Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Written for [info]adventdrabbles

Christmas Drabbles


Advent Calendar

Finger tracing over the sealed edges of the cartoon houses, Xander searched for the correct one. HA!! There it was – December 1st. Sliding his fingernail beneath the edge, he flipped it open gently and popped out his treat, sliding it between his lips and beginning to suck slowly. A loud groan dragged his eyes open and he focused on the dishevelled blond lying next to him, hand sliding beneath the sheets and moving sneakily towards Xander's lap.

“Pet, are ya gonna eat all of 'em like that?!”

“Only if it makes you react like – oooooh Spike!”

Snowed In

“WOW!! It looks really pretty but I don't see why we can't go out in it.”

Spike snorted. Poor Xander, still used to the American grand scale of things.

“This is Britain, luv. A foot of snow and we're all told not to travel, schools are closed, blah blah. Used to make it damned hard to get a hot meal, I can tell ya. Although, one winter Dru n'I had an idea for making blood popsicles – the mess she made....”


“Yeah luv?”

“Please can we just stick with snow – pretty?”

Building a Snow-Vamp

An evening building a snow-vamp might not be the height of sophistication but Spike couldn't remember when he had had more fun. He even liked the jaunty black hat and scarf Xander dressed it in, although he thought using red food dye as blood dripping from it's mouth was a bit much. Turning to Xander, he felt the hefty thud of a snowball hitting his duster. Looking down, first in disbelief and then in disgust at the pile of slush slithering down his body, he scowled. “Xander – what did I tell ya about not using the yellow snow?!”


Giles sidestepped through the doorway, narrowly avoiding colliding with Spike and Xander who seemed oblivious to the obstruction they were causing.

“Giles!! They're just honouring tradition – what else are they meant to do when under the mistletoe?! And you did invite them for Christmas....” Willow laughed.

“Well I think they look hot.” Daisy was practically drooling as she stared at them, and cleaning his glasses Giles despaired of protecting the youngest slayers' innocence over the holiday season. Although he did wonder...

“Yes, well, I'm all for following tradition. But just who put mistletoe above every doorway?”

Egg Nog

“Oh wow, Spike, I just had the most amazing dream!! It was you and me, and we were stood in a window kissing, and the sun was setting or rising – I'm not sure which – but we were highlighted by the most glorious colours, and there were huge glittery stars and then everything kinda faded and it was just your eyes staring at me from the sunset – it was just awesome!”

“That's it luv, don't care if it's Christmas or not. I warned the Watcher what you get like! Sorry, but no more eggnog for you!”

Treasure Hunt

“Must you make so much noise?!”

“Not my fault you kept drinking, Pet. Told ya not to sink anymore eggnog but you kept on.....”

“Yeah, yeah, Mother, next time I'll listen. Who is that thumping up and down the stairs? Sounds like a herd of satanic elephants.”

Spike smirked, flopping back into bed and ignoring Xander's gasp of pain at the bounce.

“S'nothing luv. I told the Slayers in training I'd hidden their presents round the castle so there's 25 girls thumping around doing a treasure hunt.”

“Thanks so much Spike.”

“Anytime, pet, anytime!”

Fa La La La La, La-La La La.....

Upon arrival Cordelia happily wandered off with Willow, leaving the three in an uncomfortable silence. Spike was extremely agitated, insecurity sharpening his tongue.

“Oi, Peaches, you keep your eyes and hands off my boy – don't go getting any ideas.”

“Spike - “ protested Xander while Angel sighed.

“I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“You know damned well what I'm talking about – you've had your eye on him since that hospital thing.........”

Angelus had his eye - “

“You just try it mate, and I'll do more than deck the halls!”

Family at Christmas

Spike's head swivelled back and forth like he was watching a tennis match.

“My money's on the cheerleader.”

“No way – against Buffy?!”

“Luv, Cordelia's evil – she ever gets turned and I'm on the next shuttle off this planet!”

