Pairing: Xander/Oz/Spike (eventually)
Rating: Nc-17
Details, details: Erm, mostly wanted to put the growly characters together (Wolf, Hyena, Vamp) for some growly sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, all thanks & praise go to Joss Whedon for that. He just let's me play with them.
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Author's note: inspired by the episode 'Beauty and the beasts', when Xander wolf sat Oz.

Three Ring Circus


Part One

The night started out as every other night that the moon rose gloriously and fully into the sky. The Scooby gang clambered noisily into the library laughing and carrying on various conversations between them, just as Oz was closing himself into his cage. He spared the group a small smile and shrugged off their apologetic stares. He picked up the book he'd been planning to read until the wolf reared its ugly head and put it to the side for another day. Willow walked up to the cage and Oz stuck a hand out to grasp hers, as they kissed through the cage's links.

Xander suddenly found his sneakers awfully interesting, noticing that he'd stepped in gum at some point during the day. Damnit.

"We are ever so sorry for our late arrival Oz, we had a rather ill-timed encounter with the gang of Tandrull demons that we've been tracking for the past week."

"No problem, I think I’m more than capable of closing the cage door on my own and it locks automatically so I don't even have to bother with that."

"Yes, but never the less I’d feel much more comfortable knowing someone were here watching over you...Xander if you wouldn't mind? I know you've been the one staying behind as of late but I hardly think..."

"I don't mind G-man. I'm the least helpful in a fight, I know it, you know it. There's really no getting around it. It's fact and hey there are worst things I could be doing than wolf dirty diapers to change or you know taking him for walks. Though I have been itching to test out whether the wolf likes to play fetch." Oz rolled his eyes but smiled to himself.

"We really appreciate it, Xan you know I’d stay but they kind of need me for this spell..." Xander cut the red head off before the babbling had a chance to really begin.

"Say no more Wills, you act like it's a chore hanging out with Danny-O over there." This time Oz growled, already feeling the wolf growing stronger. Xander grinned, he loved getting to Oz to the point that he forgot where he was and who was around them.

"Get out of here already before I change my mind and opt to pick up an ax and fight the good fight and likely lose a limb."

"Alright, see ya then. Bye Oz I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow with Caffeinated goodness and croissants." Glaring blue eyes softened instantly as they moved from Xander to Willow.

"You're too good to me babe."

"Yeah I know, lucky you." They shared a couple-y coded look and the gang left in much the same fashion they'd entered. Xander waved goofily to their backs, trademark lopsided grin in place but when he turned to address Oz the smile was gone, having melded into a dark sneer. He stalked up to the cage meeting Oz's black feral eyes he sniffed the air of the cage and let out a hysterical laugh, eyes bugged out and wild as he found the key to the cage's door. Unlocking it he entered, letting the door slam shut behind him before stuffing the key ring in the back pocket of his jeans. He licked his lips.

"Alright, Danny-boy...looks like it's play time."


Oz attacked at once, he'd warned Xander about using that name, it wasn't cool, too common, not him. He latched onto the taller boy's mouth, nipping at his bottom lip and demanding entrance. Xander's hyena cackled inside and entrance was promptly granted, tongues danced and teeth gnashed as Wolf and Hyena each took over the respective body they possessed. Oz grasped at the front of Xander's shirt and nearly tore it from the boy's body but luckily Xander was not yet so far gone not to realize how conspicuous that would look when the other's returned in the morning. Wrenching his way out of the wereboy's hold he hastily pulled his t-shirt up over his head then went to work on the belt and fly of his pants. Oz realizing he was just standing there nonproductively quickly rid his own body of its clothing barrier. Finally naked they were back in each other's arms slowly making their way to the floor, to lie on the blanket that was always set up to make Oz's nights in the cage a little more bearable.

God he needed this, he couldn't remember ever needing someone--the feel of another body in his arms--this strongly. With the initial excitement passed they were able to slow things down, actually feel each other, taste and--Fuck!--smell. Oz always smelled so good--thick and natural. His breath on Xander's neck hot and sending shivers throughout the brunette's body. The fleeting thought of Willow poor Willow his best friend brutally shoved from his mind as he held Oz. His. For now.

The Hyena snarled its agreement and howled at the panting wolf beneath him as he entered him, joining Wolf and Hyena at long last.


