Rating: R
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
Prompt(s): [info]tamingthemuse prompt 231 : Bilge, [info]lover100 prompt 005 : Writer's Choice : Kiss & [info]fc_smorgasbord prompt 10 : Writer's Choice : Kiss
Disclaimer: Joss owns 'em, I just make 'em do dirty/bad/wrong then give them back!
Summary: It started with a kiss....

It Started With a Kiss


“So demon-bint decided she could do better did she?!” Xander sighed – just what he needed after seeing Anya off at the bus station – Spike in mega-irritant mode.

“Get lost Spike.”

“What – couldn't keep up with her? Not a surprise – can't see the donut-boy coping with an ex-vengeance demon.”

“Oh what would you know?! I could too keep up with her – she said I was a Viking in the sack!”

“Uh huh. Yeah – maybe cos she never slept with anyone else.”

“Bite me Fangless!! I have skills you couldn't even dream about.”

“Oh yeah?” Snuggling down in the barcalounge, Spike smirked – so easy to wind Harris up and get him all hot, bothered and whiny. As regular entertainment it was way better than being tied to the Watcher's bathtub!

“Oh yeah. I could make you forget your own name!” Throwing himself onto the bed, Xander looked over at Spike, his cheeks flushed with anger. Spike merely laughed, ramping up his rage. “Whatever Bleach boy.”

“Okay, okay Pet – sorry for laughing. But you reckon you could make me forget me own name?! You don't half talk a loada bilge water!”

“Fine! I bet you a decent night's sleep – with no whining, no reminiscing about things you and Drusilla did, no nothing – that I can make you forget your name with a kiss!”

“With a kiss?! Oh this is gonna be good! Right mate, have at it!” Jumping to his feet, Spike came to stand directly in front of Xander. “Wot!?! Not got the balls to back it up, yeah? Think I need to start deciding what I want from this bet coz mmph!”


Hot, wet, smooth – Xander's lips pressing against his and Spike was speechless. Firm pressure, obviously to shut him up in the first instance, but then turning into something more.

His lips were savoured – big, warm hands cupping his face and the back of his head, tilting it slightly to get a better angle. Blunt teeth catching his upper lip, sucking him into wet heat whilst the boy's tongue lapped at him, sliding behind his lip and stroking his teeth. More sucking, a shift to his bottom lip until it felt so swollen and sensitive. Opening his eyes a slit, Spike was mesmerised by this new view of the boy. A slight frown furrowing his brow, Xander was concentrating. Concentrating all of that energy and attention on Spike – on making Spike feel. A light tug on his hair pulled his head back, and his mouth was invaded. And ruddy fuck, the boy could kiss.

Like being electrocuted, a surge of power through him as he was tasted, devoured, taken. This – this was the boy's superpower, there was no other explanation for it. Soft, wet, warm tongue tasting and tracing the inside of his mouth, learning his contours intimately, practically counting his teeth. And then Xander found where his fangs descended and everything escalated to a whole new level.

The tip of a tongue darting into the slight gap, a little extra pressure making Spike moan at the zings of arousal shooting through his body, hips twisting and thrusting until he and Xander were soldered together from chest to groin. Pressure, stroking, and he was unable to prevent his true face taking over, flinching in preparation for pain from the chip as his fangs came down and sliced into Xander's tongue. And oh God, the taste of the boy's blood, a trickle sliding over Spike's taste-buds – heavy, rich, thick with emotions, feelings, fucking bliss after bagged crap. Beautiful gift, enhanced by the strong arm pulling him closer, sliding down his back to cup his arse and tug him into a hardness that answered his own. And wonder of wonders, no pain, no zap from the chip. Just Xander, kissing him more passionately, his tongue sliding into Spike's mouth with little or no regard for the little nicks and slices from the razor sharp fangs.

When exactly his arms had wound around the boy he couldn't say, but he pulled him in as close as he possibly could, a moan muffled by their mouths as he allowed his head to loll backwards, closed his eyes and gave himself up to the rampaging passion.


Lifting his head slowly, Xander opened his eyes to find himself face to face with Spike in his demonic face. Golden eyes flickered open to stare at him with little to no focus, and he was fixated by the single drop of blood at the corner of the pouting pink mouth. One hand lifted to trace the brow ridges, fingertip sliding down following the chiselled perfection of Spike's cheekbones, then moving down to those beautiful lips. Gathering the droplet of blood on the end of his finger, he offered it to Spike silently. Just as silently, Spike opened his mouth and accepted the offering – a slightly rough tongue lapping at his fingertip until it was pristine.

Their eyes met, and Spike let Xander's finger out of his mouth with a moist pop.


“Ah hah! I win – your name is Spike.” A soft smile broke out, matched by Spike as he shook his head in a rueful fashion and his human face took over.

“Yeah, you win Pet.” Neither of them stepped back from each other, still entangled, hands squeezing and caressing. “So – what can I do to ensure you get a decent night's sleep?”

The End

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