Rating NC 17
Pairing Spike/Xander
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Warning: BDSM, Non-consensual, sexual torture. Don't try this at home.
Not a nice story. Nasty dark smut. Really.
Disclaimer: Not mine yet. But I live in hope.
Written in response to [info]lusciousxander's challenge posted on [info]sx_toykink

Challenge at end of story. I hope it's close to what you were wanting, luv. Summary: Nobody said the soul would last forever




It was nearly two months later that the scoobies sent Xander to check out Angel's shan shu, and the last person he'd thought to see had been Spike, even though he'd been told that the blonde had been the only other survivor. But when he'd arrived at Angel's refuge, the first sight to meet his astonished eyes as he opened the door was the bleached blonde, playing tonsil hockey with the newly human ex-vampire.

It was also almost the last thing he remembered, as Spike swung around and greeted him with a gleeful smile.

Xander regained consiousness to find he was tied to a large bed. Spike was standing nearby and taking Angel's shirt off. And Angel was allowing him to. Helping him, even.

"Shit, Spike, what's going on?" Xander groaned, noticing the the livid bruises on Angel's back.

Spike grinned over at the boy. "So you're awake, pet? It's 'bout time." Spike replied, still working on removing Angel's clothing. "Well, I think it should be obvious, even to you whelp, that you're tied half naked t' the bed, and completely at my mercy."

Xander realised that except for his jeans he was completely naked on the rough bedding.

Spike turned away and started to remove Angel's shoes.

"But what? How? But your soul? ... uh.. Why? And Angel?! " the boy stammered, pulling at the ties that bound him without success. "Buffy's gonna be seriously pissed when she finds out."

"Buffy's not gonna find out. At least not 'til I'm hundreds of miles away from this hellhole, an' by then it'll be too late for her do do anthing 'bout it. An' the soul? Seems it only came with a one year warrenty," Spike smirked and glanced back at Angel. "oh, an' just for the record, pet, this isn't Angel."

Xander took another look at the shan-shued ex-vampire and his stomach clenched at the smirk on his face. "Angelus," he whispered. "but how? We were told he was human....."

"Well, actually, luv, not really Angelus either, see. I'd like you to meet my new Childe," Spike said, pulling Angel's zipper down and dragging the trousers down Angel's muscular thighs. Xander could see livid bruises on his legs and hips. "We were recovering from the battle together  when the poof got 'is Shan Shu, ya see." Spike finished stripping Angel completely naked and dropped to his knees. "The funniest thing was Angel got 'is shan shu at the  very same moment my soul left me." Spike wrapped his lips around the large cock and swallowed it down.

To Xander's embarrasment his cock grew hard as he watched Spike work Angel's cock hard and fast, swallowing around the firm flesh. Suddenly the smaller vampire drew back, looking up into his childe's face. "Beautiful, luv," he said. Angel panted unneeded breaths and fought to control himself as Spike slipped a cockring over the vampire's large erection, and fastened it in place.

"Left 'im all at my un-mercy," Spike continued. "He's still just a fledge, all 'e wants is to please 'is Sire, ya see." Spike turned to Angel "On your knees," he ordered, "and spread 'em wide." Angel dropped into position immediately, kneeling bolt upright, knees spread painfully wide, his hands behind his head with his large cock jutting forward proudly. "Don't move or I'll use the bull whip on your back again," Spike threatened, giving Angel's ass a hard slap before turning his attention back to Xander.

"Been training 'im up a treat, but he still needs 'is Sire's firm hand from time t' time," the blonde confided as he walked back over to Xander.

Sniffing the air appreciativly he grinned at the boy tied to his bed. Smells like he liked what he saw...interesting...thought this one was pure vanilla...

Spike slipped a knife from his boot and while Xander watched helplessly, his wrists bound above his head to the bedhead, the vampire began to slice through the frightened boy's jeans.

"You have no idea, pet, the anger that builds in the demon when its constrained by the soul." Spike continued to slice the knife along Xander's trouser leg, exposing the warm body to his gaze. "My demon only had the soul caging it for a year, so it hasn't gone insane, like what 'appened to Angelus, but it wants this, Xander, its obsessed about this for so long, you can't imagine how much it needs this."

Xander was naked now, small trails of blood on his body where the knife had nicked the boys golden skin in places, and Spike gently lapped at each one, groaning as the taste exploded in his mouth. The boy was all sunshine and honey and pain and Spike lapped greedily, his cock growing harder as he pressed against the trembling body.

