This one's for [info]hellziggy, she requested Spike/Xander with Snow as the prompt. I really haven't written Spander before, so I hope it's not too disappointing.

AUTHOR: SpankSpike
PAIRING: Spike/Xander


Spank Spike

Spike rolled out of bed and stood for a moment, bare feet chilled by the cold seeping in through the floorboards. Twisting left then right, spine popping loudly, he groaned as the now familiar twinge of pain traveled up his spine. Hard to believe that after nearly two months, he still felt sore. He stepped into the warm slippers Willow had knit for him, smiling at the odd lengths Red had gone to recently to keep all thoughts of dark magic far from her mind.

Wrapped up in a warm and fuzzy robe, he shuffled down the hall to the big den. Xander's dark hair, always a little long and scraggly lately, stuck up over the back of the chair its owner was slouched in.

"Mornin' Xander, you're up early."

Xander jumped, "Spike, shit, you scared me. I didn't hear you come in - thought everyone was still in bed."

"Sorry, pet, didn't mean to startle you. I promise to make more noise next time."

"You just came up on my…" Xander looked at his hands, still self conscious after so long.

"On your bad side. 'S okay, should wear it with pride. Lots o' men woulda run the moment that evil preacher started his preachifyin' and slashin' of girls, not you - you run right back in there, 'n the thick of it, just to save a girl whose name you probably didn't even know." He moved to stand behind Xander's chair, stopping his hand when it was already half-way to the shaggy back of the other man's hair, which he found himself itching to run his fingers through, and pretended to pick a ball of lint from the upholstery.

Xander tapped the heavy leather of the patch he still wore to cover the missing eye, "Doesn't always pay to be brave."

"Sure it does, we just don't always see it 'til much later."

Xander had twisted in his chair, facing Spike to get a better view since he'd not changed the side he stood on. "When did you get so wise?"

Xander's own hand had drifted up to the chair back, fingers stopping just shy of where Spike's fingertips were restlessly worrying a small tear in the fabric. He tilted his eye up just in time to catch Spike smiling.

"Think it might've been sometime after I burned up tryin' to save the world, came back as a ghost, got turned back into a solid-type vampire, 'n nearly died a second time tryin' to stop another bloody apocalypse. That kinda thing just makes a man a little smarter I guess."

"A man." Xander was smiling back at him.

A loud bang, followed up by some high pitched cursing drifted in from the kitchen, and Spike twisted toward the door opposite the hall he'd entered from. "Sounds like at least one of the girls are up."

He allowed his index finger to graze the back of Xander's hand as he turned, but quickly felt the need to cover his actions and slowly pulled his hand away. "Sorry, didn't mean to…"

But Xander snatched it back, clasping it in both hands and rubbing it between his own. "Your hand's so cold. Maybe you should pull a chair up here and join me in front of the fire. Unless fire still makes you uncomfortable, after what happened I couldn't blame you if you were kinda avoidy when it comes to being near fire."

Xander dropped Spike's hand, single dark eye focusing sharply on Spike's face making him swallow hard. His touch had left Spike feeling the odd sense of excitement and discomfort Xander had been inspiring in him lately. Chuckling a little at what the other man had said, he proceeded to drag up another big chair and prop his feet up on the edge of the hearth - wiggling his red knit slippers for emphasis.

"Nope, no fear of fire for this fella. 'M more afraid of freezin' my knackers off in this bloody London cold than I am of burnin' 'em up in the fire." He didn't know why the smile plastered to his face wouldn't listen to him when he tried to tell it to stop making him look like a lunatic. What he did know was that the smile was being returned.

"Good, 'cause the thought of your family jewels going up in flames is making me wanna cross my legs. That would just be way too hot."

Spike's eyebrow twitched up as he mentally reviewed what Xander was saying.

Xander coughed and began stammering, "Not that I'm thinking of your balls… er… jewels… or anything like that."

"So it wouldn't be hot if you were thinkin' 'bout them then?" He tried to prevent the smirk that threatened to form.

"Wha… wha… what?" Xander was shaking his head, "No they're not hot… well maybe they are… wouldn't really know - 'cause I haven't seen them… just saying I'm not thinking about them… hot or not... and I'm shutting up now."

He ran a big hand through his hair and looked nervously at the fire, then focused on Spike's knitted booties and stuck his legs out in the air, waggling his feet a little to show off his own knit slippers as he changed the subject. "So, custom socks by Willow - nice huh? Will's really got some interesting hobbies lately."

"Lot's of interestin' things happenin' lately." Spike nodded and resisted the urge to goad Xander into some more topics that were stutter-worthy.

