The More Things Change


Part Eleven

Xander followed the tunnels, turning several times, until he came to a heavy metal door. He used his free hand and opened the door scenting the area beyond as he did. No new scents, no one had been here since he left. Good. He carried his burden in, turning once to look both ways down the tunnel before he closed the door, and dumped it carelessly on the floor. Hearing Angelus thud to the floor just made something inside of him dance with glee. Patience, he thought at it. We can afford to take our time.

He closed the door and kicked the wedge into the crack at the bottom of the door and grabbed the iron bar sitting beside the door and dropped it into the mounts on each side of the door that he'd placed there just for that purpose. Then he moved into the room and double checked the things he had prepared before he used his newly acquired magical map and hunted for Angelus.

He turned on the flood lights he had brought down. And pointed them at the wall to diffuse the light. Then he grabbed Angelus by the feet and dragged him over to the chains hanging from the steel frame. It was here when he found the room. He had pushed and shoved until he had it in the center of the room. Then he had used twelve inch concrete bolts to secure it to the cement floor. These chains were vampire proof too, bought with the rest of the things he had acquired. They had wide heavy cuffs. He crouched  beside Angelus and unfastened one leather cuff, and immediately snapped the metal cuff into place and repeated it on the other wrist. Then he attached the ankle cuffs and shortened the chains attached to them.

He stripped everything from Angelus except the wide leather collar.  A nasty twisted smirk crossed his face. It would bug the shit out of the older vampire to be collared like a slave or a pet. And he was all about Angelus buggage amongst other things. He pulled the chains until Angelus was upright and hanging from his wrists. Then he left him there to wake up.  He checked the small video camera he had set up on a tripod and walked over to the two carry alls he had placed by the door and fished around until he found the spare batteries. It just wouldn't do to have his fun curtailed due to lack of planning.  He positioned a comfortable arm chair in front of the framework and stood back to look over everything. He nodded to himself in satisfaction, a gleeful anticipation breaking through the iron control he had forced on himself.

He walked over to the small table and chair he had set up to distract his brain. He sat down and opened up the laptop he had bought, whistling while it booted up. He smirked to himself. That map of his was worth far more than he had paid for it. Much more. He really didn't think the shifty eyed demon had really known what it was he had. If he had really comprehended what the map was capable of he wouldn't have sold it.

He had been downtown during his shopping/scavenging trip and stopped outside the Wolfram & Hart building. Demons were coming and going, arms full of various things, looking this way and that and hurrying away with their loot. An idea came to him suddenly and he wanted to try it out. He walked into the dark building and pulled out his magical map. "Show me where to find the Wolfram & Heart bank account information in this building and how to get there," he murmured softly to it . It shimmered and suddenly there was a complete map of the building and a shimmering line from where he was to the place he needed to go.

It lead him through the building through three different security checkpoints, to a room that had a massive three foot thick, heavy duty, vault security door hanging from its' hinges.  Whatever security measures that had been there, were not there any longer. He couldn't even feel a magical vibration. So he shrugged and walked right in.

The map lead him directly to a laptop. The only reason it was still there and hadn't been looted yet is because it was out of sight beneath a heavy shelving unit that had toppled over. He moved the shelving unit, picked up the laptop and the folder full of numbers he found close to it. He stuffed them both in his carry all and quickly left the building.  He blended with the chaotic whirl of demons that scurried in and out as he left to finish the rest of his shopping expedition. No one even looked twice at him. He was just another demon.

An awareness that he was being watched crept over him like ice water in his veins, and he stiffened momentarily, then forced himself to relax. He turned in the chair, slung his arm over the top and settled his chin on his forearm to regard the form hanging in chains. He quieted the panicky babble that started in his head and wanted to erupt out of his mouth. He snapped the laptop shut, stood up, stretched luxuriously and wandered over to the video camera. He turned it on and hit the record button.

He strolled over to the armchair and sat down. He threw a leg over one of the arms and let his foot swing slowly. He stared at Angelus and waited.

He loosened the hold on the rage inside him and tempered it with ice. Shhhh, control is the name of the game here. We'll get ours. Use the rage, don't let it use you. The silence stretched out. How long he couldn't even guess. He just stared at Angelus. Angelus stared back. Xander could see the wheels turning in his head.

Xander simmered and waited, his rockheaded stubbornness was good for something. He'd die a dusty death before he spoke first. So he just sat there.

Finally Angelus broke the stare he looked up and examined the steel frame and the chains with calculating eyes. He rattled the chains holding him and suddenly lunged at Xander, jerking on them hard. He was brought up short so fast his feet almost left the floor. The look of confusion on his game face was so comical Xander let out a darkly amused laugh and shook his head. But he said nothing.

"You won't think things are so funny when I get free childe."

Xander's rage broke free and he launched himself at Angelus stopping when they were nearly nose to nose. Angelus smirked at him in satisfaction. Xander stood there looking him in the eye with the same dead cold stare that a shark has, saying nothing. And stood there. And stood there. Angelus lost his smirk.

When Xander was sure Angelus was paying attention, he spoke slowly and deliberately. "I will NEVER be your childe Angelus. I don't want you and my demon just flat out rejects you. You know it really says something about you that as long as you were a human and as long as you've been a demon that you have NEVER found ANYONE that wants you. Hell Darla didn't really even want YOU, she just wanted an eternal fuckbuddy. Someone stupid enough that she could control and that could scratch her itch, whore that she was, and your prick is the one that caught her eye. That's why she left you to Holtz' tender mercies. She didn't care anything about you Angelus. There were plenty of hard cocks out there to choose from."

Xander paused and let a considering look cross his face.  "She sure took a shine to Angel though didn't she?  Every female on the planet seems to want Angel. Got up to all kinds of shenanigans with Dru to get his attention. And that boy Connor? I mean, she did dust herself this last time for Connor even though she knew where she'd end up didn't she? Wow, that must mean she really cared about HIM too, and HE wasn't even born yet. Imagine that? Darla loved the food but she didn't give a rat's ass about you."

He paused again. Then he hissed out in a low poisonous voice.

"Your childer don't want you. Where are they now Angelus? Your human family didn't love you, they didn't want you either. No one wants you. No one. Not even your soul. You are absolutely alone and you don't belong anywhere, with anyone. All you inspire in anyone is hate and disgust. No one will EVER love YOU, Angelus. All you can do is want. And take. But you will never ever have."

Xander stepped back and watched the face before him with curiosity, wondering what Angelus would come up with next.

Xander's vicious words curled down into Angelus hitting every weak spot he had. For the first time since he had been turned a chill of unease washed over him. Hairline cracks spidered through his confidence. Angelus was at a loss. He was confused. The fledge wasn't acting like a fledge and he wasn't acting like the boy he knew Xander was. He shrugged the feelings away, but not easily.

He was Angelus he reminded himself. He was a 250 year old demon. He had rained terror and death all over the known world. He would not be discomfitted by a mere boy, a barely dead fledge with graveyard dirt and the stink of humanity still on him.

He rattled the chains again and changed tactics. "You know you could have found something a bit more up with the times doughnut boy. These are just so last year," he baited.

Xander answered cheerfully and more like himself. "Oh I don't know, the demon I got them from thought they were just great. He even gave me free lube and an offer of a threesome. Would you like that? I can go out and get someone with a nice big juicy cock for you if that's what turns you on?

Angelus gaped. He couldn't help it.

"What's the matter Angelus? Is your tongue caught on your fangs?"

Xander looked at the face in front of him and relished the moment like he would fine chocolate.  He brought his gaze back to Angelus' eyes. Then he broke the stare and ran his hand down Angelus' side as he walked around him speaking in an oh so innocent voice.

"I'm just showing gratitude for the SPECIAL treatment you gave me before you killed me," he finished with a sarcastic ",Sire."

"I vaguely recall you telling me I could show you how grateful I was later." Xander leaned in and sing songed in the vampire's ear. "It's later."

Angelus shivered then controlled himself. He was not going to let this boy get to him. He forced out a derisive laugh. "Yeah, yeah. Yada, yada, yada. You're such a fuck up boy. Dying didn't cure you of that," he rolled his eyes ",as much as I wish it had. This isn't the proper way to show a Sire gratitude. Set me free and I'll teach you the proper way."

There was a rattle of  wheels and Xander pushed a rickety utility cart into view and stopped it beside the framework where Angelus could clearly see it. He looked thoughtfully at the array of objects on the top, lifting a hand to skim over them in an almost caress. "Now Angelus, you know that imitation is the best form of flattery." His hand finally settled on a weighted bat. Xander had sawed off the end, drilled a hole and pounded a heavy iron piece into it. He swung it experimentally and turned back to Angelus. "Are you ready...Daddy?"

Angelus licked his lips, looked up and shook the chains furiously again.

He snarled as the heavy bat connected with his side and pain exploded through him. He felt his ribs give way and he knew they were broken. "I'm going to tie your intestines around your neck, when I get free, you do know that don't you? You little shit. How did you manage to come back so fucked up anyway?"

Pain blossomed through the opposite side of his rib cage as Xander swung the bat again. The world dimmed for a second and when he could focus again Xander was speaking in a calm conversational tone. "As usual Angelus, you made plans without knowing what you were doing."

Xander swung again, this time smashing his collar bone. Then the blows were coming too fast for him to speak. He felt his arm break and his leg. His jaw. His shoulder blade. His kidneys. The boy pounded on him until he was nothing but a mass of bruises and broken bones. Then he bit him the first time... without permission and without even a hesitation. Xander bit down savagely on the pectoral muscle and took several mouthfuls of blood. Then he stepped back and went to the arm chair and sat down licking his lips, he looked like a satisfied cat.

Angelus growled and glared at the boy with yellow eyes but couldn't really say anything with his jaw shattered. This boy was perfect. They would be great together after he got free and disciplined him. If this was the boy as a fledge he would make a terrifying Master. Angelus felt the niggling unease tease open the cracks in himself a little wider. He finally began to wonder if he would be able to control the boy. This boy was no victorian William or insane Dru.

Xander spoke up. "Can you feel my gratitude yet? No?" He sighed and looked disappointed. "I'll just have to try harder I guess." He looked Angelus over with a critical eye. "Any suggestions?" When there wasn't an answer forthcoming he shrugged, "I guess I'll just have to muddle through then. You really should do your homework before you start things Angelus. Really. If you were smart you would be a hell of a lot more scary. You're crafty and shrewd, and quick to take advantage of a situation, and you're mean but you're not really very smart."

"You didn't know as much about me as you thought you did." Xander sighed "That's another one of your weaknesses. You constantly underestimate your opponents because of your pride and ego. If you didn't do that you wouldn't be right where you are now. Happily this will be the very last time you ever have the chance again. I'm going to explain things to you. I'll even draw you pictures if you need them."

Xander wiggled a little getting more comfortable in the chair. He threw one leg over the arm and swung it slowly, then slouched a little more and folded his hands over his belly.

"The first thing is that beating me up is nothing new. If you had done your homework you would know that's something I'm used to. Even the broken bone or two. The bruises are old news too. I have to say I've never been bitten, that's probably because dear old Dad would think it's some sicko thing. The welts are old news as well. I've been beaten bloody, with belts or whatever, before."

"The second thing is you didn't know about the soul anchoring spell I had cast on me for just this circumstance. The third thing is you didn't know about the Hyena. I was possessed once and she was still in there caged up, sort of like you caged up in Angel."

Angelus snarled again. Xander laughed with delight.

"This is just tooo much fun," he chortled.

"The third thing is the soldier. You didn't know about the hyena or the soldier. The soldier living in me was the result of a mojo'd costume one Halloween.  When the spell was gone the soldier stayed. Whoo boy, he can kill a human about five different ways with a drinking straw. So you decided to turn me you dimwit. You take someone who is your worst enemy, that hates your guts already. You stress him physically with torture until his internal barriers are very weak. Then you turn him."

Xander paused and looked over at him and grinned the Xander goofy grin, but for the eyes. The eyes were still sharky.

"I've got to give you props though bro, when you fuck up," he whistled," you really do a bang up job of it Mr. Smooth. The upshot is that I now have four people inside and we are in the process of melding together. Think about all that knowledge and the Hyena pfft she is thousands of years old. Now that she can feed info right into my brain with no barriers, so can the soldier. It's like a geeks wet dream of a mental library."

Angelus was emitting a constant snarling growl at this point and Xander just doubled up laughing.

He finally wound down and the amusement left his face. "Explanantions are done and we have unfinished business."

Xander left the chair and picked up a cat o' nine tails from the cart. "Oh daddy," he murmured and smiled down at it as he fingered the barbed strands ",I promise this is gonna hurt you." He walked over to the hanging vampire swung his arm back and then forward ",a lot."

Angelus howled.

Xander didn't stop until the older vampire's skin was in tatters and various bits of bone and internal organs could be seen through shredded flesh. The floor was slick with blood.  He picked up a long flexible tube from the top of the cart and went back to Angelus and forced his mouth open. He threaded the tube down his throat and went over to one of the carry alls and dug out four bags of human blood, a funnel, and a pair of scissors. He attached the funnel to the tube and cut open the first blood bag and poured it into the funnel watching dispassionately as the level went down. He fed the other three bags down the tube in the same exact way.  He pulled the tube out with a jerk. He tossed funnel, tube and scissors on the top of the cart and went to the chair and sat down. He let his head fall back and decided to take a small nap while he waited for Angelus to regain consciousness.

Part Twelve

Xander woke with a start when Angelus began snarling again. He had been dreaming about hunting, with his pack all around him. He rubbed his face with both hands and looked down at his stained clothing. He shrugged, they were all he had at the moment.

