Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
scot25 prompt: cloudy
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine but alas, Joss said no when I asked...
Summary: Observations of a British shop-girl..



Coming from California, most people expected the tall dark American to hate the English weather - the rain, the near constant clouds, the distinct lack of sunshine. The goofy grin and open personality made them feel happy to meet him, despite the eye-patch that on someone else could have been a bit intimidating. They were kinda surprised that when asked his thoughts of the English weather he said he liked it just fine. The teenage girl at the corner shop thought he was gorgeous, with his deep tan and American accent, but even she thought he was a little bit odd - when he popped in to buy gum or more often than not chocolate, he was always talking about going on picnics when the weather was cloudy or rainy, when normal people were wrapped up warm indoors avoiding the rain and the grey clouds.

But then maybe it had something to do with his partner - such an American way of putting things - his Significant Other. When she was giggling with her friends, the girl at the corner-shop described his boyfriend as kinda short, very very pale but incredibly sexy in a feral sort of way. Like he would take a bite out of you given the opportunity. And she did wonder how the two had met - the boyfriend was obviously English, with a heavy cockney accent and a cigarette habit that was extreme to say the least. In fact, he looked a bit like that old rocker, Billy Idol or something like that - had a few hits back in the 80's or something. But you only saw the boyfriend on the days when the clouds were really heavy, or it was pelting down with rain.

Not that either of them seemed to notice the damp weather - always holding hands, or touching in some way - arms round each other's waist, that sort of thing. It made you feel as though you were intruding on a private moment when you saw them like that, and it was so so hot seeing them kiss. She'd seen them once outside of the shop while she was waiting at the bus stop to go home. It was early evening, another rainy day with heavy grey clouds making everything seem dull, dank and miserable. They were walking down the street, the tall American man's arm around the shoulders of the slender English guy, whilst his slender pale hand was wedged in the rear pocket of the other's jeans. They stopped to look in a shop window - she couldn't see what they were looking at - but the American pointed to something and gestured at the blond guy who snarled and pretended to take a bite out of his finger. And the American man just laughed, leaned down and kissed the blond guy. It started out gentle, just a little peck really, but quickly deepened into something passionate, something, well, private. As she rode the bus going home that night, she found herself thinking that maybe the American guy didn't mind the weather because the little blond guy was his sunshine - well, that was how he looked at him anyway.

The End

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