Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: contains adult content
Disclaimer: Characters are borrowed from the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and are not mine.
Summary: Xander gets back at Spike.
Feedback: Please! This is my first piece so I'm a nervous girl. And pretty please, don't be afraid to tell me if something sucks - I promise I won't break, and I'd really rather know.

A/N: I do realize that the highschool library was destroyed by this point, but I'm too in love with it to let it go. I might love the library more than I love Spike. Suspend a little disbelief for my sake, and pretend they still meet there? Boys are involved at this point, but not in love.
Beta'd by the lovely and talented [info]kate_fire. Let me know if we missed anything.



He wasn't really that surprised. After all, Spike took every opportunity to remind him that he was 'still evil', and he hadn't really expected the little acts of pseudo-malevolence to stop just because they were fucking. That wasn't the point. The point was, Spike had to know there'd be repercussions to destroying Xander's clothes. This was the ninth "laundry accident" to result in one of his colorful shirts being shredded and knotted up in a mess that was so far beyond salvageable that it probably couldn't find it with a map. Xander was in the mood to deal out a little payback - let's see how the evil undead liked it when his wardrobe was a mess.

So, he was careful to toe off his sneakers in the kitchen. Can of Reddi-Whip in hand, he crept towards the sofa in sock-y silence, keeping a close eye on the back of the platinum blond head of his lover. He'd gone into the kitchen during the commercial break, and now that the show had resumed, the vampire's attention should be entirely absorbed by the TV. Sneak sneak sneak went Xander along the wall, fingers poised on the raised can for the last few steps...

In a blur he surely would have completely missed if he'd blinked, Spike had slipped over the back of the couch, snatched the whipped cream from him with one hand, and pinned him against the wall with the other squarely on his chest.

"Trying to sneak up on someone, luv?" Self-satisfied little grin in place, Spike shook the can up and down. "Should know better than that. Even without seeing you in the reflection of the TV, I could hear you coming a mile away. Vampire, remember? Enhanced hearing, lightning-fast reflexes? Face it pet, you're never going to be able to slip up on me." With that smug pronouncement, Spike pressed down on the nozzle, ruffling a line of creamy white across Xander's collarbones, and up his throat to where his jaw was clenched in frustration. His eyes sparkling with glee, the blond added a spot to the tip of his nose before tossing the canister onto the couch.

"So not fair! You're the one who's supposed to be covered in sticky toppings, not me!" Xander couldn't believe it. Not only had Spike effortlessly stolen his cunning plan of whipped cream revenge, but he now had to get back at Spike for this as well as for killing off his clothes!

"Now, now, don't sulk just because you're clearly outmatched by my supernatural abilities. Besides, not like it's the first time I've gotten you sticky." Spike smirked and leaned in a little closer, licking the white dab off the fuming brunet's nose. "Still, I suppose it wouldn't dust me to help clean you up a little." He moved his hands down Xander's arms, holding him lightly against the wall by the wrists. With little flicks of his tongue, he began following the line over Xander's collarbones, where the rippled trail was beginning to soften and drip down from the heat of the panting body beneath it. Spike reached the end of the first line with one last little catlike swipe, and then flattened his tongue and broadly licked up the path to his jaw, eliciting a moan from his squirming captive. Nipping lightly, he worked his way up and began depositing a string of sucking kisses along the edges of Xander's mouth, sending rippling bolts of heat coursing through his body. Capturing the lower lip, he sucked it into his mouth, flickering his tongue over the sensitive skin. Xander whimpered as he deepened the kiss further still, desire a slowly building bed of embers low in his belly. Gradually, he forgot about plotting a response to his thwarted revenge and just melted into the complex rhythm of stroking tongues and caressing lips. His eyes fluttered open, dazed, when Spike pulled back and waited.

"Right then, all cleaned up, and it's off to the Scooby meeting, yeah?" Xander looked at him incredulously, but the blond just strode over to the door, grabbing his coat along the way, and looked back at him innocently. A quick glance at the clock verified that the gang was, in fact, expecting them any minute.

"You," he panted. "Are evil."

"'Course I am, luv." Spike slid his duster over his shoulders with a grin. "Keep tellin' you gits that."

Joy, research.

Xander sat up by himself at one of the tables on the higher level, several thick and dusty tomes before him. How did all the books manage to be dusty? They looked through the things practically weekly, and yet they still managed to look as if they hadn't been touched in ages. Oh well, at least the walk over, Giles subsequent droning lecture on the current band of demons, and the resultant flipping through musty old books had worked to dull his arousal. A little bit. Okay, hardly at all.

