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RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: Spike/ Xander
SUMMARY: A dashing pirate (Spike) captures a young Lieutenant (Xander) and decides to keep him.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group ;
My livejournal ; the Basement of Doom LJ community ; and the website Weird Romances . Anyplace else is fine, just let us know where it’s going.
SPOILERS: None. Completely AU.
WARNINGS: In this chapter- M/m slash, semi-non-con, oral sex, mentions of non-con.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the boys, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
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Length: 5815 words.

The Education of Lieutenant Harris

Salustra and PetXnd

Part One

The fight was all but over. Captain Spike surveys the scene with a certain amount of satisfaction. He could see one final knot of activity, and he moves over to see what the commotion is. There is one handsome young officer, muscular, with dark hair and eyes, still futilely fighting. Spike leaps into the fray and knocks away his weapon, putting the tip of his cutlass at the young man's throat. "Surrender!" He calls out. This one is too pretty to waste.

Xander jerks his head back and glares. "You have me outnumbered you ruffian, but I'd sooner die fighting than walk the plank! " He makes a grab for Spike's weapon.

Spike moves forward and strikes the young officer on the back of his head and knocks him out. He sighs. "Have him taken to my cabin. And no molesting him. That's for me, mind."

Xander could feel himself being half-dragged, half-carried, by rough careless hands, his feet dragging along the rough deck of the pirate ship. He struggles a little as he is dragged down a flight of stairs and roughly thrown through a door onto the floor of a cabin. He bangs his head again and lost consciousness.

A while later Spike has trussed the young man up to his liking, having stripped him to his undergarments and tied him hand and foot to the bed. His clothes and weapons were locks away in Spike's trunk. He takes a wet cloth and wipes the man's face.

Xander moans. His head thumps and his bones ache. "Be a good lad Andrew,” he mutters. “Ftch the ship's doctor I don't feel so good." He addresses his *cabin boy* without opening his eyes.

Spike chuckles. "Not Andrew. And there's no bloody ship's doctor. You'll 'ave t'make do." He strokes hands over his chest.

Xander's eyes snap open. "Arghhhhh!" He struggles "How dare you sir! Remove your hand at once, and where are my clothes? What have you done with Andrew and Captain Giles!?"

Spike considers for a moment. "Well your captain is dead. And any enlisted men were given to the crew for their pleasure. So if Andrew survives, 'e's quite likely being well buggered at the moment."

"What! What kind of a monster are you, he was a boy! There are rules concerning the treatment of prisoners, you'll hang for this! And I dread to think what's happens to Buffy, the ship's cat!"

Spike chuckles at that. "M'a pirate, ponce. M'gonna 'ang anyway if m'ever caught. So I might as well do as I please."

You are a man sir and civilized behavior should not be beyond you, whatever your occupation! I demand my clothes and to be returned to my shipmates!"

Spike shakes his head. "Not going to happen, dear boy. So you might as well resign yourself." He runs his hands down over the man's muscular chest and plays around the waistband of his cotton underpants.

"What do you think your doing?! Stop that at once!" Xander struggles. "Andrew was under my protection, if any harm has come to the lad..."

"What does your Andrew look like?" Spike asks, continuing to work long clever fingers under the waistband, stroking over soft pale flesh.

"He's not my Andrew. He’s ship's cabin boy. Small, dark blond curly hair, jumps at his own shadow. Came from an orphanage."

"Ah, yes, I recall him. My first mate Wes took him as personal booty. He'll be well-cared for. Only buggered by Wes, not the rest of the crew."

Xander splutters. "Bugg... The lad was an innocent. How could you? Oh well of course you could. Filthy scum! And what has happens to the rest of the crew and Angel, the ship's parrot!?"

"Angel? That's priceless. My bosun's name is Angelus. I'll 'ave t'tell 'im. We've got the animals as mascots, of course."

Xander sighs in relief, not a soulless scoundrel after all. "Release me and let me go to my stricken comrades!"

Spike chuckles again, reaching up to pinch the man's nipple slightly. "Already told you, boy, that's not going to 'appen. I've taken a fancy to you. Been a while since I 'ad a good boy to warm my bed proper."

Xander's eyes widen. "What! Are you in the habit of molesting your captives?! Stop doing that!" He struggles. "I'm not that way inclined. I'm engaged to a nice girl called Anya. I have no interest in warming your anything!"

"As a matter of fact, we *are* in the 'abit of molesting our captives. And no one asks you if you were inclined. You *do* notice you're tied down?"

"I was trying not to. I suggest you release me, unless you intend to use force. I'm not going to be your *good* anything, the moment I am free I shall make an attempt on your life. Release me and my crew and cast us adrift and I shall tell the authorities you shows mercy!"

Spike laughs. "Well you do 'ave spirit. And a sense of 'umor. Wot is your name?"

"Lieutenant Alexander Harris. One of the Sunnydale Harris's. I come from a long line of ship's drun...I mean officers."

"Alexander. Very pretty name." Spike leans over and kisses Alexander's chest. "For a very pretty boy."

"What do you think your doing!" Xander squeaks, pulling on the restraints. "How dare you and why am I stripped down to my underwear?!" He thinks, thank God it’s clean!

"This my ship, boy, and everything on it is under my power. That includes you. So I dare any damn thing I please." He stands and strips off his own shirt, baring a muscular chest.

Xander's eyes widen. Ohh nice muscles. Quite a handsome rogue. Xander gives his libido a kick. "What do you think you are doing! Put your shirt back on at once!"

Spike chuckles and moves to straddle Alexander. "I don't think you're in any position to give orders." He reaches back and undoes a leather thong, letting his long golden hair loose and leaning forward to lick Xander's cheek. His silken hair falls forward in a sheet and strokes over Xander's skin.

Xander grimaces. "I'm sure this isn't hygienic!" Nice hair. "For the last time...Unhand me you, you... ruffian!"

"Well m'glad that's the last time. Because it's getting quite annoying and I'd 'ate to 'ave to gag you. Such a pretty mouth." Spike grabs his jaw, holding it in place as he leans to kiss Xander.

Xander bucks and struggles wildly, spluttering.

Spike moves down and licks and nibbles on Xander's neck, pushing his head to the side.

Xander continues to struggle. "Get the fuck off me you gutter snipe! I'm not pretty, I'm not your boy and I'm not homosexual!!" He's lost his nice accent.

Spike groans. "Oh, yeah, keeps struggling my pretty little captive. Makes me randy." As if to illustrate his point, he grinds his crotch down against Xander, his hardness pressing into Xander's belly.

Xander freezes, looking mortified and blushing bright red. Through clenched teeth, he says, "I am not your pretty anything, you pervert. And stop the fuck doing that, you bastard!"

Spike keeps licking, moaning as he rubs his body against Xander's. Oh, yes, this young lieutenant was going to make such a perfect diversion.

Xander squirms and tried to wriggle away from the hardness digging into his belly. Wasn't homosexual and he didn't find this ruffian attractive, despite whatever his cock thought about the situation! "May I suggest a dose of laudanum for your *problem*."

Spike chuckles and reaches down, stroking a firm hand over the stiffening bulge in Xander's underpants. "Doesn't seem like there is a problem at all."

"Get off at once!!" Xander squeaks. "I've missed Anya is all. Nothing to do with you!"

"Aww, poor boy. Wot did your Anya do for you? Tell me and perhaps I'll do it for you."

"How dare you, you pervert! Anya is a lady!" Worse luck. "Only a bastard like yourself would besmirch the name or that sweet girl. I demand satisfaction!"

"Oh, it's satisfaction you want. Well then, I'd better give it to you." Spike starts kissing and licking down the center of Xander's body, his hand still stroking over Xander's bulge.

"I didn't mean that ! You bastard! I meant pistols at dawn or summat!! Cutlasses at noon. Well you can have a cutlass and I'll have a sword, the weapon of a gentleman!"

Spike ignores Xander's outburst, nuzzling and licking now along the length of Xander's cock through the underpants.

"Arghh!" Xander tries to buck him off. "What the fuck do you think you’re doing!!!?"

"I should think it would be obvious." Spike grips strong hands on Xander's hips to hold him still as he goes back to licking.

Xander pulls hard on the restraints. "How many times cloth-ears? I. am . Not. Homosexual!! Stop doing that!" Xander doesn't like the sensations this pirate ruffian is causing. Well he *does*, he just isn't going to let on!

Spike pulls down Xander's underpants, revealing his fully hard cock. "Your john thomas seems t'think otherwise."

Xander makes a strangled sound and blushes bright red. "I can't help it!" he snaps. "Doesn't mean a damned thing! I'm twenty years old, and been at sea nearly six weeks. A monkey could get me hard!”