Taking a moment to gather himself he stood up and walked over to the growling vampire hanging in the chains. The blood he'd fed Angelus earlier wasn't enough to heal him completely. It wasn't meant to. It was to heal him just enough so he wouldn't bleed out and go to dust. Most of the deep tears were still there and he could still see bits that ordinarily wouldn't be seen.

The shattered jaw was still shattered he noticed regretfully. He would have enjoyed breaking it again.
Part of him, a very miniscule part, was shocked and horrified by the things he'd done to Angelus. But that part was overruled by the majority of him that believed Angelus was getting exactly what he deserved. Angelus had not suffered in Hell. Angel had. If Angel and Angelus were truly separate people/beings/entities then making Angel pay for what Angelus had done was truly a miscarriage of justice. Angel was still a vampire as much as he would like to deny it and Xander wondered briefly if he was watching from somewhere cheering him on.

That was above and beyond the cruelty Angelus had inflicted on Xander and to his past. Up to and including the Sunnyhell debacle. Xander felt the rage bubbling up again. He felt a cold inflexible hold restraining the rage and he figured that was the soldier's influence. The hot rage had to be the hyena, the demon and himself.  Well, it was all himself now really.  He wasn't getting much of an echo anymore. The feelings felt more like they just came from him. When this was over and he finally let go of the control he knew he was going to be a tangled up mental and emotional mess. Well the touchy feely wasn't taking care of business. He'd have time for all that... later.

He turned to the cart and set up the brazier he had there and dumped the various fuels into it and set it alight. He placed several pokers in it. Now, to occupy himself while things were heating up. He snorted in amusement. He still had a quirky sense of humor.

He ignored the growling Angelus and walked over to the video camera and pushed the stop button. The battery needed to be changed. He popped off the back and flipped out the old one and put in the fresh one. He got it back on the tripod and hit record again. The DVD was about a third full maybe a little more.  He still had plenty of room on it.

The decimation and fall of the "Great Angelus" recorded for posterity. Xander chuckled to himself and turned to Angelus with a cruel smile. "Hey Angelus, I think I'm gonna mail copies of this to the Watcher's Council. I'm gonna give one to Giles too. Soon as I make copies. My how the mighty are fallen," he giggled. "It's kinda like recording the fall of the Roman Empire, don'tcha think? No. Oh well, you just relax you'll do just fine." He cackled again and it sounded suspiciously like a hyena.

The snarls rose in volume and he could tell the vampire was trying to talk in spite of a broken jaw. Xander's eyes sparkled with malicious glee as he watched. "We're not through yet Angelus. I've got to find something to fill the rest of this disc with. The show must go on pal, and all that jazz. And look you've already broken a leg, and an arm, and oops several other bones as well. It looks like you're just all tore up about it," he snickered nastily.  "Don't worry we'll find something to satisfy all your adoring fans."

He walked over to the brazier, still chuckling, and took out a poker. The end of it was glowing hot. "Well looky here, it looks like you'll just burn the house down with this performance." He turned to Angelus with it. "Since you're so fond of pokers and burns, I thought I'd include a few in your repertoire." With that said he stepped up to the vampire and pressed the tip to the skin listening to it hiss and sizzle and then he slowly shoved the poker into the vampire until it came out the other side. Angelus screamed and convulsed in the chains. Then he went limp head lolling down to his chest.

Xander looked at the now cooled poker and shook his head. "Yep, been there done that. I went on vaction in LA and all I brought back is a set of fangs. My girls are gonna be sooo disappointed."

He shoved the poker back in the brazier and reached down to the bottom shelf and pulled out the bucket of water waiting there. He was particularly proud of this twist. He had mixed minced garlic and just a dash of holy water in the water.  He didn't have any ice but, oh well, it would have to do.  But first he would try a little Irish Whiskey.  He reached down and felt around and came up with the bottle and cracked the seal. He took a swallow and then flung some of it on the unconscious Angelus. "No sleeping during the performance, pal. The snoring might disturb the actors."

Angelus just twitched. Xander sighed. "Okay you're forcing me to bring out the big guns now." He picked up the bucket and upended it over Angelus' head. He got a big reaction.  Angelus roared to life. He twisted and turned and strained against the chains.  Whimpers, snarls and growls came from him in an explosion of sound. The water soaked his hair and it smoked slightly everywhere it touched and left reddened trails trailing behind. "Now that's what I'm talking about," Xander crowed.

"I've only got a couple more things to do to get you ready for your special night, you sexy vamp you. Then I'm going to take you to a special place." Xander sighed theatrically, shook his head and pouted. "I just wish I had more time to spend with you. There's just so much I want to do with you. But alas time is short and I have responsibilites elsewhere. I can't take any more time to play with you as much as I enjoy it. I'm sure you understand." Angelus hung limp in the chains again and Xander put a hand under his chin and lifted the demon's head. The yellowed eyes showed agony and
just a touch of fear.

Everything in Xander roared at the triumph over his enemy. He shook his head sadly. "I wish I could bring myself to fuck you. But my dick shrivels just thinking about it. No. Just no. I can't stand the thought of my dick anywhere near you, much less in you," he shuddered with disgust. "So we'll improvise shall we?"

Xander picked up a pair of heavy gloves lying on the cart and pulled them on. Then he reached over and twitched the cloth covering from a huge metallic silver dildo laying there. The damned thing must be as thick as his wrist and it was a good twelve inches long. He had etched crosses on it at odd intervals and soldered a few spikes on it here and there. And it had a neato remote control.

He set it back on the cart and pulled off the gloves. He walked over to where he'd disgarded the waist restraint earlier. He picked up the tangle of chains and leather and detached everything but the groin straps from the restraint and took it with him as he moved around behind Angelus. He reached around his body catching the other end of the restraint, pulled it tight and buckled it, leaving the groin straps to dangle for the moment.

Moving back to the cart he pulled the gloves back on and picked up the the dildo and held it out away from his own self as he moved behind Angelus again. The white light coming from it was almost blinding and he had burned himself several times while he worked on the, he smirked, damned thing.

He reached out and pulled on an ass cheek exposing Angelus' anus and with the other hand he guided the blunt end of the dildo to rest against the knot of muscle. Without warning he shoved it in with one savage thrust. Angelus screamed brokenly as he was split open and smoke rose from the ravaged skin surrounding the dildo. Xander had painstakingly etched crosses side by side around the base. He could see blood beginning to well up from tears and ulceration from the burning.

He pulled the dildo out entirely and rammed it in again as hard as he could. He built up a fast rhythm pounding the device into the vampire's body it was easier as blood and bits of torn flesh lubricated the dildo. And he listened with appreciation to the grunts and broken noises made by Angelus as he was raped with the burning tearing instrument for the first time in... probably ever. He who had taken so much pleasure in raping others.

Xander shoved the dildo in one final time and reached down and gathered the leather groin straps with one hand while keeping the dildo in with the thumb of the other hand. Angelus was doing his damnedest to push it out. He shuddered and shook and squawed like a scalded chicken while he bled and smoked.

The boy pulled the leather straps up carefully placing them against the base of the dildo and pulled them tight and buckled them in place. He checked the placement of the straps and nodded in satisfaction. The dildo woudn't come out until he took it out. He reached for the remote and turned it on. He set it on high and threw it back on the cart, listening to the increase of volume from Angelus. "Ah, that is music to my ears. But you could sing in key you know. Those sour notes really ruin your act."

Xander hunted around on the cart until he found the cock cage and moved around to Angelus' front.  He whistled cheerily while he worked. He grasped Angelus' cock and worked the cock cage over it with some difficulty  because the vampire was squirming so much. Xander grinned at the smoke rising from the flesh. He had etched crosses on the metal inner surfaces of the cock cage too. He finally got it positioned correctly and secured with another couple of dangling straps. Angelus was moaning continuously now. He sounded like a sick cow.

The last thing he had was a restraint for the balls. He picked it up and pulled down hard on the vampire's scrotum and wrapped it tightly around the base of the balls and then pulled it up hard between them and around again and tied it off. Angelus' balls were smoking too. He smirked. "Man, I've heard of hot dudes, but you take the prize. You're smokin."

Xander moved to his carry all, ignoring the moaning, shuddering Angelus, he pulled out his magical map. He drew on his duster as he kicked the wedge away from the door. He lifted the iron bar and stuffed the map in a pocket as he felt in the same pocket for the keys he left there.  His hand came out with the keys and he called out to Angelus as he went through the door. "Don't cry honey. I won't be gone long. I have to go get you some soul, I know how much you just love that."

Xander closed the door and tacked the spelled rune he had purchased on the door. He flipped the heavy duty hasp closed and fastened the padlock langing there and clicked it shut. The door shimmered as he stepped away and disappeared. Satisfied that no one would stumble on his little party while he was gone, he started off down the tunnel changing to game face as he walked. Other than the normal scents and sounds of the sewers, rot and decay, foraging insects and rats, he couldn't detect anything else nearby in the murkiness.

Far away he could hear something large and heavy moving through the tunnels. A bit further on he passed another branch off on his left and he could faintly hear the weak moans of something he didn't want to identify so he hurried on.  He quickly threaded his way back toward the Hyperion.

He finally stopped beneath a manhole and jumped to catch the lowest rung of the broken ladder. He pulled himself up the rusty rungs until he could lift the cover and peer out. It was night again. So far so good. He looked all around and not seeing anything he pushed the lid aside and jumped out of the hole. He slid the cover over the manhole with his foot and sprinted into the nearest alley.

Reaching into his duster pocket he pulled out his map and unfolded it he muttered softly to it, "Show me where Angel's soul is." The lines on the map shimmered and changed showing him... "The Hyperion? Okay, there's no help for it I guess."

Stuffing the map back in his pocket he looked up and located a fire escape. He ran over to it and climbed. He could hear a pack of hunting vamps a couple of blocks over and he had no desire to socialize.

The buildings in this part of town were crowded close together. It was easy to move from roof to roof until he was close to the Hyperion. He made good time and was finally crouched behind the low wall on the roof of the building closest to the Hyperion. Xander unconsciously bit his lip while he watched the hotel.  He stood and walked to the back of the building and and froze looking down, but something urged him to jump so he jumped. This building wasn't as high as some of the others. He landed softly, legs bent, and stepped out walking away in one smooth motion like he had spent years jumping off buildings. "Jesus," he swore under his breath.

Xander stopped at the corner of the building in the shadows and looked across at the Hotel. There was nothing he could see so he sprinted across the street into the shadows on the side of the old building. Reaching up as far as he could he grabbed a rough patch in the mortar and started to climb hand over hand until he reached the roof and rolled over the side. He lay there for a minute and then looked over the edge and groaned. "Jesus Christ and all his disciples," he muttered ",and just to be safe add all the Maries, Joseph and Saint Peter in there too. And that's just a weird thing for a vamp to say isn't it?"

Xander rolled to his feet and pulled the short sword or long knife, he couldn't figure out which it was, out of a loop inside his duster. It was enchanted he knew that for certain and it was made of the same metal as the chain mail. That's handy. I'll bet Necrobot put all the loops and stuff in this duster.

Xander shifted into the shadows on the roof and prowled toward the the only door in sight. While he stood there scenting the air a body plowed into him from behind. He fell sprawling. A growl escaped from him as he rolled over two or three times and then flipped himself onto his feet. He crouched arms loose and head forward, a predator, eyes glowing a yellow green like a cat. An exclamation of surprise came from his attacker. A young boy, a teenager stood there in the dimness of the roof with a sneer on his face.

The kid jeered "You're the first monster I've seen with eyes like that. Are you some kind of weird mutation or what?"

Xander snapped back "These eyes, nope, these are courtesy of Angelus. He just can't seem to get the siring thing right. No matter how many times he tries. All of his childer are strange." He pondered out loud. "I wonder just what it is about the Aurelian line that produces such strange vamps? Did it come from Aurelius or is it just Angelus?"

The kid took another step and bowed up even more hands clenched "Angelus? You know where he is? Tell me," he demanded arrogantly. He continued with a boast "I'm going to find him and kill him. Right after you tell me where he is and I kill you."

"Uhm..No. And you gotta be kidding. Overconfident much? That's a big bite for a little boy like you. You might choke on it. What makes you think you're capable of killing me? Or Angelus? Anyway his ass is sooo mine and I'm not going to let a little snot like you deprive me of the pleasure." Xander chuckled.

He straightened and relaxed, eyes on the boy's torso. The torso would telegraph an attack before anything else.

"Angel is my father," the kid answered beligerantly. "I was raised by Holtz though, not that monster."

"Ahh, I see. Connor is it?

"That's me. The Destroyer" The kid puffed up like a blow fish.

"Well..," and he just couldn't help it. He giggled. And the giggles turned into guffaws of laughter. When his laughter tapered off and he could speak again he sputtered. "Connor the Destroyer? That sounds like a really bad B movie, you really should talk to whomever stuck you with that." Xander laughed again helplessly. He watched with interest as the kid's face flushed and his lips tightened with anger. His laughter trickled away to soberness and he continued.

"I just dropped in to pick up Angel's soul and then I'll be on my merry way. So if you'll excuse me I'll just get it now and then I'll be out of your hair. I wish I could say it's been a pleasure but it really hasn't. Someone needs to knock the wind out of your sails sometime soon. Cause you're gonna bite off more than you can chew one of these days if they don't." With that Xander moved as if to walk around Connor and the kid flew at him in a flurry of spinning kicks and punches.