-Stupid vampire. Knew we had to leave, knew we didn't have time, and still got me all hot and bothered back at the basement. Stupid vampire and his stupid vampire senses, stealing my idea in the first place. How am I supposed to get back at Spike without my own special powers? Not like I can even get Willow to help me, since she'd want to know why, and I'm not exactly ready to tell the gang that Spike and I have somehow gone from bitter enemies to.... well, not-quite-bitter not-quite-enemies who are getting naked and sticky together not-quite-24/7... Stupid stupid vampires and their extra sensitive hearing, letting them hear the tiniest whisper of a sound....-

Everyone else was spread out below, eyes on their own clutches of dusty, faded volumes, so noone saw Xander tilt his head in thought. His mouth twitched as if it wanted to break into a sudden smirk. Leaning forward in his chair, he slouched into the table on his elbows, book sitting up shielding his face as his eyes scanned the group below. Yup, every single one snug in research mode and not about to notice him. Willow and Tara were murmuring quietly over a shared book at the main table. Giles was pacing along the shelves looking for yet another arcane title to take back to his place there. Buffy and Riley had already slipped out to start patrolling. And... there was Spike at one of the small tables away from the main group, idly flipping pages as if the grimoire he held was a teen pop magazine. Xander's mouth curled up in a wicked smile, hidden by the propped up book he'd been trudging slowly through. He took a shaky breath for courage, and pitched his voice into a tiny whisper, so soft he could barely hear himself. There was no way any of the humans below would hear a thing.

"So, Mr. Vampire, just how good are your ears? If you can hear me, flip back to the last page." He could barely contain his glee when Spike turned curious blue eyes his way. -Please don't give this away!- Spike's brow quirked up, and he deliberately, slowly licked his finger and used it to turn back to the previous page. -Oh, yeah, you think you're still on top, showing a little tongue... you haven't got a clue what you just signed up for.-

"Don't call attention... just go back and pretend you're still looking through the book," Xander breathed the words, and watched as Spike seemingly went back to researching. "Good vampire. Now you just stay quiet, and listen."

-What could the boy be up to?- Spike turned a page, his ears trained past the rustle of parchment and the low rippling voices of the witches, trained past the soft pad of the Watcher's feet across the room, trained to the insidious little whisper drifting down from the table where the boy'd lugged an armful of books to search for information.

"It wasn't nice, you know," Xander's voice dropped a notch... still a whisper, but suddenly a shade more seductive, his tone huskily infusing the simple phrase with naughty. "You knew what you were doing to me. Licking me, sucking me... working that wet pink mouth of yours on me, knowing how turned on I was getting, knowing that we had to be walking out the door and that I'd be so hard and ready for you and not able to do a thing about it." Spike swallowed, keeping his eyes on the book in front of him.

"You loved that, didn't you? Having me pinned there against the wall, knowing you were in control of the situation, in control of me? Knowing that I was losing myself in lust while you just calmly counted down the minutes. You knew just how hot you were making me, and that I'd still come here to the meeting even though what I really wanted to do was stay home with you. After all, I'm one of the good guys, right? Doing my duty instead of taking you by the shoulders and pushing you down on your knees like I wanted to. I bet you could measure exactly how far to push me... measure the hormones or the pheromones or the whatever that must've been pouring off me... could you smell it in the air? How hot you were making me? How thick and hard my dick was getting for you from just your mouth on mine and the thought of where I wanted it to be? Can you smell it now?

"Maybe not as easily, since I'm up here and you're down there, but I bet you can. Great sense of smell, right? Smell, hearing, everything. Just how good are your ears, vampire? Know you can hear my heartbeat. Wonder if you can hear every pulse of it, sending all that blood to my cock? Do you like that, Spike, the way my heartbeat thrums in it when I get really hard, knowing all that blood is right there? Can you feel my pulse drumming against that wicked tongue when you're sucking me off?" Spike kept his eyes trained on the book, steadied his shaking hand by turning another unseen page. -What is the boy trying to do to me?-

"I wonder if you can hear this?" A pause, silent of even Xander's wicked whispering, and then Spike heard the soft thump of a button slipping free of it's denim leash, followed by the pattering clicks of a zipper opening. -He isn't.- There was a tiny hitch in Xander's breathing, a rustle that could only be jeans sliding down against the wooden library chair, enough to give him free access. -Fuck, he is- and Spike's cock was throbbing against its own cloth prison. "That's better. Gets me so hard, thinking about this, talking like this..." An almost silent sigh, hidden by the new sound of flesh on flesh, a susurration that he'd recognize anywhere after listening to it night after night while he'd been tied in that chair. -Can't believe the boy is doing that right here with all his mates around.- Spike clutched the book with white-knuckled hands, no longer even pretending to research, wishing his own table wasn't clearly in view of the Scoobies.

