Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander, Xander/Angel, Spike/Angel/Xander
Warning(s): vamp!Xander
Beta(s): Not beta'd but proofread
Disclaimer: Of course they're mine! And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you that you can put up in your back garden!
Summary: What happens when Spike gets a little brother?

Keep it in the Family



Spike woke with a jolt, his demon fairly howling within. Quickly scanning the crypt, he could sense no reason for it clawing at him, and he tried to settle back down and relax his mind.

He reached out with his senses, concentrating hard. Far, far away he could sense his Dark Princess and he smiled, relieved that she was alive and happily wreaking havoc somewhere.

More cautiously, he moved his senses closer until he could sense the Magnificent Pouf. The call was not as strong because a diet of animal blood meant that Angel's demon wasn't as strong, but he was (quietly) relieved that Angel was alive and kicking.

Then weakly, just a shimmer on the edge of his sense, was what had woken him. What had caused his demon to howl with what he now realised was joy. A new vampire in the Aurelius Line had awoken and his demon was exulting!

"Fuckin' hell, Peaches, who the fuck have ya turned?!"

Part One

Angel sighed. Again. Sat next to the body he found his mind wandering. He had an idea how Buffy was going to react – she still had her stake first, ask later attitude and with his move to Los Angeles and her perception that he had rejected her, that definitely extended to him. Frankly he was more worried about what Willow would do – he knew Giles hadn't got the grip on the witch that he should have, and he didn't want to wake up a vampire toad before he got the chance to explain what had happened. Although how to explain this.........

He sighed. Again.


He didn't want to wake up because he just knew it was gonna hurt. Hurt worse than any of the times his dad had taken a strap or fists to him. Way worse than 'helping' Buffy train by being her punching bag, especially since Angel left. But everything was just so loud, and he was hungry which meant, yeah, no concussion because normally after he'd been smacked in the head that hard he was more nauseous than hungry. Sighing internally, he accepted that he was gonna have to suck it up and deal. He'd suffered worse pain, he was pretty much sure of it, so time to open his eyes. Now. Ok, count of three. One, two, three, now. No more messing Xander, this is no worse than getting up for work. Open your eyes NOW!


“Deadboy? Er - Sire??” What the fuck?


96 hours earlier


“Xander – what are you doing here? Is Buffy - ”

“Buffy's fine – this, it's nothing to do with her – well not entirely.” Xander sighed. He had known this wasn't going to be easy from the time he left Sunnydale, but he knew it was the right thing to do. His burgeoning feelings for Spike were not the only reason he was doing this – what the Initiative had done to the blond vampire was wrong on so many different levels. Spike was totally unable to protect himself from humans, and Xander knew from growing up how painful and dangerous that could be – he wouldn't inflict the helplessness he had felt as a child against his father on anyone. “It's actually about Spike. I mean, you're his Dad right, or his Grand-dad or whatever?” Angel flinched, then sighed.

“Come down to the apartment – I get the feeling we need to be comfortable for this conversation. What's Spike done this time?”

Following Angel to the old style lift, Xander did his best to avoid letting his gaze drop below Angel's waist. The dark vampire was wearing well worn jeans (who knew Angel even owned a pair) and a thin white tank, the broadness of his shoulders tapering to the lean waist and a surprisingly rounded ass with long, strong legs. Shaking his head, Xander licked his lips and brought his attention back to the conversation.

“It's not so much what Spike's done as what's been done to him. I wasn't sure if you knew but I thought you should be made aware I guess..” Angel gestured towards the comfortable sitting room, hovering in the direction of the small kitchen.

“You want a drink?” Xander shook his head – he wasn't sure Angel would want to be quite so polite once he heard all of this.

“Ok. Spike got caught by the Initiative – it's a government group working secretly in Sunnydale. They're experimenting on demons. Spike's been fitted with a chip – if he even considers hurting a human, it sparks off, gives him a pretty major pain jolt.”

“What? I don't understand – somebody's being experimenting on Spike?” Angel stood over Xander.

“Yeah. Look, Dead - Angel, could you sit down? You're kinda scaring me with your looming over me thing.” Once the older vampire had taken a seat, Xander tried explaining again. “They caught Spike and inserted a chip – it gives him an electrical jolt when he thinks anything evil, worse if he actually hurts another human. He came to us – well, Buffy and Giles really, for sanctuary.”

Angel ran his hand through his hair, disturbing the coiffed strands until it was a mussed mess. It made Xander realise that Angel had known nothing of Spike's situation – if his reaction was strong enough to allow him to mess up his hair, he obviously cared for Spike more than he let on. Which made the next part of the conversation even harder.

“We – God, Angel, this isn't gonna sound good ok? We've been using Spike for information – paying him in blood and cigarettes etc, but we haven't treated him very well.”

“What do you mean, you haven't treated him very well?” Back to looming, Angel's voice rose alarmingly.

“You have to remember, our previous experiences with Spike haven't been favourable ones. He kidnapped Willow, clocked me over the head with a microscope, has tried to kill Buffy on lots of occasions. He was pretty much tied up for the first month or so while we looked into his story, figured out if he was telling the truth and everything. Well he was. But Giles needed his bathroom back, so he sent Spike to stay with me. And I started out by tying him to a chair, but I knew damn well he could get out of those ropes if he wanted to, and it just seems wrong that we're using him to fight with us and treating him like this which is why I came here!”

“Bathroom? Tying him up? Are you trying to tell me you've been taking advantage of Spike?”

“Hell no!!! Back up big guy, you need to take a step back!” They were both standing face to face now, both agitated. “Not that kind of advantage. It's just – look, I've been spending time with him and getting to know him, and I hate what this whole thing is doing to him, but Buffy and Giles can't see past the whole vampire thing which seems like a weird thing for me to be saying but there you go. And Angel, man he tried to dust himself!”