Xander backed up and leaned to the side in one smooth movement avoiding the foot flying at his head, but a fist hit his nose and he felt the bone give.  The boy got him on the jaw with another blow snapping his head sideways and he growled. Connor laughed "Ha." Xander knew he was going to have bruises but he wanted to immobilize the boy; not kill him. He blocked punches and sidestepped other kicks and punches; he absorbed the blows he couldn't avoid and waited for an opening. Finally it came. The boy left himself open and Xander stepped in and caught him under the chin with one blow that snapped his head back.

He caught the fist that flew at him in his hand and jerked hard pulling the boy off balance and into his arms.  Xander wrapped both arms around the kid and squeezed. The dazed boy bucked and twisted, cursing at him, his arms trapped against his sides. Xander hooked one of his feet behind the kid's ankles and pushed them both to the ground. With nothing to break their fall they landed hard with Xander on top, the back of the kid's head met the cement with a thud and he heard the air leave the boy's lungs in a whoosh.

Quickly before the stunned kid recovered Xander fished around in his duster pocket with one hand and withdrew a syringe left over from his Angelus hunting. It was filled with a greenish colored liquid. He eyed it and used his teeth to yank the cap off the needle. He thumped it once with his fingers and pushed the plunger until a few drops oozed out of the needle tip and ran down; then plunged it into Connor's jugular vein and pushed the plunger in one motion. He pushed about a third the contents of the syringe into the boy and removed the needle. He felt the the kid's body relax. Xander remained where he was on top of the boy holding tightly for several minutes just in case he was playing possum.

Xander stood and looked down at the boy and shook his head. " Never underestimate your opponent. Someone really needs to beat that into you kid, you can recover from a beating but you never recover from getting dead."

Xandervamp shrugged. The kid wasn't his responsibility thank God. And he had been delayed long enough. The hand he swiped over his nose and mouth came away bloody. He looked at his hand, and heaved a disgusted sigh. He looked about for his weapon and reached down and snagged it by the hilt. He picked up the needle cap, recapped the needle and stuffed the syringe back into his pocket. Then he walked away from the unconscious boy pulling out his map and muttering to it.

He was in game face and had been since leaving his temporary lair. Hopefully Connor couldn't tell them just who sneaked into the hotel since he had never met Xander. The darkness and the distortion of his features by his game face should be enough to keep Connor from recognizing him if they met again.

He snatched open the rooftop door and entered the hotel jogging down the stairs listening and scenting as he moved down floor by floor. The map indicated a room on the second floor. He paused outside the second floor stairway access door and opened it a crack. He heard voices drift up from the lobby but no one above the ground floor was moving about.

Xander looked at the map again and slithered through the door, moving at speed down the hallway to the door he wanted. He stopped and listened outside the door. When he didn't hear or scent anyone in the room beyond he turned the doorknob gently and cracked the door open slightly letting his eyes confirm what his ears and nose told him before he edged cautiously into the room.

One thing caught his attention immediately and held it. There was a round wood table a short distance from the door and on it was a container that glowed with a soft blue white light reflected in the shiny finish of the table.  Xander quickly stepped over to the table and gently scooped  up the container and held it up to his eyes. This had to be Angel's soul. Why it was up here he didn't know but he was taking it. The LA crew took Angel's soul and let Angelus out. Then they let him escape to wreak havoc. Then they left the soul laying around like a cheap toy abandoned by child. They lacked common sense so badly it was a wonder they hadn't all been killed before now.

The door to the room was pushed open suddenly and Xander whirled in time to see Cordelia come through the door looking over her shoulder. She shut the door and turned.  She gaped in surprise and yelled. " Who are you?" What are you doing in here?  Then her eyes fell on the soul. "Give me that," she growled "It's mine." She raised her hand and it started to glow.

It looked like Cordelia, but it wasn't Cordelia, it was something ooky. A shimmering transparent face appeared over Cordelia's; that face was crawling with maggots. He didn't know who or what it was but it made his skin crawl. And not only his skin but it made his brain buzz like a hive of bees was loose in his skull. And the rounded enlarged belly she was sporting really gave him the wiggins.  So when she raised her glowy hand at him, he stepped forward and slid the knife right into the wrongness centered in her belly.

It froze and looked down at where the blade was buried in it's belly up to the hilt. Then it's head moving jerkily it raised it's eyes to Xander's face and the light around the hand died as it dropped to hang limply at her side twitching slightly. The whole body jerked and seized and the head dropped back and light burst from mouth, eyes, nose and the belly wound as Xander pulled the blade free.

The light expanded in a rush blinding Xander for several moments and the entire hotel shook down to the foundations. Chunks of plaster fell from the ceiling and the walls in showers of dust and the cacophony of breaking glass deafened him. The tremors gradually died away and stopped and the dust that danced in the air started to settle. When he could see again with spots dancing in his eyes Cordelia's body was on the floor and the belly that had been rounded was flat again. There was no sign of a wound.

Xander just stared in shock. What the hell had just happened? He heard raised voices and pounding feet. His eyes raked quickly over the room desperately seeking an escape route as the voices and running feet drew closer. They landed on the window broken during the quake. "Oh hell," he shoved the mysterious shiny jar deep in one of his duster pockets; dashed to the window and jumped.

He hit the ground running. He didn't know what all the freaky Cordelia stuff was about but he wasn't sticking around long enough to find out. He sprinted into the garage and jumped into the first car he came to. Xander grabbed the ignition and twisted it hard with a grunt; it broke free with a crack. He slid the blade under wires and sliced up with a quick flick of his wrist.

Grabbing the wires he cut the insulation back from the ends and twisted some together. The car sputtered to life and he threw it in reverse skidding as he slammed on brakes. He slammed the gear shift into drive and jammed his foot down on the the gas pedal; for the second time he screeched away from the Hyperion. The difference this time was he had what he'd gone there for.

Xander drove through town like a speed demon and pulled into the warehouse where he ambushed Angelus.  Jumping out of the car he sprinted to the sewer entrance and slipped down into the darkness. He ran full out down the tunnels until he found his door. he unlocked the padlock and snatched the door open.

Angelus hung limply in the chains unconscious. Xander moved to the vampire's back and unbuckled the groin straps and pulled out the dildo. Angelus' ass was a mess. What was left of his anus was a raw burned mass that looked like it had been mauled by a savage dog. Blood ran down his thighs and pooled on the floor to join the old blood there. He went round the front and and untied the ball restraint. There were deep bloody grooves burned into the flesh of the scrotum and spreading out from where ever the ties had touched the skin.

He untied the straps securing the cock cage and removed it, there were deep bloody grooves burned into the flesh there also.

He tossed everything onto the top of the cart. Then went to the carry alls and picked one up and brought it back to the cart and started packing everything away. He wrapped the dildo, cockcage and ball restraint in a towel and stuffed it into a plastic bag before packing it into the carry all.

He packed everything away except a pair of pliers.

After checking the disc in the video camera. It wasn't full yet! He put the spare battery in his duster pocket with another blank DVD and packed the tripod and camera into the other carry all.  He turned back and grabbed the laptop from the table and shoved it into the carry all too. Then he took a last look around.

Grabbing the carry alls Xander went out the door and locked it behind him again. Moving swiftly he made his way back to the sewer entrance and tossed the carry alls up through the hole and climbed up after them grabbing them as he cleared the hole. He threw them in the floor boards of the car and started the return trip for Angelus.

Xander didn't think Angelus would regain consciousness anytime soon but he wasn't taking any chances. He used the tranq gun again, he loaded three and shot them into the vampire.

Then he set the tranq gun on the cart and picked up the pliers. "Open wide." Angelus was still in game face. Xander forced his mouth open and gripped one fang with the pliers and jerked hard twisting at the same time, after a little more pulling and twisting the fang came free and Xander dropped it to the top of the cart. Then he turned to the other fang and repeated the procedure. When he had the other fang he put the pliers in his duster pocket and pulled out a sandwich baggy. He placed the two fangs in it and shoved it into the duster pocket with the pliers.

He climbed the framework and freed the chains from the beam and let them fall. Angelus fell with a thud. Then he shimmied down the side and wrapped the loose chains around the vampire's torso pulling them tight and secured them with the locks that he had used over head.

He released the chains from the base of the framework and wrapped them two or three times around the ankles then crisscrossed them up the legs until they met the chains around the torso and used the locks to keep them in place.

He picked Angelus up and slung him over his shoulder. He winced at the chain biting into his shoulder. But there was no help for it and it was necessary. He picked up the tranq gun, looked around the room to make sure he had everything that mattered and walked out the door. He turned back after a few steps and shut the door; reached up, grabbed the spelled rune and the magicked padlock. Now he could leave.

Xander moved carefully through the sewers listening carefully. He'd made some noise on his way back down earlier and he didn't want any unwelcome visitors to surprise him.

He retraced his path through the sewers cautiously, stopping at every cross tunnel listening and scenting. Nothing bothered him though. He breathed a sigh of relief as he rolled Angelus out onto the floor of the warehouse and stopped to check his surroundings for anyone or anything. It just didn't pay to get in a hurry and get sloppy. Even if he was getting close to the end of his endurance.

He dumped Angelus in the back seat of the car and slid behind the steering wheel. A wave of relief rolled through him. It was almost over. Just a little while longer and he could go home.


The demon Mage was a little person. With tiny green scales touched with iridescent blue and slightly stooped over; wearing a dark grey robe that fell straight to his feet brushing the tips of his clawed toes. He reminded Xander of a tall Yoda.

His home was hidden by an intention spell and warded so many ways that when he walked through the doorway, after they had been invited in, Angelus slung over his shoulder, he got a static shock.

"Wake him up for me, please?" Xander asked politely after he dumped Angelus in the large workroom that he had been shown into. It held bookshelves and a workbench. Shelves of neatly arranged bottles and boxes of unidentifiable contents nearly reached the ceiling above it. The floor was composed of a curious mixture of stone, wood, metal and other mysterious materials. Dried herbs hung from racks on one side of the room. A huge fireplace was on one wall with a black cauldron hung from an iron hook suspended over a cheerful fire. The mantle was long and wide and held an assortment of instruments that Xander didn't recognize. Two comfortable looking chairs were set before the fire, one had a foot rest in front of it and a throw draped across the arm.

The eyes that met his were wise and knowing. The Mage nodded to himself and squatted down beside Angelus and put one hand on each side of Angelus' head and concentrated for a moment. The chains clanked as Angelus stirred and his eyes opened halfway.

"Will he hear me and understand what I'm saying," Xander asked tiredly. The demon looked at him and answered in that soft steady voice. "He will hear and understand what is needful."

"Good enough, thank you."

Xander squatted where Angelus could see him and addressed the vampire in a low satisfied voice. "I promised you that this time you were free would be the last time ever. I found Angel's soul. And I'm putting it back in. This is my ultimate payback. You should never have fucked with me. Goodbye Angelus." With that he stood and moved to sit in one of the chairs while the Mage got his supplies together.

The Mage completed the resouling of Angel, this time without the curse, as Xander watched his every move. Afterwards he cleared away the detritus of the spell carefully and shelved the book he had used, while Xander squatted and released Angel from the chains that bound him. The very last thing he removed was the collar.

Turning to another set of shelves the Mage ran his long, green, bony, clawed finger along the spines of the books as he bent and peered at the titles through his bifocals. "Ahhh, here we go. Sanguine's Soul Texts." He grasped the spine of a thick book bound in some type of hide and pulled it from the shelf.

He turned to Xander and pierced him with sharp intelligent eyes that seemed to dig right down to the roots of his soul. This guy could give Giles a run for his money in the "piercing looks" department. "Are you sure this is what you want young one?" he asked in a gentle slightly sibilant voice.

"Ye..yessir." Xander finally croaked out. He was tired and hungry; nearing the end of his limits. "The bouncing  of the soul in and out of this body has to stop. Too much damage occurs when the soul leaves and Angelus is left in possession of the body. If they're merged together Angel will temper Angelus."

The little green mage sighed and placed the book on the work table and began to busily sort the things he needed for the soul merging spell. It was Angel now; Xander had to remind himself.  Even if the face was the same. The soul was back in residence.

Xander stood and watched as ingredients were prepared while words were muttered over them. Protection spells were cast calling on strange sounding guardians.  The Mage opened the book to the incantation he needed and began the spell. This spell was longer and more complicated than the one before it.

The volume of the chant increased until the Mage ended it with a shout and a word repeated three times.  He struck Angel's battered chest with a switch made of oak each time the word was repeated. All the hair on Xander's body stood up and felt like it was waving. He felt an electrical crackle in the air and the smell of ozone and lavendar was strong. Angel's body arched off the table; his head and heels all that touched the table for long minutes. Then he collapsed back to the table with a shudder and a thump. Xander swallowed heavily.

"The spell is complete, and successful." The Mage stated gravely and he looked at Xander with compassion on his narrow face.

"The third one, do that one too....Please." Xander had to swallow again but he managed to get it out hoarsely around the boulder that seemed to be lodged in his throat.

The little green guy tapped the spine of the book as he he looked at Xander for long moments and then he spoke again in that same gentle voice. "Still. You want that one still?"

Xander's voice wobbled and shook and tears threatened. "Yessir. I have to be sure. For everyone I love and care about; I have to be sure. Unless you can suggest a better one; I want that one, still."

"I can't think of one better boy. Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes things seem simple but hidden under the simple surface is an immeasurable depth and width." The voice floated behind the mage as he moved into another room and returned carrying a small box in his hand. "We'll need this." He made a small gesture with the box.

Xander nodded and felt oddly like a small boy. "Yes, Grandfather," he replied respectfully. The little green mage darted a sharp eyed gaze at Xander and caught his eyes. "Ahhh, so there you are," he lisped quietly. "When you need  help with other things you know where to find me, yes?"   