Spike chuckles and starts licking up and down his cock, curling and swirling his tongue in obscene and wicked patterns over the velvety skin.

Xander struggles in earnest. He is mortified at the way his body is responding to another man. He might be a sailor, but he thought he was straight as a dye. Andrew had been quite safe with him!! This was all Anya's fault, she wouldn't give it up until after the wedding .And a twenty year old virgin. Xander is almost desperate. God this pirate is pretty!

Spike swirls his tongue now over the sensitive head, licking at the slit and tasting the sweet pearls of liquid there. "Oh, very sweet. You've never 'ad anyone, 'ave you, my pretty?"

"What! Yes, yes of course!. Not Anya because she's a lady, but I'm quite well acquainted with Cordelia the bar wench and Willow our upstairs maid." He lies. "And I am not pretty!"

"Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, and I say you're pretty. So did either of these young ladies ever polish your knob for you like this?" Spike leans to start licking again.

"Certainly not!" Xander bites back a moan. "We umm just y'know, lots of times."

"Lucky me. Then I get t'be your first. " He licks some more, that long blonde hair falling down onto Xander's hips and belly. Spike pushes down, sucking, licking, taking more and more of Xander's cock into his mouth.

Xander clenches his teeth, trying not to moan and that certainly isn't him whimpering like a bitch in heat. Not that he knew of such things and that visit to the brothel when he was sixteen...not such a good idea!

Spike groans at the sweet whimpers, letting the vibrations dance over the hard flesh in his mouth. He's skilled at this, and determined to make the young lieutenant squirm for him. His tongue keeps licking and pressing, finding each little tender spot as he pushes all the way down, his nose buried in dark curls.

Xander tries not to thrust, he really does. But all his cock has ever known was his own hand and the odd brush of Anya's through his trousers. He whimpers and thrusts, cursing himself and Spike mentally.

Spike takes the thrusting, starting to bob up and down on Xander's cock, licking and sucking as he moves. One hand slides between his legs, stroking and kneading his balls gently.

Xander comes with a sharp cry as soon as Spike touches his balls and is completely mortified. How *could* he betray Anya like that? And with a man and a pirate to boot. He is worthless.

Spike greedily sucks and swallows every last bit of Xander's cum, his blue eyes looking up to catch Xander's expression as he releases. He licks him clean and then pulls up off him, pulling Xander's underpants back in place. " Ah, I take it you liked my attentions?"

"No! I did not! You sir are a scoundrel and a pervert and if I were not tied down I would thrash you within an inch of your life." The outburst is spoilt by the goofy look and the unruly mop of dark hair.

Spike chuckles. "Yeah, right. And exactly who was it that beat who in a fight?"

"You took advantage of me, and hit me on the back of the head. The sign of a coward!"

"I 'ad knocked away your weapon in a fair fight, and you refused t'surrender. So your life is mine. Rather than waste it, I've kept it. So you belong t'me."

Xander blinks. "Are you drunk? I was born a free man and shall die one, I belong to no one. Well, except Anya, cos y'know...temper." He shudders.

"No, m'not drunk. And you'll live and die at my pleasure. You ceased being free the minute I defeated you."

"Then you'll have to kill me, I refuse to be your slave!" Xander juts his chin out stubbornly.

Spike chuckles. "We'll see about that." Spike lies down next to Xander and strokes a lazy hand over his chest.

Xander stars steadfastly at the ceiling unmoving, not liking the feel of Spike's hand on his chest...Much!

"Such lovely soft skin. But then I suppose you got regular baths, bein' an officer and all."

"I partake regularly of course."

"Good. I like my boys nice and clean."

"I am not a boy and I am certainly not yours!"

"You're wotever I say you are. Best get used to it." Spike's fingers twirl around one of Xander's nipples, making the flesh peak.

"I am a free man and shall remain so, say what you damned well like!" Xander huffs.

Spike chuckles softly. His voice is low and sensual. "A challenge. I like challenges. Gonna break you, sweet boy. Make you crawl to me, call me master, beg me."

"You are an insane and deluded pervert!"

"Quite likely." Spike leans over and licks over the peaked nipple.

"Will you stop that?!"

Spike doesn't answer, just keeps licking.

"I will not crawl to you if you break both my legs and I am not a dog to call any man my Master!"

Spike just keeps licking, his hands stroking over Xander's flesh. Xander is quite possibly the loveliest captive he'd ever had. If he could break him properly, he might keep him and not sell him in the Arabian slave markets, where pretty white boys sold dear.

Xander glares. "I told you to take your filthy hands off me!"

Spike chuckles and nips Xander's perked flesh. "Bad dog. Keep barking and I'll 'ave t'muzzle you."

"I am not a dog! My family has connections," With the local brewery, he adds mentally. "You will be hunted down and hung for this outrage!"

Spike grinds his hardness against Xander's hip. "Already 'ung pet. Very well 'ung."

Xander blushes. "I have no wish to know about your private parts!"

"Mmm. Well you're going t'become well acquainted with them."

"I beg to differ, I shall do no such damned thing!"

Spike moves between Xander's tied and spread legs and grinds against him. "Yes, you will, my pretty."

Xander yanks on the restraints. "If I were unrestrained you wouldn't dare do this you coward!"

"Oh, I'd dare. It'd just be much more difficult. Raped plenty of young men in my time, my pretty."

"And proud of it no doubt!" Xander spits out.

"Of course. M'a *pirate*!" Spike pulls Xander's underpants down again. "Mmm, these are in the way. Just 'ave t'dispose of them. Not like you'll need them again at any rate." He pulls a knife from his belt and starts cutting through the delicate cotton.

Xander grits his teeth, he is getting scared now and still angry. "How dare you, you pervert! Being a pirate does not excuse your behavior. You are less than a man you are a thing that preys upon innocent, decent people and my new wish is to live to see you hanged!"

Spike ignores him. It's typical, the threats and the bluster. And quite useless, as the young lieutenant was very firmly tied down. He reaches over and retrieves a bottle of scents oil, pouring some on his fingers and dribbling some down between Xander's thighs.

Xander grits his teeth and trembles. He knows he is going to be raped and tied as he is he is powerless to stop it. The best he can hope for is that it will be quick and once done, the pirate will leave him alone and not hand him of the rest of the crew. "If you do this you'd best kill me after, or I swear however long it takes, I will kill you."

"I 'ave no intention of wasting such a pretty boy as you by killing you. You're far too valuable." Spike works one oiled finger in a circle around Xander's tight pucker.

Xander tries to squirm away from Spike's touch. "Valuable?"

"Yeah. You 'ave any idea 'ow much a pretty boy like you would sell for in the slave markets of Araby?"

Xander gasps. "You wouldn't. not even you." He looks at the pirate and sneers. "Yes of course you would...a creature like you. But aren't I worth more a virgin?"

"Oh, I don't intend to sell you unless I 'ave to. Would much rather keep you for my own."

Xander's heart sinks. For a moment he thought he had a way of getting out of his predicament, at least for now. "I'll be much more trouble than 'm worth, you'll have to watch your back all the time."

Spike starts pushing his finger against Xander's pucker. "Oh no. Such a lovely tight arse on such a pretty boy, well worth the trouble."

Xander grunts and tightens his muscles against the intrusion. "Perverted bastard!"

"Call me wot you like, I've 'eard it all before. But you came awfully quickly in my mouth. So I guess that makes you a pervert as well."

"How dare you! I've never done it..." Xander snaps his mouth shut.

Spike chuckles. "Thought you were so well acquainted with the bar wench and the maid."

Xander huffs. "We are on first name terms!"

Spike chuckles. "But you said you dipped your wick. That was a lie."

Xander sighs. "Yes."

Spike nods. "Good pet. It'll be so much easier if you try not t'lie." He presses his finger in to the second knuckle and starts to move it, loosening Xander's tight passage.

Xander tries desperately to move away. It hurts and feels strange. He grunts and pulls against the restraints. "My family is rich and so are Anya's they will pay for my return, unharmed." Truth is they probably wouldn't give a toss.

Spike shakes his head. "No. I'd be captured if I tried t'take you in for ransom."

Xander curses softly. "Please don't do this," he whispers.

Spike looks up at the pleading, lust-fills eyes locked on Xander. "You're so pretty when you beg." He pushes the finger in deeper still.

Xander grunts and whimpers. "At least tell me your name before you rape me!"


"Spike? What kind of name is Spike for a pirate?"

"S' a nickname. Taken for my method of getting prisoners to talk. My given name is William."

