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"Jesus Christ! Spike -" Xander tried not to drop the drinks he was holding as Spike nabbed him and dragged him under the stairs. The Bronze was hopping and the girls were waiting and...oh, yeah. Lips. Spike's lips, on the back of his neck - on his jaw. Spike's hands under his shirt, finding nipples and lats and belly - flick of a wrist and Xander's button and fly were undone - his jeans were down to his thighs.

"Spike - god -"

"You look so fuckin' good out there, dancin' with the Slayer... So fuckin' hot... Ooh, nice - just like I asked..." Spike's hands caressed naked flesh - hairless flesh - and Xander moaned - clutched the drinks in his fists a little tighter.

"Did you do the other...?" Spike's fingers dipped between Xander's buttocks - found his opening and the smear of lube there. "Fuck yesss..."

Xander doesn't have time to say anything - do anything - Spike is in him, pumping hard and smooth - bumping that spot inside and Xander's writhing, panting - trying not to drop the fucking expensive drinks. Spike's hand on his cock - tugging and stroking and then they're both shuddering, gasping - Spike is biting the back of his neck and Xander is gritting his teeth, trying not to yell.

Spike slows - stops - pulls away. Swipes at Xander with something that feels like a bandana and then his jeans are up, his shirt is smoothed, and Spike is turning him around and kissing him, hard and deep.

"I'll be up on the catwalk, Xander. Watching you," he murmurs. And then he's gone, and Xander stands there for a minute. Takes a long pull of his drink and tosses back his hair - makes his way to the table where Willow and Buffy are waiting.

Feeling Spike's eyes on him the whole time.


Xander lay on his back in the middle of the library table, moving his head to the song on the radio. Busta Rhymes, and Xander absently tried to sing along to the lyrics without saying the 'N' word. Which Busta seemed to like.

He glanced over at Oz, who'd given off snarling and throwing himself at the mesh and now stood, tense and quivering, snuffing the air.

"Hey, buddy, I showered right after gym. That's not me you're smelling."

"Expect it's me, Xander," a voice said, and Xander popped up off the table like a jack-in-the-box - stared at Spike, who was sauntering down the stairs from the upper level.

"Spike! How -?"

"There's a door back there. Looks like nobody uses it. Convenient. So - how many hours you got left on pup-sitting duty?" Spike glanced over at Oz, who was snarling silently.

"Until midnight, then Giles is coming in, he has some research to - oh!" Xander's knees lost the power to hold him upright as Spike pressed up close and lay his palm flat on Xander's groin - on the erection that Xander had hid most of the day with a big, baggy shirt.

"Just like I like, pet - all hard..." Spike grinned at him, golden eyes and fangs and slid down Xander's body - undid button and fly and made an approving noise as Xander's cock pushed wetly - eagerly - into his hands. "You know how much I love it, when you're all smooth like this?" Spike's cool fingers and cooler tongue caressed hairless flesh from hipbone to pubic bone and back up and Xander braced his hands back on the edge of the table and moaned, trying to spread his legs wider. Thank god for the swim team and his introduction to hot-waxing.

Spike licked the tip of Xander's cock and then he was sucking him down to the root - massaging Xander's balls and reaching under them - behind them. Pushing. Xander moaned again - thrust wildly with his hips, watching wide-eyed as the demon took his cock between razor-sharp fangs. Spike looked up at him - let the tips of his fangs just prickle, all the way around. Rose-thorn prick and Xander wailed, shuddering, and came. Spike made a pleased humming sort of sound as he slowly cleaned Xander off, fingers still busy and Xander shuddering with after-shocks.

Then Spike stood up, shaking the demon away - pressed a hard, deep kiss to Xander's mouth as his fingers pressed the plug in Xander's ass in a little deeper.

"Now, pet, you be good and come straight to me after, and we'll see about taking this out," he murmured, and Xander whimpered - was rewarded with another salt-musk kiss. And then Spike was gone and Xander's hands were shaking as he did his pants back up. Oz was glaring balefully at him through the mesh, fangs gleaming.

"Sorry, Oz. You'll have to find a she-wolf."


Things were crazy. Were crazier. Angel gone bad, Buffy ready to stake him, sort of. Robots and Black Lagoon monsters and eggs that sucked your brain... It was all too much, really. Enough to make you lose your sense of self-preservation.

