Written For: ([info]werewindle)’s Halloween Challenge at lj community windles_orbit.
Assignment: Write slash, include Halloween, and plastic fangs.
Betaed by: Many thanks to Anna ([info]iadorespike)
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult Rated
Characters: Not mine, Joss' - I'm just playin' with 'em
Concrits: welcome

Got Fangs

Virtual Personal

Xander flipped the plastic fangs over in his hand and looked at them.

Okay, so they looked cheesy. But then again, he didn’t have a Halloween costume, and he’d seen the fangs just sitting there at the Magic Box. The little label attached to the packet said fun times guaranteed. Well, he could use some fun, even if this was some silly thing that he’d found in the section of the store that catered to the tourists. Nope, no real spells on that side of the store.

Still, he’d get a laugh out of his girls. Without another thought, he popped them into his mouth.


It was late when Spike ventured out. By now all the little buggers in garish costumes, their little hands clutching sweets, should be gone. All except one. “Harris.” He shook his head. “It’s true then, the freaks come out at night."

“Been looking for you.” Xander flashed his teeth.

Spike gave a rude snort. “Aren’t you a bit too old to be playing vampire?”

“You got fang envy?”

As Xander approached him, Spike couldn’t help thinking he did a damned good job of imitating a vampire stalking a human. “Fang envy? Never heard of it.”

“It’s like penis envy, only fangs.”

Stung, Spike shot back . “I’ve got fangs and a damned fine penis.

“Yeah... I’m tired of hearing about it. Wanna see.”

Spike might have thought Xander was kidding... if Xander’s arms weren’t suddenly circling his waist. And if Xander weren’t rubbing up against his cock, or dragging those silly teeth along the sensitive column of Spike’s throat.

There was nothing silly about Spike’s reaction to Xander’s touch. Hard, hot and suddenly filled with the lust he’d kept on a tight rein for so long, “Xander, it’s Halloween, not April Fools’...mnnn...”

The boy was kissing him. A full-on, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue kiss that had Spike reeling. Trembling with desire, forgetting the bit of plastic, the fact that Xander had never shown interest in males – in him, Spike decided questions were for gits. He wasn’t one.

“Want to see what I have, do you?” he rasped, walking Xander backwards until his back was up against a tree in the park. “More than happy to show you.” This time Spike took control over the kiss, licking Xander’s lips then plunging his tongue inside. He stroked Xan’s palate, then explored every corner of his mouth.

“More,” Xander demanded breathlessly, as his shirt was roughly pulled up and cool hands stroked him.

Spike loved the feel of taut skin stretched over rippling muscle. He ran his hands over Xander’s chest and abdomen, stroking and kneading, suddenly gripping his hips and bringing their bodies together. He swallowed Xander’s shocked exclamation, grinding his belly against the boy’s growing erection.

“Spike, touch me, please...” Xander moved mindlessly against Spike. “Oh, God please touch...”

Moving his hand in slow circles, Spike slowly came closer and closer to giving Xander what he wanted. “All those times you called me fangless -- you were wrong, weren’t you?”

“Huh, oh God Spike... pleeeze... yes, yes I was wrong.”

Spike brushed his hand over the hard bulge covered by rough jeans. He stroked again and again, lightly, with his thumb. “And I-am-not like Harcourt Mudd.” Though he had no clue what Xander had meant by calling him that once, he wanted to be sure the boy took it back. The snickering from Andrew had told him it was a joke at his expense.

“Who...who... oh, no, you’re not like him. You don’t have to have robots for lov... lovers... please, Spike!” Xander’s hips were thrusting wildy, following Spike’s hand. “Oh plea...”

Robots you say...” that would ordinarily have deserved more torture. But Spike burned to touch him, to feel his desire, to taste him, to have him squirming in his mouth and begging for mercy. Oh yeah...

The sound of a popping button and a zipper being lowered broke the stillness of the night. Spike hooked his fingers over the waistband of Xander’s jeans and boxers, dragging them down to his knees in one go.

“Penis envy... maybe just a little,” he muttered, dropping to his knees and staring at Xander’s engorged member.

“Spike! Would you...”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” the vampire responded, gripping the boy’s hips and then sliding his open mouth back and forth along his shaft, giving a smug smile at Xander’s frustrated efforts to aim for his mouth. “I’m here... right here.”

And then Spike took him, tightening his mouth over silky smooth skin, rolling his tongue around and tasting him. Xander surged forward, encouraging Spike – not that the vampire needed encouragement. He moved forward, then dragged his closed mouth up Xander’s shaft, from base to head, and repeated the motion. It was a good thing he didn’t need to breath... and that the boy did need to... because the hitched breathing, the rasping begging, the sound of labored breaths, were tying Spike up in knots.

Every time the blond moved his head, moved that mouth of his, Xander was just that much closer to exploding. The pressure built and built. The ache deepened. He gripped Spike’s head, holding him in place, desperately fucking his mouth. “Oh yeah... oh yeah... oh.... fuck... Spike ....”

He screamed his release... for all of the world to hear, and didn’t care who heard or saw. All he could think of was the heat that spread over him, so intense, so unexpected. No... Spike didn’t need robots to find lovers... no fucking way he was Harry Mudd.

Spike crawled up Xander’s body and kissed him again. A deep kiss. Xander could taste himself on Spike’s mouth. It was good... so good...


When morning came, Xander opened his eyes and didn’t recognize his surroundings. He sat up, blinked, and freaked out at the sight of Spike sitting on a chair. “Where...” He finally realized where he was...in the crypt! “What the fuck am I doing here?”

Spike snorted. “You don’t know?”

“No... no Spike, I don’t. What happened. Did I hurt my head?”

“No... I wouldn’t say that. I took good care of your head. Kissed it all better,” Spike smirked.

