just happened to jump in front of him, when his English friend William grabbed him around the waist and pulled him to a stop.
"When are you going to learn that you and objects with wheels, just won't connect." Will had an amused look on his face as he patted Xander's back. "What had you hurrying here like your arse was on fire?"
Xander raised a brow and pointed to his watch. "Dude, we are late for class. By forty-five minutes. We have to get our butts in gear if we want to at least be considered tardy instead of absent." His hands were waving all over the place, and William tried to keep his laughter contained.
"Xan... we aren't late you dork. It's daylight savings time. It fell back an hour at midnight. So you weren't late at all. We are in fact-" William looked down at his watch with a grin, "fifteen minutes ahead of schedule."
There was a slow blink, and Xander looked down at his watch with a frown. "Then what the hell is the use of a watch if it isn't going to change with daylight savings time?"
Will just shook his head and turned Alexander towards the school, and started pushing him up the steps and to the doors while the brunette went about his hand ranting again.
Their junior year, they received some upsetting news. William was moving. Xander didn't want to accept it, he tried to hide boxes of Will's stuff at his house; thinking they couldn't move without their things. But later on, while he was getting take out for his family. He walked into his room and saw it was bare. "The boxes are gone!" Xander yelled; fear gripping his heart, and squeezing it like a... well, like a heart. He ran down the stairs, almost tripping on the last one as he went to his mother in the kitchen.
"Mom, where are the boxes that were in my room?" Xander was gasping. He knew that if his mother said what he hopes she doesn't, he will end up crying. And he knew that a man crying just wasn't right in the Harris household.
"Oh, sweetheart I'm sorry. The Pratt's came by while you were out and grabbed them. They were leaving this evening." She walked over to the counter and grabbed a thick envelope, and handed it to Xander. "But your friend left this for you. He was really sad that he wasn't going to see you before he left."
It felt like there was something stuck in his throat, and the more he stood there with his mother staring at him, the more it hurt.
'He left. I can't believe he actually left without saying goodbye.' Xander wanted to feel anger and hate towards the person who left him without a word, but he could only feel pain from the loss of a best friend. "May I go to my room? I'm not feeling very hungry." Xander could feel his eyes burning, knowing that if he didn't get to his room he was going to cry in front of his mother.
"Of course honey. I'm sorry about William." She gave him a sad, sympathetic smile, and turned back to getting the take out onto paper plates.
Xander used that moment to run upstairs to his room, ignoring his father's yell about not stomping all over the house. He felt the clench in his throat and he had trouble breathing and swallowing. The tears filled his eyes, making it hard to see. He sniffed and looked down at the envelope, then threw it on his desk. When the tears rolled down his cheeks, he laid down on his bed and started to listen to his sad country music that he loved when he was upset.
It took him a few days before he could read what was in the envelope, and when he did, he felt shocked.
'Dear Xan,
I am so sorry that we left so abruptly, even without saying goodbye, but my parents had booked us a hotel, and we have to get there on time. I am writing this while in your house. I keep hoping that you will get here before we need to go, but I know how you always take your time when it comes to takeout.
I needed to say this to you, and let you know how I felt about you.
You were the best friend in the whole wide world, and I will miss you so much. I also wanted to say that I love you, and not in the friend way. Remember when you wanted to kiss Cordelia, and I gave you a weird look? Well it was because up until then I never realized how the only person I ever wanted to kiss was you.
 I am sorry if this grosses you out, and if you throw this away and forget about me, I will accept that fate. But I had to let you know. We always promised that we wouldn't lie to each other and I just had to get it off my chest.
In the envelope you will see that I gave you my favorite Sex Pistols CD. I want you to listen to one song from that cd every day. Only one song, don't worry. I bet you are making that face you do when we had spinach at school. The 'who let one rip?' face. I'm laughing just imagining you making that face. You are such a dork.
Please don't forget me. I sure won't forget my best friend. Mum and Dad said that I can come back down next summer, so I will see you then, Snoopy.
