NC-17 S/X
Written for : strickens_girl! She wanted S/X with an appearance from Angel.
Completely AU

The Game


He circled around, watching the large man on the floor. As he moved through the crowd, he was being fondled from every direction, hands reaching out to touch every part of him. He knew he looked good and the self-confident arrogance he displayed made him stand out in the enormous crowd. He wormed his way through the collage of bodies until he was face to face with the dark haired stranger who’d unknowingly become his prey. With narrowed, seductive eyes focused directly on the other man’s face, he placed his hands on the larger hips and began grinding their bodies together to the beat and pound of the music.

When the stranger moved forward for more contact, Xander smiled a wicked grin. He knew he had him. Now it was only a matter of time… He worked his body the way Spike had taught him to, moving seductively as he let his fingers play along the waistband on the back of the other man’s jeans. When one adventurous hand wandered downward, gripping a flexed and well-toned ass cheek through the denim material, he moaned. Another trick Spike taught him. His voice was a weapon that could turn a man to putty in seconds.

When Xander began to caress and squeeze the flesh underneath his fingers, the stranger matched his moan and closed his eyes. Their bodies were close; close enough to feel the matching bulges pressing against each other.

Xander leaned in, brushing his lips against the stranger’s ear. “You got a name?”

He received a gulp and breathless answer. “Angel.”

Xander smiled and licked his lips. “Mmm. I bet you are.” His half hooded lids opened wide enough to scan the room over Angel’s shoulder, searching for blond and leather. He felt the penetrating eyes and knew he was being watched. He finally found him standing in the corner of the room with his back pressed against a young brunet. The man’s hands were around Spike’s waist with one resting on his stomach underneath his black t-shirt while the other was busy stroking along the zipper of his jeans. Spike’s head was leaned back in pleasure, but his eyes, however, were focused entirely on Xander.

Xander puckered and kissed the air in Spike’s direction, receiving a smirk from across the room. He smiled and then returned his attention to his task. Both hands slipped inside Angel’s back pockets and squeezed, causing his cock to twitch in interest. He could tell by Angel’s hitch in breath that he felt it. “You’re fucking hot.”

He pulled his head back, smoothed his cheek over the soft skin and let his lips ghost across Angel’s, waiting to see what the other man’s reaction would be. When Angel’s lips parted, inviting him in, he plunged. Xander’s tongue glided across the entrance and then took advantage of the offer, pushing inside. Angel was more than willing, angling his head for better access. He took Xander’s tongue and sucked it in, moaning as he pushed his hips forward for more friction to his groin. As Angel panted for breath, they pulled apart just to repeat the process again. They devoured each other’s mouths, hungry and wet, while they allowed their hands to begin wandering. Xander reached the front of Angel’s jeans and pushed the heel of his hand against his cock, rubbing the hardness underneath.

“Mmm. Can’t wait to taste this,” he said, his voice low and husky. Xander kissed him and rubbed firmer against Angel’s cock, tracing the full length with his fingers. “I’ve got a mouth that can suck you dryer than the Sahara Desert.”

Angel moaned when Xander’s kisses became harsher, causing him to thrust against the skilled hand.

“What are we waiting for then? Wanna go downstairs?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Angel turned around, grabbed Xander’s hand and led him to the stairwell that took them to the bottom level of the club. Xander smirked when their path crossed directly in front of Spike. He locked eyes with his boyfriend and smiled. “Hot,” he mouthed, receiving a nod and smirk in return.


Spike stalked down the stairs a few minutes later, passing by the other men who barely noticed him as he searched for Xander. He wasn’t disappointed when he found him. Spike’s gaze turned venomous. His boy was a sight, on his knees with his mouth wrapped firmly around a massive cock. He’d definitely found a treat tonight.

He decided not to approach right away and instead leaned back against a wall across from the two men. He’d learned in the time that they’d been doing this that he loved to watch Xander play. Loved to watch him suck and stroke and worship another man’s body. He’d swear his boy could suck a pineapple through a straw if he ever tried hard enough. Spike’s hand slowly moved down the length of his stomach, passed his muscles, which were tight and taut with anticipation and stopped to rest on the front of his jeans. He began to rub, keeping his eyes on Xander and his luscious tongue that had just swirled the tip of the other man’s cock. This was the hard part of the game. Trying to stay away long enough to let Xander have his fun, when all he wanted right now was to walk over and bugger him senseless.