"All the taunts, Xan, all the humiliations... the demon's rage just kept building, ya see. Gonna let it all out now."

Angel remained in his position, gaze fixed on his Sire, though the strain was beginning to show. Angel's cock was purple now, the cockring keeping the vampire painfully erect. Spike took a moment to admire the picture Angel made, kneeling upright, trembling legs spread to display Spike's property, waiting on his Sire's pleasure.

"Xander, pet, it's time for payback, ya see, so I'm gonna get my childe to split your virgin arse open while I watch, an' then I'm gonna fuck 'im while he fucks you," Spike said, rolling the boy onto his stomach and inserting a lubed finger into Xander's tight heat.

Xander's bound wrists twisted painfully as he was rolled, sending shockwaves of pain down his shoulders.

"Spike, you asshole," he hissed, twisting to get away as two fingers now pushed their way inside him. "Buffy's gonna get you for this."

Xander's head rocked back as the vampire backhanded him savagely.

"Buffy's not gonna know a thing," Spike replied evenly as he removed the fingers, leaving Xander feeling shockingly empty, "Get 'ere Childe," he called, rolling Xander back onto his back again. Angel sprang to his feet, his purpling cock bobbing as he joined his Sire.

Xander tensed as Angel climbed between his thighs and lifted his legs over his wide shoulders, positioning his cock at the boy's hot entrance.

Spike gave his rock hard cock a couple of tugs as he watched his childe getting ready to penetrate the boy. "My childe's gonna fuck ya like a woman," he taunted. "Should really let him take you from behind, ya first time an' all, but my demon really needs ta see this." Spike moved up to the pair and slashed the bindings around Xander's wrists. "Put ya arms around 'im," he ordered the boy, his cock throbbing at the gorgeous sight in front of him.

"Fuck you, Spike," Xander bit out, too furious to care at the moment for his safety. Dammit, how can Spike do this to me? He knows how much I hate Angel!

He refused to allow himself to think that he wouldn't have objected as much if it had been Spike about to enter him. No. He hated Spike. Of course he did. Only he hated Angel more.

Spike grabbed the boys hair and dragged his head back, exposing his throat. "Fuck me? Oh soon enough, boy, soon enough, just wanna watch Angel fuck you through the mattress first, but don't worry boy, he's not gonna come in ya arse, no sloppy seconds for ole Spike, just wanna get the edge off first, so ta speak. Now put your fuckin' arms around 'im, now!"

Xander placed his arms around the large vampire, glaring at Spike as the smaller vampire moved back and gave Angel's ass a sharp slap. "C'mon, childe, do a good job an' I might let ya come later."

Angel sank into the boy's hot tunnel and stilled for a moment, balls deep and amazed at the heat, and then he began to set a steady rythmn, fucking the boy steadily.

Spike's cock drooled as he fisted himself roughly, moving closer to enjoy the sight his demon had craved all year. Many was the time he'd soothed his demon with promises of the picture in front of him now.

Spike walked behind Xander, grabbed the boys arms and held them behind Xander's head "Fuck 'im harder, childe, Fuck 'im though the soddin' mattress!" Angel looked up and his eyes locked with Spike's as he pistoned into Xander's hot ass. "Sire, please..need to come..so bad... please Sire..."

Spike nearly came as Angel begged for release, all the time gazing imploringly into Spike's eyes.

It finally got too much for him and releasing Xander's arms he marched around behind Angel, slapping his ass hard to get him to stop. Angel held still, his large cock deep inside Xander, as he waited for his Sire to position himself.

Spike split his childe open with one hard thrust. Angel moaned in pain as his hole was torn open by Spike's large cock. The smell of his childe's blood roused his demon's lust as Spike began to hammer inside, and after a moment Angel began to thrust into Xander again but harder now, as the smaller vampire pounded into his childe, doubling the power of Angel's thrusts.

Spike was hitting Angel's prostate with nearly every thrust, and his childe's desperate moans were sending him towards the edge, as Angel begged his Sire for the release he knew wasn't coming. The tormented "please Sire...need it so much...Sire please..." vibrated into Spike and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Spike bit deeply into Angel's shoulder as he spurted his seed into his childe's grasping hole.

Spike collapsed over Angel's back for a moment, recovering swiftly. Vampire stamina combined with the lovely smells of the two frustrated lovers under him had him hard again in almost no time.

"Well, that took the edge off nicely," Spike said, moving off Angel. His childe was still thrusting helplessly inside the boy, desperate to come, but it was futile while he had the cock ring on, and anyway Spike had no intention of allowing Angel to come tonight.

