Rating: NC-17
Pairing: S/X
Fandom: BtVS
Disclaimer: Joss is a God… and I’m not.
Written for: the [info]smut_69 comm.
Notes: #9 of 69…

TGI Friday

Tisienne Blue

Xander loved Fridays.

Not the so-called restaurant, but the day itself.

Or to be more specific, Xander loved Friday evenings, ‘round about six o’clock.

Time was, he’d liked Fridays. Liked leaving work and heading home, liked sinking into a hot, bubbly tub of sandalwood scented water and soaking for a good hour or so, replacing the cooling water with fresher, hotter infusions as needed.

Yeah, he’d liked that. Still did, he admitted.

But that was then. Back in the day. Way back before he’d gotten involved with a certain bleached blond vampire who had made him love Fridays.

There was something about knowing, without any question at all, that when he stumbled wearily into his apartment at half five on Friday and ran the tub, then slid in neck-deep and let himself relax as much as he could, the new tradition as defined by Spike would be upheld.

And this Friday was no exception, he thought with a tired but appreciative chuckle as he heard his front door open, then close; heard the small, subtle snick of the deadbolt being thrown.

When they’d first started this little ritual, he’d never been able to stay relaxed when he knew Spike was there. But now, months and many, many Fridays later, the renewed tension was mostly pretend.

He knew it. Spike knew it. Neither of them had any intention of pointing it out, and maybe that was part of why they were still together… and showing no signs of wanting to change that state.

Hell, that might have been why he and Anya would never have worked out.

Sure, the orgasms had been fun, but the once-demon had never understood about deliberate selective blindness.

Fortunately, she’d seen how unsuited they actually were and had broken things off, although it had been well over a month before he’d recognized it and stopped making himself believe she was wrong.

No… he was much better off with Spike, although if anyone had told him even a year earlier that he’d be involved with a vampire, much less his vampire, he’d probably have laughed himself unconscious. Or possibly vomited. One or the other; he wasn’t sure which.

Still, here he was, and happy, too. About to be happier, though.


“God, baby… harder,” he begged, pressing back into the cool hands, the supple fingers. “Please, Spike… you know how I like it…”

The blond chuckled, leaning back on his bloke’s spread thighs as he dug his fingers deeper into the long muscles beside the work-weary spine. “Mmm… that I do, pet… like it hard, deep… like me pressin’ in, makin’ those little circles, yah…? Rubbin’ you so right, so slow an’ firm… always makes you moan for me, lovely…”

“Nnnngh… y-yesss… just like that, baby… Jesus… higher, Spike, y-you know…” Xander groaned, pressing his face into the pillow as those wonderful hands moved slowly up to the tops of his shoulders, his vamp’s hard shaft lying cradled in the cleft of his ass. “Oh, y-yeah… d-don’t stop… please don’t…”

“Not stoppin’, luv,” the vampire purred softly, rocking just a bit with the motion of his hands. “Can’t stop when you’re all wound tight like this, pet… goin’ ta rub you inside an’ out, Xan… til you’re limp an’ tryin’ ta remember how ta breathe…”

The human swallowed hard, turning his head for one of those mentioned breaths as long, elegant fingers slid slowly up the back of his neck, thumbs pressing rhythmically at the base of his skull. “Oh… G-gods… n-now, baby… please, Spike, please now, please…”

And that was what he’d been waiting for.

“Bloody hell,” Spike murmured, one hand leaving his bloke’s hot, silken skin to grope across the bed. His fingers found the item he was looking for and he leaned down, pressing himself fully to Xander’s long back as he hit the switch on the remote and felt the slowly building buzz begin in his boy. “Like that, luv…? Told you inside an’ out, didn’t I? Know you love it, pet… tell me, yah…?”

As if he could talk with Spike’s teeth on the back of his neck and the vibrator pulsing away in his ass. Still, Xander did his best.

“G-godssss… yessss…” he began, only to exhale any other words on a sharp gasp as Spike shifted one leg between his, the cool thigh pressing the base of the toy and shifting it just so. “Nnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Xander cried, his back arching as he tensed wildly.

“Ah-ah, pet,” the blond murmured, shifting his thigh repeatedly, “If you go getting’ all tense again, I’m goin’ ta have ta start over.”

And wouldn’t that be a tragedy, the vampire thought smugly. Just like it was every Friday.

The End

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