PAIRING: Spike/Xander
SUMMARY: Chipped Spike is tied to the chair in Xander's basement. What's a horny, bored vamp to do? Bother his unwilling roommate, of course.

Basements Aren't Just For Laundry!

Spank Spike

"Know you're watchin'."

"Wh - what?" Xander mumbled from where he was sprawled facedown on his sofa bed, lifting his head slightly off his pillow, shaggy dark hair hanging over one eye.

Spike snorted, "Don't bother pretendin' you weren't awake. Been watchin' me from the start."

Head lifting a little higher so that Spike could make out the frown on his face even in the darkened room, Xander raised his voice as well. "Well who could sleep with you making all that racket? Anyway, nobody asked you to spank the monkey with me sleeping three feet away!"

"Well pardon me. Next time I need a wank I'll try to do it more quietly - FROM THE CHAIR I'M TIED TO USING THE ONE HAND I'VE MANAGED TO WORK LOOSE!" Now Spike was also shouting.

"Can you please keep it down? Some of us need to sleep because we have actual jobs!" Xander grabbed his pillow and pulled it over his head as he buried his face in the sheets.

"Right - 'cause deliverin' pizzas is a right important job, pet. Where would the world be without you droppin' off the extra large pie with double cheese and pepperoni? Better keep it down else you'll be late and there'll be an apocalypse for sure!"

Spike followed up his rant about the value of Xander's career choices by loudly spitting into his palm and wrapping it more firmly around the stiff length of his erection. He made every effort to make as much noise as possible, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the damp basement as he jerked off. The effort to bother his roommate paid off in more ways than one as the delicious friction of his slick palm on his cock made the obscene moaning he'd been doing require much less acting than one might think.

Jerking the pillow off his head and tossing it in Spike's direction, Xander groaned when he missed the vampire lashed to the chair by several feet - knowing he'd have to get up and retrieve the pillow if he ever wanted to get back to sleep. "Do you mind?"

"Don't mind at all. Quite nice actually. Only thing that'd make it better would be some warm lips wrapped 'round my head as I stroke it."

"Why can't you act like normal people?"

"Evil. 'Sides - wankin' is normal."

"Not when you do it in front of other people it isn't. Normal people wait until they're somewhere private to do it."

"Private?" Spike's hand stilled on a nice, tight down stroke as he cocked an incredulous eyebrow at Xander. "You must be joking. When do you lot give me any privacy? 'Nough to make a vamp think you wanted to watch him jerkin' off."

Xander shouted, pressing up on his hands, "I was not watching you!"



"Watchin' and lovin' every minute of it."

"Loving… Look, Spike, I'm done arguing with you. I have to get to sleep."

"Not bloody likely you'll fall asleep anytime soon with that, anyway."

"What the hell are you talking about? Why do I have to be the one taking care of the crazy-making vampire?" Xander sighed; flopping back on his face and sighing a second time when he remembered he no longer had his pillow.

"You're the one drivin' me crazy. Know you were watchin' me, could see you peekin' out through that floppy hair of yours. Hell, you been hard 'nough to get your sheets wet since right after I started - and you been rubbin' that fat prick of yours into the mattress for the last fifteen minutes!"

Xander didn't reply right away, but Spike could see his mouth hanging open as he processed the fact that the vampire had known exactly what he'd been doing. With a smirk, he started rubbing his dick again - a genuine groan sliding from between his lips as he pulled his foreskin back and thumbed the slick head.

"Fuck you, Spike!" Xander was suddenly indignant, rolling over and sitting up with the sheet pooled in his lap. "It's not like I have any privacy either. How could I with your undead carcass sitting in my chair all day and night?"

Eyes drawn to the tent in the sheets over Xander's groin, Spike licked his lips, cock twitching interestedly in his hand as he continued working it. "Right - 'n I really want to be in this ugly chair. At least I'm wankin' in front of you 'cause I don't have any choice in the matter. You're rubbin' yourself off on your mattress jus' a few feet away from me 'cause my undead carcass has you all worked up."

Pointing at Spike, Xander shook his head in denial. "You… you do not have me worked up!"

"Bollocks! You lay there pullin' on that fat bit of meat 'tween your thighs nearly every night."

"What? I do not - and stop calling my dick fat!" Xander jumped up, fists clenched at his sides, sheet slipping to the floor - nudity completely forgotten in his anger.

Spike laughed, "You are a stupid git - aren't you? 'S a compliment, isn't it? What kind of idiot gets pissed 'bout someone sayin' they got a fine, fat prick?"