Which had to be why Xander was sneaking into the burnt-out factory, stake in one hand and flashlight in the other. Shaking with fear, shaking with anticipation. Just...shaking.

"Trip, trap, trip, trap..." Honey-whiskey voice and smoke-leather-whiskey scent and Xander jumped - spun around - as Spike's hands slid down his back.

"Jesus, Spike!" Spike just grinned - pulled him close, hands cupping and squeezing Xander's ass - and kissed him. Xander lost the stake and then the flashlight, fumbling his own hands under duster and shirt and t-shirt, whimpering into the kiss that was iron-smoke-lemon.

"Missed you, pet. Now...what have you got for me?" Spike's hands were deft and cool and steady as they undid button and zipper and a moment later Xander was turned and pushed hard into a wall, pants around his knees, and Spike was pressing up close behind him - sliding into him because Xander was always ready for him and god, fuck - felt so good.

"Spike...Spike..." Xander moaned softly - shuddered and gasped and writhed under Spike's cool fingers and twisting, pushing hips.

Spike mouthed his throat - tore Xander's t-shirt away and bit lightly at his neck - shoulder. Grazed it with needle-sharp fangs and Xander cried out softly.


"Have you been good?" Spike whispered - slid chill, slim hands down Xander's belly - cupped his balls, rolling them. Stroked Xander's cock, and the ring of metal and leather there. "Oh, sooo good," Spike crooned. "So good, you deserve a treat."

Spike pulled Xander's hips back - bent him over and fucked him harder, pounding his sweet-spot and stroking his cock and when Xander was seeing stars and promising his first born and his entire savings and his fucking soul, Spike leaned in and bit down on his shoulder - unsnapped the cock-ring and fucked him, and Xander nearly screamed as his own orgasm roared through him - swept over him and dragged him down.

When he could see again - when his vision was normal and his chest wasn't heaving like the winning runner in a 500-yard-dash - he turned half way around and looked at Spike, who grinned at him, all fangs and golden eyes, and kissed him.

"Next time maybe you can go two days instead of just one, eh pet? I'll make it worth your while..." Xander...just nodded.


Xander supposed it could be called a success, what had happened. Acathla was destroyed, the world hadn't been sucked into hell. But the re-souling spell hadn't worked. It had just hurt Angelus. Hurt him badly enough that he'd run away, taking Dru with him.

Leaving Spike behind, leaving Buffy broken-hearted. Xander wondered how long that would last.

"What're you thinkin, pet?" Spike murmured, and Xander gasped softly as the vampire slid back inside him. Warm and oiled and open from two days of nothing but Spike fucking him.

"Was thinking...I'm glad you didn't leave," Xander whispered. He tugged at the chains that bound him to the bed as Spike settled over him, thigh to thigh and his tongue tracing lazy patterns over Xander's back.

Cold patterns, because Spike had got up and got a bottle of chilled champagne - was pouring it delicately over Xander's back and licking up the trickling drops.

The humid, almost-summer air pressed Xander down onto damp cotton sheets - made his hair stick to his neck and made moving too much work.

But he had to move - had to slowly writhe and squirm as Spike rocked inside him - as Spike kissed and petted and nipped and scratched and pressed in deep and hard. Rode him to the brink of orgasm and then would slither away, for a smoke or a drink or to turn Xander over - chain him some other way.

Let him take a shower, even, in the big working bathroom on the first floor of the mansion. But that had been - hours ago - and when he'd got done Spike had chained him on his back and rode Xander for ages, feeding him chunks of bread and cheese and chocolate. Coming on his stomach and chest two times and lazily rubbing the pearl-white fluid into Xander's tanned flesh.

Now he was on his belly again, still hard - still waiting for Spike to let him come. Trembling with need, gasping in great panting breaths of jungle-thick air. Desperate. Dying for it.

Spike turned his head, cold fingers on Xander's jaw and kissed him, trickling champagne into his mouth and licking after it. Making Xander's tongue and lips wet and tingling-chilly. The champagne was sour-bright in his mouth - so good.

"Full moon tonight," Spike murmured, slide and pause, twist and push, and Xander keened softly. "Second night of it...true full moon tonight... You wanna come with the full moon, pet? Come as it rides up the sky? I can hear it, sliding up the night..."