Later as he lay on the floor a sated werewolf curled up to his side Xander thought back to how this all started, wondered when it had gotten this bad. He didn't always need this, their primitive sex sessions that happened once every so many months. Didn't always crave Oz's kiss, his touch, his scent.


It had all started innocently back to the first day Oz and Xander had met, really in were introduced and did the hand shaking thing. After passing each other in the halls of Sunnydale High for three years without so much as a curious glance. Sure he knew of the Dingoes, they played all over town, namely school dances & The Bronze but again, Xander had paid the quiet guitarist little mind until he'd taken an interest in his dear Willow. Then Oz became more than just a blip on Xander's radar. He'd vowed to keep a careful eye on the henna haired rocker. It just worked out that Oz turned out to be a really cool dude, if a little monosyllabic. But even that was for the best Willow and Xander more than made up for the silence with much babble.

There was one thing though that irked Xander about his new found friend, made the backs of his ears itch--his smell. Oz didn't smell right and sure your eyebrow is probably raised right now wondering what Xander was even doing smelling Oz. But you see something that he'd never bothered to share with the other Scoobies was that there was still some left over hyena essence in him, and though he's since maintained a strong control over her, she'd sensed something in Oz, recognized something that awoke her, drove her nuts--made her want.

No matter how close he grew to Oz, no matter how much he learned about him he could never figure what was off about him, to have this kind of affect on the hyena spirit. Then the night of the first full moon came, well the first with Oz as part of their gang at least and Xander found out exactly what it was about the slight boy. He was a werewolf.

The hyena snorted an indignant 'told you so'.

From that day things were different between them. Not only coming from the hyena but it seemed that Oz's wolf too had somehow picked up on Xander's uniqueness. Xander's senses seemed hyper sensitive whenever Oz was around and Oz seemed to always find a way to accidentally brush against him even for the briefest of moments. Xander wasn't buying it. But through all this the Wolf and Hyena had never actually met, not until that fateful night, the first night Giles had asked Xander to take over the wolfly duties, a job that usually went to Willow, Buffy or Faith.

Oz had changed mid-debate on The Godfather vs. Goodfellas. The hyena went berserk with lust and want and need. Against his will Xander found himself unlocking the cage's door but instead of the wolf making for the window for an easy escape to hunt, it zeroed in on its current prey, one Xander Harris or at least the Hyena portion of Xander Harris. They screwed the entire night away like wild beasts finally released from captivity, which I guess they were. In the morning they found themselves in each others arms naked and with all memories of the previous night. It was surprisingly less awkward than they'd both imagined. They got dressed and had little trouble meeting each other's eyes. That is until Willow came bursting through the library's doors bearing coffee and doughnuts.

Guilt was heavy and they both vowed silently never to do that again, for Willow.

Of course the next night they were right back at it, with even more fever if it were possible turning all the tricks they’d missed the night before. Just a tad bit more well thought out, Xander had entered the cage locking them both up for the night. Then he'd sneak out the next morning before the gang's arrival.

So it went on for months the two boys unleashing their animals on one another on the night of the full moon and acting as if everything were honky-dory the next day with Willow. And no one was any the wiser.

And why would they be? It wasn't like Xander and Oz were in love or anything it was just sex. Wild. Passionate. Uninhibited. Growl-y sex.

Part Two

"Submit." Oz growled, mounting a kneeling Xander and locking his arms around his middle, trying to wrestle him to the ground. He was answered with breathless giggles as Xander continued to wriggle out of the shorter boys grasp.

"Fat Chance." The brunette snorted and bucked up hard, his shoulder connecting with Oz’s chin making him bite down on his bottom lip. Both boys stilled as the heady smell of blood filled both their senses, Xander's nostrils flared as he spun easily in Oz's still firm grip, revealing that he hadn't really been struggling to get out of it in the first place and attacked Oz's mouth, lapping at every trace of blood his tongue could find. A desperate mewling sound rumbled from the back of his throat as he did so, rubbing his crotch against Oz's thigh.

And that's exactly how Spike found them. He came strolling in from the tunnel's entrance, here to lift a bottle of the watcher's good stuff as he was oft to do. He froze mid step as two sets of black primal eyes stared at him, their mostly naked forms still tangled on the blanket.

