Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: vamp!xan, bloodplay, slash, violence
Summary: Spike has a plan. This is situated to btvs season 3 but goes AU straight from the beginning.
Disclaimer: these characters don't belong to me. They are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy
Beta: [info]sublimatedangel

New Experiences


Part One

Spike was speeding out of Sunnyhell. He had no desire to stay there any longer than necessary. He was sure that, had he stayed any longer, the Slayer would have come after him. If not for his past misdeeds then definitely because of the boy currently laying on the backseat of his car, his very own Childe who hadn't woken up yet. Spike just couldn't resist the temptation when he had seen the boy spread on the bed. He had quickly locked the witch in another room and turned the boy. He didn't care about getting Drusilla back since now he had his very own boy. Spike couldn't wait to see the boy opening his eyes for the first time.

The dawn was drawing closer so Spike picked a motel for them to hole up in for the day. It would also be nicer for his Childe to wake up someplace soft. Spike's thoughts were also on the fact that he needed to show his dominance to his Childe the moment he woke up to avoid problems.

Spike got a room for them, carried his new Childe to the room, and lay him gently on the bed. He also stripped the clothes from the boy since he wouldn't be needing them. Spike quickly popped out to catch something to eat since he needed to be in good health when the boy woke up. When he returned to the room, he took off his clothes and then curled himself around the boy and let sleep take him. He knew that the moment his Childe stirred it would wake him up too.

The sun had just gone down when Spike felt a tingling in the back of his head signalling that his Childe was waking up. Spike rose a little on the bed so that as soon as his Childe opened his eyes he would see his Sire's face. The first signs were the rippling of the boy's face and the faint movement as he tried to open his mouth. Finally, a faint sound came out.


"Yes, I'm here." Spike answered gently


"I'm sure you are."

Spike sliced open a small cut on his wrist and held it over his Childe's mouth. It took only moments for the boy to latch on to the wrist and start a desperate suckling. There were noises of frustration when the cut healed over before the boy could get enough. Finally, Spike saw him open his eyes.

Xander was feeling disoriented. His last clear memory was of being in the chemistry lab with Willow. Then Spike had shown up, and there had been a short fight. After that he didn't remember anything. He was feeling weird and laying on something quite soft. He had a weird craving and a feeling that there was something or someone quite near to him who was able to satisfy that need.

"Sire, more?" Xander had no idea where that had come from.

"There will be more but you have to be patient," Spike said with a stern tone. "Now I need something."

Xander still didn't know exactly what was happening. He tried to hold his breath and noticed that he didn't really have to breathe. Everything was starting to get clearer. Spike had obviously turned him and the craving he had was for blood. The thought should have repulsed him, but to his surprise, he felt nothing of the sort. He just knew that Spike had what he wanted and needed, and was currently refusing him. Xander could feel a pout rising to his face. He hoped it would help.

The pout that formed on the boys face almost melted Spike's heart, but he needed to be firm. Without giving any warning, Spike struck, devouring his Childe's mouth with his own. After a small hesitation, the boy began reciprocating. Spike did his best to distract the boy so that he wouldn't notice Spike's hand creeping downwards. It wasn't until Spike's hand closed around his semi-hard cock that the boy startled and tried to get away. Spike, however, had a firm grip on him.

"Now, now, boy, none of that." Spike tried to sound soothing but also firm. "You belong to me now and that means every part of you belongs to me as well, to do with as I please. You better just settle down and submit."

Xander was starting to panic. What the hell was Spike up to? He wasn't gay and from what he knew about Spike, neither was he. Spike had been with Drusilla the last he heard. Was this some weird vampire ritual? Was Spike testing him? He opened his mouth to protest.

"But Sire…" For some reason he wasn't able to call Spike by his name.

"No buts. Are you going to submit willingly or do I have to tie you down?"

There was a clear flicker of fear in the boy's eyes and he tried to appear as small as possible on the bed.

"Sire, are you going to hurt me?"

"No, not if you don't deserve it." Spike ran his hand along the boy's face. "If you behave, nothing bad is going to happen, but if you don't obey me, nothing you've experienced before will compare to what I'll do to you. So how will it be?"

Spike had continued his hand's motion on his Childe's cock the whole time, and now it was almost at full length. Spike could see that his Childe's thoughts were already clouded a little by the passion which was exactly what he'd wanted. He knew that he wasn't playing totally fair but life wasn't fair so it really didn't matter. Spike was still waiting for an answer; when it seemed his Childe wasn't going to provide him with one, he tightened the grip on his Childe's cock in a way that he knew would hurt quite a bit. His Childe yelped.

"Childe, when I ask you something, I expect you to answer me. Got it?"

"Yes, Sire, I'm sorry."

Spike sighed in frustration when he saw his Childe cringing away from him, trying to look as invisible as possible, and at the same time trying to stay absolutely still and not anger Spike any more than he already had. Spike also noticed that the cock in his hand had started to wilt. He knew he had to take another route. He shifted his weight off his Childe and let the cock slip out of his hand.

"Look Childe, I don't want to treat you like my own Sire did and scare you into submission. It doesn't do any good for either of us." Spike paused for a while for effect. "You, however, need to realise that I'm your Sire and I'm in control of what happens. I want you to be my partner but I still need you to acknowledge my dominance over you. You think you can do that?"

Spike looked again at his Childe's face. For a second he was able to make eye contact, but then his Childe averted his eyes to stare at his own fingers fiddling with the sheets. Spike heard him mutter something, but even with his enhanced hearing he couldn't make out what was said.

"Care to repeat that, Childe?"

"I'll do anything you say Sire." Xander was quite desperate. "Just please don't hurt me. I promise I'll be good."

Spike began feeling a bit sorry for his Childe. It was obvious he had already scared him. He tried gently lifting his Childe's chin up so that he could see his eyes, but even though Spike managed to get his Childe to face him, his eyes were downcast. Spike tried to keep his voice gentle and reassuring.

"Childe, look at me."

Xander had no idea what to do. Okay, he was a vampire now and knew that his pain threshold was probably quite a lot higher than before, but he still didn't think he would enjoy Spike hurting him. Angel had said that most vampires liked pain, but he was pretty sure wasn't one of them. He kept staring at his own legs and the covers of the bed. When he heard Spike's command, he slowly lifted his eyes.

Spike was partially relieved when his Childe finally looked at him. The look in his eyes, however, didn't help at all. It was obvious that the boy was absolutely terrified. His eyes were full of panic and shining with unshed tears. The boy's body was also trembling. Spike swore aloud and almost did it again when he noticed that his agitated status was scaring his Childe even more. He jumped off the bed and threw the boy's clothes towards him.

"Get dressed. We are going out."

Spike took his own clothes and got dressed too. Then he barged out of the room and was about a hundred meters away from the room before he checked to see if his Childe was following him. To his relief, the boy was only a few meters behind him. He didn't say anything, and just continued his walk towards the town. When he finally stopped his Childe practically bumped into him. It was obvious the boy wasn't looking at where he was going. Before thinking, Spike snapped again.

"Watch where you're going!" Spike's voice was irritated. "You should always be alert!"

He swore again in his mind when the boy cringed away from him and withdrew into himself. Spike could hear him muttering something again but he couldn't hear what it was. He carefully stepped closer. He could see the small flinch but his Childe stayed absolutely still otherwise. Spike gently placed his hand on his Childe's cheek and petted it. Then he again tried to talk with a soft voice.

"Childe, you have to speak so that I can hear you. I can't answer you if I don't hear what you say. Please repeat what you just said."

Once again, eyes shining with unshed tears were turned to him.

"Do you really hate me that much?"

Spike was quite taken aback by the question. He hadn't expected anything like that.

"No, Childe."

"So is this revenge then?"

"Revenge for what?"

"I'm friends with the Slayer, and what better way to get to the Slayer than turn one of her friends?"

"This has nothing to do with the Slayer."

"So this is personal then. You're going to keep me around and torture me for some time before getting rid of me."

Xander earlier desperation and uncertainty was changing into anger. He had no idea why Spike had dragged him with him and bothered to turn him. If Spike was lying and this was some plan to torture Buffy, why the hell had they left Sunnydale? But why would Spike bother turning him if his intention was just to torture him? Maybe the vampire wanted him to last longer. Humans were so much more fragile than vampires. If Xander's knowledge was correct, Spike could do number of things to him without dusting him that a human couldn't survive.

Spike was getting really desperate. His Childe had things totally wrong. Then he mentally slapped himself. What else would his Childe think when Spike had treated him like he had and didn't explain anything? But he was happy to see a small spark of rebellion igniting in his Childe's eyes as he became more angry. All hope wasn't lost yet. He did want his Childe to be submissive but he didn't want to break his character. It would get boring after a while if he wasn't challenged in any way. His Childe was obviously still waiting Spike to tell what his intentions were, so Spike relented.

"I've no intention of getting rid of you any time soon. I'm planning long term here. Would I have gone through the trouble of turning you if I just wanted to torture you and then kill you? That would have been much more fun when you were still human." Spike knew he sounded a little mocking and tried to calm down. "In the short term, I'm going to catch something to eat and then we'll return to our room to sleep for the day. Tomorrow we're going to head to the next city. So come on. We have a job to do."

"Why should I come with you? Couldn't I just take off and go wander by myself?"

"First of all, I'm not going to let you leave me. I created you to be a companion for myself and plan to keep you as such. Secondly, you're only a few hours old. There is no way you would be able to survive by yourself. You'd be dusted very quickly. You know, the Slayer isn't the only one who knows that vampires exist and how to kill us." Spike got thoughtful. "The other option is that some other vampire might take liking to your sweet little ass and make you a plaything."

"Isn't that what I am to you? Just a mindless plaything that has no will of his own. Didn't you just say so?!" The anger with which the answer was delivered surprised Spike.

"When you are with me, you are only with me. As some other vampire's toy, you would probably become a common fuck hole for everybody who wanted to use you. Even if you were lucky enough to be selected by someone with a bit higher ranking, they would still have to share you at least occasionally. With me, you don't have that problem."

"It sounds like I don't have much choice then."

The resigned expression on the boy's face touched Spike and he slowly directed them so that they were leaning against a wall. Then he encouraged the boy to sit down.

"I'm going to explain something to you now. I want you to listen very carefully. I'm not going to repeat this."

Spike waited until the boy nodded.

"Yesterday when I came to Sunnydale, I was planning to make your friend to do a love spell for me so that I could get Drusilla to come back to me. Then I saw you spread out on my bed and forgot all about Drusilla. I just had to have you. I locked the witch up in another room and took you with me. I really plan to keep you for a long time."

"So you didn't kill Willow?"

Spike was surprised that that was the first thing the boy wanted to know.

"No, I didn't. I'm sure she's managed to magic herself out of that room by now."

"Don't you think they'll be coming after you? They must know you took me with you."

Spike hadn't even thought about that possibility. He quickly modified his plans.

"You have a good point there. We'll just have to grab something to eat and then we'll head on tonight. Are you with me now?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Good, let me show you how to hunt."

Together they started skimming along the streets, trying to find someone for a snack. They didn't have to search for long before they found a few thugs that were quite suitable. Spike was impressed by his Childe's ability to pick up his hunting abilities so soon and take care of his share. With their bellies full of fresh warm blood, they retired back to their room. They stayed there just long enough to collect their stuff before jumping into the car and driving off.

They drove for the rest of the night and the whole next day. The next night they stopped only to hunt and then again continued driving. Only the next morning did they stop again and take a room. Spike could feel the anxiety rising in his Childe when he saw the room and its only bed. He didn't want to give the boy time to work himself into a frenzy.

"So, let's lie down. You must be tired. Take off your clothes and get on the bed."

Without further talk Spike shed his clothes pretty quickly and got under the covers. It didn't escape his attention that Xander had turned away when Spike pulled his pants down. The boy was obviously very shy. From the bed, Spike watched, amused, as his Childe took his clothes off very slowly until he was wearing only his boxers. Then the boy turned to come to the bed.

"Childe, I want you to get completely naked. I don't want the rough fabric of your boxers rubbing against me."

Xander stared at him for a while in clear disbelief. When Spike just watched him with a little impatience on his face, the boy slowly took his boxers off as well. He then tried to cover his privates the best he could while climbing into the bed. Spike chuckled aloud and then draped himself all over the boy. He could feel the boy tensing up but when Spike didn't do anything else the boy soon relaxed and fell asleep. Spike lay awake a while longer but then sleep claimed him too.

A few hours later Spike woke up. He was amused when he found his Childe draped over him. Obviously the boy subconsciously already trusted Spike and acknowledged his status, even if his conscious mind still rebelled. Spike started slowly running his hands along the boy's body. It got almost an instant reaction and the boy started humping against him. Spike did realise that the boy wasn't awake yet, but he didn't let that stop him. He wanted to see the boy's reaction when he woke up and noticed his state.

Spike continued running his hands over Xander's back. Then he laid his hands on Xander's ass and squeezed hard. That got him a deep moan and a buck against his body before Xander suddenly went totally rigid. Spike had known to expect the struggling that followed and he had a firm grip on his Childe. Spike quickly flipped them around so that he was laying on top of Xander and firmly locking his limbs.

"Calm down, pet."

