Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander
Distribution: Spanderfiles, anyone else, please ask.
Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.

Warnings: Spanking with leather belt, gratuitous use of the word 'boy'

Summary: It's a Daddy's duty to make sure his boy learns to keep his promises

Sorry Daddy


"Fetch yer belt here!"

Xander's head spun around in shock. He hadn't heard Spike come home. Looks mad...shit! What'd I do now?

"What's wrong, luv?" he asked, careful to keep his eyes down. Spike in a bad mood could be unpredictable.

"Yer belt. Here. Now." Eyes flashed yellow momentarily.

Xander didn't wait for more. Scrambling to his feet he almost ran into the bedroom, frantically kneeling down beside his discarded jeans which he'd exchanged for sweat pants when he'd come home. Dragging the heavy leather belt out of the loops it was trapped in, he quickly returned to his irate vampire.

Dropping to one knee, he proffered the belt. It was top quality cows hide, and his own hide was only too familiar with it. He could feel his cock getting hard as Spike took the leather from him, folded it carefully and slapped it against his own thigh experimentally.

"Trousers off."

Xander peeled off the sweatpants.

"On yer hands an' knees."

Xander dropped to the floor and waited, bare ass in the air.

"I've just been visitin' the Watcher," Spike finally said, breaking the silence.

Oh Shit

"It's obvious he knows nothin' about us bein' together," Spike continued. "An' you promised you'd tell him today."


"What do you call me?"

"Sorry, Daddy... I was going to this morning, really, when he dropped me at work, but the right moment didn't come up...."

"No baby...that's not good enough. You've been promising yer'd tell all yer little friends 'bout us for the last month, an' its just not happened. I've been patient with ya, but ya gotta have a bit more respect fer ya Daddy than that."

Spike slapped the leather belt against his thigh again and Xander's cock twitched.

"As yer Daddy yer know it's m' duty to make sure yer learn t' keep yer promises."

"Yes Daddy," Xander agreed as he eyed the impressive erection pushing against Daddy's zipper.

Spike rested his empty hand on Xander's back, gently rubbibg soothing circles as he raised his other hand.

Xander braced himself.

"Keep count and thank me!" Spike ordered as he brought the belt down in a hard slash across the pale globes.

"One, thank you Daddy," xander yelped.

The crack of leather against flesh echoed in the room as Spike carefully covered Xander's ass with red stripes. Between each lash with the belt he would use his free hand to soothe the tender skin, and reach under his boy to stroke the rock hard shaft, or run a soft hand over the tight ballsac.

"Thir..thirteen..thank..thank you Daddy," Xander moaned.

Xander's ass was finally a bright rosy red, with a few stripes decorating the top of his tender thighs and his cock was hard enough to drill through walls.

"There's a good boy," Spike murmured, smoothing a hand over his boy's beautifully warmed ass. "Nearly over now, yer've been a good boy for yer Daddy."

"Sorry, Daddy...so sorry...."

"Yer know yer did wrong, baby, don't yer?"

"Yes daddy...sorry Daddy, will you cuddle your baby now Daddy?"

"Yeah, baby, ya can sit on Daddy's lap an' make 'im feel good now, but then we both go over ta the Watcher's flat. Together."

"Yes Daddy, can I stand up now Daddy?"

"Yeah, baby, up yer get and yer can make Daddy feel more comfortable, now. Daddy's jeans are gettin' a bit tight," Spike leered, moving his hands to frame his erection.

"Yes Daddy," Xander agreed eagerly.

"There's a good baby," Spike hissed as his erection was freed by clever fingers, and his jeans rapidly removed.

Spike sat himself down on the armchair and stretched out his legs. "Get yerself ready ta sit on yer Daddy's lap," Spike ordered, handing Xander the tube of lube always kept ready under the chair's cushion. "Turn around so Daddy can see yer doin' it proper like."

Xander turned his back and dropped back onto his hands and knees.

Spike drew in an unneeded breath at the sight before him. Xander's ass was a deep rosy red from the belt, and Spike reached blindly for his cock as Xander reached round and inserted a lubed finger into his hole. "Oh there's a good boy," he encouraged, fisting himself roughly as he watched Xander insert two fingers and start to work his ass.

Spike's cock throbbed as a third finger was inserted and Xander began to fuck himself on his hand.