"Get back on ya knees," he ordered, and waited while Angel climbed off the boy and resumed his strained kneeling position on the floor. Angel had a nice case of blue-balls, Spike noticed with amusement, and his cock was a deep purple. He wasn't quite finished with that lovely cock though, so angel would just have to suffer a little longer.

Smiling at the thought, he returned his attention to his new pet, who was looking at him with trepidation.

"The only thing I like more than getting balls deep into a nice tight arse is having a hard cock splitting me open," Spike confided to the boy, "so once I get nice'n comfortable inside you, luv, I'm gonna get Angel to make us a Spike sandwich."

"Don't do this, please" Xander begged, twisting to get away as Spike climbed between his thighs, taking up the position Angel had just vacated. Xander had read about gay sex on the internet, but it was always described as extremely pleasurable, and what Angel had done to him hadn't been at all pleasurable. It had hurt, and Xander was grateful that Spike had stretched him first, as he knew enough to know he would have been damaged by Angel's cock otherwise.

Spike was a smaller vampire than angel, but his cock seemed just as big to the boy as his legs were lifted onto the blonde vampire's shoulders and Spike positioned his rock hard erection at his entrance and pushed slowly inside.

Spike couldn't believe the heat he could feel as he pushed inside. Oh fuck! fuck...so fuckin' tight...fuck...the heat...oh fuck...not losing this...fuck...

Xander thought he was going to be split in half as that huge blugeon forced it's way into him, but the pain was suddenly overshadowed by an incredible sensation as Spike's cock bumped against something inside him.

"Fuck! What the fuck? Spike...uhhhh...fuck.."

Spike smiled wickedly as he began to fuck the boy hard and felt the boy start to rock back, seating him more deeply inside with each thrust. His childe had known better than to give Xander any pleasure, knowing not to arouse his Sire's ire. Spike wanted to be the sole source of pleasure and pain for his new pet.

"Sire.." Angel begged, lust building as he watched his Sire riding the boy.

"Uhhh..fuck...so tight...so good... get 'ere Childe...need ya..uhhhh yeah..fuck Xan...so good.."

Spike stilled his thrusts long enough for Angel to remove the butt plug Spike had been wearing and plunge deeply inside his lubed ass. Spike was into other people's pain, not his own.

Xander couldn't believe he was feeling this way, as Spike continued to stimulate that spot inside him, he felt like he couldn't get enough of this feeling, and wanted it to last forever, and at the same time knew he couldn't last much longer as his balls tightened and drew up.

"Spike.. not gonna last...gonna come.." he panted

Spike reached under him and wrapped his fingers tightly around the base of Xander's cock. "Don't come...not yet.." he hissed as he continued to hit that spot continuously, pounding harder into the boy's hot tunnel. "Ya don't get ta come 'til I do..."

Spike continued to pound into the boy's hot ass, his fingers bruising the boy's hips while his childe draped over his back fucking him hard with that gorgeous cock. The moans coming from both his partner's as they pleaded for release was delectable and sending him over. Angel's not gonna get to come at all, Spike decided with satisfaction, and that thought sent him spiraling over. "Come for me Pet," he grunted, releasing his iron grip on the boys cock. His pet's ass contracted around his cock as he came and he sank his fangs into the boy's shoulder, taking a mouthful of bitter sweet ..tears..lust..fear.. blood as he came harder than he had since he was a fledge, the boy's cries of "Spike.." going with him as he momentarily blacked out, collapsing onto the boy's broad chest.

The boy had fainted with his release too, Spike discovered as he came back from the most intense orgasm of his long life. His Childe was still inside him, thrusting in a futile attempt at release, but not daring to remove the cock ring from his cruely constrained cock.

"Enough, Childe," he snarled, pushing Angel away, "You don't get to come until I say so." Angel collapsed down onto his knees gasping for unneeded breath, his engorged cock throbbing an angry purple. Large brown eyes looked at his Sire beseechingly, but Spike's attention was already back on his boy. My boy, he thought, Mine, an' I'm keeping 'im. Beautiful pet he'll make, gonna mark 'im just right, put some beautiful bruises in all the right places. He ran a hand over the boy's face posessively. First thing we gotta get ya is a coller, luv. Get ya fitted out just right.  He gave the face a sharp slap. "C'mon, rise'n'shine, pet, we got places to go."

Xander shook his head groggily, opening his eyes to see a pair of dazzling blue ones staring down at him.