Spike's fangs teased and scraped and sank in, point by point, and Xander could only say yes.


"And what's this, pet?" Flexible coil of blue plastic that Spike ran through his fingers - wound around Xander's cock.

"D-detonating...cord, it's - It's kind of like a fuse but lots - faster." Spike's fingers on Xander's hips, moving him - lifting him, a little, then pulling him back down. Xander shivered.

"And this?" Dark red plastic parts and Xander's hands were on the arms of the chair - where Spike had told him they had to stay. His fingernails digging into the wood.

"Cobra c-clip. It' use it f-for - Spike, please -"

"Shhh, now." Spike let the clips rain through his fingers to the floor - braced his feet and thrust up once - twice - three times. Deep and hard and Xander's head fell back on Spike's shoulder. He moaned, panting after air he couldn't seem to pull into his lungs.

"You have to know this no matter what, pet. Have to know it when your minds all...distracted. Otherwise you might make a mistake - blow yourself up instead of the Mayor." Spike ran his hands up Xander's ribs - rubbed his palms over Xander's nipples and then reached further, to his shoulders. Wound the fingers of one hand in Xander's hair and turned his head.

"We'll just keep going over it, love, until you get it all right. Every single thing." Spike's tongue traced Xander's lips - licked delicately inside his mouth, kissing slow and deep.

His free hand slid down again, pushing the det cord away and stroking Xander's cock - lifting his balls and tugging them sharply.

"And you won't come 'til you do it right, pretty pet..." Xander flexed around Spike's cock - gripped him tight and moved, grinding his hips.

"Sspike, c'mon...please!"

"Now be good, love. Don't wanna have to punish you again." Xander gasped softly, remembering. Punishment had taken all of one very long summer day...and he'd screamed and writhed and begged at the end, and come so hard he'd passed out.

"I'll...try," he whispered, and Spike kissed him again.

"Good, love. That's good. Now...this. What's this?" Lump of white, rubbery stuff, Spike's fingerprints already on it.

"C4. Plastic explosive..." Behind him Spike smiled - moved - squeezed Xander's cock and made him lose his place again.

"This is gonna take...all night, pet," he whispered.


Xander scrubbed - he wanted the stink of the place off of him, but he didn't think it was gonna happen any time soon. Death all around, and not in neat, dusty piles but in big, bloody, squishy piles and some of those piles had had human faces - names he knew. He didn't think he could ever be clean again.

He was unsurprised when cool hands slipped around his waist and pulled him back - when cool lips pressed into the side of his neck.

"You smell of...blood, pet. Blood and magic. Smells good..." Spike's tongue swept slowly from shoulder to nape and Xander shuddered. "Killed them all, then? The patchwork giant gone and the soldiers all gone, too?"

"How did - how did you know?" Xander whispered, and Spike's hands plucked the soap from his fingers - worked up a lather and then started to knead it into Xander's skin, long fingers sweeping slowly over his chest and ribs - dipping down to his belly.

"Demon grapevine moves faster than the Slayer, pet. Heard about it an hour before you got back. Mr. Bits done for, the prisoners out and chaos, as expected. Any of the G.I. Joe's make it out?" Spike's hands were sweeping lower and lower and Xander didn't want it to feel good - didn't want to...forget. And did, desperately.

"I d-don't know, I - a lot of them - didn't make it."

"Good, good," Spike said softly, and then he was silent. Pressing close behind Xander, his cock slipping on soap-foam between Xander's legs and rubbing slowly, back and forth - his fingers plucking at nipples and balls and Xander's own cock, which filled and throbbed and ached with need.

Spike's teeth prickled over Xander's throat - over his shoulder - and Xander shuddered, squeezing his eyes shut - trying to stop the tears that were tracking down his cheeks.

"Oh, no, pet. That won't do," Spike whispered. Xander felt himself turned - lifted - held in hands and arms like iron and granite as Spike maneuvered him and Xander was breached - split. As he sank down onto Spike's cock he moaned softly, the burn of the unprepared entry flaring through him.