From the most rockin friend in the world,
To Xander it felt like the air left the room and he stared at the cd in wonder. Will knew him so well, he did make that face. A fond smile crossed Xander's face, William knew him so well. The brunette frowned a little, not that well... he wasn't grossed out, or even offended at all. He was in awe. Someone did like him more than just as a friend—the letter crinkled in his hand as it tightened—and they were gone from his life now.
Xander didn't get too close to anyone until he went off to college, and then he met his future wife Lindsay.
He had gone to college to learn how to start his own bakery business. He loved the idea of making his own concoctions, selling donuts, and bringing smiles to people's faces.  So he took cooking classes, and business management classes. Xander was so set in doing this he passed each class, studying hard every night.
One day in cooking class he was paired with Lindsay. A young woman who spoke her mind, didn't take crap from people, and always got what she wanted. And when she decided she wanted Xander as hers—and hers only—her claws dug into him and didn't let go.
She was the total opposite of him, and hated when Xander talked about his old friend. She was a very jealous person, and believed that Xander was always trying to cheat on her. So she never let Xander hang out with his female friends. To everyone else she was just sucking him dry, taking the life out of him. But Xander refused to accept that. He knew she was a brittle, harsh person, but he loved her all the same. He also knew she cared about him in her own messed up way.
It was two years after college graduation, and starting their bakery business, Lindsay became pregnant.
Xander had no idea that she was going to be even worse when pregnant, but he held through. He made sure to take her to Lamaze class, give her the foods she was craving, and smiling through the even more extreme mood swings. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Xan took it all in stride, knowing he was going to be a father.
The Present
"Daaaad! Where is my Halloween costume?" A little red haired girl went running to the kitchen where Xander was filling one of those plastic skeleton bowls full of candy. He turned around and chuckled, leaning down and lifting up his 7 year old daughter Willow.
"Where do you think it is? What do you remember me doing with it?" Xander raised a brow as he moved her onto his back and he walked towards the laundry room.
Willow started bouncing on his back, "You washed it! I remember now dad, you can let me down." She climbed down his back and made a run for the dryer, pulling out her witch outfit. "Thank you daddy, it looks perfect. Are you still gonna put the makeup on me, or do I have to go to Joyce again this year for help?" She looked a little exasperated, but still amused by it all.
Xander shook his head, "Nope, I took some tips and I should be able to make you look like a scary little witch this year." He knelt down and looked his daughter in the face. "But now it is time for the dreaded talk, as is every Halloween." Willow groaned but stayed still and listened to her father. "You cannot go far away from me, I need to always be in eyesight. Never take candy that is not already wrapped. So no cake, cupcakes, cookies, et cetera. Never go into someone's house. Only go up to a door when there are other kids going to it. Stay on the sidewalk and driveways. And always say thank you."
His daughter gave him a smile and kissed him on the cheek, "I will daddy. Now we have to hurry and get the makeup on. It's almost five." She then ran up to her room and put on a fuzzy pink sweater to wear under the witch costume.
After setting the bowl of candy on their front porch, Xander walked back inside and grabbed a jacket. As he was putting it on he remembered Willow's candy bag, and then went into their closet and pulled it from the top shelf.
When Willow came down, Xander took a deep breath and tried to remember what Joyce taught him on doing his daughters Halloween makeup. Thankfully it didn't turn out bad. Willow approved of it, so Xander must have done something right.
Willow was almost vibrating with excitement as she saw other kids her age laughing, and looking into each other's bags. "I wish Tara could have come with." She looked a little put out, but still smiled and wished she could jump in on the festivities.
"I know you do sweetheart. And she knows too. But you know how her parents are. They don't like her out on Halloween. Maybe we can convince them next year. How about that?" Xander lightly tugged on the end of his daughters long red hair, which was blowing out behind her. He was glad they decided to wear warmer clothing.
A soft sigh left Willow and she nodded, her witches hat falling over her eyes and she then looked up at her dad, wanting to make him laugh. It worked, Xander chuckled and lifted it up, "Can you see under there?"