The struggling lessened a little but the expression on Xander's face was still one of fear.

"Luv, let me make you feel good. Just lie still and let me take care of you."

"What are you going to do?"

"Like I said, I'm going to make you feel good." Spike placed a kiss on the boy's forehead. "If I let go will you stay still?"

After a small hesitation Xander replied.


Spike carefully let his weight shift until he was laying beside Xander instead of on top of him. He kept a careful eye on Xander the whole time in order to see any signs of him trying to bolt. When his Childe stayed absolutely still Spike gradually relaxed.

"There's a good boy. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I'm going to show you depths of pleasure you've never experienced before. You just have to trust me. Do you trust me in this?"

Spike could see the small nod that Xander gave him. It wasn't as sure as Spike would have hoped for, but it was progress. He started with small touches and kisses to Xander's face, neck and upper body. He paid extra attention to the bite mark he had left on the boy's neck. As expected, the boy's unneeded breaths hitched and the rate picked up. Spike was well aware of the fact that the bite mark was very sensitive to touch, especially when it was brand new. While his mouth was busy with Xander's neck and the bite mark, Spike's hands kept running over Xander's nipples. He worried them both with his fingers and twisted occasionally to create that extra tingle of pleasure. Soon Spike had his Childe panting and moaning in pleasure without even going any further than his nipples.

Spike could feel that his Childe wasn't far from coming anymore. Suddenly he removed his hands and mouth from Xander's body and just waited. It took Xander a moment to realise that he wasn't being touched anymore and then he turned confused eyes to his Sire.

"So did you like what I've done to you this far?"


"You want me to touch you more?"

"Yes, please." Xander response was hushed but demanding.

Spike was amused by the difference between this passion-ridden creature and the shy boy of just moments before.

"What are you ready to do to gain more touching from my side?"

There was a confused expression again on his Childe's face.


"I will touch you more if you touch me."

Realisation dawned on Xander's face and he started biting his bottom lip. The boy was obviously wondering what was expected from him and what consequences his actions might have. It looked totally adorable to Spike. He quickly shook that feeling off and fixed his stare to his Childe's eyes and waited for some reaction. Finally it came.

"How do you want me to touch you, Sire?"

"Just feel your way around my body. I am sure you will notice what feels good to me."

Spike watched as Xander lifted himself off the bed a little before bringing his unsure hands to Spike's body. The first touches were quite awkward and shy, but as Xander gained courage, the touches became more firm. At first Xander mainly just touched his face and arms. Gradually the boy's exploring hands reached Spike's nipples and spent some time there. It felt really arousing to Spike to have Xander's fingers running over him and gently touching him all over and even pinching him occasionally. Spike's nipples had always been quite sensitive. He groaned in surprise when Xander suddenly ran his tongue over one of his nipples. The sound obviously scared the boy a little since he withdrew immediately. Spike quickly cupped the boy's head and made him look right at him.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Childe. What you just did felt really good." Spike let a small smirk to his face. "Please, feel free to continue."

By applying gentle pressure on Xander's head, Spike guided the boy's mouth back near his chest. His hint was obviously understood well because Xander started almost immediately licking his nipples one at a time. When the boy's hands at the same time continued their slow exploration Spike had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to take it much longer. Even with all his inexperience Xander was quite able to make Spike feel really good.

Finally the soft touches and hesitant licks were more than Spike could take and with quick moves Xander was again laying under him. The boy's eyes were huge and it was obvious he was wondering what was happening and if it was something bad for him. Once more Spike found his new Childe quite adorable but of course wouldn't say that to him. It wasn't something that was suitable for a Master vampire of his age. He stared the boy's face for a while and then plunged into his mouth with a demanding kiss. For some time he was the only one participating in the act but then he could feel Xander slowly starting to reciprocate. That spurred him on even more and he started to rub against Xander, aligning them so that their cocks came into contact. At first the boy tensed up but when Spike kept kissing him and touching him all over, passion began to win over. The boy's cock had softened for a while but now his erection was making a comeback.

Spike continued the same way for a while, just rubbing against his Childe and kissing his face. Occasionally Spike paid extra attention to the turning scar on Xander's throat and that always made the boy thrash a bit more. It seemed Xander was even more sensitive than usual. Of course Spike had already noticed other things in his Childe that were a bit different than usual. All the fledges he had seen before had been quite mindlessly obedient and done exactly what they were told to do. Xander was already showing some signs of independent thinking and even rebellion. It was quite surprising.

Finally, Spike felt that he needed something more. He changed his position so that he was kneeling between the boy's legs and then encouraged the boy to sit up as well. After that he moved a bit closer so that their cocks were again touching. He wrapped his fingers around both cocks and started to stroke. He was planning to bring them both off like this. He did want to take his new Childe properly but there was time for that later. Right now his first priority was to get the boy to relax in his presence and be comfortable with being touched.

Xander was ecstatic. He had never been touched by anyone else. His only sexual experiences had to do with his own hand. This felt quite different. He had no idea what to do with his own hands right now. Of course one he had to use to keep himself from falling over due to the things Spike made him feel but he still had one hand free. Very carefully he started touching Spike's face and continued from there to his nipples. He experimentally took hold of one and twisted a little. The strength of the reaction he got surprised him. His Sire actually moaned and threw his head back for a while. Xander could also feel the vampire's hand tightening momentarily around his cock. Encouraged by the results Xander repeated the action on the other nipple. Again Spike groaned deeply.

"Oh pet, what you do to me," Spike was barely able to pant out. "That feels really good."

Spike knew he was nearing his orgasm and wanted to make sure his Childe was there with him. Therefore he reached with his other hand to fondle the boy's balls and perineum. That got an immediate result and Xander started to buck into his hand, obviously searching for more friction and contact. Spike was more than happy to provide it and tightened his fingers a little around their cocks while adding some speed.

When his Childe placed both of his hands on the bed and arched his back, Spike knew it wouldn't take much longer. The boy looked absolutely beautiful like that. Just when Spike felt his balls tightening and signalling his oncoming orgasm, he changed into game face and sank his fangs into his Childe's chest just over his nipple. That got a surprised yelp from the boy but Spike could also feel the boy's cock twitching in his hand and soon the boy's come was joining his own. Finally Spike slumped on the bed beside his Childe. For a few minutes neither of them could speak a word. Xander found himself panting even though he knew very well that he didn't actually have to breathe anymore. It did comfort him a little to hear Spike panting as well. Finally Spike knew they needed to move if they wanted to get somewhere before the sun came up and not spend another day in this place.

"Childe, now it's time for a quick shower and then we are going to drive further. I don't want to have the Slayer on my heels yet."

Xander really didn't want to move but he had already learned one thing, Spike had pretty short temper and it was better to do what he was told to than try to protest. Spike had been quite pleasant to him for some time now and Xander didn't want to do anything to endanger that. He slowly got off the bed and followed Spike to the bathroom. The shower cubicle was big enough for both of them so they shared a brief shower and then dried off quickly.

Xander wasn't too enthusiastic about putting on the same clothes that he had been wearing before but that was all he had at the moment. He didn't want to travel naked so his choices were quite limited. Maybe Spike would give him more clothes at some point. Of course it was quite possible that Spike didn't feel he needed clothes. There had been clear hints about Xander's role in Spike's life. Somehow it wouldn't be a big surprise for him if he found himself locked in some room and just left waiting naked for Spike to come to him. That option didn't sound too appealing, but of course, Spike was able to force him to do anything he wanted. It wasn't like Xander could oppose him much.

Spike didn't miss the disgusted look Xander gave his clothes. He guessed that the boy didn't like the idea of putting his old clothes on since they were already dirty. Spike made a mental note to stop at some city to get the boy more. It would also be his chance to get the boy some better clothes. The stuff Xander was wearing at the moment would be left behind at the first opportunity or possibly burned. He was sure Xander would look great in some tight jeans or leather pants and with a skin tight shirt.

After they both were dressed and ready to go, they exited the room and walked to the car. Without saying anything Spike got behind the wheel and waited until Xander had settled on the passenger seat before starting the car and driving off. They only had a few hours before sunrise but Spike was planning on driving through the day. The windows of the car were painted pitch black so no sun should be able to pass through. There was just a small hole in the paint so that Spike could see where he was driving.

For a few minutes there was complete silence in the car but then Spike turned the radio on and the car was filled with music from some punk band. Spike sang along to the songs when he knew the lyrics and sometimes even if he didn't. He didn't have any specific location in mind at the moment, he just wanted to get as far away from Sunnydale as possible. He was sure the Slayer and the witch had already guessed that he had taken Xander with him. The question was what they were going to do about it. Spike knew that there was a possibility that they might do a locator spell on Xander and come after them. He hoped that they would just give up since he had no desire to fight them right now. Xander was still so young that he couldn't be of much use in the possible fight. Also Spike wasn't entirely sure if Xander would fight his friends. The boy had retained quite a lot of his humanity so it was quite possible that Spike would be completely alone in the fight.

Xander stared straight ahead in the car. When Spike put the music on he wanted to turn the volume down but didn't dare to. He was sure Spike wouldn't appreciate it. He just tried to shut the music and Spike's singing out. After a few hours, a weird tingling started in his spine. He wondered what it was. He also started to feel really tired. He had no idea if Spike was planning on stopping somewhere or if they were going to drive for a while. Finally he had to open his mouth because the tingling felt weird and the tiredness confused him. He just hoped that Spike wouldn't get mad at him.

"Sire?" Xander started carefully. "I have this weird tingling feeling in my spine. What is it?"

"It's just a warning about the sun getting up. It tells you to seek cover. Since we're already covered you don't have to worry about it."

"I'm also feeling quite tired. It feels like I can't keep my eyes open. Why is that?"

"You are still so young that your body wants to sleep during the daytime." Spike explained. "I don't have that problem since I have quite a few years behind me already. It will get better after a few years. You can sleep if you want to. I'm planning on driving the whole day so you don't have to worry about anything."

"Okay." Xander yawned. "I think I will sleep for a while then."

Spike started counting down from ten and before he reached zero his Childe was already in deep sleep. Spike had known to expect it. Young fledges simply couldn't resist the lure of sleep when the sun came up. It was quite dangerous for them since if they didn't find cover in time and happened to fall asleep it was their end. Of course in Spike's opinion that just got rid of the ones that were too stupid to survive. It was better that nature got rid of them since they didn't have hope anyway. There were already enough stupid fledge vampires in the world. It was good that at least the worst cases were gotten rid of soon.

Spike drove on until he started feeling tired as well. He had thought that he would be able to stay up for the day but it seemed he had been wrong. He picked a resting spot from the side of the road and stopped the car. He was pleased to notice that he was able to park the car in shade so it made it even safer for them. All the windows were painted black, and they only had small clear spots in them so there wasn't much danger, but the shade provided extra cover and it never hurt to be careful. He checked that Xander was still sleeping peacefully and then let his eyes fall shut. He was planning on catching a few hours of sleep before driving further. He still wanted to get more distance between them and Sunnydale.

Spike's nap proved to be a bit longer than he had planned. When he finally woke up, he could sense that there were just a few more hours until sunset. He quickly started the car and began to drive. He guessed that Xander would be waking up soon. The fledge would be able to sense the sun setting and it would wake him up. Spike knew they needed to stop to hunt soon. He was feeling a bit hungry already and he was sure Xander would be ravenous when he woke up. Fledges were always hungry.

While Spike drove he had some music on but kept the volume down so that he wouldn't disturb Xander. Of course it was quite possible that he could have the music on full blast and still Xander would sleep on but the boy needed all the rest he could get, so Spike didn't want to risk it. He could always listen to his music a bit louder after Xander had woken up.

As sunset got closer Spike started to look for a place to stop. At the moment they were in the middle of nowhere. Finally Spike spotted a sign for a town he had never heard off and suspectedcas a pretty small place. They could stop there momentarily and get someone to eat. Spike had a lot of practice in making his kills look like robbery that had gone too far. He didn't want to leave any hints along their way that might help the Slayer come after them.

Spike would also need to teach his Childe to be discreet. Spike himself was able to feed without killing if he had to. He was able to seduce his victims so that they didn't even realize they were bitten, but fledges didn't have the control or skill for that. Most of them were just mindless killers with no control at all. Spike was determined to teach his own Childe to control himself from the start. He had turned Xander to be his companion and wanted to make sure his boy could take care of himself if need be. One of the skills he planned to teach his Childe was hunting people who wouldn't be missed. Towns were full of low lifes who could disappear and no-one would care. Of course smaller places had less of them but every town had those types of people. It was a skill to find and separate them from the mass.

When they were about three miles from the town Spike felt his Childe rousing beside him. The sun was just setting so it was time for the young vampire to wake up. Spike waited in silence for Xander to say something. This was only his fourth night as a vampire so he was probably a bit disoriented. From the corner of his eye Spike watched while Xander opened his eyes and turned his head around a little checking his surroundings. Finally Xander spoke.

"Um, Sire?"

"Yes? What is it, Childe?"

"Where are we?"

"We should be arriving into a small town soon. Not long anymore. You've slept the whole day through."

"I'm sorry." Xander's voice was a bit questioning like he didn't know if he was supposed to be sorry or not. "Um, I'm feeling a bit hungry too."

