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TITLE: Who's Gay?
AUTHOR: SpankSpike
PAIRING: Spike/Angel
SUMMARY: PWP - Spike and Angel seem to have gotten themselves in a tight squeeze. How else would they pass the time but...

Who's Gay?

Spank Spike

"Move your left foot," Angel grunted, sweat running down his forehead, some of it stinging his eyes, the rest running down his nose to drip onto the back of Spike's head as the smaller vampire shifted. "Your other left, idiot."

"I know which's my left foot, Git," Spike wiggled beneath Angel. "Can't move it."

"Can't…" Angel groaned trying to raise his hips to lift his body off Spike, but unable to move more than a few inches in the tightly enclosed space. "Or won't?"

"Obviously it's can't," Spike ground out, pressing both palms to the warm metal surface beneath him, attempting to lift his head. "If I could move my left foot I already would have done."

Spike raised his head a little higher and succeeded in slamming the back of his skull into Angel's nose. The larger vampire's immediate reaction was to jerk his own head up. The loud clang of bone striking metal was the result as Angel's head made hard contact with the top of the heating duct they were currently stuck in.

"Could you please try to be a little more careful before you break my nose?"

"Thought that's what you had that big helmet of a forehead for - to protect your beak." Spike chuckled at his own clever retort.

His laughter was cut short when Angel managed to worm a hand to Spike's side, resting it on the bottom of the duct in the small gap between his childe's body and the side of the shaft. Using that hand for leverage, Angel moved his hips up and slammed them back down, effectively ending Spike's attempt at hilarity. When he pulled back and moved forward with another hard stroke, the vampire beneath him gasped.

"Not much of a comedian… now… are you… boy?" Angel growled, punctuating his sentence every few words with thrust after deep thrust.

"Just passin' the time 'til we get rescued is all, Pouf." Spike bit into his own lip after he spoke, determined not to let Angel hear him moaning. No need for the wanker to know just how good it felt.

"Oh, I'm the pouf - am I?" Angel pulled back, sliding nearly his entire length from inside the other vampire in one slow movement. He waited until he heard the tiny squeak that Spike made, unintentionally indicating just how much he didn't want his sire's cock to leave him empty. When both of his ass cheeks were pressed firmly against the top of the metal duct, Angel lunged forward, slamming back inside Spike to the hilt. "Looks like the one with a cock shoved up his ass would be the pouf."

"Hmph… not likely. It's the one that likes buggerin' boys that’s the pouf here. And that would be you, Angelus."

"Don't call me that!" Angel dipped his head forward and bit the back of Spike's neck just below the sweaty tendrils of hair curling at his nape, drawing enough blood that the taste of it made his cock throb harder where it was buried inside the other vampire's ass. "Besides, you're the one who started this."

"Me!" Spike's voice was indignant, and he was still not moaning as Angel continued to fuck into him with long, leisurely strokes. "I'm not the one with the defective lift am I? If I hadn't thought of a way to save us we'd still be stuck in it, too."

"Yeah, another of your brilliant plans, Spike."

Angel stopped speaking, concentrating on the smooth, tight feeling of his childe's channel surrounding his cock as he pulled back and pushed in again. After more than a hundred years the fit was still so tight that his foreskin was gripped and pulled up over his broad head each time he drew back.

"We went from being stuck in the big, roomy elevator - to being stuck in a tiny air shaft connected to the heating system. Admit it Spike - you wanted this all along. It's exactly as you planned it."

"P-p-planned it!" Spike spluttered, his stammering partially caused by his irritation at Angel's suggestion that he'd actually wanted to be trapped in a heating duct with a cock stuffed his ass - and partially because, well, he was in a heating duct with a cock stuffed up his ass. His sire's cock.

"You heard me!" Angel shouted his reply, driving his cock back into Spike hard at the very moment that the smaller vampire bucked up, trying to shove Angel off his back. They both grunted as the head of Angel's cock thumped into Spike's prostate.

Recovering enough to continue to defend his position, even though his actual position was currently at the end of Angel's cock, Spike lifted his head again, completely ignoring the way Angel was licking at the side of his throat. "Yeah, but I'm not the one who was crawlin' all over you once we got in here. 'N that make's you gayer."

"I had no choice. You got scared and quit moving - so I was trying to climb past you, not all over you," Angel snorted, now keeping his cock buried deep, grinding against Spike's swelling in tight little circles.

"Mmmm… I'm… I'm…" Spike heard his own sound of pleasure and tried to find words to cover it. "I meant, weren't scared… it was just very… dark. 'Sides, once you were climbin' over me, you got all hard and…" he had to pause a second time, biting into his lip as the big cock in his ass continued circling over his prostate causing his own cock to rub torturously on the warm steel below him, "a-and that's way more gay than anything I did."