"What's this now? Dog boy and Donut boy. Oh that'll look just darling on the monogram towels." Oz growled at the sudden and highly unwelcome intruder, all the hairs on his body standing on end as he extracted himself from Xander’s embrace and began pacing on all fours the length of the book cage and back again. It was Xander who recovered first, Spike's presence having doused most of his feral arousal, as the hyena slowly relinguished control. Xander found his voice.

"Spike. What're you doing here?"

"Not that it's any of your business but I come here time to time to nick a bottle of the watcher's finest. Daft git never seems to catch on, suppose he thinks he's finished off his stash. And restocks. His loss, my gain."

"Right, like I’m not going to tell him..."

"No you're not, unless you want me sharing just why the wolf hasn't been giving anymore trouble since you've taken up the sitting duties." Oz snarled and latched onto to the bookcase's cage, snapping his teeth at the blonde, who barely blinked in the wolfboy's direction. Instead he allowed his eyes to scan over Xander's body. Until the boy finally brought his arms up across his chest.

"Oh come now, don't get all prudish on my account."

"Shut it Spike, look what will it take. For a ticket to Spike’s disappearing about I give you some money you can go buy your own booze, loads of it."

"Nuh-uh. Think my silence is worth a little more than that, keeping this from the Scoobies...all the Scoobies could taint my soul, yeah? " Xander rolled his eyes and opened his mouth for a snarky insult starting with 'what soul' but Spike continued not giving him the chance.

"I'm sure it'd break little Red's heart if she knew her oldest and dearest mate was shagging her pet wolf. Don't you think?" Xander gasped and even Oz seemed to calm down, hopping down off the cage and sitting on his heels with a whimper, proverbial tail tucked between his legs.

"Spike you wouldn't."

"Oh, I would. Make no mistake there Harris, evil remember? But I won't if you give me something in exchange." Spike finished raising both eyebrows suggestively.

"Well, what..." And that's when it hit him, the waves of pheromones wafting off the lithe being on the other side of the cage. The vampire's pupils already dilating, as he made a show of cupping his package.

Xander gulped.

Spike smirked.

"Think you're gettin' the picture now, luv."

"You want to, want in, in the cage to..." Curling his tongue behind his teeth Spike cockily hooked his thumbs into the waist band of his jeans, pulling them lower on his hips and widened his legs in invitation. He nodded.

"Yeah for starters..."

"B-Both of us?" Oz bared his teeth, but remained still otherwise. Spike finally let his eyes roam over the shorter boy's body, not bad even more compact than Spike's own frame, but even from a distance Spike could sense the strength that body contained.

"Of course. How long you figure before he turns, you know." He made a show of panting, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he curled his hands into paws and hung them under his chin.

"All slobber and whiskers?" Sending Oz an apologetic look Xander glanced down to his watch and shook his head.

"Fifteen-twenty minutes...this was just foreplay, the real fun starts once the moon is full and high." At the thought the hyena clawed for control once more, her interest having been peaked at the first whiff of arousal from the vampire. Realizing there was yet another alpha male, to possibly join her pack.

“Gonna slip me the keys then, yeah?” Shaking his head, Xander mentally slapped himself in the head and dug in his pockets for said keys. Xander looked to Oz quickly and after a short nod from the shorter boy, moved closer to the cage.

“Oh, oh yeah.” He slipped the ring through the cage’s links.


No sooner had the door been unlocked and swung open the wereboy was out of the cage and all up in Spike’s personal space. Circling the vampire. Sniffing him. Oz growled nose literally pressed up against the blonde’s throat. Spike gave the slight boy an answering growl and at once pounced. Moving them back into the cage. Xander not one to be left out. Joined the others by starting to remove Spike’s ever present duster. With Oz attached to him at the lips it was a bit harder for Xander to get Spike out of his fitted black t-shirt so instead he worked on his belt and pants. Gasping slightly at the realization that Spike wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“It’s like opening presents at Christmas.” He muttered to himself giving the vampire’s pulsing red cock a purposeful tug, causing Spike to moan into Oz’s mouth. Xander snickered to himself and moved over to rid Oz of the only remaining article of clothing on his body which was his boxers. Feeling a sudden breeze, Oz stepped out of the underwear pooled at his feet and further into Spike’s personal space, their erections now dueling between their vibrating bodies as both continued to growl animalistic-ly.

Shaking his head in amusement Xander stepped over to the cage’s door, closing and locking it. The sound of clothing tearing brought his attention back to the kissing duo, just in time to see Oz rip the black shirt from Spike’s body. Taking in the naked forms before him Xander had to reach down and adjust himself before the fun was over for him before it’d really had a chance to begin.