“Oh God! My poor Childe.” Angel looked devastated, and Xander led him to a chair, pushing him back gently.

“Yeah. Er, me and Willow came in and caught him just in time, but it made me realise how bad this whole thing is. He's been better since he found out he can fight demons – that's where him helping us fight comes in – but he's getting thinner, and not healing so fast or anything, and I'm worried.” Angel looked over at Xander suspiciously.

“You're worried about Spike? What – about what he might do?”

“No, I'm worried for Spike. He's not himself, you know, I mean, even the insults have kinda died a death. I just – I guess, I just wondered if there was something we should be doing to make sure he was ok, you know?” Avoiding Angel's gaze, Xander plucked at the arm of the chair.

“Xander – do you have feelings for Spike?” It would explain the changing pheromones the boy was throwing off – he was obviously very attracted to Spike, and knowing Xander as he did he half envied the blond vampire.

“What?! No! I mean – I don't know – look, this isn't why I came here!! Can you help Spike or not?” Nodding once, his suspicions confirmed, Angel sat back and tried to decide what to do.

“Yeah, if I can get him to come to LA to me, I might be able to help. Give me a week – I need to get some things in place, but then yeah, if I can get him to come to LA I can try to – I don't know, make it more bearable for him or something. If I can't find someone to take the chip out then at least keep him healthy.”

“Take the chip out?”

“Yes, Xander, that's what I'll be trying to do. I need to do some research – if people are making these kinds of behavioural modification then someone out there is making a way around it. And if the chip comes out, Spike gets to make a decision – whether he goes back to how he was, or works with me.” Xander nodded. That seemed more than fair to him, and now he felt like he'd done the right thing bringing the whole issue to Angel.

“Thanks. I – I really appreciate it, you know. Buffy and Giles – I don't think they've been looking too hard into how to get rid of the chip, and it wasn't sitting right with me the way we were using him, you know?” Standing up, Xander moved towards the lift.

“You're welcome to stay if you like.”

“Thanks for the offer,” Xander smiled, “but I need to be heading back to Sunnydale. Don't want to face any questions as to where I've been.” Holding out his hand, he shook Angel's – probably the first time he'd voluntarily touched the other vampire that wasn't violent. “Ow.” Small electric shock between them, and he automatically put his finger into his mouth. They stood staring at each other for a moment, before both turning towards the stairs and heading back to the lobby.

Angel walked him out to his car, head down and hands tucked into his pockets. There was a lot about Xander that he admired, and he found himself once again envying Spike the young man's affections. Mind you, Xander would be a lucky man if Spike returned his affections. Will had originally been a very loving vampire before Angelus beat it out of him...

He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even register the young Afro-American man running towards the two of them, only Xander's cry of “Angel, watch out!” catching his attention. Angel lashed out, hitting the assailant in the chest and throwing him off course. As he watched, the man span round, the stake in his hand slashing Xander across the throat as he turned back to help Angel. Before he even had time to hit the ground, Angel had Xander in his grasp, lowering him gently. He turned back to their assailant, kicking him over onto his back and grimacing as he realised that he had fallen onto his own stake.

Reaching down to take Xander into his arms, he subconsciously noted the bright red kerchief around the dead man's arm, and realised this hadn't been some co-ordinated attack, that this was just a rite of passage for someone trying to get into one of the local gangs. Then all of his attention was on Xander, the sound of his heart thundering in his chest, blood pumping out of the wound that with more bad luck than aim had caught the young man in the jugular.

Rushing back into the hotel and down the stairs to the apartment, he laid Xander onto the bed and tried to stop the bleeding. And realised that he was nearly too late. Xander was pale, his heart stuttering now, the precious seconds rushing past while Angel struggled to figure out what to do. He wouldn't make it to the hospital in time – it was too late for that. But he knew how much the other man had hated vampires. The operative words there were had hated vampires. Could he let Xander die for something so stupid, when he had come out to LA to do something right? When he had spent so many years helping save the world - to die over something like this?

Swearing, he made up his mind, diving down and morphing into vampire face so that he could suck at the hot sweet blood pumping out of Xander's neck. Wrenching back, he ripped at his own wrist and held it to the young man's mouth. There was no reaction and he thought that he'd been too late, had waited too long, but then he felt the lips move, a light suck followed by a stronger one.

“Thank fuck” he thought, sitting himself down next to Xander's body and keeping his wrist within easy reach. Xander was sucking enthusiastically now, holding onto Angel's wrist weakly as the coppery tasting hot liquid slid down his throat.

“That's it, Xander, good lad – my good lad!” he whispered, stroking the damp chocolate strands of hair back from Xander's sweaty face with his free hand. The suction on his wrist had become erotic, and he shifted uneasily in his trousers as he reacted to the feel of that hot mouth sucking strongly on him. God, what would it be like if -

Shaking off those thoughts, he watched as Xander fell back, his head landing with a soft thud onto the pillow, eyes closed. His heartbeat was skittering, fast, slow, fast, slow as it gave one last fight to save him. And then the thudding and the harsh breathing stopped and the Scooby lay still. Xander was dead.

Part Two

Of course it went without saying that he spent the next twelve hours trapped in his crypt, desperately trying to calm his demon down. All the bugger wanted to do was hare off to Los Angeles and meet the newest member of the family. It had been flippin' years since anything like this had happened – Penn was the last instance that he could recall – and the desire, no the need for family clawed at him. He hadn't felt a pull like this before though – Angel definitely hadn't made a minion, he'd made a full Childe, something a vampire only did when they truly wanted to keep someone beside them for eternity. And a small part of Spike was jealous – that was his position, whether he and Peaches were on the outs with each other or not - HE was Angelus' Childe and he didn't intend to let some whipper-snapper take his place.