"Oh lord, that's worse. Bill the pirate!" Xander scoffs.

"William the Bloody is wot I was called before Spike. You call me Bill or Willie again and I'll make you regret it."

Xander pales. "W...William the Bloody. You were supposed to be killed off Madagascar last year." If this really *is* William the Bloody, rape is the least of Xander's worries, the pirate's cruelty and viciousness are legendary.

"Rumors of my death, as you see, are quite exaggerated." Spike's finger has been moving and wiggling, searching for a certain spot. He finds it now and strokes across it. Despite himself, Xander gasps and his body shudders as Spike touches somewhere inside him. Having found it, Spike strokes it again and again, loving Xander's response to it. Xander's, response increases each time Spike strokes the spot until he is whimpering and arching. Some part of him is mortified by what he is feeling.

"Ohhh, good pet. So pretty. You're going t'be such a good fuck, I can tell." Spike pulls back the finger and joins a second one to it, pushing back into Xander and finding that spot again.

Xander tosses his head and bites his bottom lip in an attempt not to give way to the feelings inside him, feelings he is sure he should only have with Anya. A whimper escapes. Spike groans again at the whimper. Such a good sound. It makes him want to ram home right now, but he restrains himself, instead starting to thrust his fingers in and out.

Xander feels every pull and push of Spike's fingers as they work him, his own cock hard against this stomach, fingers drag over that spot and he whimpers freely. Spike moans and rubs his free hand over Xander's belly and chest as he pushes a third finger into him. God he wants this boy.

Xander winces at the third finger and opens his mouth to protest when Spike brushes that spot and all that comes out is a whimper. Spike keeps stroking over Xander's skin as he thrusts, rubbing in circles over Xander's peaked nipples and teasing around but not touching his cock.

Xander arches and whimpers, this isn't really his fault. He's naked and restrained and there's nothing he can do, nothing he can be blamed for. Spike is making it feel so good!

Spike pulls out those fingers and moves into position, slicking still more oil over his cock and pushing against Xander's tight pucker. Xander gasps. Spike is bigger than his fingers, bigger than Xander and so very hard. Now the wonderful feelings are gone, Xander tries to squirm away.

"Fighting it will only make it 'urt more, pet. Might as well give in. You're tied down and not goin' anywhere."

Xander looks at him. "It’s the thought that counts. I'll know I didn't give in without a fight!"

"Suit yourself. I'll enjoy the fuck either way."

Xander grits his teeth. He is determined to be stubborn. Even if Spike is handsome and muscular and strong and mysterious and wicked. Xander is sooo fucked!!!

Spike starts pressing in, slowly but firmly. He curls a hand around Xander's cock, stroking it to try to give Xander some pleasure to help mitigate the pain. Xander grunts and winces. It hurts as Spike forces his way into him, even the attentions to his cock don't help much and it stays flaccid in Spike's hand. Tears are just about to fall when something gives and Spike moves forward more easily.

Spike groans as Xander's tight ass holds him like velvet-covered steel. He keeps pressing until he reaches that sweet spot and starts to rock back and forth in little arcs, rubbing it over and over. The pain eases and gives way to feelings of pleasure. Xander's cock twitches and starts to harden. Whimpers of pain gave way to happier whimpers as Spike works that spot inside him over and over. Without meaning to, Xander begins to push back onto Spike's cock.

Spike feels that little push and knows Xander is starting to enjoy it. He pulls back and starts to thrust in and out, in long hard strokes, making sure to hit that spot each and every time. Xander arches and whimpers, pulling against the restraints, able to let go because he has no choice Spike took his choice, his feelings of right and wrong away from him and gave him no option. In restraining him, Spike set him free. So Xander whimpers and arches and pushes back on the cock filling him, making his own cock harden and ache.

Spike groans and leans forward as he keeps thrusting. He licks over Xander's nipples, onto his neck, nuzzles along his jaw. Xander moans and suddenly he finds Spike's mouth on his and it feels wonderful, soft and hard at the same time, so unlike any kiss he'd ever had before. Spike moans into the kiss, licking over Xander's lips, kissing them, tasting and feeling their softness. So good, so very sweet.

Xander opens his lips with a whimper. Spike takes the gamble and flicks his tongue in and out of Xander's mouth. So very good. He's thrusting smoothly and steadily into Xander, over and over, feeling Xander's rock hard cock rubs between their bellies. Spike’s tongue fills Xander's mouth searching, possessing, mimicking the smooth thrust and pull of his cock. Xander's own cock is hard and dripping, and rubs with every movement between them. Xander moans and surrenders.

Spike's hands tangle in Xander's dark hair, stroking it, threading through it. "Oh, god, boy." He gasps when he pulls back to breathe. "Such a wonderful mouth." Xander is dazed, his lips swollen and his eyes black with lust, his chest heaves as he sucks in needed air. He can't form words to make a reply so he just whimpers and pushes onto Spike's thrusting cock. The whimpers spur Spike to thrust harder and faster, his passion growing as he looks down at Xander's face, so lovely and wanton and abandoned.

Xander arches and whimpers louder aware of Spike's increasing abandon and matching it with his own. Spike groans and almost growls as his release comes closer and closer. He reaches a hand between them, stroking Xander's weeping cock, wanting Xander to orgasm first.

Xander arches trembling and gave a sharp cry and his balls tighten and his cock pulses over Spike's hand and his own belly, his body shuddering and he pants harshly. Spike lets go then, groaning and shouting, as Xander's muscles tighten down on him. He bucks hard a few last times as he rides out the waves of his orgasm, then pulls out and collapses next to Xander, chest heaving.

Xander lies dazed and confused, not really sure if he's been raped or something else. It certainly didn't feel like rape at the end!

Spike gets up after he recovers his breath, wetting rags and using one to wipe himself clean, bringing the other to clean Xander. His touch is surprisingly gentle. "Such a good boy. So very good." His voice is a soft purr.

Xander blinks at him. He sounds like he's being nice. It only adds to the confusion and Xander decides to think about it later and for now, just to see what the pretty pirate would do.

Spike finishes cleaning Xander and sets the rags aside. "That can't be very comfortable, trussed like that. You want me t'make you a bit more comfortable?"

Xander nods, his arms ache and his legs felt numb. Spike goes over to a chest and pulls out a leather belt with two leather manacles attached by chains to it. He unlocks the belt and the manacles with a key, which he then locks back into the chest. He comes over and slides the belt onto Xander and locks it shut. Then he unties one hand, holding the wrist tight as he pulls it down and locks it into the manacle. He repeats the process with the other hand. Xander watches with dismay, he was hoping to be set free, he’s not sure if this is better or worse.

Spike then gets a set of ankle manacles from the same chest and secures Xander's ankles, then unties him. "Now there. You can keep your arms down and move your legs a bit. But I don't 'ave t'worry about you fighting back or being able t'run."

Xander raises his eyebrows. "Clothes?"

"Wot would you need clothes for?"

"To go back to my comrades.”

"Din't I make it clear? You're mine. You're not leaving this room."

"What? Not ever?

"Not until we put into port for the winter. Then I'll take you t'my 'ome."

"Oh. You have a home?"

"Yeah. Piracy pays very well. I 'ave a nice estate on one of the pirate islands. A big 'ouse, lands, servants."

Xander blinks. The thought of William The Bloody owning land is a strange one and somehow Xander doesn't feel too averse to staying with him at least for now. he's probably safer in this cabin than elsewhere on the ship. "Can't I see my crew. Make sure they're ok?"

"Most of your crew is dead. And the others are being...entertained by the crew. "

Xander's face hardens. "At least let me see Andrew.”

Spike sighs. "Very well. I'll arrange for that. When I 'ave dinner with my officers, I'll ask Wes t'bring 'im by."

"Thank you. With the Captain gone, I’m responsible for the boy's welfare."

"You realize, of course, that the boy will see you like this."

"Like what?"

"Bound and 'elpless. I'll cover you with a blanket, but you won't be dressed."

"As long as I see him and he'll know I didn't help him because I couldn't. Not because I didn't try or want to."

Spike nods. "S'sweet of you t'be concerns for 'im. But 'e's lucky Wes took a fancy to 'im. Boy that pretty would be very popular with the crew."

Xander shut his eyes and tries not to think about what might be happening to the rest of his crew. "What will happen to him and the others, in the end, what will you do with them?"

"Depends. A lot of the older men will most likely end up as servants on the island. The younger ones, like Andrew, will either be kept or sold."


"I did mention the price for young men in the slave markets?"

"You can't do that, you can't sell people like animals. The boy is barely sixteen and some of the crew only a couple of years older"

"I can and 'ave."