Pointing at himself, Xander yelled his reply. "This kind of idiot!" Realizing what he'd just said, he tried backtracking, waving his arms as Spike kept his eyes glued to the boy's very erect cock as it hovered in the air between them - a fine exclamation point to everything he was saying. "Scratch that! I'm not an idiot. I meant… I just… I mean…"

"Sure 'bout that, luv?" Spike watched in amusement, still slowly jacking off, keeping himself hard as a flustered Xander flailed about in the dark.

"You're the idiot! And how the hell do you know what my dick looks like anyway? You've never even seen it!" Xander leaned over and poked Spike in the chest to emphasize his point, not even noticing as the tip of his cock grazed the back of the vampire's hand.

"You undress with me sittin' right here every night."

"What? But… but… it's dark. I always turn off the lights first."

Spike could almost hear the wheels turning in Xander's head as realization began sinking in. He curled his tongue behind his teeth and gave Xander his best leer, even if he wasn't completely sure the boy could see it. "Vampire, pet - can see in the dark as well as the light. Can see everything you do. 'N anythin' I can't see I can smell."

"Smelling people - that's really sick, Spike!" Xander poked him again. "I should've known when I agreed to keep you here that you'd be invading my privacy in every way possible." Poke. "I can't wait to tell Buffy and Giles about this." He poked Spike once more for good measure.

"Sure 'bout that, Xander?" Spike moved his hand up and over the head of his cock, intentionally letting it brush slowly over Xander's own erection, smiling as the boy gasped softly. "Sure you want them knowin' how hot touchin' my body gets you? Interestin' tidbit like that might give the watcher a heart attack."

"Shut up, Spike."

The vampire smiled to himself at the softening tone of the boy's voice, continuing to move his hand so it was touching Xander's cock again and again. The smile widened even more as Spike noted that even though Xander was still angry enough that his fists were balled tightly by his side, he wasn't stepping away from the vampire's touch.

"Wot? 'S not like I'm makin' this up."

"I said - shut up!"

"Why don't you come over here n' make me?"

"You'd better stop talking, Spike, or you'll be sorry. I mean it!"

Releasing his own cock and continuing to stroke Xander with the back of his fingers, Spike let them trail down and veer off until they were combing through the dark thatch of curls surrounding the boy's thick erection. "What 'cha gonna do if I don't?"

When the boy's only response was a clench of his jaw, Spike chuckled and circled the base of the boy's sex and started stroking him with a sure grip. "'S what I thought, Whelp - not gonna do anythin' but come when I tell you to."

Xander groaned, eyes fluttering closed as the vampire continued stroking him, working a palm over the leaking tip of his cock and smearing the wetness there down and over his length. Soon his hips were canting to and fro as he pushed his dick into the hand that was wanking him in a motion that was far too slow for his tastes. He grunted when the vampire loosened his fingers, barely ghosting them over the boy's flesh as he stretched one thumb back to try and touch his own cock at the same time.

"Want more, boy? Want my evil, undead carcass touchin' you? Want a vampire to make you come? Wan…" Spike's line of questioning was suddenly blocked as he found himself with a lapful of Xander and a mouthful of scooby tongue. "Mmmph!"

The boy straddling his lap reached between them and wrenched Spike's hand out of the way, kissing the vampire desperately. The heat of Xander's breath warmed Spike's face as he panted through his nose, scooting as close to Spike as he could get, not stopping the shuffling movements of his bare feet on the floor until his naked cock was pressed flush against the vampire's. They both groaned at the contact, lips still glued together, tongues tangling as Xander wound one arm behind Spike's shoulders, lacing the fingers of his other hand into the crunchy strands of bleached blond hair at the nape of his neck.

Spike grunted, a burst of pain flowering through his groin as his cock was ground against his own open zipper when the boy began shifting his hips to rub their dicks together. The sting as his foreskin was dragged over the metal teeth repeatedly while the boy jerked against him only added fuel to the flames of Spike's desire. He reached out with his only free hand and gripped Xander's hip, feeling the skin bruising beneath his fingertips as he tried to pull the boy closer - to create even more friction.

If the grip of Spike's hand was painful, Xander didn't react to it - moaning loudly around Spike's tongue in his mouth, biting into it and finding himself rewarded by an even deeper kiss as the vampire worked to suck the tiny droplets of his own blood back into his mouth. He arched up as best he could in his bound state, ass lifting off the chair as he flexed his cheeks and pushed his cock tightly against the length of Xander's.