At the first sign of darkness, he dragged on his duster, grabbed a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of JD and raced off to his car. He had to go see this usurper, ensure s/he knew their place in the Aurelius Order. And maybe remind Angel why he had changed Spike in the first place....


“I don't understand – I don't feel any different.” It was a surreal experience for Angel. He had half expected Xander to wake up as a demanding, blood lust driven fledge, despite the sheer amount of Angel's blood he had consumed. Instead, the Scooby seemed pretty much the same – in fact, if it wasn't for the beautiful game-face that Xander hadn't managed to shake off yet, he was the same.

“There was an accident – we were attacked as you were leaving. Do you remember any of that?” Xander nodded. He had a vague recollection of leaving the hotel, a man coming out of nowhere about to attack them. He remembered shouting a warning, then a sharp pain and then – nothing. Blank.

“Why did you change me?”

“I couldn't let you die like that Xander. It seemed – I don't know, wrong somehow that you fight on the Hellmouth for years and then die because of some gangbanger. And I'll admit I felt guilty – the man was after me, and you saved me at your own expense. If this is something that you don't think you can bear, then tell me and I'll make it as painless as I can …..”

Xander recoiled in horror.

“You mean you'd kill me?!! Not feeling the love here Angel!” Pressed up against the head of the bed, Xander was aware of a new presence in his head, whining, writhing, almost in physical pain at the thought that Sire wanted to kill them. Unconsciously he tilted his head, offering his neck to Angel and looking up at him through his lashes. “You don't want me – even a little?”

Angel was stunned. The scents pouring off Xander were intoxicating – blood, chocolate, sex, family – all mishmashed together into an erotic cloud that was suffusing his entire being. Not want him? He was fighting the urge to throw himself on top of Xander and rut like an animal. God knew what was holding him back. Another whine brought him out of his reverie, and he realised Xander was crawling down the bed towards him – graceful, long, lean, tanned and muscular. There was something animalistic in his movements, and his body moved in a way that no human body could or should, like his bones had melted and he was sliding and slithering his way over to Angel. Without thought he moved closer, kneeling on the bed and meeting the boy halfway.

Tilting his head once more, Xander whined as Angel pressed his face against the smooth skin, his tongue darting out to lap at the bite-marks that clearly showed his claim. A moan escaped as a bolt of sensation shot from his neck directly to his groin. Holy shit, that felt good.

“Xander....” He shouldn't be doing this – he needed to step back, give Xander some breathing space. They needed to find out how Xander was so himself, why he hadn't changed. But God, the boy smelled good, felt good – called to his demon in a way no-one other than Spike ever had before.

“Want me Sire – please..” Nuzzling the boy's jaw, he nipped at it, pinpricks of blood hitting his tastebuds and making him gasp. Taste of family – bliss. He pulled back, meeting the golden gaze, staring at this new Xander who was looking back at him almost adoringly. No, that wasn't right – Xander didn't even like him, this was wrong – so so wrong. He tried to pull away and Xander whined again. “Please....”

“Xander – I don't want to make the same mistakes again. You're only feeling like this because - ”

“No – felt like this before.”

“Whu -?” A smile spread across the young vampire's face, the sunnyness of Xander's smile enhanced by the beautiful new fangs. God, he made a gorgeous vampire.

“Felt like this before. It's not – well it is, but it's not just the whole Sire thing – I swear.” He lowered his head, waves of shame flowing from him.

“Xander – but you're not gay. And – and you always hated....” Xander shook his head.

“Never hated – well not because – ok, hated but that was because I was jealous. Jealous of you with Buffy, jealous of Buffy with you.” He withdrew, pulling himself back up the bed away from Angel, ashamed at having his feelings revealed. Revealed and rejected. God, even as a vampire and Childe, Angel didn't want him – what kind of lame was he that -

“No – no, do want you. Do – want you as Childe, wanted you as Xander – do.” He hadn't realised he was muttering out loud until Angel flew onto the bed on top of him, pushing him down and cupping his face, forcing him to meet his gaze. “Do want you.” Leaning down, slowly, giving Xander time to pull away, withdraw. A smile crossing his face as the lids lowered over golden eyes, the head tilted back and Xander accepted his kiss, moaning at the taste of his beautiful Childe as he opened for him. Caressing his cheeks, tilting his head, he deepened the kiss, letting his body drop down to rest on top of the man.

Xander moaned, tongue darting between Angel's lips daringly, slicing against fangs and gasping at his first taste of blood since he awoke. Oh my God, like chocolate/twinkies/sex/love all rolled into one and he wanted, no needed more of that taste – almost as much as he needed what Angel was doing to him now. Strong hands pulling him tight, made him aware that he was naked for the first time, legs parting to welcome Angel into the cradle of his hips as his suddenly rigid dick was pressed between their bellies. Panting for breath, in the back of his mind aware that he no longer needed to do that but unable to stop – gratified when he realised that Angel was breathing too.

Pulling back, Angel dropped kisses all over Xander's face – his brow ridges, which he knew were so sensitive in his newborn state, fingers lightly tracing his brow before tunnelling into his hair and pulling Xander into another kiss. He wasn't going to mess this up, make the mistakes he'd made with Spike. He wanted Xander out of his head with passion – ready and willing and sure this was what he wanted. They rolled on the bed, Xander pressing his hips into Angel's, grinding his erection against the hardness he could feel, the cotton softness of Angel's jeans a delightful tease against his newly sensitive flesh.