"C'mon pet, we gotta get goin', Slayer'll be noticing you missin' soon and I wanna be long gone when she does."

"But you can't take me with you, Spike," the boy objected, pulling away. That earned him a quick backhand from a suddenly game-faced vampire.

"Can do anything I like, pet. An' it's about time you learned a little respect. You don't talk back to me, not ever, ya hear? An' it'll be 'yes, Master', an' 'no Master' from now on, or you'll be feeling m' bull whip on ya back before ya much older, yeah? Gonna have a properly disciplined pet, I am."

Xander gazed back in disbelief, but before he could say anything to further iritate the vampire Spike had spun around and walked over to Angel. "C'mon, childe, on ya feet, it's time ta go." He looked down at Angel's painful looking erection and laughed as he walked over to the fridge. Taking out a jug of chilled water he brought it back and poured it over Angel's cock while the fledge gritted his teeth and took it. "There ya go,luv," Spike said as he released the cock ring. "Ya know ya Sire'll always take good care of ya."

Spike stood back and watched them both dressing. He had intended raping and then killing the boy, but at the first taste of his blood he knew he couldn't do it. The boy's blood was ambrosia, and his tight hot arse was heavens door. From the first taste of Xander's blood he knew he had to keep him. He knew it was possible to make the boy his pet, sharing enough blood to keep the boy thralled to him. He'd heard it could be done, but he'd never had the inclination before. He had it now. Soon as they were safely away from here, he was settling into a well hidden lair and claiming the boy as Pet.

Of course the boy would need some training, and Spike's cock hardened as he contemplated the schooling Xander would need and all the ways to train up a new pet properly. Oh yeah, luv, keeping you, worth keeping you are.

Xander glanced up to see his new master gazing at him with hot eyes, and quickly looked away, but not before he'd seen his master's hand rubbing his erection and realised what was on Spike's mind. He quickly finished dressing, trying to hide his growing erection from Spike.

Spike smelt the boy's arousal and his cock hardened fully. Damn, wanna fuck 'im through the floor, can't stay now, gotta get goin'  He forced himself to herd his two lovers to the car. So the boy gets off on bein' dominated, huh? Goin' ta get plenty of domination now, he is, so it's all good, as the kids say.

Tying Xander to the front seat rewarded him with another waft of arousal from both Xander and his childe, and Spike smiled to himself. Unlife was good.

New Toy

"Hey honey! I'm hooooooome!" echoed through the lair as the front door crashed open.

The human pet and the vampire fledge locked eyes for a tense moment. Sounded like Master had been drinking again, this could go either way. Xander dropped to his knees rapidly and assumed the correct position, Angel just moments behind him. Spike came crashing into the room, a nearly empty bottle of JD clutched loosly in one hand.

Xander examined Spike through his lashes, trying to estimate how far gone his master was. One or two bottles made the vampire horny, three made him aggressive, four made him dangerous and unpredictable.

Spike hadn't broached more than three bottles in one night for over a year now, not since the night Xander had had to be hospitalized after the wild bout of beatings and sex he'd endured at his drunken master's hands, the night of Dru's death.

Xander had never seen his master so concerned for him, afterwards, as he'd hovered at Xander's hospital bedside, and ever since Spike had been careful not to allow himself to lose control so badly.

"Thassa good pair," Spike slurred slightly, weaving slightly as he surveyed his lovers. "Nice'n hard for your massa," he continued, eyeing the prominent bulges in two pairs of jeans.

Angel's thighs flexed as he sought to widen his stance. It had been weeks since his Sire had allowed him to come, tomenting him by allowing his human pet to fuck him without allowing the larger vampire to remove the cock ring he made him wear each time.

Angel hated Spike, but his demon was still too young to allow him to even think of breaking away from his Sire. The fledgling demon desperately wanted his Sire's approval, and slavishly adored Spike, and Spike took delight in his Childe's inner turmoil.

Still on the first bottle, Xander realised, and relaxed slightly.

"Strip me," Spike ordered Xander, and he jumped to obey, the small butt plug he always wore during the day moving slightly, causing his cock to swell. "Got pressies for ya both, but ya gotta earn 'em."

Xander removed Spike's duster, placing it carefully over an armchair while Angel watched jealously. Spike glanced over at him and smiled at his Childe. "C'mere Childe, kneel down, hans n'feet, thass right," he directed as Angel crouched down at his feet.

Placing one foot on Angel's back he used him as a footstool for Xander to remove his boots.