“Huh,” Xander replied, pretending to admire the Christmas tree the SiTs were decorating but actually watching Cordelia, Buffy and Angel circle each other. “Yeah, I'm with you. Can I have some egg nog?? I'm not gonna make it through a whole evening of this without something!

“Get me some while you're at it Pet!”

Christmas Cards

“Who are you writing a Christmas card to?”


“I already sent one to Clem. Lemme see!”


“You're sending Drusilla a Christmas card?!”

“OI!! Dru loved Christmas! She'd put up a tree n'everything. Used to want to put someone on top but to keep 'em upright you had to kinda impale - ”

“Whoa, yeah, I get it. Where do you send her card – like, wouldn't she eat the postman?! Hey, she could get an email address –!”

“You can be such a jealous little shit.”

“Bite me.”

Silent Night

Thanks to [info]starr_falling for the idea!

Spike shifted uncomfortably, heaving a sigh as he realised it was too quiet for him to sleep. He was used to the noises Xander's body made whilst sleeping. And to being used as a teddy bear/pillow. How had it come to him sleeping on the couch cos of a bloody Christmas card?! A noise from the doorway made him sit up, ready to talk but Xander beat him to it.

“If I said I was sorry, would you come back to bed?”

“If I said I was sorry, would you make some cocoa to bring with me?”

Prickly Holly

“And what happens if I touch you - here?!” Xander smirked as Spike writhed from side to side, moaning. Spike's eyes were flickering from blue to gold and back again, a trickle of blood slip-sliding down his chin from fang-bitten lips.

Carefully, Xander once again spread the holly over his palm and slid it down Spike's belly to graze the head of his straining cock, holding back his own moan at the uninhibited responses from his vampire. He would never be able to look at holly again without getting turned on because this was so damned beautiful to watch....

All I Want For Christmas

“I don't mean to be jealous.” Gripping the curls at the base of Spike's neck, Xander's head arched back and he moaned as Spike grazed his neck with his fangs. “It's just I'm not used to getting what I want.”

“Should be used to it by now, pet. I'm not going anywhere – not now, not ever.” Like a girl in a romance novel, Xander felt like he was drowning in the kiss he and Spike shared, although lack of oxygen was a real danger for him.

“S'good. Cos all I want for Christmas is you!”

Snowball Fight

A night-time snowball fight sounded like fun. Girls versus boys maybe not so good an idea. Huddling behind a tree, Xander watched as the SiTs plus Buffy pelted Spike and Angel with snowballs whilst the two vamps tried valiantly not to look as though they were losing. Badly. Cordelia and Willow were giggling on the balcony, and Giles was watching from the safety of his study.

The silence was all the warning he got, and Xander screamed as Spike shoved a giant handful of snow down the back of his neck.

“Didn't want ya to feel left out Pet!”

Jack Frost

“Bloody hell, luv, your hands are freezing!” Spike pulled away from Xander's chilly embrace, yanking off the man's heavy coat and throwing it to the floor.

“S'your fault! You shoved snow down my back”. Shivering, Xander leaned against the bedroom door, watching mesmerised as Spike slithered down onto his knees.

“JESUS CHRIST!!!” Jaw dropping, Xander scrambled onto tiptoes to avoid the freezing cold hands yanking open his trousers and grabbing his cock. Brain in meltdown, he gurgled, “I thought Jack Frost nipped at your nose!” as teeth gently nibbled before he was sucked into wet warmth.



“Yeah Wills?”

“You know the gifts you and Spike brought with you for each other?”


“Well – you have realised you'll be opening them in front of everyone, right?!”

“Sure. I found this amazing book of poetry.”

“That sounds lovely, sweetie. But actually, I'm more worried about what he might have bought you.” They looked at each other, then at the presents under the tree. “Which ones are they?”

“Black and red paper – probably safest to remove them all.”



“Is that one buzzing?!!”


“It buzzed Spike!”

