Written For [info]nashmaveric as a birthday prezzie.

Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating/warnings: Adult Rated; AU
Characters: Not mine, Joss' – I’m just playin' with 'em
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Summary Xander is from Sunnydale etc, but Spike never went to Sunnydale. After Willow triggered all the slayers, there were changes in the world. Some vampires started to “behave” and fit into society – think of Harmony at W&H. Xander finally has a career and is about to run headlong into Spikey.

(A/N: Oh yeah, the OC character "Nash" is a COMPLETELY fictional character. No resemblence to anyone on LJ or anywhere else is intended :P )

Special thanks: To [info]entrenous88 who found and filled a plot hole.

Night Flight

Virtual Personal

Part One

“Come on Xander, it’ll be fun!” Nash practically bounced in her seat as she watched her best friend listlessly push his breakfast around on his plate.

“I dunno... not in the mood to change things.” He winced at the look that the waiter/owner of the café was shooting at him and quickly made an act of eating. “Not in the mood for anything, you know?”

“Pfft... that’s exactly when you need a change. And a man, you need a nice handsome guy to put that smile back where it belongs.”

“Thought I had a nice man... turns out he’s a jerk.”

“...too,” they said in unison, and laughed.

She put her hand on his. “Best way to forget a man is to meet another one. And in the meantime... switch to the Euro flights. San Francisco, LA, San Francisco, LA... gets real boring, you know? But SFO to Heathrow, with me, what else could you ask for?”

“That you were a hot guy with all the right parts? We’d be perfect together.”

She giggled. “Yup, we would. But oooh... Captain Spike, now him you’d like. Blond, a bit on the short side, but absolutely fit... and the bluest eyes, ever.”

“And he’s straight.” Pure guess. Most pilots were quite hot. Most were more than straight.

“Nope... I tried to go after him, but he resisted.”

“Like that’s a guaranteed test,” he snorted.

“Hey, my gaydar is as strong as yours. Stronger even.”

“Yeah, you’re one heck of a fag hag.”

“Hey, I’m no hag,” Nash primped her hair. “New cut, and color.”

He laughed, “looks fab, Nash. Still .. don’t know about those long flights...”

“Doit doit doit! Transfer, come on Xan... fun!”


Dressed in his navy blue uniform, Xander arrived early and headed into the American Airways crew lounge. Hopefully he wasn’t making a mistake here, giving up his short flights and the ability to be home every night for flights to London... overnighters. If he wasn’t a happy camper, darling Nashie would have to suffer. Grinning at the thought of working a flight with his best friend, he headed for the food and drink bar and ordered a coke.

As he waited, he looked around the room, then did a double take toward that glass walled area with an open skylight - where smokers were banished. Inside, a lone pilot paced, occasionally blowing smoke rings and stopping to look into the lounge. The intensity of those blue eyes, the confidence in that man’s steps and bearing, and the perfect lines of his body under the tailored uniform, kicked Xander’s heart rate up a notch.

“Close your mouth, you’re being too obvious,” Nash giggled. “So you approve of our Captain Spike.”

“Our Captain Spike... that’s him, that’s our... oh yeah, I approve. But sadly, I don’t think he noticed me.”

“Oh, he notices everything. Trust me. But you might have to wiggle that ass some—“

“Nashie!” Xander took a couple of long swallows of his cool drink.

“Oh stop being uptight. This IS San Francisco.”


Ten minutes later, the crew started to board. Xander was balancing his hand luggage when Nash whispered close to his ears. “Okay, start wiggling, he’s right behind us.”

Xander swallowed... and almost tripped over his cart. Righting the cart, he tried to walk a bit quicker, and to ignore the rat tat tat of his heart thumping against his chest.

There was a bottle neck right at the entrance to the plane, as flight attendants put their things away in the closet space reserved for the crew. Xander felt the heat from a body right behind him, and couldn’t help but turn.

“You’ve taken over for Sarah, have you?” Captain Spike gave Xander a smile.

Oh God Oh God Oh God... don’t let him hear my heart. Xander nodded dumbly. Right now, all he could think of was how smooth and starched the Captain’s dark uniform was... and how he was envisioning a million ways of wrinkling him up. Thing that were forbidden in the cockpit... .

Spike gave a low chuckle, then put his hands on Xander’s hips as he slipped past behind him and ducked into the cockpit.

That wasn’t... Captains didn’t usually do that, did they? I mean... he touched his hips. Xander glanced around looking for Nash and caught the smile she flashed him. Then it was all work for them.

