High Definition 3D


Knocking would have prevented it. Knocking and/or not using the spare key that was meant to be used only for watering of plants or setting of Tivo. Well that was what he maintained but it was extremely doubtful that either of them was (a) listening or (b) would have taken any notice if they had been listening. They were both too busy picking their jaws up from the ground at the unexpected sight of them.

Well, not just them as they were but them in the situation they were in.

Which was sprawled in bed together, top to tail, mouths full of cock whilst in the background on the flat screen TV, their previous energetic sexual shenanigans played out in HD. High Definition indeed. Although the HD still couldn't quite compete with the colour in Willow's cheeks as she stood in the doorway and took in everything. Twice. Because obviously once wasn't enough to be sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. That would have to be the only explanation for her gaze trailing from the bed to the big screen, back to the bed and once more to the screen as though she was trying to confirm in her brain that the mind-blowing pornography she was seeing did indeed star her best friend and his new undead lover.

He didn't stumble as he walked into his spacious living room to talk to his friends, wrapping himself in a terrycloth robe, and struggling to force parts of his anatomy that were still highly invested in the non-breathing sexual partner of his dreams and not giving two hoots about being caught sixty nine-ing with a seriously non-flambeed blond vampire by his two best female friends in the world into some semblance of decency so that he didn't flash his friends. Again. Nope, that part of his anatomy was still rejoicing in discovering that not only was Spike finally in the UK after apocalypses and demonic battles had postponed things more than twice, but he was here in Xander's apartment, he was happily omnisexual, and he seemed to have decided to take up permanent residence in Xander's ass. Or mouth. Or any part of his body he could burrow his way into, stroke off against, hump, rub or – anyway!

“Wills – the key was in case of emergency, or plant watering or whatever. Not for popping over with no warning.”

“ - !”

“Willow?! You in there?!” Even waving a hand in front of her face didn't change her expression. Oh dear, it looked like he'd broken her. That, or she was re-running the images in her head and was too busy to speak to him.


“Okay, yes, that was Spike and I but you knew I was gay now, or possibly bi. And you knew how I felt about him so it shouldn't come as a complete shock to you.”

It appeared that Buffy was going to regain the power of speech first.

“Not dead then? I mean, last I heard - “

“Yeah, that.” Rubbing his hand on the back of his neck, Xander pondered how to explain things briefly. Because part of him was still kinda hoping to return to his previous occupation in the bedroom – his favourite scene was coming up in their personal movie and he really wanted to recreate it on the bed – sort of personalised 3D. “Resurrected in L.A and did the champion bit for a bit. He asked me not to say and we've been – well, chatting online and he finally managed to get over here so – yeah.”

“And just happened to fall into your bed? With a camcorder pointed at it and showing everything back on a 50 inch screen?!” Not quite sure how to address that, Xander looked down at his feet. Which was how he missed Spike's entrance. Wrapped in a sheet like a toga, he padded silently over to Xander's side and slipped gracefully into the seat on the sofa, scrunching close and somehow managing to slip his legs onto Xander's lap so that he was sprawled out like a sultan on a dais.

“Took me a while to get here didn't it. Made a few mis-turns on the way – sorry, Slayer, but I meant it when I said it – just - “

“OH! Hey, no, that's – I knew it was – erm, yeah look.....”

“Anyway, me an' the boy – we've got something real here. Not what I was expecting, not by a long chalk, but I'm happy and I think he is too. Neither of us ever thought our journeys would bring us here, and it took a stumble or two before we were on the same path but this is it. Somehow, it's just - “

“Right.” The final word spoken together, gazes suddenly locked and the world fading away. That click, that connection that had slotted into place astoundingly quickly and replaced snark, sarcasm, anger and guilt with lust and affection and potentially love? More than just sex – so much more.

And perhaps that was why there was zero embarrassment. Anya had burned most of his inhibitions away years ago with public pronouncements regarding his prowess in the bedroom, so that was hardly news. And his acceptance of his fluid sexual state had been hard-won but was now ingrained. So no embarrassment – just a sincere desire that his friends understand how much this meant to him but did so from a distance while the first flush of discovering that those pages from the Gay Kama Sutra really were possible swept him away.

He turned and met Buffy's gaze, a soft smile spreading his lips as he saw acceptance and happiness for him in her eyes. So much had changed with the destruction of Sunnydale – a group wide realisation that life was fleeting and grabbing happiness when and where you could was a mantra to live by. Still grinning, she jumped to her feet, taking a still shell-shocked Willow by the arm and tugging her gently from her seat and towards the door.

“Call before coming over and don't use the keys unless we have to: check.”


“Thank you Sla -, BUFFY.”

“Hey, no big! I mean, unless you wanna share that little DVD you made.....”

“Bye Buffy!” The slam of the door and there was sudden silence, broken by the sounds of sharp cries and moans from the bedroom. Vaguely surreal hearing himself gasping through a climax whilst in another room, but then the clear sounds of a vampire heading towards orgasm began to filter through. He looked down to realise that he was running his hand up and down the smooth skin of Spike's leg underneath the soft cotton of the sheet, moving closer and closer to the apex of his thighs to where an interesting tent had formed.

“They knew how you felt about me, huh?!”

“Well yeah. Thought you realised that.”

“Wasn't sure I expected you to say so in front of the slayer and Red. Thought you'd try and hide it – well, me.” The motions of his hand froze and he registered what Spike was saying.

“Hey – hey, no. This – what we got going on? Happy to play that DVD in there full screen wherever you like. I got no qualms about claiming you – not now, not ever.” Suiting actions to words, Xander claimed his prize, rubbing his thumb over the head of Spike's cock then licking it clean, smirking at the heated glance his vampire gave him.

“Anywhere?” Spike's voice was low, his hips shifting upwards to thrust himself slowly through the tunnel formed by Xander's fist. Concentrating on a slow squeeze/release as he moved his hand up and down, it took Xander a few moments to figure it out.


“What?! I reckon it's the closest he'll get to sex this millennium, especially since his wolf-bint walked away!”

“If you ever want to have sex with me again, you won't mention Angel while I have my hands on you!!”

“Lips are sealed, pet, just don't stop.......” Low growls rumbling through his chest, Spike threw his head back and thrust more sharply with his hips. Taking in the full view – the rumpled cotton sheet spread beneath the smooth satin of Spike's pale skin, the pale pink taut nipples, the ripples of his abdomen leading down to the nest of golden brown hair surrounding the thick stalk Xander was running his hands over – and realising that this was his, all his, Xander decided he could afford to be generous. After all, Deadboy was never gonna get his hands on Spike again in Xander's lifetime. And there was something about the thought of Angel's face when he played the DVD that brought an evil smile to his face before he lowered his head and returned to the important business that had been so unceremoniously interrupted....

The End