Here's a random ficlet. Not sure where it came from but...thought I'd share.
Set sometime while Xander is still in the basement of doom.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


It was a dark and stormy night yet still they had to patrol.

"Are you sure, Slayer? I mean anything with a lick of sense would be somewhere inside all warm and toasty-like. Why are we out here?"

"Hate to agree with Captain Peroxide, but he does have a point. Do we really need a full complement for this round? Won't they just spot our umbrellas?"

"Especially since you're carrying one which looks like a frog. Those eyes are enough to make even a fledge re-consider if you're bite worthy. Where did you get that monstrosity?"

"Hey, it was the only thing left in the lost and found at work. At least my clothes aren't plastered against me. Snug as a bug in here."

"Arrg, if you two keep bickering like a couple of old fogies, it won't matter if the umbrella would have scared them off, they'll have been long gone by the time it's in sight. And why does a construction site have that in the lost and found? I think it's cute, but you'd better hide it from Wils."

"We are so not bickering."

"He even agreed with me."

"Damn, that's a sure sign of an apocalypse, and I wanted to get my nails done this week. Fine. Fine. You two wimp out on me. I'll just finish the rounds, but if there's a major big bad.. ."

"Yeah yeah, you can stake me later. Telling you Slayer, this night's not fit for man nor beast. Should be slow."

"So we can go? I can get inside from the cold and damp into the...cold and damp. Jeez thanks Buffy."

"I'll walk the twit home. Needs a bleeding babysitter he does."

"Do not, fangless. I'll be fine."

"Oh, whatever. I'll fill you in at the Scooby meeting. Off to the next cemetery."

"Do you think she bought it?"

"Slayer? Great fighter but dumb as a fence post sometimes. No worries there. It's the witches we have to be careful around."

"So you are coming back to my place, right?"

"Given your oh, so appealing description of it, why don't we hit my crypt. 'Least it's dry and thinking we really don't have to worry about heat."

" the way that t-shirt's hugging you. So heat, so not going to be a problem. 'Kay then, your crypt it is. And why has that stopped sounding weird?"

"One thing though,"


"You'll have to lose the froggie umbrella. I've a rep to maintain."

The End

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