After the passengers were settled, the plane was pushed back and the emergency procedures explained, Xander started to secure the kitchen cabinets at the front of the airplane. As he worked, he could hear the Captain and the first officer going through their checks, discussing alternate and diversion airports, and making fuel calculations.





“Parking brakes.”




“Air conditioning supply.”


The radio crackled. “You have clearance to taxi to runway R27.”

The engines whistled to a high pitch, as the airplane taxied, and turned to get into line. Xander had just finished locking the last drawer when he heard the Captain’s voice, this time over the speaker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been cleared for take off. Flight attendants, please take your seats.”

God that accent was sexy.

Just as Xander took his seat, the cockpit door was shut and locked. He put the PA system’s speaker to his mouth, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain will turn off the ‘fasten seat belts’ sign when he feels it is safe to do so. Until that time, please remain comfortably seated with your seat belts on. ..” he knew the spiel and didn’t have to read his cue card anymore.

The engines grew louder as the airplane began to accelerate down the runway. And then they were in the air and could feel the gears retracting under foot.

Once the Captain gave them clearance, Xander took his harness off. “Back to work,” he mouthed to Nash.

“See if the Captain wants coffee, he’s one of those coffeeholics.”

“You should know,” Xander pointed out. Heading for the door, he knocked and was allowed in. “Coffee, tea?”

“That offer is usually followed by another, more interesting one,” Captain Spike said, merely smirking as his first officer broke into laughter.

“Careful Will, he might take you seriously as he hasn’t flown with us before.”

Who the bloody hell was joking? Spike’s gaze clung to and explored Xander’s form in detail, before reaching his eyes again. If the silence hadn’t spoken for him, that heated look had. He could tell Xander was a bit flustered, but in a good way.

“I’ll take coffee, black.”

“Coffee, white.”




“Yeah... okay.”

Spike raised his brow and stared until Xander came to his senses, then added a crisp “thank you,” that sent Xander scurrying out.

First he’d felt the Captain’s hand on his hips, then his gaze had raked over him ... sending his pulses racing, and now... now he swore he felt the weight of the blond’s gaze on his ass. And he was not wiggling it..


Hours later, the cabin lights were dimmed and most of the passengers were either asleep or staring at their personal viewers. Since they’d had some turbulence earlier, and also out of boredom, Xander checked the overhead bins by putting his arms up and running his hand along the bins on either side as he walked the aisle.

To his surprise, he saw the Captain walking toward him... doing the same ... with his arms outstretched at his sides. God that man looked awful sexy, with his jacket gaping, and his belt buckle occasionally glinting in the dim lights.

Xander’s mouth went dry as Spike drew closer and closer. Was it like a game of chicken? Was he supposed to pull his hands down and make room for the Captain? Or was it a challenge? He sucked his breath in... one more step and they were standing toe to toe, mirror images.

“Is everything going alright?” the Captain asked, in a friendly but business-like tone that was nothing like the heat in his eyes.

“Good, everything’s good. Especially now that we passed the turbulence.” Xander’s voice sounded breathless. Well he was breathless, who wouldn’t be if the Captain’s mouth were six inches away, and if his thumb were slowly rubbing over the back of their hand?

“Weather report was a bit inaccurate. It happens. It’s better now that we moved to a new cruising altitude. Lower.”

“What?!? I mean what?” Xander licked his lips.

“Lower is better, don’t you agree?”

Heat inched through Xander’s veins. “Yes.”

“Although I enjoy a bumpy ride once in a while.”

Xander almost choked, especially when that thumb stopped stroking and started ‘bangin’ his hand, slipping in and out of the vee of his thumb and index finger. He got the message alright... clear down to his groin. His pants were stretched so taut over his arousal, it was uncomfortable.

“Don’t you?”

“Uh...” He nodded.

“Have you been to the Apollo?”

Xander knew the edgy nightclub in San Francisco, he’d been there a couple of times. It was one of those places that were packed with hot guys... like someone had tossed the ugly ones out or something. “Yeah, why?”

The Captain shrugged, still more or less fucking Xander’s hand with his thumb, “they keep playing the dance version of that song... Save a horse and ride a cowboy. I was there last night, and the song keeps playing in my head... ride a cowboy, I wondered where I’d find one to ride.”

“Oh.” A light of understanding flashed in Xander’s eyes. “I’m sure you’re a great rider.... I’ve always wanted to be a horse... I mean be rid... I...”

“I know.” For an instant, the Captain moved closer, and they both dropped their hands to the side, before he put his hands on Xander’s hips, and moved past him, to walk the rest of the aisle.