Xander nodded and ducked his head.

The spell didn't take long, just as Xander remembered. The ingredients were burned one by one in a small bowl made of clay; with coals from a Rowan tree that grows from the grave of a pregnent bride whose marriage was unconsummated and interred in sanctified ground. The ashes and charcoal in the bottom of the bowl were ground to a fine black powder. Added to those ashes: the ash from a Yew tree growing from the grave of an orphan; buried in a coffin made of oak, in consecrated ground.  

Add wine from a sunrise Easter Mass to the blended ashes to make the ink. Say the words as the design is tattooed into the skin over the heart.

A very simple design. A circle. The circle is eternal and is never broken and the soul's connection to the body can never broken.

Xander nearly laughed out loud at one point and barely restrained himself. This mage used a tattoo gun. The Mage looked at him over his spectacles, amusement sparkling in his eyes, like he could read Xander's thoughts and said "What? It works just as well as the old way and a heck of a lot quicker too." He smiled at Xander and it was like the sun had warmed him from inside.

He had the mage do the same thing for Angel that Giles did for him. The tattoo that anchored the soul to the body was permanent, invisible, undetectable and tamper proof by magic or anything else. Angel's soul would never be able to leave his body again. And neither Angel, Angelus nor anyone else would ever know it was there, no matter how well they merged. It was just added insurance, it didn't hurt anything and it made Xander feel safer; the world was safer for his loved ones and the world at large was safe from Angelus.

It was finished.


Xander eyed the Hyperion for the third time in as many days. He was parked outside in Angel's car. He moved eventually to open the door and get out. He was soooo weary. He opened the back door and pulled the blanket wrapped form of Angel from the back seat and slung him over his shoulder again, hopefully for the last time, and approached the door of the hotel.

Xander just wanted this over with.  He was wearing a ski mask and a pair of sunglasses so hopefully no one would recognize him as Xander from Sunnydale. He wanted to dump Angel in the hotel and go home. Who knows what had happened since he had left.

He shook off his weariness and pulled open the door of the hotel and strode into the lobby. The group of people who were there didn't notice him at first. They were arguing about who was going to take Angelus down. He sighed to himself and shook his head.

He moved toward the couch he knew was in the lobby and suddenly everyone was staring at him. Reaching the couch he laid Angel down and uncovered his battered bloody face. Suddenly everyone was talking at once. He raised his voice and shouted over them all. "Shut up. Here's Angel."

"Don't you mean Angelus?" From Faith.

"No! Angel had his soul stuffed back in and this time there is no fucking get out of jail free card for Angelus." Xander growled in exasperation.

Wesley moved quickly to the couch and pulled back the blankets to examine the damage to Angel. "How do you know that Angel's soul has been restored. My God what happened to him?"

Fred covered her mouth with her hands and teared up. She stuttered. " Oh My God..I'll.. I'll go get some bandages and things." Then she was running out of sight further into the hotel.

"I know because I took him to a Mage and watched him do the spell, that's why. Angelus and I had a little play time before Angel's soul was restored." Xander purred out into the silence.

Gunn leaned over the back of the couch looked at Angel and glanced up at Xander. "Dude he's really messed up. What kinda beef you got against Angel man?"

"Not Angel. But I have all kinds of issues with Angelus." Xander replied.

"Yeah, but they use the same body, don't they?" Gunn asked.

"Angel wasn't in it at the time. And after what that fuck Angelus did to me he deserved everything he got." Xander grated out.

Wesley looked up at Xander sharply with a frown. "You expect me to believe you captured Angelus and did this to him when he's a challenge even for a Slayer? What did Angelus do to you? And how did YOU get Angel's soul?" He flicked a glance at Faith. Then looked back down at the body he was uncovering.

Xander lost his patience. "I don't give a flying fuck what you believe watcher. But I'll tell you this, a tranq gun and some darts made for demons work wonders when someone is as fucking overconfident as that asshole. Especially right after he'd just killed the Beast and almost bagged himself a Slayer who was too beat down to fight him. His soul is stuck in there nice and permanent like now. So don't go do anymore fucked up mojo and mess things up again. You might want to get him some human blood and feed him through a tube. What you're seeing is the light stuff. As for what Angelus did to me, that's none of your business."

Both Wesley and Faith had their attention trained on Xander now. Faith had edged closer to Xander since he started talking. "Just stop Slayer. I brought Angel home and now I'm going to leave. The next fucking time you people get the brilliant idea to suck Angel's soul out. You might want to think twice."

Xander turned and walked back toward the door. Before he could get to it Connor came flying through it looking back over his shoulder. "Hey why is Angel's car parked out front?"

He turned around and nearly ran into Xander who was trying to get around him to the door before all hell broke loose. "Who are you?"

"None of your damned business." Xander growled impatiently. He wanted to be gone.

"He brought Angel home, Connor," Wesley spoke up too damn close for comfort. "Why don't you and Faith see if you can convince him to stay."

"Look what is your problem, watcher? Just get out of my way kid, and let me out of here so I can go home."

But Connor, always ready to fight, was already leaping forward. Connor got in three good blows before Xander started fighting back in earnest.

"You fucking idiots," Xander hissed and let the rage out. "I was tortured for days by that asshole." He punched Connor in the face and broke his nose so fast the kid couldn't block it, then he hit the kid with a hard blow to the side of the head. The kid's eyes rolled back in his head and he slid to the floor out cold.

"He killed me and turned me. I get Angel's soul stuffed back in him and deliver him to your doorstep and you're treating ME like I'm the bad guy here. Unfuckingbelievable." He'd gotten louder with each word until he ended in an enraged shout. His control was slipping so badly he didn't realize just what he was giving away.

"Now I'm leaving." Xander sprinted to the door, out it, and ran to the car with Faith on his tail. He managed to get behind the wheel before she grabbed the front of his shirt trying to pull him out of the window. He pulled back fast and hard using the steering wheel as leverage and he heard a ripping sound.

Jamming the gear shift into drive he stomped on the gas. "You wanna run Slayer?" he hissed at her. "Well run." The car gained speed and Faith tried to hold onto his shirt, running alongside the accelerating car, but even Slayer speed couldn't match the car's increasing speed. She gave one more good hard yank and slammed his head hard against against the door frame, to knock him out, then the handful of shirt she had a grip on ripped away. She tumbled head over heels on the pavement as he roared away down the street.

The adrenaline rush of the fighting seeped out of Xander by the time he was merging onto the freeway. Xander knew he was crashing. The iron control he had over his thoughts and emotions was gone. His belly was an empty burning pit of hunger and the abuse his body had been through before he was turned wasn't fully healed. Between the torture, turning, the two fights he'd had with Connor, then the Slayer slamming his head around he was in bad shape all the way around.


He hammered the steering wheel with a clenched fist wishing it was Deadboy's face he was pounding. He screamed at the absentee cause of his rage and sorrow. The shout ripped at the raw tissues of his throat and reverberated through the car. "Fuck you. You asshole. You fuck! You bloodsucking cunt! Never again though. Never. Fixed you, didn't I, you motherfucker?"

Xander's rage did a nose dive and turned into despair. He just wasn't going to make it back to Sunnydale. He was three quarters of the way there but even his stubbornness couldn't overcome the leftovers of torture, lack of rest, hunger and the more recent damage his body had taken.

The tunnel vision got worse and even in game face he couldn't see any better. His head was spinning. And the greyness at the edges of his vision started creeping toward the center. Xander put on the brakes and got off the road as best he could. He brought the car to a stop and put it in park and snatched the wires apart.  His last conscious thought as he pulled off the ski mask was. " Spike, Sire.. come find me." And the dark claimed him.


Spike was speeding toward LA in the Desoto. The Watcher had asked him to go and check on Xander. The Watcher had arrived with two potential slayers not two weeks gone and more girls were trickling in every day it seemed. The Slayer's house was a bloody estrogen factory. He shuddered. Thank the devil he was living with Xander.

The boy had been gone almost a week and they had heard nothing from him. Spike snorted in disgust. They hadn't even realized until tonight that he wasn't back yet. Bloody stupid self absorbed bints. He wondered why Xander even stuck around.  Granted things were getting interesting with the First. But to completely overlook that Xander hadn't been around for almost a week, when they had sent him for information that they were supposedly eager to get.

He roared down the highway, cigarette between his lips, a bottle of JD between his legs and his music turned on with the volume as high as it would go. He figured he was not quite halfway there when he saw a car stopped on the side of the freeway with it's headlights on.

He got less than a mile down the road before the pesky soul started in on him. Pestering him to go back and check on the fool stopped at night on the highway. "A con more'n likely," he snarked ",some demon just waitin' for someone to stop and give im a hand, like a right idiot, and then they're on the menu. Oh bloody hell, he yelled at the soul, all right just shut up!"

He slammed on the brakes and skidded into the median and the rear end of the car slewed around until he was parallel to the opposite lane. He looked once behind him and shot onto the pavement going back the way he had come. "There ya soddin wanker. Ya satisfied now?" he snarled. He rapidly approached the parked vehicle and pulled up with a screech of tires stopping just a foot from the bumper of the other car. He looked out the windshield and took a good look at the soft top convertible; sat back in his seat rested a wrist on top of the wheel and puffed on his cigarette and blew a stream of smoke at the roof.

"That's Peaches' car. What's it doin' here?"

He finished the cigarette and threw the butt out onto the highway as he opened the door and got out. He cautiously approached the driver's side and looked in. Damn if it wasn't Xander. The boy was out cold. He opened the door carefully and called his name. "Xander." The boy didn't even stir.

Then the scent hit him. Blood. Fresh blood. He changed to game face and the scent nearly knocked him down. He reached in and grabbed Xander. The boy's eyes popped open and he launched himself at Spike trying to crawl inside him babbling and crying.

"I'm sorry Spike. He got me... .Angelus got me..aaaa..and the hyena.." Xander burst out crying and his face changed. "I'm sooooo hungry Sire.... It hurts.." Xander pulled at Spike's shirt with weak fingers and sobbed, tears ran down his battered game face. "The soldier...then... I got him...I got that bastard..chose you Spike..need you..." Xander hissed.  Then he just collapsed against Spike and sobbed brokenly. Spike couldn't understand another thing.

Spike soothed the boy with his hands, rubbed his back and petted him gently. He nearly swallowed his tongue when the boy's face changed. Oh unholy mother of all demons. The boy had been turned.The Sayer and the watcher were gonna have kittens, cows and kangaroos over this! He licked at the blood on the boy's face and the boy snuggled closer to him at the caress of his tongue and began to purr into the skin of his neck. Yep, he was Aurelian alright. The fledge was too damned young to be out and about on his own. Where was his Sire?

Spike changed to game face and and held his wrist up to Xander. "Here boy, drink from me, until we can get home."  Xander's eyes went wide and they were a strange yellow green instead of the pure demon yellow. He took Spike's wrist in his hands and instead of lunging and tearing like Spike expected Xander licked at Spike's wrist, purred brokenly, bit down and drew on his wrist gently. Spike cuddled the boy as he fed. The sensation went straight to his unbeating heart. It wrapped around his chest like a vice and shot to his groin. His cock felt like he could cut diamonds with it.

This wasn't the place though. The fledge was too stressed and ready to completely collapse. He needed to feed and rest. And get clean. Spike wrinkled his nose. Then Spike needed some answers. He let Xander draw as mush of his blood as he could afford and then he gently ran a hand through the boy's hair. "That's enough Xander."  Xander's yellow green eyes popped back open and he withdrew his fangs licking the wounds closed and slumped against the older vampire while Spike ran gentle fingers through the boy's tangled hair.

"Come on then, pet. We need to get you home. We'll see what's what after you've rested and cleaned up a bit, yeah." Xander nodded like a bobble head and Spike pushed him away long enough to get out of the car. He turned and reached his hand back to Xander. Spike took the confused looking boy by the hand and drew him out of the car and led him back to the Desoto. The boy collapsed halfway there and Spike swept him up and carried him the rest of the way to the car and deposited him on the seat. He didn't know what had happened to leave the boy in this shape but he was going to find out. When Spike started to get in the car after Xander, the boy suddenly exclaimed. "No no no no..the bags..the bags..the bags..can't leave"

Spike sighed. "Where are they then pet?"

"Car.." Xander pointed out the front window. Spike heaved himself back out the door and went back to Angel's car. Bloody hell. There were two carry alls in the back floorboards and a black leather duster laying on the front seat. He grabbed all three impatiently and took them back to the Desoto.  He threw them into the back seat and jumped back in the car. "All set then pet?" he asked the boy. Xander nodded again and scooted as close to Spike as he could get. Spike threw an arm around him and hugged him close and started the car. Gravel spatted from beneath his rear tires as he accelerated away, heading back to Sunnydale.

Part Thirteen

Xander dreamed.

Darkness dissolved away into a strange foggy featureless limbo lit with a soft warm pearlescent light; the soldier, the hyena, and the demon were there. The fog drifted and eddied around them concealing and revealing; pooling around their feet making them look like wil o' wisps. For the first time ever he could see them face to face.

The hyena glided forward; every line of her body and posture screaming predator. Power rolled off her like the fog roiling about her form. She was an Egyptian statue come to life. Her blunt short snouted hyena head blended into an upright bipedal human form at the neck. She took Xander in her arms and rocked him folding him into her embrace like a child. He rested his face on her shoulder and slipped his arms about her and clung with all his strength. Her short speckled pelt was soft and silky under his hands. She smelled of Africa; dry desert winds and grasslands, sandalwood and an indescribable wildness. Branded over her heart was a circle. Both of them shuddered as they seemed to sink into one another.

