Written for: [info]noel_of_spike
Author: Cas ([info]virtualpersonal)
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult Rated, light and fluffy
Characters: Not mine, Joss' I’m just playin' with 'em
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Santa Spike Comes Calling

Virtual Personal

Xander hated Christmas. He always had hated Christmas.

Correction... Xander had always loved Christmas. It didn’t matter if his world was in a turmoil, if his father was a drunk, and his mother a welcome mat. It didn’t matter if he was doing bad in school or getting shoved into lockers for hours on end. These things magically stopped around the holidays. People were nicer, his dad would wait until New Years to get loaded, and his mom would mysteriously turn into Mrs. Cleaver.

They’d deck the house out with decorations, and Willow would come over and help out. It always smelled nice, with the scent of the tree in the air, and cinnamon-y goodness coming from the kitchen. And there was hot apple cider and all the fun stuff on t.v.

That was then. This was now.

Xander had stopped enjoying the Christmas season for years now, and it was all because of... of Spike, damn him.

Why... why did the vampire have to be like a thorn in his side, huh? And why him? Like there weren’t hundreds of regular Joes out there to go after. Noooo, Spike had to ruin his life, or try!

Now when the calendar hit December, instead of being all relaxed and happy and joy-filled, Xander found he was a ball of nerves... waiting... wondering when Spike would show up, what would happen, how he’d handle it. It all started years ago, when he was still with Anya.


The music was loud. The beer was flowing. The college students were getting rowdier as the Christmas party at one of the Greek houses wore on. Anya had begged him to go when Buffy and Willow asked them to come along. Remember how fun the Halloween party had been, she’d asked. Fun? Huh?

But he was a nice guy, and the beer was free. So... party on.

Then Spike had shown up. Sorry... but the guy SO did not fit into the scene.

“Not trying to.”

“What?” Xander blinked. “I didn’t say anything.”

“You were thinking it. I can hear your thoughts, mate.” Spike bogarted his cigarette butt off the porch, and stared at him.

Okay... the stare went on too long and Xander felt it piercing right through him. He wanted to run inside and find Anya, grab her and dance close, even if there was a real danger of getting stomped on by all the drunken kids.

“You’re looking...”

“Oh don’t start...”


“What... did you just say ... good?” Xander’s eyes widened. He’d been expecting an insult. “You drunk spike?”

Spike cocked his head and stared right at Xander’s throat. “Not yet. You offering?”

A warm tingling sensation ran down the side of Xander’s neck. Didn’t stop there either. It definitely didn’t stop there. He didn’t think he had a vampire bite fetish, but he had to admit his pants were squeezing him all of a sudden. “In your dreams... no, I hope I’m never in your dreams. Anyway, I’d rather stake you.”

“You offering?”

Spike’s voice dropped down an octave and scared the shit out of Xander. It didn’t make sense... but it was full of innuendo. Heart hammering, mind confused and robbing him of a retort, Xander backed into the two story building, trying not to acknowledge the vampire’s laughter.

A few hours later, time and more beer dulled the memory of that weird moment. Anya had gone upstairs to the bathroom, and he stood sipping his drink and trying to see Willow. Well she’d disappeared, but there was the Buffster and Riley, making out near the fireplace. Seeing them made him yearn for someone to hang onto himself, so he decided to go find Anya.

Whoa... waddaya know... the stairs were sorta wavy. Gripping the railing, he climbed all the way up. Suddenly, there was a power failure. The music cut out, the lights went out, and it was pitch black.

There was some panic... just a bit, and some calls in the dark.

“Hey Justin, where are you?”


“Who touched me! Get your fucking hands off my ass.”

“Ooh baby...”

It didn’t take long for the loud party to change course and turn into a grope fest. Dragging his palm along the hallway wall, Xander started for the bathrooms when Anya found him and put her arms around him. “Hey, babe...” He swayed and leaned back toward her as her hands explored his stomach. “Come... dark’s good for kissage,” he suggested.

Instead of moving around him, she stayed behind him and pulled his shirt out of his pants. O-kay, sometimes An could get hot and play rough like this, and people being around didn’t matter. But what if the lights came.... ahhh... Every muscle in his stomach tightened as those hands caressed him. Up and down his sides, brushing over his cock lightly and bring him to arousal.

Fuck. It didn’t feel like Anya. He shuddered and tried to explain that he wasn’t interested, even if his cock had other ideas. Oh man... the hand tugged at his belt and expertly undid it.