Xander’s hand still tingled. What he wanted... what he really wanted to do was have a little private time with that hand, in the privacy of the bathroom. But on an airplane, not so private, so he skipped it. He couldn’t help it, he watched the captain disappear at the tail of the plane, then watched him reappear and walk back along the other aisle.

William stared right back into the flight attendant’s expressive eyes, eyes so full of longing and desire, eyes that promised to slake every lustful thought the vampire was having. What was it about this particular boy that was making it difficult for him to keep his mind on his work? Why did he have the urge to drive Xander to the edge of desire, here, where neither of them could do a thing about it? He didn’t know, but it didn’t stop him from tugging his collar to the side as he passed Xander, revealing just a bit of his chest and licking the corner of his mouth.

Xander squeezed the headrest he was leaning against. Hot... damn... fuck... He could barely stand, and released his breath only after Captain Spike had long since passed him, and returned to the cockpit.


Passengers started to open the windows to allow the sun to shine inside the plane as the flight attendants began to serve breakfast.

Xander leaned across a few empty seats to help a child. He slid the window cover up past the “VS” etching in the glass, and scowled. Vampire Safe It irked him that monsters were allowed to freely roam among humans, and that vampirism was treated as a disability. All these new rules about making public places Vampire Save, or friendly. Didn’t anyone remember the mayhem they’d caused in the past... or what about the murderous ones that still roamed the streets. So what if a small percentage had turned over new leaves and were “behaving.” They were like pit bulls, or wild animals... they could turn on you at anytime. Stupid stupid stupid government.

“Thanks,mister. Can I have my crayons?” The little girl whispered.

“Sure, let’s just put them here on the chair so you can draw after you eat,” he said, getting her pouch of crayons off the floor, then moving to allow the other flight attendant to place the child’s food on the tray.


These days, even the crew had to go through the long lines at customs. Xander was walking alongside Nash, when she said she needed to go to the restroom. Figuring he might as well do the same, Xander walked into the men’s room.

One second later, Captain William Spike walked in. Their gazes met in the mirror. The heat was incinerating. No words were necessary. None.

It was hard to tell which one of them made the first move, but they were locked together, man against man, stumbling toward a stall. The Captain kicked it shut, fumbled to turn the lock, then pressed Xander back against the metal wall. Mouth to mouth, finally... he stilled Xander’s cries of ‘oh God,’ kissing him hard, grinding against him, taking what had been denied for hours during the flight.

The Captain’s raw desire took Xander’s breath away. He clung to the man, running his hands over his back, over his tight ass... squeezing, urging him closer, urging him to fuck him right there.

God he was hard... both of them were so hard. Xander slipped his hand between them and found Spike’s arousal... even through his pants, the Captain did not disappoint. Thoughts of being filled by the Captain’s cock, of being pounded into the wall, had Xander groaning and fighting to turn around.

Releasing him briefly, Spike turned Xander around, and circled his waist. Holding Xander’s waistband up with one hand, he lowered the guy’s zipper with the other. The sound echoed in the tiled bathroom, as did the sound of Xander’s panting breaths. “Come on...”

“Plan to.”

One tug, and Xander’s trousers and briefs were down below his ass. With his palms flat against the cool metal wall separating the stalls, Xander pushed back, closing his eyes as he reveled in the pressure of the finger preparing him.

Just the sound of the Captain’s own zipper almost had Xander coming. Then he felt his engorged cock at his hole, pushing... blinded with desire, he cried out.

Spike gripped Xander’s waist tighter, bending his own knees as he pulled the boy down hard on his cock, shuddering as tight muscles closed around him. Fuck... the boy was hot and tight... twitching around him as if to beg for friction.

Unable to restrain the sudden rush of need, Spike thrust hard, slamming Xander bodily into the wall. Again, and again, each thrust more powerful as Xander moaned and begged for more. Lost in wave after wave of sharp aches and building pressure, Spike was almost too slow to react to the sound of the restroom door opening.

Quickly, he lifted Xander up, sliding his knees between the boy’s legs and opening them slightly so Xander could sit on his thighs... still getting fucked, only much slower now. He put a hand on Xander’s mouth, to keep him quiet, as two men talked and took a piss.

Xander squirmed. At first he’d been afraid of detection, but Captain William Spike was one strong man. His powerful thighs defied gravity, made this seem easy. Finally relaxing, Xander started to move up and down, riding Spike’s thick cock, swallowing his groans... thankful for the hand over his mouth. Every time Spike hit that special spot, Xander thought he was going to faint.

It went on and on and on, until the men finally left. Spike dropped Xander down. He pounded into him, a few hard thrusts, and both of them were coming. And coming. Xander slumped against the wall until the feel of Spike’s mouth on his throat had him turning. They kissed again. This time it was a slow, lingering kiss.

