Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
Warnings : Dubious consent, demonic sex
Prompt(s): [info]hc_bingo prompt : captivity, [info]50kinkyways prompt : Fear Play and [info]lover100 prompt 084 : restrain
Disclaimer: Joss owns 'em, I just make them do dirty/bad/wrong things then give 'em back!
Summary: Held captive, he isn't sure whether to be afraid or turned on.....
A/N : With thanks to both [info]theladymerlin and [info]windchild85 for getting me from where this started to where it was worth posting!



“Goddess Hecate, hear my plea
What was seen I ask of thee
Should be no more, now be unseen
As you wish it
So mote it be.”

“Is that it?” Buffy stopped stomping around to ask Willow, biting her nails.

“Yes – that should do it. I know it's not as comprehensive as the spell Giles did before, but it should - “

“Willow!! What have you done?!”

“GILES!!! I was....... because it was my fault, I thought......” Walking through from the back room and ignoring Willow's babble, Giles roughly pushed her aside, flipping through the spell book she had been working from.

“Oh God! Please tell me you didn't use this one? Willow – I have told you, time and time again, not to do spells until you have looked at all of the repercussions.” Taking his glasses off and cleaning them, the Watcher looked very disturbed.

“But Giles, I....”

“Come on, Giles, we can't leave him like that. It's gone on longer than last time and who knows what he's done – well, apart from decide that Spike is HIS.” The last was said with obvious capital letters, and although he tried to hide it they all saw Spike flinch. Out of all of them, he needed the situation dealt with as quickly as possible.

“Yes, well, I really do think that in this instance waiting would have been preferable.” There was silence and then Dawn asked the question they were all wanting the answer to.

“Why?? What did Willow's spell do this time?” Giles did his best to ignore the flush that filled Willow's cheeks – the 'this time' was well deserved since she was responsible for the whole mess in the first place.

“It ….. it was meant to put it back in the cage, you know, where he said it's been hiding since the first time. I just wanted to help the situation, get things back to normal.”

“Yes, I do understand what you were trying to do. Unfortunately, you have merely exacerbated the situation. The spell you used has rendered Xander invisible.” Dawn and Buffy gasped, and Willow almost bit her lip clean through but their reactions paled next to the look of sheer terror that crossed Spike's face as the implications sank in.

“Bloody hell.”


He ran. If his heart had been capable of beating, it would have been thumping frantically in his chest. Unnecessary breathing was harsh and loud, and he tried to calm it down, didn't want to give himself away with something that simple. He hunkered down, scanning the area. In a straight line he wasn't sure which of them could run faster – vamp speed should have won out every time – so instead he'd gone for obstacles, the forest acting as camouflage, the trees and foliage places to hide while he searched behind him for signs of pursuit. There was no visible sign of him even being in the area, but he'd learned by now that wasn't necessarily an indication of safety. In the five days since it had happened, nothing was an indication of safety anymore. And now the damned stupid witch had made the whole thing so much worse by making him invisible. The fates were laughing at Spike and no mistake.

He cursed himself for being so foolish – the Slayer and the Bit could have got home safely without his escort; and Glinda would be fine – well as fine as she could be dealing with the weeping and wailing that Red was into at present. No point beating her breast now – she'd messed things up good and proper, no two ways around it. Giles himself had told him to be careful, to watch his back. He'd been surprised – had half thought they would throw him to the wolves, metaphorically speaking. But no, they were trying to protect him, keep him safe. He should have listened, should have made sure he got to the safe-house and locked himself in, used the magic the Watcher provided to protect himself for one more night, keep him safe for just one more night.

But nothing was going to keep him safe now. As soon as he'd turned the corner from the Slayer's house he'd known. Four days of being watched and stalked, wearing down his nerves, making him jumpy. Four days of hoping a counter-spell could be found before the boy did something he couldn't take back. Risking peeping over the bushes in front of him, he couldn't see, hear or scent anything. He couldn't stay here all night, not unless he wanted to dig himself into the ground to sleep the next day. The trees were okay as protection but he didn't like the vulnerability. He was going to make a run for it.

