Blood Budget


"It's your blood budget that's on the line. So, Fangless, are you going to make it worth my while to keep feeding you?" Staring down at Spike's lowered head, Xander's mouth curved into an evil smile. There was something about having this incredibly powerful, dangerous creature at his mercy that made him hard enough to bang nails. And knowing just how much Spike hated it made everything taste all the sweeter.

Diamond blue eyes suddenly looked up at him, and he could feel the hate emanating from the vampire. If the chip ever came out he knew he would be top of the list and his death wouldn't be short or pretty - no doubt, railway spikes and torture would be the very least that was used on him.

The dark thoughts sent a zing of arousal shooting down his spine and unwilling to hold back any longer he grabbed the short curling hair at the nape of Spike's neck, shoving his painfully hard cock into the cool mouth as Spike gasped in pain. Oh yeah, if the chip ever stopped working, he was a dead man, but in the meantime the pleasure blistering through his system was worth it.

The End