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Summary: A party, written for the wonderfully talented Yindagger ([info]yin_again), in honor of her birthday. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Yin!

Birthday Treat

Randy Sex Kitten

“What are you doing, Spike?” Xander looked at the blond confusedly.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Whelp?” Spike glared at the younger man.

“It looks like you’re taking off my pants.”

“Good guess.”

“Why are you taking off my pants?”

“Well, they don’t fit me, do they?” Spike continued to tug at the brunette’s jeans.

“They’re not on you! Quit!” Xander slapped at Spike’s hands, squealing in a most unmanly manner when Spike’s cool hands slipped underneath his boxers. Spike relented and disappeared around the corner of the building. Xander got his pants back up and fastened just as the door opened to reveal Willow’s smiling face.

“Xander!” The brunette was wrapped in warm arms and dragged into the welcoming warmth of Giles’ apartment. Spike stayed where he was, leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

He set a leisurely pace, taking in deep lungfuls of smoke and exhaling them gently on the night breeze. When his cigarette was gone, Spike sighed and straightened, checking his pockets for the treasure he had buried inside. After insuring its safety, he returned to the front porch, reveling in the scent of Xander’s arousal before banging on the door.

Giles answered this time.



The two observed each other for a moment before Giles stepped aside, silently inviting the vampire into his flat. Spike nodded and entered, glancing around the room. The witches had been busy!

The apartment was covered in bits of colored paper and ribbons. Balloons festooned every surface and the piece de résistance sat in the middle of the coffee table, a large multilayered cake with icing that appeared to be shifting colors as he watched. The lettering on the top was bold and made it clear what they were celebrating.

**Happy Birthday, Giles!**

Spike looked over at Giles who looked indisputably uncomfortable. “Nice cake.”

Giles rolled his eyes at the vampire and went to hide in the kitchen with the liquor. Spike followed, passing the chattering group of Scoobies that sat piled on the living room sofa.

“I can’t believe that we never knew!” Willow patted Buffy’s knee as tears trickled down the slayer’s face.

Xander came out of the bathroom, passing Spike in the hallway. Hands touched, lips were wetted and then all contact was gone. Spike was in the kitchen and Xander was in the living room.

Xander looked at the gaggle of girls sitting on the sofa. “What’s going on?” He quickly went to sit next to Buffy when he saw her tears. “Buff, you ok?”

Buffy snorted, reaching for a Kleenex and blowing her nose harshly before answering. “Riley left me!”

Shocked, Xander took the weeping girl into his arms, looking questioningly at Willow for an answer.

“He ran off with Forrest.” Willow’s quiet statement sent a new wave of pain through the blonde in Xander’s arms and he held her gently while she cried.

“I just c..can’t believe it! First Willow, then Giles and now Riley! Everyone I know is turning gay!” Wails followed this declaration and Xander patted Buffy’s shoulder, noting that both Willow and Tara seemed a bit put out by her statement.

“At least I know you’ll never be gay, Xander. We can be not gay together!” Xander stiffened, continuing to comfort Buffy as he hunted through his mind for an answer.

“Um, sure Buff.”

Willow and Buffy didn’t seem to notice the pause, but Tara did. She watched as the multitude of emotions played across Xander’s expressive face. He was holding something back. Tara was intrigued.

Spike and Giles appeared from the kitchen, Giles looking decidedly more chipper. In his hand he held a bottle of twenty-year-old scotch. The lid was gone and each man carried a short glass full of the auburn liquid.

“Let’s get on with this, shall we?” Giles’ snarled question resulted in laughs from the young people around him, even Buffy smiled through her tears.

“Yeah, let’s get it on.” Spike eyed Xander hungrily and Xander lowered his eyes, looking up at Spike through his eyelashes, knowing the effect that had on his lover.

Spike growled softly and the Slayer in Buffy perked up. She lifted her head from Xander’s shoulder and looked at the blond. “What’s with the growlies, Spike?” She tilted her head, taking in the view of the gorgeous man in front of her. She remembered Spike’s kisses from Willow’s ‘My Will be Done’ spell and wondered if the vampire was interested in doing that again.

Spike was taken aback by the wave of pheromones that shot out of the Slayer and directly into his senses. He scented the air, finally determining the cause. He leaned over and poked Giles on the knee. “Might want to cut back on the Slayer’s consumption, mate.”

Giles looked startled, and then realized what Spike was alluding to. At Buffy’s feet, Giles could see the bottle of Goldschlager that he had hidden in the back of his freezer several months before. He sniffed the air gingerly, wincing at the heavy cinnamon smell enveloping the room.