Angel was standing on weakened knees with low, sultry moans escaping his lips as Xander’s mouth became a vacuum, suctioning around his throbbing cock. He looked down, watching as his entire length was swallowed greedily between the pink, swollen lips.

Xander’s eyes glanced upward, showing a small display of innocent playfulness when he batted his eyelashes at the other man. He loved this. The power that came with sucking another man’s cock; of being in complete control. Angel’s hands were wrapped tightly in his hair, pulling just enough to let Xander know he was enjoying it and the encouraging babble of words spilling out reinforced it. When he felt Angel’s hips begin to thrust, he relaxed and took the entire length into his mouth. He swallowed when he felt the head pushing against the back of his throat.

“Fuck,” Angel panted, throwing his head back while gripping Xander’s hair tighter. He began a steady rhythm, pumping slow and deep.

One hand reached up and fondled Angel’s balls while the other slipped between his legs, letting one finger circle his entrance. Xander’s motion stopped when he felt Angel’s body tense. Giving him a moment to relax, he started again, teasing just around the hole, causing Angel to pull greedily, trying to sink his cock as deep and far as he could. When Angel began rocking back against his hand, Xander pushed his entire finger inside.

“Ohgodohfuck!” Angel cried, gasping for air and biting his lip to keep from coming. “More,” he pleaded.

Xander added another finger and began pumping faster into his ass. “Ung!! That’s… ah, harder!” he screamed, slamming his hips forward and back, fucking Xander’s mouth. As the speed increased, Angel’s voice rose causing his moans to grow louder with each thrust.

“Fuck! Agh! Yeah, oh…right there. More, I… agh! I’m gonna come!”

Xander crooked his finger, pushed deep and found the sweet spot he knew would send Angel over the edge. With a final push, Xander was rewarded when Angel’s cock began to pulse, shooting long spurts into his mouth.

Xander pulled back with a pop. Grinning, he stood up, licking his lips. He pushed his body against the larger man and began kissing roughly, letting Angel taste himself on his tongue. That’s when he felt something hard press against his ass. “Hey,” he whispered, turning his head to look back at Spike.

“Hello, pet. Having fun?” Spike purred.

Angel’s eyes clouded in confusion. “Who the fuck are you?”

Xander reached back and kissed Spike. “Angel… Spike.” He smirked, “He’s with me.”

Angel tensed and tried to back away but was stopped by the wall behind him. “I wasn’t trying to… I didn’t know…”

“Shh. Easy, luv.” Spike nuzzled back into Xander’s neck. “We can all have a good time here. I think things were coming along real nice, yeah pet?”

“Mmm. Definitely,” Xander answered, licking his lips to taste the salty sweet flavor again.

Angel’s expression turned anxious as he looked from one set of lust-filled eyes to the other. “So you two…”

“Want to make you scream.” Spike smirked and smiled, biting down gently on Xander’s shoulder. “You game?”

Angel’s eyes widened but he didn’t say anything.

“Well?” Xander said, with a grin.

They waited a short minute and then received their answer when a hint of Angel’s tongue darted across his lips. “So what do you have in mind?”

“This,” Spike answered, grabbing Angel by the shirt to pull him closer. His tongue snaked out and licked along the man’s lower lip, pushing just a little, trying to ease his way inside. Angel opened his mouth slightly and allowed the brutal kiss.

Spike’s arm wrapped around Xander’s waist as his hips gyrated against his ass. He began pushing, walking them forward until Angel was up against the wall with Xander sandwiched between their bodies. “Wanna play,” Spike said with an evil grin, sliding his hand under Xander’s shirt to tweak a nipple, pulling on it hard enough to cause him to moan. His other hand forced its way between Xander and Angel, cupping the erection he found pushed against his boyfriend’s jeans. Spike traced the bulge with his fingers, feeling it jump and twitch under him.

Angel glanced down, watching with interest and then followed Spike’s hand to Xander’s buttons. With an approving nod from Spike, he began unfastening them one by one until Xander’s cock sprung free into Spike’s hand. Angel stared with desire in his eyes as Spike stroked and pulled, using the dripping pre-cum as lube. His thumb circled the head of Xander’s cock and then pressed into the slit.