“I... shouldn’t...” But Xander wasn’t exactly fighting it when the hand closed around him. A calloused hand that knew exactly how to squeeze and stroke him. Something wasn’t just right... he knew it, but he was aching and needy and that hand was giving it to him better than even he could do it to himself. He started to thrust into the hand. “Unh, unh, unh...” his panting breaths filled the air around them.

He was so far gone that even the shock of the other person’s body suddenly pressed against him, the very manly cock riding his jean clad ass, and the powerful thighs rubbing against the back of his own legs didn’t stop him from writhing and begging for more. “Unh... yeah... ahhhh...”

He came hard in the stranger’s hand... the man’s hand... the strange man’s hand! “Holy shit!” Pulling away, Xander pulled his clothes together just in time. The lights came on, and he found Spike standing there... smirking.

“Love the way your mouth stays open when you fuck.”

Sheer panic filled Xander. “You... I ... no.”



“Oh, yes.”

“No, no, no.”

“What? Don’t tell me you’re talking about television again,” Anya said, putting an arm around Xander. “It was dark and I was horny, we could have had mad passionate sex on the bathroom sink.”

“No... don’t think he was in any condition for that, luv.”

As Spike melted away in the crowd, Anya turned to Xander. “What does he mean?”

After that, Xander hated Spike. Not Christmas, just Spike.

He even thought that maybe what happened at the party had something to do with why he never went through with the wedding. Sure, a bigger reason was he was worried he’d turn into a drunkard one day and live a life of squalor, taking Anya down with him, and any kids they might have. But maybe a part of him worried about that night... about what had happened, what it might mean. Plus it was a secret and secrets weren’t a good way to start a marriage, were they? And hell, there was no way he could ever have told Anya the truth. No way. His cheeks burned to this day when he thought of that moment when it hadn’t mattered whose hand was on him.

And maybe that was why he was mean to Spike, extra mean when he saw Spike doing Anya, and found out about Buffy and Spike. Blaming Spike for ruining all their lives was easy... he was the common denominator after all.

Anyway, he’d thought it was over... but it wasn’t. Did Spike even know the meaning of the word over? Hah! So another Christmas season came...


Having just finished building a guest house, he walked inside the large main house to accept the final payment for his work. “Wow... place is all decked out, you got a party happening?” he asked.

“Oh yes, we have a yearly party. It all happens in the ballroom,” the pretty house wife said, opening a door to show him.

He had to admit they’d done a great job. No snow in California, but every one of the hundreds of window panes had some “snow” on it, and crystal snowflakes were subtly placed here and there. There were several Christmas trees and a ladder in the middle of the room. Here it came...

“Xander, could I bother you to...” she pointed at the middle of the high ceiling. “We want to hang this mistletoe but my husband isn’t very handy.” She smiled at him.

Being a builder was just like being a doctor... everywhere you went, people asked your opinion, wanted a diagnosis, or wanted you to fix something. Only there was the less money thing.

“Sure... I’ll get it.”

“Thanks, I’ll go get your check,” she said, leaving the room.

Xander climbed the ladder and easily hung the mistletoe. When he was done, he started to push the ladder away when someone physically stopped him and turned him around. “Hey!”

“Look up.”

Xander started to do as Spike demanded, then came to his senses. “What... get your hands...”

“It’s mistletoe.”

“Yeah, so...”

“So... means you gotta kiss me, yeah?”

“Yeah... I mean no... Mnh...”

Spike didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Xander found himself pulled into a tight embrace, so tight he could scarcely breathe as Spike rubbed his mouth back and forth across his closed lips. But then ... needing to breathe, Xander opened his mouth and the fight was over before it started.

Inside his mouth, Spike’s tongue delved and stroked and did things no tongue should be able to. Lost in the sensations rocking his body, Xander hardly realized his own tongue was chasing Spike’s, that he was gripping the vampire just as tightly, that he was fighting to get closer.

Time stood still. His heart pounded... sent blood and fiery impulses straight to his groin. He couldn’t help it, Xander thought back to how Spike had jacked him off... God how he loved and hated that memory... God how good it was to have Spike’s arousal rubbing against his own as he relived that memory. He strained against the vampire, found himself gripping a handful of his trenchcoat and pulling tight.

Spike broke the kiss. “Looks like you missed me, Harris.”

“God...oh God...” Pulling away, Xander turned around and walked in a circle, hardly knowing what to do with himself.

“You have plans for Christmas?”

