Keep it in the Family


Part Six

“So – are you gonna to finish your story then Pet?” Sat around the kitchen table the following evening, all drinking mugs of human blood that Angel had nuked, it seemed like a good time to catch up with everything.

“Oh right, yeah. Erm – right, so I got to the point where a guy at work told me that I was covered in magic right?” Spike and Angel nodded. “I told him I wasn't a warlock or anything powerful like that, and that I didn't have a clue why he could sense all this stuff about me. He was pretty sceptical to start with, but I managed to convince him and he suggested I visit his warlock to find out what spells had been cast on me. So I did – went to see him that weekend instead of going slaying with Willow and Buffy. It was pretty scary actually – dark, dingy – the sort of place I would generally avoid. But I'm glad I went – if I hadn't then, God, I don't know what state I would be in now”.


He didn't look like a Warlock. In fact, if Xander had to put a title to him, he would most likely have chosen librarian. Which was funny, cos the only librarian he did know was Giles and that was his 'cover' for his real identity as Watcher. The only other person he reminded Xander of was Miracle Max from “The Princess Bride” which made him smile like an idiot.

“And what are you finding so funny young man? You obviously don't take magics seriously otherwise you wouldn't have surrounded yourself with such a hodgepodge. Half of the magics you're wearing cancel each other out, and it's a wonder you've survived in Sunnydale as long as you have – you must be some kind of Demon Magnet!”.

“What?! No – no, I do take magic seriously. That's why I'm here – whatever you can sense on me I haven't put on myself and I need to know what they do, if they're dangerous, how to get rid of them and -”

“How to stop whoever's done this to you from doing it again?” Holding out his hand, the Warlock gestured towards the rear of the building, and Xander followed him through to a small office. “My name is Gethin. And you are?”

“Xander Harris”. They shook hands, but when he went to pull his hand away, Gethin refused to release it. Pressing Xander's hand between the both of his, Gethin closed his eyes and seemed to go into some sort of trance.

“Hmm, yes, I can see why you have come to me. And you almost left it too late – you're practically a clarion call for all things demonic. Would you like me to try to cleanse you of all of them, or are there particular ones you want gone?”

“God, are there that many?” Horrified, because he knew there was only one person who could have done this to him, Xander wasn't sure what to say.

“There are enough to make this a good few hours work. Was she a friend?” A lump in his throat, Xander nodded. “I'm sorry for your pain young Alexander. Come – get comfortable. We have much to do”.

Gethin began stripping the layers of magic from Xander, explaining as he went along what each of the things were meant to do. Some of them were easy – luck charms, charms to enhance your natural charm, safety charms. Others were confusing until Gethin realised the intent behind them such as hair charms, simple glamours.

“She obviously meant no ill will with some of these, although I cannot understand why she simply couldn't have a night with her girlfriends and experiment with make up and hair colour like every other girl!” Xander nodded dazedly. He couldn't believe Willow had been using him for the equivalent of magical cosmetic testing!

Some of the spells made Xander blanch – camouflage spells to make the wearer invisible to any wishing them harm – it did explain why his parents had barely acknowledged his existence the last few years, although it didn't appear to have worked on the demonic crowd in Sunnydale. A “keep away” spell aimed at any human woman with amorous intent explained him only being approached by females of the demonic persuasion, which had obviously been laid on him while Willow was still crushing on him.

The spell that broke him, that finally made him cry and realise that Willow was not casting the spells in an entirely innocent fashion was one that fascinated Gethin. He said that there was, shamefully, a large market for such a spell in the human world, and that Willow was obviously a very creative spell writer and caster. Gethin explained that it was probably one of the earliest spells laid on him, clumsy and heavy, but extremely strong.


“It was a spell to 'punish' any homosexual urges – thoughts, feelings, dreams even – they all led to pain ranging from vague discomfort to actually physically being ill. I think – well after I explained some things, Gethin said he thought it was – she put it on me to stop anything growing between me and Jesse. She must have thought – must have seen us messing about a few times, got scared – I don't know, maybe was scared of being left behind”. Draining another mug of blood, Xander avoided the looks from both vampires.

“She can't have been more than a baby!” Angel exclaimed, disgusted and horrified. “My God, how powerful is she to be able to spell someone against such natural urges at such a young age?”

“I've told ya, Peaches – the Watcher ain't been taking care of business. Things are passing him by that he should be sitting on her for!” Spike had been getting angrier and angrier throughout Xander's narration.

“Gethin thinks she's spelled Giles”.

“WHAT?!” The explosion from both vampires made Xander flinch even though he knew their anger wasn't aimed at him.

“Gethin thinks that she's laid a geas on Giles – something like a not noticing thing. He doesn't even see a lot of the things she does because of it – doesn't notice books going missing, that kind of thing”. The silence was a heavy one.

“Finish your story Xander”. He nodded in agreement and continued.

“After that, Gethin cleared me of all the other bits of magic she had laid on me but nothing else was as powerful as that one. We talked about what I could do to stop her – er, anyone being able to spell me ever again, and he recommended I have this done”. He turned away from Angel and Spike, lifting his hair so that they could see the small infinity shape tattooed at the base of his neck. “It's supposed to maintain the integrity of the vessel. What we didn't realise was the effect it would have on my previous possessions”.

“Previous possessions?!”

“Only you Whelp!”. Shaking his head ruefully, Spike smiled.

“I was possessed by a primal hyena, and one Halloween I was taken over by a soldier. The tattoo sealed them in and forced integration. We thought Giles had manage to exorcise the hyena, and no one else appeared to suffer any ill effects after that Halloween. But apparently I was possessed by an alpha of the pack, and she didn't leave entirely. Anyway, after I saw this guy that Gethin recommended and had the tattoo done I was really ill for about a week – or that's what I told people. Instead I was actually battling for control of my body. The hyena wanted to take over completely, and the soldier was waging war against her. We finally settled down to a bit of a compromise, and Wil – I mean, no one can lay magic on me without my consent. Even with my consent some spells just won't stick”.