Xander set his jaw. “Then you sell me too."

"Oh, no, my pretty. I'm keeping you."

"Why? Until you tire of me and then pass me on. I'd rather go with what remains of the crew.”

"What you'd *rather* doesn't matter now, does it?"

Xander snorts. "I can always kill myself.”

"Foolish of you to threaten. There are ways to restrain you for long periods that wouldn't allow you enough freedom to even try. They're much less comfortable than the way you're restrained now." Another thought occurs to him. "You try it, and I'll buy Andrew from Wes and give 'im to the crew."

"What! You really are a monster aren't you?"

"Yeah. Again, *pirate*."

"No, you just use that as an excuse, you’re just a monster, full stop!"

Spike chuckles. "Perhaps I am. Doesn't change the fact that you and every member of your crew that still lives are at my mercy, such as it is."

"Alright. Let the crew go, set them adrift near land, including Andrew and I'll stay with you of my own free will. I'll obey you and I won't try to attack you or run away. I'll stay as long as you want me, you won't need chains or shackles." Xander tries to bargain for his crew.

Spike considers. "I might be able to swing the others. But Wes sets great store by Andrew."

"Then he'd never sell him to you."

"No, 'e'd sell 'im. But 'e wouldn't just give 'im up. Not to be released."

Xander thnks. If he could get most of the crew away they could alert the authorities to his plight and hunt Spike down. If Andrew was with him, he at least could keep an eye on him. It all depends on what kind of man this 'Wes' was. "This Wes, he'll treat Andrew well, not hurt him?"

Spike nods. "Oh yeah. Like I said, 'e's very taken with 'im."

Xander nods "Does he live on your island?"

" 'e does. 'as the estate next to mine. 'e could've 'ad 'is own ship long ago, but 'e's done well under me and 'e'd rather be a first mate than a captain."

Xander is satisfied. When rescue came, they would set Andrew free as well. "Very well, my crew is set adrift near land and Andrew stays with this Wes...and I stay with you. But I'd still like to see the boy tonight."

"I understand." Spike reaches over to stroke Xander's face. "It'll a few days til we're anywhere near land, though."

"Until then, can you stop your men abusing them?"

"If I did, they'd mutiny."

"Oh." Xander's face falls. "Some of them are so young." He sighs.

Spike chuckles. "I've 'eard about navy vessels. Most like they've been buggered already by your own people. Only cabin boys and officers are generally safe from that sort of thing."

Xander nods. This was his maiden voyage, but he had heard rumors of what went on below decks. "I couldn't even protect Andrew," he says miserably. "But you'll keep your word, as soon as we near land, you'll let them go?"

"I'll keep my word." Spike strokes Xander's hair. "I'll tell the crew I'm selling them, and let them go. I'll pay the crew off to keep them 'appy."

Xander's eyes widen, he'd expected Spike just to tell the crew to release them. "You'd do that, to have me stay of my own free will?"

Spike nods. "I would."

Xander snorts. "Why?"

Spike leans over to kiss Xander softly. "Because m'rather taken with you myself."

"Taken. like me?"

Spike nods. "Yeah. I'd like to keep you."

"Oh, it’s a deal then." Xander feels a strange feeling inside, not like the one when his father told him a marriage had been arranged for him to Anya. This is different. He is rather looking forward to seeing how this works out and with the remains of his crew and Andrew safe, he could wait for rescue.

Spike kisses him again. "You sleepy?"

"A little.”

Spike pulls blankets over the both of them. He snuggles in close, pulling Xander to him. "Good. We can rest for a while. They'll wake me later for dinner."

It feels strange to be cuddled up to the lean, muscular body of the pirate and have strong male arms around him. He couldn't say it’s unpleasant, so he relaxes.

Spike sighs happily and lets his eyes slide closed. He's going to enjoy this sweet boy. And he had the perfect place in mind to set the crew free. There's a small island that's far off the normal sea lanes. No chance of the crew getting back to civilization. The natives would welcome some new healthy young men to add to the local population.

Part Two

There's a knock at the door a few hours later. "Captain," a deep voice reverberates through. "Dinner soon."

Spike stirs and blinks sleepily. "Ta, Angelus. Tell cook to make an extra plate for my new boy and keep it warm."

There is almost a grumbling growl. "Yes, Captain." There are heavy clomping footsteps moving away.

Xander stirs and stretches stiffly, there is a slight ache in his ass, but nothing worth complaining about. He watches Spike warily. William The Bloody has a fearsome reputation and is known to treat captives none too gently.

Spike looks over at Xander and strokes his hair, pulling him into a kiss. " 'ello lovely boy. Sleep well?"

Xander allows himself to be pulls into the kiss. Actually he quite enjoys it. "Well enough, thank you."

"Good." Spike stirs and starts pulling on clothes. "M'going to dinner. I'm going to take you at your word t'be good, even though m'locking the door, I won't tie you to the bed."

"Oh but I thought you are eating here, letting me see Andrew."

"No, I told you I is going to speak to Wes at dinner to bring Andrew by afterwards. I always eat with the officers. It's tradition, just like on a naval vessel."

"Of course. My mistake. Have a good meal” Xander hides his disappointment.

"I'll bring you a plate after. I'm 'avin' cook make you the same meal I eat, instead of a crew meal."

"Thank you, I appreciate it. Please see that what is leaves of my crew are fed too."

Spike chuckles. "You're awfully insistent for a captive. We feed the captives, Xander. Even monsters like us realize captives need food to stay 'ealthy. They'll eat the same food as the crew does."

"That, by the way, is unlike your bloody royal navy, which either starves captive pirates or feeds them bread and water."

Xander sighs. "I regret my earlier outburst, I was somewhat *distracted*. I do not know about the treatment of pirates, I have never encountered any before, but I can assure you Captain Giles and I would not have allows prisoners to be starved or abused, he is a good man."

Spike snorts. "I very much doubt that. A captain may be good or bad, but 'e can't be everywhere. And 'e seldom knows what goes on belowdecks."

"This is my first voyage as it is Andrew's and you are entitled to your views."

"More than views, Xander. I was once in the bloody royal navy. And more than one of my crew 'as been captive at one point or another."

"You served in the navy? Then how did you...?"

"I was going to be whipped to death for taking food to a pirate against captain's orders. I 'ad no choice but to desert or die."

"But that's monstrous! Your Captain should have been disciplined. Didn't the First Officer intervene?"

"No, Xander. You're such a raw minnow. A Captain's word is law on a naval vessel. Not an officer questions 'is pronouncement."

Xander squares his jaw. "I would have."

"Yeah, well, you weren’t on my ship. There is no place else for me t'go after that. M'an outlaw. And pirates were the only ones that would 'ave me. I worked my way up, got my own ship. And if you know my reputation, you know I only take naval vessels and crown-chartered merchant vessels. My own form of revenge."

"I regret what happened to you that prompted your present way of life. For my part I never wanted to go to sea. It was my father's idea and Anya's father is an Admiral." He shrugs. "And I found myself destined for a life as a ship’s officer. I wanted to be a doctor!"

Spike sits down on the bed next to Xander, strokes his face. "Far too good to be in the navy, I c'n see that. Your rotten luck that your ship 'appened across mine. But good luck for me." He leans over and kisses Xander again.

Xander finds himself leaning into the pirate's touch and pressing forward at the kiss. He ducks his head, he feels ashamed, not only is he betraying Anya, who is a right stuck-up bint and he didn't love anyhow, but men are not supposed to do such things with each other, even if it is rather nice! "Well, if we has to be taken by pirates I suppose its fortunate I found myself in your hands and not those of someone who automatically makes officers walk the plank, which is what I have heard."

"Yeah, depends on the pirate. Each captain makes 'is own rules."

"I expect so with no rules or regulations to guide you. I couldn't have been a doctor anyway. I pass out at the sight of blood."

Spike chuckles and kisses Xander again quickly. There's another knock at the door. "Captain," Angelus' voice booms. "Officers are assembled."

Spike sighs. "Ta, bosun. I'll be right there." Spike strokes over Xander's hair and gets up. "Behave yourself, lieutenant. I'll be back." He gets up and leaves. Xander can hear the lock click on the door.

Xander sighs 'Behave himself?' He has little choice, naked and manacled as he is. He also has the feeling that the locked door is more to keep unwelcome visitors out than to keep him in. He is concerned for the welfare of his crew. They had been a new company, some older men but mainly youngsters placed under Captain Giles to learn their craft, it was indeed bad luck the they had crossed William the Bloody's path. They had made a good stand, but were quickly overwhelmed by the more experienced pirate vessel. As far as he knows, he is the most senior officer left alive and the crew's welfare falls on his shoulders.