The slide of his dick against Spike's, the feel of another man's hard body pressed against his, was so different from the softness of Anya that it had Xander thrusting frantically. He was grinding down as hard as he could against the compactly muscled vampire beneath him.

Spike wasn't sure when his teasing of the boy had become something out of control, but he thought the hot body writhing in his lap just might ignite and consume him. He also knew it was all going to be over far too quick. The boy's thighs were shaking where they were spread over his, his erratic thrusts driving Spike quickly to the edge. He tried to push against Xander's hip to slow him down, to give him the chance to savor his first feel of a warm body pressed to his for something other than feeding - but the boy was having none of it.

In a last ditch effort to slow things down, Spike tried to turn his head, to move away from Xander's mouth - but the boy's lips followed him wherever he turned, biting at Spike's bottom lip as he jerked against him. The vampire could feel his own balls tightening up, feel the orgasm looming, his head feeling light as his already limited supply of blood fled all parts save for the hard one trapped between their bodies.

Spike came first, grunting into Xander's mouth as he did, come pulsing out of his cock and coating the boy's as he lifted up off the chair.

Three more tight, slick thrusts against Spike's still spurting cock and Xander was coming as well, warm seed flooding out between them to join Spike's cooler spend. He panted as he broke their kiss for the first time since he'd jumped onto Spike's lap, licking over the vampire's kiss warmed lips as he flexed his ass, gently rubbing their softening cocks together.

Tilting his own head, Spike peppered soft kisses along Xander's jaw and down his neck, sucking lightly at the junction of his neck and shoulder.

"Hey!" Xander jumped off Spike's lap. "Lay off the neck, Evil Undead - I'm nobody's midnight snack."

"Wasn't tryin' to have a taste, you git - was jus' givin' you a bit of a… nuzzle."

"Sure, Spike - everyone knows you can't wait to get your fangs in me. So let me say right here and now," Xander paused as he wound a loose length of rope around the hand Spike had worked free, securing it tightly to the chair arm once more with the enchanted cord, "that's never gonna happen… no."

"Wasn't my fangs I was thinkin' 'bout gettin' in you, Whelp," Spike snickered as Xander leaned in close to him. He tilted his head up, thinking the boy was coming back for a little more Spike lovin'.

Xander just smiled down at him as he found a clean place on Spike's already come-soaked t-shirt to wipe off his own sticky cock. "No to that too, Spike - a world of no."

"Hey, that's my best shirt!" Spike wiggled his ass in the chair, wincing when his cock scraped along his still open zipper.

"It was already dirty." Xander shrugged, bending down to retrieve his pillow from the cold basement floor, giving Spike a spectacular view of his ass as he did. "Besides, you can toss it in when you do my laundry tomorrow."

Spike winced once more as he shifted again and his scraped cock protested the movement, "Not bloody likely."

"Fine, you can just keep wearing it then - doesn't matter to me." Xander shrugged once more and tossed his pillow on the sofa bed before flopping down on top of it and dragging the blanket over himself.

"Hey - you can't just leave me like this," Spike grumbled, shifting his ass again as his still damp cock began to shrivel in the cold. "Could freeze my willy off its so bloody cold down here."

"Not my problem." Xander turned over, his back to Spike.

"Liked my cock well 'nough five minutes ago when you were gettin' yourself off on it!"

"Goodnight, Spike."

"Can't I have a blanket or somethin'?"


"Could you at least tuck me away? One of the ladies could walk in here early in the mornin'. 'S cold in here… I'm not sure they'd understand 'bout… uhm… shrinkage. Could give a vamp a complex, you know."

Spike could actually hear Xander's smile. "Nope."


"I told you to shut up or you'd be sorry." Xander chuckled to himself, voice already sounding relaxed and sleepy.

"'S right, you did mention wantin' me to be quiet." Spike smiled his most evil smile into the darkness as he pitched his voice as high as he could, "Xaaannnderrrr?"

"Shut it!" Xander shouted over his shoulder.

"Xaaaannnderrrrr," Spike purred.

"No, Spike. I have to get some sleep." He pulled the pillow back over his head, clutching it to his ears to block out the sing-songing voice of the vampire.

"Don't you love me anymore… Xanderrrrrr?"

Xander mumbled into his pillow, trying to pretend he didn't hear the noise beyond the cotton he was trying to stuff into his own ears. "Why does the world never end when you want it to?"

The End

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