"God - Spike -"

"Right here, pet - right here," Spike whispered - and kissed him. A lingering kiss - a long and exploring one that took Xander's breath away even as Spike's cock thrust up into him again and again. Xander locked his thighs around Spike's hips and his arms around Spike's neck and held on - kissed back. Panted and gasped and moaned - cried - as Spike fucked him harder and harder. As the pain overwhelmed the pain of the battle. Spike's hand on his cock, working him brutally and Xander came with a yell, shuddering, and Spike still fucked him, mouth at Xander's throat now - biting and sucking and licking.

"You won - fuckin' celebrate, pet. Always celebrate," Spike growled, and his fangs sank in and Xander stiffened, his back cold on the tiles, his body burning and convulsing around Spike's cock and Xander came again, panting for breath. His nails digging into Spike's back and his feet going numb.

Spike thrust again - again - stuttered to a stop, finally, pulling back a little and licking Xander's neck - kissing him with his iron-sweet mouth, hands rubbing up and down Xander's back as he slowly let him down - leaned into him under the still-hot spray. Hot water-heater the size of a small pool, at the mansion.

"Always celebrate..." Spike whispered, kissing him, and Xander hugged Spike close, feeling warm again - feeling...better.

"Yeah. Let's...let's go celebrate in bed?" Xander asked, and Spike grinned at him - turned away and then turned back when Xander tugged his arm. Xander kissed Spike back - rested forehead to forehead with him for a moment.

"Thanks, Spike."

"Any time, pet."


Xander gripped the sheets in his hands, tight tight tight. Panting after breathes as a cock slowly - infinitely slowly - breached him.

"Fuck - please," he muttered, and Spike's hand stroked down his chest and belly - fisted Xander's own cock and tugged. But slow - gentle. Tormenting him.

"Do you like that, pet? Feel good?"

"Y-y-yeah -" Xander stuttered. The other Xander. His - twin, his copy. Demon brother, and wide brown eyes stared down at him - dark hair flopped over thick brows and that scar, right there, under my - his chin. From when - we - fell off the see-saw. Willow cried harder than I did... But Willow was so not what he wanted to think about as his...own body slid in and in until pelvis and hips were pressed tight to ass. And god - something. All those myths about twins were true, because Xander swore he could feel what the other was feeling. Tight clench of heated flesh and Spike's cool hardness pressed close behind.

Spike was leaning over - the other's - shoulder, one hand still slowly stroking Xander's cock, right hand on the other's chest, holding him tight. Holding him still.

"Look fucking gorgeous like this, the both of you. Look so damn sexy..." Spike shifted a little and the other gasped, eyes fluttering closed. Spike was in him - fucking him as slowly as he was fucking Xander and Xander's legs were trembling, locked around the other's hips - around Spike's. Trying to pull them in and make them move and Spike laughed.

"Lean over him, pet. Wanna feel you fuck him hard," Spike whispered, and the other shifted - lifted Xander's legs so they were on his shoulders - leaned down, bending Xander in half. Soda-sweet lips hovering near Xander's and he had to. Had to wind his fingers in that thick hair that was such a pain to comb in the mornings.

Had to pull that face down, and taste - taste those lips. Do that thing Spike did with his tongue and teeth that he liked so well, just to hear himself moan. Shiver all through him, echo of sensation from the other. Doppleganger, clone - half his soul and Xander was sure that the skittering shocks of sensation were jumping between their bodies like sparks.

Then the other began to thrust, slow and then fast and then faster, Spike's hands on his hips, directing him - guiding him. Making sure he hit the right spot, over and over, until Xander was keening - breathless - begging.

"Spike - god, please - l-let me - please let me -"

"Shh, shh," Spike said, shoving as hard into the other, making him jack-hammer into Xander, making him lose his breath in a moan, hips twisting and pumping. "Nearly there, pet..." Spike was rubbing his hands up and down the other's back, hips sliding and shimmying and Xander had been there, on the receiving end of those moves and god, fucking hell!

Then Spike changed - grinned - leaned forward and sank his fangs into the sweat-sheened throat of the other and the other cried out, hoarse shout, his hips jerking wildly as he climaxed.

Xander felt it - felt the bite, felt the orgasm - felt Spike's body go rigid, his own orgasm coursing through him and Xander yelled, tighthotshiver going through him as he came.

Whatever rhythm they had stuttered and faltered and finally they all were simply lying there, panting, Xander slowly being squished.