It was a moment before the big vampire could reply; he was too busy pressing tiny kisses to the side of Spike's jaw to think.

"You're the one who unbuckled your own belt and pushed your jeans down far enough for me to stick this…" Angel stopped talking long enough to pull back and quickly thrust his cock back in hard for emphasis, "inside your sweet little ass. Now that's the gayest thing in the entire history of gay."

Spike twisted his head to the side - not really hoping, even though yeah he was hoping, that Angel's kisses would make it all the way to his lips soon. "Gayest is not even a word, Ponce."

Finding Spike's lips with his own, Angel shook his head minutely, "Don't you ever know when to shut up?"

Spike did know when to shut up, and now, with his both his sire's tongue and his cock filling him for the first time in more than a century - well ever if he was thinking specifically of the tongue - seemed like the perfect time for shutting up.

Angel sucked Spike's tongue into his mouth, stroking it with his own as he forced the hand he wasn't bracing his weight on under Spike's hip - not stopping until he found his childe's fat cock where it lay trapped and leaking against his own belly. Wiggling fingers until he had his palm beneath Spike's thick length, Angel started to hammer into the smaller vampire's body, that action rubbing Spike's cock between the big vampire's hand and his own stomach. The groan of pleasure from Spike was no longer disguised as Angel's mouth drank it in, kissing him harder in response to the noises he was dragging from his childe.

He could feel his sac tightening, a shiver moving up his spine as he tried to hold onto enough concentration to keep angling his strokes to bring Spike over the edge with him. When the younger vampire cried out, biting into Angel's tongue and suckling on the blood that welled up in the tiny wound, Angel felt his hand flooded with come. The body beneath Angel's was wracked by spasms as Spike's orgasm went on and on. Without breaking their kiss, Angel let his hand slide on the copious amount of fluid coating it, moving down to stroke and squeeze his childe's balls as the other vampire's climax subsided.

Once he was sure Spike was finished, Angel pushed up on his other hand, creating as much distance between their bodies as the space would allow, and began hammering into the still clenching channel. It only took five or six more hard strokes and Angel was filling Spike with his own release, hips jerking against the smaller body as Angel shuddered from the intensity.

When it was over, Angel settled his full weight on Spike's back, his cock still twitching within the other vampire. Spike sighed loudly, neither protesting the body weighing him down nor moving for several long seconds.

Jerking his head up suddenly, Spike twisted, trying to see Angel's face in the dark. "Wait, did you call my arse… sweet?"

Angel smiled, "Might have. Why?"

"Knew you were a pouf," Spike chuckled. "You think my arse is sweet. Always said you were soft."

"I'll show you soft!" Pulling his still-hard cock nearly free of Spike's opening, Angel rammed back inside again.

Angel waited for the sound he knew Spike would make, but he was instead rewarded with a screech from the blond vampire as the pressure of his last thrust along with their combined weight was finally too much for the thin duct work to bear. The joint where two pieces of ducting had been welded together was just above their heads and it snapped with a loud metallic clang, giving way. The metal tunnel tilted downward sharply in one sudden movement, sending both vampires sliding down its smooth surface until they were free of it.

The larger vampire's own shout of surprise joined Spike's high-pitched shriek as they landed with a thud on the huge table in the conference room adjoining Angel's office. Angel was splayed over Spike's back, all four of their legs tangled together. Somehow, they'd stayed joined during their fall, Angel's cock still buried deep inside Spike's ass as they landed in a heap on the oak table.

Both vampires still too stunned to have tried to move, they looked up when Lorne rushed into the conference room, slamming the double doors that led into Angel's office closed behind him. Leaning heavily on them, his eyes were wide as he spoke. "Hurry boys; get those duds straightened out fast. Lucky I was the one who heard the noise first, but we've all been looking for you for nearly an hour so everyone's on their way!"

Jerking his cock out of Spike's ass, Angel jumped off the table and forced the hard length back into his trousers, pulling his shirt down to cover the wet spot near his zipper. Spike sat up a little more slowly, sliding to the edge of the table as he tried to lever his jeans back up over his ass. All three of them could hear the sound beyond the closed door of feet pounding into Angel's office.

Holding up one hand and shaking his head, still adjusting himself inside his pants with the other, Angel addressed Lorne, "This isn't what it looks like."

"Really?" Lorne's red eyes widened even more, eyebrows raised with amusement, "Because what it looks like is just about the gayest thing I've ever seen."

"Gayest isn't a word," Spike groaned, standing on rubbery legs as they heard the others pounding on the conference room doors, shouting out their concern.

"Don't tell it to me sugar dumplings, tell the cavalry." Lorne stepped aside, opening the doors as Fred, Gunn, and Wesley spilled into the room, questions filling the air as he mumbled to himself, "And folks call me gay."

The End

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