Seems like Angel's still out of favour, Xander thought happily, trying to keep a straight face. Angel and Xander had an intense sibling rivalry going, fostered and encouraged by Spike.

Xander loved the nights Angel was in disfavour with his Sire, it usually meant Xander was allowed to come, usually in Angel's ass after buggering him dry. The smell of his Childe's blood always sent Spike into a frenzy of lust, and Xander would be fucked through the mattress by his master as he continued to fuck Angel while the large vampire begged and pleaded for a release that never came.

Xander's engorged cock hardened even more as he removed the clothing from his master's taut body. His master was all ivory and whipcord and lean toned muscles, and his large cock jutted forward proudly.

Spike drained the last of the whisky and threw the bottle at Angel's head. "Get yer clothes off, Childe, we need yer arse." He turned to Xander."You too pet, wanna see ya naked, an' fetch yer pretty coller fer me."

Xander shivered as he reached up to touch the mark the new toy had cut into his neck the other night. Who'd have thought he had a breath fetish?

Xander returned to his master and dropped back down to his knees in the presentation position Spike favoured, offering the cleverly designed strip of leather to his master. Spike took it from him and fastened it securely around Xander's throat. Xander tried to swallow and Spikes cock swelled slightly as he watched his pet's discomfort. Maybe he had fastened it a bit too snugly, but the boy looked delectable with it digging into his skin like that. Spiked tugged experimentally on the strap at the back and Xander choked, gasping for breath. "S'okay, pet, save it for later, yeah?" Spike husked, releasing his hold and smirking as his pet drew in a lungful of air.

"Get yerself up on the bed, Childe", Spike suddenly snarled at Angel, "Tole ya we needed yer arse, so whatcha waiting fer?"

Angel jumped to his feet and nearly ran for the bed, climbing on and resting on his hands and knees as he looked back over his shoulder at his Sire. "How do you want me, Sire?" he asked, hoping his Sire was not going to insist on buggering him dry again. Spike often refused to let Angel have any preparation or lube, remembering the old days with Angelus when it had been his own arse split open raw and bloody every time.

Spike couldn't thank the powers enough for the pressie they'd given him that day, when Angel, newly shan shued and disorientated, had turned to Spike, still reeling from his soul's sudden exit and his demon's newfound freedom.

"I wancha flat on yer back, wearing ya cock ring an' with both ya legs in the air o'course," Spike replied, pulling another bottle of JD from the duster's pocket. Opening it, he took a long swallow and smiled at them both.

"Told ya I got ya both a pressie, din I?" Spike asked, taking another swallow.

Reaching into the duster's pocket again he brought forth a brown paper package which he held up for his lovers to see.

"Got this fer both o' ya t'play with," he said, ripping the box open. "Got the idea from one o'those internet sites you like so much pet," he teased, eyebrow raised as he watched his pet's face colour up. "Din think I knew 'bout them sites ya go ta, didja?"

Xander was speechless as his master continued to unwrap a large black dildo. "Got this fer ya to use on Angel, pet" his master explained. "Know ya find it hard goin' ta fuck 'im dry, like I wancha to, 'til ya get a bit o' blood goin' ta ease the way, like, so ya can start 'im off easy with this first."

"Now you go try out yer new toy fer master, pet," Spike encouraged, climbing onto the bed behind Angel and taking the vampire's wrists in one strong hand as he lifted the bottle of JD to his mouth and took another long drink. Pulling Angel's arms behind his head he watched as Xander took up a position between his childe's thighs, resting the head of the black dildo at Angel's tight pucker. "Hard and fast, pet, wanna see ya split 'im in half fer me," Spike husked, his cock unbearably hard as he watched his pet line up the oversized toy.

Xander was aware of his master leaning forward, bottle of JD momentarily forgotten in his hand, but his attention was on Angel's tight opening as he forced the dildo into that forever virgin passage. The dildo went in easily at the beginning, but as it widened it took more pressure to keep forcing it inside. Angel screamed as his ass split around the huge plastic toy, and blood began to seep from his hole.

Spike's nostrils flared and he reached forward, taking hold of the back of Xander's neck and bringing him forward for a passionate kiss, as Xander continued to work the dildo into Angel's protesting ass, the blood making it easier to work in deeper.

Spike broke the kiss and took another large swallow of whiskey, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "Beautiful, luv, now fuck 'im for me,pet, nice an' hard, give it 'im good, an' Angel! Hold yer legs up! High an' wide or I'll fetch the spreader."

