Fandom: BtVS/Ats
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: m/m, anal, breathplay, bloodplay
Summary: Spike and Xander skirt the boundaries.
Word Count: 200

A/N: for [info]slashthedrabble, challenge: In/Out

in (PREPOSITION): 1. Within the limits, bounds, or area of

On the Edge


Xander moaned, reaching an arm up to brace himself against the headboard; Spike’s thrusts were steady, pounding away at his prostate.





He grimaced, blinking, as a drop of sweat rolled into his eye.

Shifting, he curled himself inward until his heels were digging into the small of Spike’s back.

Spike’s unneeded breaths were harsh against his neck.



Balanced on one hand, Spike gently caressed Xander’s throat.


Xander’s eyes dilated.



Spike’s fingers dug into his neck; Xander struggled to breathe.

Words garbled in his throat as Spike plunged into his jerking body. Colors flashed behind his eyelids; he tore at Spike’s hair with trembling hands.

The world faded to grey.



Spike’s mouth covered his own, tongue viciously fucking him in rhythm with the cock plundering Xander’s ass. Xander bit into the fleshy muscle and his mouth filled with blood.

He gagged. Blood spilt onto his cheeks, his chin, running down his neck in little rivulets that burrowed between Spike’s fingers, pale canvas turned crimson.

Spike vamped, sucking at his skin in a frenzy.


Spike’s hips spasmed once…twice…

Spike roared.

Toes curling, Xander gurgled.

The world turned white…

…then black.

The End

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