“Fuck – please, Sire – please....” His mind was whirling as he felt Angel's hands on his ass, pulling him closer, squeezing them as he thrust up to meet Xander's movements. Pushing himself up so that he was straddling him, he reached for the hem of Angel's tank, looking up into the other's face for permission. Angel smiled and nodded, sitting up to tug the shirt over his head, hissing as Xander immediately took advantage of the removal to stroke his hands down Angel's chest, flicking over taut nipples teasingly. He wrapped his arms around his boy, strong hands tracing the muscles in the broad back, tugging Xander closer. Kissing deeply, he deliberately sliced his tongue on Xander's fangs, letting him taste Sire's blood for the first time. “Ooooh fuck!!” Diving in once more, he pushed Angel backwards, gasping as Angel shoved him over and mounted him, tugging at the waistband of his jeans as he did so.


The hotel was quiet, no one in the lobby to greet him as he slid through the front door. Taking a quick swig from the half empty bottle of JD, Spike walked further in, stopping as he realised he was tracking through blood.

“Fuckin 'ell, Peaches, looks like a blood bath.” The scent of the blood teased at him, familiar but out of context. Something wasn't right – didn't feel right, and tossing the bottle of JD onto a chair Spike moved towards the rear of the lobby to the stairs. Light on his feet, he took the stairs downwards, remembering from his previous visits that Angel lived downstairs.

He could hear sounds, but they were muffled becoming clearer as he moved further. Crossing the living space he reached the bedroom door, finally identifying the sounds as moans of pleasure. Pushing the door inwards, he took in the sight of Angel sprawled possessively over a body, hips thrusting powerfully beneath loosened jeans, the muscles of his back rippling as he caged the person below him.

Finally alert, Angel reared up and turned towards him in full game-face, his companion following his movements, reluctant to let him go, not realising someone else was in the room until he turned to face him. For a second it didn't register, the beauty of the true vampiric face delaying the moment when he realised it was -


Part Three

“Buffy, we need to talk about Hosti – about Spike.” Walking back towards the Magic Shop after patrol, slightly battered and bruised, Riley knew he needed to have this conversation with his girlfriend but really not wanting to.

“What's to talk about?” Twirling a stake like a baton, Buffy bounced along at Riley's side. A very successful patrol, a quick report to Giles and then back to Riley's dorm room for a release from all the battle induced tension – a slayer couldn't ask for more.

“I have orders to bring him in. No, I know you don't think he's dangerous with the chip but he is. He's not the ally you think he is. He's only helping you so he can learn your weaknesses – he's building a power base amongst the local demons – and once he's got all the pieces in place he'll strike.”

“Spike?? Power base? Oh Riley, please!! The one thing you can guarantee about Spike is that he's never stuck to a plan in his life. Now he's chipped, he's neutered – there's nothing he can do to hurt me or the rest of the gang.” Riley sighed, exasperated at her wilful blindness.

“I don't understand you. You're the Slayer – you're supposed to dust demons like him, not keep them around like pets. He's not a pet, Buffy, he's a dangerous hostile and I am under direct orders to bring him back in.” Stopping in her tracks, Buffy turned to look at Riley. He was serious – she couldn't believe it, he really thought Spike was some sort of threat.

“Riley - ”

“I don't want to argue – just, just think about it. I mean, when was the last time Spike was around to help you out? He's already causing splinters within the group – Xander rarely comes out on patrol anymore and that's directly as a result of Spike needling him.”

“Now you're just being ridiculous. Xander is working really hard, that's why he hasn't been around lately for slayage. And let's be honest, Spike is a better fighter than Xander – it's handy having him around.”

“What – so you're saying you'd rather have Spike at your back than Xander?” Unaccountably angry on behalf of the young man, Riley stiffened in rejection of what he was hearing.

“NO! I mean – no, it's just nice not to have to worry about Xander getting hurt. If anything happens to Spike, we just drop him back at his crypt and throw a couple of bags of blood at him – he's expendable Riley, he's – well, he's cannon fodder.” Nodding her head, happy she had made her point, Buffy continued her walk towards the shop.

“Fine. But you need to think about the last time your non-expendable friend was around at the same time as that damn Hostile and understand the risk you're taking. The Initiative want Spike back, and they're going to do whatever it takes to get him back. Do you have any idea how valuable the data we could get from him about how well the chip works is? Maggie - ”

“Psht! Maggie!! I knew this had to do with her – it always does.” Buffy sighed. “Ok, I'll think about it. There's no biggies going on at the moment, and maybe you're right about Xander being all avoidy lately. I'll talk to Giles – ok?” Riley nodded, happy he had laid the groundwork. As a hostile that had adapted to the limitations of the chip, Spike was extremely valuable research material, and he wanted the kudos of being the one to bring him in – whatever it took.


Ramming Angel's head onto the ground, Spike tightly gripped Angel's hair, straddling the bigger vampire as he snarled and swore.

“You bastard! He belonged to me – ya gave him to ME!! How could ya – you always take everything away from me! He was mine – I was going to turn him when the time was right and this soddin' chip got in the way! He was mine and look what you've done!” Struggling against Spike's weight and the death grip he had on his hair, Angel jerked upwards, trying to up-end the other vampire and gain some leverage. Proof of what Xander had been saying about how weak Spike was was the fact that Angel was able to finally throw him off, jumping to his feet despite the jeans that were sliding down his hips and threatening to unbalance him.

“Spike – SPIKE!! Enough – let me explain!” Scowling, Spike slumped against the base of the bed, panting for breath. He couldn't believe it – couldn't believe that Angel had stolen this away from him as well – the fuckin' chip was bad enough, but losing Xander to the Pouf was the absolute last straw. Enraged all over again, he dove at Angel's legs, knocking them out from under him and tackling him to the floor.

“Stop it, stop it please!!” Xander's cries slowly got through the red mist blinding Spike to everything but his earnest attempt to strangle Angel – an attempt that clearly demonstrated he was out of his mind since none of them needed to breathe. Tugging at Spike's wrists, Xander was crying and gasping for breath, desperately torn between his feelings for Spike and his need to protect his Sire. “Spike – you have to stop, let me explain...”