"Gotta move," he grunted, and the other toppled sideways, taking Spike with him. Xander propped himself up - grinned and crawled over them, ignoring the 'hey!' and the growl. Got in behind Spike and cuddled close, groin to ass and hands roving slowly over cool flesh.

"How about a vampire sandwich? You wanna be the cream filling, Spike?" he whispered, and Spike chuckled - twisted around to kiss him.

"Oh, I think we can do that, pet. Got all kinds of things I want to do with you -" Kiss "And with you -" Kiss to the other's pouting mouth and they all three sighed in satisfaction. Sometimes, getting in the way was good.


Spike had been...weird for the past week. Just - odd. Coming over and staying, which he didn't do very often. Hanging around outside the Magic Box, waiting. Asking questions that Xander didn't have any real answers to.

Like tonight. Out on patrol, dealing with the usual. Some weird little demons in robes, running around like headless chickens. Xander had got seperated from Buffy and was trying to find her when Spike popped up out of nowhere, a little robed demon in his arms. Snapped its neck and then pushed Xander into the tomb they were currently leaning against.

Moonlight making a dapple pattern on the grey, moss-grown wall, rich scent of cut roses and damp earth and Spike's hands sliding up under Xander's shirt - Spike's mouth cool and smokey and soft, finding all the little places all along Xander's neck that drove him crazy.

"Spike - Jesus! Buffy could - come any - minute," Xander gasped out and Spike laughed into his neck; low, grumbling chuckle that made Xander shiver.

"So could I, love," he said. His thigh between Xander's thighs, his hips moving in a slow push and roll that seemed to squeeze the air out of Xander's lungs until he couldn't do anything but hang on and breathe.

Spike's hands did their clever little dance over Xander's button and zip - pushed and pulled and smoothed and then Xander was doing his best to claw through the granite of the tomb, moss under his fingernails and Spike's nails digging into his hips a little - Spike's teeth at the back of his neck and then at his earlobe as Spike's cock pushed slowly, slowly in and Xander couldn't move - couldn't breathe.

"What's the nasty of the week, then?" Spike asked, and Xander bumped his head once - twice - on the side of the tomb.

"God, don't - ask now, Jesus, Spike -"

"Shh, shh..." Spike pushed a little harder - pushed until he was skin to skin, his hands gliding up Xander's belly to his chest and holding there, just pressing deep and hard while Xander shuddered around him. Then the pull out - the slow push back and Xander breathed and arched - pushed back and tried to hold tight while Spike's hands roamed at random over his body. Brushing over a nipple or running his fingernails lightly up Xander's ribs - running his fingertips over the head of Xander's cock and then sliding them down, to cup and fondle his balls.

All so slow, so fucking slow and so very good and it didn't take long for Xander to start to beg, softly. For anything - for everything.

"Know a girl called Dawn?" Spike asked, his hips twisting and then thrusting, onetwothree - stopping again, and Xander groaned.

"D-dawn? I don't...know. Maybe. Kinda - god - kinda familiar."

"Skinny thing - long dark hair," Spike said - bit gently at Xander's neck, his hand fisting around Xander's cock and stroking him.

"I...d-don't think so. Spike, c'mon, please -"

" pretty when you beg, pet," Spike whispered - started to move faster, and harder, and his hand gripped tighter. His mouth found Xander's shoulder - shirt collar pulled wide - and bit down slowly, fangs delicately breaking the skin. Xander was panting - thrusting back - one hand on Spike's hip and the other fisted on the tomb wall. Sensation like electric snakes twisting through him as Spike fucked harder - snarling a little now, his hand fast and hard on Xander's cock. Xander arched, crying out - Spike's hips pounding hard enough to push him into the wall.

As they slowed, panting, Spike licked the bloody place on Xander's shoulder and kissed his jaw - lifted a damp hand and flicked his tongue over his own sticky fingers.

"What about the Slayer's little sister, then? What's her name?"

"Spike - Buffy doesn't - have a little sister. You know that," Xander said slowly. Although - hadn't she had...someone? Xander was sure he was forgetting something but - fuck - Spike was still stroking him - still moving in tiny little pushes and pulls inside him, revving up for round two and Xander didn't want to talk anymore.

The End

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