“So what about your demon when you turned? How have you retained your soul?”

“I don't think I've actually retained my soul so much as the demon has integrated with all of us. I can hear it and feel it. When we – when Angel seemed to – God, erm...”

“When you thought I was rejecting you”. Blushing furiously, Xander nodded.

“It was so upset – really struggling. The solider and hyena managed to calm it down. Normally I can't even feel any fights in there, you know, but I was aware of this one”.

“But that's why you're still yourself?” Xander nodded, relieved that the story was finally over It had been quite devastating to find out that Willow had been using him to test magic, like some sort of lab rat. But by far the worst was the leash she had put on his sexuality and the fact that she had never removed the spell to keep human females away. She had effectively neutered him, leashed him the same way the Initiative had Spike. Seeing he was struggling, Spike moved round the table and folded Xander into a hug. To discover your childhood friend had tried to control your entire life had to be soul-destroying, and how ironic was that.

“Unfortunately, we're still going to have to deal with her and the Slayer, especially if she's laid some sort of geas on Giles”. Angel sighed heavily, not looking forward to those conversations. Xander began to panic.

“What? I don't know what to say to them! Oh my God, Buffy will stake me!”

“XANDER! Don't panic – you don't have to see them, you never even have to go back there. Please – look, you can stay here – you are more than welcome to stay here as long as you want”.

“Is it just because of you having to turn me? You just feel responsible for me”. He looked so dejected, Spike's heart almost broke.

“Oi Peaches!! Fuckin' hell, you're screwing this up more than you normally do everythin' else!”

“What does he mean?”

“Angel wants us to stay, and not just cos you've been turned. But it does make a difference, makes a few things possible that might not have worked before”.

“I don't understand. And can someone please give me some different lines – I'm sick of being such an ass”.

“You're not an ass! Look, Xander I want you and Spike to stay here – with me. I want us all to be together – a family”.

“Hell, are you trying to say I can have both of you?? I don't have to choose?” Xander was practically bouncing in his seat, veering between depression and ecstasy so quickly it was dizzying.

“You never have to choose, and we can all be together for the rest of our lives”.

“God this is just so overwhelming – I don't know what to say, how to cope”. For a moment, the smile dimmed. “Hang on, you guys practically hate each other – how is this even going to work? It won't work if it's just about me”.

“Yeah, there are things that need to be worked out. There's a lot of history between us. And there's the chip”.

“Worrabout it?” Instantly defensive, Spike bristled.

“I've been thinking about it and I don't want you staying because you feel you have no choice. I think I might know how to get rid of it”.

Part Seven

“So where the heck is he??”

“Willow – I think you'll find that as an adult, Xander has the right to go away without asking permission.” Verging on the sarcastic, Giles walked away from the research table to put the kettle on. He had the feeling this was going to turn into a large 'doctored' tea type of evening – with both Buffy and Willow realising that Xander had not been in touch with any of them.

“She knows that Giles!! It's just not like Xander to not let us know where he is”.


“We live on the Hellmouth – if someone doesn't check in every three days or so, you have to wonder whether they've been turned!”

“BUFFY! Bite your tongue – you know better than to tempt fate like that!”

“Oh please! Every vamp and demon knows that Xander's my friend – they won't want the wrath of the Slayer falling on them for daring to touch one of my friends!”

“Quite right, Buffy – probably why Xander's never been attacked by any demon for fear of incurring your wrath”.

“Exactly Giles, that's totally what I – HEY!! No fair being all sarcastic!”

“Do you really think something might have happened to him?” Willow's quiet voice cut into their banter.

“No, Wills, don't be silly. Riley and the guys have been patrolling pretty heavily lately and vamp numbers are way down. That's kinda why I was hoping my oh so wise Watcher would let me off patrol tonight because I really wanted to see that new movie that's - “

“Buffy! The Initiative's patrols cannot take the place of you undertaking your sacred duty! And I'm not sure I trust either their motivations or their methodology”.


“I don't think they are purely motivated by the idea of protecting the innocent. That Maggie Walsh, for instance, seems to be a mite too interested in – Willow, what exactly are you doing?”

“I'm getting together the components for a locator spell. I really think Xander has been quite selfish in not letting us know where he is. I'm just going to check on him and make sure he's alright”.

“Well I certainly don't think that's entirely necessary Willow. Such casual use of magic is not a good thing, and just because Xander has gone away for a long weekend - “

“Aven ignora kum”.

“Would either of you girls like a cup of tea?”

“No thanks Giles”. Buffy looked up from where she had been checking her make up. “So it's okay for me to go to the movies, right?”

“What? Buffy, just because the Initiative's soldiers have undertaken a few patrols doesn't mean - “ The phone ringing interrupted, and Giles went to answer it feeling like he had tried to have this conversation with Buffy before. “Hello?? Xander!!”

Tossing aside the components she had gathered, Willow walked over, eager to hear what Xander had to say for himself.

“Right. Oh I see. Well, yes, of course I will let the girls know. Okay then – I hope things work out. Thank you for letting me know. Goodnight then”.

“GILES!! I wanted to talk to him!”

“What? Oh sorry, Willow. Xander was in a bit of a hurry. He said to send his apologies for not contacting you earlier. The construction company needed him to visit another site unexpectedly and he's only just had the opportunity to get in touch. By the sounds of it, this might turn into something long - “

“So where is he?! And when is he coming home? They can't just send him off like this – he has responsibilities and – and - “

“Well actually Willow, they can. He has no obvious commitments – no spouse, dependants or pets. This seems like an excellent opportunity for him to prove his worth to them and perhaps - “

“What do you mean? This could be a permanent thing?!” Her voice rising, Willow's hair was practically standing on end.

“Well he wasn't able to go into much detail, but it did sound – well, this could be a chance for Xander to have a proper life, away from the Hellmouth”.

“Who's getting away from the Hellmouth?”