"We'll get someone to eat as soon as we hit the town. We should still drive a bit further tonight. I want to get as far from Sunnydale as possible. Don't want your former friends coming after us."

For a few minutes there was silence in the car. Spike raiseed the volume to the music coming from the radio. He could sense that his Childe was bothered by something but decided to wait until the boy opened his mouth and not prod him. He could practically hear Xander's brain working overtime. Just when Spike felt like he would need to force his Childe to speak, the boy finally opened his mouth.


"Yes?" Spike paused but then felt he needed to add something more. "You know you don't have to wait for me to acknowledge you every time before speaking."


"Just tell me what you have on your mind already."

"Where are we going, Sire?"

It was actually a pretty good question. Spike hadn't thought much further than getting as far from Sunnydale as possible. There were several towns that were familiar to Spike and where he knew they could quite easily disappear without a trace, at least momentarily. He also knew people who could work some mojo that would make them invisible to locator spells. After that they would be able to disappear completely.

That was actually his goal. If in any way possible, he wanted to avoid coming into contact with his boy's former friends. He wasn't completely sure if he would be able to protect his boy if the Slayer caught up with them. Sure Xander was able to fight a little, but there was no way he could match a Slayer that was determined to destroy him. Of course there was also the fact that Spike wasn't entirely sure how much of Xander's humanity had survived the turning. It was quite possible the boy wouldn't agree to fight his former friends. In that case, Spike's task would be even more difficult. He wanted to take care of the issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately they still had some way to go before they would reach anyone able to perform the required magic. Until they got that far, they were in constant danger.

Since he had no idea how fast Xander's friends would be coming after them he wanted to keep up a brisk pace. Unfortunately, even he was unable to drive continuously. They needed to stop to rest and hunt occasionally. Spike made a mental note not to actually kill anyone during their trip so that they wouldn't leave any unnecessary trails for Buffy and company to follow. He would need to keep a careful eye on his Childe so that the boy didn't kill anyone either. That might be a bit difficult with the fledge's inability to control himself as well as a vampire with a few more years under his or her belt was able to. Spike knew that he had some work ahead of him.

Of course mysterious cases of people being found with holes in their throats might raise suspicions too but less than dead bodies being found all over. That would be like painting road signs for the Slayer to follow. People got mugged all the time and Spike was sure he would be able to mask at least part of his hunting as normal fights or robberies. Of course, it never hurt to have some extra money on hand. You never knew when you might need it. Spike did have a certain amount of funds at his disposal at all times. He had made sure to make some investments throughout the years and they had paid off pretty well. He was pretty sure he would easily be able to pay for them to disappear from the face of the earth for some time so that the dust could settle and Xander's former friends could give up on finding him.

Spike realised that he still hadn't given an answer to his Childe who was patiently waiting. It seemed Spike had really managed to frighten Xander enough that the boy didn't dare to do anything without being told to and was afraid of angering Spike all the time. Spike suspected that Xander's parents had played a part in it too. From what small facts he knew about his boy's home life, it hadn't been too happy. From his previous time in Sunnydale he remembered that Xander's parents were both drawn to alcohol and hadn't much cared for Xander's wellbeing. Spike didn't think there had been proper food in the house too often. In Spike's opinion, it was good for the boy to be taken out of that environment. Now it was time to concentrate on the more pressing matters.

"Childe. When we get into the town and start our hunt, I need you to follow my every word. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sire."

"You will find yourself left behind tied to the car and eating only small scraps from me if you aren't able to obey. I don't want to take any unnecessary risks."

"Sire, I promise I will be good. Don't leave me behind."

Spike heard the desperation in his Childe's voice and guessed that he had managed to frighten the boy again. With his next words tried to sound soothing.

"Just make sure you do everything I tell you to do and everything will go fine."

The rest of the drive was made in silence. Spike could sense that his Childe was nervous. The boy was fidgeting a little and running his fingers along his pant legs. Spike had an urge to place his hand over his Childe's, but for now kept his hands on the wheel. He could take care of his Childe's anxiousness later, but for now, he would have to settle for getting the boy to calm down. If he was that nervous while they hunted something would definitely go wrong. Even if people were mostly ignorant, someone would surely suspect something if Xander kept acting that nervous.

When they were inside the city borders Spike started to look for a place to park his car. He wanted to find a secluded enough place so that he could calm his boy in peace, but also a place where they didn't need to walk long distances to get fed. Spike had no idea if the town had an industrial area or something like that. Those were usually good hunting grounds. There were always lowlifes who no one would miss. Also, a lot more muggings happened in those areas. If they fed there, it was quite likely that they wouldn't raise any suspicion and it probably wouldn't even be reported anywhere.

Finally Spike found a secluded parking area with just a few other cars and he couldn't see anyone moving. Spike also saw some industrial buildings just a small distance away. They should be able to find suitable prey there. Spike parked the car a small distance away from all the other cars and killed the engine. Then he turned to his Childe.

"Childe, please calm down."

"I'm sorry, Sire."

"I can't take you with me if you're this nervous. You'll raise suspicion if you fidget like that. You really have to calm down."

"I'm sorry but I don't think I can. But please don't leave me alone here."

Spike was at loss. What could he do? He couldn't take Xander with him if he didn't calm down but he was also afraid of what could happen if he did leave Xander alone. The boy could attract unwanted attention and then they would have questions they possibly couldn't answer. Spike didn't want to take any risks. He got out of the car and walked to Xander's side. He opened the door and offered his hand to his boy. When Xander took the offered hand, Spike helped him out of the car. As soon as Xander was standing on his own legs Spike wrapped one of his arms around the boy's waist and with the other hand pressed the boy's face into his neck. He hoped that some closeness would help the boy to calm down. It actually didn't take long before Spike felt Xander nuzzling into his neck a little. He just held the boy's face against his neck and rubbed a little.

"Go on, drink Childe."

Almost immediately Spike could feel Xander changing into game face and sinking fangs into his neck. Then Spike felt his blood being pulled out in big gulps. He let his boy drink for a while before signalling him to stop. Spike enjoyed the feeling of Xander's fangs pulling out of him and then licking the bite wounds until the closed and actually even a bit longer. In other circumstances Spike would have gotten really aroused by that and taken advantage of the situation. He would have loved to bend Xander over the hood of the car and fuck him silly. However, that would have taken too much time and gotten way too much attention. They needed to feed quickly and then continue their drive. They still had a long way to go.

Then there was the fact that he still hadn't taken his Childe. Spike wanted their first time together to be somewhere where he could take care of his boy and make sure he enjoyed it too. Rough sex could come later. Spike didn't want Xander to be introduced to sex the same way he had been. Angelus hadn't taken much care when he had taken Spike, William then. It had actually taken Spike some time before he learned that sex between two males didn't have to hurt. He'd hoped that Angelus might someday show that consideration towards him, but there had never been much hope of that happening. However, things were going to be different for his Childe.

Spike shook himself from his thoughts and pushed Xander so that the younger vampire wasn't leaning on him anymore. They needed to start finding prey if they planned to drive further that night. Spike was sure the Slayer and her friends were already on their heels, so they needed to go on. Spike estimated that if there were no complications they should make it to their goal in a few days. Still, that was a long time and anything could happen. Therefore they had no time to waste.

"Come on, Childe. Let's go and find something for us to eat."

Spike led the way out of the parking lot and to the industrial area. It took them some time to find anyone but when they did, they were in luck. They managed to stumble upon a large fight. No one would suspect anything if they snacked on a few of the people involved. All their injuries would probably be written off as coming from the fight. Spike could see that there were knifes involved and blood was actually flowing a little already. Suddenly Spike felt Xander tensing beside him and when he glanced over, he saw that the boy was already in game face and almost salivating. He guessed that the smell of blood was too much for the fledge. He placed a calming hand on his Childe's arm.

"Childe, put your face away. We don't want to scare the people too early on." Spike waited until Xander returned to his human face. "Now the plan is to knock a few of them unconscious and then snack on them a little. Don't kill anyone. We don't want to leave unnecessary trails. Do you understand, Childe?"

"Yes, Sire," Xander said, but sounded a bit uncertain. The smell of blood was overwhelming him. "They smell really good, Sire."

"Yes they do, but remember to control yourself," Spike added with a sharp tone to his voice. "If you kill any of them, I'm going to tan your hide in a way you won't forget for a while."

Spike felt Xander tense beside him. His words had obviously had an effect. Spike gave Xander's arm a small reassuring squeeze before locking his attention on the fight in front of him. He took a few steps forward before jumping in. His appearance confused both sides momentarily, but then they continued. Spike wasn't too careful about who he hit. He just dealt the blows wherever they fell. In no time, there were a few unconscious people on the ground and Spike separated himself from the fight.

He quickly dragged the unconscious ones a bit further away so that they could feed in peace. Instead of biting into their throats, Spike used one of his sharp nails to get the blood flowing. He could feel Xander beside him and silently motioned for the younger vampire to start feeding. Spike watched closely while Xander fed and listened the heart beat of their victim. When it started to slow down a little, Spike signalled Xander to stop. It had no effect, and Spike had to grab a handful of Xander's hair to get the fledge to stop feeding. Spike shook Xander around a little and received an annoyed growl as response. He answered that with one of his own and had the boy bowing his head immediately.

Only when Spike was sure that Xander wouldn't start feeding again did he let go and make a small wound on the other man's throat. Then he fed himself. He kept himself in close check so that he didn't end up drinking too much either. He wasn't able to quench his hunger completely, but he wouldn't have trouble going a few days on a smaller diet. He was more concerned about how Xander would be able to hold on. The fledge needed to feed properly or he might lose control completely.

They started to walk back to the car. On the way there, they passed the place where the fight had been going on. The fight had already broken up, but to his surprise Spike saw that one person had been left behind. He had obviously been knocked unconscious during the fight and then no one had bothered to collect him when it was all over. Never one to pass up a chance, Spike knelt beside the man and made a small cut to his wrist this time. Then he motioned Xander to drink a bit more. The younger vampire obeyed immediately and latched on. Spike kept close eye on the feeding and after a while again told Xander to stop. This time the younger vampire obeyed. Spike then latched on for a few mouthfuls.

After they were done, Spike headed for the car. He could hear Xander following him. When they reached the car Spike got behind the wheel while Xander sat on the passenger seat. Then they were driving again. They still had quite a few hours of darkness left and Spike estimated they should get pretty far before the sun came up. This time he was planning on stopping in a motel to sleep through the day. He could manage without much sleep, but he wanted to stop for a while. Even though they had to hurry, his knowledge that the Slayer and her friends had to sleep too meant that he could allow a small rest for himself. They had driven some time in silence before Xander opened his mouth.


Spike waited Xander to continue for while but finally gave up.

"What is it? I told you, you don't have to wait for me to acknowledge you every time. You can talk freely unless I tell you otherwise."

"Um." Xander sounded quite uncertain. "Are you angry with me, Sire?"

"Why would I be? I may be a bit impatient, but that doesn't mean I'm angry."

"I meant because of what happened when we fed. I'm sorry Sire, but I was really hungry and all the warm blood tasted so good. I couldn't stop."

"Okay, yeah that. You should be punished for that. I told you that you weren't allowed to kill anyone. You're lucky you stopped when you did. Otherwise you would have been in deep trouble."

"So are you going to punish me, Sire?"

"I haven't decided that yet. Are you going to obey me better in the future?"

"Yes, Sire. I will do my best to obey you."

"We'll see how good you do with that. Don't worry about the punishment now. We'll drive until the sun comes up and then find some place to sleep during the day. I need some rest too. It's more comfortable to sleep in a bed than in the car."

They drove on in silence. At some point, Spike put the radio on and sang along with the songs again. He was feeling quite chipper. Their first discreet feeding had gone pretty well in his opinion. There had been that small problem with Xander not stopping the feeding at first, but that was exactly why Spike had told him to stop earlier than it was actually necessary. He hadn't decided yet if his Childe would be punished for his mistake or not. After the incident, Xander had behaved really well and seemed to be sincerely sorry. Maybe a light spanking would be in order. It would just remind Xander of his place and maybe make him think twice about going against Spike again. He didn't think anything harsher was needed, and he didn't want Xander unable to move if the Slayer came after them. He was sure there would be plenty of opportunities to introduce harsher punishments later, since it was the nature of fledges to mistakes and need to be punished by their Sires.

Xander mainly stared out the window. He didn't know where they were or where they were heading. Occasionally he saw some road signs, but they were for small towns that didn't give Xander any information about their location. They had obviously driven pretty far during the previous day while he had been sleeping. He didn't dare to open his mouth to ask Spike questions since he wasn't sure of the other vampire's mood. He already had a threat of punishment hanging over his head and he didn't want to add to the likelihood of actually getting punished. He didn't know how Spike would punish him but it probably wasn't anything he would like. With his demon did providing him information about the relationship between a Sire and his Childe, Xander knew that anything could happen.

Just before dawn, Spike found a motel for them to sleep in. Xander was already nearly asleep and Spike had to talk to him constantly to keep him awake until they got there. He didn't want to carry his Childe since that could attract unwanted attention. A grown man getting carried into a motel room would look suspicious. He had managed to pull it off once already, and he didn't want to take chances. Spike also had other plans for his Childe but those would have to wait until later. Xander would obviously fall asleep as soon as he was allowed to do so. Spike was eagerly awaiting the time when Xander's body would no longer be controlled so fully by the sun.