He'd barely moved through a break in the trees when he heard the yipping, the thud as feet landed on the ground and the sounds of pursuit. Shit, the bastard had been hiding up in the trees, just waiting for him to make a break for it. He put on a spurt of speed, damning the pig's blood that slowed him down, made him less. He made it to the stream, flying over it at a mad run before throwing himself over the wall and heading towards the back yard. Forty feet. Pointless looking behind him – the boy was invisible, nothing to see, but he couldn't stop himself. Thirty. He could make it – if he could just get in the door, the wards would protect him. Twenty feet. The sounds of pursuit were getting closer and he could hear the excited breathing, the bastard enjoying the chase. Fifteen feet. A little closer and he could throw himself the rest of the way, literally dive his way to safety. Ten feet. SLAM!!

Dazed, he shook his head, trying to clear the ringing in his ears. He was being dragged away from the house, away from safety and he struggled, kicking out at the big hand clamped round his ankle, twisting until he got free. Lurching to his feet, he tried to stagger back towards the house, a cry escaping him as he was cuffed around the back of the head, caught before he hit the ground and slung over a broad shoulder. He reared up, tried to wriggle his way to freedom and almost landed on his feet before he was punished by another casual slap that set his ears to ringing and finished him off, sending him sliding into unconsciousness.


“Know you're awake Spike – no point trying to hide away.” Refusing to acknowledge the words, Spike tried to figure out where he was, eyes open a slit so that he could peek out from under his eyelashes. Looked like the boy's bedroom at his apartment. The familiarity might have been reassuring if it wasn't for the fact that he was naked and he was tied down to the bed. “You know, it didn't have to be this way. If you hadn't hidden from me, tried to get away, it would have gone a whole lot differently.” He couldn't hold back the snort that came from him, and he opened his eyes to stare in the direction of his captor's voice.

“Yeah right, luv. From the time it happened, you've been nothing but reasonable, right?”

“What? You think I should put up with being treated like that by them?? General dogsbody for the Chosen One who cares more about her manicure than her sister's feelings? Another idiot spell by the worst witch in California? Whoops, Xander, we're sorry Xander. Didn't mean to make you someone else's butt monkey again Xander. Now sit still while we turn you back into the no-mark loser we've been using for years. Fuck that!” There were sounds of him striding back and forth, obviously extremely agitated, a growl underlying his final words. Even beneath what he readily admitted was fear, Spike was undeniably attracted. Since the hyena had been set free, the boy had simply oozed power – grace and strength in every move he made, his boldness and naked attraction to Spike enticing and distracting.

“OI! They care about you – and if you were yourself, you wouldn't talk about them that way. Look, Xander – the Watcher's trying to find a spell to help you, he can counteract what Red did. Do you really wanna be this way??”

“What's wrong with being this way? It's still me, Spike, just..... with less scruples and more stamina.” Spike could just imagine the feral grin spreading across the boy face and the image wasn't reassuring. Neither was the odd green light that he knew was shining in the boy's eyes. Seemed like the primal was definitely in control, and Spike couldn't think of what else he could say. “So while you're defending them – the shining Scooby bunch – who do you think they were protecting? Were they protecting you from me? Protecting me from you – evil evil Spike, only safe to have around because he's been chipped? Or maybe, just maybe, they were protecting their little status quo? Hmmm? I mean, none of them are good at letting go – Buffy still pining for the world's worst serial killer? Willow – still trying to be teacher's pet even though we're long out of high school?”

“Doesn't matter, does it? Your friends just want you back the way you were – want things back to normal Pet. Don't blame 'em for trying to save you from yourself.” Spike turned away from the reminder that he was an outsider looking in, not part of things, not really. He might fight by their side but if push came to shove, the Scoobies would look after their own.

“Save me from myself? Yeah, I can see that. Protect poor dumb Xander. Did you know I've been watching you for months??” The bed jolted as Xander climbed onto it, straddling Spike's legs as he crawled up slowly. “Of course, I had to do it secretly – couldn't let you know because I was worried about what they would think. Worried that you wouldn't be interested in me – Donut boy, Zeppo. But this – this has set me free, given me the courage, if you like, to go for what I want for a change.”