Shrugging off his hands, Spike clambered to his feet and strode away from the two of them – tugging at his hair with despairing hands as he realised he had totally lost any chance he had ever had with Xander. Angel had won yet again – had taken away the only light he had had since the damn chip had screwed up his life.

“Explain?? Explain which bit Pet?? Would that be why you're lying around naked letting Angel fuck ya? Or why you've made some improvements to the ol' Donut Boy exterior? Although it wouldn't take much to improve on that now would it?” he sneered angrily, internally wincing as he saw his barb strike home.

“Fuck you Spike!”

“No thanks – looks like Angel got there before me, and I don't do sloppy seconds anymore!”

“You basta -”

“Enough, both of you!” Angel's roar stopped their angry sniping, and both took a step back as still in his vampiric visage Angel rose to his feet and stared at them both. “Spike – sit the fuck down, you're going to listen to this whether you want to or not. Xander – go into the kitchen and get some blood from the fridge – you need to eat.” Running his hands tiredly through his hair, Angel strode through to the living space, grabbing Spike by the shoulder and manhandling him into one of the chairs. How the fuck did he get himself into these situations?


“So, what – you're saying you turned him by accident?” Spike was still sneering but was less angry, pacing up and down the room in an agitated manner. He stopped as Xander brought through a mug of blood which he accepted grudgingly, a sigh escaping him as he drank down what he was amazed to discover was human blood. “What the fuck – when did ya start drinking human again?”

“I ordered it in for Xander – you know a newborn needs fresh human blood to get strong. That and Sire's blood.” Spike nodded grudgingly, wondering if he could get a refill but determined not to ask. “You should have some more – you look like you haven't eaten properly in weeks.”

“Yeah? Well how was I supposed to do that with the Watcher and the friggin Slayer getting me a couple of bags of pig every now and then like it's some big favour, and all my funds tied up with you?”

“I'm sorry. Spike, until Xander came up here I didn't know about the chip, I swear to you.” Something inside him soothed by the thought that his Sire hadn't just abandoned him to his fate with the Scoobies, that Angel really hadn't known, Spike nodded. He turned to look at Xander who was curled up in a corner of the sofa, sipping from his own mug of blood. Still in game-face, not yet in control enough to revert to human, Xander was scrunching himself up, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. His expression unknowingly softened, a wave of arousal crashing over him as he gazed at the young man's face. He had always known that Xander would make a lovely looking vampire, but it had been his intention that if anyone sired the young man, it would be him. And now that had been taken away from him, he wasn't sure what to do. And there was something that just struck him, something that seemed odd if what Angel was saying about when he had turned Xander.

“How the hell are ya still Xander and not a mindless lump?” Xander looked up at both of them as Angel turned to hear the answer, struck anew by how very Xander-like the boy had remained despite the trauma of his turning and his continual game-face.

“Yes, Xander – that was part of what I wanted to discuss with you. How on earth are you still yourself?” Xander looked hunted for a moment, obviously desperate to escape questioning before realising he was going to have to have this conversation sooner or later – better to get it out of the way with both of them there rather than having to go through the whole thing again.

“Yeah, about that. Erm – well you see - ”

Part Four

“It actually happened because of Willow. She was playing around with some magic and stuff – just little spells she said. Anyway, I was at work on the site, doing some drywall and one of the guys I was working with started getting really – I dunno – sniffy with me. I got annoyed, finally asked him what was wrong. He – God it was so strange – he changed in front of me, turned out he was a demon using a charm to look more human. He said he could smell the magic all over me, wanted to know if I could do him a better deal on his charm! He thought I was some kind of warlock with the amount of magic I had floating around me.” Draining his mug, Xander looked down into it, avoiding both Angel and Spike's gaze. “Can I – would it be alright if I had some more please?”

Angel leapt up, grabbing the mug and heading for the kitchen. Standing by the microwave, waiting for the blood to heat up, he deliberately tried to blank his mind. Spike had been so – so hurt that maybe he really did have feelings for Xander. And if that was the case, Xander being changed might mean they could get together safely. Which meant he would have to let his new Childe go. And he didn't want to. How he had felt with Xander while they were on the bed – he didn't want to let that go. But he wouldn't force the boy to stay with him. Spike could take care of Xander's needs as a Childe just as well as Angel could, possibly better since he knew exactly how not to treat a Childe. Angelus had not been the kindest of Sire's. But that would mean he lost Xander and Spike. And looking over at the two of them as they desperately tried not to look at each other, not to talk to each other, he realised that he wanted them to stay, wanted both of them. He wanted his family back, and he wanted it to be a proper vampire family – with the never-ending closeness, the demonic love – all of it. And maybe, just maybe, Xander was the hook that would bring his favourite Childe (up until now) back to him once and for all.


“What did you mean – earlier – when you said I was yours – what did you mean?”

“Woulda thought that was obvious. Fuckin' Pouf gave you to me years ago – friggin typical of him to take ya back. Always wants what I have he does.”

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Looking down at his hands, Xander tried not to feel hopeful.

“Yeah – I was gonna tell ya. I was – look, with the chip ya hated me, or ya seemed to. But lately we've been – started to – oh fuck it! I wanted ya to want me – I thought we were starting to be friends. And I wanted ya to choose to be with me. I wanted to be chosen for once, instead of a consolation prize.”

“Spike I'd already chosen you! I only came up here to see Angel to let him know about the chip – about how Buffy and Giles were treating you. I wanted him to tell me how to keep you safe, how much blood you really needed – that sort of thing. It – how this happened was just a typical Xand-man fuck up, and I think Angel is trying to make the best of it.”