“That was...”

“Not enough,” Spike completed his sentence, opening the door and heading for the sinks. In the mirror, his gaze held Xander’s.

Xander walked out weak-kneed, and nodded. Before he could say more, the bathroom was invaded, and Spike was gone.

A few minutes later, after he’d cleaned up, he found Nash at the door - waiting for him, tapping her foot.

“I was...uh...”

“Having your way with Captain Spike?”

“No... I...”

“Oh, you were letting him have his way with you.” She grinned.

“No... I...”

“Oh, ok,” she picked up her stuff. “And Xan... your fly’s open. Heee!”

He chased her down to the moving sidewalk, then slowed down as he saw other crew members.


The taxi line was crowded, but at least it was shaded by VS awnings. At the head of the line, Spike and three other crew members were getting into a cab. He turned and waved to Xander and Nash.

“You go ahead,” she said, giving Xander a nudge. “I’m stopping by my sister’s place before I go to the hotel.” Besides, the taxi only took four people.

“You sure?” he went ahead and put his stuff into the cab, and then sat. It was an interesting set up. One of the chairs was really a pull down seat that was right behind the driver. Sitting there, Xander was directly across from Spike.

Spike leaned back, scooting the lower half of his body down and twisting his upper body to the side to look at his first officer as they talked. Almost as an afterthought, he pulled his cap off.

Xander was mesmerized. He kept fighting to prevent himself from being too obvious, but his gaze kept straying to Spike. Those long fingers, that sensuous mouth... the smooth column of his throat. Fuck, the way his legs moved as he talked... it kept Xander on edge, made him tense with anticipation that their knees would touch.

He wanted to see what was under the Captain’s clothes... wanted to wrinkle up every bit of that starched white shirt. Wanted to tug the shirt up...

...Oh God, as if on cue, the Captain was tugging his own shirt up. Fuck... Xander’s gaze clung to the man’s hand, now caressing a button on his shirt. Did he realize what he was doing... that he was tangling Xander up so bad on the inside?

It was only when the cab pulled up to the hotel that Xander realized he hadn’t spoken a single word during the entire ride.

The first officer pointed to the underground parking area. “The Captain wouldn’t want to lose his nightclub pallor,” he joked.

A few minutes later, Spike leaned over... his mouth inches from Xander’s, as he got up, then got out from Xander’s side. Now that was a ‘come fuck me’ invitation, if he’d ever seen one. Xander scrambled out of the cab. There was no way he was going to refuse it. No way.

Part Two

Arrgh... he’d dilly-dallied too long, and now he was way behind Spike in the hotel registry line. Feeling all jittery, he almost knocked his baggage over. Stupid luggage, he needed something new... something that didn’t flip over every time a hot pilot was within sight.

He watched the Captain’s long fingers close around a pen as he signed for his room. Then he accepted the keycards. Now what?

Oh God... what was he supposed to do now? Xander was still warring with his indecision when Spike walked toward him.


“What... yes I do...” Xander started.

“Meant Room. Room 6969,” Spike gave him a heated look. “You do?”

Xander swallowed, and before he could come back with a come-back, or a fix, or anything, the pilot was striding toward the elevators. Why was it he had to get all tongue-tied and confused around him!

It took forever. If anything could go wrong for the people registering before him, it did!

Finally, he had his own keycard in hand and was in his room in record time. He dropped his stuff on the bed and quickly freshened up. As he rinsed his mouth, he stared into the mirror and wondered how he’d gotten this lucky.

By the time he’d taken the elevator to the seventh floor, thoughts of peeling Captain Spike’s uniform off his glorious body tortured Xander into a state of extreme arousal. He muttered an apology to someone he brushed against as he passed the icemaker in the hall, but didn’t stop or slow down.

“Xander. Seem to be in a rush. Going to do anything special?”

That accent. Xander’s cock positively twitched. He turned and sucked in his breath at the sight of the Captain, in uniform, but bare footed and holding a full ice bucket.

“Uh. Capt...”

“Spike. Or William.”

“Ah...” Xander’s gaze clung to every inch of the man’s form.

“I didn’t change because I thought you liked the uni. Glad I didn’t miscalculate,” Spike smirked and walked up to Xander, putting his hand behind the boy’s back. “I just wanted to wet my whistle.”

“Wet your whistle... sure I can wet it...” Xander licked his lower lip.

Spike raised the bucket up. “Meant a drink, but you’re welcome to blow my whistle anytime.”