Spike goes to settle down at his dinner with his officers. But his mind is still on the handsome naked boy manacled in his quarters. He pulls Wes aside for a quick private word, and Wes promptly promises to bring over Andrew after dinner.

Xander hunts round the Cabin. He has given his word not to try and escape and he wouldn't, well it isn’t as if he could if he wanted to. He needs to see what type of man has Andrew and once his crew is safely gone, he could decide what to do, to wait quietly for rescue or attempt an escape taking Andrew with him. He tries to look out of the porthole. Has the pirates scuppered his ship or taken her in tow as booty? From the way the vessel he is on is moving, he guesses she is towing the other one, but he couldn't see anything. And what is in the cabin is largely impersonal and gives him no insight to the mysterious and handsome pirate captain.

Spike finishes his dinner with cigars and port taken from the Captain's cabin of the recently captured ship. He retrieves the plate of food and a flagon of wine and heads back to his cabin. The lock clicks as he unlocks the door.

Xander heard the footsteps approaching the door and dives from the porthole back onto the bed pulling the bedding over his lower half and trying to pretend he'd just been woken from a doze.

Spike comes into the cabin, looking over at Xander. "Dinner, my pretty. Rise and shine.

Xander feigns a yawn. "Thank you, I is having a nap, it’s very boring on my own."

Spike chuckles. "You're a naval officer, you should be used t'boredom. Sit up. I've got dinner to feed you. A fine roasted capon and potatoes and buttered bread and a good red wine from your Captain's cellar."
"Oh, Captain Giles has good taste." Xander sits up and reaches for the meal.

Xander's chains pulls his arms up short. There's no way he can reach his mouth the way he is chained.
"If you will release the manacles?"

Spike shakes his head. "I don't think so. I'll feed you." He sits down and pulls some chicken off and holds it up to Xander's mouth.

"I am not a baby that needs to be fed. Release the manacles and I can feed myself."

Spike looks sharply at Xander. "Are you under the delusion that you 'ave a say in your treatment?"

Xander blinks at Spike's sharp tone and look. "I meant merely to save you the tiresome duty of feeding me."

"I *said*, I am going to feed you. Now eat." Spike holds out the chicken again.

Xander leans forward and gingerly takes a small bite, unsure as to the pirate's purpose in treating him this way. Spike keeps feeding Xander, watching him eat. He is enjoying this, enjoying babying his new captive. Xander is starving and longs to tear into the chicken, but disciplines himself to eat daintily, much to the apparent amusement of his captor. Spike strokes Xander's hair as he keeps feeding him, stopping periodically to give him sips of the strong wine.

Xander finds himself liking the feel of Spike stroking his hair and the wine is very strong. Normally Xander would water it down with water, so he soon begins to feel a little giggly! Spike sets aside the plate when the food is gone, leaning forward to kiss Xander. He licks against his lips, running strong hands over his back.
Xander giggles and opens his lips at once.

Spike presses in his tongue, tasting the Xander's mouth, cleansed by the strong acidic wine. He moans into the kiss, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. "Captain," a strong tenor voice says. "I've come as you requested."

"That'll be Wes," Spike says, pulling the covers over Xander's nude body.

Xander feels a little dazed from the kiss.

Spike gets up and opens the door. In walked a slender, brown-hairs, blue-eyed man, with a half-naked chained Andrew in tow.

Xander leans forward. "Andrew, are you alright lad?"

Andrew nods. "Yes Sir." He blushes at Xander seeing him like this, even as Wes pulls him close and strokes a hand over his bare chest.

"He's a very sweet piece of arse," Wes says. "I'm quite besotted."

Xander's eyes flicker to the pirate, he's well dressed for a pirate and seems quite cultured. He looks back at the cabin boy. "Has this man hurt you?"

Andrew shakes his head, dropping his eyes. "No Sir."

"Andrew, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Has he harmed you?"

"No sir."

Wes looks over at the Captain. "This one seems presumptuous for a captive."

Spike chuckles. "You know 'ow I love a challenge, Wesley."

"I do," replies Wes, chuckling in return.

Xander ignores them, taking in that Andrew does not seem unduly cowed and bears no marks of ill-treatment. "Have you seen the others, are they ok?"

Andrew shakes his head. "I've not been out of the cabin til now."

"Oh" Xander sags a little. He looks at Wesley. "Thank you for not abusing the boy."

Wesley chuckles. "You're welcome. But there is no need. He gives it up so very sweetly, didn't you, my petal?"

Andrew whimpers and nods, blushing fiercely.

Xander feels himself blushing. "He is young and inexperienced in such matters."

Wesley smiles. "I could tell." He scents over Andrew's hair. "I like them fresh and sweet. I set great store by him. So if you're worried about his treatment, be assured I count him as my most precious prize." He strokes a hand over Andrew's belly and Andrew shivers and moans.

"Oh, well. I trust you to care for him. Andrew, bide him and do as you are told, I do not believe he will ill-treat you. " He looks at Wesley "And if you betray my trust sir."

Wesley laughs. "Bold talk for a captive. I'll treat him well because it suits me to do so, not for any fear of you." He pulls Andrew to him and turns to leave. "I will see you later, Captain."

Spike nods. "Enjoy."

Xander watches them go, despite the pirate’s words, he does not believe he will harm the boy and he is safe until Xander can rescue him.

Spike locks the door, turning back to Xander and stripping off his vest and shirt as he moves towards the bed. Xander blinks, and shifts away a little. Not too much because...chest muscles!

Spike smiles down at Xander as he removes his boots and strips out of his pants. Naked now, he pulls the covers back from Xander and crawls into the bed, crouching over Xander's body on hands and knees.

"Errr. " Xander swallows hard. "Really sir I don't think this is."

Spike raises an eyebrow. "Did I *ask* for your opinion?"

"Not as such, but as the..."

"As the *what*?"

"Recipient of your...attentions. I really must point out the inappropriate..."

"Inappropriate what?" Spike seems halfway amused by Xander's protestations.

"Treatment of male prisoners. Particularly myself! In other words...What the hell do you think you’re doing?!"

Spike leans down and licks over Xander's nipple. "I would've thought that is fairly obvious."

“Arghh. Not this again...ohhh...don't. You’re a man, I'm a man, you shouldn't be doing this." Don't you dare stop, he thinks.

Spike keeps licking, his cock hardening as Xander protests. He rubs against Xander and strokes strong hands over his body. Xander wriggles as Spike's hardness rubs against him and strong hands caress his body. "Ugh. I really must protest!" Xander whimpers.

Spike groans at that whimper. "Oh, shouldn't whimper like that. Just makes me want to shag you so bloody 'ard."

Xander whimpers. He tries not to, but he does.

Spike groans again and licks and nips on Xander's neck. "Oh, god, you're such a sweet morsel, my pretty. Can't credit that none of the other officers made a play for you."

"They are gentlemen sir!"

Spike chuckles. "They are naval officers. And at least 'alf of naval officers bugger men. "

"Well I am with the half that didn't! I am engaged to be married.” Worse luck! He thinks to himself.

Spike chuckles again. "Well my good fortune again." He grinds against Xander and licks his neck.

"Stop licking, I'm sure it's unhygienic!" And it’s turning me on, his mind tells him.

Spike ignores Xander's protests, especially as he can feel Xander's cock hardening, and licks and nips again. One hand tangles in that lovely dark hair and the other moves to curl around Xander's shaft.

"Ugh." He pants. "This is not the behavior of a gentlemen! " He whimpers. Xander can't help but thrust against Spike's hand.

"Pirate, remember?" Spike keeps stroking as Xander's body responds to him, and moves to kiss Xander and shut him up momentarily.

"Nevertheless " He pants, squirms, whimpers. “That is no excuse!"

"Well m'not going to stop. And your body doesn't seem to want me to either."

Xander's mind is a whirl, he loves this man's kisses and his cock is hardening fast. Manacled as he is, this is hardly his fault. He tugs against the chains, just to show willing, asks Anya's forgiveness and kisses back!

Spike moans as Xander kisses him. He's a little surprised, but terribly pleased. He's so enamoured of this boy, and he wants him willing and pliant and sweet like this. He grinds a bit more against him.

Xander pants. It’s the wine, it must be, he shouldn't want what this man. This pirate is doing to him. But he does. He arches with a whimper

Spike murmurs over Xander's lips. " So very sweet, my pretty. You make me want you so much." He reaches for the oil and starts dribbling it between Xander's legs again.