“Didn't look like either of ya was finding it a hardship.” Still jealous, almost pouting, Spike turned his shoulder towards Xander, hunching over to protect himself as he felt more vulnerable.

“Oh come on – I'd have to be blind not to find Angel attractive, right? Don't tell me you don't find him attractive too, that you don't have a type?? Because even I can see I could be a younger version of Angel in the right light.” Finally angry, Xander jumped to his feet.

“Is that what ya think? That I only want you because you remind me o'him? You're so fucking stupid Pet.”

“Oh yeah, right – stupid Xander. He never understands, he's too stupid to get the reasons for anything. Can't include him in this because he might get hurt. Can't include him in that because he won't get it. Because the only special thing about Xander is that he rides the short bus to school.” Jumping to his feet, Spike pulled Xander into his arms, pulling his head down onto Spike's shoulder and holding him close.

“No, no Pet – that wasn't what I meant. I'm sorry, I'm a rude, bad man – that wasn't what I meant at all.” Resting his head next to Xander's he began a low purr, soothing the young vamp instinctively. Xander's legs went from under him, and they sank to the floor until he was almost lying in Spike's arms, head resting against his chest so he could feel as well as hear the purr, Spike's fingers carding through his hair almost enough to send him to sleep. “Angel mighta given ya to me, Pet, but when I came back to Sunnydale I chose ya. I want ya – for everything that you are. You're so lovely Pet, so loyal, so strong. I wanted ya – I still want ya. You're beautiful, Pet – make a fuckin' gorgeous vampire ya do.”

Spike looked up as Angel walked back from the kitchen, two mugs in his hands. He put a finger to his lips, gesturing for quiet as he realised that Xander had dozed off. Shifting his legs round, he settled more comfortably against the sofa, still stroking Xander's hair and purring. Shifting in his sleep, Xander wriggled his way down until he was resting with his head in Spike's lap.

Angel passed him one of the mugs, moving to sit opposite the two of them as he drank from the other one.

“Spike – I never intended to take him away from you. Did he tell you why he came up here? That he came to find out how to help you?” Spike nodded, avoiding Angel's gaze as he sipped from the mug of blood, other arm holding Xander as close as possible. “If I had known what had happened to you, I would have come for you Spike.”

“Would ya really?”

“Yes, Spike, really. Whatever has happened in the past, you are my family Spike. I would not have let this insult stand – you belong to the House of Aurelius, you are William the Bloody – they had no right.”

“Ok, ok Peaches, don't get yourself worked up. I get it – you woulda come for me.” Lowering his head into his mug, Spike tried to hide how happy it made him that Angel got angry on his behalf. Sighing at himself for being such a ponce as to be touched at this show of affection. They sat in silence for a few moments, both drinking and thinking.

“Where do we go from here?”

“Dunno. He's gonna wanna stay close to you – gonna need his “Sire”. And besides, we still don't know how the fuck he managed to hold onto himself.”

“Yeah – can't wait to hear the rest of that story. Although it's not sitting well that it starts with Willow.” Spike grimaced – Angel had no idea how out of control the witch had become.

“God, Angel – how the hell are ya planning on telling them about this?? They're gonna assume the soul's gone walkies and Angelus is loose again!”

“Oh believe me, I have been trying to figure that out myself. But we don't have to think about that now.” Sighing, he looked down at Xander who now had a death-grip on Spike's wrist. “We should put him to bed – he's exhausted. Most fledges don't have to deal with anything other than feed and sex.”

“Yeah, and this one's got blood, sex, friends, all that crap going through his head. Where do ya want me to put him?”

“You going to go mad again if I say I want him in the bed through there?”

“Dunno – where ya planning on sleeping?”

We can all sleep in there – plenty of room.”

“Ya want me to sleep with him?”

“Yes. And I want you to sleep with me.”


Peeking through his lashes, Xander watched as Angel and Spike undressed and climbed into the bed on either side of him. Inwardly he smiled as they both snuggled up to him, and he allowed himself to drift back to sleep, his human face finally sliding back as he completely relaxed. Determined to stake his claim, Spike threw his arm over Xander's waist, colliding with Angel's arm as it was about to do the same. Huffily, Spike moved to yank his arm back, shocked as Angel's hand grabbed hold of his, forcibly entwining their fingers, his thumb stroking Spike's palm. For a moment, Angel lay with his eyes open, waiting for Spike to reject him, shake his hand loose. Then he relaxed as a slender thumb stroked his.

Part Five

“City Op to Farmboy, come in Farmboy, over.”

“This is Farmboy, report City Op.”

“Hey, Riley, need to check something with you man. Are you sure there's only supposed to be one vamp here? Cos we've seen a delivery that should juice up a party, if you know what I'm saying.”

“Affirmative, Forest, there should only be one vamp there. Formerly known as Angelus, now going by Angel. Maggie would be very impressed if we managed to bag that hostile for her to work on. Over 250 years old, very strong, and alleged has a soul – though I'm not sure I believe that one, unless you believe animals have souls?”

“Yeah, right – next thing you'll be telling me these things can love and feel? Nah, gotta be a pile of bull. But yeah, man, there was a major juice delivery, and we have a dark haired visitor that hasn't come back out. There was some sort of scuffle there about three days ago, but we hadn't set up properly so haven't been able to find out what's the sitch. You want us to hang tight?”

“Yes, hang tight. Keep watch and report in directly and only to me if Angelus leaves. I want to know where he's going and who goes with him. Capisce?”

“You got it. City Op out.”


“Do you think he's just sulking because of the Anya thing?” Sipping at her mocha cappuccino, Willow looked over at Buffy from under the brim of her hat.