“Buffy, “ Giles said, exasperated, “have you been paying any attention at all?”

“Sorry, Giles – once I heard it was Xander I switched off. Phone call means no emergency. Look, Riley is meeting me at the movie theatre so I need to get going. You okay getting back to the dorms Will?”

“Surely you have time for a short patrol? I don't think that just because Riley and his pals - “

“He can't leave!” Willow's shout froze both Buffy and Giles in place. “That's completely unacceptable”.

“Er, Will? I think you need to dial things back just a little. If Xander wants to spread his wings and explore....”

“I had the chance to leave, to go to college elsewhere but I stayed because I'm not a quitter. We need to stick together – he can't just go off and - “

“Have a life of his own?” Giles' voice was quiet but determined. “You know, I think Xander may have exactly the right idea. Buffy, please feel free to meet up with Riley directly if you truly feel that a patrol is unnecessary. Willow, I think you need to return to your dormitory and consider what a real friend would want for Xander. As for myself, I have some thinking of my own to undertake. I'm leaving – please throw the lock as you go!”

The two girls watched in stunned silence as Giles grabbed his coat, turned off the kettle and walked out of the store.

“Wow! What crawled up his ass and died?” Ignoring Buffy's exclamation, Willow stared after Giles, a scowl contorting her features. “Guess he's tired huh? Come on, Wills, Giles has officially given us the night off!”

“Buffy, did you even hear what Giles said?”

“Of course I did. Xander may have the chance to build a career away from slayage and his evil parents. Which is of the good if you ask me. Willow, it's not the same for Xander as it is for you and me. What has he got here? Dead end jobs and regular trips to the Emergency Room? I know you gave up the chance to go to college out of Sunnydale, but it's not too late - you could transfer. And, you know, you are in college – you can go on from there, build a future. The only one of the three of us that was trapped here was me but now, with the Initiative – God, don't you see Willow? We could all be free! Just – just think about it, okay?” Laying her hand comfortingly on Willow's shoulder for a moment, Buffy looked at her friend. She knew how difficult Willow found handling change, but for the first time since she had been called, she could see a way out. For all of them. “Come on Will – I'll walk you to the dorm”.

Willow allowed Buffy to lead her out of the shop, her mind racing. There had to be a way to get Xander to see sense and come home. She just had to figure it out. Unbeknown to Giles, she had had keys to the store for quite some time, so if she needed access to any components or books she could come back at any time. And once she'd figured that out, she would have to do something about the Initiative – Buffy needed to stay put as well. They all belonged here – together, and she would do whatever she needed to do to make sure that it stayed that way.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

“Right, now that's out of the way, what exactly did you mean Angel?” Relieved that he had managed to speak to Giles and not one of the girls, Xander was feeling quite a bit better about things. He had breathing space before they Scoobies started to worry about him – he had heavily implied that he wouldn't be returning any time soon, and Giles seemed quite happy with his explanation.

“While I was waiting for you to wake, I was doing some thinking about how I could help Willi – Spike. And I realised that there were probably two options. We can either go for removing the chip, or stopping it from working”.

“That makes sense but how would we go about doing either of them? Buffy and Giles said they had been looking into it, but I'm not sure how much I believe them. Neither of them wants Spike unleashed and running around Sunnydale”.

“Oi! You make me sound like a friggin' dog or summat!” Xander sniggered – sometimes Spike made it too easy.

“Well, if I can come up with two potential fix scenarios in 48 hours, it does make me wonder quite what Buffy and Giles were doing. Magical intervention may be the safest way to go - “

“Hell no!! You know how I feel about mojo, especially it being worked on me!” Scowling, Spike threw himself into an armchair, his leg hooked over the arm and his foot swinging erratically back and forth.

“I understand that Spike. But surgery runs the risk of brain damage – Xander, leave it! - and somehow I don't imagine you want to be a vegetable for eternity. So removing it has inherent risks that at this point in time, we don't want to consider”.

“So – stopping it from working?” Xander was still smirking at Angel telling him to leave the jokes alone – there had been so many one-liners begging to escape when Angel said Spike ran the risk of brain surgery, but he obeyed his Sire's command. Besides, it was almost as good knowing that Spike had probably run through most of those jokes in his head, wondering which one Xander had been planning to use.

“Yes. I thought about a degausser, a way of demagnetising it but I'm not sure what that would do to vamp physiology. Which leaves magic. And there are a couple of magic users I would trust with something like that. But it's not just down to me – I want you both to agree.”

“How come I get a say?” Confused, Xander curled up in his corner of the sofa. He wasn't used to anyone actually asking his opinion, and on something this important he wasn't sure he wanted to start being listened to now.

“Course ya get a say you daft pillock! Which part of the three of us being together didn't go into your thick skull?”

“Hey!! This thick skull has saved me from many a beating!” Spike and Xander sniggered, and Angel heaved a sigh. Did he really want to saddle himself with them both?

“Spike's right – this affects all of us, so we all get a say. I would have a number of provisos before we went through with something like this – I would want your word William that you wouldn't attack any innocents, and I would want you to consider working for me here.”

“Here? Doing what? And what's happened to your minions? Not seen them around at all”.

“Erm, Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley are working independently of me”.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means they set up an agency of their own. When we lost Doyle, things fell apart in a big way and it seemed to make sense for them to branch off. I still help them, and they help me – but we're not part of one agency anymore. It stops them being targeted by people who want to get at me”. Xander nodded – he could understand the reasoning behind it and it explained how lonely Angel appeared to be. In effect, he was doing a Lone Ranger thing, and that had to be lonely.

“Right. Can see how that works. Worrabout your visions from the Powers?”

“They dried up after Doyle. I did visit the Oracles and – look, we can go into details later. Suffice it to say Cordy, etc are safer working away from me and we're all relatively content with that decision. So Spike, would you consider it? Because if we do this, I don't want to have to hunt you down for killing innocents”.