Spike parked and told Xander to wait in the car and stay awake while he went in to pay. He half expected Xander to be asleep when he returned, but he was happily surprised to find his Childe still awake, even if only barely. Spike drove as close as possible to their room and got out of the car. He was forced to support Xander a little on their walk to the hotel room, but Xander's staggering could have been from being drunk, and that wasn't anything out of the ordinary in places like this. Spike didn't think anyone paid them any attention, at least not enough to remember them the next day.

In the room, Spike carefully helped Xander out of his clothes and settled him in bed. It didn't take many seconds from the moment Xander's head hit the pillow until he was fast asleep. Spike felt sleep pulling him too, so he stripped as well and got under the covers. He moved Xander around a little so that in the end they ended up tangled together. The boy accommodated Spike's actions easily in his sleep. When Spike was happy with their positions, he closed his eyes, pressed his nose into his Childe's hair and slept.

Xander had been a bit scared of what would happen once they reached wherever Spike had decided to spend the day in. The older vampire had talked about a punishment and Xander didn't know what to expect. In the end he had been so close to sleep that he hadn't really cared what would happen. He just wanted a soft place to lay for a few hours. He did realise that Spike had to support him when they walked into the room but after that he didn't catch much anything. He felt his clothes being removed and then he was pushed to lie on the bed. Soon after that he was asleep.

Part Two

Spike slept surprisingly peacefully. A few times he was roused a little by his Childe moving around but those were brief and the instinctive reflex of purring settled Xander quickly so that Spike could continue sleeping. The whole time they slept, Spike kept a strong hold on his Childe and enjoyed his scent. He had dreamed about turning a Childe for some time and now he was going to enjoy it to the fullest. The only thing that saddened him was that he could never get the proper acknowledgement from his clan to his Childe. As far as Spike knew, Angel was the head of the clan at the moment and there was no way he could take Xander to Angel. The broody vampire would probably stake them both on sight.

Several hours later, Spike started to wake up. They were still in almost the same position they had fallen asleep in. Spike knew that Xander wouldn't wake up on his own for some time but he had plans and they required his Childe to be awake. At first Spike tried to coax Xander awake with gentle prodding but it didn't really have any effect. Xander just buried himself deeper into the covers and mumbled something. Spike knew that Xander's body was telling him that it wasn't time to get up yet. The sun was still high. Sunset was still hours away, but Spike wanted to get back on the road as soon as the sun went down so he needed his Childe to wake up.

When the gentle coaxing got no reaction from the younger vampire, Spike shook him a bit more forcefully. Still Xander didn't show any signs of actually waking up. As a last resort, Spike made a small cut to his wrist and placed the cut under Xander's nose. Almost immediately the fledge's nostrils flared as he scented the blood. In an instinctive reaction, the still-sleeping Xander tried to grab the wrist, but Spike knew to expect that and out of reach. A few drops dripped to Xander's lips and they were quickly licked away. The blood obviously helped since Xander's eyes started to flutter, and finally opened blearily.


"Time to wake up, my boy."


"I need you to wake up, Childe. I have plans and you are a very important part of them."

"What is it, Sire? What do you want me to do?"

"You don't actually have to do anything else than just stay awake and lie there."

"Sire, I don't understand." Xander listened his senses. "The sun is still up. Shouldn't we be sleeping still, Sire?"

"I've already slept enough and you can sleep more in the car if you still feel tired. Now it's time to have some fun."

"F-fun, Sire?" Xander wasn't exactly sure if his and Spike's opinions about what was fun were even close to each other. "What are you planning?"

"Do you remember what we did last time? How good I made you feel? I'm going to continue where we left off. Just lie back and relax. I promise you will like this."

Spike stared right into Xander's eyes while he blanketed the younger vampire and then started kissing him all over. Gradually Xander caught on and started to kiss back and move his hands along Spike's back. There wasn't much more he could do while Spike was laying on top of him. Spike took it slow. He made sure to lick and kiss every single part of Xander's face and throat before moving on. He also bit Xander's throat lightly in a few places. He didn't break the skin and used only his human teeth. The bites still got small gasps from Xander and left small red marks behind which then faded pretty quickly.

After Spike was done with his Childe's face and throat he slowly moved downwards and continued the treatment. He worried Xander's nipples one at a time with his mouth while the other one was pinched by his fingers. Spike had been complimented about his skill with his mouth on several occasions and he was again doing his best. His actions obviously had an effect on Xander since the boy started to moan almost constantly. Spike enjoyed the fact that he could have this kind of effect on his Childe. He felt Xander's hard cock poking at him which was even more proof that the younger vampire was really enjoying his attentions. Xander's hands had stopped their motion on Spike's back and were now just clutching Spike's shoulders. Spike was pretty sure he already had half moon shaped marks on his shoulders since Xander's nails were digging into his skin. Spike lifted his head up.

"Everything alright, Childe?"

"Huh? Yes, Sire. Very good."

"Glad to hear."

Then Spike dived back. While his mouth was busy with Xander's nipples he discreetly wet a few of his fingers as well and, without warning, started to circle them around Xander's pucker. He knew very well that they were entering totally new territory for his boy and fully expected some resistance. However, he had decided to be inside his Childe that day and that was going to happen. Spike was prepared to use quite a lot of time persuading Xander. He could have always taken the boy by force but preferred the more gentle method. His first experience of sex with Angelus hadn't been a pleasurable experience at all and he didn't want to put his Childe through the same. The second his fingers touched the boy's hole, Xander reacted. He tried to close his spread legs, but Spike was laying between them and preventing Xander from doing anything.

"Sire? What are you doing?"

"I think it's quite obvious." Spike gave his Childe a smile. "Now, just relax and let me in."

"But Sire! I'm not gay!"

Spike couldn't help his laughing. The boy had been quite alright with the kissing and mutual stroking but it seemed he was drawing the line somewhere. Still, Spike found it amusing.

"Don't you think it's a bit late to think things like that? I can't remember you having many objections the last time. Just relax now."

"I don't think I can."

"Sure you can. Just enjoy the feeling. I promise you it will feel very good."

Spike started his kissing and licking process again. He still concentrated mainly on Xander's chest and his nipples. He added a few sharp bites to the play that made Xander gasp. The whole time Spike's mouth was busy with Xander's upper body, his fingers circled the boy's pucker. Eventually, Spike could feel Xander relaxing a little and one of his fingers sank in a little. Spike carefully tried to push a bit deeper before pulling out and trying again. With patience, he was able to get Xander to relax enough that one of his fingers was able to move quite freely inside Xander.

Spike continued that for a while before pulling the finger out completely and then pushing in with two fingers. He heard a distressed whimper from Xander and decided to apply some more lubrication. He put the fingers into his own mouth and made a small cut to them both with his fangs. Then he circled the fingers again around Xander's hole before gently trying to push in with them again. This time he was able to get them in a little before pulling out and trying to get deeper again. It did take time and patience but finally Spike's two fingers were moving easily in and out of Xander's channel. Then he glued his eyes to Xander's face and changed his angle a little so that his fingers grazed along Xander's prostate. The younger vampire almost shot off the bed on the first pass.

"Sire! What was that?"

"It's something you will get very familiar with over time."

Xander didn't know what to think. At first the thought of the last similar session he had had with Spike a few days ago had aroused him quite a lot. Quite soon it had become pretty clear that Spike had other plans. Of course the kissing and licking and biting had felt good but he hadn't been sure about it when Spike's fingers had first touched his anus. It had suddenly hit him what Spike was planning on doing. He had tensed completely but Spike had gotten him relaxed with time. Now he had just been introduced to something inside him that sent sparks all through his body. It felt really good but it also made him feel a bit weird. He felt very full.

Since he knew Spike only had fingers inside him, he still dreaded a little what was going to happen when Spike wanted to go even further. Xander had a pretty good idea what would happen later. He was pretty sure Spike was going to fuck him. He had gotten several glimpses of the other vampire's cock and couldn't help wondering how Spike's cock was going to fit into him. He was sure it couldn't happen without a lot of pain. Then Spike touched that certain spot inside him again and Xander stopped thinking. He would worry about that stuff later.

Spike was following his Childe's reactions very closely. He wanted Xander to enjoy the experience and for that, the boy needed to be all relaxed. It would be even better if he was already driven half mad by pleasure. That would make it easier for Spike to finally enter him. He carefully moved his fingers around Xander's passage and tried to stretch him more. When he felt the boy was ready he pulled his fingers out again and then pressed three fingers in. It didn't require as much effort as switching to two fingers had. It was obvious Xander was relaxing quickly and didn't mind the intrusion that much anymore. Spike was sure that poking his fingers into the boy's prostate had its part in it. He couldn't wait to be inside that tight channel. His cock was rock hard even though it hadn't been touched at all yet. Spike checked Xander's face and noticed that his Childe had his eyes closed and there was obvious pleasure on his face. Spike decided that he had already taken enough time stretching the boy. It was time for the main event.

Xander noticed when Spike pulled his fingers out and obviously added one more to the play just seconds later, however, he didn't have the energy to care about it anymore. Spike's fingers were driving him crazy and Xander knew that it wouldn't take him long to come if Spike continued the same way. A big part of him hoped that Spike would allow him to come like this. He had no doubt about the fact that Spike was going to fuck him sooner or later but he sort of hoped he could push the moment further into the future. The fingers weren't causing him any trouble anymore but he knew Spike's cock was a lot bigger than his fingers. Then Spike's fingers were again pulled out and Xander saw him changing his position. It was immediately clear what Spike was planning on doing. Xander tensed.

"Sire? Is it going to hurt?"

Spike cursed his Childe's timing but could see the boy had tensed up again and obviously needed to be reassured. Spike knew that if he tried to enter the boy now it would surely hurt. He needed to get Xander to relax again.

"Childe, I've stretched you quite a lot and you are more than ready to take me. Since it's the first time, there might be a little discomfort but that should pass." Spike made sure to look straight into Xander's eyes. "However, at the moment you are completely tensed up and if you stay that way it will hurt a lot more. You need to relax now, Childe."

To make it easier for Xander, Spike sucked one of the boy's nipples into his mouth and started to suck and bite a little. That got Xander moaning immediately and Spike felt him relaxing again. Taking advantage of the situation Spike took hold of his cock and pressed it against Xander's stretched hole. Just when he pressed the head in he sunk his fangs into Xander's chest distracting him. Xander moaned in half pain and pleasure. Spike found himself sinking into the boy quite fast. He pulled out and then pushed back in. Soon he was as deep as he could go. Spike stopped for a while to give Xander time to adjust. He saw Xander fighting his game face and finally losing the fight. Spike was in game face as well and stared down into Xander's face. Slowly he started moving, first pulling out until only the head of his cock was inside the boy and then thrusting back in.

Xander hadn't thought he would be able to relax. Just the thought of Spike pushing his cock into him made all Xander's muscles tense up and sent trembles through his body. Then Spike was licking and biting his nipples once more. The sensations from that made Xander forget everything else. Spike was really good with his mouth. Suddenly Xander felt something pressing against his hole but before he had time to tense again Spike sunk fangs into his chest and all Xander's concentration was on that. When his awareness returned to other things he realised that Spike was already half way in and getting deeper inch by inch. It did feel a bit uncomfortable but it wasn't as painful as he'd expected. Xander tried to stay relaxed and trust his Sire's words about it getting better soon.

Spike kept his movements slow while he waited Xander to get used to the feeling of having something inside him. The boy's face was a bit strained but he hadn't objected verbally yet. When Spike felt that his cock was moving easily inside Xander he changed his angle a little so that on his next push in, his cock poked straight to Xander's prostate. With interest Spike watched as Xander's eyes went wide open and he opened his mouth but no sound came out. Then the younger vampire started panting even more than he had before. Spike continued his slow thrusts and made sure to hit the boy's prostate on at least every third stroke. After he had gotten his rhythm right he moved his other hand to stroke the boy's cock. That again got Xander to gasp. The boy's stomach was already sticky from the pre come that had leaked earlier. Spike's stroking was helped by it as well. At first Xander had just lain there but now he was starting to answer Spike's thrusts. The boy's eyes were again closed and Spike suspected that he wasn't far from coming. Of course it wasn't like Spike was going to last long either.

Xander was delirious with pleasure. Sure, Spike's cock inside him had felt a bit uncomfortable at first but Spike hammering into his prostate more than made up for that. Very soon Xander had forgotten all the uncomfortable feelings and was just concentrating on the pleasure. He had a feeling that he might come any second. With great effort Xander opened his eyes and watched Spike's face above him. The older vampire was also in game face and Xander felt himself getting lost in those eyes. Then Xander felt his balls tightening and with a loud moan he came. On the edge of his awareness he could feel Spike keeping his thrusts up during his orgasm. Just when Xander started to come down he felt Spike thrust deeply a few more times and then stay completely still. Xander could feel Spike's come filling his channel. It felt kind of weird but at the same time his demon practically purred inside him. The demon felt that Spike had finally made a proper claim. Xander just blinked for a while and couldn't get a word out of his mouth.