“I don't think so. Riley has some dumb idea that Xander's being all avoidy cos of Spike. You don't think he's right do ya Will?” Tilting her head, Willow gave it some thought.

“I don't think so. I mean, he and Spike hadn't even been arguing as much. You know Buffy, I feel like we haven't been good friends to him lately – we've been so busy with college and stuff, we haven't hung out in a while.” They walked along in silence for a few minutes.

“Do you think he would tell us if we had upset him? If he felt like we weren't being good friends. I would so hate it if we were the reason behind him not coming round, taking part in research and everything.” Buffy was solemn, more worried than she had admitted to Riley. She had felt bad when Riley asked her if she preferred having Spike at her back rather than Xander, even though her reasons were good ones. She just didn't want Xander to get hurt, and it wasn't as though Spike could ever take Xander's place as their friend.

“You think he would lie to us? Oh no, that doesn't sound like my Xander. He wouldn't – he would tell us the truth. Wouldn't he?”

“How would we know?”

“Well, there was this spell I saw in this book that Giles had locked away – kinda like a truth spell. I could do it and we could just ask Xander why he hasn't been around and he'd be all honest and stuff with us, not worry about hurting our feelings.” Willow was almost bouncing in place, very pleased with her idea.

“You know that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I think Riley's wrong, but I could see Xander not wanting to upset us by saying stuff like that. And you should always tell your friends the truth anyway.” Nodding in agreement, Willow hummed beneath her breath, mentally planning the ingredients she would need to do the spell on Xander next time they saw him.


It was the feel of a firm ass pressing and moving against his groin that woke Spike. Opening his eyes blearily, he looked across the bed, a quiet moan escaping him at the sight. Xander had his face buried at Angel's neck, nursing at his throat, audibly sucking. Angel's head was thrown back, his hand gripping the back of Xander's head and holding him in place. His eyes were squeezed shut, his lips parted as he breathed heavily. As Spike watched, the dark brown eyes opened and caught his, so dilated as to be almost completely black. Angel didn't try to hide how he was feeling, staring directly into Spike's eyes, letting him see exactly what effect Xander's feeding was having on him.

Without conscious thought, Spike thrust his hips forward, hands reaching forward and gripping the smooth hips to hold Xander's body in place. Rubbing his cock over the smooth, taut cheeks, he ran one hand down the young man's spine before reaching forward and resting his hand on Angel's hip, pulling him forward slightly so that from the groin downwards the three of them were pressed together. Leaning forward, he pressed an open mouthed kiss on the nape of Xander's neck, pushing his hips forward harder as he pulled Angel closer.

“Sire....” Xander gasped as he lifted his head, the taste of Angel's blood going straight to his groin and heating him up from the inside. He blindly reached behind him for Spike, pressing his ass backwards into the smooth cradle of Spike's hips. Angel's head darted down, licking a stray droplet of blood from Xander's lower lip before taking his mouth in a passionate kiss. Gasping for unneeded air, Xander opened for his Sire, tongue darting out to duel with Angel's, at the same time lifting his hand behind him he pulled Spike's face closer into his nape, groaning at the feel of the lean, hard body pressed against him, cool lips and blunt human teeth.

Pulling away from Angel's kiss, he turned his body half around, reaching for Spike's face and pulling him into a deep kiss. He sighed as Angel attacked his neck, nipping, sucking and nibbling as he worked his way down to the bite mark.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as Angel nipped at his scar with human teeth, lapping at it with his tongue before gnawing at it. Attacked from both sides, Spike consuming his mouth, tugging his hair to pull his head back further, Angel pressing his large body against Xander's so that he was caged between them. Twisting fully round, he wrapped his arms around Spike's neck, sucking at his tongue as he threw his leg over one lean hip. As he did so, he felt Angel press closer to him, a hand reaching down to slide between the cheeks of his ass and a finger just glancing over the tight pucker. He could feel the back of Angel's knuckles, then the smooth length of his hard cock as he tucked it between the cheeks of his ass, not trying to enter, just rubbing up and down the sensitive cleft. “Guh!”

Spike leaned back, staring into the young man's face. Panting, lips puffy and red from kissing, Xander looked back at him, his eyes sliding closed as Spike's hand slipped between them and gripped his erect cock, sliding smoothly up and down, twisting at the head before sliding his thumb over it to collect the pre-cum to use as a lubricant to his strokes. Pushing forward, he gripped his own dick at the same time, pressing them together as he continued his smooth, even strokes. His grip got tighter, verging on painful.

Behind him, Angel was still rubbing his cock between the cheeks of his ass, biting at Xander's neck now, around his scar, hands sliding over to his chest, pulling and tugging at his nipples too hard until Xander squirmed and tried to pull away. Then his hand went back behind Xander's back and he felt it slip between the cheeks of his ass again, taking hold of his cock, and aiming it towards the tight hole. Panicking, Xander's eyes flew open and he tried to move his leg from over Spike's hip but Spike was there in full game-face, leering at him, laughing as he gripped Xander behind the knee, holding him open for Angel as he began to move forward...


The sound of Xander whimpering alerted Angel that the fledge was waking up, and throwing down the mop and cloths he had been using to wipe up the mess upstairs, he rushed down the stairs and back to the bed. Spike was completely out of it, sleeping (no pun intended) like the dead the way he always did, taking up nearly half the bed with his starfish-style sprawl. Xander was tossing and turning, muttering agitatedly in his sleep as he moved around. Sliding back into his space, Angel wrapped his arms around the boy, pulling him close.

“NO!” Pushing out of Angel's arms, Xander jerked into a sitting position.

“Xander, Xander – what's wrong?” Disoriented, Xander looked round – slowly realising where he was as he saw Spike conked out next to him, the innocent laxity of his face in sleep bringing a wry smile to his face. He turned and looked at Angel who was watching him closely.