Spike’s eyes met Angels, both tempting and inviting him at the same time. Angel leaned in and met his lips, hungrily devouring his mouth as his semi-hardened cock brushed against the back of Spike’s hand. Spike was moving, humping against Xander’s ass in slow circles. With a flick of his wrist, he twisted his hand to wrap around both men’s erections, stroking them in unison with the rhythm of his hips.

Spike pulled away from Angel’s lips and moved to Xander’s neck, nibbling against the skin below his ear. “Feel good, luv?”

Xander moaned and stretched his neck back, urging Spike’s actions as his eyes locked onto Angel’s. “Oh, god… do it, Spike.” His hand reached behind him, gripping the back of Spike’s head, trying to pull him closer while his other hand disappeared lower, grabbing at the hip pumping against his ass.

Angel couldn’t ’resist and dove for Xander’s mouth, plunging his tongue deep inside. Spike continued to pump his hand, bringing Angel back to full hardness as he brought Xander closer to the edge. When he felt the familiar throbbing between his fingers, he licked the spot just above Xander’s shoulder and then bit down hard with blunt teeth.

It immediately sent Xander spiraling, his orgasm hitting hard and fast, leaving him panting against Angel’s mouth. Spike kissed the length of his neck, letting him calm from the aftershock before he grabbed him, pulling his body around to face him. Xander watched in fascination as Spike brought his hand to his mouth and licked the traces of cum dripping from his fingers. “Mmm, love the way you taste, pet.”

With a possessive grip, Spike pulled Xander to him, taking claim of his mouth, exploring every inch his tongue could reach. When he finally pulled back, Spike realized Angel had circled around and was standing behind him. He turned to look at him with lust darkened eyes. “Let the games begin.”

“Thought I might be on my own the way you two were looking at each other.”

Spike smiled. “Nah, just giving my boy a little extra needed attention. Don’t worry, mate. You’re still the tasty treat in this game.”

“Mmm,” Angel hummed. “Then why don’t we find ourselves a cozy spot.”

Spike’s brow rose.

Angel smiled. “I have connections.”

Xander and Spike watched as Angel zipped his fly and then disappeared down the long, dark hallway. When he returned, he was flipping a set of keys around his finger. He motioned them to follow until he stopped in front of a door marked ‘private’. He unlocked it and stepped aside, allowing the two men in before him.

“Come here often?” Xander smirked, gazing around the small room, complete with nothing more than a bed and small nightstand.

“Something like that,” Angel countered with a grin to match Xander’s.

Quicker than Angel could blink, Xander was on him, kissing him breathless as he pushed him onto the end of the bed. With a more forceful demeanor than he’d shown before, Xander moved up to straddle him and gripped Angel’s shirt. He roughly ripped it open and then leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth. Angel’s head rolled to the side and his back arched when he felt the sensation of teeth biting and nipping at his sensitive flesh.

Angel felt hands on his buckle and glanced downward. Spike was standing at the end of the bed, pulling at his pants, urging Angel to lift his hips. Xander raised onto his knees, just enough for Spike to wriggle Angel’s jeans down his legs.

Xander’s smile became sinister, almost predatory. “God, I wanna fuck you.”

The tone in his voice made Angel shiver in anticipation. “Got any lube?” he asked.

Xander leaned back and signaled to Spike. A bottle appeared from the duster pocket and Spike was handing it over, barely letting go before Xander had his jeans open, pulling at his cock. He looked down at Angel and gave him the lube. “Put it on me. Nice and slick so I can slide in easy.”

Angel grabbed the bottle, poured some into his hand and gripped Xander’s cock. He stroked it firmly, rubbing the slick from the base to the tip. Xander closed his eyes when Angel began to squeeze, moaning at the feel of the warm, tight hand working him.

He forced himself to move away, scooted to the end of the bed and stood up, gripping Angel’s legs with both hands. He pulled him down until his ass was barely on the edge and settled his knees over his shoulders. “Gonna fuck you good.” He positioned his cock at the puckered entrance. “Wanna feel that hot, tight ass around me.”

Angel whimpered and tightened when he felt the head of Xander’s cock push through the protective ring of muscle. He let out a deep breath and relaxed, concentrating on nothing but the feel of being spread and opened.

