Any Time, Any Place

Randy Sex Kitten

Spike had followed Xander out into the rainy night after he left the Magic Box. He knew Xander well enough to know that his concentration wouldn't be on his task. It seemed to him that Xander's friends made it their goal in life to consistently remind the boy of his apparent uselessness to the group.

This night was different. He really thought they'd gone too far. He knew that Xander wouldn't be likely to think that way. That's because he loved them. Despite all that they did to push him away, he would always come back for more. Not because he was easy, but because he believed in them. That's something they never realized about him, and probably never would. It was an important difference that will likely bite them back one day, should they ever lose focus.

Spike stopped his cursing of the idiot blonde Slayer and her band of self-involved do-gooders before he accidentally revealed his presence. If he was ever going to catch his prey, he needed to get ahead of him. Knowing that speeding ahead in the shadows would likely be seen; he scaled the wall of the nearest building.

Jumping lightly from roof to roof, Spike looked down on Xander. Two men walking past turned as Xander walked by, offering whistles and catcalls. Spike could hear Xander grumble under his breath. He began to walk faster as rain became heavier.

In the thunder and rain
You stare into my eyes
I can feel your hand
Movin up my thighs

Xander stopped just outside the door to the Bronze, seemingly impervious to the water that was flattening his waist length hair. Spike listened to his rasping breaths as he tried to pull himself together. Straightening his skirt, Xander jerked the door open, striding confidently into the club.

Spike dropped to the ground and slid in behind Xander, keeping to the walls. He perched on a barstool and ordered a beer, keeping an eye on Xander all the while.

Xander moved to join his friends at a table, dragging his hands down the obviously expensive blouse before calling attention to himself.

In the thunder and rain
You stare into my eyes
I can feel your hand
Movin up my thighs

Spike watched as Willow laughed, Tara blushed, Riley scowled and Buffy fell to the ground, holding her stomach. He stood, moving closer to the group, sipping at his beer. He walked up behind Xander and wrapped a pale hand around his waist.

“’Ello, all. Wanna dance, Xan?”

Xander turned and looked at Spike, his makeup running, eyes full of unshed tears. “Sure.”

When they reached the dance floor, Spike reached up and began repairing the smudged makeup with his fingertips. Xander stood mutely, allowing Spike to do whatever he pleased. Spike grinned, earning a small smile in return.

“Want to tell me why you’re dressed in this get up?” Spike’s eyes drifted down Xander’s body, noticing in passing that the hair had been removed from his legs and arms. “You don’t strike me as the type to…”

Xander shook his head and moved closer. “It was a bet. Well, kinda a bet.” Xander sniffed, shuffling closer once more. “Buffy said that I was a demon magnet. I told her that I wasn’t. So she bet me that I couldn’t stay out all night and not be attacked by something.”

Spike looked into warm brown eyes. “What attacked you?”

“A Di’bshir.” Xander’s voice was quiet; he dropped his chain, staring at the floor.

Skirt around my waist
Wall against my face
I can feel your lips

“How bout I take you home, and get you out of these wet clothes, yeah?” Spike reached up and pulled the soaked wig from Xander’s head.

Xander nodded.

Spike took Xander’s hand and dragged him from the dance floor, not caring that people were scrambling to get out of their way. He turned and shot a look at the Slayer, seeing that she was still pointing and laughing.

Spike growled low in his throat. Xander’s humiliation was palpable, Spike could almost taste it. He reached out and ripped the blouse from Xander’s chest. The crowd around them gasped and Xander flushed. “Spike!”

I don't wanna stop just because
People walkin by are watchin us
I don't give a damn what they think
I want you now
I don't wanna stop just because
You feel so good inside of my love
I'm not gonna stop no no no
I want you
All I wanna say is

“Hush, pet.” Spike continued, tugging the wrapped skirt off of Xander’s hips, tearing it down the middle and dropping it to the floor. Xander’s flush spread down his body as his skin was exposed. Spike reached down and lifted each of Xander’s feet, peeling off the too small pumps and letting them fall. He stepped back and looked at his work.

Xander stood, clad only in a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs, his sun kissed skin shining in the flashing lights of the club.

“Spike! What the hell are you doing?” Buffy’s voice carried over the heads of the crowd gathered around them. “That was my mom’s blouse!”

Spike shrugged his duster from his shoulders and walked around Xander. He pulled the worn leather over broad shoulders and turned Xander in place, buttoning up the coat. “Doubt Joyce woulda minded me ripping it up under these circumstances,” he answered without looking back.

He leaned in close, breathing in Xander’s scent. He smelled of sunshine, pain and something akin to contentedness. “You’re beautiful, pet. Too lovely for the likes of them.”

Any time
And any place
I don't care who's around

Any time
And any place
I don't care who's around

Xander invited Spike into the apartment, closing the door behind him. He tugged up the collar of the duster, breathing in the scent of the leather. His eyes met Spike’s and he smiled uncertainly. “You think I’m beautiful?”

Spike tilted his head and smiled. “Yeah.” He leaned up, kissing Xander lightly on the mouth. Xander smiled, turning away.

Spike turned him back around, catching and holding his eyes. A single hand reached out and suddenly the duster was open, exposing Xander to Spike’s view once again.

Spike turned and walked away. He returned with a wet cloth and carefully removed what makeup he could. “There, even better.” He tossed the cloth in the general direction of the kitchen before quickly stripping off his shirt and shoes. Ignoring Xander’s sudden intake of breath, he moved to the stereo.

Dancin on the floor
Feelin the slow groove
My mind is startin to burn
With forbidden thoughts

“You are more beautiful than you know.” Soft words whispered into the heart and mind of one who had never been the beautiful one, the wanted one. The last two items of clothing disappeared as two bodies entwined. Their voices never still, flesh becoming one.

Hours later, words, lost in the heat of passion were once again found. And the one that was never loved, never believed in, discovered the truth. The scent of tears, both of joy and of pain, filtered through the air. Another deep breath, and they were gone.

Strangers all around
With the lights down low
I was thinkin maybe we could know

Morning came. And came again. And again. Willow was the first to notice, but Giles was the one who went to the apartment and found them.

Identical notes, one incomplete.

I am beautiful.
I deserve more. I

The note was wrinkled. It had been crushed and then flattened. The second note lay beneath it.

I am beautiful. I am intelligent.
I am worth more than this life and I deserve more.
Don’t look for me. I’m loved and I’m gone.

The completed one carried a postscript written in a strong Victorian hand.

P.S. You should have loved him. Shoulda believed in him. Your loss.


The End