"Nooo, and I need to see so I can get the best candy."
"That's my girl. You learned that trick from me. Oh, here's a good house. They always give out cool stuff every year." Xander stopped at a large brick house that was covered with Halloween decorations. "Now don't forget what I told you."
Willow rolled her eyes and waited until a small group of kids walked through the fence and up to the house, before following after them.
A couple houses later, Xander and Willow were looking up the block for the best houses; when a little girl dressed up as a doll ran into Willow, knocking them both to the ground.
"Oopsidaisy. Watch out there Drusilla. I told you to be careful." A slim blonde man leaned down and picked up his daughter. When he stood up straight and looked Xander in the eye, both of them lost the air to breathe. Their hearts pounded, eyes taking in each other, wondering if it was real.
"Will?" Xander gasped, taking a step closer to his friend from long ago. He hadn't seen William since he had moved away all those years ago. "Is it really you?"
William laughed, setting down his daughter and stepped up to Xander, pulling him into a big hug. "Ah, god Xan, I never thought I would see you again."
"How long have you been back Will?" Xander asked hesitantly as he pulled back from the hug.
William chuckled, "Just moved back this month. I had no idea you would still be living here. And with a kid." He grinned down at Willow who smiled and waved. "And I go by Spike now. William just didn't seem to fit me anymore. It happened after my first year in college. Anyways, enough about me, what about you? What are you doing?"
Xander rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, "I run a bakery in a town about 30 miles east of here."
"Whoa, really? That's bloody brilliant pet." Xander blushed at being called 'pet', but Spike didn't seem to notice. "I can't believe I never been there. My Dru loves donuts for brekkie. Don't you Dru?" He laid a gentle hand on his daughter with large brown curls.
Drusilla looked up at her father with adoring eyes. "Yes daddy. I also like eggs with red food coloring. Makes them look like dea-" Her mouth was covered by Spike and he let out a nervous chuckle.
Spike looked down at his daughter. "Remember what I said about conversations with other people. That isn't one of them."
"I won't forget daddy." Dru gave a serene smile and started looking through her bag and then handed Willow a couple candies, making the red head smile brightly.
Willow then started looking through her bag and giving the brunette some of her own candy, making Drusilla grin.
Xander laughed and pointed to a house across the street, "Want to go trick or treating with us?" Deep down in his heart he hoped that Will... no, that Spike would say yes. He wanted to spend more time with the best friend that he lost all those years ago.
Spike considered it for a minute before nodding and ushering Drusilla across the street, Xander doing the same with Willow.
"I like Dru, daddy. She's nice." Willow whispered to him, "Can she come over to play tomorrow?" She was giving him the trademark puppy dog eyes, which Xander could never say no to.
He groaned, and then chuckled, "Yes, but only as long as it is alright with Spike. He may have plans for tomorrow.  We don't need to be barging ourselves into his life." He laid a hand on his daughters shoulder and he walked up beside Spike. Willow and Dru walked in front of them, chatting with each other.
As Xander was about to open his mouth, creepy laughter came from his other side and when he turned to see his head, he saw one of those scary clowns. Xan's eyes widened and he yelped, backing up into Spike, his body shaking in terror.
Spike snarled and got up in the clowns face. "Back off Bozo. If people reactions don't change after 10 seconds you leave them alone you prick." He then started jabbing the person in the chest, and finally they grumbled and backed off. Of course they ended up backing off to another family; scaring the bejeezus out of the kids, and one of them ended up kicking the clown in the balls. And the clown went down like a sack of bricks, which made Xander smile a little. Spike put a comforting hand on the brunette's shoulder. "You alright Xan? I should have been watching for creeps. I still remember how much you hate clowns." His hand was rubbing up and down, his blue eyes staring deep into Xander's brown ones.