Xander was so hard he wasn't sure he'd last. He pulled out the plug, releasing a rush of blood that started his master panting. Placing his cock at the well lubed channel he drove inside, seating himself fully, almost coming at the feeling of that tight slippery channel grasping his cock. "Fuck 'im, pet," his master goaded, palming his hard cock as he watched the gorgeous sight. Xander's hips bucked wildly as he pounded into that delicious hole, trying to hit Angel's prostate to further torment the cock-bound vampire.

Spike moved quickly around behind him and took a firm hold of his hips. Xander's training broke through his lust haze and he seated himself deeply into Angel and then waited for his master to remove the butt plug and push his way inside.

They fell into a new rhymn straight away, having done this many times.

"Please Sire...need to come..hurts so bad..Sire please..." Angel's pleas were making Spike even harder, along with the smell of his childe's blood and the small grunts coming from his pet as he thrust inside him. Taking hold of the choke strap built into the fiendishly clever collar at his pet's throat Spike gave a small tug, and was rewarded straight away by frantic spasms around his cock as his pet fought to breathe.

"Fuck...so good...yer so tight luv..so hot...not gonna last...fuck..." Spike took a firmer hold of the strap and pulled it tighter, exploding in white hot pleasure as his pet writhed and shuddered and convulsed around his cock as his body fought for breath and his own orgasm overcame him.

Fuckin' hell..so fuckin good, not ever givin' this up..not ever losing this.. Spike sank into blackness, his pet's ass contracting around his cock as he came, drawing out and extending his master's ecstasy.

... an' Angel's gonna have blue balls again.. was his final gleeful thought as oblivion rose to embrace him.

Perfect Pet

Years later. After intensive training by his new master, Xander has fully adapted to his new life

Spike dragged a lungful of sweet opium laced smoke into his lungs, letting his head fall back as the rush hit, and then passed the pipe along. It was Thursday night poker night, and Spike was pleasantly hazed, a bottle of JD at his elbow, and his pet curled at his feet.

He was on his second bottle of JD, and that amount of whiskey normally made him restlessly horny, but the opium mellowed out the restlessness, leaving him loose limbed and relaxed, horny as hell, oh yeah, but wanting only to lie back and be serviced by his pet.

Bending a pet over the poker table and fucking it blind while the play went on was a common occurrence among his other poker cronies, Spike wasn't the only demon at the table with a pet waiting on his master's pleasure, but he'd only ever done that once, to punish his pet in the early days of his training. Spike was more subtle, and used his lovely pet to suck him off under the table, well hidden from prying eyes.

He spread his legs a little wider to ease the discomfit as his cock hardened at the thought of his pet's warm mouth stretched around his thick shaft. oh yeah... bloody lovely mouth the boy's got, wicked tongue...gonna fuck that mouth... maybe leave a few bruises on that lovely body... been too long... boys almost unmarked... needs some nice fresh bruises,yeah...

Xander shifted slightly on the rug at his master's feet. He could sense Spike's arousal and knew it wouldn't be long before his master called on his services. The butt plug in his ass shifted and knocked against his prostate again, keeping him aroused. The opium smoke in the room was having it's usual affect on him too, making him feel needy.

He rested his head aginst his master's muscular thigh, soaking in the smell of leather and whiskey and the unique musky spice smell that was Spike. The leg flexed under his cheek, and he daringly lifted his hand to caress the firm thigh.

Spike ran a hand through his pets shaggy hair, easing his legs out in front of him to ease the growing pressure on his cock. He took the pipe being handed to him by the Drogarnath demon's whimpering pet, and sucked hard, the buzz from the drug going straight to his cock. Some demons have got no class, fucking their pets raw at the table like that, Spike thought with displeasure.


Beside him Xander pressed a bruise on his arm gently, and felt himself harden as he remembered how he came to have it.

Nearly two weeks ago he'd been part of a tangle of bodies on his master's bed. His head had rested on Angel's firm stomach as he'd sucked on the large vampire's bound cock. Spike had been pounding into his childe's ass, while fisting Xander's cock, when he'd noticed his pet's balls drawing up.

Spike's hold on Xanders cock had tightened painfully before he'd released him and reached for Xander's arm with a vise-like grip.

Ah... no you don't pet...not yet...you save that for when I'm balls deep in yer arse and not before. "Don't come, pet," he hissed. "Ya come an' it'll be a session with m' bull whip again."

To Xander's shame the threat had sent a jolt of arousal through his body, and the next thing he knew he was exploding over his master's hand, causing all three on the bed to freeze.