Spike had known that his Childe was already close to his orgasm but it still caught him a bit by surprise. The way the boy's channel pulsed around his cock drove Spike crazy. Just barely, he was able to hold back until the boy began coming down. Only then did he release his control and pounded into the boy a few more times before freezing and releasing his come into the boy. He almost collapsed straight on top of his Childe but managed to keep at least part of his weight on his own arms.

Both vampires stayed quiet for a while and tried to even their breathing. The experience had been way more intense than either of them had expected. Xander had only expected pain but had instead gotten a lot of pleasure out of it. Spike had known that the boy had never been with any other man but the tightness with which the boy's channel had gripped him had surprised him. It had been quite difficult to control himself. Finally Spike got his ability to speak back.

"You alright, Childe?"

"Oh, yes, Sire. I'm quite alright."

"So did you like what we did?"

"Um." Spike was sure that if Xander had been able to blush he would have done just that. The boy averted his gaze. "It was nice, Sire. At first it hurt a little but then it got a lot better."

"I'm glad to hear that, Childe." Then Spike added with a grin. "Maybe we can do this again someday."

Xander was still staring at the bedclothes when he answered.


Spike looked down at his Childe for a while. The boy looked quite fine. Part of Spike wanted to go for another round immediately but there were more pressing matters. They needed to go so that they would reach their goal at some point. He gave a gentle kiss to his boy's lips and then pulled out. He didn't miss the groan Xander let out at that point.

"We need to shower, Childe, and then drive on. I know you are probably a bit hungry already but we need to get a bit further before we can stop to feed." Spike slapped Xander bottom. "Up you go and to the shower."

Xander yelped a little when Spike's hand landed on his bottom and he was out of the bed in seconds. He gave one glance to the smirking vampire on the bed and then walked to the bathroom. He had barely gotten the shower running before he felt Spike stepping behind him in the shower and wrapping arms around his torso. Carefully, Xander leaned back a little.

"I thought it would be faster if we showered together."

With that Spike grabbed the sponge and started to wash Xander's body. He loved the small sounds the younger vampire let out occasionally. After he had washed all of Xander's body he handed the sponge to his Childe and told him to wash him. To Spike's delight Xander took the job very seriously and spent a long time going over Spike's body and rubbing every single spot of him very carefully. By the time Xander had finished Spike was half hard again but he had to ignore his erection this time. They really needed to get going if they wanted to keep ahead of the Slayer. It was impossible for Spike to guess how close Buffy might already be but he didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. Now that he had gotten a nice long rest, he should be able to drive a long ways before having to sleep again. Xander was a totally different case. Spike was pretty sure the fledge would fall asleep at some point in the car. He was only a few days old and needed his sleep.

Xander was feeling a bit groggy. He suspected it was because his sleep had been interrupted. During his interaction with Spike and the shower he had been quite awake but now he started to feel sleepy again. He knew the sun had gone down and that it was actually not normal for him to want to sleep just then but he couldn't help it. He was also feeling quite hungry but Spike had said that they needed to drive a bit further before feeding so he would just need to deal. He didn't dare to suggest his Sire that they feed earlier. It was quite obvious Spike had made up his mind. He sat silently on the bed and watched while Spike picked up their stuff from around the room. It wasn't like they had many possessions but somehow they had managed to spread them all over the room.

Spike was trying to take care of any hints that might reveal that they had been there. He knew the Slayer had the witch helping her and they were probably tracking them with locator spells, but Spike still wanted to make sure they didn't leave any unnecessary clues behind them. That was also one of the reasons he hadn't told Xander where they were heading and why. Sometimes walls had ears in places like this. He didn't want anyone knowing about his plans. They would be ruined if the Slayer learned about what he was planning. Surely the girl would come up with some way to stop them from disappearing off her radar if she knew. It was better that he kept the plans to himself. Xander was an obedient Childe and would follow him without asking too many unnecessary questions. Of course the boy did ask things, but he also listened and obeyed when Spike told him to be quiet. Finally he felt he was ready to head out.

"Let's go Childe. Time for us to get on the road. We still have a long way to go. Don't want your pals catching us."

With that, Spike headed out of the room. He checked that he was able to hear Xander following him and walked to the car. He placed their stuff in the car before turning to face Xander again.

"You wait here while I sort things out in the office. Sit in the car and don't move a muscle. If I find out you've disobeyed you will pay for it dearly."

Xander was surprised by Spike's harsh words. In his opinion he had behaved well if you didn't count the feeding thing. He had thought he had been forgiven for that already. It seemed that Spike hadn't forgotten it yet and Xander started to suspect that incident was going to be used against him for some time. Without giving his Sire any answer Xander opened the car door and sat down. He buckled the seat belt and sat completely still with his eyes straight forward. His hearing did pick up the moment Spike walked away from the car. He still stayed completely still and waited.

Spike didn't miss the small flinch in his Childe when he gave his order. The boy obviously hadn't expected such a harsh tone. Spike shrugged. Maybe he didn't need to be that harsh with the boy but he wanted to make sure the boy obeyed him. He didn't want Xander going wandering by himself and possibly killing someone. He didn't want anything pointing at them being at the motel. They had passed a big intersection a while back and there they had had several choices of direction. Spike hoped that it would delay the Slayer and her friends as they tried to figure out which way they had gone. Every hour he could delay them was a good thing. Spike had some contacts ready but it still might take him a while to find a suitable person to perform the magic needed for them to disappear from the Slayer's radar. Therefore any extra distance he was able to get between them was a win of some sort. He quickly returned the key to their room to the office and then went to the car. He found Xander sitting in the exact same position than he had when Spike had left. It seemed his order had been taken to the letter.

After Spike's steps had faded away, Xander's tiredness reminded him of its existence. He would have loved to just curl up on the bench and go to sleep but he was afraid that would be taken as disobedience so he forced his eyes to remain open. He hoped Spike would return soon so he wouldn't have to wait long. His eyelids were feeling really heavy and Xander knew that he wouldn't be able to fight sleep for long. Finally he heard the driver's side door open and Spike slid in. Xander continued to keep himself still.

"You can move now, you know."

"Thank you, Sire."

"I'm planning on driving a few hours and then stopping to feed quickly. If you feel like sleeping during that time you can. I'll wake you up when we get there."

Xander felt relieved by that information. He relaxed his posture and took a more comfortable position on the bench. Of course a bed would be a more comfortable place to sleep but in his state he thought he would be able to sleep almost anywhere. He let his eyes fall shut and in no time he was deeply asleep.

Spike wasn't particularly surprised when Xander fell asleep almost immediately. He had seen quite clearly that the younger vampire was fighting sleep. A few hours should do the trick and Xander would be able to hunt with him without problems. It was better that the younger vampire rested for a while before they got themselves fed. He wanted to drive as much as possible to make sure they reached their goal in a few days. It all depended on how often Spike would need to stop to rest. He'd considered asking Xander to drive small distances so that he could catch a little sleep in the car, but that would have required him to tell his Childe where they were heading and he still wanted to avoid that. With luck, he would only need one short period of rest.

The drive was quite uneventful for a few hours. The roads were quiet as there wasn't much traffic. Spike was able to drive pretty fast. He made sure he didn't go too much over the speed limit since he didn't want to get noticed by any highway patrols. He knew that his appearance was quite striking and if he got pulled over, the cops would surely remember his face giving the Slayer a source for info about their direction. Therefore, it was a better idea to try to obey the road laws, at least for now. He needed to think about what was best for him and his Childe right now. Finally he saw a potential city to stop in. It again looked to have a large industrial area for them to hunt in. Spike also hoped that he would be able to find some newspapers so that he could check if their actions had raised any suspicions the previous night.

Spike parked the car in front of a kiosk that looked to be open. He checked Xander's face but when he found out the younger vampire was still sleeping, he decided to let him do just that for a small while still. He got out of the car and walked to the kiosk. He picked up a few of the local papers and a few from a wider area. He also picked up some snacks for them. He knew the boy had loved all kinds of snacks while he still had been alive and suspected that habit hadn't gone anywhere. Spike himself liked snacks as well. Some vampires swore they didn't touch human food after their turning but in Spike's opinion that was bullshit. Of course the food didn't hold any nutritional value to him but he still liked the taste. It was also nice to chew on something occasionally. It was a nice change to his simple liquid diet.

When he had everything he needed, he returned to the car to find Xander still sleeping. Spike suspected that the younger vampire would sleep as long as he was allowed to do so, at least until his hunger woke him up. He started the car again and drove to the edge of the town where he suspected suitable prey would be easier to find. He parked the car and then turned on his seat. It was time for Xander to wake up. Spike shook his boy's shoulder carefully. When he got only a few mumbles and Xander tried to turn away Spike took a bit firmer grip on his Childe's arm.

"Wakey, wakey! Can't let you sleep anymore, Childe."

"Just five more minutes, please."

"I'm not your mother and you aren't going to school." Spike was a bit amused. "If you want to feed tonight you need to wake up right now."

That got Xander's attention and he opened his eyes with obvious effort. Spike watched him and knew that it would still take a while before the younger vampire would be awake enough to hunt anything. He was already feeling a bit impatient and regretted that he hadn't started waking up Xander sooner. If he had woken up his Childe at the kiosk he would probably be alert already. Spike tried to keep the impatience out of his face and voice. It wasn't actually the fledge's fault. It wasn't like he could help the fact that his body required a lot of sleep and that being woken up during the day had wreaked havoc with his sleep rhythm.

"You think you will be able to follow my orders soon, Childe?"

"I will try my best, Sire."

"See that you do. I want this hunt to go better than yesterday. If you don't obey me tonight your ass is going to pay for it later. I will not tolerate the same kind of disobedience you showed yesterday. You are still learning but I need you to learn fast. Can't keep risking us with your disobedience."

Xander listened the lecture with wide eyes. It seemed his Sire was quite serious. He wasn't exactly sure what Spike meant about his ass paying for his disobedience, but he had a few guesses. None of them were too appealing. He would really need to try to do his best. The only problem was that he could clearly remember how the bloodlust had taken hold of him the previous night and that had gotten him into trouble with Spike. He was afraid that was going to happen again. Xander tried to take a few deep breaths to calm his nerves even if he really didn't need them. He was getting pretty nervous again. He remembered panicking the previous night and how Spike had calmed him down then. He didn't think he would be getting the same kind of treatment that night. It was quite obvious Spike's patience was slowly running out so he needed to watch his actions more carefully.

Spike watched his Childe gathering himself. It was clear the boy's head was working overtime. Spike couldn't help wondering what was going on in that head. The boy seemed to wake up more and more every moment and Spike started to think that maybe he wouldn't need to wait too long after all for his Childe to be aware enough to hunt. Spike also saw a certain amount of uncertainness and wariness in his Childe's eyes. The boy was obviously thinking about the punishment part and ways to avoid the whole thing. When Spike decided that Xander was ready he opened his mouth.

"We're going then. Remember to stay right by my side and do exactly what I tell you to do. I won't tolerate any solo acts. I'm sure you want to accompany me tomorrow too." Spike left a meaningful pause between his words. "If you can't behave I will leave you behind and you will have to settle with any scraps I bring you. I'm not even sure there will be any."

Xander was biting his lower lip. This was starting to sound worse and worse all the time. It was obvious that if he made even the smallest mistake he would suffer badly. He started to feel like he had no chance of surviving the hunt without messing up. Spike was putting so much pressure on him that he was sure his nervousness would be enough to make him do something wrong. Spike had given him so many rules and told him about so many severe consequences that his head was filled up with them. He even considered volunteering to stay in the car but the possibility of not getting fed that night didn't sound appealing. He again took a few deep breaths and tried to calm himself.

Spike saw that his words had managed to get his Childe even more worked up. That hadn't been his intention but there wasn't much he could do about it now. He decided that he would try to be more calm in the future. It was just important that his Childe realised how crucial it was that they acted discreetly and didn't leave too many signs of themselves. Of course Spike knew they weren't the only vampires nearby so hopefully other vampire attacks would mislead the Slayer at least a little.

"You ready to go now, Childe? I want to get back on the road as soon as possible."

"Y-yeah, sure, Sire."

The small stutter in his Childe's voice didn't go unnoticed by Spike. The boy was obviously pretty nervous.

"Everything alright, Childe?"

"Yes, Sire. Just all the talk about punishments and such made me a bit nervous. I will be alright."

"See that you are. Don't want your nervousness ruining the hunt."

Then Spike got out and heading for the nearby warehouses. Xander scrambled after him and tried to keep up. Once more they were in luck and found a couple lonely men smoking in one of the alleys. Spike headed straight for them with the pretence of asking for a light. Xander followed behind him. To his surprise he even managed to catch the other man when Spike suddenly hit one, knocking him unconscious immediately. The other man didn't have time to do anything before he followed his friend into unconsciousness. Xander didn't dare to sink his fangs into the man's jugular but waited to see what Spike would do. When the older vampire made a small cut to the man's throat Xander latched on immediately. He drank slowly and savoured the taste. He expected to be told to stop any second.

"That's enough, Childe."

Xander released his hold immediately and stepped back a few steps just in case. He didn't want his Sire thinking that he wasn't obeying. The consequences he had been promised were too serious. He didn't want Spike to make good on his threats. He still felt hungry but he hoped that someday soon he would be able to feed as much as he wished.