"Guh..." Xander looked down and saw Willow was tapping her foot impatiently, and he let out a sigh. "Alright Willow. You and Dru can go to this house. Be careful." He watched as Willow took Drusilla's hand and they both giggled all the way up to the door. He looked at Spike with a guarded expression, "Why didn't you ever try to get a hold of me?"
"I..." Spike couldn't think of what to say, it was hard to explain. "We would need more time, to talk about everything that has happened these last 9 years."
Xander nodded, "I agree. So this comes to my next question. Would you and Drusilla like to come over tomorrow for a get together? We could have lunch, and if you stay long enough, maybe even supper." He looked up into Spike's eyes, "Only if you want to though." He added hastily. Xan didn't know why he was so nervous. Spike used to be his best friend. He then remembered the key words 'used to be'
The blonde's eyes almost lit up at the opportunity at being able to talk to his old friend again, "Yes. Bloody hell yes. I know Drusilla will be excited to hear that too. We would love to come by tomorrow and spend the day with you and Willow.
The breath Xander was holding, left him with a whoosh. 'Did Spike actually say yes? Maybe the terror from the clown made my ears... huh, I have no clue what terror could do to my ears. I will have to look that up when we get home.'
It was close to 7 when they got to their last house. Spike had brought a couple more candy bags so the girls only had to give them the full ones, and then go back to trick or treating.
When it was time to go Willow and Dru were trading some of their candy, and promising to see each other tomorrow.
"Daddy. Will we be seeing Red and Kitten tomorrow?" Dru was looking up at her father with her big brown eyes.
"Of course we will Princess. Xander and I already talked about it. We are going to hang out there all day with them. How does that sound?"
Drusilla seemed to be considering this to the full extent. Finally she gave a nod, "I like that plan. Bye Willow." She hugged the redhead tightly, almost not letting go, but she knew that their parents would pull them apart. She giggled at the thought and sidled up to Spike, and took his hand.
Xander grinned down at the girls and then at Spike. "Well I know Willow is already excited for it to be tomorrow."
Spike nodded as he laughed, and then laid a hand on his daughter's dark curls. He knew how little girls were. Dru was the same way, always wanting to do things right then, not have to wait. He was so elated that this chance meeting happened after all these years, when he and Xander could have went to college together, could have dated. Then Spike shook his head, no, because then Xander wouldn't have had little Willow and her bright red hair. This was fates work. It was meant to be.
Xander barely got a wink of sleep that night—because he was so excited—and because he was just a bundle of nerves.
That morning he made Willow her favorite breakfast meal, which was eggs and toast. He had a cup of coffee with a bit of milk and  sugar in it. He wasn't like his parents, he couldn't drink that stuff black.
About an hour after his daughter finished her breakfast, he decided he was hungry, well when his stomach growls like that, he knows he needs to eat something. When he was extremely nervous like this, he tends to forget to eat. The thought made Xander laugh. 'Me? Forget to eat? That's priceless.'
He still had leftover donuts from yesterday morning, so he set those out for dessert, and because he knew that Drusilla loved donuts. At least that's what Will—no Spike—had said.
It was noon when the doorbell rang, and Willow's squeals of joy were enough to startle him from his nap on his reclining chair. He clamored out of it, struggling to kick down the foot rest, and so when he stood up, the foot rest flipped back up, almost knocking him to the ground. He grumbled at it, but forgot about it when he saw Spike out the door. Drusilla standing next to him, was beaming. Her curls were as big or tight as last night, but her hair did curl at the bottom. She had a dark red dress on that went down to her calves, and she swung it side to side.
He opened the door and spread his arms wide, "Welcome to our humble abode. Please, make sure to wear your seatbelts, this might be a bumpy ride."
"You do know that is for two different things don't you pet?" Spike raised a brow and ushered Dru through the doorway.
"Eh, who cares about trivial things like that?" Xander challenged him, raising a brow back, but his smile was so wide, Spike knew that nothing could bring Xan down.
Spike raised his hands, "You're absolutely right. We shouldn't care about trivial things today. I know Dru came with an empty stomach. She loves home cooked meals. I'm so busy at the bar I have to get take out a lot."
