My entry for the Nicely Naughty!Xander Mini Slash Ficathon.

Written for [info]moosesal who wanted ice-cream, ribbons or bows and frottage. I hope this fits the bill.

Rating: NC-17
Summary: An example of what might happen if Spike and Xander were left alone to run the Magic Box.



Spike watched.

Up. In. Slide.

Up. In. Slide.

Spike licked his lips.

Up. In. Slide.

Up. In. Slide.

Spike groaned and tried to wish his erection away.

Up went the spoon. In went the spoon. Along went the spoon.

Spike watched as Xander lowered the utensil and placed it back into the tub of ice cream.

Spike waited…

Up went the spoon. In went…

Oh bloody hell

Spike turned away and fiddled with a stray piece of ribbon that was caught in the sleeve of his duster.

Bloody Christmas. Bloody wrapping paper everywhere. Sodding Christmas bows. Bloody Harris and his stupid tub of ice-cream.

Spike stole a quick glance and wished he hadn’t. He went back to his ribbon.


Xander closed his eyes and slowly sucked the ice-cream off his spoon. He moaned quietly at the creamy vanilla taste and slid the spoon out of his mouth. His eyes opened and his gaze settled on a red ribbon twirling and weaving through long pale fingers.

Xander watched.

Tug. Pull. Slide.

Tug. Pull. Slide.

Xander licked his lips.

Tug. Pull. Slide.

Tug. Pull. Slide

Xander groaned and tried to wish his erection away.

Spike tugged at the ribbon, pulled it over his palm and slid it through his fingers.

Such beautiful fingers.

Such strong hands.

Just what those hands could do!

Oh Gods. Whose stupid idea was it to limit sex in public places? Hm? Me? You sure? Damn it!

Xander averted his eyes, pushed the ice-cream away and left the table.


Spike watched Xander discard the ice-cream and walk to the counter.

That is one beautiful behind. Whose stupid idea was it not to have sex in public? Hm? Xander? Figures. Hang on. The know-it-all said no sex and no groping in public, but did he say anything about no frottage? I think not. Hehe.


He’s staring. He’s staring at my ass. Likes what he sees, does he? Yup, the Xan-man has got it going *on*

Xander turned around and lent backwards against counter.

Get a load of this, vamp-of-mine, Xander thought as he ran his fingertips over his exposed neck.

Eeep! Here he comes. He’s got that ‘predator’ look in his eyes. I think I might be in trouble!


Spike watched.

Bleedin’ hell! He’s touching his neck! He knows what that does to me. Well, that’s it then. If he wants to play, then so be it. Watch out, Magic Box customers, I’m coming for my boy.

Spike walked to the counter. His eyes flashed yellow and his duster billowed out behind him. He looked every inch the deadly predator…until he slipped on a receipt.

Legs and arms flayed for a few heart stopping moments, until Spike managed to right himself. He glanced around the store. No-one had noticed. No-one except Xander.

The bloody bastard is laughing at me! Right.


After realising that Spike wasn’t going to break both legs, Xander emitted the world’s largest snort. A hearty giggle was added for good measure.

The giggle was cut short when he found that an annoyed, horny vamp had plastered himself against him. He opened his mouth to speak, but was shushed by a cool finger on his lips and a grind of groin at his hips.

Xander glanced around. The shop was teeming with rushed Christmas shoppers that were all too busy panicking to notice a human and his vampire getting it on. He suspected that Spike could strip them both naked and pound him into the counter without any of the customers noticing. Xander wisely decided not to mention it.

He looked back at Spike. The mischievous vamp was not going to let go without a little payoff.

Spike ground into him again. Xander moaned quietly, hung on to Spike’s neck and grabbed his backside.

Best let him have his way, then.


Spike’s eyes opened wide. His lover had grabbed his neck and ass and was busy rubbing his rock hard erection against him.

It was Spike’s turn to glance around at the Christmas shoppers. Nope. No-one watching.

Spike felt Xander’s rubbing grow increasingly frantic. His lover’s breath puffed out in short pants and his hand gripped almost painfully to his neck and ass.

blinkin’ flip! If he keeps this up, I’m gonna have to shoot my load right now…Oh, fuck and bugger and…gods YES!

Spike fought desperately with the urge to scream up and the ceiling and bite down hard into his lover’s throat. He settled instead for a thrust hard enough to push Xander into the counter and move it by several inches.

Xander muffled a scream into Spike’s neck. That had been the most intense orgasm that he’d had all day. He pulled away and stared deep into Spike’s eyes, a declaration of love hanging from his trembling lips.


An old lady rudely interrupted.

“Excuse me, young man.? I’ll take this one,” she declared, holding up a shrunken head. “Could you wrap it for me? You have some lovely ribbon over there.”

Xander huffed and snatched the head, heading back over to the wrapping table. The ribbon was proving to be a popular choice. He’d have to hide it. Xander had things of his own to tie up.

The End

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