“You're shite at getting up in the mornings – I thought that would bug you enough to get you outta bed!” Spike smirked. “You and Willow are dirty minded lil bastards – what did ya think was in there?!”

“NOTHING!! We thought – that's SO not the point! You would tell me if there's anything I shouldn't open in front of the SiTs right?? Please?”

For a moment, Spike was silent but he couldn't resist the pout and relented.

“Nah, you're alright Pet. But make sure ya watch the Slayer open hers!”

“I'll make sure Willow has the camera ready!”


“DON'T quote Deadboy at me. Just put Spike on the bed and leave.” He stalked from the bathroom carrying towels and a razor, checking the temperature in the mug of blood on the bedside table. Running the razor over his arm, he dripped blood into the mug before sitting down next to Spike.

“Only you could get staked by an icicle, sweetheart” he murmured as he painted his lover's lips with blood and waited for a reaction. Any reaction to quell his fear. “Please - please wake up.”

Christmas Past

“Hey babe, remember our first Christmas? We weren't even sure we were friends, let alone lovers, but by the end of Christmas Day I couldn't imagine living without you. And you promised me I wouldn't have to. You promised me I wouldn't lose my heart if I gave it to you. Please – don't break that promise.”

“Any change?”

Xander barely looked up from his vampire, a head-shake his response. Spike was in there, could hear him, he knew it. And he was so going to kick Spike's ass for scaring him when he finally woke up. If he woke up.

Christmas Present

“Holy water in an icicle stake – what will these humans come up with next, eh William? Can't offer you much – somehow, don't think saying thank you for saving me will do. I can just hear you now, calling me Peaches, telling me to shut it.”

“But Sire's blood may help – bring you back a little bit sooner. You need to return quickly, William - your Xander is suffering without you. There are ….. many who love you and need you to come back.............including me.”

No reaction. Laying his forehead onto Spike's, Angel whispered almost silently. “Please – come back to us.”

Christmases Future

“I heard you, luv, heard everything. Heard how much you love me and need me. Always knew you were strong, luv, strong enough to love a demon like me. I remember that first Christmas. Meant every word I said – don't make promises I won't keep. Your heart's safe wiv me, same as mine wiv you. Never letting you go, Xander, not now, not never – stuck with me for eternity. For all the future Christmases to come, I'm wiv ya. You are my everything.”

Now all he had to do was wake up and say those words aloud.

Blessed Event

Whispers and sighs in his ear. Shifted to his back by gentle hands that stroked, caressed, touched all over, love and need in every gesture. Cool lips taking his, tongue pressing for entry as his body was gently prepared. Familiar stretch and burn – beautiful pain of becoming one when the fear was it would never happen again. Inexorable rise, hoarse cries, straining, yearning, heart thudding, lungs screaming – hard, deep, desperate, needed. Scorching release that only came with being reclaimed. Blessed exhilaration of fangs striking deep. Panting, clinging, crying - sweet, possessive growling that could only be “Spike...!”


“I know you're not interested in receiving our blessing. See, we thought he was avoiding a real relationship, was scared of losing someone so chose a vampire despite how he feels about them. But seeing him this week – watching him suffer, God, it was the absolute worst. I swore to myself, if – when you got better – I would say this. So here it is – and just once. You and he are perfect together. You make him happy. And you're family. Spike? Spike? Oh man, Willow he fell asleep – do I have to say it again?!”

Guess Who Got Stuck In The Chimney?!

“Climb down the chimney, he says. It'll make everyone think it's Santa, he says. The SiTs are missing their families and this will make their day, he says. Spike was going to do it but since he took that icicle meant for you he can't, he says.

Does he mention the fact that this friggin' castle has ten chimneys? Oh no, why would he mention that. Make things too easy. And what this soot is going to do to my Armani suit? Why he couldn't give me time to get changed into -

SPIKE! XANDER!! You better not light that fire-place!”

What Spike REALLY Got the Scoobies for Christmas!

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