Xander sighed heavily, grinding the palm of his hand into his good eye and looking away again.

"Xan?" Spike leaned up a little, hoping Xander would look at him again. "You okay?"

"Yeah, it's just so weird - being with you here after so long. I didn't really think I'd see you again." Turning to look at Spike directly, he bit his lip before he continued. "So much has happened… to both of us - but then I see you here and everything just kinda feels the same. You know?"

Xander's hopeful expression didn't escape his notice, "Sorta figured you might still be mad at me, 'bout Anya." Spike watched the expression on Xan's face shift to confusion, "'Bout what happened 'tween us that one time."

"No, I hadn't thought about that in… I don't know - forever. I stopped blaming you for that one a long time ago."

"Must miss her though."

He shook his head, "Of course I miss her, we came so close to being married. I was just happy that we'd worked it out before the end. I don't think I could have lived with myself if she hadn't finally forgiven me." Xander watched as Spike stared at the fire, eyes a little unfocused. "Sorry, I know you lost people too - in the other fight. I'm sure you're missing someone too."

Spike looked up, "Tryin' to ask me somethin', pet?"

"I didn't want to be nosy, it's just that I heard Will and Buffy talking - and they said that at the end there you were kinda… 'um… close to…"


Xander nodded, shifting his gaze everywhere in the room except Spike's face. "I swear I'm not trying to imply anything. I probably got it all wrong. You know me; details never were my thing…"

"No, you heard right."

"They were probably talking about something else entirely, 'cause…" Spike's reply had just managed to soak into Xander's brain through all of his own babbling. "Huh? I did?"

"Yeah. We had a kinda'… thing goin' there at the end. 'M still not quite sure what it meant. Lotsa shaggin' mostly, but we never stopped fightin' - still couldn't get along unless I was bendin' over his bloody big desk with my tight arse in the air."

"Oh, oh… okay."

Xander swallowed hard, and crossed his legs to cover the way his cock had perked up with interest at Spike's rather graphic description of him and Angel's relationship. There was a small twinge in the pit of his stomach that felt oddly like jealousy. He wanted to ask more questions about what had happened between them, but he wasn't sure that either his cock or his stomach could handle that at the moment.

"I guess you must really miss him."

"I do, but not any more so for the shaggin' - if that makes sense. Woulda' missed him just 'cause he was me sire, didn't really have anythin' to do with the other bits - nice as it was."

Xander shifted again, afraid that his erection might be obviously tenting his loose pajama pants. Why had Spike been having this effect on him? The day Spike had arrived in London, the only one to make it out of the fight in L.A. alive - Xander's body had gone haywire. Buffy walked in with Spike at her side, smiling like she hadn't in a really long time, and Xander had felt the tears sting his good eye and he blinked it rapidly to make sure of what he was seeing. Then he'd smiled and Spike had smiled back. He couldn't have been more shocked when he'd found they were suddenly embracing each other. Still not quite sure who'd begun the hug, he remembered very distinctly that he'd had to be the one to end it first - because little Xander was standing up behind the back of his zipper, saluting Spike's return like a soldier saluting a returning war hero.

That day he'd tried to chalk it up to confusing memories of his feelings since the last day in Sunnydale, but he hadn't been able to explain away what had happened since. The mornings in the too cold shower, stroking himself rapidly as he pictured Spike's full lips. The evenings they sat under the big tree behind the Watcher's Institute, passing a bottle of whiskey between them, joking and reminiscing about things that had happened in Sunnydale. Xander's cock would harden each time Spike's fingers brushed against his.

"I guess we've both lost people we loved."

Spike chuckled, "Don't know if I'd call what me 'n Angel had love 'xactly. But I do miss him. Couldn't really focus my mind on just him at the time, considerin' I lost every one of 'em that night. Least in Sunnydale, demon-girl was the only one of the scoobies that didn't make it out. You could just grieve for Anya and let it all out over her."

"Is that what you thought, that Anya was the only one I lost in that hole?" Xander's eyes flared brightly.

It was Spike's turn to look a little guilty, "Sorry, of course there were quite a few of the slayerettes - all nice girls. 'N none of them deserved…"

Xander cut him off, "I'm not talking about the girls, Spike. I'm talking about you. I missed you. I didn't even realize how much until you showed up here. How could you not notice how happy I was to see you? How could you not notice - anything?"