“So what – you expect me to want to earn me redemption or summat? Got no soul here mate, no desperate urge to atone for me sins”.

“Do you want to be part of this or not?” Looming over Spike, Angel let his irritation show. “Do you want to be here with me and Xander? Create a family?” Spike avoided Angel's glare, his eyes flickering to Xander who was watching, holding his breath. Did his answer mean that much to the Whelp then? Looked like he really wasn't second choice – that Xander really did care for him.

“Yeah. Yeah I do wanna be here with the pair of ya. And I guess I can suck the blood out of mugger just as easily as a victim”. He heard Xander exhale and unable to resist looked over. Their eyes met and it felt like a bolt of electricity arced between them. Nightmare or no, Xander was definitely interested in Spike and finding it harder and harder to fight his demon's natural desire to be welcomed into the family properly.

“Good. Then I vote yes, and as soon as possible. Spike?”

“Course I'm gonna say yeah. Not the Big Bad with no bite am I?”

“Xander?” Xander nodded his agreement, unable to focus on words at present. The ache in his stomach had lowered to his groin, and he was finding it really difficult to concentrate.

“Right, excellent. I'll contact my source, see how quickly we can go about doing this. I'll be right back”. Relieved that Spike had agreed with a minimum of fuss, Angel strode off upstairs to make the necessary phone calls. A weighty silence lay behind him.

“Ya know I can smell ya”.

“Yeah, I know.”

“Think I got a pretty good idea what's going through your head Pet.” Moving his leg back from over the arm of the chair, Spike spread his legs and slumped down in the seat, the vee formed by his splayed limbs like a landing strip drawing Xander's gaze inwards.

“You think so?” It was like trying to breathe through treacle, and even knowing he didn't need the air Xander was feeling light-headed.

“Oh yeah. Come 'ere Pet”. For a moment, Xander was frozen in place, automatically looking upwards to see if he could figure out where Angel was. “Don't worry about the Pouf. I said come 'ere”.

Pushing himself to his feet, Xander took a step towards Spike.

“Nu huh Pet. On your hands and knees”.

Part Eight

On his hands and knees? If he'd been feeling hot before, he was practically supernova now. Slipping to his knees less than gracefully, he fell forward until he was on his hands and knees. Looking up at Spike through his bangs, he faltered. What if he didn't do this right? What if -

“Don't think about it Pet, just do it”. Regardless of his insecurities, the demon inside him knew what to do, and obeying one of his Master's voices, he began to crawl forward until he was between Spike's legs. “Good boy. Now take me out Pet”. Fumbling, Xander knelt up between Spike's legs and began working to release the heavy leather belt and pop the buttons on the tight black jeans. The leaking head of Spike's cock bobbed into view, and unable to hold back his curiosity Xander leaned forward and licked it. “Very nice, Pet, but I didn't say you could do that now did I? Now be a good boy and do as you're told – take me out”.

Nodding feverishly, Xander completed undoing Spike's jeans, sliding his hands in so that one could grasp the stiff column of pale flesh while the other cupped the lightly haired balls.

“Get to know it, Pet – give it a few strokes. Oh yeah. That's good – no, not too fast, want this to last”. Obeying the instructions he'd been given, Xander stroked Spike's hard cock, marvelling at the feel of the smooth skin as he rubbed his hand up and down in a lazy rhythm, using the generously leaking pre-come to lubricate his movements. All the time, he was rolling and gently squeezing the heavy sacs in his left hand. “Want to taste it again Pet? Wanna take me in your mouth until you can barely breathe, feel me pushing into your throat while your mouth is full of my taste?” Mesmerised by the feel of it in his hands and Spike's words, Xander could only nod before leaning forward once more.

Releasing the heavy balls, he lent his hand on Spike's thigh while holding his cock steady for his lowering mouth. Closing his eyes the better to savour the taste, he sucked the head into his mouth, dipping his tongue into the leaking slit at the end.

“Oh yeah, Pet, that's so good”. Running his hands through Xander's hair, Spike gently guided his movements. It was so hard not to thrust his hips upwards, to stay still while Xander's head bobbed up and down. “Fuck, Pet, you're so good at this – love the feel of your mouth on me. Want me to move, luv? Want to feel me fucking up into your mouth so that you're almost gagging?” Xander could only moan in response, unwilling to release his prize for even the amount of time it would take to say yes.

Starting gently, Spike rocked his hips upwards the next time Xander bobbed down, conscious that this was his first time. Encouraged by the heated response, he thrust a bit harder, his hands resting lightly on Xander's head as they moved into a gentle rhythm together.

“So good, Pet – you're my good boy. Feel so good – love what you're doing, I do”. Muttering encouragement, Spike thrust up harder a few times, then said “Enough now – want you to stop now”. Totally engrossed in what he was doing and how it made him feel, finally being able to touch Spike this was, Xander ignored him, moving his head faster, hand stroking harder as he gained in confidence.

“Stop!” Pushing Xander's head back and off of him, Spike shoved him backwards, rising from the chair. “You do what I say when I say Pet!! Get into that bedroom – NOW!” Shamefaced, Xander wiped his mouth with a shaking hand then moved to stand up, ultra self-conscious of his hard on sticking out obscenely from his sleep pants, a wet patch spreading. “I didn't say you could get up! Fuckin' crawl to that bedroom now and you better make sure that you do as you're told or I'll tie ya to the fuckin' bed, ya hear me?” Xander couldn't hold back the moan that escaped him at the thought of being tied down and at Spike's mercy. Pressing at his dick to alleviate the need for friction, even momentarily, he turned over onto his hands and knees and began crawling to the bedroom, his head lowered so that he could only see where he was going through his bangs.

Smirking at the evidence of the boy's not unexpected kink (all that time tied to a barcalounge he had been inundated with pheromones every time Xander had to tie him up), Spike was determined to make sure Xander somehow misbehaved and had to be tied down. He watched as Xander crawled quickly into the bedroom.

“Couldn't wait for me huh?”