Spike's hand on his arm had contracted painfully at the same time, causing the purpling bruise he was examining now and Xander had cringed in trepidation.

"Fetch the whip," his master had ordered, continuing to fuck his Childe as he glared at his errant pet. Angel had turned his head to watch Xander scrambling to obey, almost falling off the bed in his haste to get to the wall where the leather bull whip hung on it's hook.

Pressing on the bruise brought back the intense arousal he'd felt that night, and Xander had a hard battle as he sat at Spike's feet not to rub a hand along his now fully erect cock. But after five years as Spike's pet he knew better than to dare touch himself. Xander had been extremely well trained.

His master had reached to take the whip from Xander while he continued to fuck Angel, leaving Xander waiting on his pleasure.

"Face against the wall, arms over your head," his master had finally hissed, slamming home in a sudden rush as his orgasm overtook him.

Recovering almost immediately the vampire had climbed from the bed, uncoiling the whip and giving it an expert shake to free up the coils.

"Don't move, pet, or it'll go harder on ya," Spike had warned, running one hand over his awakening cock as he raised the whip. Xander knew Angel would be watching appreciatively.

Xander had bitten down hard on his bottom lip to keep from irritating Spike with any loud noise during the beating. Spike liked to hear the whistle of the whip as it cut through the air, and the crack of leather against flesh, and Xander had learned how to endure silently.

After the whipping his master had helped him back to the bed and soothed his hurts, slowly licking the blood from his back and letting his pet take some blood from his wrist. Xander had curled against his master, loving the gentle touches, needing the whispered reasurances that he was still master's favoured pet.

Then Spike had rolled the boy over, pushed his cock into Xander's hot hole and proceeded to fuck the boy through the mattress. Xander had had the most intense orgasm of his young life, and had trouble walking for the next few days.

Angel had whimpered from where he lay, his bound cock aching as he'd watched his sire riding the boy until Spike had finally become fed up with his childe and ordered him from the room. "But the cockring stays on childe, ya hear? Yer not to touch it."

Xander had watched the frustrated fledge leave the room from under his lashes while he pressed against the new bruise.


What the fuck? What's the boy doin'? Smells delicious. Ah, playin' with 'is bruises again. Spike smiled to himself as he breathed in the delightful phremones scenting the air. Such a nice kink my pet has. His cock lengthened and filled. The pipe came round again and he took another deep drag. The buzz was building, and he took a long swallow of his whiskey. The Drogarnath's pet had fainted, Spike was glad to note, so his irritating cries and whimpers had stopped, though the Drogarth continued to fuck his pet's unconsious body, a thin trail of blood leaking slowly from the torn ass. No class at all.

Xander found another bruise, this one on his hip, which caused a sharp tingle of pain and desire to shoot through him when he pressed on it.

Spike looked down at him sharply, almost overcome by the sudden wave of phremones, and saw the bruise Xander was fondling. Spike remembered giving his pet that one nearly a month ago, and it had almost faded. The memory came back in vivid detail, lying on his back, bouncing his pet on his cock, his strong fingers putting bruises on Xander's hips as he guided him down onto his large cock.

Spike had been displeased with both his lovers that day he remembered, but whipping Angel's back to ribbons had made the vampire so horny he'd thrown the bloodied whip down and ordered his pet on the bed instead for a different kind of punnishment.

He'd lost track of how many times he came, while his sweet pet begged so nice, his cock constrained in a tiny cage that squeezed his cock painfully whenever his erection grew to full size.

He'd panted unneeded breaths as he'd held Xander's hips in a steel grip. Vampire strength allowed him to piston Xander on his cock, bumping against Xander's prostate every thrust. Spike had watched his pet's face with delight as fleeting expressions of lust and pain chased each other over it. "Such a good pet...so hot..mine...fuck.. "

"Master, please...I need..so bad...Master...." Xander's moans had pushed Spike over the edge again.

Spike had been strict from the start, stating that sparing the rod spoilt both the childe and the pet. He knew he was sometimes a bit quick with the whip, but better a too-firm hand he always said, than allowing discipline to grow lax.

Xander and Angel both knew the rules, and just because they hadn't heard their master enter the room didn't mean they got let off being punished for breaking those rules. When their master entered the room, they both knew to drop down to their spread knees, sitting up straight, hands behind their heads and damn well have nice erections to show him.

After five years of solid pavlovian training Xander's cock came to attention at the sight of his master, and Angel was his Childe, so it was an automatic response to his sire's presence. There was no excuse.

