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Rating: NC-17

Inspired by the list of kinks that [info]spuzz posted in her LJ. You can find a copy of that list here.
Written for [info]summer_of_spike 2004.


Randy Sex Kitten

Xander could feel Spike’s glare as Anya’s fingers brushed over his leg. He tried to unobtrusively move the small hand, but Anya misunderstood and twined her fingers through his.

Xander chanced a glance at Spike. What he saw was not good. His lover’s eyes were morphing back and forth between blue and gold and there was no passion in the gaze, only rage.

He quickly pulled his hand away from Anya and mumbled something about going to the bathroom. He didn’t have to wait long before he was face to face with a furious vampire.

“What have I told you, Xan?” Spike’s eyes bored into Xander’s causing him to tremble.

Xander swallowed and stuttered. “Not to let her…”

“Anyone!” Spike interjected.

“…anyone touch what is yours,” Xander finished quietly.

“Is this mine?” Spike’s hand covered Xander own, softly stroking the long fingers.

“Yes.” Xander’s pupils widened slightly as Spike pulled his fingers into his cool mouth.

“What about this?” Spike’s fingers trailed over Xander’s thigh, barely missing the hardening length laying tantalizingly close.

“Yes.” Xander was panting, reacting to the possessive tone in Spike’s voice and the look in his cool blue eyes.

“Turn around.”

Xander turned and presented his backside to his lover. Spike quickly disposed of the clothing blocking him from Xander’s skin and began caressing his pet. “All of this is mine. The next time you allow someone else to touch anything of mine, you will be severely reprimanded.”

“Yes, Spike.” Xander’s voice wavered and he cleared his throat, trying to calm himself.

Spike purred and stroked Xander’s back. “That’s my good boy. Now, are you prepared for me?”

Xander flushed and nodded. Spike’s purr increased in volume and Xander felt the head of Spike’s cock press against his slick, open entrance. “Push back.” Spike’s breath brushed across his ear and Xander groaned and pushed back, Spike sliding slowly into him.

Xander felt Spike pause as he embedded himself deeply. Then the gentleness was over. Spike pounded relentlessly into Xander and Xander bit his lip in an effort to stop the grunts and yelps that were escaping from him.

Spike wrapped his fingers around Xander’s waist, thrusting harshly. “Mine, all mine.” Sharp teeth nibbled at Xander’s ear and he groaned appreciatively. “Mine. No one else can touch.”

“No one! Yours!” With that declaration, Spike relented and wrapped his cool fingers around Xander’s aching cock, fisting him harshly.

“Come for me, love.”

Xander stiffened and moaned as his orgasm flooded over him. Spike thrust twice more and exploded deep within him, burning him with threads of cool seed. Spike kissed Xander on the neck, just above the place that would bear his mark one day soon. “Love you, Xan.”

Xander’s eyes closed and he smiled. “Oh, Spike. Love you, too.” Spike pulled up Xander’s pants and reached for the shirt that he had flung over the shower curtain.

When Xander was fully dressed, Spike growled and flashed his fangs. “No one, pet, and I mean that. You tell the demon bint tonight, hear me?”

Xander nodded and grinned. “Will do!”

Spike slipped out of the bathroom and Xander stared into the mirror, almost laughing at the smile on his face. He could feel Spike’s seed pooling out of him and he clenched his ass, enjoying the feeling. He made an effort to wipe the smile from his face as he walked back out to join his friends.

The End

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