“You meant...oh... I meant.” Xander flushed. “Sorry, I’m a bit—“ Hand on ass! Spike’s hand was on his ass! He was rubbing a small circle, almost but not quite touching the cleft of his ass...closer and closer. He sucked in his breath. “I...”

“Blow. I know you do... and I can’t wait.” Spike glanced down at the bulge in Xander’s pants, amused by how much fun he had baiting the boy.

Xander swayed toward Spike, already breathing hard. He caught the Captain’s lapels, and found himself walked backwards toward room 6969, and that hand never strayed from his ass.

The slightly ajar door was pushed open, and before they were inside, their mouths were pressed together and Xander was helping Spike take his jacket off. The garment was dropped to the ground next to the ice bucket, and then they were struggling to get as close as possible to each other.

Hunger wasn’t unfamiliar to Spike. But the intensity of his desire for Xander so quickly after they’d fucked in the bathroom did surprise him. Not that he was in any state to rationalize his reactions when all he wanted was to be inside the boy again, in his mouth, in his hole.

Threading his fingers through Xander’s hair, he brought him closer as he kissed him the way he wanted to fuck him. Hard. With deep strokes of his tongue and urgent caresses. He started to take his own shirt off when he felt Xander’s hands over his.

“No. I want to wrinkle you up,” Xander said, his voice breathy as he clutched handfuls of the starched material and lowered his mouth to kiss Spike over it.

“Fuck...” Spike leaned his head back against the wall and bucked against Xander, even as the boy ravaged his shirt and shoved a warm hand underneath.

“Hot damn... you’re cut...”

“Don’t think you’ve checked yet,” Spike managed to joke.


“Don’t stop,” Spike pulled him close again, groaning as he felt his shirt grow warm and wet under Xander’s mouth. Fuck, he was kissing and licking... and that bite drew a groan from Spike. “Good...so good.”

“Oh yeah...” So perfect... that’s what the Captain was... so tight and compact, so fucking hot that Xander was burning up. He felt the Captain pull him up, every muscle in his very aware body tightening as they slid together. And then Spike was fucking his mouth with his tongue again, and Xander didn’t know how he could do that... how it could feel like they were fucking already.

When Spike broke the merciless kiss, Xander stumbled back and looked at the man.... swollen lips, fucked up shirt, eyes that burned with lust.

“You’re a mess,” he said, licking his lips and reaching a shaking hand out to undo Spike’s pants.

Spike cocked his head, breathless, he answered. “It’s what you wanted, isn’t it.”

“Hell yeah.” He dragged the zipper down the Captain’s bulging length. Fuck... he was just as big as he remembered.

Shoving his pants down to his thighs, Spike stood with his legs open and started to undo his shirt. His gaze was locked with Xander’s.

Dropping to his knees, Xander gripped the back of Spike’s thigh with one hand, and closed his fingers around his thick cock with the other. He’d lubed his hand, so it easily slid up and down Spike’s surging cock. He started to squeeze him lightly, running his thumb over his head, fucking it much the same way Spike’s thumb had fucked his palm hours ago.

He loved Spike’s reactions, the way he gripped his shoulders, the way his fingers dug in every time he thrust into his hand. Seeing the bead forming at Spike’s tip, the need to taste him became overwhelming. Dipping his head down, he licked Spike’s slit, felt Spike shudder and heard his strangled cry. Suddenly, he was as hard as a rock too. Needing some relief, he straddled spike’s leg, and rubbed against it every time he sucked the Captain’s cock up deep into his throat.

The instant those lips tightened around him, powerful quakes rocked Spike’s body. He thrust into the warm, welcoming channel, pulling back and groaning as Xander sucked and dragged his lips along his length. The feel of Xander’s arousal pulsing against his leg increased Spike’s need. He pressed his knee into the boy’s groin, and bit his lip as he felt Xander rub against it... so desperate... so needy. “Fuck...”

He pulled Xander up off the ground and started stripping him, even as he kicked off his pants. As they stumbled toward the large bed, he allowed Xander to tear his shirt off, laughing at his eagerness. They sat on the bed, and he reached for Xander’s cock. It sprang into his touch... so hot... so ready to be touched.

Xander scrambled back on the bed, and Spike followed. He lay down on his side, and took Xander’s length in his mouth.

A sob of pleasure broke from Xander’s lips as he gripped the covers, and lost himself in wave after wave of relentless desire. He writhed and moaned, and fucked Spike’s greedy mouth, until some part of his mind realized that Spike’s cock was poking him in the face.

Smiling, he reached out and started to stroke Spike’s cock, before returning the favor and taking him in his mouth. He’d said he 69’d!