Spike was surprised by the speed Xander moved away from his prey. He had half expected that he would need to force his Childe to stop feeding again despite his earlier threats. Now it seemed those threats had really been taken seriously and Xander was obeying like a dream. Spike made a mental note to reward his Childe with something for this. He made a small cut to the other man's throat and fed himself. When he was done he placed the still unconscious but breathing men against the wall. Then he emptied their pockets to make it look like they had been mugged. The blows he had delivered to their faces were already bruising nicely so there shouldn't be any problems. Then Spike turned to face his Childe.

"Time to return to the car, Childe."

Xander tried to hear if his Sire was pleased with him or not but the older vampire's tone didn't reveal anything. His only option was to follow Spike to the car and hope for the best. If he hadn't done well enough, he was sure he would find out soon. In his own opinion, he had done everything just like Spike had told him but the other vampire had already proved that he could be a bit unpredictable so Xander couldn't be sure. He jogged quietly behind Spike until they reached the car. Once there, he sat in the passenger seat and buckled the seatbelt. He didn't dare to break the silence in case Spike was angry. He wanted his Sire to say something at first.

Spike was surprised when Xander didn't demand any info immediately. What he had seen of the boy before, he simply wasn't able to stay quiet for long periods of time. He was always babbling about everything and Spike had actually been afraid he would need to resort to harsh measures to keep his Childe quiet but the boy had been surprisingly quiet the whole time. Even now Spike could feel Xander staring at him but he wasn't saying a word. It felt weird but Spike decided to not pay any attention to it for now. Spike started the car and headed for the freeway. There were still quite a few hours of the night left and he wanted to stay on schedule.

They drove a few hours in silence. The only noise in the car was the radio station that Spike had picked and the older vampire occasionally singing along to the songs. Xander just stared out of the window and waited for Spike to say something. He didn't really much care what Spike said, as long as he said something. The silence was really uncomfortable. Xander even opened his mouth a few times to say something but then couldn't come up with anything suitable.

Spike was amused by his Childe. For a while he had wondered why the boy wasn't saying anything but then he had guessed that the boy wasn't sure if Spike was pleased with him or not. Spike smiled to himself. It was obvious the boy wanted to ask very much but didn't know how to broach the subject. He was sure the boy was afraid of what would happen if Spike really was angry with him. He had been given several scenarios and Spike was pretty sure the boy was wondering which of them would be his destiny. He let his Childe suffer a while longer before speaking.


"Y-yes, Sire."

"The morning is getting closer. I was planning on driving most of the day too but I'm sure your body will require you sleep pretty soon. Do you want to stretch your legs before sleeping or are you good to go on?"

Xander had no idea how he was supposed to answer. Was his Sire really offering him a chance to stretch his legs, or was this a trap or test of some kind? What if he answered wrong? Would it make his situation even worse? What if there was no correct answer? What if anything he answered would be wrong? Xander's head was filled with all these questions and he had no idea what he was supposed to answer. Finally he tried his luck.

"Sire, I don't know. Whatever you think is best is fine with me."

Spike chuckled to Xander's answer. The boy was obviously trying to be diplomatic and not say anything that might upset him. It was kind of funny and just strengthened Spike's suspicion of the boy being afraid of him at the moment. For a few moments Spike considered tormenting his Childe a while longer but then gave up. It would be much nicer if he would be able to talk with his Childe normally without the boy watching his every word. He spotted a convenient exit from the motorway and drove down the ramp. He found an overnight gas station and stopped the car there. It never hurt to stock some more stuff if he was going to drive through the day.

"You can stretch your legs while I buy us some snacks. I already bought some earlier but it never hurts to be prepared. Don't wander too far from the car and most importantly don't attack anyone. I don't want you snacking on anyone while we are here. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Glad to hear that."

Spike got out of the car and headed for the shop part of the gas station. He could hear Xander's door opening too and the boy getting out. Then he heard a few steps while the boy obviously walked around the car. Just when he was at the door he did a quick look back and found Xander still only a few steps from the car and looking like he wasn't going to go any further. With a peaceful mind Spike entered the shop. He was sure the boy would be fine for a few minutes.

Xander was feeling a bit uncertain while he got out, but when he noticed that Spike just walked towards the shop, he got a bit more courage. He had that tingling feeling again that told him that the sun was rising soon. It was telling him to seek cover as soon as possible. Since he had already spent one day in the car he knew it was good enough shelter for him. He wondered what kind of snacks his Sire was getting but hadn't dared to ask. He tried to analyze everything Spike had said to guess if he was in trouble or not but couldn't really come to any decision. He would just need to wait until Spike let him know what was happening. He stretched his legs for a while but didn't wander too far from the car. As soon as he saw Spike coming out of the shop he opened the car door again and sat on his seat. There was a plastic bag full of stuff in his Sire's hand so Xander guessed he had bought quite a few snacks. Feeling a bit nervous, Xander waited.

Spike made his purchases and then went outside. He saw Xander just getting into the car so he guessed the younger vampire had seen him coming. Spike allowed a small smirk to himself before walking to the car and getting inside too. Xander was giving him small glances from the corner of his eye. Finally Spike decided that he needed to get Xander to relax. Sunrise was still about an hour away and he wanted his Childe to be able to sleep in peace. He had heard stories about fledges whose dreams got disturbed if they had too much stuff in their mind. Spike wanted Xander to get the full benefit of his sleep so that the boy would be alert when they again stopped to hunt. He placed his hand on the younger vampire's thigh. He did notice the small tremor that went through the boy's body.


"Um, yes Sire?"

"You've been awfully tense for several hours now. Want to tell me the reason?"

Xander knew he had been caught but he still tried to stall the inevitable.

"I don't know what you mean, Sire."

"Oh, I'm sure you do." Spike squeezed Xander's thigh a little. "Also I'm pretty sure what's made you this tense but I want you to say it yourself."

Xander knew there was no way out of the situation for him. He would need to come clean. He just hoped that Spike wouldn't get mad.

"Um, Sire. I'm just waiting for your judgement of the hunt. You haven't said anything about it and I'm afraid you are mad with me." Xander started quietly but slowly his voice got stronger. "Earlier you described pretty nasty punishments for me and I'm afraid you are going to make some of them come true." Xander gave a small glance to the other vampire but when he didn't see any anger there he had courage to go on. "In my own opinion I did well but when you didn't say anything it made me insecure."

Spike gave his Childe's thigh a few pats. The boy was simply adorable. He was sure most of the insecurity had been carried over from where the boy had still been alive. Of course fledges were submissive towards their Sires, but there was more of it in Xander than Spike had seen before. He enjoyed it but he also made a silent promise to teach his boy to be stronger. If he was this submissive towards everyone, he would never become a Master in his own right. He wouldn't be able to gain respect from other vampires.

"Childe, you have to learn to trust your instincts. You did do well. You did exactly what I told you to do and stopped feeding as soon as I told you. I was very proud of you." Spike gave his Childe a small smile. "Also it's not my habit to wait with punishment. Trust me. You would have known immediately if I wasn't pleased with your actions."

Spike had decided to reward his Childe and suddenly he felt that just complimenting him with words wasn't enough. Xander had exceeded expectations that night and definitely deserved a reward. With quick movements Spike bit his own wrist and presented it to his Childe. The boy gave him a surprised look.

"Go on. Drink. You've deserved it. You made me proud tonight."

That was all the encouragement Xander needed. He latched onto Spike's wrist and started to suck the blood out. The scent of Sire's blood had made him change into game face but he was careful to keep his fangs out of contact with Spike's skin. He understood this was a gift and he wasn't supposed to take any more than he was offered. He suckled on the wound until it closed and then gave his Sire's wrist a few more licks to make sure the holes had closed properly. He couldn't help the rumbling purr that rose from his throat. He would have liked to get closer to his Sire right then but in the limited space of the car it was a bit difficult. Therefore, he just settled with pressing his head against Spike's shoulder and rubbing his cheek against the soft leather of his Sire's duster. When he felt Spike's fingers combing through his hair he felt even happier.

Spike was surprised to hear the purr coming out of his Childe. It seemed he had really managed to make his Childe content. There was no trace of the earlier uncertainty on Xander's face. Then Spike felt Xander rubbing his face against his shoulder. He quickly raised his hand and ran his fingers through his Childe's soft hair. That resulted in the purring getting a bit stronger. Spike smiled and let the contact go on a bit longer before gently pushing Xander to sit properly on his own seat. However, he made sure his Childe didn't feel rejected.

"We have to go now, Childe. I would very much like to stop somewhere so that we could just be in peace but unfortunately we have to go on. Hopefully in a few days we can take all the time we want for ourselves and just enjoy." Spike paused and ran his fingers over Xander's cheek one more time. To his delight his Childe pressed into the touch a little. "The sun is coming up soon so I'm sure you are already feeling a bit tired. If you feel sleepy, you can sleep. I'm going to drive as long as I can and then maybe catch a few hours of sleep. I will wake you up at sunset if you don't wake up on your own."

Then Spike started the car and began driving again. It didn't take long before he sensed that his Childe had fallen asleep. A while after that the sun rose. Spike didn't feel any tiredness yet so he was pretty sure he would be able to drive much further before having to stop, if he needed to stop at all. He knew that nothing short of a miracle would wake his Childe up from his deep sleep, but Spike turned the radio down a little. He still sang along to the songs occasionally but with lower volume than he had done before.

Spike actually managed to drive until early afternoon before he started to feel tired. Since he had no desire to fall asleep at the wheel and possibly crash their car, he found the first resting spot and parked there. Then he moved his seat's position so that he was practically laying flat and let sleep take him. He guessed that a few hours should be enough. They were on a public resting spot so no one should disturb them. Of course Spike realised that the black painted windows might get someone's attention but hopefully not enough to matter. The Slayer knew about his car and about the windows. Just before Spike fell asleep he wondered if it would be a good idea for them to change their car at some point.

Nothing out of ordinary happened during his sleep and when Spike woke up he felt quite rested. After a quick check he knew he had slept about three hours. There were still quite a few hours left before sunset. Spike started the car again and started driving. There wasn't much traffic on the roads so he managed to drive quite effortlessly. When sunset came closer he started to look for a suitable place to stop for their nightly hunt. He would need to wake up Xander soon but that could still wait. The fledge needed his sleep.

Finally Spike spotted a small town where they could stop. Since sunset was already pretty close, he searched for a newspaper stand in the town and parked in front of it to wait for the sun to go down. He wanted to buy the paper again to check if their actions had gotten any unwanted attention that could lead the Slayer to their tracks. Finally the sun set, and Spike got out of the car. He trusted that his Childe wouldn't wake up before he got back and even if he did Spike was sure Xander wouldn't leave the car. It didn't take him long to fetch the paper. When he got back in the car he found Xander still sleeping peacefully. Spike started to car again and drove a bit further. When he found a suitable parking spot he stopped the car and then started to wake up his Childe.

"Childe, time to wake up again. The sun has already gone down. It's time for us to hunt something to eat and then drive further."

It did take some time but finally Xander opened his eyes and blinked at Spike. The older vampire allowed his Childe a few minutes to get his bearings before getting out of the car. He waited until Xander followed him and then headed towards the more populated streets. This town didn't have any convenient industrial areas but surely some dark alley had something for them. It seemed luck was with them since they didn't have to wander around for long before they happened to stumble into a robbery in progress. Spike took advantage of the situation and got rid of the mugger. Then he made a small cut to the victim's throat with the robber's knife and told Xander to feed. He let his Childe feed for a while before telling him to stop. Then he took a few mouthfuls for himself. He was hungry for more but knew that he could manage with a smaller amount for a few days. More important now was to keep Xander strong and get to their destination as fast as possible without leaving too many traces for the Slayer to follow.

After they had fed they returned to the car and continued their drive. It went with pretty much the same pattern as before. Xander concentrated on watching the road while Spike drove but this time he wasn't nervous. Spike had praised him and told him that he had done well after this feeding too so he knew he didn't have to be worried. He had already known before that his Sire had a destination in his mind but hadn't dared to ask what it was. Maybe now that he knew that Spike was pleased with him it would be a good idea to ask.


"Yes, Xan? I've already told you that you don't have to wait for me to acknowledge you before you can speak. Now what did you want to say?"

"Where are we going? We have driven for several days now. When are we going to stop?"

"Childe, your friends from Sunnydale are surely coming after you. We have to make sure they won't be able to find you. I don't want to lose you now that I have you."

"So where are we going?"

"It doesn't matter what the destination is called. I promise it won't be long now. Maybe a few more days, a week tops. Then we will be safe and no one can take you away from me."

Xander realised that he wasn't going to get more information out of his Sire so he gave up. It was true that it didn't really matter where they were heading. He would follow his Sire wherever the older vampire went. It wasn't like he had many other choices. The only person he felt loyalty at the moment was his Sire. He had mainly just been curious. He continued watching the road. The signs beside the road didn't tell him much. Of course he recognised some of the places but since he didn't know where they were going they didn't give him any hints of how much they still had to drive. Xander was feeling a bit restless but tried to stay quiet. He didn't want to do anything to jeopardise the fact that Spike was in a good mood. Xander had a feeling that he didn't want to see Spike in a bad mood. The older vampire's temper had flared already a few times. For Xander that was enough. He didn't want to see any of the threats Spike had uttered to be put into action.