The hyena's life force sank into his core. Her soul swept through him with the force of a hurricane and broke open all the locked doors in his mind. New pathways were forced open and energy flowed through them. His entire lifetime was teased apart; looked at and absorbed. Every action and motivation was laid bare, examined, and accepted without judgement.

Xander in turn comprehended her entire existence. Her first tentative awareness of self thousands of years ago. The experiences of a primal through all the centuries she was corporeal. The wild joy of giving up separateness to belong to an eternal pack. The gnawing hunger for touch and to be touched that was ended through their merging.

Self awareness returned and Xander found himself on his knees trembling and shuddering; gripped by the aftershocks of the raw power that ripped through him. The merge that began with his death was complete.  He fell forward into darkness.

He dreamed hyena dreams.

The dream took him back to the foggy limbo. He had no idea how much time had passed. The connections in his mind were still aching but not open wounds. This time the soldier stepped forward. He was dressed in his cammies. He stood stiffly and held his gun in a white knuckled grip. His gaze was fixed forward and unwavering. The soldier unbuttoned his crisply starched shirt and pulled it open exposing a circle tattoed over his heart.

Xander examined the face of the man standing before him. "It's our turn, huh?"

The soldier nodded once stiffly.

"Do you want this?" Xander asked him quietly, gently.

His soldier answered; voice devoid of emotion as if he were reciting multiplication tables.

"I am Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Harding of the USMC. I was Spec Ops. Black Ops to be precise. I was betrayed by our government and left to face torture and death behind enemy lines. They knew me and my men were there and they left us. I was alone in a prison cell and periodically tortured for ten years. Long after all my men were dead I too died from pneumonia of all things; in a filthy cell, alone. Yes, I want this. I've watched you fight all these years. I've listened to your thoughts and felt your emotions. You are worthy and I would be proud to serve with you."

Xander opened his arms and  Daniel stiffly stepped forward. At first he was rigid but Xander hugged him tightly and gently stroked his back. Daniel's body gradually relaxed. His arms came up and he clutched  Xander to him. He clung as though starved for the contact and was afraid Xander would disappear. Xander felt tears wet his collar bone and he whispered into Daniel's ear "Never alone again. We are here with you; the Hyena,me and the demon. We will never leave you behind."

Daniel's last bit of resistance faded away and he sank into Xander with a happy sigh. Xander/Hyena lived Daniel's short life like a fast forward movie. He saw, experienced and accepted the totality of the soldier's life. Daniel's mind was flooded with Xander/Hyena history. The merge was complete.

When darkness took Xander; he dreamed a soldier's life.

When he returned to the foggy limbo. This time he expected it. The demon was there. His ridged face looked confused and lost and terrified.

Xander held out his hand and gently spoke to the demon. "Come here." The demon leapt for him like a cat on a mouse; with a snickering growl. He grabbed Xander and brought him up to to eye level.

"Mine?" The demon desperately snarled in Xander's face.

"Yours." Xander confirmed.

Xander looked at his demon and raised his hands to explore the fierce face. He ran his hands curiously over ridges and surprisingly soft skin. The demon closed his lambent eyes in ecstasy; he pressed and rubbed into the petting hands like a cat while he purred. Xander laughed in delight and his demon started and looked indignant. The look on the fierce demon face was so comical Xander had to laugh again. He threw his arms around his demon's neck and rubbed his cheek against it's face.

This time it was Xander that had to accept and let the demon in. He sighed and exposed his throat and the demon darted forward and he felt the soft prickle of fangs on the skin of his throat; waiting. "Yes." he said. Xander let the love/need/want/surrender flow through him as he felt his demon's fangs sink in deep. The demon growled and moaned happily as he tasted Xander's total acceptance. It pulled Xander's head frantically to it's neck.

Xander growled " Mine." as he sank sharp hyena fangs into his demon's neck. He tasted the need in his demon. The want was sharp as was the desire to be wanted. The impulse to take balanced by the need to be taken. The drive to possess and keep offset by the the hunger to be owned and kept forever. The love of violence and a hedonistic enjoyment of touch didn't surprise him. The blood lust didn't pose a problem either.

The demon withdrew his fangs. "Yours," it acknowledged happily.

The demon shimmered and dissolved into him. Xander felt the demon slide into every particle of his being, into every cell. It rushed into his mind and fused with him until Xander couldn't discern the demon from himself. The demon was himself. He was the demon. The merge was complete.

This time when darkness took him he dreamed his own life and death. This time all the blinders that humanity wears and uses were gone and he clearly comprehended his past actions and motivations.

He watched himself grow from child to young adult and loved that desperately lonely young man. He felt compassion and pity for the unwanted, rejected and abused child. The kid who used humor to minimalize abuse and deal with his pain. The boy/man that was starved for affection and attention.

He understood why he accepted any kind of treatment from his friends rather than be alone and unwanted. He understood the stubbornness that made him cling closer even as his loved ones left him behind and ground his fractured self image to dust. He understood why he let their narrow perceptions force him into the mold of their limited expectations even though his very soul screamed in protest.

He had been human. And those are very human things. The fear of rejection, pain, loneliness and death are all part of living. Those fears are the common ordinary fears universally shared by every sentient living being from conception to final death/dissolution. Every single sentient being lives with those fears every day. There is no escaping them. The difference lays in the way the way the various beings deal with them.

He accepted and understood the lonely, wounded, imperfect, human child/boy/man. He enfolded him and drew him into himself. He soothed, petted and loved the humanness of himself. He accepted himself with no reservations, no limitation. Unconditionally. The child/boy/man expanded through him in a fission of joy. The joy sparkled through the pathways in his mind like pure unfiltered sunshine. Every dark corner and crevice was illuminated by that pure white light. The hungry glow sent tendrils into every part of his being and rested finally, melted into him, content and at peace.


Xander woke.

A yawn and a sensuous stretch later he relaxed with a sigh. He luxuriated in the softness of the sheets around him and wriggled with pure hedonistic pleasure. He felt at ease with his body in a way that he never had before.  There was a sensation like a caress on his skin and he knew he was being watched. Another full body stretch and he opened his eyes to look around the room. His gaze fell on Spike, who leaned in the doorway; gazing at him with eyes full of speculation.

"Awake then are you?"

"Oh yeah, Sire... Really, really awake." He threw back the sheets and sat up to pile pillows behind his back; hard cock on display like a mating call. Reaching up he grasped the headboard, his muscles defined and pulled tight with the stretch. He looked at Spike through his lashes in silent challenge as he spread his thighs in a wanton invitation.

Spike growled a snickering growl low in his chest and pounced;eyes flashing to gold. The brat was daring him. Him. WIlliam the Bloody.

He straddled the naked boy, covering the hands on the headboard with his own, trapping them there. He swooped down and caught the boy's mouth in a hard ravaging kiss, thrusting against the boy's naked hardness with his own denim covered bulge.

Xander submitted with shuddering moan that was swallowed by Spike. Spike let his grip on the headboard go, to run his hands up the boy's sides. He scratched over sensitive nipples with his thumbnails, then he soothed them with the pads of his thumbs.

Xander's  head fell back exposing his throat to Spike. He turned into a mass of flesh that twisted and shuddered; trying to get closer.

The boy babbled relentlessly. "Oh fuck yes, Spike. Sire, touch me, please. Want you. Need you. Claim me. Keep me. Oh please..Please..Please."

Spike changed to game face and interrupted the flood of words coming out of the boy's mouth with his own. Plunging his tongue into the willing wet cavern beyond those soft mobile lips again. He nipped and nibbled a line to the boy's ear.

He took advantage of the exposed neck laying sharp nibbling kisses from the boy's jaw to his collar bone. When Xander was reduced to nothing more than sounds he stood up unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them past his hips and letting them drop to the floor. He reached for the bedside table scrabbling for the lube he knew was there.

As he crawled back over the dazed boy, he popped open the lube and squeezed some onto the boy's belly. Swallowing the yelp at the touch of the chilly lube with his mouth again. He dipped his fingers in the slippery stuff coating them well and found the furled knot of muscle in the cleft of the boy's ass. He circled the anus with his fingers until it softened and accepted his finger.

Xander became nothing more than a skin over scorching need as heat gathered curling in his belly. He pushed down on the finger pumping in his ass and wanted to beg for more; he couldn't seem to get the words out. Spike seemed to understand though because he added two fingers and began scissoring them as he worked them in and out. Xander ass was in heaven. He worked his ass like a piston on those fingers. Then Spike found a spot inside him and pressed those long, strong fingers into it and rubbed. Pleasure spangled through Xander and fire ran down his backbone to gather in his groin. He screamed out his pleasure and bucked on the probing fingers seeking that feeling again.

Spike couldn't hold out any longer. The way the boy responded to him, to his every touch, was driving him mad. He watched the wanton way the boy fucked himself wildly on his fingers and it nearly made him come without even touching his cock.  And the noises the boy made were going to drive him over the edge.

He withdrew his fingers from the boy's tight grasping ass and gathered some of the slick left on the boy's belly. He swiped some over the boy's cock and balls; applied the remainder to his own cock in a twisting motion, thrusting into his own fist.

He pushed the boy's thighs up and wide telling the boy ",hold em there." Spike grasped the length of his cock and brought the blunt head to the opening of the boy's body. Xander croaked out dazedly "Wait..wait..I wanna see."

Xander put his elbows behind his knees and pushed forward so he could see what Spike was doing. Spike rested the blunt head of his cock against the boy's loosened muscle and pushed slowly in. Xander and Spike watched together as the head of spike's cock was swallowed by Xander's body. The boy panted needlessly and shivered as he felt what he was seeing. He lifted his head and his pleasure glazed eyes were a yellow green when he captured Spike's hot yellow. "That's so fucking hot," he gasped out. And lunged forward to claim a nasty wet kiss making sexy little sounds in the back of his throat. He broke free trembling and moaning to watch as Spike slowly pushed in until his balls met Xander's ass.

Xander felt the burning stretch as he watched the head of Spike's cock disappear into his body. He felt and watched every inch of that thick length as it slowly pushed it's way into his ass. When Spike's balls met his ass he released one of his knees. He snaked a hand down to feel the ring of muscle stretched tight around the thick base of Spike's cock. He reached further and massaged the balls hanging below.

Spike lurched forward causing Xander to clutch tighter. "Bloody fucking hell!"

The feelings finally overwhelmed Xander again and he fell back into the pillows.

Spike took both of Xander's legs and drew them over his shoulders. He placed a hand on each side of Xander and leaned in to feast on Xander's nipples as he began a slow slide out of Xander's tight ass. He withdrew to the tip of his cock and pushed back in with one long hard thrust.

Xander grabbed Spike's ass in both hands trying to pull him in deeper, and hollered "Yes, oh hell yes. Fuck me like that, Spike."

Spike began a steady driving rhythm of long deep strokes that shook Xander's body and made the bed creak. Every lunging thrust hit that spangly spot inside that made Xander writhe and yell in foreign languages. The sounds of lusty sex filled the room. The slushing of a slick cock driving into a wet hole. Flesh slapping on flesh. A creaking bed and a headboard thumping the wall. And over all; Xander's excited screams and the musky scent of male arousal.

The boy shimmied and shook as the rigid pole of Spike's cock speared into him again and again, hitting that spot that sent fire licking through him. He rocked up to meet the pistoning hips with all his might, stoking the fire higher. Spike was claiming him, owning him, with that hard flesh that plunged into his spasming ass. He felt his balls drawing up and knew he was close to the edge of the chasm. The pleasure was so intense it was almost unbearable.

He screamed Spike's name as he started over the edge cum spurting over his belly between their bodies. He heard Spike from far away as he roared "Mine." He felt twin points of fire erupt in his neck as he felt Spike's seed fill him, pushing him into an orgasm so intense his senses left him.

Spike retracted his fangs and lapped at the the holes that were already closing. He shifted and the boy's grip tightened hanging on even in unconsciousness. Spike chuckled and let the boy's legs fall to each side of his rib cage. He relaxed onto the boy and wondered what the hell he was doing.

It had been a very long time since anyone had come on to him with that kind of honest desire. Just wanting him. Not what he could do for them. And that little display the boy had put on for him; reeking of lust and want and need. It had made him hard as a rock; had him raring and stamping like a stallion in heat. Made his demon break free and jump the boy, not that Xander was complaining any. He'd been screaming for more and urging Spike on to greater efforts; though not in any language Spike understood. Spike grinned remembering. His demon was doing cartwheels inside his head. It was exultant, smug, roaring about "His boy," and "Finally got his pressie." Spike shook his head, the loopy bastard.

Part Fourteen

Spike watched Xander as he came round, his eyes still muzzy with the afterglow of a good seeing to. He waited to be pushed away. The boy's hands began petting him instead.

Like I'm a soddin cat or summat he mused as a low rumbling purr started in his chest.

Xander's hands started at the back of his head, fingers spearing through his hair and scratching his scalp briefly. Feels good. Spike pushed his head into the caress trying to get more of of it.

The hands traveled down to his neck to gently massage there; The hands continued, rubbing slowly down his down his back, just feeling, touching. They stopped their journey at his ass; rubbing circles on his buttocks and then returned the same way they came and repeated the whole process.

"M'not a soddin cat, Xander," he complained, even as he stretched and pushed himself up into the boy's touch, purring.