“Knew you were there and didn't think you'd have any objections”.

“You were right”.

“Wanna watch?”

“Oh fuck yeah. He's beautiful – you're both beautiful. And together? Of course I want to watch”.

“Thought you might”. Swiftly stripping off his jeans and tee-shirt, Spike turned to Angel. “Got any rope?”

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

“This is City Op, how ya doing Gump?”

“How many times have I told y'all not to call me that?”

“Sorry, Forest couldn't resist!! And you call Finn Farmboy all the time”.

“Yeah yeah, Report”.

“All quiet here, no new visitors. We lost visuals earlier but we think the dark haired guy left so all systems are go for 48 hours from now”.

“Excellent. I'll let Farmboy know – he can get a cell set up ready at base. Neither of us are gonna be able to get there to assist with the op – Walsh called a debrief, but you guys should have enough intel and equipment right?”

“Affirmative. Dark haired, Caucasian appearance, little over six foot, appears early to mid-twenties. Approach with caution and apprehend with extreme prejudice – the only rules are no dust, right?!

“You got it. Two nights from now and we should have the infamous Angelus locked up and ready to present to Walsh. Then she might give up on beating us up about Hostile 17”.

“Sweet. City Op out”.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

Locking the case, Giles took a last look around his apartment. He couldn't call it home – not since Jenny..... And now it seemed as though it was time to let go of the only things tying him to Sunnydale. With Xander away and appearing to be making the most of the opportunities in front of him; Buffy working closely with Walsh and her toy soldiers; and Willow becoming more involved with her collegial studies instead of pursuing her vague interests in magic the children didn't need him. It was time for him to attend the retreat in Los Angeles, undergo the cleansing ritual he sincerely hoped would help him. For the past year or so, his health had been slowly deteriorating and his doctor was baffled. Memory lapses were becoming more and more frequent and he was getting more and more disorganised and absent-minded. His last stock-take on the Magic Box had shown that he wasn't keeping on top of things there either – stock missing, things not where he was sure he had put them, even some of the darker magic books out of place when he had been positive he had locked them away. He needed an overhaul, the chance to consider his future and maybe get away from the Hellmouth once and for all.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

Not wanting, or needing, to turn on the lights and possibly alert anyone to her presence, Willow flicked through the large tome in front of her. There were a number of mind control spells she was considering but she wanted to make sure she chose the right one. She didn't want to run her friends' lives for them – she just didn't want them to leave Sunnydale, or her. Ever.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

Buffy smiled up at Riley as Forest returned from making a call. What could be more normal than double dating with friends? Riley had arranged for a squad to do an extra patrol so they had the whole evening and night free – no slayage required. How anyone could consider the Initiative to not have positive motives was beyond her.

~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~

Tugging at the ropes that bound him to the bed, Xander moaned loudly, fighting desperately to keep his hips still. But it was almost impossible – Spike's mouth felt incredible as he sucked Xander's cock and the long slender finger invading his ass and stroking his prostate at random moments was driving him insane.

Tossing his head from side to side, he sliced into his own lips with his fangs, catching sight of Angel. He was sat across from the bed, naked in an armchair, eyes riveted to the bed and it's occupants as he stroked the large erection sticking up from his lap. Fuck, it was just so hot – Angel watching as Spike took him deep into his throat, swallowing around him so he could feel those muscles caressing and squeezing his shaft. He hissed as he felt Spike introduce another finger into his ass, pressing them against the walls and stroking him inside.

“Ya gonna come for me Pet? Gonna shoot down my throat and watch me swallow it all down?” Jacking Xander's dick with quick, firm strokes, his fingers scissoring open and closed to loosen the tight passage, Spike kept up a stream of dirty talk, relishing Xander's helpless reactions as he let Spike play with his body. “Know what I'm gonna do once you've come? Once I've swallowed you down and tasted ya, I'm gonna turn you over onto your hands and knees, lift that gorgeous arse up to me, and I'm gonna split ya wide open. Gonna fuck ya and fuck ya and there won't be anything you can do but take it cos you're tied up here for me to use. Like that, don't ya Pet? Like the thought of being tied up for me to use whenever I want?”

“Please Spike, please – gotta come, please let me.....” Xander could only beg for release, unbearably aroused by Spike's words and the images he created striking a chord deep within him. Moving his hand faster, rubbing against Xander's prostate more often, Spike went in for the kill.

“I know what's really got ya hot though. It's knowing that Angel, your Sire is watching everything. Gets ya hot, don't it Pet, knowing Angel's gonna be watching as I break you open 'n'fuck ya, slide so deep into ya so that you won't be able to tell where you end and I start. And knowing that as soon as I've come, as soon as I've shot my load deep in your guts, Angel's gonna take my place. That's right – he's gonna fuck ya, use my come to ease his way so he can ram straight in, climb inside ya with his big, hard - “

It was all too much – his new senses overloading as his feelings for Spike clashed and meshed with his feelings for his Sire, for Angel. He screamed, arching up from the bed until he was supported by only his shoulders and his heels as he shot wads of come over his stomach and chest, a deep groan wrenched from him as Spike engulfed his shooting prick in his mouth and swallowed the rest of his come down just like he'd promised.

Part Nine

He came back to himself still lying on the bed, although his hands had been released. Opening his eyes slowly, his gaze was drawn instantly to the other side of the bed. Spike was balanced on his hands and knees, his face pressed into a pillow in an attempt to smother his moans as Angel pushed into him with smooth, unhurried thrusts. Instantly mesmerised by the sight of Angel's large hands clutching Spike's hips, holding him steady beneath the larger vampire's heavier weight as his hips moved back and forth, Xander reached out and smoothed his hand down the straining flanks of the smaller man.