"Fuck yes. Been needing this, Spike. So hard now, so hard earlier.... could've been you then, touching me like this, stroking and squeezing me... wish it was you, but you missed your chance, didn't you? And now... now I just have to take matters into my own hands." The whisper was hoarser now, laced with desire and a tinge of desperation. Spike couldn't imagine now why he'd ever thought not having sex with the whelp was a good thing.

His own arousal was straining so hard against his jeans that he was sure it'd bear the imprints of the button fly if he was able to take it out, a volley of faint circles where the flesh met metal. He wanted to bite his lip at the irony of Xander turning him on when he couldn't do anything about it, knew exactly why the boy was putting on this little show after their earlier encounter back at the house. But... he wasn't exactly hating it, really. The steady slick sound of him stroking himself off, voice a little less steady as it continued to blow dirty little thoughts to his ear. Xander was starting to pant now, little breaks in his monologue, and the sounds his hand was making, they were getting wetter. "God, Spike... getting so close now... uh. Knowing you're listening to me, knowing you're getting off on it too... hotter than... the time when you made me do it... and you just watched me. Mmmm... because I'm in control this time, Spike... and you love it... don't you?" And Spike was all too aware of where they were, thankful at last that he couldn't actually answer, because yeah, he did love it, and he shouldn't. He was supposed to be the one on top, the one in control... that was how he liked it. But this... this was something different, and it scared him even as it made him harder than ever.

The words were tapering quickly to constant panting, interspersed with lusty moans that weren't going to be quiet enough, soon. There was a pause, every noise stopping except for the boy's breath, rough and broken and aroused. Spike sat immobile, tightly riveted, so turned on he couldn't even think, couldn't imagine why Xander was stopping now. Then he heard a tiny *snick* and he picked up a hint of scent, something that didn't really smell like anything at all, and realized with something akin to wonder that the boy had brought the lube. To the Scooby meeting. Holy bleeding Christ, was he trying to kill him?? Spike sucked in his lower lip, eyes closed as he tried to keep what little control he had left. Boy hadn't even touched him, but he was having trouble maintaining the illusion of normality. Hard to appear unaffected when the minx above him was whispering and moaning like he'd been.

"Mmmm... nice and wet now... could wait a moment and let it warm up, but I just want it so bad... slick and cool and wet, just like when it's you touching me. Just teasing right now, just..." Wicked words punctuated by a shaky inhalation, laid over the steady rhythm that told Spike what Xander's other hand had returned to. "...circling... feeling the softness, the heat... must feel even hotter to you when you're touching me here. Doesn't it just make you want to..." Muffled whimper, and Spike's erection began a low throbbing, timed to the steady slow stroking in lieu of the pulse he didn't have. "...sink... right... in..." Boy's voice was tight with desperation, words giving way to near-silent keening. Spike's own voice was gone, mouth dry as his mind painted the scene above in vivid detail: the way Xander's brow would be furrowed, glistening with a sheen of moisture, his plump lower lip caught in his teeth as he struggled to stay quiet; one hand wrapped around his swollen cock, pressure at the base to keep from coming, while the other pressed lower, hobbled by the denim cage of his lowered jeans; spine arched to let him press deeper, thrusting his own fingers into that tight heat, slick and dripping. One finger, two? Thick digits, glistening with lube, stretching and getting himself hot, ready, wet and needy and so so close...

-Right, then. Time to do something about this. Can't take much more, and I suspect neither can he.-

"Harris. Need to talk to you, private like." He ignored the curious glances of the other Scoobies, thankful just to have kept his voice steady and blank as he rose and turned toward the training room. Saw the flushed face of the boy as he slipped from his chair before the others could look up, pretending to gather up his backpack while he quickly got his pants done up, and then he was slinging the strap over his shoulder and following Spike's swift stride into the back room.

Spike swung the door closed as soon as he was through it, and Xander opened his mouth to say, well, something, but the vampire had heard more than enough words from that mouth. Pressed him against the wall with a body thrumming with tension. Poured want and now and mine into a kiss that stole every word and breath and thought, face cupped and held in his hands. Kissed him until Xander lay molten and boneless against him, and then pulled back, hands gliding down to lie on his shoulders, keeping him pinned upright by nimble white fingers and dark wanton eyes. Looked at the boy, dark eyes unfocused and soft, kiss-stung lips parted and panting, face glowing within a frame of mussed sable hair. Made him wish he could take this slow, but the others would begin to wonder, and he wasn't sure he had that much willpower left, anyway.