Xander giggled and started his own rumbling purr. Spike's head jiggled on the boy's shoulder with the movement. He could hear the purr through the boy's flesh; He felt the vibrations against his face. "Nope, not a cat. Vampire. The demon loves to be touched. Hard, soft, tender, violent, pain, pleasure. It doesn't seem to matter does it? It just loves to touch and be touched. And I've always been touchy feely."

Xander moved under him sinuously; pressing up against him from collar bones to groin. "Love the feel of you. All soft skin and hard muscle."

Spike raised his head looking hard at the boy. "Okay, where's the real Xander Harris and when is he going to make a reappearance?"

Xander's amusement and contented purr melted away. His hands stopped their petting. They came to rest on Spike's back and settled there, touching. He looked down and met Spike's questioning look briefly. With a deep sigh he turned his eyes to the ceiling. "I really wanted a little quality quiet time with you before we got into what happened in LA. Can we get clean before we get into the gory details?

Spike slid off to the side rubbing his body against Xander like a cat. He grinned smugly as he watched the boy's eyes flare hot. The musky scents of sex lingering in the room were joined by a fresh wave of arousal. The boy's nipples crinkled and peaked into hard little nubs and he shivered. "We're never going to get out of this bed if you keep that up."

Spike rolled off the bed and held out a hand to Xander. The boy sat up and raked his fingers through his tangled hair. He scooted to the edge of the bed. He sat for just a moment and ogled Spike from head to toe. He accepted the proffered hand; Spike pulled him to his feet and flush up against his body. 

Xander twisted his naked body against Spike. He reveled in the tingles that ran across his newly sensitive skin straight to his groin from every place they touched. 

Hunger suddenly made itself known; knotting and twisting in his belly. He dropped his nose into Spike's neck snuffling furiously; He licked at the silky skin and suckled at it. He whined "I'm hungry, Sire."

Spike turned from sex machine to caring Sire in one instant. He hugged Xander close soothing him with gentle hands. "Right then. You're so different from other fledges, I forget you're less than a week old. Let's get clean first. Then we'll see about getting you fed."


Spike slammed the phone down with a growl. He had sent Xander off to shower by himself, or they would never get anything done except each other. He'd listened for the shower to come on then picked up the phone and punched in the number to Willie's bar.

Someone picked up on the other end.


"Yeah. Who is it? The whining voice sounded tinny over the phone."

"Spike here."

"Oh hell, I knew I should have changed my number. What is the matter with you people? You're into harassing innocent people on the phone now?" Willie's whine became more pronounced.

"Stop your sniveling you tosser." Spike growled impatiently. "I'm calling to place an order. I need.. ohhh.. say a hundred fifty bags o' fresh red. I want it delivered to Xander Harris' apartment, in less than an hour."

"One hundred and fifty, less than an hour?" Willie screached in surprised disbelief.

Spike cursed and flung the hand holding the phone away from him to arm's length. Tinny, high pitched squealing and garbling came from the handset. He glared at the handset. When the there was a pause in the noise; folding his arm at the elbow, he cautiously put the phone back to his ear. He growled into the receiver. "Stop your nattering, you pillock. Just get thirty of em over here now, an' send the rest round every other day or so. They had better better be fresh Willie. I don't give a rat's ass about your supply problems. You run a business. I order and I pay. You deliver. That's seems simple enough even for you. No, I have no idea about the logistics. No, the Slayer is busy with other things at the mo. Where you get it is your business as long as it's a willing donor."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Of course it's gonna cost more for that big of a rush order." Sarcastically, then with a growl. "The good stuff Willy. I'm not laying out dosh for cull sources. No winos, addicts, cancer patients, expired hospital or blood bank cast offs or what not.  I'll be able to tell if it is. Yeah, yeah, Call 1-800 who gives a shit."

Spike flung himself on the couch and glared at the ceiling. He snarled, game face emerging. "It's none o' your business why I need all o' that. M' Sire may be paying a visit, is all. Yeah, so what? I'm good for it, have a good credit card number right here. What? Yeah, add my tab onto the bill ya little weasel. Business? Don't give me that shite. Town's gettin' dead as a door knob. Yeah, alright. It's on the way? Good. Here's your number ya git."

Spike held up the credit card he'd snared from Xander's wallet and read off the numbers and waited. "Are ya deaf or what? Of course it's a good card. Told ya it was, didn't I? Bugger off, just deliver the stuff like I said. If ANY of it's not right Willie, I'm going to pay you a visit and you'll be wearing your intestines around your neck and coughing to take a dump."

Willie had been reluctant to deal with Spike because of the Slayer. But once Spike waved the Council's credit card under his nose and the charge had gone through with no problem, he'd caved quickly enough.  One hundred n' fifty bags of fresh blood were being delivered to Xander's apartment. Thirty bags of the house red, still warm, would be delivered in less than an hour. All from back room on site donors who needed more money then the blood bank could pay.

Spike knew Willie would have to find more donors for the rest. It was fresher but it was also more expensive than hospital or blood bank leftovers, it still had the zing of life in it. But since the defunct council was paying, Spike couldn't find it in his unbeating heart to care too much about the expense.

Spike had a new fledge to care for. And Xander wasn't going to feed on that pig shite the watcher had forced on him. He was always half starved. His boy needed to feed well as a newly turned fledge; Between Sire's blood and the stuff from Willie's, Xander would stay healthy. He would gain strength and develop normally. They would both be at their peak physically. With The First slinking around both of them would need to be in top shape. And there'd be a little on hand, just in case, for emergencies.

Xander wandered into the room naked and still damp, wet tendrils of hair hanging in his eyes. He walked with a graceful loose hipped stroll that made Spike's cock stand up and cheer. He folded himself onto Spike's lap; nudging his head up under Spike's chin. He rested there with a sigh while Spike's arms went around his waist and enfolded him, drew him closer. The boy smelled of clean skin, something sweet, sandalwood and sunshine; the underlying rich, earthy scent of the Aurelian line, familiar and comforting. Family. Belonging. Spike started a deep rumbling purr and snuffled in Xander's damp, sweet smelling hair.

Spike announced; "I've got blood being delivered from Willie's. It'll be here in..." he stretched to look at the time on the DVD player "..shortly. Let me go take a quick shower and I'll be finished before it gets here. I don't want anyone to see you. I want you to go in the bedroom and close the door while I get the delivery. Understood?"

Xander nodded sleepily and slipped from Spike's interested lap with a smirk and a hooded gaze. Spike stood cock pointing, and smacked his adopted fledge on the thigh. "Smartass."

Xander complained ",Wha..I didn't say anything, Siiire."

Spike threw a "No, ya were thinkin' it loud 'nough," over his shoulder as he sauntered toward the bathroom. He felt Xander's eyes on him like a physical touch until he was out of sight. He stepped into the shower hoping there was enough hot water. He hated cold water. He quickly soaped his hair and his body  and rinsed under the spray. He reached out and snagged a towel; ran it over his hair then down his body.

When he came out of the bathroom he was surprised to find Xander there holding a shirt. " Sire." in a deep growling voice. Spike stepped forward and Xander carefully fitted the T over his head and lifted Spike's arms to fit them through the armholes one at a time. He pulled the T straight and smoothed out the wrinkles. Then he turned and picked up a clean pair of black jeans. Spike sat on the bed and Xander worked the pants up over his feet, and Spike stood up. Xander knelt and pulled the jeans up, tucked the shirt into them smoothly.

Xander leaned forward and buried his nose in the open fly of Spike's jeans. He nuzzled into the lush thatch of hair that surrounded the base of Spike's cock. He breathed in, luxuriating in the scent of his Sire where it was strongest. Spike's fingers threaded gently through his hair again and again, and settled massaging and scratching at his scalp. He started a rumbling contented purr. 

Spike closed his fist in Xander's silky mane and gently tugged. The boy pulled his nose from his crotch; looked up at him through his bangs. He looked like he'd been drugged. "Clothes now, Xander. Or we'll never get anything done."

Xander blinked and gracefully unfolded from the floor. He walked over to his dresser and and started looking for a shirt. He nearly cried. He remembered liking these shirts before. But they were just ooky now. "Sire?" he said in such a pitiful voice and raised sorrowful eyes to look at Spike.

Spike laughed, he couldn't help it. He had been watching Xander go through the drawers ever more desperate, and then realize that was all there was. The expression of horror and bewilderment on Xander's face as he examined the riot of clashing colors in the drawers was just hilarious. "I know, Xander. Terrible, isn't it? We'll get you something else soon, tonight or tomorrow. But they'll do for now, so just put em on."

"Do I really have to?" More pitiful, along with a pout.

Spike hardened himself against the Pout. "Yes, you have to."

Spike heard Xander muttering. Something about evil sires and going blind, and there ought to be a law, as his voice was muffled by the shirt he pulled over his head. Spike laughed again as he turned toward the living room.

When Xander entered the living room again, he looked like the old Xander with the clothes and all, but differences were glaring, to Spike at least. The boy held himself differently. He didn't stand slouched anymore. He had more self confidence, like he was comfortable with his body and his skin fit him properly. His head was up and his eyes were lit with intelligence and dark experiences. This wasn't the Slayer's doughnut boy. Not anymore.

There was a knock on the door. Spike moved toward the door. He motioned Xander back into the bedroom, and placed a finger against his lips. He waited until the boy was safely in the bedroom out of sight and opened the door. The demon, who looked like a cousin to Clem, announced. "Special rush delivery from Willie, for Mr. Bradshaw?"

"That's me."

The demon produced a clip board and a pen. "Sign here, Please."  Spike signed with a flourish and the demon handed over the large cooler. Spike took the cooler and slammed the door with a bare foot and leaned back against the door listening to make sure the demon left. 

He carried the cooler to the kitchen; as he passed the bedroom doorway he called for Xander to come out. He threw the first twelve blood bags on the counter and opened the door of the refrigerator and stowed the rest in easy reach on the top shelf. No reason to hide the blood bags anymore. Xander arrived in the kitchen and helped him stock the refrigerator. There weren't many bags left in the cooler. He moved away to the counter and snipped open a couple of blood bags and emptied them into two large mugs. "Xander, come and feed."

The boy was there so fast he didn't see him move. His game face appeared and he took the cup Spike handed him and gulped it down in three big swallows. "More, please?" he asked. Xander abandoned the cup in the sink. He was too hungry for that stupid cup. He found a large bowl in a cabinet and handed it to his Sire and looked at the yummy blood. "Please?"

The bowl held four bags of blood and Xander tipped it up and chugged it like the starving fledge he was. He gulped it down so fast Spike was not even finished with his second mug. He held the bowl out again. Spike didn't say a word just snipped four more bags and poured them into the bowl. By the time Xander reached the bottom of the second bowl he was nearly full and he lowered the bowl to see Spike standing there with the last bag in his hands. "Do you want this one too, Xander?'

Xander nodded eagerly and started to hold out his bowl again, but he stopped and drew back. "Did you get enough, Spike?"

Spike smiled a real smile at Xander. A hungry fledge showing concern for his needs? Would wonders never cease? "I got plenty Xander. 'Sides I'm not a new turned fledge. You might not have the crazy blood lust, but you'll need a lot of blood at first no matter how different you are. You've been starving yourself. No more o' that though. I'm taking care of it. It will help your control if you're not hungry alla time. Rupert is likely to try an' feed ya pig's blood, and bloody little of it at that. I KNOW how much blood a fledge needs. And you'll get it from me. If I'm to be your Sire it's my right and my responsibility to see to your food and well being all the way around."

Xander, thrust out his bowl eagerly at that. "Thank you, Spike." Spike dumped the last bag into the bowl and watched the boy drink it down much more slowly than the previous. When the bowl was empty Xander set it in the sink; ran water in it and added a little dish soap. He picked up both mugs and set them in the bowl also.
"That's the biggest bowl I've got. I won't like having to scrub it out before I can use it again, when I'm really hungry," he replied to Spike's raised brow.

Spike took him by the arm and drew him into the living room. "Alright let's sit down and talk. I think you need to tell me exactly what the bloody hell went on LA."

Xander heaved a sigh and took a big unnecessary breath. "You know the girls sent me to LA to see if I could get more intel about The First from the gang up there, right?"

Spike nodded once but didn't say anything.

"Before I even got to LA I could see a darkness hanging over the city, but I kept going.".... Xander told the whole sorry tale. Spike watched the emotions crossing the boy's face as he spoke. He wondered why the boy hadn't been in a lot worse shape than he was when Spike found him.

Spike was silent for a bit after Xander let the last word leave his mouth. Just thinking. Organizing his thoughts. Xander was definitely a different kind of fledge that was for sure. The Scoobies were gonna have kittens and puppies over this little turn of events; that was sure too.

"I have a DVD, Spike." Spike looked up quickly at the tone and froze; he felt a thrill like ice water run through his veins. The boy's eyes had the cold dead stare of a shark. Spike had no doubt he was in the presence of a predator. A stone cold killer. "Would you like to see it?"

Spike nodded dumbly. Xander stood to his feet and prowled across the floor and picked up his duster. He brought it back and sat down on the couch and dug in one of the pockets. He pulled out a DVD and a sandwich baggy came out with it. Spike grabbed the baggy and held it up.  And let out an exclamation of surprise. "You haven't told me everythin', have you love? Whose fangs are these then?"

"They belonged to Angelus," in that awful controlled voice. "Now they belong to me. I consider them a well earned trophy along with the duster. We know about dusters don't we Spike. The trophy to the survivor?"

Spike raised his eyebrow and held out his hand. "Let's see the DVD then, love." Xander handed it to Spike and he bounced off the couch and put it in the DVD player. Grabbing the remote he went back to the couch and sat down beside Xander thigh to thigh. He turned on the TV and hit play. He began to watch Xander's revenge. He listened to everything the boy said to Angelus. He watched everything the boy did to Angelus. When it was over he sat there stunned.