Xander wriggles. He's not so sure about this. He squirms away. But he can't help the shiver of anticipation or the dark lust in his eyes.

Spike looks into Xander's eyes. "God, boy, your eyes are open pools. I c'n see all the way into you."

Xander gazes steadily into the bluest eyes he's ever seen and realizes he could get lost in them. "Your eyes, so blue" He murmurs.

Spike keeps looking at Xander as he works oils fingers into him. "God, boy, gonna keep you in style on my estate. Make you my bride."

Xander jerks back to reality. He squirms against the fingers in his ass. "I sir am no lady to be your bride!" Inside he's nodding frantically. Ohh yes please!

Spike chuckles. "Don't want a lady, my pretty. Never 'ad any use for them." He starts thrusting in and out slowly.

"Ohhh!" Xander's eyes flutters shut at the sensation of Spike's thrusts sending ribbons of delight through him and straight to his cock. “Don’t ohhhh!" He whimpers

"Don't what? This?" Spike rubs fingers over Xander's sweet spot.

"Stop!" Xander pants "Don't stop!" .Ok so he is going to Hell. Not like he wouldn't meet people he knew!

Spike strokes the spot again before he adds a third finger, thrusting all over again.

Xander whimpers and arches up toward Spike, later he would justify it as being for his men, the manacles and the wine, playing their part and Anya would understand. No, Anya would kill him! Sod Anya! She is a bitch anyway and Spike is far prettier! Xander presses back onto the fingers, enjoying the burn of stretching muscles.

Spike thrusts a few times more, stretching Xander, before he oils himself and starts pressing into Xander. He keeps kissing and licking Xander’s mouth and jaw and neck as he pushes deeper and deeper into him.

Xander gasps against Spike's mouth and whimpers. It hurt. Spike is being more forceful, less gentle than the first time, pushing harder, deeper. Demanding that Xander let him in, demanding his pleasure and he loves it, every frission of pain, the ripple of powerful muscles against him, the inevitability of the outcome. Being owned, forced to submit. He is one sad puppy!

Spike thrusts and rubs and groans as he works his way in and out of Xander's tight body. "Ohhhh god yeah, my pretty. Gonna keep you with me always."

Xander is beyond words. "Murgewurble” Either that or he's invents a new language! At this point his brain gives up, packs and leaves for a long vacation. Leaving Xander to enjoy what is going on and not angst about it! He whimpers loudly and pushes onto Spike's cock, meeting his thrusts.

Spike settles down to thrust harder and faster into Xander, feeling the lovely movements against him. Those whimpers just entice him and spur him on.

Xander is just able to reach Spike's biceps and the length of the chains and his fingers grip onto hard muscle and he trembles. Right now there is nothing he wants more than to surrender himself to this man and be possessed by him.

Spike moans and kisses Xander hard as he feels those hands on him. He can feel Xander's surrender so close, so sweet.

Xander trembles as his cock is trapped between them and Spike moves against him, it’s hard and throbbing, leaking pre-cum aching for release.

Spike's hand curls around Xander's cock. "You want to cum for me, don't you, my pretty?"

"Oh god yes!" Xander hisses breathlessly

Spike growls. "Then do it."

Xander arches and comes with a harsh cry, bucking and trembling against Spike, pulse after pulse of cum spills over Spike's hand and his own belly. His ass muscles clench and he could feel every inch of the hard cock inside him.

Spike groans and bucks and shouts as he cums deep inside Xander, triggered by those muscles tightening on him. He shudders and then collapses against Xander, panting hard. "God, boy, so bloody good, so sweet."
Xander moans, and then whimpers. "You’re not so bad yourself!"

Spike kisses him. "Glad you see that now." He slides over to the side and pulls Xander against him.

Xander whimpers as Spike leaves his body. He likes his cock inside him, and he blushes at the confession. "That isn’t a compliment. I am just...Babbling after...Y'know!"

Spike sighs. "Oh, my pretty, why did you 'ave to spoil such a lovely moment?"

"Ummm...I don't want you to think..." Well I do but, he thinks, not going to admit it! "I like you or anything!"

Spike huffs and moves away from Xander, rolling up and off the bed and over to the porthole.

Xander screws his eyes shut. He will not *like* this ruffian. He has no choice in what has happens to him. If they'd met in a tavern, Xander wouldn't have looked twice. Well he would cos...ohh pretty!

Spike gets wet rags to clean himself and Xander, not bothering to be gentle this time. He's not happy. He's indulged Xander far more than he has ever done any other captive and he is so close to falling for him. He starts pulling on his clothes.

Xander notes the rougher treatment. He's upset the pirate? He watches him dress. Putting away pretty muscles and prettier cock. "Are you going?"

"Yeah. Not that s'any of your concern, but yeah."

"Oh. Well I suppose Captain's duties."

"No. Going t'spend time with someone that appreciates my attentions instead of an ungrateful little snot of a naval officer."

"What! What did I do?" Xander manages to sound aggrieved.

Spike just glares at him and then goes back to pulling on his clothes.

"What!?" Xander insists

Spike pulls on his boots. "M'not a fool, Xander. Nor am I stupid. You play just pliant enough, hoping for good treatment for yourself and your crew. Well I'm not falling for it."

Damn! "What, no! Well not totally." He was always taught to be honest.

Spike growls. He goes over to the chest and pulls out lengths of chain and some locks, using them to chain Xander's existing restraints to the bed.

"What are you doing!?" Xander protests. "What on earth did I do!?"

"I compliment you, you compliment me back, I soften a bit, and then you make it clear I'm not fit company for you. Well enjoy your solitude for a while. I shan't make the mistake of treating you gently again."

Xander's anger wells. "Stop, damn it! A man does not acknowledge *liking* another man! Especially when one is a naval officer and the other a pirate! And a pirate who has kills his captain and half his crew!"

Spike just shakes his head as he heads for the door.

"Oh well. Just go then!" Xander huffs.

Spike turns. "As if you care. You've made it crystal clear that I'm beneath you as company."

"Beneath me. Beneath me. No-one can get beneath me! My father made his money from gambling and prostitution. He arranged a marriage to Anya because she comes from an old and distinguished family, with no money. We give them money and they give us respectability. Her father is a drunken Admiral, so I get shoved off into the sodding navy. I don't even like the bitch!" By the end he's shouting.

"And I can't swim!"

Spike has to chuckle at the last. "Can't swim?"

"No! I hate the sodding sea"!

Spike smiles. "So why are you acting so bloody superior then?"

"I'm supposed to be a sodding gentleman!"

"And I've treated you like one. Treated you far better than I would be treated on board a naval vessel. And you repay my kindness by insulting me."

Xander rolls his eyes. "Alright look. Just throw me to the bloody sharks. It'll be easier all round! It’s not as if I'll be *missed* and Anya's got me insured so she'll be happy!"

Spike growls. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? So willing to martyr yourself t'save your precious crew. Well I see no reason to risk the anger of my crew for a 'eartless boy who 'as nothing but contempt for me."

"When did I say that!? Go on when!? And kindness you. You...violated me! The fact that I liked it is neither here nor there." He groans. "And I am SO going to burn in Hell. It’s against the bible you know!"

Spike does a dead-on imitation of Xander's accent. "Umm, I don't want you to think I like you or anything."
"That’s not me having contempt for you! That's me covering up that I like you." Xander's mouth snaps shut. "Well I've said it now, so there!"

Spike stops, silent, a little floored at Xander's admission. "You do?"

Xander rolls his eyes. "No, I'm talking to the fucking spider in the corner!"

Spike sighs. "Well then I'd best leave the two of you alone." He turns, concealing his smile as he opens the door.

"Right then. You just *do* that!" Xander huffs.

Spike chuckles. "You are a gullible lad." He turns back around and starts taking his clothes back off.

"Poor Angelus. 'e comes so close to a visit from 'is captain."


Spike grins. "Yeah. 'e 'as it bad for me. Doesn't even abuse the captives. M'quite sure 'e resents you bein' 'ere."

"Oh well. That’s nice to know, me chains to the bed and unable to swim!"

Spike laughs and leans over, kissing the end of Xander's nose. " 'e wouldn't 'urt you. Not so long as I want you, at any rate. 'e's not foolish enough t'cross me."

"You inspire confidence, I can see why you’re the captain."

Spike smiles as he unlocks the chains, freeing Xander from the bed.

"Ta. So it’s not just me then, drives you to a lustful frenzy. You've always has a thing for other men?"

Spike nods. "Always. Never fancied women, really. I've 'ad some, of course, just to be certain. But I've no real attraction for them."