“Huh?” Finding his jeans undone, Xander quickly buttoned up and stood. “What are you talking about?”

“You found me last night. Kissed me square on the mouth... you weren’t drunk. I would have known if you’d been on liquor...”

“I did not!”

“Asked me to suck you off and then–“

All Xander could hear when he banged the door shut was the laughter that followed him. Dumb vamp, that wasn’t even funny. Outside, in the graveyard, he saw his plastic fangs and picked them up off the ground. He must have been drunk and blacked out... that was it.


The next night, when the door to the crypt scraped open, Spike whispered, “You’d better get it right.”

An instant later, Xander was inside, restless... stalking him around the room until he pinned Spike up against the wall. The heat in Xander’s eyes made Spike’s stomach clench so tight it hurt. “Back for more, are you? Knew you would be. The more you protest, the more...”

“Shut up Spike.” Mouth to mouth. Skin to skin. They lost their clothes so fast, Spike could well believe Xander had gone vamp. At first he tried to pry the damned plastic teeth out of the boy’s mouth, but then the kissing got more heated, and the groping, and fuck... he couldn’t think straight if he wanted.

Xander enveloped him, held him against that broad chest, whispered things that Spike thought he’d never hear from the boy. And when Xander pulled him down to the ground, when he pushed him to get on all fours, when he mounted him from behind.... Spike didn’t even think to protest.

All he knew was that they touched from the ankle up, that Xander’s large, hard frame made him burn, made him buck and want to be ridden. He arched back as Xander entered him. Blinding heat had him uttering nonsensical words, his muscles tightened as Xander gripped his waist and pulled him closer as he thrust in a steady rhythm.

The sound of skin slapping against skin. Of heavy breathing, and grunts. Long groans and urgent cries bounced off marble walls and echoed around them. “Fuck...fuck...fuck... Xander....” Spike’s voice rose with every powerful piston-like thrust of Xander’s hips.

Xander’s muffled oath as he ground into him and reached release drove Spike over the edge. Spike arched his back and stiffened, shudders of pleasure tearing through him. Before he came completely to his senses, Xander was pulling him up off the ground, kissing him... dragging him to the bed. Tomorrow, he might try to deny it... but Spike wouldn’t let him.


Days passed. Spike had been sure that Xander would come back. That he was as hooked by what had passed between them as Spike was. Call it sex. Call it more. But there bloody well was something... and yet when Xander looked at him, it was as if it never happened. He’d just have to get the boy alone and...

Xander pushed open the door of the crypt. “Hey...”

“Back for more, are you?”

“More what?” Xander asked, and was that a surly curl on the vampire’s lip?

“You know what. You find me, we fuck... and then you’re gone.”

“Oh God, are you gonna give that stupid joke a rest? It’s not even funny, Spike.” He took a deep breath. “Only came here because Buffy said to meet here.”

Spike got up, moved close to Xander... so close it was an invasion of his space. Xander tried to get away, but everywhere he turned, the vampire was there first. “Cut it out.”

“You didn’t kiss me?” The question was spoken in a quiet, dangerous tone.

“N...no, of course not!”

Spike whipped out a photograph of just that... Xander mauling Spike, mouths clinging, bodies pressed together.

The blood drained from Xander’s face. “I... I didn’t...”

“Didn’t let me fuck you?”

“No! I did-not-let-you....” His mouth dropped open at the second photo. There he was on the bed, getting nailed by the blond. Mortified, confused, he asked, “Spike, it’s not me, is...”

“You didn’t fuck me into oblivion?”

There it was, the third picture. Him doing Spike doggie style. “I don’t get it... you’ve made up these pictures...”

“Yeah? What about the bruises on your thigh.. Your knees.”

“Shit! Oh fuck... what the.... I swear I don’t remember!” He dropped heavily into a chair.

“You don’t remember playing the vampire and stalking me...”

“Playing vamp... the teeth, that’s it! I... I got these vampire teeth from the Magic Box, for Halloween. Oh my God... they really were magicked. No wonder I couldn’t remember anything ... it happened twice.” Xander put his face in his hands. “Oh my God.... they got me sexed up like a vampire!”

“You didn’t bite. Did plenty of other things though.” Spike swallowed his disappointment.

“Shut up!”

“What’s going on?” Buffy walked in and looked at the two guys. “Who died?”

“I did!”

“No one!”

The men answered in unison, adding to her confusion.

“O-kay... anyone wanna tell me what gives?” She cocked her head. “Xan, you okay?”

“No... I got a hold of those damned vamp teeth...”

“Oh, at the Magic Box? So did Dawn! I had to fight her for them. She didn’t get what they were doing to her.” Buffy shook her head.

“Turned her into a sex maniac?” Xander asked, a hopeful look on his face. Bad. No.... he didn’t want that for Dawn!

“Sex maniac.... no, why would it do that?” She got quiet. “Is that what it did to you? Cause you know, it just makes you go out and get what you want... I mean Dawn was hitting places like Saks Fifth Avenue and ... Xan!” She eyed Spike who was laughing so hard it was uncharacteristic.

“Go on... go after the boy. Tell him I’ll be here when he wants to talk.”

“You’d better not have hurt him,” she answered, letting the door bang shut behind her.

“Hurt... hurt so good, come back it hurts so good, like needles and pins...” Spike sang, heading for the fridge. The photos Clem had taken hadn’t been enough on their own, but the Slayer’s information might make the boy see that the reason he hadn’t found a good relationship was that he’d been looking in all the wrong places. Not that the Slayer or the others would think of him as a good prospect for Xander... but deep in his heart he knew he would be. That he could change a lot in his life, for someone like Xander.

Who knew that all it would take was Halloween and a magical set of cheap plastic fangs, to give Spike hope?

The End

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