“I – I had a bad dream. You and Spike – you were both – and it was too fast, and rough and - ”

“Hey, no, no, lad – don't ye be worrying. If and when something happens, we'll take it slow. Nothing you don't want, okay?” Tugging Xander into his arms, Angel pulled him close. “Is that what you're worried about – too much too fast?” Xander nodded, embarrassed that despite his desire to be close to both vampires, he wasn't sure he was ready for a full-on vampire threesome.

“I haven't been with anyone – not like that anyway. Only recently realised I was bi, you know?”

“Xander, it's ok. You've been through so much the last few days – your head is all spun around. It'll be fine.” Nodding, he allowed Angel to pull him back onto the bed. “Hungry?” As soon as Angel said the word, he was aware of a raging thirst and again he nodded. He watched with wide eyes, his vamp face sliding over his human one as Angel sliced at his neck with his nail, a thin line of blood rising and calling to Xander. “Drink Childe.” Lurching forward, Xander buried his face in Angel's neck, refusing to consider the similarity with his dream. He lapped at the blood, moaning at the delicious taste of Sire – home/love/acceptance – all coming through in the blood as his fangs dove in delicately and he sucked hard. Angel's hand was carding through his hair and he could feel as well as hear the subsonic purring from his chest, happily allowing it to lull him back to sleep as he drank his fill.

“S'he alright?” Angel looked up to see Spike watching him with half-opened eyes.

“Yeah – typical fledge dream, but with two Masters instead of one. Except of course since he's still himself it was more of a nightmare.” Angel sighed.

“How you expecting this to work? Cos I don't like sharing but I don't think I'm gonna have much of a choice am I?”

“Oh I remember a time or two you didn't mind sharing.” For a moment, Spike was lost in memories – times when he and his Sire had shared prey, pressing the warm male or female body between them, fucking, sucking, drinking at the same time.

“That was different – never long term was it? Food. Bit different this ain't it?”

“Spike – what do you want me to say? I don't have all the answers.”

“Won't stay where I ain't wanted – you know that.”

“And what if I said you were wanted? That this wasn't just about Xander?”

“Is that what you're saying?”

“Would it matter?”

“Maybe.” Sitting up, Spike ran his hand through his hair, automatically trying to smooth it back, sighing as the curls stubbornly sprang back up.

“So - ”

“Depends dunnit. If you're thinking that the Whelp has feelings for me, and this is your way o'keeping him close. Can't treat him the same's ya did me – not with ya soul and whatnot. So, what, ya gonna use me to hang onto him?”

“Spike – you know I don't need to use you to hang onto Xander. I'm his Sire – he wants to be with me.”

“So ya think he'd choose you do ya? What – cos the two of ya have your souls, ya think he won't want me?” Angel sighed, exasperated.

“That isn't what I said. And we don't know if Xander still has his soul. God, do you delight in taking me the wrong way or something?”

“Well maybe if you weren't being so bloody cryptic I wouldn't be able to now would I?” Practically shouting, Spike looked down at Xander, relieved when he stayed asleep.

“Fine. I won't be too cryptic for you. William, I want you to stay. If I had known about the chip, I would have come for you – brought you home, kept you safe. Done something about it. But the situation has changed. Xander is part of this now, and I don't want to have to choose and I don't think he should have to choose.”


“Meaning I want you both. I want to keep you both and have my family back together – the way it used to be but without all the torture and bloodshed.” Silence. Stroking his hand through Xander's thick hair, Angel watched Spike guardedly. He hadn't wanted to spew all that out, but typical Spike, dragging it out of him, forcing him to put his feelings into words. He might call Angel a poof, but Spike could be such a woman sometimes, always wanting to know how someone felt.

“Wasn't all bad.” He looked over at the quiet mutter, not understanding.

“What wasn't?”

“The torture and the bloodshed. T'wasn't all bad.” Avoiding Angel's gaze, Spike leaned over and stroked his hand through Xander's hair, allowing his fingers to graze against Angel's.

“Things would have to be different this time – no killing, William.” Spike snorted.

“S'not like I can anyway – not with this chip.”

“And any torture would be – well, it would be consensual.”



“The name is Spike.”

“You'll always be William to me.” He could see the scowl crossing Spike's face, his hand no longer caressing but trying to escape Angel's. “But I can save it for special occasions. If you like.”

For a moment the shy smile he hadn't seen in years crossed Spike's face, and he could see his William. Then Spike turned away, hiding his face.

“Yeah, well, not got anything better to do. And we can always leave later.” Inwardly smirking, well aware of Spike's need to hide behind the Big Bad, Angel nodded.

“Yes, you can always leave later. Now can we get back to sleep? I only got up because I wanted to clean up the mess upstairs – it's still daylight you know.” Spike looked over at him, considering. Before he could say anything further or move to lie back down, Angel flipped Xander over his body so that now he was in the middle of the bed. Deliberately holding Spike's gaze, he sliced at his neck again. “Drink Childe, then sleep. We have much to teach your sibling when he next wakes.”

Shocked, Spike was frozen in place for a moment, unable to believe that Angel meant it. Slowly, he slid across the bed, leaning down and over so that he was hovering over Angel.

“Ya mean it?” Smiling, Angel nodded, tilting his head slightly. With a moan of desire for everything the offer represented, Spike lay down and tucked his head into the curve of Angel's neck. He lapped at the dripping blood, sighing as he tasted his Sire for the first time in too long. Then, realising that Angel really did mean it – that this could be his chance to have his own family back, he gently dug in with his fangs and began to drink. Wrapping his arm around Spike's slender body, Angel tugged him in, pulling him against his body. Closing his eyes, he couldn't stop the purr that escaped as his demon relished being surrounded by family, loving family for the first time in decades.

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