Summary: Look out Scoobies! It's April Fool's Day!

Where's Waldo?


There was a scream coming from the small den in the east wing of the manor. Xander recognized it as a Willow scream. He wasn't too concerned, because it was Willow's 'shocked' scream, not her 'terrified/oh, no, I'm gonna die' scream. There were several different types of Willow screams and Xander knew them all, having been the cause of several of them while growing up. Besides, it was April 1st. Several people had already screamed that day. Xander sighed. April Fool's Day was not a good time to be in a house full of girls.

Xander quickly made his way to the den. It wasn't easy. Living at the New Council's Slayer Training Center, which was disguised as a school for girls, it was only to be expected that a scream would bring a dozen or so new slayers running, stakes at the ready.


Uh oh, that was Willow's angry voice. Xander started sending the Baby Slayers back to their rooms as he hurried to the den. He got to the door just as Spike rounded the corner down the hall. "What did you do this time?"

Spike yawned, having recently gotten up for the evening. "Don' know. Hope it was good, or should I say bad."

They cautiously entered the room to find Willow fuming as she paced the floor. "Um, Wills? You OK?"

Willow spun around to face them. "NO! I'm not OK. I'm... I'm mad. I'm... uber-mad! And its your fault!" She finished, pointing a finger at Spike.

"What'd I do?!" Spike was really confused. He'd switched several cans of hair spray with various neon colors of washout, spray-on hair dye. He'd rigged the Watcher's computer to keep going to a gay porn sight. And he'd called in a report that Buffy's car had been stolen, so when she went into town that morning, she was quickly pulled over and arrested for stealing her own car. Everybody thought it was a clerical error. He'd wait a bit, then set the record straight. It had been a busy and successful April Fool's Day, but he didn't recall doing anything to the Witch.

Xander stepped forward. "Wills, Honey, calm down. Tell me what happened."

Willow took a deep breath. "I wanted to relax for a while, so I got my Where's Waldo book, you know, the one you gave me for Christmas. I didn't notice the title. I sat here for five minutes searching for a guy in a red and white striped sweater. And then I found... I found... this!!" She thrust the book into Xander's hands and pointed to an area of the page. "Somebody used magic to change it!"

It took him a second to find what she was referring to. There was Waldo, wearing nothing but his red and white hat, naked with a full on erection. He looked at the front of the book. It was titled Where's Dildo.

Xander tried to hold back his laughter, and failed. Spike didn't even try. He doubled over as he roared with laughter. In between peals of merriment, he tried to deny his involvement. "I swear, Red,... I didn't... do it!... If I did... I'd be shouting it... from the rooftops! Oh, I love it!..." Spike fell to the sofa and continued to giggle.

Xander sat next to Spike and said, "Oh, come on, Willow. You have to admit, that is one great April Fool's joke. And, Spike's right, something like this? He'd admit it."

Willow was still fuming. "Fine. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... for now. But if I find out who did it," she glared at both men, "they are so gonna pay. I'm going to bed." With that she stormed out of the room.

Xander glanced at the clock. It was only 8:30 pm. "Wow, she really is mad. I wouldn't want to be the guilty party when she finds them."

Spike picked up the book and started looking through it. "Wonder who it was? Hey, you think she'd mind if I kept this?"

A feminine voice interrupted. "Go ahead. I did a really good job on the graphics, didn't I?"

Both men stared in shock as Dawn smirked at them from across the room. 

The End

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