“Buffy, how much of that have you had?” Giles pointed and Buffy glanced down at the nearly empty bottle.

“Almost all of it. It’s good.” She released her hold on Xander, picking the bottle up off the floor and filling the glass in her hand. Giles watched as the flow of thick liquid and shaved gold slowed and then drizzled to a stop when Buffy tilted the bottle.

“Lovely. You’ll have quite the hangover in the morning. I do wish you had spoken with me before you drank the entire bottle. Come on. Let’s get you into bed.”

Buffy glared at her watcher before upending her glass. He sighed as she groused. “I’m fi…”

Xander caught Buffy, pushing her back against the couch, her head lolling in unconsciousness.

“Xander, if you wouldn’t mind?” Giles sighed and stood, leading the way to the guest room. Xander stood, sweeping the tiny figure into his arms and carrying her into the bedroom.

The doorbell rang as Giles was returning to his scotch and he looked at it longingly before going to open the door. Spike caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see a barely restrained Willow bouncing on the couch.

He lifted his scarred eyebrow, wondering what had the witch so worked up. Xander entered the room, seeing a look that he loved on Spike’s beautiful face. The quirked eyebrow, the scheming look… Xander’s cock hardened and he grinned. “You’d better watch out, Spike. Someone might just bite that eyebrow off.”

Spike’s look changed from scheming to devilish in less time than it took for Tara to jerk her head around at Xander’s comment. Spike grinned evilly. “You want to be the one to do it?”

Xander stopped mid nod as Willow spun to look at him. “Just wait until you see this! I hired a magician! I thought it would be funny.” Her grin faded to a worried look. “Do you think it will be funny?” Xander sat next to his friend and patted her on the knee.

“I’m sure it will be great, Wills.”

Giles returned to the living room, magician in tow. The group watched, bored, as the amateur did simple tricks. Tara slapped Willow on the thigh when the redhead let out an unrestrained yawn.

“C’mon folks! I’ve been up here for less then two minutes! I can’t be that bad!” The handsome man looked at his audience, seemingly insulted.

“Actually, you are that bad. This is my party and I refuse to be held hostage by a carnival act, so if you don’t mind.” Giles moved to stand and was abruptly shoved back into his chair. The magician stepped back and waved his hand over his top hat, which was sitting end up on the desk.

A pulsing beat escaped the black silk and all five watched, stunned, as the magician’s clothes slowly began to disappear. The man swiveled his hips enticingly, touching each bit of skin as it became exposed to the group’s eyes.

Willow screeched and stuttered, trying to get the man’s attention. “No! I didn’t hire you for that! I hired a magician to entertain…” She closed her eyes abruptly when the man’s trousers began to fade, bit by bit.

Spike, Giles and Xander sat in their respective seats, each quite entranced with the show. Tara watched the three men who had come to mean so much to her with a huge grin on her face. She knew a secret! Willow continued to stammer out her objections to the show as Xander and Giles shushed her.

Never taking his eyes from the delectable body dancing sinuously before him, Giles reached out for the bottle given to him by Spike and filled Buffy’s glass for Xander before topping off his own and Spike’s. The men sipped at the smooth liquid as they took their pleasure through voyeurism.

The magician kept his eyes glued on the handsome middle-aged man who was watching him so intently. He could feel the power radiating from Giles and wondered if the look in his eyes could be trusted.

As the magician danced closer and closer, Giles began to understand what was being offered. A quick glance at Spike and the others were being herded out of the apartment. Tara helped Spike, gathering up Willow’s bag and pressing her still argumentative girlfriend out the door.

Xander allowed Spike to lead him out the door, keeping his eyes on the smooth lines of the magician’s body as he did so.

Closing the door behind him, Spike tightened his grip of Xander’s arm. “You’re not supposed to look at anyone but me like that.” He allowed his demon visage to come to the fore and Xander laughed, drawing a finger across Spike’s distended brow.

“Tell you what. You can take me home, turn on some music and strip for me. We’ll see what happens after that.” Spike growled in contentment. The lovers’ lips met in a bruising kiss as they began stumbling towards home, towards ecstasy.

The End

Here is the challenge issued to me by [info]darkhavens:

Spike and Xander, (as if I'd ask for anyone else! )
Must have:
1. Not-so-subtle flirting at someone else's party, while their relationship is till secret
2. A misunderstanding
3. A Scooby realises Xander is gay/bi from something he says (and it may or may not be a Spike-related comment)

Must not have: Buffy threatening to dust Spike

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