Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
scot25 prompt(s): Iron Bed
Notes: A response to [info]forsaken2003's A Little Tied Up
Disclaimer: Of course they belong to me in my mind but apparently Joss Whedon has other ideas!
Summary: Xander gets his own back on Spike for tying him up!

A Little Chained Down...


It was a good job Spike slept like the dead. Literally. Once he was tired out from fightin' and fuckin' he was a bit like a toddler - put him down for the night and he was out cold. Which probably explained how Xander managed to get him properly chained to the Iron Bed they had got for their bedroom before he woke up. Spike had fallen in love with the intricate scroll work on the headboard and the general sturdiness (they had managed to break at least two beds since they got together), while Xander admired the craftmanship required to make such a work of art.

Laying aside most of his little selection of supplies, he climbed onto the bed and snuggled into Spike's side. There was one sure-fired way to wake up his lover. Taking the tip of his razor, he made a thin slice on his under-arm, squeezing the flesh on either side so the blood welled up a little. Shifting to the top of the bed, he held his arm over Spike's mouth and squeezed once more. A droplet of blood obeyed gravity and dripped down and his careful aim meant that it landed on Spike's lips. One more, two more. And there it was....

...a shift into game-face even while half asleep, a pink tongue darting out to lick his lips and a heartfelt groan as he recognised the taste of his boy! Shaking off sleep and his vampire face, Spike opened his eyes and focused on Xander. It took him less than two seconds to realise he couldn't actually move his body - he was chained spreadeagled on the bed, all of his goodies on display. Well, well, he thought, looks like the boy wanted to turn the tables a little bit.

"So now you've got me, luv, what are ya gonna do with me?" His voice was deliberately low, husky with sleep and he smirked as he saw Xander shiver in reaction. Oh yeah, Big Bad here...

"Well you did say I could have a turn" Xander replied, leaning over to drop the razor on the bedside table, then returning to his place at Spike's side. "So - do you want a safe word?" Spike's eyebrow rose. So Xander thought he was going to be able to push hard enough for Spike to need a safe word? This was getting more and more interesting.

"No, Pet, I trust ya. Have at it" he replied with a subtle thrust of his hips, making his hardening cock bob and bounce.

"Don't say I didn't offer". Taking Spike at his word, Xander jumped down from the bed and turned to his prepared table. Grabbing the first item, he turned back. "Ok, close your eyes". Smirking, Spike closed his eyes, not even flinching when Xander carefully wrapped a silk scarf around his face and knotted it at the side. Sliding his finger around to check the material wasn't too tight, he waved his hand in front and to the side to see if Spike followed the gesture, ensuring he was completely blind.

Picking up the tray he had prepared, he placed it carefully on the bed next to Spike's side, than swung his leg over so he was straddling the vampire. He stirred the little pot carefully, then lifted the spoon, tilting it so that none dripped until it was over the centre of Spike's chest.

"OH" the cry was pulled from the vampire at the first drop - it was very warm, kinda sticky, and as it moved around he realised Xander was spelling something out.

"You'll have to excuse my penmanship - school wasn't really my thing so my handwriting can be kinda scruffy". Shuffling down the bed, Xander made the most of his writing space, swirling the letters, dipping into the pot as necessary to refill his 'pen'. "Hmmm, someone looks in need of attention" he said as he moved downwards and Spike's dick sprang up as soon as he moved past it. Dropping the spoon back into the pot, he reached over to the tray and grabbed the cock ring, sliding it carefully down the shaft till it settled at the base.

"Oi!! That's not fair - I never did that to you" Spike grumbled.

"Do I need to gag you?" Pressing his lips together and pouting at the same time, Spike shook his head. "Good. Now I wonder what I can play with while that hardens?" Shifting all the way down until he was curled between Spike's legs, Xander stroked his hand up and down his hard length, twisting as his stroke came back up. Gently pulling back the foreskin, he sucked the head into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he did so. Spike thrust up involuntarily, a low groan escaping him. There was nothing quite like Xander's hot mouth round him - wet, sloppy heat that drove him mad. Starting a strong rhythm, Xander bobbed his head up and down, his hand covering the parts he couldn't reach so that Spike was enclosed in heat all the way to his balls. His thrusts were getting stronger and he was fighting the chains trying to get closer to Xander.

Pulling his head away with a pop, Xander smiled. "Nu huh!! You have to wait!". Leaning over, he tested some of the writing with his finger to check whether it had dried or not. Not yet - looked like it needed help. Reaching for the tray once more, he picked up an ice cube and began going over his original script carefully. As it melted, the cold water dripped down Spike's chest, little riverlets forming around his abs, and a small pool forming in his belly button. Leaning over, Xander sucked it up, savouring the taste of ice water, diluted chocolate and his very special vampire.

Another ice cube went the same way, dribbling all over Spike's chest and arms until Xander brought it down towards his hips. Sliding it over the prominent hip bones, he smiled as Spike shifted away, halted by the chains so that he couldn't move too far. A third smaller piece of ice in his mouth and he shuffled it around before once more swallowing Spike's pulsing cock.

"Christ!!" The sudden sensation of cold where it was normally so hot confused his senses, and Spike wished the blindfold was gone so he could see what Xander was doing. He tugged against the chains, moaning as once more Xander began a strong, fast rhythm, ramping up the pace so that now Spike was struggling to get closer, ignoring his restraints as he pushed his hips upwards, trying to get deeper into Xander's mouth. The ice had melted and it was once more the wet furnace he was used to, and it was pushing him swiftly towards climax.