Standing up abruptly and wrapping his robe tightly around him to cover the evidence of his arousal, Xander kicked Spike's legs out of his way, nearly knocking him out of his chair as he made his way into the kitchen. Spike sat stunned as he heard the sounds of Xander slamming out the back door. He stood and moved to the window, watching the other man stomping around the yard, flapping his arms, obviously talking to himself.

Spike blinked as the first snowflakes of the season chose that moment to begin their descent from the sky. They fell rapidly, glittering like tiny diamonds in the bright morning sunlight. Xander stopped his flailing and looked up at the sky, and Spike watched as his lashes were quickly dusted with the falling flakes - the first couple striking cheeks still warm from the fire and flushed from anger, melting quickly and sliding down Xander's cheeks like tears. He was overwhelmed by the urge to taste those tear-like streaks of snow.

Rushing to the kitchen door and quickly stuffing his feet into his discarded Docs and tightening his own robe, Spike ignored the questioning look from the slayerette still trying to light the bulky old stove and swung open the heavy door - running out into the falling snow. Blinking as he moved beneath a sun so bright that he was sure his retinas would ignite, Spike moved behind Xander, embracing him from behind and making him stumble as he turned around so they were face to face.

Xander's mouth was gaping open as Spike ran his hands up the outside of his arms, over his shoulders and up until he was cupping his face in both hands - using his thumb to softly brush the flakes that remained trapped in dark eyelashes.

"Spike, you're… you're outside!" His hands shot up to grasp Spike's wrists.

Still squinting against the light, he gifted Xander with a smile as white as the snow that was quickly coating the ground around them. "Can do that now, pet."

"I know, it's just that - well, you never go outside during the day. Not since the… the…"


"Yeah, that thing - what you said. I thought you said you were never going outside while the sun was up." Xander was shaking his head.

"I know - was scared. Still couldn't quite believe that I was the one who ended up with the prize, worried that I got it by default 'n it might not work right. Maybe this Shan-shu bugaboo would only be a hundred percent for Angel. 'Fraid to risk it; didn't seem right to be outside with all that sunshine after so many years in the dark. Was plannin' on stayin' in forever if I could manage it."

Xander released one of Spike's wrists and wiped away some of the snow that was settling on top of his platinum hair. "Then why now?" Xander's hopeful look had returned.

"Well, I hadn't been in the snow when the sun was shinin' in over a hundred twenty years." Spike smiled as Xander's expression began to droop, the expectation draining from his eyes. "Just kiddin', pet. I had to come out, had somethin' important to say to you."

Xander opened his mouth to speak and found it full of Spike's tongue. The former vampire winding his fingers into thick dark hair as his tongue wound around Xander's. As much as he felt compelled to watch the rapturous look on Spike's face as he proceeded to kiss him thoroughly, the sensation of a warm mouth pressed to his and a slick tongue caressing the roof of his mouth caused his eye to flutter shut. He dropped his arms to his side, not quite sure what to do with them as the kiss went on.

When Spike finally separated their mouths, it was a moment before Xander realized that he was still standing with his eye closed and lips slightly parted. He looked at Spike, working hard to focus on his eyes and not the mouth that had just been on his. "That's what you wanted to tell me?"

The breathless sound of Xander's voice and the question made Spike throw his head back and laugh, "No, pet. Wanted to tell you that I noticed." Moving his hands from Xander's face down to his hips, he pulled them together and wrapped his arms behind the broad back, pressing his own hardness against the one distorting the front of Xander's pajamas. "I noticed, Harris - noticed everythin' 'bout you. Just wanted to be sure, 'fore I did this."

Pushing Xander backward until his back was against the shed, Spike pulled the drawstring with one hand and slipped the other inside his pants, wrapping fingers around his cock and pulling it as he pushed the front of his own pants down. Spike hissed as the cold air met the wet tip of his dick. He took both of them in one hand, pumping them together.

"Fuck, Spike!" Xander spoke into Spike's mouth as he leaned in for another kiss.

Spike gasped as Xander nibbled down his neck and bit lightly at the claim mark Angel placed there so many years ago, answering him with a husky voice. "Thought we might try that later, pet. If you want to, that is."

Xander moved his hand to join Spike's and they both frantically worked their cocks, trembling as they continued kissing. Lips separating, foreheads pressing together, they were unable to stop themselves from watching their cocks jerking and twitching as they grunted out their climaxes. A fountain of warm seed splattering over the newly dusted ground and disappearing in the field of white as they leaned against the rough brick surface, panting breaths combining visibly in the frosty morning air as the snow fell over them.

Spike buried his face in Xander's warm neck, "Turns out bein' outside in the daylight's not so bad after all."

The End

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