Anniversary Promise

Randy Sex Kitten

Spike stopped outside the door and brushed a microscopic piece of lint off of his shoulder. He was late. Very late. Like, ‘no way around it, gonna get your ass kicked’ late.

He ran his fingers through his hair, hoping that it looked good. He was going for the just been fucked look, messy hair, eyeliner, a touch of lip gloss, the works. He stepped away from the door and nibbled on his bottom lip.

He had turned to go at least three times before the door flew open and he was face to face with his very angry lover. “Where in the hell have you been, Spike?” Xander was growling and Spike knew that wasn’t a good sign.

“I was…” He tried to think of a plausible excuse.

“Fuck you! You told me to be ready at sundown. It’s midnight, Spike! Go the hell away!”

Xander slammed the door in Spike’s face and the vampire groaned, allowing his head to drop forward and thud against the wood. This was bad. He turned to leave again then stopped. He straightened his clothing once again. He knocked.

Xander pulled the door open immediately. Spike could smell the salt of unspent tears and almost cried out at the defeated way his love was holding himself. “What do you want, Spike? I thought, well, I thought tonight was… Never mind.”

Spike reached out and placed his palm against Xander’s cheek. Warm brown eyes peered back at him, full of sadness and pain. Spike kissed Xander softly on the mouth and the brunette inhaled sharply.

“You thought I’d forgotten, love? When have I ever forgotten a promise?” Spike leaned in, cocking his head, as he looked deep within Xander’s eyes, forcing the boy to do the same.

Xander blushed slightly. “It was five years ago, I thought that maybe you thought… I mean, we haven’t talked about it since then, so I…”

Spike held out his hand. “Come with me, love? Please?” He hoped that Xander could see the desperation that was filling him.

Xander closed his eyes and leaned forward, catching Spike’s lips in a quick, dry kiss. “Yeah, I’ll come with you.” His voice was fraught with disappointment.

Spike held Xander’s hand tightly, as if he were afraid that the boy would disappear if he let go. They walked for a long while, cruising the back streets of their lazy Texas town until Spike came to a halt outside a small brick house.

He turned and looked at Xander. “Five years ago, I made you a promise, one that has driven me mad with desire. You have no idea how often I wanted to forget the promise and do what I wanted instead. But here I am, five years later, ready to fulfill it.”

Xander smiled at the hopeful look on Spike’s face. Spike tugged at him and drew him closer to the house. Xander looked at him questioningly.

“This is a little bed and breakfast. Had the reservations for three years now.” Xander broke into a wide grin and followed Spike inside. When they reached the bedroom, Xander stopped in the doorway, his mouth agape.

The room was flooded with candles. The bed had been shoved into the middle of the room and was swathed in rich ruby silks. A bottle of champagne sat in a bucked near the head of the bed. Roses were scattered about, some in vases and some loose on the floor, bed, ottoman.

The piece de resistance was sitting smack dab in the middle of one fluffy pillow, a jumbo bottle of Astroglide.

When Xander began to snicker, Spike pounced. He caught Xander in a passionate kiss that rocked them both down to their toes. “Love you so much, Xan.”

Words were gasped against each other’s mouths as clothes fell to the ground all around them. Spike smirked and bit at Xander’s mouth as he dragged his lover over to the bed.

“Happy Anniversary, pet.” Spike grinned unabashedly at his lover.

“Back at ya, blondie!” Xander laughed.

No more words were needed as they began to explore each other, relearning familiar touches, tasting delectable skin.

As Spike nibbled on Xander’s knee, Xander began his half of the anniversary promise. “Why I love Spike, by Alexander LaVelle Harris!” The last was said in a squeal, as Spike had bitten down hard on Xander’s nipple, distracting him from his essay.

“I love Spike because he’s so fucking gorgeous.”

“You know it baby,” Spike preened.

Xander grinned and continued, “I love Spike because he is so thoughtful. He loves me with everything that he is. I love him because of his poet’s soul.” As Spike’s look, he stopped to explain. “I know you, babe. You have a soul, no matter what the watchers think…. I love Spike because his fingers have a way of making me scream with their most innocent of touches. I love Spike because his cock is so thick and heavy with blood.”

Spike’s eyes dilated as Xander grasped his cock tightly. “I love the way it fills me up and makes me feel whole.”

Xander smiled at the lost look in Spike’s eyes. “I told you this was a stupid idea. Don’t you know that I love you, Spike?”

Spike looked at Xander, drawing his love into a deep kiss. “You sure?” It was the quietest of whispers.

“Yeah, baby, I’m sure.” Xander reached out and opened the bottle of lube, pouring it over his own cock before thrusting up against Spike to spread it around. He took the vampire’s cool fingers and drew them down to his puckered opening.

When Spike began to probe gently at him, Xander groaned and began thrusting his hips up in time. “C’mon baby! Don’t want to wait!” Spike snarled and lunged forward, impaling Xander.

“So hot!” Spike screamed.

Xander grinned. “Thought you’d like that. It’s amazing what a little hot water can do, huh?”

Spike growled and began to thrust deeper. “Xander, Xan!”

“Yes, Spike, now!”

Spike allowed his demon to come forward and leaned in to kiss warm lips for the last time. “I love you, Xander.”

“I love you…” Xander’s words trailed off into a wail of pleasure as Spike bit hard into his neck. Xander’s release spilled out between their bodies as his pulse began to slow. Spike felt the shudders of delight and was unable to control himself, his own seed pulsing out, matching Xander’s dwindling pulse.

When Spike could no longer feel or hear Xander’s heart, he pulled away, licking the last of his lover’s blood from his lips. He looked at Xander for a moment before ripping open his wrist and pressing it to Xander’s cooling mouth. “Love you so much, baby. Come back to me now.”

The End