Spike's head turned towards him and he gasped at the look in eyes turned navy in the midst of passion. Lust laden, heavy lidded, mouth hanging open as he panted for breath. Pulled by an invisible string, Xander shuffled closer until he could press his lips to Spike's, breathing in his groans as Angel pushed in harder, deeper. He slid his hand around Spike's neck, trying to turn his face face fully round so that he could kiss him properly, tongue pushing past non-existent resistance to explore his mouth. Altering his position, Spike moved towards Xander, pushing up against Angel's weight so that he could manoeuvre Xander under him, his arms straddling his body. Melting in submission, Xander allowed himself to fall onto his back, staring up at Spike.

“Stop. God, Angel, stop please”. Reluctantly, Angel ceased his movements, gently disengaging and sitting back on his heels to see what Spike wanted to do next. “Promised the Boy we'd fuck 'im proper. You wouldn't want me to break a promise now would ya?”

Smiling, Angel moved off the bed, making way for Spike to shuffle down and grab hold of Xander's legs to tug him down too. He moved round the bed and sat down with his back against the headboard, spreading his legs and stroking his cock as he watched his beautiful Childe together.

Spike pulled Xander up so that they could share another kiss, running his hands possessively down his back until he could squeeze his ass. Pulling back, he smiled into the dazed young man's face before turning him in his arms so that he was facing Angel. Kissing his earlobe gently, he whispered in Xander's ear: “See him Pet? Wanna taste him don't ya? That's our Sire – the biggest desire in the hearts of our demons is to make him happy. You can feel it deep inside can't ya? That yearning to make him happy, make him proud. And we're gonna do that Pet – we're gonna make him feel so good. But we're gonna do it while we make each other feel good cos that's what he wants, yeah? He wants to know we are lovin' what we're doing with him, with each other”. All the while, he was stroking Xander's chest, teasing his nipples, rubbing down his stomach until he could gently take hold of his growing erection. Knowing he would be sensitive, aware that the boy was nervous, he was slow and gentle with all of his movements. “Been wantin' to touch ya for so long, Luv. Wanted to make ya mine and now we finally have the chance. Gonna be together, all of us, for eternity. Gonna make ya feel so good you never want to leave us”. Pressing on his shoulders, Spike nudged him forwards onto his hands and knees on the bed. “Take him in, Pet, show him how good you made me feel”. Anxious to please, brain fogged by desire, Xander did as he was told. Sliding his hands up Angel's legs, the feel of the hairs tickling his palms, he stroked up his inner thighs.

“God Xander, you feel so good” was all the encouragement he needed, and moving upwards he took hold of Angel's erection and lowered his head. Licking the tip, dipping his tongue into the seeping slit at the end, he savoured the combined tastes of Spike and Angel. Rubbing his lips over the head, he looked up through his bangs until he met Angel's heated gaze. His lids fell, a muffled groan escaping him as he felt Spike grip the cheeks of his ass and spread them, diving between them to lick and suck at the pucker of his ass. He widened his legs, pushing backwards with his hips as he took more and more of Angel into his mouth, tongue swirling around the steely hardness, one hand helping him balance while the other stroked and fondled the parts he couldn't get into his mouth.

Spike moved away for a few moments and Xander concentrated on making Angel feel as good as he could, using every move that had made Spike moan and groan earlier, his demon almost dancing with delight as Angel voiced his enjoyment, his fingers tangling in Xander's hair and holding tight. Spike had been so right – the only thoughts in his head were of making the two of them happy – as a newly made vampire he wanted to make Sire happy, and he wanted to make Spike happy because he loved him. Such powerful motivation, it was difficult to decide which one held the larger sway. And for the first time in his life, he was fortunate enough not to have to choose – he was getting to do both at the same time and he was euphoric.

“Fuck!!” throwing his head back, he moaned as he felt Spike's well lubed fingers sliding into his asshole, instantly finding his prostate and rubbing.

“Don't stop Pet – like seeing ya sucking at him, I do.....” Leaning over Xander's back, Spike stroked gentle fingers down his spine, all the while twisting and sliding the fingers of his other hand inside Xander. “Don't stop or I'll have to”. Moving up onto the bed, he slicked his cock with some lube and lined himself up. “Deep breath, luv, and push down – won't hurt for long, swear it to ya”. Giving Xander time to take a deep breath, Spike pressed the head of his cock against his hole and pushed steadily until he popped through the guardian ring of muscle. Xander yelped around the hard flesh in his mouth, only the large, strong hands in his hair stopping him from rearing up. “Ssshh, take it easy Pet – worst bit over, promise”. Stroking his hips and thighs, Spike kept himself still until Xander stopped huffing for breath around Angel's erection, the tenseness in him relaxing slowly until he pushed back towards Spike. Recognising the sign that he was alright, Spike slowly tunnelled his way in until he struck as deep as he could, his balls gently swaying against Xander's body as he held himself still.

“Please....” the slurred plea was enough, and Spike began to stroke into Xander's welcoming body, hips moving smoothly back and forth. Quickly finding the rhythm, Xander let Spike's pushes into his body nudge him forward to take Angel as deeply into his mouth as he could, sliding back and gasping for unneeded air at every withdrawal. His brain had melted, his body aflame with lust as he moved back and forth between his two Masters. He could feel his cock dripping without even being touched, but as if thinking about it had alerted Spike to this potential neglect, he leaned forward, putting more weight onto Xander's back as he grasped Xander's steely hardness and began stroking it. Strong fingers playing up and down his hard flesh, the intimate feel of Spike deep in his body, the taste of Angel in his mouth, and Xander knew he couldn't last much longer despite having come not long ago. Determined to take at least one of them with him, he thrust his hips back at Spike's next thrust, dragging a groan from him as it pushed him deeper than he had gone before.

“God, luv – can't hold on...” Both trying hard to hold on, both struggling to hold back – Xander bucking into Spike in response to the strong strokes of Spike's hand, writhing beneath the deep thrusts.