"Come over 'ere an' sit on Daddy's lap like a good little boy," he coaxed,

Xander got up immediately and moved over to the chair. "Love you Daddy," he said, leaning down and pressing his lips against Spike's and giving a gentle prod with his tongue, requesting permission.

Spike's lips opened, granting permission and Xander lost himself for long moments as their tongues danced together.

Suddenly he was spun around, and he could feel a hard blunt pressure at his ass.

"Sit down, baby, there's a good boy," Spike whispered as he guided xander down over his cock. "Oh yeah...fucking good...yeah baby...just like that, sit on Daddy's lap...all the way...that's right..oh fuck!...just like that."

Xander leaned forward to give a Spike better access, and then using the arms of the chair, lifted himself up a bit and then sat down again firmly, impaling himself on that hard cock.

"Oh yeah, baby...that's right..oh fuck!...yeah," Spike gasped, his hips jerking up into that hot heavenly sheath.

"Love you daddy," Xander gasped as his cock was taken in a firm hand and worked hard.

"Fucking good...yeah baby, that's Daddy's good boy...gonna cum baby, gonna cum...cum for Daddy now...good boy...cum fer Daddy...Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck!" Spike hammered up into Xander hot red ass, leaving finger shaped bruises on the boy's hip.

Xander screamed "Daddy!" as he tumbled over the edge.

They lay curled tightly together as they recovered, Spike's strong arms holding his boy against his chest.

Eventually sticky discomfort forced them to move.

"We need a bath," Spike said, effortlessly lifting Xander and carrying him into the bathroom.

Gently placing Xander on the toilet seat he began running a bath. "Ya want the cedar or the Nordic bath salts?" he asked,smiling at the debauched picture his boy made.

"Cedar please Daddy," Xander replied, and Spike could feel his cock begin to swell at the word. Still Daddy, huh? So we're on fer another go are we? The boy's really worried 'bout what 'is friends will say. Needs a bit o' reassurance.

Smiling to himself Spike finished preparing the bath and then turning, scooped Xander up and deposited him into the fragrant water. Climbing in behind his boy he settled himself comfortably and wrapped his arms around Xander.

"This is nice, Daddy," Xander whispered, and Spike's cock lengthened, pushing up against Xander's ass. Xander wriggled back a bit and Spike hissed at the sensation. Reaching between his boy's legs he found his boy was fully hard. Thank all things evil fer teenage recovery times he thought with satisfaction.

"On yer knees, baby, an' get a good hold of the edge of the bath," Spike instructed, scrambling onto his knees too.

Kneeling between his boy's legs he pressed up against the still bruised and sore looking ass. Giving it a slap that made Xander gasp he ordered "Legs apart, now boy!" and pushed his cock into Xander's still loosened hole.

He tried to take it easy out of consideration for Xander's bruised and tender backside, but the delightful noises coming from his boy soon caused him to abandon gentleness.

"Fuck! Daddy...oh fuck..harder daddy..fuck me harder..."

"Oh yeah, my baby boy...yer Daddy's good boy aren't ya," he panted as he pistoned into his boy's willing ass.

"Cumming Daddy..I'm gonna cum...can I Daddy? Please daddy...need to cum Daddy..."

"Not yet, baby boy...wait fer Daddy..."

"Daddy!!!!!" Xander wailed as steel fingers tightened around his cock.

"Wait fer Daddy...just a bit longer...good boys don't cum first," Spike continued to hammer into Xander's ass, keeping grip of iron around his boy's cock.

"Please daddy...pleeease..."

"Fuck...fuck...cumming...cumming...ah fuck...cum fer daddy, baby" Spike screamed as he shot into Xander's ass, releasing Xander's cock, allowing his boy to release his load into the bath.

Finally they recovered sufficiently to finish washing under the shower. Spike carefully towel dried Xander and himself, taking care of his exhausted boy.

"It's gotten a bit late now to go over to the Watcher's," he admitted finally, glancing at the clock on the wall which read ten minutes before eleven o'clock.

Xander looked up apprehensively. "I'll tell them tomorrow, all of them, I promise," he said

"I hope so, fer the sake of yer poor sore ass," Spike replied. "Now let's get ter bed, it's been a long day, luv, an' yer've got work tommorrow"

"Oh god, work, I'd forgotten," Xander said, patting his ass gingerly.

"Yer own fault. Come ta bed" Spike smirked, leading his boy into their bedroom. "Mebbe yer'll do what yer told in future, like a good boy."

"Yes Daddy."

The End

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