"Ohhh well, I can honestly say, never fancied another man before you. Umm, never has a woman. Dad takes me to the brothel when I was sixteen. So scared I couldn't do a thing. The girl said I had, so dad was satisfied. Sorta avoided girls after that. 'cept Willow and Cordelia they're ok. And then Anya." He sighs.

Spike smiles. "So if you've never 'ad a woman, 'ow d'you know which one you fancy?"

"Umm don't fancy any of them especially...definitely not Anya. Imagine Attilla The Hun in a dress. That's Ahn."

Spike chuckles. "Sounds dreadful." He strokes a hand absentmindedly over Xander's chest.

"She's a very forthright girl. Calls a spade a spade. And she has Attilla's acumen for acquiring wealth. She's pretty though. Just wouldn't want to live with her."

Spike grins. "Well you don’t 'ave t'worry about that any longer."

"Umm no suppose not. Maybe you send word I died bravely in the service of my country. Tell 'em I drowned. Make 'em feel bad and get them off my back for good. Ahn would get the insurance so she'd be happy."

Spike leans over and kisses Xander gently, tenderly. "You don't want t'be rescued, then?"

"Well, actually...I did. but not so much now, as long as the men and Andrew are ok."

Spike sighs. "I doubt any of them would be as concerned for you if they were in your position."

"Oh I'm sure they would. And as Captain Giles said, the officers have responsibility for the ship and the men."

"Your Captain sounds like 'e is a stickler for the regs."

Xander sighs "Yeah he is, everything by the book, down to the letter."

Spike leans down to kiss Xander again. "Well, sweet boy, you 'ave nothing to worry about any more but pleasing me. A much simpler life."

"Ummm pleasing you?"


"Ohhhh and that entails, exactly what?"

Spike grins. "You'll just 'ave t'figure that out as we go along."

Xander narrows his eyes. "I'm not becoming a pirate. Pass out at the sight of blood and I can't swim...remember."

Spike chuckles. "No pirate. You're going t'be my bride. Gonna install you in style at my estate."

"I am NOT wearing a dress!" Xander huffs. “And I am not a girl!"

"Wouldn't fancy you if you were."

Xander blushes. He runs his hand over Spike's muscled chest. "You really like me?"

"Very much." Spike kisses Xander again, moaning softly as Xander's hand brushes over him.

"I like you too...In a roguish, ruffian . way. Hell, I just *like* you. You really do all the things people say?"

"Quite likely. M'sure some of it is exaggerated, but I do quite a few very nasty things, or order them done."

"Oh I think I'd rather not know, I'm sure you thought they needed to be done.”

Spike chuckles. "Then you ought not ask."

Xander frowns. "I am sure the stories are...embellished. So I suppose you've has lots of 'boys'.”

"From time to time. None I've ever taken a fancy to before. Normally I just sleep with Angelus."

"Oh. No wonder he doesn't like me." Xander blushes. "What usually becomes of your ‘conquests’?"

"Normally I either sell them or make them servants at the estate, depending on 'ow agreeable they are."

"Oh." Xander pales noticeably. He doesn't like the idea of being sold. Or being a servant much. "Well, I don't want to be sold."

Spike chuckles. "You aren’t listening, are you? I told you I want t'make you my bride. Keep you in style."

"Being your bride would infer that you have...*feelings* for me.” He blushes and ducks his head.

Spike touches Xander's cheek and leans to kiss him. "I do. S'why I is so upset when you said wot you did."

Xander's eyes open comically wide. Is it true? This handsome rogue really likes him...might even love him one day? Xander's heart leaps. He couldn't hold Spike’s gaze and drops his eyes. "Oh. I'm really sorry. I you too."

Spike smiles and kisses him again. "M'glad."

Xander shivers at the kiss and blushes even more. "I'm glad, if we had to be attacked by pirates...It was you."

Spike nuzzles his cheek against Xander's. "So glad you weren’t killed. I knew when I saw you that you are something special."

"When you attacked I was in my cabin...actually I was being sea sick. Had been for most of the bloody voyage, Andrew had been caring for me." He shakes his head. "I heard a noise and came above decks and your men were there, I wasn’t so much fighting as trying to escape! Strange though, I haven't felt sick since I've been aboard, your ship seems more stable."

Spike beams with pride. "Yeah, she's yar. A beautiful lady, the only female I fancy."

"What's she called?"


"It’s a pretty name. Have you scuttled my ship or are you towing her?"

"Towing 'er. We took 'er easy and she's little damage. A nice prize indeed."

"Will you sell her or keep her as another vessel?"

"Sell 'er. I've no wish t'be an admiral." Spike smiles. "The Nemesis is ship enough for me."

Xander nods, he's trying to figure out what makes Spike tick, certainly he doesn't seem hungry for power. "I don't really want to be a pirate, but what will happen to me while you’re at sea?"

"You'll be taken care of at my estate."

Xander thinks...While he makes merry with Angelus no doubt! That bears some thinking about. He nods. Suddenly his eyes glint with mischief. "Aren't you afraid I'll run away?"

Spike chuckles. "You think that's likely?"

"I might." His eyes shine softly.

Spike strokes Xander's cheek. "Thought you din't care for the sea."

"Maybe I could learn to?"

Spike kisses him. "You'd rather me keep you in my cabin than leave you installs comfortably in a mansion?"

Xander leans forward looking into his eyes. "Yes."

Spike cradles Xander's face in his hands. "You're something quite special, you know."

Xander frowns. "What’s the point of being stuck in a fancy mansion, if there's no - one I care about there with me?"

Spike shrugs. "The wives of naval officers are leaves alone for months at a time."

"I’m not a woman, I can come with you. I don't have to take part."

Spike grins. "Well I can see you're not a woman." He cups Xander's cock in one hand.

Xander whimpers softly. "I don't want to be left behind."

Spike nuzzles and licks over Xander's neck.

"You might capture another young naval officer."

"Ah. Don't want me fooling about then." Spike grins and rubs against Xander.

Xander rubs his face against Spike's cheek and whispers in his ear. "No, your cock is mine.”

Spike chuckles. "Very bold."

"Ohhh. Do you think so? Took me ages to get up the courage!" He blushes

Spike moves down, licking over Xander's nipple. "I do."

Xander put his head back and moans at Spike's touch. He brings up his hand and strokes the pirate's soft hair. "So soft, you're so handsome. Why me? You could have has anyone."

"You're awfully 'andsome yourself, my pretty."

Xander snorts. "No I'm not, Anya says I'm big and clumsy and my hair is too thick and my eyes are too big!"

"Anya is a foolish bint, and blind t'boot."

"She's used to gentlemen though. And she has a point. I'm a bit clumsy sometimes."

"Not where it counts." Spike slides hand over Xander's body. "You move beautifully in bed."

Xander splutters and turns bright red. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean. I have no experience."

"S'natural, my pretty. The way you arch and squirm for me."

Xander blinks at him. "It just...happens. It felt right." He looks down again.

Spike licks across his nipple again, sucking it into his mouth and sliding strong hands onto his ass. "It is. It is."

Xander's head falls onto the pirate’s shoulder with a soft moan and he raises his ass so that Spike can hold his cheeks better. "I love the feel of your hands on me.”

Spike softly kneads Xander's firm cheeks as he grinds against him. "Love touching you, so much."

Xander nuzzles into his neck, suddenly giggling. "If this were a novel, no-one would believe it. The young Naval officer and the dashing, wicked pirate captain!”

"Oh, I dunno. I'd believe it."

Xander giggles. I'm sure you would!" He leans forward and kisses Spike on the lips, astounded by his own boldness.

Spike is surprised again by Xander's kiss, but returns it fiercely and passionately, pushing back against Xander and pinning him under his body.

Xander gasps at the fierceness of the kiss and being pinned under the muscular body. He shivers in delight. Although physically a little bigger, he is well aware that Spike is stronger than him and definitely the one in charge and he loves it. "Ohhhh" He moans softly. "So strong.”

Spike savors Xander's response to him. "Love your little shivers and noises. You make me want you so much."

Xander looks at him coyly. "I do?" He breathes softly.

"You do." Spike nibbles his earlobe and grinds against him, using his hands on Xander's ass to pull him close.

Xander wriggles against him as Spike pulls him close.

Spike groans again and nibbles and licks along his jaw. "My pretty. So very sweet."

Xander kisses Spike’s cheeks and cups his face with his hands. "I, I think I could. Maybe get to love you."

Spike stares back at him. "I think I could too."

"Ohhh" Xander looks flustered. "Ohh. Well if you could. I'm sure...y' time I could.”