“What.. yes... yes I have plans... no... no they don’t include you,” he shouted, knowing that was the next question.

“New Years then?”

“Noooooo! Spike—“

The owner of the house walked in. “Here it is, oh... we have company.”

“Xander was just showing me the magic of mistletoe. I’ll be off now. Till next year, yeah?”

“Next year... what do you mean... fu—”

She was staring at him.

Xander forced the revised words out. “Fantastic... can’t wait...”

“I know.”

Fuck fuckity fuck, he snatched the check from her hand and stomped out. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck, fuckity...

So yeah, he hated Christmas after that. And New Years. And everything that reminded him of the holidays.

The assaults had continued every year. So now, Xander had more sexcapades with a vampire, and a male at that, than he ever wanted. Then again, the male thing... maybe it went further than Spike, but Spike was the one to push...

Last year... ok, now that had been a nightmare. Really. So Willow had noticed he was lonely and mopey and that he hadn’t had a girlfriend in a very long time. She told him about a New Year’s Eve “magical pair-off” party. He’d been all, huh? But she told him that all the guest were to be single, and they’d be interviewed by a clairvoyant. Then, they’d be paired off with the person at the party that was most suited to them. The kicker was, they had to spend the whole night together, including sleeping in the same room. The theory was that because people looked at each other on the surface, and things like looks, career, status, who your friends were, what car you drove, and a whole host of other things stopped compatible people from getting together... the clairvoyant would take care of the compatibility aspect, and you had to give it a chance by committing to a whole night with the person.

Forget that!

New Years Eve had come, and he had nowhere to go... no date... nada. So... the magical pairing-off party...


“No fucking way... not him! He cheated!” Xander made his heated accusations, but the witches running the program weren’t listening. Not like his voice was any higher than a whole lotta other people who didn’t like who they’d been paired with.

“Don’t need to cheat mate, you already have a thing for me.”

“Yeah, it’s called a stake thing.”

“The deeper the better,” Spike smirked.

Fuck... that was like longest running UNfunny joke ever. “NO.”

The party had started out ... terrible. Awkward. But something had to have been added to the food, cause he was feelin’ pretty good by the end of the meal, even if he’d been careful not to drink. Drinking and Spike might lead to things he didn’t want.

Then he’d started to feel Spike’s hands on him. Little touches. A hand on his thigh as he told a story that made others laugh, while it brought Xander to attention. A bit of nuzzling as the vampire asked him to pass the wine. A heated look that scared the pants off Xander.

“No... you have to sleep outside, or me.”

Spike grinned and tugged on the small bedroom’s door. “Not happening, mate.”

“Fine... the floor.”

“Help yourself to it.” Spike sat down, bouncing on the bed and started to strip.

Closing his eyes, Xander got down on the floor. The hard, rough surfaced floor. Clearly the people running this gig didn’t want to encourage floor sleeping! He tried to get comfortable, tried to keep his eyes closed... but they kept fluttering and he could see from under his lashes. He was only curious.

Spike tugged on his belt, then pulled it out. A completely unnecessary but very hot move that made Xander press his belly down on the ground. When the vampire and took his shirt off and looped the belt around his neck, Xander’s mouth dropped open. It was a show... it was all a show... but it was hella sexy.

“Like what you see, come up here.” Spike patted the bed.

“Not lookin’”

Laughter was his answer.

Hours later, when he was sure Spike was asleep, Xander got off the unfriendly floor and lay on the edge of the bed, as far from the vampire as possible. He wasn’t going to sleep...

But he had slept. And now that he was awake, apparently he was making his homoerotic dream come true. Guh... facing Spike, he’d wrapped one leg over the vampire’s thigh and was thrusting very intensely against his arousal. Not that Spike was complaining... no, the vampire had a death grip on Xander’s ass and was encouraging the thrusting.

“Unh... ahh... unh...” Xander couldn’t stop, even though he desperately wanted to. Instead, he touched Spike, pressing his palms against that tantalizing chest, then moving lower to find that Spike’s jeans were undone. Okay so not completely naked... but naked down there... oh God. He started to pull away, but when Spike moved against him, when he started to grind, Xander was pulled back into the desperate need to find release. His leg twisted around Spike’s, he wouldn’t let the vampire free him from his jeans, wouldn’t let them go further, but he was okay with the fucking like this... hell... he couldn’t stop... not for anything. “Fuck..”

The bed squeaked under their frantic motions. Xander’s labored breaths grew heavier, his cries louder.

“Let me...”