Next to him Drusilla made a face at the words 'take out'. But she perked up even more when Willow scuttled into the kitchen. She was wearing a fuzzy blue sweater that had a kitten on it, it's whiskers were yarn sewed into the cloth, but stuck out, like the cats face was popping out of the sweater. "Oooh, pretty dress!"
"Thank you, I like your sweater. Kitties are so fun to play with." Drusilla then looked up at her dad and tugged on his sleeve. "Could we eat now? I wanna go play with Willow."
"Yes, yes. Sorry sweetheart."
Xander grabbed the plates, and bowls of food, then set them on the table. He had made sandwiches shaped like pumpkins.
"Oooh, look what we are having for lunch Dru. Doesn't that look like the pumpkins we had this year?"
Dru gave him a weird look, and then sat down in one of the chairs. "Yes daddy, I guess they do."
During lunch they all chatted about random things. Xander asked him about the bar Spike worked at, and the blond then explained that he actually owned it.
"Wow, you own a bar? That's great. You were always such a people person, and a bar is the perfect place for you." Xander was so happy that Spike was doing something he loved, just like Xander.
After lunch the girls had went up to Willow's room to play with her dolls, and color. Xander was cleaning up everything from the table and his breath caught in his throat when he realized that Spike was practically leaning against him. "Spike wait, we need to talk first." The brunette pushed Spike down into a chair, and he sat next to him. "Aren't you married? What would Drusilla think of this?"
For 10 whole minutes, Spike was gasping against the table, his body shaking with laughter. "Oh pet. Oh... I really need to fill you in." He took a deep breath and calmed down his laughter. "I'm gay, Xan. I'm a poofter and always have been. It just never hit me til I was in college. Dru, my sweet Dru was from a surrogate mother. A lovely woman named Darla. She had a fire about her, but she was as sweet as could be." He rubbed a hand through his blond locks and gave a sly grin, "Now what about you pet? I can tell Willow is yours."
Xander gave a sad smile, "It's a long story. But the short version is... I married a woman who was the cruelest person you could ever meet. She ended up leaving Willow and I when Willow was only three years old. I stuck with it cause I knew I was going to be a father, and when Willow looked at me when she opened her eyes for the first time, I was taken. Ever since then she could bat her beautiful eyes and I would let her do whatever she wanted." Spike grinned knowing his Dru was the same way.
"Well I think you did great for yourself Xan. Willow is really something. I'm proud that you did something with your life."
"Thanks, I mean it. But I always wondered what it would have been like if you hadn't moved away."
Spike nodded, scraping nail polish off his thumb nail, Dru made him do her nails last night, and it still hadn't come off. "I keep thinking about that too. But then I realize, you might not have met your ex, and had Willow. I might not have met Darla and got Drusilla."
Xander was leaning closer to Spike, nodding, staring at him in awe. It was the same thing he had been thinking.
The rest of the day went off without a hitch. They all ended up playing Candyland, the girls teaming against Spike and Xander, and their daughters ended up winning.
Supper was a huge meal of mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, and chicken nuggets. Their kids gobbled up the nuggets like they were a delicacy, much to their fathers' amusement.
After supper the girls went to sit on the couch, and ended up falling asleep.
Xander and Spike stood in the doorway and watched them with contented smiles. "I'm really glad we were able to catch up." Xan turned to look at Spike and lips pressed against his own. His eyes slid shut and he let out a sigh, pulling back from the intoxicating kiss. "We shouldn't. Not like this. Let's have a couple dates first."
"Yeah, you're right pet." Spike rested his forehead against Xander's and looked into his eyes. This was where he wanted to be. He wanted to live as a family with these people who captured his heart. "How about we have a date Thursday night, and take the girls to a babysitter."