Once more, Xander pulled off, sliding off the bed and moving the tray. Shucking his boxers, he sighed as his leaking hard cock was released, the cool air feeling good after the tight confines of his shorts. Now the tasty bit!

The chocolate had hardened enough that he had to use his teeth slightly to pick pieces off, occasionally nibbling at flesh underneath, then sucking and licking to remove all traces. Spike was moaning continuously now, shaking as Xander concentrated on the writing over his nipples.

"Please - Xan, wanna see - please...." Reaching up, Xander tugged at the knot, releasing the scarf so that he could look into the gold-flecked eyes staring down at him. Spike's face had half shifted in reaction to all the stimuli, the gold swiftly overtaking the blue until it was pure demon watching as Xander returned to his self imposed task. Spike tried to lift his head to see what was written but he couldn't move it high enough. It was so hard to concentrate when Xander was doing that - sliding over his body, rubbing his chest over him as he reached over to the other nipple. Teeth nipping and nibbling, picking at the bits of hardened chocolate, sucking up the droplets of water.

He moved downwards, straddling Spike once more with his ass up so Spike had a perfect view down his body. He could see Xander hovering over his hard cock before sucking it down, the long line of his muscled chest, the heavy bounce of his cock against his belly and tap tap tapping against Spike as it pulsed with blood, leaking pre-cum all over him. With his legs spread, Spike had a gorgeous view of Xander's tight ass cheeks, parted enough so that he could see the dusky hole that he loved to fuck so much. It was all too much - the sounds Xander was making, the feel of his hot mouth sucking so strongly, the sight of his body - so aroused, so close and suddenly he was begging, wishing he'd accepted the safe word after all. "Please - enough Xander, please".

Flicking the quick release on the cock ring, Xander sucked down harder and stronger, jacking Spike's dick into his mouth. The stuttering jerks of Spike's hips were the only warning he got before Spike cried out sharply and shot his load down Xander's throat.

While the vampire was panting in reaction, Xander got off the bed to move the tray back to the table and reached for the lube, liberally coating his fingers. Once more between Spike's thighs, he gently parted the pale ass cheeks and sought out the tiny pink-looking pucker. Rubbing gently over it, he made the most of Spike's relaxed state to push two fingers in straight away, gently twisting and turning them so that he coated all of the inner walls. Sliding his fingers out, he gave it time to start to work as he slicked up his cock.

"What the fuck!!" Spike's head came up from the pillow, face twisted with slowly reawakening lust. "What is that stuff?"

"Heating lube - thought you might like it" Xander sniggered, shuffling his knees forward and lifting Spike by his hips so that he was level with his dick. "Apparently it gets hotter with friction!" he said as he used one hand to guide his cock to Spike's entrance and slowly press inside. "Oh my God, you feel so fucking right". The moan was pulled from him as he tunnelled slowly, deeply into Spike, only coming to rest when his balls were resting against Spike's cool flesh. "Ok?"

Biting at his lips with sharp fangs, Spike nodded, before groaning as Xander pulled out again just as slowly, then slamming back in. Hands on Spike's hips, he leaned up, allowing himself to look over Spike's gleaming body as he fucked him. Chocolate smeared chest, slightly red marks still showing where the heat of the chocolate had marked Spike's skin; taut belly as Spike tried to drive himself into Xander's thrusts; grunts of effort as he pushed harder, delved deeper, sliding over Spike's prostate randomly so the vamp couldn't tell when the next sparks were coming.

"Oh fuck baby, you feel so good around me - so cool, so tight - fuck - ohgodohgodohgodohgod" Xander was unaware he was babbling a stream of words, his grip on Spike's hips tightening as he thrust faster and harder. Letting his body slide down to change the angle of his entry and let the heat and press of his abdomen stroke against Spike's straining cock, he kissed, sucked and bit at Spike's lips, his practice at avoiding the fangs coming into play as his tongue darted in and out of Spike's mouth - delving deep, re-learning his taste.

He wasn't going to be able to hold off any longer, a few more hard, deep thrusts getting him there, so that he was frozen in position, buried deep as he came so hard he thought his eyes rolled back in his head. Falling forward, he tilted his neck, hissing as Spike accepted his invitation, sliding his fangs into the juncture of neck and shoulder, one gulp of blood enough to send him over the edge, his come splattering against both of them as his cock jerked in release.

Sliding carefully out, Xander wearily reached for and unlocked each padlock, tugging Spike into his arms as soon as his hands were released and holding him close. They were both breathing heavily, Spike snuggling into Xander's chest and wriggling down until he was in his favourite position his head over Xander's thumping heart.

"What did ya write?" Xander smirked, tilted Spike's head upwards until their eyes met.

"Check it out for yourself". Pulling back, Spike looked down at his chest, squinting to make out the words as they were upside down for him. In swirly cursive writing, surrounded by a giant heart, he could make out 'Xander loves Spike'.

"Bloody hell, Pet, you can be such a bint sometimes" he exclaimed, but his words couldn't hide his pleasure.

"Yeah, well this bint got ya but good Bleachy" Xander snarked back, well aware of the feelings that Spike's bluster hid.

"Got me for good ya mean!" Spike replied, before snuggling back down against his personal heated body-sized pillow, discreetly tracing the letters on his chest before the marks began to fade....

The End

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