“No... no... just like this, don’t stop... don’t,” Xander panted, and fought and fucked until waves of pleasure crashed through him and he shouted Spike’s name. Spike’s fucking name! Mortified, he rolled away.

But was that the end? No. Spike had to lean over him and kiss him. Kiss him so sweetly, when he needed it, how he needed it... how could he fight back? But later, when they woke, it was a different story.


“With you, hell no. I want my money back. And Willow’s gonna pay,” Xander had leaped out of bed and was straightening his clothes. “I don’t want to see you again. Ever.”

“So... next year.”

“NO!” He slammed the door so hard the door frame shook. God damn vampire. God damn Spike for knowing how to make him feel good, feel like he was needed... like he counted. Why couldn’t it be someone else... anyone else?

Ancient eyes, full of wisdom watched him leave. God damned clairvoyants. Wrong... so so wrong!

This year, Xander had a plan. He wasn’t going to be at home, or anywhere in LA, nope... that wasn’t where he was going to be. He’d lied to his girls, just in case Spike asked questions. He told them he was going to Iowa on a building contract. He’d gone so far as to have a friend mail them post cards from there, just to make it seem real.

And yay! It was December 24, and Spike had not found him. His little plan was working well until now.

He’d struck a deal. A work in exchange for living quarters deal. The wealthy couple who he’d built that guest house for apparently had a nice chalet in Veil. It needed work, and they didn’t have time to supervise the job, so they hired him.

So for two months, Xander had the run of the place, made sure the contractors did what they were supposed to, and kept the place safe from vandals. Sweet deal and hardly any work on his part..

And no Spike.

Though he wasn’t much of a cook, he’d found a restaurant that catered a full Christmas meal, turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the fixings. So he was warming everything up and the kitchen smelled great... so good his stomach was growling.

He’d brought a tree in, put lights in it but otherwise left it undecorated. It was Christmassy enough. And hey, he had a nice bottle of wine... the t.v. ... it would be great. Really great.

Turning the t.v. on, he flipped past all the shows depicting families having Christmas together, and found some carols. If he’d wanted to be with his family, he could have. Or with the girls. This was fine... perfectly fine.

What’s more, it was perfectly Spike-free. Oh yeah, that was a real bonus.

And yet... the guy was ruining this Christmas season too! Xander groaned as he tried to get thoughts of the vampire out of his head. If it weren’t thoughts of how annoying Spike was, it was thoughts of how funny he could be (even at Xander’s expense) and how good he was in bed. Course he’s good... he’s had hundreds of years of experience, Xander huffed under his breath.

There was a knock on the door. A loud one. Who in their right mind would be out on a night like this? The mountain was snowed in, and there were weather warnings. Maybe it was the neighbors...

Xander tugged the large door open and stared. And stared and stared. There stood Spike, dressed from head to toe in red... the sexiest, wickedest, fucking hottest Santa anyone ever saw. His fur trimmed coat was open... his chest bare, and the red pants were of the draw string variety... the ties looking very much like a bow on a present. Xander’s mouth went dry.

“Food smells good. I see you were expecting me.” Spike cocked his head, his blue eyes sparkled.

“Uh uh... not you... what are you supposed to be...”

“Should be obvious, you can call me Santa Spike, can I come in?”

“Y... no ...noooooooooooo.”


Now you say please. Only cause you can’t come in.”

Spike put his elbow against the door frame and leaned forward and all that Xander could do was stare at the rippling muscles on his chest. Fuck.

“Pretty please.”

Whoa yeah... he was pretty.

“No. Go away.”

“It’s cold.”

“You’re a vampire.”

“There’s a blizzard.”

“I don’t care. Get out.”


Xander took in a breath of relief and started to close the door.

“But if you find me frozen next to the door, make sure you get me out of the sunshine. Could be a fire haz—“

“Get in,” Xander snarled, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“Thanks luv.” Leaning in, the irreverent vampire stole a long kiss.

A prisoner of whatever hold it was that Spike had over him, Xander let it happen, let Spike’s tongue move in and out of his mouth, let it drag him into a web of lust and desire. And it was only a kiss!

Panting, he pulled away and frowned. “Do that again, and I’m throwing you out.”

The vampire didn’t answer, but the look on his face was a definite ‘try it.’ Sighing, Xander stalked inside. “We’re gonna have some rules here. No more... no more kissing and—“

“What about fucking.”



“No. Spike!”