Names were whispered and screamed in turn as they each helplessly jerked under the other’s touch, so hot, so slick, so perfect together. By the time they found release, the bed was a complete wreck.

Spike crawled up Xander’s body and kissed him hard.

“That was...”

“... Not enough...” Spike answered for him, smirking.

“Ten minutes?”

“Yeah,” he leaned down and nipped Xander’s throat, licking the thin stream of blood.

“Ow.... what was that?”

“Ten minutes is over.”

“What.... ooooh oooh,” Xander’s eyes grew round as Spike sucked his neck and sent desire shooting through him all over again. Ten minutes... nothin’... the heat pooling between his legs told him he was ready now.

“I’m going to fuck you here... then in the shower... then against the bar...”

“Yes, yes...oh yessss!”


The San Francisco bar was crowded. Xander lifted his beer to him mouth, then answered his friends’ questions. “So yeah... that was two weeks ago. I went to his hotel room, and we never left it until we had to get to the airport. Then when we got home, he told me to come over and bring a few of my things... then I kinda never left and... I dunno, I might give up my apartment. I mean, we’re talking about it.”

He laughed as he was thumped on the back and hounded about subletting his place out. “We’ll see... and speaking of the devil...” His gaze was transfixed on Spike who was clad in dark jeans and a tight tee shirt with short sleeves. Moving with cat-like grace, his lover walked up to him and pulled him into a long kiss.

After Xander got his bearings back, he introduced Spike. “See guys, he not only looks hot, he is hot.”

“If he’s ever too hot to handle...”

“Or if you two get bored...”

“Thanks guys, for all your offers, but we’re good.”

“If we spent any more time in the bedroom, we’d be accused of being bunnies,” Spike added, giving them a good-natured smile.

“Motherfucker... now I’m jealous...”

The bantering continued until Spike spotted a friend. Putting his hands on Xander’s hips as he passed behind him, he whispered in his ear. “Come meet Paul when you’ve finished up here.”

A familiar heat spread from the points where Spike’s hands made contact with his hips. It made Xander think of all the other times those hands were on his hips, gripping, pushing, and shoving. There was no two ways about it, he was a damned lucky guy to have found Spike.

A quarter of an hour later, he had introduced himself to Paul and all three were chatting about the upcoming City Marathon. “You really should go for it, you’re in great shape,” Xander told Spike. “Plus I’d love to see you all sweaty and in running shorts.”

“You see me like that all the time.”

“Not to mention the marathon’s during the day... I think what we need is a vampire marathon at night.” Alex raised his beer bottle in salute to Spike, and then drank.

“Don’t talk that trash around here. Vampires are...” Xander spit out.

Spike frowned, “but....”

“Oh, I see, it’s okay to do a vampire, but you’re one of those who don’t want them to mix...”

Xander didn’t hear the rest. His face whipped around to look at Spike, and the truth came crashing down on his head. Things slipped into place. Why they fucked all day long and went out at nights ... why the nightclub pallor jokes ... why Spike was so fucking strong.

As his world was cut out from under him by a person he trusted, anger roiled within him. “Bastard,” he whispered hotly.

Bewildered, Spike put his hand on Xander’s shoulder. “I thought you knew...”

“You fucking bastard,” Xander shoved the vampire’s hand off him. “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have talked to you, let alone...” All the things they’d done, all the things he’d told Spike, all those feelings... wasted on a vampire.

“Xander,” Spike caught his arm again, only to be shoved away. His own eyes started to blaze with anger.

“I hate you... I fucking hate you and every vampire. You’re all the same... fucking piece of... shit,” he shoved Spike three times, then whipped around and stormed off. This morning, he’d woken up a happy man. Now look... why did he try? Why did he ever try? It always turned out the same for him. He’d be cheated on, or used, or disappointed. But this time... this time it was more than disappointment. This time, he’d really believed in forever.


They were boarding. He hated it... this moment. How was it that every time he entered the plane, the other flight attendants were putting their things away and he was stuck blocking the way so the Captain had to move past him? It had to be a conspiracy, he flashed Nash a hurry up look and groaned under his breath at the ‘not on your life, sweetie’ look she flashed back.

And there he was, impeccably dressed, his shirt smooth and crisp, his uniform pressed and him looking absolutely off the hotness scale. Xander felt his heart pound... he hated the knowledge that Spike could hear it too. He closed his eyes slightly and sucked his breath in as the Captain passed behind him and entered the cockpit. Spike’s hands never made it to Xander’s hips, though his jacket brushed lightly against him.

Xander wanted to cry. He missed Spike’s touch. He missed the teasing too, and the baiting. And the smirk that served as a smile. These days, Spike’s smiles were reserved for others. His gazes were serious, questioning, but always professional.