It would have been so easy for Angel to feel neglected because Xander had ceased his ministrations to his Sire, unable to focus on anything but how Spike was making him feel. Instead, he relished the opportunity to watch his two Childe pleasuring each other. William (and it was definitely William not Spike) was lavishing Xander with such love and affection, doing everything he possibly could to ensure that his first sexual experience after coming out as gay and being turned into a vampire was so pleasurable that he would want to repeat it – often. Tucking his legs up beneath and ignore his throbbing erection (for now) he watched as Spike began the stuttering hip movements that characterised his climb to orgasm, panting for breath as he moved faster and faster, hips snapping back and forth. Xander's head was thrown back, eyelids flickering, mouth twisted in a grimace of ecstasy as he finally gave in to the myriad sensations battering his body and came. The clench of his muscles dragged Spike over with him, and they slumped to the bed together, a tangle of limbs pale and tanned.

Spike stirred first, lifting himself carefully off of Xander and moving onto his back. Shifting down the bed, Angel stroked Xander's face, admiring the clean lines of his new Childe. Such beauty, and it was his for eternity – to admire, to share, to love. He began to press kisses to Xander's face, learning his scent as he did so. Looking over at Spike he realised he was on the verge of falling asleep, another sign that he had not been feeding properly for a long time – vampire stamina should have seen him raring to go, not dropping asleep. Not wanting to tire either of them out, but wanting to stamp his mark on his newest childe, he slid over onto Xander back, tucking his cock between the firm cheeks of his ass. Using Spike's cum as lube, he began to thrust up and down, not trying to enter, just rubbing off against the smooth skin and the offering from Spike. His excitement ramped up as he felt Xander stirring in his arms, pushing his ass up encouragingly although it was obvious that he too was tired. It was more than enough considering the show he had seen between the two of them – earlier in the living area and also on the bed. He had been close to coming with Spike, only stopping because he knew that both of them needed to concentrate on making Xander and his new demon feel loved and welcomed into the family. Pressing himself into the hard body beneath him, he thrust his hips harder and faster, allowing his vampire face to slide out. Plastering himself over Xander's back, he gently sank his fangs into the join of his shoulder and neck, the taste of family blood enough to send him over into a long, gentle orgasm. Moaning with delight, he lapped at the marks, catching stray drops before laying a kiss against Xander's throat.

“Thank you”. The words were slurred, the voice low, but Angel heard and smiled – yes, Xander knew his place and was content. Sliding over on to the bed, he tugged the boy close to him, smiling once more as Spike shuffled himself sleepily over and joined the pile. Limbs entangled, sated and happy, they drifted off to sleep.

Part Ten

“I'm just saying I don't think I'll ever get all this crap off me boots!”

“SHUT UP SPIKE!” The response from both Xander and Angel was weary. Which was not surprising since they had been listening to Spike whining and complaining since they had entered the sewers nearly an hour ago. A full day's sleep had done much to enliven the two younger vampires and Angel admitted ruefully that he hadn't slept that well in perhaps years. Never underestimate the power of family to soothe and relax the demon.

Of course, their destination might have something to do with their group foul mood. Angel's source had come through and they were on their way to a White Witch who owed Angel a favour – a big one. He had helped save many members of her coven during the days of the demon scourge. Either way, he trusted her to do exactly what she said she could do, a point which had taken a good hour or two to get through to Spike.

They were all wound up but fully aware that they needed to do this – Spike needed to be whole and this was the way to do it. Xander was currently “playing” with his gameface – flashing it on and off and commenting on the changes in vision in the near black darkness of the sewer. Angel was still shocked by the speed with which Xander seemed to have adjusted to his demon and the enhancements caused by it's integration into his body. His very walk was different, much more graceful as he tuned in to his new senses. The fact that he could now shake off his vampire face at will was impressive although it was doubtful he would be able to maintain that control whilst under the influence of strong emotion.

Unfortunately there were no distractions as they got closer to their destination. A good fight would have gone a long way to helping Spike deal with the excess energy that was almost vibrating through him. Halting and tilting his head to get his bearings, Angel realised that they were here.

“Let's just wait and see if some other solution presents itself”. Bouncing on the soles of his feet, Spike turned back towards Angel. “Nothing says we've got to do something now, right? I mean, I've lived with this thing this long, I can go a bit longer”.

Angel sighed. “Spike - “

“No, seriously. Mojo is never good and especially when it comes to me”.

Xander moved in front of Spike and dragged him into his arms. Spike held himself stiffly for a moment, before sinking into Xander's embrace, dropping his head onto Xander's shoulder.

“Sssh sweetheart, it's going to be okay”. Smiling sadly, Angel followed instincts gone rusty from lack of use and wrapped his arms around both of them.

“Do you think I would let anything cause you harm?” Tucking a hand behind the nape of each man, he turned their faces towards him. “You are my family and I will protect you with my life. We do this NOW! Our family will be at full strength and we will decide what we want to do, where we want to go, from a position of strength”. Tucking his head between Xander and Angel, Spike allowed himself just to “feel”. For so long he had been alone and lonely, struggling to appear strong whilst feeling at his weakest since his fledging days. Taking several deep breaths, he soaked up the love, support and strength being freely offered, part of him still struggling to accept that this was real, that it wasn't going to be snatched away.

“You okay? Spike, I know how you feel – I've had more than enough magic in my life to never want to see or hear about it again. But we'll do this, together. And we'll all come out the other side, okay?” Dropping a kiss against the shell of platinum, Xander hugged the slim vampire closer. He too was so scared that all that he had recently gained would be lost to him, but he knew this was the right thing to do. Angel trusted this White Witch and that was enough for him. Sire wanted them strong.

With one last sigh, Spike stiffened his shoulder and stood up straight.

“Right, let's get this fucking thing over and done with”.

~ * * * * * * * * * * ~ * * * * * ~ * * * * * * * * * * ~

It was strange to have to wait for an invite to enter someone's house, and it struck Xander anew that he was a vampire. However much he felt like himself, he had changed and would never be the same again. But he had to admit that whatever he had lost, he had more than gained enough to make it worthwhile, and wasn't that a kick in the pants.