Xander’s gaze followed Spike’s hand down the center of the vampire’s chest, then where he hooked his thumb into the loose pants. All four of his fingers pointed at his groin.

“No... no and... stop it...”

“What?” The blond was all innocence.

“The fingers thing...”

“Fingers thing?” Spike wiggled his free index finger in a way that made Xander’s gut clench with lust.

“And the chest thing...”

“You’ll have to give me a clue.”

“The nakedness... oh forget it!”

Spike slowly licked his lower lip.

“And that!” Xander went storming into the kitchen, only to find that when he turned, Spike ... in his half naked glory... had followed him in.

Trying very hard to ignore the vampire, Xander worked around him, never saying a word. But he knew full well his body was doing the talking for him. Betraying him reporting how he was feeling inside... telegraphing lust and desire... things he did not want to feel for Spike.

Though the fucking vampire didn’t say a word, his actions did a damn good job of telegraphing his own knowledge, and egging on Xander’s reaction. Or else why the hell was Spike listlessly running his long fingers up and down the edge of his open red velour Santa shirt, just grazing his skin... his nipple. And fuck... making Xander stare... or try hard not to.

It took everything he had not to get so distracted that he overheated anything, or cut his fingers as he sliced the turkey, or had a coronary when he reached out for the salt but found his palm pressed over Spikes belly button.

“Kiss me. There.”

Eyes as blue as sin tormented Xander, made him want to drop to his knees and just do it... just rub his mouth over pale skin... But when he felt fingers threading through his hair, he pulled away. “Fuck off. Dinner’s on.”

Putting his plate on the coffee table to watch t.v. as he ate had been a good idea when he was alone. Now it was the source of pure torture.

Xander sat on the floor, one eye on the television... the other straying to the evil vampire who lay on his side as he ate. Who ate laying down?! Someone who wanted to show off his pecks and abs... someone who was evil and who allowed cranberry to spill on his chest, only to make a big show of wiping it off, someone like Spike!

His breathing grew unnaturally rapid, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it, even when he caught Spike’s sly looks. “Please don’t... please stop...” he muttered thickly, wishing he could disappear to take care of the ache between his legs.

“Please.” That was all Spike said, but the single word conveyed the love, desire and hope the vampire had been carrying with him for years.

A lump grew in Xander’s throat, he didn’t know why. He didn’t want to feel sorry for Spike, he hated Spike. And he didn’t want to feel sorry for himself either... for being such a loser that he hadn’t been able to find anyone else all these years who could make him feel a quarter of what the vampire made him feel.

Pulling his gaze away from that magnetic stare, Xander forced himself to look at the television, even if neither his mind nor his heart was there.

An hour later, Xander lay on his stomach, finishing up dessert. As he licked the cheesecake off his lips, he felt the weight of Spike’s gaze. The silence that had fallen between them had only sharpened the tension.


Xander shook his head no, refusing to look.

“It won’t kill you. Not like this is killing you.”

Biting his lip, Xander eventually looked at him... felt the incredible pull of awareness.

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

Spike’s voice was warm and silky, just like the cheesecake Xander had just consumed... and just as tempting. Slowly, Xander crawled over to where Spike was, and rolled on his side, facing him. “New Years... New Years could happen.”

Before Spike asked what he meant, Xander threw his leg over Spike’s hip and brought himself up hard against Spike, groin to groin. “THIS could happen.” At the end of his tether, he started to grind against Spike, the way he had that night last year. Maybe if he did it again, maybe it would be enough for another year. Maybe if they just got it over with, the rest of the night would be easier.

Spike arched his hips forward, over and over, as he watched Xander work himself into a state. “Touch me.”

When Xander merely kept his eyes closed and kept rubbing himself against him, Spike stopped moving and shook his head. “Touch me... or...”

Frustrated as hell, unable to control his lust, Xander put his hand on Spike’s chest... and once he did, he couldn’t stop. Not for anything. Up and down, he stroked and squeezed and touched, as he bucked against him...pulling him close every time he flexed the leg thrown over Spike ... uncomfortable, but getting the pressure he needed as he chased the need for release.

From time to time, Spike pulled back, letting Xander’s groin hit air... watching his frustration mount, feeling his fingers digging into him, feeling his heel dragging him back.

“Unh... unh... oh... unh... Spike! Fucking stop moving away...” Xander was on the verge of tears at his inability to come, and it was all because Spike was fooling around, not letting him.

“Want it bad?”

All he got was the sound of Xander’s exertions, and a rough hand gripping his hip to hold him in place.