It was Thursday night and Xander was a wreck. He kept checking his clothes to make sure they looked alright, and then he kept checking the time. 'Should I do this? If I give in to him tonight, will he think I am easy? Shit! Am I easy? Should I laugh at all his jokes even if they are lame?' Xander smacked himself in the head. Spike had been his best friend for years. He hadn't changed a bit. He could be himself around this man, and there would be no consequences.
Spike had been wandering around his house, thinking the same exact thing as Xander. On the outside though, he looked like he wasn't nervous at all.
At 8pm Spike heard a knock on his door and he rushed to answer it. Xander was wearing a dark grey suit that made Spike's mouth water. He gulped and looked the brunette up and down.
As Xander was being checked out, his cheeks were turning pink from embarrassment. But that didn't stop him from checking out the blond, who was wearing a light blue sweater, and dark grey slacks. The sweater was bringing out his blue eyes.
"You look amazing."
"As do you. Ready to go?"
Xander went to the car and opened the door for Spike, who smirked as he sat down. "Lovely pet. I never knew you were such a catch. I might have stayed after all."
A laugh escaped Xander and he started to drive. "You know that letter you left me? You said that were gonna come back and see me the next summer, but you never did."
Spike got a sad look on his face, "Yeah... I remember that. At the time I honestly thought I was going to be able to. My bloody parents had lied to me. They were trying to get away from people who they owed money to." He swallowed and shook his head, "Anyways, just forget about that. This is supposed to be a great night." He reached a hand over and laid it over Xander's on the armrest.
"And I promise you, it will be." Xander's face showed that he wasn't lying either. He was going to try his damndest to make it perfect.
Not everything goes off without a hitch as Xander learns when they get to the restaurant. The hostess is looking through the long list of people who made reservations, and she obviously didn't know how to spell Alexander Harris.
After 10 minutes of spelling out his name to her, and giving her the time of the reservation, she finally found it.
And as an apology from the management, they got free dessert with their meal. Spike's moan when biting into the cheesecake was enough to make Xander thank the restaurant for not knowing how to spell his name.
Xander stopped Spike from trying to pay, "No, I made the reservations, and I picked you up. I am paying." He bit the inside of his cheek and then added, "You can pay me back tonight." He added coyly.
The gulp Spike gave was enough to make Xander wish the damn waitress would get over there to take the money so they could leave.
When they stepped into Xander's home, the brunette was pushed against the now closed door, lips attacked his neck, biting and sucking.
"Fuck, Will wait." Xander gasped, still tilting his head to the side. It took him another minute before he gathered his thoughts even a little. "No really wait." He lightly pushed back on Spike's shoulders.
Spike's eyes were darker than usual, his cheeks were lightly pinked, his erection was shoving against his trousers, and he was panting. "Wha?" He murmured.
Xander gave a slightly nervous chuckle, "Who's topping?" That made Spike blink and look at Xander closely.
"Doesn't matter to me pet. I go both ways." He gave a playful smirk, his fingers walking up Xander's untucked shirt and playing with his treasure trail. "Mmmm, whatever is good with you luv." He mouthed the brunette's ear and wiggled his tongue against the lobe.
"Oooh bottoming is fine with me." Xander gave a full body shiver at the thought of what the night was gonna bring.
Xander was laying naked on the bed, Spike's lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. Xander's breath would catch and he would let out a groan or a whimper. He tangled his fingers in Spike's blond locks, lightly tugging on them, wanting more, wanting less, he couldn't decide. Xan felt like he was going to explode at the seams, the sharp tingling travelling up his back, making his cock and balls feel tight.
Spike was sucking him exuberantly, wanting Xander's cream. His bright blue eyes would look up at Xander as he was swallowing him, his cheeks hollowed even more than usual. He pulled off with a pop and licked his glistening lips. He grabbed the lube, spreading it on a couple of his fingers. Spike's mouth inhaled Xander down again, but went to the head and started to swirl his tongue around it, pressing against the leaking slit. He then started fingering Xan's hole, one finger went in easy, and then he pushed in a second finger.