His pet's pleading had been lovely, his pet had sounded so broken and needy, his moans going straight to Spike's cock, and he'd come with a sudden rush, spurting his cool seed deep into his pet's tight ass.

His childe still hung unconsious on the wall from the savage beating he'd endured, and Spike was glad he hadn't followed his first intention to bloody his pet's back too. His pet wouldn't be up to the whip again for another few weeks yet, he still had welts on his back from his last Punishment Day, held on the first day on each month for Xander, with an extra day mid month for Angel  Human pets were so fragile, once each month was all his pet could take.

He usually tried to keep the whip only for Punishment Days, but he'd had a few to drink and had been a little hasty that day. He firmly believed that a sound beating, deserved or not, on a regular basis kept the pets and childer on an even keel. But sometimes they tried his patience, and he needed to wield the whip between times.

Spike's cock was throbbing painfully, trapped in the tight denim, as his thoughts and the drug high amplified his arousal. Xander came back to the present abruptly at a sharp tap on his head, the signal for Xander to crawl between his master's thighs and free his master's cock. The vampire was rock hard, and Xander struggled to get the buttons undone.

Spike kept his pet under light thrall with judicious exchanges of blood, and equal amounts of pain and pleasure, but Xander's fascination with his bruises was an unexpected kink unrelated to the thrall, and bound his pet to him even more strongly. Xander got off on pain, which wasn't too surprising considering his childhood, and Spike was very good at pain.

The boy bruised up a treat, Spike admitted, admiring a deep red mark left from the boy's collar last night when Spike had twisted it's choke cord a little too roughly while in the throes of orgasm.

Xander had resisted the collar at first, but the cleverly designed choke collar fascinated Spike, who loved the full body shudders his pet gave when his air supply was cut off, the boys velvet sheath vibrating around his master's cock as his pet fought for air.

Training Xander to accept the collar had been easy. By simply not allowing his pet to come unless he was wearing the collar, he'd conditioned Xander easily. Just the mention of the collar now caused Xander's cock to harden and drool. Xander always came hard enough to black out when Spike played with the choke strap, it was just another dark little kink Spike had found and developed in the boy.

It was never worn during punishments, instead on Punishment Night, sometimes after a sound whipping, Xander was fucked hard by Angel while his pet wore either a cock ring or the cage. On those nights, Angel was always allowed to come, usually in Xander's ass, while his master watched.

His sweet pet had his lips around Spike's cock now, licking at the head while fisting the shaft gently.

Spike had kept hold of the opium pipe when it had reached him the last time, and now inhaled deeply as he eased his hips forward.

"Fuck..pet..that's good...harder...yeah, that's right...suck me down good ...fuck..."

Fuck, his pet was good at this. He'd have to remember to let the boy come later as a reward. Maybe in his Childe's arse as part of an Angel sandwich. Xan could fuck his Childe, his pet always liked being allowed to do that, and Spike wouldn't mind his Childe's huge cock splitting him open himself, it'd been awhile and he craved a hard cock up his arse sometimes.

"Fuck! Fuck...pet...so good...harder...swallow me down now...ahh..Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Spike exploded into Xander's throat, clutching the table as the aftershocks wound down.

Xander carefully licked his master's cock clean and buttoned him up, panting in an effort to control his own arousal.

"Yer a good pet, luv," his master told him, drawing him into his arms and kissing him soundly. He loved the taste of himself on his boy's lips. "You take yerself off to the kitchen now and get yerself a good feed while I finish up 'ere."

Xander rose stiffly to his feet, shaking his legs to get the circulation going again after such a long time on the floor.

Spike's voice dropped an octave. "I wanna find ya on the bed when I come up. Get that lazy Childe o' mine there as well. Tell'im I wanna see i'm on 'is 'ands 'n knees an' wearing the cage on 'is cock. But Xanpet, I want ya to wear ya collar fer me again tonight."

Xander's cock hardened in response to the husked voice. "Yes, master...thank you master," he replied, quivering at the picture Spike's words had produced. He reached a hand up to the bruise on his neck.

Spike pressed hard on one of the larger bruises on Xander's leg and was rewarded by a burst of phremones and a startled hiss. "Might get yer ta ride Angel later, luv." He pressed the bruise again, harder, and Xander's cock swelled. "Wanna give ya a couple more o' these while I ride ya into Angel, pet. You'll like that, yeah? Now go get yerself fed. Yer'll need all ya strength fer yer master tonight."

The End

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