He should be happy. It was what he’d wanted, right? And Spike was a non-stalkery vampire, so at least that was good. But these last two flights had been so hard... seeing him. Wanting what they’d had, but wishing he was human.

Nash touched his shoulder. “Come on sweetie, help me take stock of the kitchen.”

He followed her and started going through the various cabinets.

“You love him.”


“You SO love him. Xander, you’re in denial. Just like you were about him being a vampire in the first place. Everyone knew.”

“I didn’t know!” Kneeling as he counted trays in a lower cabinet, he looked up. “I didn’t. I saw him in the mirror...”

“VS mirrors, so? They just treated the ones at various airports to reflect vampire images.”

“I didn’t know they had them! And dammit, isn’t that something you have to tell someone about yourself? Oops... forgot to mention the vamp thing, that’s just not right!”

“Your last boyfriend turned out to be a thief.”

“And vampires are murderers.” Xander got up. “I don’t care if some of them claim to have given it up.”

“Claim? Sweetie, the way you talked to him... if he wasn’t a changed vamp, I don’t think we’d be talking.” She rubbed his back, trying to sooth him. But he had to know it was true. If what he’d said about the hell’a fight between them when he’d gone to pick up his stuff were half true... even a human would have swung at her best friend.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Okay? It’s over.”

“He’s what you were looking for... don’t waste the chance...”

The airplane started to taxi, and they split off. Xander popped his head into the cockpit. “Would you like any...”

“No.” The single word sounded like a whip cracking the air.

The First Officer ordered a coffee, and after Xander handed it to him, secured the cockpit door.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been cleared for take off. Flight attendants, please take your seats.”

Xander sat down and put the halter on. He’d missed that voice... that accent. God he missed him. Maybe Nash was right. Maybe.

Hours later, when the lights were dimmed, the Captain took his usual stroll down the aisles. Xander thought his heart jumped into his mouth when Spike passed him. Touch me.

There was no touch. It made Xander feel that much the lonelier. And worse yet, as the Captain came up the other aisle, he stopped to talk to a flight attendant. He couldn’t hear what they said, but felt jealousy pounding at his temples and in his gut. Even when Spike locked gazes with him as he spoke, even then, he wasn’t appeased.

Five remaining hours took forever, but at last they’d exited the plane and cleared customs, and were making their way to the taxi lines. Xander dragged his luggage as quickly as he could and caught up to Spike. “Hey... need to talk to you.”

Spike tugged his cap off and let it rest on the handle of his luggage. “Yeah? Then talk.”

Xander felt as if Spike could see straight through to his heart. He swallowed. “I’ve been thinking...”

“Go on.” The vampire gave no quarter.

“I ... I’d like to try again. I miss you Spike... I miss you bad.” He forced himself to go on. “I think of you all the time. I just... I need you.”

Spike rubbed the back of his neck. “And that happened between getting on the airplane and getting off.”

It wasn’t so much a statement as a question. Xander squirmed. “I hadn’t seen you in a while... and then I did. Can we... can we talk about it?”

“What about the rest?”

“What rest.”

“The big pink elephant you haven’t mentioned.”


“I’m a vampire. You do remember that bit? You said it often enough, like it’s a dirty word.”

“Oh... yeah, I ... I’m not going to ... I don’t care that you’re a vampire, I can live with it.”

“But you hate vampires, and that will always be the pink elephant in the room.” He leaned forward and kissed Xander on the mouth. “Goodbye, lover.”

Xander touched his burning lips as his man walked away from him. As his man got into a VS taxicab. As his man disappeared from sight.


“Go away,” Xander shouted. But the knocking continued. He got up, lowered the volume of the television, and opened the door. “Not in the mood now, Nash.”

She bounced breezed right past him. “You’re not going to get him back when you’re all holed up in your hotel room with... ice cream,” she announced, dipping a spoon into the large dessert sitting on the nightstand and licking it off.

“He doesn’t want me, I told you what he said.” Xander was miserable. This was how he’d made Spike feel, so he knew he deserved it... but still...

“Well your make-up speech left a lot to be desired.”

“I wasn’t gonna lie! Vampires are bad... they’re usually bad.”

“There... that’s the key. Usually , not always. Do you understand that concept? The vampires that stay in hotels, and work for a living... they’re the ones that aren’t bad. Don’t you get that?”

He shrugged.