This fledge had taken out Angelus. A newly risen fledge with the human smell still on him and the dirt of the grave still under his nails. This newly risen fledge had planned and executed the most brilliant revenge plot he'd ever had the pleasure of watching. He had rejected Angelus as his Sire. Had tortured and literally defanged him as an irrefutable message of rejection. To a vampire, being defanged was the ultimate in humiliation. 

Spike picked up the sandwich baggy again and let the two fangs fall onto his palm. He examined them closely. He'd have these made into an earring for his Childe; Maybe coated with gold or platinum and set with a ruby on a stainless steel hoop. They'd look a treat dangling from nipple rings. He'd think on it.

"So you rejected Angelus, but you want me as your Sire?" Spike needed to be very clear about this. There wasn't room for any mistakes or misunderstandings. His demon was fighting for control. It wanted to pounce on this fledge and claim him, keep him. The fledge would make a terrifying Master, if he were trained up right. He had lured Spike into fucking him. He had knelt at Spike's feet willingly. And he chose Spike to be his Sire.

"I do.  I need a Sire. I need you. You're worthy. You're an amazing creature Spike."

Spike's eyes widened at that. "How do you figure that?"

Xander pushed closer with his leg. He picked at the seam of his pants and pulled at loose threads on his shirt. "You've taken everything fate has thrown your way and you've overcome it, not just survived it, but adapted and used it to your advantage and overcome it, Spike. You're very strong. Stronger than Angelus. Stronger than Angel. Strong enough for me.

I'm just a fledge. I'm different, but I still have a lot of  the instincts of a fledge. If I try to deny them or suppress them, all I'll do is fuck myself over in the long run. And I just can't bear the thought of anyone else."

Xander paused before he continued. The life and warmth had returned to the boy's eyes. Mostly, but Spike could still see the killer lurking, ready to come out again.

"When I died, I saw everything very clearly Spike. I guess there's nothing like a spot of torture and death to clarify things in your life. I saw why I lived my life the way I did. I hid from myself Spike. I lied to myself. I lied to others by hiding myself. I allowed people to treat me badly to keep their affection and make them happy. I allowed a piece of shit to tell me how to see myself, and then I let my friends complete the job. I let other people's perceptions of me mold me, and shape me. Lead me to my death."

I'm tired of lies. I'm tired of deception. I'm tired of people putting me in a box they've made, and telling me I have to fit in that box to be their friend; They know better than me how I have to live my life. That I'm stupid and I'm incapable of making decisions about my life without their approval, or magical rape. That I'm inept and that I can't be more or better. That I can't change because I have to fit in their box and stay there or they won't love me. But they can do what they want to, when they want to, where they want to and it's none of my business. They can ignore me as long as they wish and I'm supposed to come to heel when they deign to notice me."

"I am what I am now, through no fault of my own. I am different from the person that left for LA, a week or so ago, and if my friends can't accept the new me, then it's time to move on.  I'm not going to go back into the box. Not for anyone. The hyena, the soldier and my demon are merged with my human soul Spike. There is no other being on this planet like me. But you understand me best because of your experiences. I've been so lonely. So terrified. I don't know what I can do. Where to go. I'm lost and I NEED an anchor. A Sire. You're the Sire I've chosen. If you'll have me?"

Spike listened and silently agreed as the boy talked. He had seen it long ago. But the boy had been blind to it, or wouldn't admit it. "Magical rape?"

"I don't know for certain. I can't really be sure until I ask about it. But I don't think that just the spell Giles did for me, to anchor my soul, would have the effect that it did, just by itself. Willow may have done something. What would you call magic used on you, that effects the development of the fundamental part of your being, without your consent, Spike? I call it rape, and even If it was Willow, it was wrong."

Spike reached out and cupped Xander's chin rubbing a thumb over that soft lower lip. "I've never heard of a fledge as young as you doing anything like you've done. Yes, I'll have you. And damned happy to.  You feel better about it all, now you've got it off your chest?"

Xander ducked his head. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to dump all that on you, Spike."

Spike's finger under his chin raised Xander's head again. Spike looked him in the eye. "Never, ever, lie to me," he said seriously. "You always tell me the truth, no matter what it is. You tell me the truth, and let me worry about it. I'm not like your little human friends, wanting to be blind about things. If something isn't right, I can't fix it if I don't know wot's wrong."

Xander crept closer and Spike drew him onto his lap; tucked the boy's head under his chin. He wasn't surprised when the fledge was overtaken by a storm of tears. He petted the boy while he cried out the stress of the past week or so.

Childer were notoriously volatile when they were newly risen and for some time after. Xander was running true to form there, despite all the merger stuff. Murderous rage one minute to tears the next.  He'd also been intolerably stressed by hunger and the lack of a bond with his sire. 

New childer were closely guarded by their sires. By his estimate Xander must have risen less than twelve hours after his turning. Which was amazing in itself, and  an extremely rare event. The demon must have felt completely abandoned and too vulnerable to take the normal two or three days to settle into the boy's body.

He didn't know what effect the merger of the souls/spirits/personalities would have on Xander's development. He knew the boy had made it plain that he already had Spike on his mind when he woke from his mortal death. Spike's own demon surged toward the boy, wanting. Spike's soul wanted the boy too.

After Xander had pulled him from the school basement and taken care of him, his soul practically worshipped the boy. His demon had wanted the boy since Angel gave him to Spike as a gift on that fateful night years ago. Maybe that was why Xander's demon was able to reject Angelus so thoroughly. Prior legal claim.

The Slayer whom he supposedly loved had left him there in the dark dirty place for The First to play with. His demon would just as soon see her dead. His soul wasn't impressed with the Slayer either. Spike grinned. Wouldn't that get her knickers in a bunch.

Xander fell silent. Spike rocked him back and forth like a small child and rubbed his back. "I need to get a book and look a few things up about Sires and Siring. Angelus was always into that sort of thing. But I've got an old book of Dru's that she carried around. It has a fair amount about it. She was fascinated by the process, how the demon took over the body, how some childer were stable. How some were nothing but ravening beasts and stayed that way, then had to be destroyed by their sires. I'm the result of one of her experiments. It's why Angelus was always so harsh with me. I was more human than any of them. It's ironic that after he got his soul he didn't think I was human enough. Damned if I do and damned if I don't with either Angel or Angelus."

Xander rested against him and just listened to him talk. he kept rocking the boy. Finally he felt the boy's lips on his neck suckling at the skin there, when he felt the prickling of fangs he said "Yes, feed from me Childe."

He shuddered as he heard the boy's moan and felt those razor sharp fangs slide into his neck. Xander began to feed from him. It's an intimate thing between vampires, the feeding. It only happened between Sire and Childe. And Mates. There is biting during sex between vampires but it wasn't the same thing at all. He felt Xander draw for a short time that curled his toes and made his cock hard then the boy fell asleep. Spike picked him up and took him back to the bed, stripped him and covered him with the blankets.

Then he went to the windowless, sun proof, vampire room Xander had given him, when he was a crazy, soul having vampire. He opened up his old trunk; thing had been round the world several times, and scrounged around in it until he found the book that he wanted. He shut the trunk and went back to Xander. He stripped and slipped into the bed beside the boy, put a pillow behind his back, opened the book and began to read.

Part Fifteen

Spike studied the texts carefully, by the time he was ready to curl up around Xander and slip into slumber; he knew they were going to have to consult Giles about the spell that had been cast on the boy. He'd have to ring him up when they woke, and get his wrinkly arse over to the apartment without the estrogen brigade hanging on his coattails. Xander wouldn't be able to deal with the fuss just yet.

Prior to attempting the physical cross siring he needed more information and he might need some assistance. Spike didn't think that Xander trusted Willow enough right now to tolerate her help, and he himself didn't feel the love where the red headed witch was concerned, or the the trust either if anyone wanted to get technical about it. Even though Spike and Xander were in agreement about his being Xander's sire, the physical bond was absolutely essential for both of their sakes, as soon as it could be arranged.

Spike heaved a sigh. So much for keeping the situation under wraps for a bit. No sense in putting it off though. Something had to be done to keep the fledge on an even keel. With the blood bond in place maybe Xander's emotional swings wouldn't be so jarring and Spike would be able to help him more.

The boy didn't feel secure, he felt like he was adrift, and had no connection, he didn't have a place. That was disorienting and painful for even a mature Childe, as he knew from bitter experience. It had to be excruciating for Xander as new as he was.

Neither of their demons were easy with the absence of the Sire/Childe blood link, though they were somewhat pacified that Spike was at least family, and a Master. They were both craving the link however and that made things a little rocky, which is exactly what a new fledge didn't need. Spike was surprised by the strong desire his demon had for the boy, and his soul didn't make matters any better by urging his demon on like a cheer leading squad. They were in perfect agreement for once.

Bloody incredible when yourself gangs up on yourself. You're supposed ta be helpin' me control the bloody wanker, not giving him the prod, he thought at his soul. He was overwhelmed by the surging response he got from the soul/demon duo. We want him. He helped us. He came hunting for us and took us home. Fed us. Cared for us, when no one else cared. He wants us. He chose us over Angelus, rejected him, left him to come find us. No one ever chose us before, put us first. Not even Drusilla. He will never leave us alone, like everyone else has. All that loyalty, desire, need, just for us. We want him. You want him. Spike couldn't find any argument to that; He curled around Xander, buried his nose in the boy's sweet smelling nape and drifted to sleep with the demon/soul duet still ringing through and through him.


Xander woke with Spike spooned up behind him. He felt rested and peaceful at the moment. He lay there and enjoyed the feel of Spike's body against him, pressing back a little to feel more of it. He reached down and picked up the hand that was cupped possessively over his cock and examined the deceptively fragile looking extremity. Such strong hands. The thought ignited a tendril of desire low in his belly and sent tingles everywhere. He shivered. Hands capable of such destruction and vilolence. But they're just right when they're on my body, the way I need them to be. Love his hands on me anywhere..everywhere. The tendril turned into a low flame.

Xander slipped out from under the arm clutching at him. He dipped under the warm, dark blankets and nuzzled his way down to the stiff cock that scented the air under the covers. He wiggled down until his head was at Spike's groin,turned on his side,opened his mouth and swallowed the engorged organ. He kept swallowing until his nose was pressed into the soft silky hair at the base of spike's cock. He moaned in contentment. He suckled on the thick shaft like a baby suckling at the breast. He closed his eyes and just nursed there, erupting into a contented purr, with a cock pacifier in his mouth, he dozed.

Spike woke in easy stages and lay there wondering for a moment what was different. Then he recognized the feel of a wet mouth surrounding his cock. He lay there for a moment waiting to see what the boy would do. He felt the boy suckle at him, heard a sleepy broken purr for a second, then it stopped. He put his hands over the lump at his groin under the covers and massaged gently there for a second.

His eyes suddenly widened with a realization and he snatched the blankets and lifted them up to look down at the dark head nestled in his groin. The boy was using his cock as a pacifier! He laughed like a loon. He just couldn't help it. Genuine laughter shook his entire body and jiggled the boy, waking him. The boy turned wide startled eyes up at him never releasing his prize, and sucked hard once. Looks like the cat caught with the family's pet canary in his mouth, he does.

Spike howled with laughter as his head fell back on the pillow and he turned on to his back. The boy followed not willing to give up his tasty pacifier. Xander settled himself between his thighs like a particularly big cat. Spike's laughter finally wound down and he lifted the covers again and peered down his body to meet the eyes of a now fully awake Xander.

The boy's eyes gleamed at him from the dark cavern of covers. He began a slow up and down slide with his mouth and swallowed. His strong throat muscles squeezed around Spike's cock like a vice. Spike let out an undignified squawk and threw back the blankets.  His hips thrust up enthusiastically to meet the boy's next downward slide and he watched avidly as his cock disappeared into the boy's wet ravenous mouth.

Xander moved to his knees to get a better angle and set up a fast hard bobbing rhythm sucking like hoover on the upstroke and tonguing the sensitive slit at the head of Spike's cock. He took Spike's cock into his throat on the downstrokes and swallowed continuously, rippling his throat muscles. The boy had a hard grip on his hips that would probably leave bruises, but Spike really didn't care at the moment. He was too close to coming.

The boy aggressively devoured his cock like he was starved and Spike's cock was the last meal on the planet. Xander growled while he sucked and swallowed, the vibrations sent Spike over the edge, he came with a roar. The boy swallowed everything Spike offered him without losing a drop. Then the boy lay draped over Spike in a boneless heap and licked his cock and balls, purring contentedly. He looked for all the world like a mother cat licking her kitten clean.  

Spike reached down and hauled the boy up to lay on his chest and tipped his face up with a finger beneath his chin. He kissed the boy and tongue fucked his mouth, growling when he tasted himself there. He released the boy's mouth with a final nip at the soft bottom lip, and Xander laid his head back down with a happy sigh. "Don't believe anyone's ever used my cock as a pacifier before," Spike announced to the ceiling, while he ran his fingers through Xander's tangled mass of hair.

"You taste good." Xander replied. "Smell good."

"Is this a one off or should I get used to it?" Spike smiled.

"Dunno," lazy reply ",you were asleep n' I just wanted to be closer to you, without waking you up. Might just as well get used to it, I guess."

That told Spike more than anything how disconnected Xander felt. He hadn't been looking for sex, hadn't even been interested in coming himself. He'd wanted the connection. They needed to get Rupert over here ASAP. He smacked Xander on the ass. "Up and dress. Feed, and call Rupert."