He looked around the small room, anxious. Spike was lying down on a dark leather chaise lounge, obviously uncomfortable and fighting the urge to be irritating and aggravating as he normally was when he wasn't happy. Angel was pacing around the room, lifting up small knicknacks and putting them back down aimlessly. The White Witch (she hadn't given her name, claiming that to do so offered power) had everything prepared and was ready to begin. Sighing, Xander sat back and waited.

The actual spell took less than ten minutes for her to cast, and initially it looked like nothing had happened. Then Spike started to convulse and scream, clutching his head as the chip fired repeatedly. Leaping to his feet, Xander rushed over but Angel held him back, watching as Spike thrashed from side to side. Out of control, Spike fell from the chaise onto the floor, blood spewing from his mouth as he bit through his own lips.

“God, Angel Angel – do something!! This can't be right – what have you done to him?!” Tears streaming down his face, Xander fought to be released, desperate to get to Spike, to comfort him somehow. As suddenly as it had begun, Spike went still, lying flat on his back, looking exactly like a corpse. His mouth was covered in blood, tears drying on his face.

“Angel -?” Looking over at the Witch, Angel nodded and let Xander go. He instantly fell to the ground next to Spike, dragging him into his lap. “He's not dead, right? He's not dust so he's not dead – please, tell me he's not dead”. Keening, Xander rocked back and forth, clutching Spike to his chest as he looked to Angel and the Witch, begging for reassurance.

Angel shoved her the wall, his hand round her throat. “Tell me what you've done!”

“I did as you asked – the chip has been destroyed. Now we wait to see if your Childe has been destroyed with it”.

“You said he would be alright, that this was the right thing to do!” Screaming, Xander looked at Angel accusingly. Releasing the Witch, Angel walked over to Xander and took the two of him into his arms.

“Trust me, Xander. This will be alright. I promise you.” Rocking the two of them, Angel prayed he had told Xander the truth.

“Feed him and let him rest. He will come back to you within the next 24 hours if he is to come back at all”. Having made her pronouncement, the Witch turned and left the room.

Rising to his feet, Angel managed to lift Spike out of Xander's arms and balance him comfortably for the walk back through the sewers. He didn't want to risk a cab or using his car. He had been correct, Xander had shifted to his vampire face and couldn't shift back. There was no way either of them would have been able to drive while so on edge.

“Come on. Let's get back”.


The walk back to the hotel was completed in silence, a marked contrast to their journey there. Spike's weight was slight, a reminder that he was not at full strength and Angel wondered whether he had been right, whether they should have waited. There was no point second-guessing, it was done now and all that remained was to wait and pray. A silent companion, Xander covered his back, ensuring that they made it back to the hotel safely.

Getting Spike up through the grate was difficult as they manoeuvred him up the ladder, but their combined strength ensured they didn't drop him and slamming and bolting the grate, Xander followed Angel into the bedroom.

Stripping Spike down, Angel tucked him beneath the covers and sat down next to him. Using his fangs, he tore into his wrist and pressed it against Spike's mouth. He watched, dismayed, as the blood trickled down the side of Spike's face, down his neck and onto the bed. She had said to feed him but how was he meant to do that with him unconscious? Xander came over with a damp cloth in his hand. He gently cleaned the blood from Spike's face, then carefully tugged at Spike's jaw until his mouth opened slightly. With a smile of gratitude, Angel again tore into his wrist, this time the blood flowing into Spike's mouth. With his other hand, Xander massaged Spike's throat, forcing him to swallow.

By the time Angel was feeling light-headed, he had torn into his wrist at least five times. Kneeling next to the bed, Xander whispered words of endearment and encouragement to Spike as he gently massaged his throat. He was hungry but he didn't want to leave Spike – if he was even slightly aware, Xander wanted him to know that he was there for him.

“Xander – enough now. You need to eat and I need to sleep. We've done everything we can – now we just wait”.

“Do you think - “

“He'll be fine – knowing Spike, he's just being his usual lazy ass and getting some extra sleep! Now, Childe, go eat, I'll stay with him”. Yawning, Angel stripped off and climbed into the bed, pulling Spike's limp body into his arms. “Go on. The quicker you eat, the quicker you can come back and get in here with us”.

Knowing Angel was right, Xander found it nearly impossible to tear himself away from his vigil. He watched as Angel's eyes drooped and then he drifted off, still holding Spike tightly. Satisfied for the moment that everything possible had been done, he turned away and headed towards the kitchen. He felt quite groggy and disengaged, and he realised he was so tired he could barely think straight. It felt as though he had been awake forever rather than just a few short hours, and he was operating on the bare minimum to do what needed to be done. All he wanted was to climb into bed with his lovers and sleep. Wake up the way he had that evening, in a tangle of limbs and laughter. To think that he and Spike had started the day off teasing Angel, apologising for leaving him out of their encounter but noting that he had managed to take care of himself quite adequately made tears come to his eyes, and his head dropped wearily to his chest. Less than two hours ago, he had been sick to death of hearing Spike whining and complain - now he would give almost anything to hear that obviously fake cockney accent moaning about the state of his boots.

Sighing, he quickly tore into two blood packets, pouring them into a mug and using the microwave to nuke them to body temperature. He drank quickly, taking little pleasure from the taste of the human blood. Not that it wasn't good – it was. It just wasn't Sire's blood, a taste that satisfied every need within him.

Realising that both Angel and Spike would be hungry when they awoke, he looked through the fridge and realised their supply was low. Aware that Angel had stacked a cooler full of blood behind what had used to be the reception desk, he made one last check that the two of them were sleeping then slipped up the stairs. Still in his vampire face, the darkness meant little to him but he definitely felt off, something niggling at him. Shrugging it off as another sign of how tired he was, he walked confidently behind the desk and bent down to pick up the cooler. Near silent shuffling sounds made him turn around, but not in time to avoid the tazer that jolted him in the centre of his back, sent pain shooting from his spine to his brain and knocked him out cold.

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