They managed to make pretty good way but on the morning they were forced to stop to sleep for the whole day in a motel. Spike had driven several nights and days in a row and he knew he had to sleep properly that day. They were close already and Spike wanted to be alert when they met with the people who should be able to help him. Just before sunrise they stopped in a motel and took a room. It was once more one of those places who didn't much care about who checked in and what they were. That suited Spike well since it meant that the motel wouldn't have any information about them. Of course Spike did have several fake IDs that he could have used but it was easier like this. Xander was once more almost asleep by the time they got to the room so Spike just helped him to strip and tucked him into the bed. He didn't waste any time stripping his own clothes. Then he wrapped himself around his Childe and slept.

Part Three

It was near sunset when Spike woke up. He wanted to get going soon so he gently shook Xander to get him to wake up too. As soon as he knew it was safe for them to go outside Spike gathered their small possessions and walked out of the door. Just when he had stepped out he got a weird feeling. It took him only a few seconds to realise that he could sense the Slayer's presence. He quickly turned around, went back to their room and closed the door behind him. His Childe was watching him with interest but there was also a weird expression on his face.

"What's the matter, Childe?"

"Sire, I feel weird. Like there are ants crawling on my skin."

"That's the Slayer you are feeling. She is somewhere really near. Stay here. I will be right back."

Then Spike snuck out again. He stayed low when he walked towards the motel office. As he had suspected Buffy was standing there with the witch and the watcher. Spike was surprised to see Angel there too. Of course he had known that Angel was back since he had seen him when he had gone to Sunnydale but he hadn't thought the Slayer would bring the vampire with her to hunt for them. Now Spike could only hope that the motel owner wouldn't tell about them. The odds weren't in their favour if there was a fight. It was four against two. Also Spike didn't trust that Xander would be able to fight effectively against his former friends.

Spike tried to hear what was being said but could only catch a few words. He didn't dare to go closer since he was afraid they might sense him or hear something. He could see the Slayer showing some pictures to the motel owner but to his relief the man just shook his head. Then the group came out of the office. Spike moved to stand a bit further away to avoid detection. He was very happy about the fact that he had decided to park their car behind the motel so it was quite unlikely that it would be discovered. He stood in the shadows and watched while the humans and Angel got into their car and drove away. Only when the car disappeared from sight did Spike sigh in relief. Then he hurried back to his room and told Xander to hurry up. They ran to the car and started driving again. Spike had decided that he wasn't going to stop before they reached their destination. The Slayer was too close. He couldn't afford to make unnecessary stops. Now that he had slept well for a day he was pretty sure he would have the energy to drive for a few days straight.

Xander could tell his Sire was tense, and kept his mouth shut. He didn't think that Spike was actually mad at him but it never hurt to be careful. They were driving fast and Xander was pretty sure speed limits had been forgotten. He just hoped that no one would pay any attention to them. He didn't want to think about what Spike would do to any police officer who dared to stop them. Luckily there wasn't much traffic on the streets so they could make good progress. Xander felt a bit hungry but kept his mouth shut. Still he hoped that they would be stopping soon to feed.

As time went on and there was no talk of stopping Xander started to get restless. He was feeling really hungry but didn't know how to approach the subject. They had sat silently all the time they had been driving. Also Spike's face was set in grim lines. Xander had the feeling that Spike wasn't in the mood to talk at the moment. He fidgeted on his seat a little while he thought what to do. He startled a little when Spike snapped at him.

"Stop fidgeting! You're disturbing me."

Since Spike had started talking, Xander dared to answer him.

"I'm sorry, Sire, but I'm hungry. Can we stop soon to feed?"

"No. We are not stopping. The Slayer is too close. We can't leave any traces behind."

Xander didn't like the idea of going hungry for an unknown period of time. He was already now feeling really hungry and it was all he could think about at the moment. He knew that he was whining when he opened his mouth again.

"But Sire, I'm hungry. I can't go on for long without feeding."

"Shut up! You will go without feeding if I tell you to. We are not stopping and that is final. Now let me concentrate on driving. We don't have any time to waste."

Xander buried himself a bit deeper into his seat. Maybe Spike hadn't been angry with him before but now he surely was. He wrapped his arms around his own chest and stared out of the window. He tried to think of anything besides his hunger but of course that was the only thing in his mind since he was trying to ignore it. Still he tried to sit still so that he wouldn't aggravate Spike any more. He understood that they needed to hurry but feeding was also important. Xander's hunger was clouding all his other thoughts. He was chewing his lower lip in thought.

Spike knew that his words had been a bit harsher than necessary but he was really on edge. Seeing the Slayer with her friends had unsettled him. He had thought that they had travelled fast enough to have some distance between them and the Slayer. It was obvious he had been wrong. The Slayer was pretty close after all. Luckily they didn't have long way to go anymore and Spike suspected that if he drove without stopping they should reach their destination the following night. He hoped that if they didn't stop they would gain enough distance to the Slayer. Spike was pretty sure that Buffy and company needed to stop somewhere to eat and sleep.

Spike gave a sideway glance at his Childe. The boy was obviously distressed and chewing his lower lip again. Spike knew that the fledge had a harder time controlling his feeding urge. His demon told him to feed regularly. However, this time Xander just had to manage. Stopping to feed would take way too much time. They couldn't afford that right now. Since he didn't want Xander to think that he was actually angry at him Spike placed his hand on his Childe's thigh and squeezed gently. He could sense Xander relaxing a little even if his muscles were still pretty tight.

"Childe, you just have to manage for a while. As soon as we get to our destination and get things sorted I will take you to hunt and you can eat as much as you like. Then there will be no more restrictions on the feeding." Spike got a dreamy expression on his face. "You will get to experience what it feels when the person in your arms surrenders to his or her destiny. What it feels like when their hearts stop beating. Just bear with me for a while. Do you think you can do that for me, Childe?"

Xander had been surprised to feel Spike's hand on his thigh. He was even more surprised when Spike spoke. He had fully expected to spend several hours in silence since he had already learned that when Spike was in a bad mood he didn't want to be disturbed with anything. He listened the words and when Spike described what he would be allowed to do Xander could feel himself salivating. He could hardly wait. Then he realised that he had been asked a question.

"I will try my best, Sire. I'm just so hungry it almost hurts."

"I know, Childe. Try to think something else. I do realise it's hard but try to do it for me."

"Yes, Sire."

They continued the drive in silence. Xander did his best to direct his thoughts to other things but was finding it pretty difficult. The scenery outside the car didn't offer him much. They were again driving through an area that didn't have anything in it. There were just fields and fields and nothing interesting to see. Also, since it was nighttime there wasn't much traffic. Xander remembered playing a game when he was a child where they would spot license plates starting with certain numbers or spotting different states in the license plates. In the dark it was harder to see the plates and also there weren't that many cars. At one point he picked up a few snacks Spike had bought earlier and ate those in hopes of settling his hunger at least a little. It did help for a while but then his hunger was back with a vengeance. He was afraid that his stomach would start growling loud enough for Spike to hear. He was feeling really miserable. He did understand the logic behind Spike's thoughts but it didn't do anything to make him feel better. It didn't lessen his hunger.

Spike could feel the misery practically pouring from his Childe but he tried to harden his heart. They couldn't afford any mistakes right now and stopping to feed would surely take way too much time. Xander would just have to deal with the situation.

The night hours went past slowly. To his delight Spike already started to see signs that told him how many miles they had left to drive. Of course the number was still quite big but it was getting smaller all the time. He had slowed down a little since he didn't want to be pulled over. They still should make it to their destination before the next night. If everything went well, by the following morning they would be free from running from the Slayer and could do whatever they pleased. Then he could take his Childe hunting for real and he could teach Xander all the neat tricks he had picked up during his years. He could hardly wait.

The drive went on in silence. A few times Spike had made small efforts at talking with Xander but it was obvious that the younger vampire was too focused on his hunger and couldn't concentrate on anything else. Spike had noticed him eating the snacks once in a while and hoped that it eased Xander's need at least a little. When morning started to get closer Spike knew that Xander would fall asleep any minute now. In his opinion it was a good thing since it would at least take his thoughts away from his hunger.

"How are you feeling, Childe?"

"Still very very hungry, Sire." Xander sounded quite miserable. "But I'm getting used to the feeling already."

"Feeling sleepy yet?"

"Maybe a little, Sire. I guess morning is coming soon."

"When you've been a vampire a bit longer you will be able to sense the morning coming much better."

Spike gave a glance to his Childe and felt bad for the obvious pain on his Childe's face. He made an impromptu decision and pulled over on the next resting place. He stopped the car and rolled his sleeve back a little. Then he bit into his own wrist and offered it to his Childe.

"I can't afford to give you much but hopefully this helps at least a little. Go on, drink."

Xander didn't need any more coaxing before feeding. The blood tasted heavenly in his mouth. In his opinion Sire's blood was the best he had ever tasted but now that he hadn't eaten that night it tasted even better. He gulped it down as fast as he could and hoped that Spike would let him continue to feed. Unfortunately the wrist was taken away way too soon. He growled and tried to grab the wrist but it only got his hands slapped. He watched while Spike raised the wrist to his own lips and licked the wounds closed. Xander was feeling a bit better but still quite hungry.

"Did that help at all?"

"Yes, Sire." Xander tried to lick his lips to retrieve the last drops. "Still hungry though."

"I know you are but it won't be long now. If everything goes as planned we will be able to hunt as much as we like very soon." Spike started the car and steered it back to the main road. "Just be a good Childe now and try to concentrate on something else. The sun will be up soon and you will fall asleep. Hopefully that will help you to forget your hunger at least for a while."

Spike knew it was quite possible Xander's dreams would be disturbed by his hunger too but hoped for the best. He was feeling a bit hungry himself too and sharing his blood with Xander had just made it worse but his years of experience helped him to deal with it. He had gone without feeding for several days before. Of course he hadn't been as young then as Xander was. The first time had happened when he had been a few years old. Then it had been a punishment dealt by Angelus for some mistake he'd made. Spike had been left behind tied to different things for a few nights when rest of the family had gone out to hunt. It had been agony. One time he had managed to get his bindings open but wasn't able to escape the room that he had been locked in, and had trashed the whole room. Angelus hadn't been pleased when he returned and Spike hadn't been able to sit down for a few days after that. A small smile caressed Spike's lips when he thought about it. Angelus had been a strict Sire but there had been good times too.

Spike could sense the first rays of sunshine when Xander fell asleep. For a few hours everything went well but then Xander started showing some signs of restlessness. The boy had changed into game face and was growling quietly. Spike was pretty sure he was dreaming about hunting and feeding. The restless period went on for a while and then Xander settled down again. Throughout the day there were a few similar periods but mainly the day went fine. Spike felt a bit tired himself but forced himself to drive on. They were making good progress and were well within schedule.

Suddenly Spike realised that he actually had their destination in sight. He couldn't believe they had actually made it. He drove into the city and found a place to park the car pretty near the place he planned to visit. He checked the clock and noticed that it would still take a few hours for the sun to set. Since there wasn't much he could do before that Spike decided to catch a few hours of sleep. He locked the doors just in case, settled down comfortably and let himself sleep.

To his shock Spike woke up to someone knocking on the window. Several worst case scenarios raced through his brain. A small check outside told him that it was almost dark already. He had made sure that the parking spot was in the shadow so he could roll down the window. He hadn't known who to expect but the police officer behind the window was still a relief. He was sure he would be able to talk himself out of almost any situation.

"Yes, officer?"

"We got a report from a suspicious car parked in here. Why are you sleeping in the car, sir?"

"We've driven a long way and I felt I couldn't drive any further without resting. I didn't want to fall asleep at the wheel so I decided to stop for a small rest. I guess it went on for a bit longer than planned. My apologies for any disturbance we have caused."

"No problem, sir. Drive safely."

"Thank you, officer."

Spike watched while the police officer got into his car and drove away. Since sunset was already pretty close he shook Xander until he woke up. It was time for them to do what they had come here to do. Their first target was a bar where Spike suspected they should be able to find more specific information on where they would be able to find help for their small problem. Spike was also pretty sure that the bar catered to different tastes so they might be able to find some help on their hunger too. Of course these kind of bars usually used bagged blood which wasn't the same thing as blood straight from the vein but it was better than nothing. Spike was pretty sure Xander would be delighted to drink anything even resembling blood. The fledge hadn't said anything after waking up but Spike could see from his face that Xander was feeling pretty hungry. That wasn't surprising since Xander had only had a few sips of Spike's blood in the morning. All the snacks the boy had eaten during the night were useless in regard to the fledge's need for blood.

When Xander woke up he felt awful. He was practically delirious with hunger but didn't dare to say anything in case Spike would get angry again. He had been told that he would get fed as soon as they reached their destination but he hadn't been given any idea where that was or how close it was. Spike had said something about a few days but that could mean practically anything. He hoped that Spike might give him a few sips of his own blood again if they still had to drive for long. That had helped at least a little the previous night. Of course he realised that the older vampire couldn't give him much since he needed the blood himself too. Still, that didn't stop him from hoping.