"Oh... OH." Xander moaned, his body quivering, he wanted to thrust up into the delicious mouth that was gripping him, and press down on the fingers that were going deep into his body. But he was never good at multitasking, so he did one and then the other.
"Oh luv, you are such a sight." Spike praised as he pulled off the saliva soaked cock. He twisted his fingers, pressing them against Xan's prostate, making the brunette cry out.
Xander did cry out, he felt like he was going to cum. Spike hurriedly wrapped his lips around the leaking cock and swallowed it down. Xander bucked up and his body tensed, the most intense orgasm passed through his body and he collapsed against the bed, his brain buzzing pleasantly.
Spike took a condom and rolled it down his throbbing cock, and then stroked it a little while watching Xander lay there, dick softening against his thigh. He scooted forward on his knees and lifted Xander's legs up so they were bent. "Ready for me, Xan?"
"Bring it on blondie. Show me what you are made of." Xander teased, lifting his ass up and wiggling it a little.
Blondie took that chance to give Xander a swat on the ass, making him yelp in shock. The look Xan gave him was priceless and he chuckled evilly as he pressed his cock into Xander's  warm hole that seemed to fit around him perfectly. "Oh luv, you are something else." He lifted up the brunette's legs and set them on his shoulders, letting him get deep enough and made him able to pound hard into the Xander. He started thrusting shallowly, and then added in hard, deep thrusts.
It didn't take long before Xander's body started showing interest again. He reached up a hand and tweaked one of Spike's nipples, making the blond moan.
Spike leaned over Xander's body, almost bending him in half and just started pounding into the hot body under him. Xander moaned with every thrust, and reached his arms up and gripped the headboard, and undulated his body, clenching his hole rhythmically around the long cock that was plowing into him. When Spike felt like he was going to cum, he yanked himself out of Xander's body, and tugged off the condom. He then started to strip his cock while looking down at Xander with lust filled eyes. "Come on Xander, show me how you stroke that cock of yours." He purred, then bit his bottom lip when the brunette complied.
Xander took his own cock in hand and started to stroke it. He used his thumb to tease the slit on every upstroke, and then he dropped his fist to the base and gripped it tight and stroked hard and fast. The whole time he never took his eyes off  of Spike's body and cock.
Spike moaned and started mimicking Xander's movements. "Bloody beautiful pet." He let out a grunt when the orgasm built higher and higher, finally bursting like a dam, his seed splattering Xander's body.
A groan tore its way from Xander's mouth when the hot semen landed on his chest and stomach, wrenching his orgasm out of him. His own seed covering Spike's.
"Oh my god." Xander laid back, a dazed smile on his face. Spike was smirking as he laid down beside Xander and turned his head to look at him.
"I don't know about you, but that was brilliant." He was about to touch Xander when he realized his hand was sticky. "Wanna go take a shower pet?" When Xander turned to look at him, he waggled his brows, making the brunette snort.
"I don't know about you, but I know I am out of fuel for the night. But if you really want to, I would love to get down on my knees and suck you down and worship your body."
Spike was up and into the bathroom right before Xander finished the sentence. Xander laughed and followed after.
The Future
Three years later, Xander was outside doing his garden when Spike came outside and stood behind him, laying a hand on the back of the brunette's head. "You almost ready to come in for supper? I'm gonna have to go into the bar to do the closing shift, one of the guys are sick."
"Yeah Will, just give me another minute or two." Xander looked up at Spike with a grin. Only he was still allowed to call Spike 'Will', but he only did when he wanted to get what he was saying out fast.
"Alright luv. Since Tara had come over to do homework earlier, we are just having her stay for dinner." He gave Xander's hair one last ruffle and he walked back into their house.
Xander had a fond smile on his face as he finished up his garden. He finally got it all. The love of his life/best friend, two beautiful little girls, and a household filled with laughter and love.
He stood up and looked through the sliding doors, seeing everyone at the table chatting and grabbing plates of food. This was what he was looking for, and he was so glad he found it.

The End