As he looked up from the bulge in his jeans his breath caught in his throat as duel pairs of hooded eyes were suddenly trained on him, drinking him in from head to toe. He gulped and before he could utter a single syllable they were on him, surrounding him. Tearing at his poor innocent jeans and briefs.

“You have bloody no idea how long I’ve wanted to destroy a piece of clothing from your god awful wardrobe.” Spike mumbled, as Xander kicked off his pants while Oz showed his absolute talent for tearing clothes by ripping Xander’s briefs off much like he had Spike’s shirt.

“God, Spike will you shut up?”

“Why don’t you make me then, luv?” That was quite the invitation if Xander ever heard one, so without further preamble he grabbed a handful of bleached hair and all but devoured Spike’s mouth with his own. It could’ve been his imagination but he thought he heard Spike purr as their tongues curled around one another. As they continued to kiss, Oz slipped to his knees and gripped Xander’s dick firmly in his left hand, Spike’s in his right, jerking them in tandem. After a while of this he changed things up a bit by bringing Xander to his mouth and after a couple of quick laps from balls to tip he inhaled it fully. Xander pulled away from Spike to breathe and moan simultaneously.

“Fuck, Oz.” Smiling around the flesh in his mouth the wereboy did something extraordinary with his tongue that almost succeeded in bringing the human to his knees as well.

“Damn, can I get summa that?” Spike said, with a smirk. Without a word Oz switched so that he now jerked Xander and sucked Spike between his lips.

“Bloody hell!” Spike hissed at the extreme warmth he’d suddenly been engulfed in and leaned forward so that he was suckling on Xander’s neck which may or may not have been a bad idea as Xander immediately began giggling like a school girl, not the exact reaction he was looking for.

“Um, pet, you gone ‘round the bend for a mo?” The brunette shook his head vehemently, but couldn’t cease his laughter.

“No (giggle) no really (snicker) just really (snort) ticklish there.” Spike and Oz shared a brief look before they seemed to mentally shrug and Spike went back to work adding teeth into the mix, that stopped the giggling promptly as Xander panted, clawing at Spike’s back for more. Choosing to squeeze both cocks together and suck them together Oz was too preoccupied to notice where the moon was in it‘s upward descent, thankfully as he hugged Spike’s head to his neck Xander noticed over the pale man’s shoulder that the moon had finally risen to the highest.

“Uh, Oz you might want to take our dicks out of your mouth, moons just about done rising.” Spike’s head whipped around to look out the window with his own two eyes, they widened at what he saw.

“Oi, do as he says pup, don’t fancy losing my jewels to the fangs of a wereboy.” Oz’s only reply was to growl menacingly which sent a surge of delightful shivers up Xander’s spine before he complied and let both cocks slip from his mouth and standing.

“What now?” Spike asked, not liking the sudden stall in their activities.

“Just watch fangless, it’s…beautiful.” Spike looked at the whelp as if he were completely off his rocker, he’d seen plenty of wolves transform in his hundred plus years of existence and he knew for a fact that there was nothing special, let alone attractive about the process. Before he could argue this point the little red head moved back from them slightly and hunched over a bit, his body beginning to twist and curl as it began. Hair sprouted in odd places along his body like a bloody Chia pet, ridiculous was what it was, but he had to admit there was something lovely in the boy’s movements. what should’ve been grotesque, the boy somehow managed to convey a certain level of gracefulness.

When it was all complete, not much had really changed sure there was a hell of a lot more hair on the boy’s body and of course the razor sharp teeth and claws. But other than that he still had his own facial features and vibrant blue eyes. He was as the whelp said…beautiful. Speaking of the whelp. Spike sniffed the air and instantly grew ten times harder at the amount of arousal that was permeating from the brunette’s direction.

“Ooooh, it’s play time!” Xander cackled, eyes wild as he clapped his hands together giddily. One scarred eyebrow rose at this, for now it was the boy who smelled a little off and if he was not mistaken he could’ve sworn he saw Xander’s eyes flash green before fading back to their normal chocolate brown.

“What’s this now why’d your eyes go greener than a leprechaun’s draws just then?”

“Oh, that’s right you don’t know…I mean how could you?”

“Tell me then, won’t ask again.”