“Okay, this is how it was explained to me. Most of them are turned, and then let loose on the world. Either no one tells them anything, or their sires tell them their purpose is murder and mayhem... they have no guidance... they have no choice. It’s like the same thing as when you let a prisoner out of jail, but there’s no work for them... what are they gonna do? So now... with all the changes, they do have choices... they can work and fit it, and some of them do. But instead of rewarding them, people like you...”

Xander’s eyes burned with unshed tears. “Okay... okay... I get it. I do, but he’s gone and I...”

“And you’re going to get all prettied up and go after him.”

“I doubt he’s in his room.”

“Pffft... details... I was at the bar and heard that a group was going dancing. They’ll be at Clandestine’s ... near Covent Garden.”

Xander thought about it... music pumping, bodies dancing... colliding...someone else’s hands on his man. “Wish me luck,” he said, kissing Nash’s cheek then basically ignoring her happy humming as he shoved her out the door and headed for the shower.


Xander walked the length of the packed club desperately looking for Spike. It was a mixed club... men danced with women, men danced with men, women danced with women... some only to drive the straight men wild. The music had a mysterious, throbbing beat to it. And the people were of the beautiful variety.

And here he was, looking for a beautiful blond head of hair... a needle in a haystack.

He felt someone’s hands at his waist, holding him as he passed from behind. He! Hands! He as in Spike! Spike’s hands! “Wait,” he shouted turning and confirming what his body had told him. “Spike.”

Spike stared into brown eyes that had promised him the world, and then ripped it out of reach. He hurt... he ached in places the boy couldn’t see, wouldn’t think he could hurt. A heartless vampire couldn’t feel, could he? He ought to walk away, he really ought to. And yet...

Xander moved closer, put his one hands on Spike’s hips and leaned close to his ear. “I’m sorry. I know the answer now.”

“What was the question?” Spike tried not to react to Xander’s closeness, but it was impossible. The scent of his cologne sent his mind spinning to all those nights they’d shared.

“Vampires. My stand. I ... they’re like humans. Good and bad. And it makes no sense to hate all of them, when there are so many who aren’t murderers. Like you...”

“In the past, I killed a lot of—“

Xander nodded. “I understand. And when I was in Sunnydale, I killed a lot of vampires... okay when I say ‘we,’ I mean mostly Buffy, but still... we never asked questions. It was all vamp/kill. Maybe there were some good ones...”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Spike drew Xander closer. “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“About Vampires?”

“No, I’m bored of that already,” Spike smirked. “Cock fights.”

“Cock...” Xander’s mouth went dry. “Sure I do... But never heard it called that bef...”

“Really? It’s illegal here. I was going to ask what you thought of the cockfight promoters putting metal talons on their birds. It’s all over the news.”

“Birds...oh... that kind of....” he’d done it again. Arghhh!

“Oh, so the other kind, you do... I think I’ll take you up on that.”

Before Xander could answer, he found himself dragged up against Spike as the vampire swooped down and covered his mouth. The hands on his ass forced him into close contact, sending thrilling shocks through his body as their groins met. His body hummed with awareness, every nerve ending screaming for more. He slid his arms around Spike, caressing him, molding him even closer as the vampires tongue swept in and out of his mouth, slowly but steadily driving him insane.

Melded together, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, legs entwined as they danced to a beat all their own, they found their way home.

The End

Extra Drabble

The crew members’ lounge was brimming with uniformed pilots and flight attendants. Xander had been called in because of a strike, and he wasn’t too happy. It was their first year anniversary tomorrow... and now they were going to be apart. That sucked on so many levels...

Leaning against the bar, he ordered a glass of mineral water. While he was waiting, he felt two hands on his waist, as a man passed by. Only one man he knew did that! He turned his head to find Spike in full uniform, crisp white shirt, tailored pilot’s jacket with piping, and his heart immediately banged against his chest.

“An orgasm. I think I’d like one,” Captain Spike drawled.

“Wha... now?” Xander’s mouth went dry. He looked at his watch and wondered whether ten minutes would be enough. “Restroom?”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “No I prefer my drinks at the bar.”

“Your... your drinks?”

Dropping his gaze to Xander’s mouth, Spike leaned in. “Its less sweeter than a sex on the beach. Order one for me, yeah?”

“Order...” Oh crap! He’d gone and thought sex again!

Spike chuckled. “Go on and order, I’m off duty, but I’m getting a free ride so we can be together tomorrow. And Xan...”

Xander didn’t know whether to be miffed or happy. He’d been halfway ready to wrinkle Spike’s crisp clothes up...

“Hold the thought. About the orgasm, that is. I think I’ll be asking you for one of those too... when we get to London.”

“I hate you,” a now very aroused Xander rasped, thinking the ten hour flight would be murder.

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