“An' what if it's not what I want?” Spike's eyes almost crossed as the boy undulated his body all the way up and down Spike's naked form. He groaned at the feel of the hot hard body all over him, scent marking him, then bit his lip, cursing.

“You saying you don't want this? Cos gotta tell ya, your scent is telling me something completely different....” Xander's voice came nearer and Spike felt his hot breath as he bent down, sniffing along Spike's neck before pressing his mouth against the spot where his pulse would have been beating. Sliding his lips up across Spike's chin, he came to rest with his mouth against Spike's. It was disconcerting, not being able to see the boy but feeling it as he bit gently at Spike's plump lower lip, increasing the pressure until it split. Yet again he was faced with the unspoken fear: did the boy want to fuck him or eat him? “Oooh Spike, you smell delicious!” Spike couldn't control his body's reaction, blood rushing to his cock at the heated press of Xander's body on his, the intimacy of the boy's actions rushing to his head. He'd missed this – belonging to someone, being held/possessed by someone – and even knowing that this might be the primal rather than Xander, he couldn't deny his attraction. “Makes me want to take chunks out of you – oh, you liked that didn't you?” Spike flushed, almost embarrassed by his body's needy response, wishing momentarily he could control his scent so the boy wouldn't know that he was getting to him. “I want to own you Spike, want to make you mine – in every way that counts.”

“Yeah, you say that now but -” He bit his lip, refusing to finish the sentence and reveal his vulnerability. He yelped as Xander bit into his bicep, pulling back whilst holding skin between his teeth until it verged on painful and Spike wondered whether he was going to let go. He couldn't help it, couldn't stop his body rising to full erection as the danger, the fear played with his senses.

“But what?? Think I'm going to change my mind when they change me back? Whoops, forgot to tell you – nothing to change back. Me and my inner demon are one – isn't that good news?!” The boy gave that eerie laugh again, and Spike shivered. If what he said was true, nothing the Watcher or the Witch could do would make a difference. “Yep!” He popped the p. “Saw a demon about a merging spirit spell, and hey presto! Hyena boy is here to stay. And I want you as my mate and nothing is going to stop that.”

“Didn't think you were the raping kind, Pet.” Spike tried to shift sideways but Xander continued to worry the flesh of his arm like he was trying to tear off a chunk of flesh with just his teeth. “You're the White Knight – seems a bit dark for ya.” Another yipping laugh.

“Rape? Oh I don't think so – do you?”

Xander released his arm, snuffling at his armpit and moving down his side. He bit again, gnashing his teeth together as he struggled to get a mouthful. Spike was too lean and instead he felt the teeth jar against his ribs. He writhed, thrusting his hips upwards and rubbing his cock against the heat of Xander's stomach as he leaned over him. Xander kept moving, leaving bite marks all over Spike's chest and arms, a string of them around his nipples and his belly button, all the while avoiding the cock throbbing and pulsing against Spike's stomach. Some of them were just light, barely showing teeth-marks. Others were purple bruises, whilst a few held droplets of blood where Xander had managed to get a decent mouthful and the skin had been broken.

Cursing the boy and his teasing, Spike thrust up with his hips, tried to guide him to where he wanted him. He couldn't tell which way Xander was going to go, never knew whether it was a kiss, a nibble or a bite that was coming next and his fear was mingled with desire so strongly it was impossible to separate the two. Spike could feel it as Xander moved down his body, air stirred by his exhales as his mouth hovered over Spike's cock. A shocked grunt came from Spike as his eyelids fluttered open and he watched as Xander slowly became visible, a grin that could only be described as evil spread across the boy's face. Perversely Spike's cock hardened even more and he gasped as he was sucked down in one move, the heated interior a shock to his system that made his hips jerk reflexively, a guttural groan dragged from him as he felt teeth threaten his length as Xander pulled back.

Staring him in the eye, Xander swallowed him down again, giving no warning as he shoved his thumb into Spike's asshole at the same time. Spike arched away, reflexively shoving his cock further down Xander's throat as he tried to escape the harsh penetration. The hot, stinging burn zinged through him and he groaned as Xander's bobbed his head up and down, twisting and turning his thumb at the same time until the burn had eased and he was riding the digit.