“Yes, you will, you’re curiosity wouldn’t let you drop it and you know it.”

“I know when I’m caught. Now let me in on the secret won’t you pet?”

“What this?” Xander’s eyes flashed green again but for longer before fading once more.

“Yeah, luv that.” Spike tried to keep his voice leveled, but the boy was trying his patience rather quickly.

“That’s just ol’ Bessie.”

“Huh now?”

“Bessie, my hyena spirit.”

“Hyena spirit? You’ve a primal? Where’d you get it and her name is Bessie?”

“Well, that’s what I call her anyway, don’t think she likes it too much, but oh well it was my body she chose to hijack so she can just deal.”


“Long story short, school trip to the zoo few years back resulted in a hyena spirit being released and myself and three other students were the lucky inhabitants of the spirit for a day only when the spirits were vanquished mine, being the alpha clung on a little too tightly and didn’t budge one bit when she was supposed to return to where she came from.” Her response to this was of course to emit a string of hysterical laughter that Xander couldn’t prevent from leaving his mouth if he tried, he didn’t try though, having learned better over time. Why prolong the inevitable?

“Huh, daft bird this spirit of yours is, if she chose the likes of you.” A loud rumble sounded suddenly as Oz reminded them that 1. He was still there and they had better start paying attention to him and 2. What they were supposed to be doing, that had very little to do with flapping their fucking gums.

“Look as touching as all this has been, you know the sharing of my life story…we have other matters to attend to, if we don’t want a cranky overly horny werewolf on our hands.”

“Wouldn’t mind puttin’ my hands on him just yet.”

“Now you’re talking.” Xander remarked, diving onto the wolf so that the two figures crashed down onto the ever present blanket, writhing and groaning as their erections meshed pleasantly, Xander grinding hard down onto Oz.

Spike watched for a beat before vamping out and jumping into the fray as well. Coming up behind Xander he watched the brunette’s perfectly rounded ass jutting up and down as he humped the wolf to oblivion and got an idea. Kneeling he took the two tan globes, each in one palm and spread them so that he had a perfect view of the little brown pucker hidden between them. Taking a calming if unnecessary breath he dove in at once and lapped a strip the length of Xander’s crack.

“Oh god Spike, again. Please. More.” Xander pleaded pushing his ass back toward the vampire before returning his mouth to tongue fucking his wolf.

“As you wish.” Spike lisped from around his fangs as he went in for more this time pulling the cheeks apart even more and licking circles around Xander‘s entrance, driving him wild.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Spike smirked before burying his tongue completely in the boy’s ass.

“God it’s been too long since I’ve been fucked, selfish over here has turned bottom boy all of a sudden, hasn’t topped me in a while.”

“Oh, Don’t you worry pet, you’ll be getting fucked good and proper tonight. That’s a promise.”

“Yippee (cackle) can’t wait.” Spike rolled his eyes and gave his tongue a sharp twist that had Xander on his tip-toes.

“Shiiit, yes.” The vampire preened slightly proud of the effects he was having on the boy. He was oddly enjoying the bloated otter sounds Xander’s needy pants resembled.

“Fuck Spike, are you gonna fuck me or what? I’ve got to get lil Xan in Oz’s ass now or I’ll be done for…”

“We gonna train fuck then huh? Don’t you need to prepare your wolf there a little first?”

“No. (grunt) Likes it dry (pant) likes when it hurts”

“Well, that’s a bit of alright in my book.” With that he rose to his feet and after spitting in his hand and slicking up his erection Spike lined himself up with Xander’s ass and began to push in mindful to go slow so as not to get a zap in the head. But as it was he had nothing to worry about because when it came to sex the wolf wasn’t the only one who enjoyed a spot of pain, if the needy mewls that were coming from Xander’s gob as his ass was breeched were any indication. Once fully enveloped by Xander’s ass. Spike paused to wait as Xander did the same but to the wolf.

With all dick’s in their appointed asses Spike gave his hips a test thrust and got pleased groans all around as a result so he repeated this movement several times until the three of them were moving as one, like poetry.

“Oh fuck, Spike I…I…I’m not gonna FUCK, gonna last, not gonna….SHIT!!!!” Before Xander could finish his thought he was cumming in Oz and the wolf was howling in response splashing his own mess onto Xander’s chest and abdomen. With three hard jabs Spike was joining them in orgasmic bliss.

The End

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