Xander groaned, easing in carefully, until the entire length of his shaft was seated fully inside. “Oh, fuck you’re tight. Feels agh… so good, all that heat.”

Spike stepped behind Xander and nuzzled into his neck. “That’s it, luv. Fuck him.” He glanced down at the man on the bed, lying with his eyes closed tight in pleasure. “I wanna watch you pound into him, rip him open…” He kissed a spot just above Xander’s collarbone. “Wanna hear him scream.”

Xander tightened his hold on Angel’s legs, spread his own legs a little wider for better leverage and began thrusting into the other man with long, steady strokes. He pulled out until the head of his cock was barely inside, watching when he pushed back in, when it was pulled and swallowed, then he rammed hard, burying the entire length until his balls slapped against Angel’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, fuck! Ohmygodyes!!” Angel screamed. His arms began to flail, reaching for something, anything he could grab onto. He gripped the sheet and began wrenching the material between his fingers. “Harder! Agh! Fuck! Me! Harder!”

Xander fucked and pounded… quicker, faster… digging his nails into the flesh of Angel’s hips, leaving traces of marks on the tender skin while howling his pleasure to anyone within ear’s distance. He was lost in the feeling, trying to hold out, not wanting it to end. The heat was drawing him in, keeping him on the edge. Angel was screaming, biting against the sheets, begging for Xander to fuck him, to give him just a little bit more.

Xander began to pant when he felt Spike push against his backside and felt the smooth, naked head of his lover’s familiar cock trying to breech him. He bent forward, trying for a better position and tensed at the initial thrust... that sent a bolt of pain to the pit of his stomach. Oh yeah, Spike knew him. Knew he enjoyed and craved the pain. Keeping a steady rhythm, he pushed back on Spike and then slammed forward, fucking Angel with abandon. When he felt the powerful eruption begin to emerge, he climbed his way onto the bed, placing his knees on the edge and pushed Angel’s legs as close to his chest as they would go, bending him almost in half.

With Spike filling him up and his own cock buried deep inside the warm, tight channel, he gazed down at Angel. “You ready to come?”

Angel could barely speak, too busy holding his breath at the intensity of the fucking. He answered with a nod and moaned when he saw the man on top of him lean in, trying to kiss him. After a series of deep, wet, powerful kisses, Xander slid his lips to Angel’s neck and began to nip at the sensitive skin. “Close your eyes,” he whispered.

Angel felt the pull of pressure to his balls as they began to tighten and obeyed, squeezing his eyes shut, prepared to ride out the waves of his orgasm. The shock hit him the moment the sharp fangs pierced his neck. His body spasmed, ejecting streams of cum between their bodies that seemed to go on forever. He was still dazed, his body shaking with aftershocks when he gripped Xander’s head between his hands and tried to pull away, but realized the strength of the vampire was too much for him.

Xander came, spilling deep inside Angel as he took in mouthful after mouthful of the intoxicating blood. His head was swimming and he barely heard Spike howl when he rode his own orgasm to completion, still pushed firmly inside Xander’s ass. He heard the heartbeat become slower and felt Angel’s struggling begin to weaken as the human life began to drain from his body.

With the last mouthful, cock and fangs pulled out of the warmth and he turned his head to reach for Spike, letting the other vampire share what was left of the rich, warm blood.

Spike swallowed the offering and lifted his finger to wipe a small drop that had escaped down Xander’s chin. “Mmm. Nice, pet. Think you outdid yourself this time.”

Xander grinned and sucked Spike’s finger into his mouth as he glanced back at Angel.

“Shame, though,” he said, staring at the dark, expressionless eyes.

Spike nuzzled into Xander’s neck, glad to have his boy all to himself again. “Yeah, luv? Why’s that?”

Xander stroked Angel’s flaccid cock, running his fingernail up the underside of the shaft. “He’d make one hell of a bad-ass vampire.”

Spike pulled Xander’s hand back and turned his head away from facing the drained human. “Don’t even think about it, pet. Not sharing you with anyone. You’re mine.”

Xander smiled. He was warm and flushed from the borrowed blood and still high from the hunt of the evening. He leaned in to take Spike’s lips, pushing the lifeless body out of his way before pinning his lover to the bed beneath him. “No, Spike. Tonight, you’re mine.”

The End

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