He tugged Xander across the room instead, at least getting them away from the door, before pushing him down to the soft gymnastic mats in the far corner and crawling up that gorgeous body.

"Now, you'll have to be quiet, pet. No good if someone hears us and comes in. But that's surely not a problem, is it?" Spike's tongue trailed up his neck, traced the edge of his ear. "You seem to be very good at keeping your voice down. You can be quiet while I fuck you, right?" Xander just whimpered and nodded frantically, hips rolling beneath the weight of the vampire, too aroused for too long to communicate with anything other than his body now. He gasped when Spike worked a hand between them, cupping his erection, and their mouths came together again. The vampire stroked up his length firmly, rubbing through the tight denim, then freed it with a few twisting movements. Xander's cock was dark and heavy in his hand, spilling forth waves of heat, his tongue curling and sucking around the soft sounds he was making.

Spike slid off the boy and turned him over so he knelt on the mats, pushed his clothing down to reveal the firm globes of his ass. He ran his hands over the soft flesh, nails pressing lightly, forerunners to the smooth pads of his fingers, then fumbled quickly to undo his own jeans. He wanted to do much more, draw teasing patterns in slow sensuous torture, but he was keenly aware that they didn't have the time for that. Instead, he shoved his pants down his thighs, just out of the way, and trailed two slim fingers down the cleft before him. Finding Xander's entrance where it shivered against his touch, moist and pink and soft, he pressed in and god yes, the boy was slippery and ready, liquid heat that tightened around his fingers. He pulled his hand back to hold his cock, running it over that sweet indentation, pushing firmly enough to dip lightly inside, little glancing strokes. Xander's hips were moving, erratic thrusts to try and capture him, and he knew the boy'd be begging if he wasn't forbidden to speak.

He leaned forward and put his free hand on Xander's shoulder, steadying, and Xander's circling hips stilled as he braced himself, taut, while Spike aligned himself and pushed forward in one long thrust.

Xander bit his lip to keep from crying out, tasting blood but unable to ease up, Spike's cock thick inside him, and it was like it didn't leave room for breath. Then Spike was moving, pulling back and Xander sucked in air and whipped the heel of one hand up to cover his mouth as the blond started fucking him, hard and rhythmic. His lips were pressed together behind his palm, struggling to keep the noise down even if he couldn't stop it completely, and he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate instead of just giving in and screaming. Spike clutched the boy's hips, pulling him back to meet each thrust, driving into that tight silken heat, Xander's stuttering keening tapering as he gasped for breath.

Spike pulled the boy up a little, off his arms and closer to his own body, his forearm a diagonal piece of bondage holding Xander up while he kept thrusting, looking for the perfect angle, his hand splayed across a trembling chest, fingers finding and toying with a nipple, and theretherethere Xander was shaking and jerking in his arms, coming in shining arcs across the mats and pulsing around him as he found his own release.

He let himself fall limply to the side, pulling Xander with him, sweaty and panting and bendable as clay. He let his eyes slip closed for a moment, breathing in the scent of the human in his arms, all sweet-sharp with sex and contentment, he could almost stay there forever.

The murmur of voices in the other room gradually intruded, and Spike heard Giles confirming that they'd found the information they'd been looking for. With a sigh, he forced himself up and straightened up his clothes, nudging Xander when it was clear he wasn't moving. Xander looked up, heavy lidded and sexy, then shook himself and got up, bemused smile on his face.

"You know, revenge is even sweeter than I thought it'd be," he said as he fixed his jeans.

Spike opened his mouth to argue, but then realized that he probably did have to concede this round. Not that he wasn't still far, far ahead overall, but damned if he was going to admit it. Change of subject, then...

"Sounds like Glinda found out what we needed to know about those demons. Reckon the Scooby meeting's over."

Xander'd fished around in his backpack, coming up with the hand towel he'd stowed away, and quickly wiped up the mess on the floor.

"Hey, okay. Let's get headed home then. I've got work tomorrow." Spike frowned and followed silently behind Xander, thinking of the empty daylight hours when he'd be stuck in the basement with nothing to do. Then he brightened a little. Sure, there wouldn't be much on TV and he couldn't go anywhere, but he could always do a little bit of laundry.

The End

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