Yanking his head back, Xander slid down the bed, doing something complicated with the ropes holding Spike's legs in place. Once he had enough give in the ropes, he gripped Spike about the hips and flipped him over, not giving the vampire a chance to recover as he pushed between his thighs and used his weight to push Spike back down.

“Xander – Xander, wait – please!” Spike could feel the thick, hot hardness of Xander's cock between the cheeks of his ass and panic entered his voice. A thumb was one thing, but there was no way he could take that with no preparation or lube – or rather, no way he wanted to. Too reminiscent of his experiences with Angelus, a step too far and suddenly the fear that had been an aphrodisiac was now simply fear.

“Mmmmm, you smell delicious – fear has a spice to it, don't you think? But don't worry, I don't want to damage you – not like that anyway......”

“Look – they're obviously working on sorting things out. You're back to being all visible, and maybe they'll still be able to sort out the other. Don't do anything you're gonna regret when you're so close to being back to – ugh!” The feel of Xander's tongue as he licked Spike from the back of his balls all the way up his crack had Spike thrusting into the bed, arousal once more taking precedence. He felt all over the place, turned on and petrified at the same time. But the arousal was definitely winning. For someone Spike thought had limited sexual experience with the same sex, Xander damned well knew what he was doing with his tongue back there, stabbing and jabbing at Spike's asshole, licking around the rim and taking little bites out of his ass cheeks. Strong thumbs returned, prying the tiny winking hole open so that Xander could force his tongue in further. Spike was grinding into the mattress, searching for the friction his hard cock needed. He felt the saliva hit his hole as Xander leaned back and spat, barely getting a chance to prepare himself before the boy shifted up between his legs and thrust his way into Spike's nominally prepared body. His head arched back as he groaned, pressed deep into the bed as the boy anchored himself within Spike's wildly spasming body.

The pain was minimal – demon sex tended to involve at least a little pain for both parties – and Xander didn't pause before instigating a harsh, driving rhythm, fucking Spike hard as though determined to leave his mark. Twisting his hands, Spike gripped the ropes that bound his hands, shoving his hips backwards into Xander's heated thrusts. He struggled with Xander, working to get up on his knees as the big, hot hands dug into his hips, pulling Spike back to meet his hefty shoves into his body.

The heaviness of the boy's body blanketing his forced a grunt from his chest, and he turned his head as Xander started talking in his ear.

“You're mine now Spike – I own you! Going to take you away from here, away from those interfering little Scoobies. Got a demon all set to take out that fucking chip and you and me are going to rule! Gonna make the Scourge of Europe look like a children's tea party.” The fear was gone, swept away by passion as Spike heard what Xander was saying, realised the boy meant it. No more blinding pain every time he thought about hurting a human, no more being a white hat through force. But more than that – more than getting rid of the godforsaken chip – was the fact that the boy was choosing him. The primal might call him 'mate' but the boy had chosen him, enough to sort out the chip, enough to leave Sunnydale and all of his friends.

Vamping out, Spike snapped the ropes, scrabbling behind him to cup Xander's head, twisting his neck to take the boy's lips. Uncaring of the fangs, Xander shoved his tongue into Spike's mouth, matching the force of his snapping hips, one hand tangling Spike's hair to better control his head. Pulling back, Spike gasped for breath. “Gonna make me yours eh Pet?”

“Fuck yeah! Belong to me now – not letting any of them get in the way!” A particularly hard thrust made Spike yelp, his head falling between his arms towards his chest as he battled to stay upright. Xander's hand in his hair pushed him face-first into the pillow, yanking his head to one side and baring Spike's neck. He struck deep and true, blunt teeth tearing into the pale skin of Spike's neck as he staked his claim. Spike screamed into the pillow, coming with no warning, another cry muffled by the pillow as he felt Xander go off inside him, filling his ass with hot come. Shattered, Spike collapsed on the bed, chest heaving beneath Xander's weight, little mewls of pleasure coming from his mouth as he felt Xander lapping at his bite mark. “Mine now.”

“Yeah, Pet, all yours.”

The End

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