Spike kisses him hard again. "Such a sweet and gentle lad."

Xander hummphs. "My dad said I should have been a girl, cos not very tough."

Spike chuckles. "Well I don't want you tough, my pretty. I want you tender and sweet and yielding for me."

Xander smiles." I can be tough over some things, just umm don't see the point most of the time. Yielding?" Xander teases.

"Yielding." Spike nuzzles and grinds against him.

Xander puts his arms round Spike's neck. "I can do that. I yield," He says softly.

Spike makes a soft noise in his throat and kisses Xander again, gentle and tender. "My pretty."

"My handsome pirate." Xander giggles.

Spike chuckles back and nips at Xander's chin. "Cheek!"

"But you are!" Xander protests.

"You really think so?"

Xander nods. "Your hair, your eyes, so blue, your cheekbones. Your mouth...your wonderful body." Xander runs his hand over said body for emphasis. “The way you talk and the way you move. Like a cat."

Spike preens and all but purrs at the praise. He moans as Xander touches him and leans down to kiss him again.

Xander kisses back. "So what's this Angelus like?"

Spike chuckles. "Why d'you want t'know?"

"I want to know what I'm up against!"

" 'e's a big muscular brute of a man. Cruel and sadistic and single-minded. 'e's my bosun because 'e terrifies the crew good and proper."

Xander blinks. "You have very broad tastes don't you?"

"Very." Spike smiles back at Xander. "Angelus is...different...from the usual sort of man I take up with."

"What sort is that?"

"I like pretty boys. Sweet boys I can dominate and take my pleasure in. Angelus. Well, it's rather the other way around, in bed at any rate."

Xander's eyebrows rise. "Oh. I see. Well I can't compete with that."

Spike strokes his cheek. "You don't 'ave to." Spike kisses Xander. "I don't care for 'im the way I do you."

Xander didn't look convinced. "So where does Wesley fit in? I would have thought this Angelus would have been First officer."

Spike shakes his head. "Angelus doesn't 'ave the temperament. 'e's a right terror, but an officer needs to be able to inspire confidence, and needs a certain amount of skill at diplomacy and politics. Wesley and I 'ave been lovers from time to time as well, but we're primarily good friends. I trust 'im."

"It’s just a casual inquiry, but is there anyone on board this ship you haven't slept with?"

Spike chuckles. "Really 's only Wesley and Angelus that I 'ave slept with."

"And the odd captive or two, like me."

Spike nods. "Captive, yeah, but not like you." Spike touches his face. "None 'ave been quite like you."

Xander looks from under dark lashes. "No?"

"No. Never offered to anyone wot I've offered t'you."

Xander smiles. "And if I'd been more awkward?"

"I don't think it would've mattered. I was lost the first minute I saw you."

"Oh. Wait, you knocked me out!"

"I did, yeah."

"What is that the Cave Man method of seduction?"

"You were trying t'get yourself killed. 'ad to disable you before you got 'urt."

"I was trying to get away! You could have just asked!"

Spike laughs. "I asked you to surrender. You grabbed for my weapon."

Xander thinks. "Oh yeah. Must have had a burst of heroism or something.”

Spike laughs. "And I knew you were far too precious and lovely to end up dead. So I knocked you out."

"Well thank you, that is very thoughtful, and you wanted to duck me of course!"

"Well of course." Spike's hand moves down over Xander's belly and long fingers stroke down Xander's length.

"Ughhh...You have a one track mind." He whimpers.

"You object?"

"Me? Never!"

Spike keeps stroking, nuzzling against Xander's neck. Then he lifts up and flips Xander over onto his belly, kissing and licking down Xander's back.

Xander yelps as he is flipped and he feels a sudden bolt of fear and arousal. He moans and wriggles against the mattress as Spike trails kisses and licks down his back." Oh...mmm...nice!"

Spike groans as Xander responds to him. He starts licking and nipping along Xander's spine, then over his firm asscheeks.

Xander whimpers and arches his spine towards Spike. "Ohhh yes."

Spike presses down between Xander's asscheeks and presses his tongue against Xander's pucker, teasing with little back and forth licks.

Xander freezes. " are you doing?"

"Wot does it feel like?"

"You're umm...licking my ass!"

Spike chuckles and flicks his tongue again, this time dipping just the tip inside Xander.

Xander jerks away. "William!”

Spike grabs Xander's hips to hold him in place and presses his tongue further inside.

"Ohhhhh!” Xander flushes and buries his face in the pillow. This *has* to be wrong! He's never heard of such a thing. But it feels damn good! He gives a little wiggle as much as he can, gripped by Spike.

Spike pushes his tongue all the way in, wiggling it, finding Xander's sweet spot and flicking hard over it.

Xander jerks and gasps "Oh! Do it again!"

Spike chuckles inwardly at Xander's change of heart and flicks his tongue across it, over and over.

Xander trembles and shudders as Spike holds him immobilized and his tongue tortures his sweet spot. His cock hardens and leaks precum, trapped between the bed and his own belly. He rubs against the mattress for friction and whimpers.

Spike pulls his tongue out and moves between Xander's legs, starting to push his hard cock deep inside.

Xander gasps. He is slick and stretched from Spike's tongue, but it still burns and his ass still remembers the last time. He whimpers and moans softly as Spike's hard cock fills him. It feels wonderful and he pushes back.

"Oh, god, my pretty, yes. You want my cock, don't you?"

"Yes. Oh yes! " Xander pushes back with a moan.

Spike groans and pushes in harder and deeper, feeling Xander move against him. He leans forward so he can kiss and lick on Xander's back and shoulders.

Spike leans over him and pushes his cock deeper. Xander whimpers. Spike is deeper than before and Xander's cock aches for release. Xander began to move himself on Spike' s cock, rubbing his cock against the bed.

"You want something, my pretty?"

"Let me cum Will, please...make me cum!” He pants. Sweat drips from their hair and slicks their bodies.

Spike reaches under and wraps long fingers around Xander's cock, stroking it in firm pulls. " 'ow can I refuse when you beg so pretty?"

Xander tenses as his orgasm crashes through him as Spike strokes his cock and screams "Will!" and his cock pulses and pulses cum over Spike's hand and the bed below. Xander shudders and trembles, his muscles clamp on Spike's cock.

Spike groans and his own release follows almost immediately. Xander is so good and tight and hot on him.
Xander slumps on the bed as he spirals down Spike slumps on top of him. Spike stays on top of Xander, not wanting to pull out of him yet. "Ohhhhh, my pretty. So bloody good."

Xander moans, Spike isn't that heavy, but the wet spot is sticky. "Will?" he mumbles into the pillow.

"Yes, my sweet?"

"Wet spot."

Spike sighs and moves off Xander with regret.

Xander moves onto his side out of the wet spot, back to Spike's front. "Don't go," he hisses, reaching behind for Spike's hip and tugging him closer.

Spike is a little surprised at Xander's actions, but he wraps an arm over Xander's belly and pulls him close against him.

Xander pushes back into Spike and sighs happily, the pirate’s arms wrapped round him.

Spike nuzzles against Xander's neck, with a little soft moan. "So sweet."

Xander whimpers in reply. "How long before we near land?"

"Another few days. Why?"

"Just for the release of my crew."

Spike sighs. "Just fucked you into the mattress and you're thinking about *them*? I feel a bit insulted."

"No! I just wondered. That’s all. You are wonderful!"

Spike is a little mollified. "Well it just seems odd. Right now m'not thinking about anything or anyone but you."

"Well, I'm not either." He reaches behind and pets Spike's hip.

Spike sighs and settles. He's uneasy again, wondering if Xander is playing on his attraction to save his crew. Asking about it right after sex...highly suspicious.

Xander sighs. William just didn't understand. As the most senior officer leaves, the welfare of his crew falls to him. He hadn't been allowed to see them, save Andrew and god knows what condition they're in. All he wants to do is get them away and then he can relax and concentrate on Will and see if what is between them is going to grow.

Spike nuzzles against Xander's neck and pulls covers over them. It's late and dark and well past time for sleep. Xander falls asleep quickly.

In his cabin, Angelus broods. The Captain is spending time with his new conquest. Well, Angelus has seen them come and go before. The Captain always comes back to him. But it doesn't mean he has to like it.

Xander dreams of handsome pirates and fine estates in the sun and no Anya, no fathers and no drunken admirals and long nights under the stars, on very calm seas so he didn't get sea sick, or fall overboard and drown. Now if only he could get rid of the hulking great brute of a man who appears to be everywhere, he'd be happy.

Spike sleeps well, and dreamlessly, content just to hold Xander's warm body against his.


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