Fandom: BtVS/Ats
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Kinks: blindfolds, dirty talk, bottoming from the top

Disclaimer: The characters, events and images from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the series, Heroes, Harry Potter, Chuck, NCIS, and pretty much anything you recognize, do not belong to me. I make no money from my ramblings; I just like to play in others' sandboxes.

Summary: In Spike's capable hands, Xander feels a bit of alright.
Word Count: 787



Xander trembled in the darkness. He could hear Spike, moving around the room, but could see nothing. He whimpered as he heard the squeak of hinges, the clink of shutting drawers and the rustle of shed clothing.

"Nervous, Luv?"

Xander jumped as a cool hand came to rest against his bare skin, gently stroking along his hip. "Nah. Just…weirded out a little, what with the not seeing."

"No worries, Pet, gonna take care of you real soon."

Xander relaxed as Spike's hands traveled along his torso, tracing the lines of his shoulders and chest, long, smooth strokes that calmed as much as they aroused. He gasped as a cool mouth fastened onto his neck, licking and sucking at his jaw line, then nipping its way to lap at the notch in his collarbone. His hands tangled in short, gelled hair, smoothing along the nape of Spike's neck, caressing that spot just below the ear that would make Spike whimper; he pouted as his hands were caught and placed above his head, his fingers lacing around one of the headboard slats. He moaned as Spike's voice vibrated through his body.

"'S gonna feel so good, Xan. 'M gonna make you come so hard…make you scream for me."

Spike's tongue found his navel, dipping into it, then flicking along the edges before abandoning it to nuzzle into the curls below.

"Need to make you feel good, Pet."

Xander's heart sped up as he heard a flick; he knew that sound, it was the cap on the lube being opened. He yelled as a slick hand encircled his prick and began firmly stroking, up and down and up and down, squeezing on the way up and twisting just so at the top.

"Want you," Xander gasped as Spike's mouth fastened onto his hip, mouthing and sucking and nibbling along the bone, "so much."

"Want you too, Xan." Spike gave Xander's cock one more squeeze, then that lovely, strong hand disappeared, leaving Xander panting and thrusting his hips into the air. "Hold on, Luv."

There was a click, followed by a squirt and a squishy sound. Xander's face turned to follow Spike as he felt the mattress move and dip around him.

"Know what you want, Xan, know you want to feel me, all around you, feel my tight arse riding your lovely thick cock. 'M slicking up, Luv, pushing my fingers deep inside, stretching myself open for you."

The squelching sound of Spike's preparation filled the air, and Xander groaned at the image it invoked. He could just see Spike, kneeling on the bed, legs spread wide while two…three…four fingers pistoned in and out of his hole. He reached out with his feet, toes finding Spike's leg. He traced the line of a calf, the slightly coarse hairs tickling the skin between his toes and the arch of his foot.

"Gonna ride you so hard, Xan. Gonna squeeze the come right outta ya. Make your toes curl, I will."

Xander's toes were already curling.

He keened as he felt Spike crawl over his body, calves along his thighs, knees hugging his ribcage, and tight, tight ass sinking down onto his prick.

"Feels so good, Pet." Spike began to rock, hands braced against Xander's chest, fingers pinching his nipples. "So hard, so hot inside me." With a grunt, Spike began to move in earnest, lifting himself almost completely off Xander's cock before slamming himself back down.

Xander groaned—Spike always made him feel so desperate—hands releasing the headboard to grip Spike's hips, pulling down as his hips bucked upwards, thrusting himself deeply into Spike's hole.

Spike was grunting and moaning in time to their thrusts, squeaky headboard and slapping of flesh joining the chorus.

"Xan, gonna come now, shoot my spunk all over your body. Gonna cover you in it, Luv." Three more thrusts and Spike made good on his word, arching and yelling and spraying his come onto Xander's chest, arsehole clamping down on Xander's prick.

Xander's hips began to jerk sporadically and he pressed his dick deeper…deeper into Spike. Muscles cramping, toes curling, he screamed as the orgasm was ripped from his body.

He fell back to earth, melting into the mattress.

Spike collapsed on top of him, mouthing at his neck, his jaw, anywhere within reach. They both groaned as they slipped apart.

Trembling hands caressed Xander's face, tugging on the blindfold and tossing it to the floor. Soft kisses were placed on his eyelids.

"Alright, Luv?"

Xander sighed, sated, comfortable, warm. "Yeah, alright." He closed his eyes, asleep within moments.

Spike smiled, placing a soft kiss on Xander's lips before laying his head against Xander's chest, the steady beat of a heart lulling him into slumber.

The End

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