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Warnings? Well, #5 is probably a hard R, but other than that this is mostly schmoop.

Eleven Things Spike Loves About Xander

Savoy Truffle

1. The shirts. Because only Xander could find shirts god awful enough to hide how delicious he is. But then, Spike likes having Xander to himself.

2. The babble. Because Xander says the sweetest things when he babbles that he would probably be too embarrassed to say otherwise. And because when Xander’s babbling, it’s easier for Spike to pretend those things haven’t turned him into a not-so-big, not-so-bad, pile of mush.

3. The moments when he can’t babble. Because nothing is more flattering than being able to reduce your lover to a series of barely articulate grunts and moans just by leering or rolling your hips a bit. Or, you know, making sure his mouth is full.

4. The bravery. Because how can someone get knocked down as many times as Xander has and still be willing to rush headlong into any fight? And because Xander applies the same principle to love. After so many relationships gone wrong, he still rushed headlong into a relationship with Spike. And Spike intends to be sure he never regrets it.

5. The innocence. Because how can you not want to corrupt so much purity? And because even when Xander’s taking it hard up the ass, covered in his own come and swearing like a sailor while he begs for more… he’s still the purest soul Spike’s ever seen.

6. The turn-around time. Because 19 is really a wonderful age for boys—definitely legal but still randy as hell. And because as annoying as Xander’s seemingly boundless energy can be at certain times, it’s always welcome in bed.

7. The loyalty. Because Spike admired it even when it was toward the Scoobies and against him, but the day it shifted to him and Xander actually defended Spike against one of Buffy’s barbs, Spike knew he’d well and truly fallen.

8. The eyes. And not because Xander can make him do pretty much anything with those eyes, because that’s just bloody annoying, though fortunately, Xander doesn’t quite seem to realize this power. But because Xander can’t keep what he feels out of those eyes and lately Spike’s become addicted to what he sees there.

9. The heat. Because lying skin to skin with Xander is the sweetest kind of warmth Spike has ever known and Spike wouldn’t trade it for all the Gems of Amara in the world.

10. The humor. Because Spike has been alive long enough to have done pretty much everything between the sheets (or on the floor, or against the wall), but he’s never laughed in bed (or out of it) like he does with Xander.

11. The love. Because Spike’s never known a truly requited love, one where the give and the take and the pleasure and the pain are always mutual, and he suspects Xander never has either.

The End

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