Xander's whole body went stiff at the watcher's name. "I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

"You have to face em some time Xander and hopefully I can get 'im over here without the whole bloody gaggle. It'll be easier with just him at first. They're busy with trainin' the mini me's and plannin' strategy anyway. It oughta be easy for the git to slip away without raising any eyebrows, especially if I can ring 'im at his apartment."

No way in hell was he gonna tell the boy that no one had even mentioned his name since he'd been gone; With the exception of the watcher. And that had only been to send Spike to check on the boy, in other words to find out if the boy had fucked up again. The bloody fools hadn't checked on the situation before they sent the boy to LA. So they sent him into that hellacious situation with no warning. Buffy had a big problem with planning. But Rupert should have known better, even with the distraction of the First.

"Can we go get some other clothes first?" in a pathetically hopeful tone.

Spike laughed again at the shudder of distaste, and the look of disgust on Xander's face as he looked at the dresser full of atrocious shirts and pants. "If we make it a quick trip. I'll call Rupert before we go and set a time for him to get here. Get your delicious arse outta the bed, the faster you're dressed, the faster we can go."

Xander scrambled out of the bed eagerly. He snatched open the drawers and tried to find something that was the least offensive amongst the riot of clashing colors and baggy pants.

Spike slid off the bed and wandered into his "vamp room" and found  a clean black T, and pulled it over his head. Then he pulled on a clean pair of tight black jeans and snatched a pair of socks he had stolen from Xander. He sat on the end of the bed and pulled on the socks; reached down beside the bed to snag his boots. He stomped his feet into them and pulled the laces tight, he was ready to go as soon as he used some hair gel and a comb.

Xander came out of the bedroom with a look of resignation on his face. He had on a brown Hawaiian shirt with bright yellow flowers all over it. He looked down at it with distaste and plucked the front away from his body and snorted."Yuck, no wonder the nasties always came after me. They could see me from across the state, they couldn't see anyone else because of the glare. I wasn't a magnet, so much as a neon sign advertising myself as the blue plate demon dinner special of the week. Shit, I bet this thing even glows in the dark. All it needs is some marquee lights. Someone should call the EPA, I'm afraid it might be radioactive."

He looked thoughtful for a second and another idea dawned on him. "I wonder if that's why all the demony females liked me so much? The males in the animal kingdom are brighter than the females. Hell, they must have thought I was putting on a mating display!" His horrified expression of dawning insight caused Spike to laugh helplessly, he laughed so hard he slid off the bed onto the floor. "Yeah you laugh now, Sire. You have to be seen with me, until I can get a decontamination crew to dispose of this stuff. Wait and we'll see how much you like it when the oogedy female of the week is sliming you, to get at me."

Finally Spike wound down and asked between chuckles "Are you ready to go?"

Xander cast a wry look his way. "Ready as I can be without a warning label and a decontamination suit." That sent Spike into another round of laughter as he applied hair gel to his hair and ran his comb through it, styling it in his usual way.

"Right then," he grinned. "Let me call Rupert and we'll get," he chuckled again "on the road."

"Harty, har, har. Hear me laugh," trailed behind Xander as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch to sulk.

Spike followed Xander out into the living room. As he walked through to the kitchen he picked up the phone and dialed Rupert's number. He called the watcher's apartment instead of Buffy's place so he had a better chance of getting him while he was alone. He pushed the phone between chin and shoulder. While he waited for an answer on the other end he opened the refrigerator and pulled out blood bags and stacked them on the counter. "Xander, come and feed before we go."

The boy bounced into the kitchen, sulk forgotten, and went to the sink. He grabbed a sponge and quickly washed the three items they'd used before and rinsed them well; found a dish towel and dried them quickly. Spike started snipping blood bags and pouring them into the bowl and mug. He set the bowl in the microwave first and punched in the time.

Finally Rupert picked up on the other end. "Oi, Rupert.... Yeah, I found him. Well, about that.... There are some..  complications. No. No need to go to LA, we're not in LA. We're at Xander's apartment. Have been since night before last. Need you to come over here without the hormone squad.. What?..... Because the boy was exhausted and needed the rest before you bloody lot got with the inquisition that's why." .......

"You need to bring a few things with you..... Yeah. About that bloody soul anchoring spell you put on the boy..... Yeah, it worked a treat.....That's not the problem.... Don't get your knickers in a bunch. He's okay right now. Just not up for the whole bloody lot of you. So come over later, and explanations can be had then."

The microwave dinged and Spike handed the bowl out to Xander and put in his mug and punched some more numbers. "Yeah, we'll expect you then.  We should be back before you get here, but just in case, don't have a cow. If we're not here, just wait on us and we'll be here shortly. We've got to go out..... Yes, Xander needs some things..... Yeah, yeah. Just bring your bleedin' book, oh and we're gonna need somethin' along the lines of a bondin' spell."

Xander's bowl was empty and he snipped and poured the last bags, except for one, into the bowl. He pulled his mug out of the microwave and replaced it with Xander's bowl. The boy had a blood mustache. Spike pulled him in with one arm and licked the blood from his upper lip, while they both listened to Rupert yacking.

"Rupert," Spike growled impatiently "just do it. It's important for Xander, he's gonna need it.... Okay! Here." He shoved the phone at Xander. "Wants to talk at ya, the git. Thinks I've done who knows what to ya."

Xander plastered himself against Spike's side and took the phone like it was a poisonous snake. "Hey G-man.... No, no I don't want to get into anything over the phone. Just bring the things Spike asked for.... Yeah, there was some trouble in LA........ Look it's too complicated to talk about over the phone....... Just come over later like Spike asked........ No, just no. I don't want to talk to anyone else right now, and it's not necessary. I'm just resting and recuperating." Xander's voice took on a dangerous angry tone. "Spike hasn't done a damned thing to me, Giles, except help me. It's every one else that's done me dirty.... Whatever...Are you going to come over tonight or what? Okay, we'll talk then." With that Xander hung up.

The microwave dinged and Xander opened the door and pulled out his bowl and set it on top. Spike had his second mug ready to go in. Xander took the mug from him and set it inside, set the timer and closed the door. He grabbed his bowl off the top. Then he looked at Spike. "Do you think there's going to be a problem with Giles?" He started drinking quickly as he waited for Spike to answer.

Spike leaned back against the counter, head down for a second thinking, then turned his head and looked at Xander out of those bright blue eyes. He curled his tongue behind his teeth in his Big Bad way. "Nothing I can't handle, luv. I may have soul now, but my soul is really starting to like my demon, lately. If I have to thump the watcher m'soul's not gonna kick up too much of a fuss, especially if it's concerning you."

Finished with his meal, Xander put the bowl in the sink and ran some water, he added some dish soap and put the bowl in it. He turned and took Spike's mug out as the microwave dinged. He handed the mug to Spike and followed the mug to Spike's mouth. Spike paused and Xander gave him a kiss, with tongue, that curled his toes up in his Docs. The boy has a wicked, talented mouth on him. His kisses tell me everything I need to know.

Xander gave Spike's lower lip a last nibble and lick, then let Spike finish his blood. But he stayed plastered against Spike's side and his hands wandered over Spike's body as the bright blue eyes watched him over the rim of the mug.

Spike drained his mug and reached around the boy and slid the mug into the soapy water. Then his arm came back to pull Xander against him groin to groin. He spread his feet wider and cradled Xander between his thighs. Both his hands slid down under the waist of the loose pants, in the back; to grab a handful of hard flexing muscle, and run fingers down the enticing cleft there. He massaged his handfuls of firm flesh and pulled the boy's hardness against his own as he ground against him. Spike forced himself to loosen his hold and swatted Xander on the rear. "If we start fucking now, we'll never leave the apartment, and you'll be into demonic advertising a lot longer." He grinned.

Xander groaned. "Bad Sire. Making me go shopping with a hard on."

"Right then, let's go." He reluctantly released the delicious body and they moved into the living room. Spike shrugged on his duster and Xander picked up his own and pulled it on. Spike opened the door and looked both ways before ushering Xander into the hallway, then turned and pushed him back in. "Wh..Wha..what?" Xander sputtered. "Hang on a mo, gotta get somethin' Pet." Spike turned and went back to the couch and swept up the sandwich baggy with the fangs in it, and prowled back to the door. Then he looked at Xander. 'Gonna get these set in somethin' for ya. You want an earring or nipple rings?"

Xander's pupils dilated with pleasure and he shivered under Spike's approval. Spike grabbed him around the waist as he threw back his head and submitted, pulled him close and nipped at his neck. The shiver turned into a full body shudder. The elder vampire put a hand to the back of the boy's head and drew Xander's head to his shoulder holding him there for a moment, with a Sire's hold. "Come on, moonlight's wastin.'"

They hustled down the hall, their voices could be heard echoing up the stairwell debating the merits of an earring vs nipple rings, as they descended the stairs and left the apartment building.


Spike was jealous. Xander was drooling. And it wasn't over him, he pouted, it was over leather pants. The boy hadn't looked at him since he'd spied the racks of leather when they entered the store. Xander had lit up brighter than the flowers on his shirt when he spied those damned pants; he made a beeline straight for them. The sales person followed along in his wake with dollar signs in his eyes.

The current pair he was holding up had been liberated from another shopper. A greasy looking biker, who had taken exception to Xander snatching the dark, rich, burgundy leather out from under his nose. He bowed up at Xander until the boy flashed his gameface and snarled, while clutching the leather to his chest. Then the biker decided he'd shop...somewhere else. Preferably two states away. The Hellmouth was hinky right now anyway. Hell he'd just go visit his cousin Merle in Tennessee. In fact he'd leave tonight. He almost ran out of the store mentally plotting the best route to get there. He might need to steal a map.

Spike leaned against the wall nearby to watch over his boy and nearly laughed at Xander's antics over the pants; and again when he noticed the biker make hasty tracks out of the store looking back over his shoulder like he expected the hounds of hell to be nipping at his heels. He was muttering about Tennessee and maps.

Spike had to admit though, the leather was drool worthy. But more drool worthy was the way his boy was going to look in them. He smirked nastily. He was going to tearing off heads left and right everywhere they went. Xander was still going to be a demon magnet, but in a whole different way. Talk about advertising. He almost laughed again.

Spike stood upright and strolled over to where Xander was rifling the rack."Tick Tock, Xander. We can come back again. Get the burgundy, the two black, the navy, the tan, the dark brown, and the red. That's enough for now. You still need shirts."

Xander pouted prettily, then. "Okay. where am I gonna get shirts?"

Spike turned to the sales person who was almost stuttering with joy. "Do you have any decent shirts here?"

"Y..Yes..Yes sir! Right this way" He led them to another section of the store and Xander spent several minutes Looking at pullovers and button up shirts in dark jewel tones without a pattern or flower on them. He finally decided on a black cashmere pullover and several silk button ups in slate grey,wine red, and a rich choclate brown.

But the one that had Spike's cock standing up in anticipation was a black silk one with billowing sleeves and tight wrist cuffs. It was made to fit loosely not tucked in. It had three jeweled buttons down the front to the midriff, with slits on the side from the bottom, up past the waist. The shirt flowed about the body and would show glimpses of bare smooth skin over hard muscle.

"We'll take these," he handed the salesperson the armful of shirts "but I want one of these in every color you have, except white." Indicating the one that made his cock drool.

The Sales person was almost beside himself. He almost lost his dignity and ran with the shirts to the register, and then to get back to them, because Spike told him they were on to shoes next.

Xander wanted steel toed Docs like his Sire. The sales person pulled out every nearly every pair the store had.  The boy finally settled on a calf high black pair with speed laces and a calf high black pair with toggles instead of laces.  They added Socks, with the boots. They finished with ten pairs of black jeans and T shirts, to wear for patrolling and fighting. And two pairs of dress slacks, one in a black Irish Linen, and the other in a dark grey. They were finished.

The sales person was almost singing arias as he rang up their purchases and bagged them. The total would have been staggering. But Spike forked over the Council's credit card again and just smiled at the man. Xander's eyes sparkled suspiciously also as he watched the transaction. They arranged for the purchases to be delivered to Xander's apartment that evening.

Xander changed into a set of new clothes before he left the store. He wore tight black jeans and the black cashmere pullover, with the sleeves pushed up. He wore his duster over those. He had on new socks and his new lace up Docs. He trashed the old sneakers, the shirt and pants. He carried them to a dumpster in an alley holding them away from his body between his thumb and forefinger, as if they were contagious. He flung them into the dumpster with such a gleeful spitefulness, it had Spike laughing again.

They left the clothiers for the jewelry store where Spike had taken the fangs. Xander had decided on an earring with Spike's full and evident approval. The boy wasn't ashamed of what he had done. It wasn't boasting on his part either. It was acknowledgment of what he had survived and the revenge he had carried out to completion.

So Spike ordered the fangs capped and tipped with nadrilium, an alloy made by demons, stronger and lighter than steel, black in color. Each cap would be set with flawless blood red colored diamonds one carat in size around the circumference. They were to be put on a small flexible coil of nadrilium and threaded through holes in Xander's ear to dangle freely from the ends.

Spike sat Xander in a chair  to wait, while he spoke with the demon who worked with the fangs. He inspected the work and approved it. The fangs were really quite beautiful and still recognizable as exactly what they were. He again flipped the Council's credit card onto the counter and paid the hefty fee for the special order without a qualm. The demon handed him the altered fangs in a velvet gift box, he stashed it in his duster pocket, collected Xander and they were on their way back to the apartment. And they still had a little time to spare.

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