“Unh...unh... unh...”

Spike rolled Xander on his back, and pressed his weight down over him, fucking him with the pressure he’d sought.

“No... Spike no... not like this...”

“Why not?” Spike demanded, already undoing the boy’s pants. “Too real for you, is it? We’re not playing anymore, Harris.” Getting up, he pulled Xander’s pants off in one motion, then was on top of him again, rubbing his thick fully aroused cock against Xander’s.

With only the thin material of Spike’s loose pants separating them, each movement of cock against cock gave Xander more pleasure... more fire. Forgetting his attempts to control the situation, he lifted his hips, higher and higher... “unh... unh...unh...”

Sometime during the struggle to get closer, sometime during the effort to find release, to get to that place where his body would no longer burn and need and weep for more, Spike lost his clothes and changed positions again. Xander found himself pounding into spike’s closed fist, while the vampire was behind him. Only when he felt slick fingers inside him, did he panic... “no... no, Spike...”

“Fuck my hand... keep moving... it’ll be alright,” Spike crooned against his ear. “Look...”

Xander looked at the big decorative mirror across the room and sucked his breath in. It was so undeniably erotic, the sight of himself on his knees, thrusting into Spike’s hand... the sight of the vampire moving against his ass, each powerful thrust causing muscles to ripple from thigh to back.

He didn’t want this... no he didn’t, did he? Spike’s mouth on his neck was causing confusion. Then the kiss, even as they both moved back and forth harder and harder, there was kissing and touching.

“Please Xan... say yes, please luv... relax, let me inside.”


That mouth... those hands.... God... they were touching him just right... a glance at the mirror... two men, moving desperately... wanting... needing... fucking... “Yes... yes, oh yes...” He forced himself to relax, and fought the sting of tears when Spike entered him.

“That’s it pet... relax... that’s it...” Spike squeezed Xander’s sac, then started stroking his shaft again, fucking him to the same rhythm. He’d wanted this for so long... the kissing... the touching... he’d had enough of the hiding. This was right... with every thrust of his hips, he showed Xander how right it was, with every stroke of his hand he showed him, with every guttural cry, he told him.

Every time Spike hit that spot... Xander felt that much closer to release. “Unh ... unh... Spike... unh...” Still on his knees, he straightened and leaned back into Spike, watching in the mirror as they both plummeted over the edge.

The fell to the ground, still entangled together.



“Can you go now?”


“Good.” Xander turned toward him. “This time, I want you all night.”

Spike quirked a brow and stared at him.

“Until next year... I mean, I could get to loving Christmas again.”

“Right. Next year.”

“Tomorrow morning, you’re going to leave, right?”

“Right.” Spike gave him an absolutely innocent look and pulled him into his arms. “Let’s not waste the night then.”

Breakfast had been surprisingly comfortable. It was Christmas day, so Xander had declared a truce. They’d played board games, watched tv, watched porn with their hands in each others’ pants.

And now it was evening. An inexorable feeling of loneliness swamped Xander as he kissed Spike goodbye. The blizzard was over, so was Christmas.

“What’s that for?” Spike looked at Xander.

“To hold us ‘til next year.”

“Ah. Well...”

“Well, what?”

“I was thinking... I could stay until New Years. It’s not the last day of December, is it?”

“Stay till... hmm. Well... okay, I guess... I mean you traditionally ruined my entire December...”

“Only because you’re a stubborn arse. Let me make it up to you... c’mere...” Spike knew when he’d won.

Here he was, going through it all over again. But the heartache was greater... in just under a week of having Spike around all the time, Xander had gotten more attached to the vampire than he’d thought possible.

“Here... take my scarf,” he said, wrapping it around Spike’s neck.

“Am I going somewhere?”

“Well yes... it’s January...” Xander looked at him with sad brown eyes.

“Know what?”


“I have this friend.”

“Yeah?” Xander swallowed, trying to fight the tears at least until after Spike left.

“Well she put up a Christmas tree...”


“Like she does every year.”


“Right... so, one year she decided, instead of taking it down, why not leave it up? Then she wouldn’t have to drag it out of the closet, and do it up and... and why are you crying?” He caught Xander’s tear on his finger tip. “All you have to do is say yes, didn’t you learn anything?”

“Yes.” Xander swallowed over the lump in his throat.

“You said...”


“Yes!” Picking Xander up, Spike spun him around.

“Spike! Spiiiikeee.... Don’t make me regret this... Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkke

The End

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