Then he noticed that the car wasn't moving. He had thought they had to hurry so Spike stopping didn't add up. A small hope started to enter his mind but he tried to stomp it down. He didn't want to get his hopes up in case there was still a long way to go. Maybe Spike just happened to have a very good reason for stopping. Then the older vampire spoke.

"You all woken up?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Good. Then we are going. Get out of the car."

Xander was surprised. Where were they going? What was happening? He got out of the car and went around it so that he was standing beside Spike.

"Sire, may I ask where we are going?"

"You don't really need to know but I guess it's all the same. First we are going into a bar to get some information and then we are going to get our situation fixed."

This sounded really good. Letting himself feel a bit hopeful Xander placed his hand on Spike's arm to get his attention.

"Sire, does this mean that we've reached our destination?"

"Yes. We are here. Just a few more hours and we can hopefully stop running. Of course that is if everything goes as planned. Now let's go. We don't want to waste any more time."

Feeling quite chipper Xander followed behind Spike. He was almost able to forget his hunger when he knew that hopefully in a few hours he would be able to feed as much as he liked. His Sire had said so and Xander really wanted to believe that. It was what was making him go on at the moment and helped him to ignore his hunger. He didn't know where they were but it looked like a big place. He decided that as soon as they had gotten the more important things sorted out, he would find out where they were. Sleeping so much while they were driving had confused Xander's sense of direction and distance. Therefore he didn't have any idea how far they'd come. One thing was certain, they weren't anywhere near California anymore.

Spike was thankful that he had visited New York before. Otherwise it would have been a lot harder to find what he was looking for. Here, he knew exactly where he could find people who might have information for him. He made his way quickly through the streets and finally found the bar he was looking for. There had been a small fear in his mind that the bar might have moved or something but luckily it was just where it was supposed to be. The entryway didn't have any markings on it and if Spike didn't know that this was the place he was looking for, he would have passed it without a thought. He changed into game face and told Xander to do the same. He wanted to make a showy entrance.

The inside of the bar was pretty much the same as he remembered. The place wasn't big and at the moment it was crowded as there were quite a few demons present. Spike did detect a few humans there too but he guessed they were there as pets to some of the demons or something similar. He made his way to the bar and ordered a pint of blood for both of them. That should take the edge off until they were able to feed properly. He noticed Xander eyeing the glass a bit suspiciously and could understand his Childe's distrust. As far as he knew, Xander's only experience of vampires drinking something other than straight from people's throats was Angel drinking pigs' blood.

"Relax, Childe, and drink. I promise it's the good stuff. They don't offer any crap around here. It's not completely fresh since it's from a bag, but it is human."

Xander couldn't understand why they were drinking from a glass when there was plenty of humans wandering around the streets but he guessed his Sire had his reasons. Therefore he just accepted the glass and drank the blood. It did taste good even if it did have a weird aftertaste. Xander guessed it was because of the blood had been in a plastic bag. Also it wasn't as warm as blood straight from a human. Still it did help his hunger a little and that was a good thing. He could see his Sire eyeing the crowd in the bar. It was obvious Spike was searching for something particular so Xander kept quiet. He looked around a little too. There were several different kinds of demons in the bar. He was able to identify a few species but then there were several he had no idea about. He hoped that he wouldn't need to get to know them better. Some of them looked pretty nasty but since Spike didn't seem to be concerned about anything Xander tried to relax too.

Spike was sipping his blood slowly. He had some idea of where to go for help with their situation, but he wanted someone he could talk with to get some more information. In the end he decided that the bartender was probably the safest bet. He turned around and signalled the man.

"I need some information. Do you think you can provide me with some?"

"Depends on the subject and how persuasive you can be."

Spike knew exactly what being persuasive meant. The info he was going to get was totally dependent on the amount of money he was able to pay. Luckily, that shouldn't be a problem. He was prepared to pay quite a hefty sum to get himself and Xander off of everyone's radar. Therefore he could afford to pay good money for all the information that helped him with that. He fished out a little cash from his pocket and placed it on the bar. He wanted to start small and test how much he could get out of the bartender with that. He knew his type. With every offer, he would get a certain amount of info. It didn't depend that much on the amount; whatever he offered on the first round, it would get him a certain amount of info.

"I want to find a person who can help me and my Childe disappear for a while. Probably going to need some magic involved since the people that are after us are using some magic too."

"Um, that's a tough one. Disappearing completely is tricky business." The bartender eyed the small notes Spike had placed on the counter. "Don't think that's going to be a cheap gig for you."

Spike placed another note on the counter.

"You don't have to be worried about the payment. The only thing you need to worry about right now is providing me with the info I need." Spike inserted a good amount of menace into his voice. "I think it's fair for me to warn you that I'm not a very patient man and might find other means to squeeze the information out of you if you don't co-operate."

The bartender lifted his hands up in surrender.

"Wow! Calm down there. I do think I have some information for you. I think you should speak to Yangus." The bartender gave a small wave towards the back of the bar. "He's sitting at that table."

"Thanks." Spike gave the bartender an obviously false smile. "Knew I could count on you."

Spike placed his empty glass on the counter and fished one more note from his pocket. This one was quite a lot bigger than the previous ones. He held it out, offering it to the bartender but didn't let go of the bill yet.

"I trust no one will hear from you that we've been here. Am I making myself clear?"

The bartender was eyeing the cash in Spike's hand with greed. He reached for it but didn't try to tug it out of Spike's fingers.

"Sure. Haven't seen anyone even resembling you around here."

Spike let go of the note and saw it disappear with great speed into the bartender's pockets. He hoped that the man would keep his promise. Of course in a few hours, hopefully it wouldn't matter. They would be undetectable by magic and everything else, except of course if someone happened to see them with their own eyes. Even that shouldn't be a problem since Spike had every intention of leaving the continent as soon as it was possible. He wanted to show his Childe the world. Also the USA was not a good place to stay if they didn't want to be found. Spike was pretty sure Xander's friends wouldn't give up even after they disappeared from the witch's radar. It was better to leave the country for a while.

Xander had followed with interest while Spike spoke with the barman. Of course he had known a little about Spike's plans but this sounded a bit more serious than he had thought. When Spike left the bar and headed for one of the tables Xander followed quietly behind him. Only one chair was free at the table and since Spike took that Xander was left standing behind the chair. He tried to sharpen his hearing to catch everything that was being said. Whatever Spike was going to talk about with the man concerned him too, so he wanted to be part of it.

Spike tried to look as confident as possible when he neared the man. He didn't ask permission to sit down but just grabbed the chair and sat. With a small glance he made sure Xander was still with him before concentrating on the man before him.

"I heard you were the one to talk to if I wanted to disappear for a while."

"That depends on how completely you want to disappear and what you can give me for it."

Spike immediately got a disturbing feeling from the man sitting in front of him. The man looked completely human but Spike could sense that he wasn't. He wasn't a vampire either, that was clear. Spike couldn't identify what kind of demon the man was and it was bothering him. Something in the man's gaze was disturbing too. Spike saw him looking past him with an appreciative gaze. A small glance backwards confirmed Spike's guess. Xander was standing right behind him and the man was obviously measuring the boy with his eyes. There was no way Spike was going to bargain with anything that had to do with his boy. He would be able to find someone else to do the job for him. It might take some time but he wouldn't compromise his boy. He turned back to face the man with a pleasant but obviously pretty false smile on his lips.

"Don't you worry about the money. I'm sure I have enough." Spike paused for a while. "As to how we want to disappear. I want it so that no one can find us with magic or any other unnatural means. The effect should last for at least six months to give us enough time to get everyone off our trail. Now name your price."

Spike really didn't like the expression on the man's face. He almost got up from his chair to choke the man already before he spoke.

"Your Childe's services for a certain period of time."

"Something else. My boy is not for sale."

"I don't want to buy him. I just want to borrow him for a while."

"I'm not renting him out either." Spike was barely keeping his temper in check. "I'm sure we can come up with something else."

Xander was listening to the exchange with horror. He had noticed the man eyeing him up and down and it had felt pretty uncomfortable. At first he had thought that it was just something transient and maybe the man didn't mean anything with it. Then he heard the man's first offer. He instinctively grabbed hold of the back of the chair Spike was sitting in. He really hoped that Spike wouldn't take the offer. Even when he heard Spike's answer he didn't dare to sigh in relief. The situation was looking pretty bad. He had only now learned what Spike was actually planning and could understand the logic behind it. Still it sounded tricky and Xander hoped that they would find someone else to help them if this deal fell through.

"I promise to return him to you in perfect condition. He looks a treat and I really want to give him a try. Just for a few days. You wouldn't even have time to miss him. I'm sure a Master vampire like you would have lots of things to do in a big city like this."

"Could we drop this subject?" Spike was really starting to get angry. "I'm not selling him or renting him and that is final. Now name something else you want or I'm going to take my business elsewhere."

Xander was beginning to feel a bit more relaxed. It was obvious Spike wasn't going to loan him to this man. The man was still eyeing him hungrily but Xander had a strong faith in his Sire. He was sure Spike would be able to handle the situation and get them what they wanted. He knew what it meant if they needed to keep looking for someone to do the spell for them instead of this guy, but he was prepared for feeling some hunger if that saved him from getting more familiar with the man in front of them.

"You are asking for tricky spells. I don't think there is anyone else in this city capable of doing the job."

"Then I will go to some other city, country or even continent. My boy will stay mine. No one else will ever touch him." Spike placed his fists on the table and raised from the chair a little while staring at the man in front of him menacingly. "Now am I wasting my time here or are you going to help me?"

The man lifted his hands up in surrender.

"Hey, calm down. I'm sure we can come up with some solution. I was just testing you a little." The man offered a small smile at Spike. "I don't want to do business with someone who is prepared to give up anything to get what he or she wants." Yangus slid a card over the table. "Come to this address in a few hours and we'll talk more. I need to make some preparations."

Spike accepted the card and waited while the man got up from his chair. Just as Yangus was passing him, Spike grabbed his arm and tugged hard so that the man had to lean over.

"I better not find any nasty surprises when we come over. I don't like them. I expect to be given what I want when I come. I'm prepared to pay good money for it."

"No monkey business, I promise. I just need some time to prepare and then I will be able to perform the spell you need."

Spike released his grasp on the man's arm.

"Good. We'll see you in a few hours then."

Spike and Xander watched while Yangus made his way out of the bar. Xander wanted to imagine that there was a bit more hurry in the man's steps than usual. He sat on the vacated chair to wait for Spike to tell him what they were going to do now. As far as he understood, they now had a few hours to waste. He had been told that they would hunt only after the spell had taken effect so that probably wasn't happening now. His only option was to wait patiently. Luckily he didn't have to wait for long.

"Childe, go and fetch us some more blood. We're going to need all the energy we can get." Spike slid a few notes over the table. "Make sure he gives you the good stuff. I do know they keep some animal blood in here and sometimes try to sell it as the real thing. Be careful."

"Yes, Sire."

Xander got up and walked towards the bar. He tried to look menacing but suspected that he wasn't succeeding much. He delivered their order and followed the bartender's every move carefully. When he received the glasses he sniffed them closely to check if it was the real stuff. It smelled right to him but unfortunately he couldn't be sure. He knew he was still so inexperienced that it wouldn't be too hard to trick him. He truly didn't want Spike to be disappointed in him. He hoped that Spike's reputation and earlier behaviour had convinced the bartender to give him the real stuff. He carefully carried the glasses to the table and sat down. He watched carefully when Spike took the first sip and tried to guess something from the older vampire's reaction.

Spike could clearly see that Xander was pretty nervous. It wasn't hard to guess the reason for the fledge's anxiety. His expression and gestures were quite telling. Spike decided to tease the boy a little. He accepted the glass and took a small sip. Then he grimaced and started to fake spitting the blood back into the glass. He saw the horror on Xander's face and the boy was almost ready to bolt. For a while Spike was able to hold his expression but then he started to laugh as hard as he could. Xander's face was so comical.

Xander had watched carefully when Spike had taken the first sip. When Spike's face had scrunched up in distaste Xander was sure he was going to pay dearly. He had been given just one simple task and he had managed to mess it up. He waited for the anger but got laughter instead. At first he was very confused. He had no idea why Spike was laughing. What was so funny?

"You are precious, pet. You should see yourself right now." Spike was still laughing. "The blood is just fine. It's just what it's supposed to be."

Finally Xander realised that he had been played. He wasn't sure what to think about that and went with pouting. That had always helped when he had been human. Maybe it would have some effect now too. It didn't take long for Spike to notice his expression.

"Are you pouting at me, pet?"

"You're making fun of me." Xander stuck his lower lip out and stared with his big brown eyes. "I try my best and you just mock me."

"I know you try hard and it's adorable. Now drink your blood. I want to check on the car before we go and see Yangus. I don't want to go there unprepared. You never know about these guys. He might have told us that there wouldn't be anything bad waiting for us but I want to be prepared in case he doesn't keep his word."

Xander gulped down his blood. It did taste good but he still couldn't wait until he would be able to sink his fangs into a real human being and drink straight from the source. He didn't have much experience in it yet, but still he could remember his first night as a vampire and how it felt. Spike had promised that as soon as they had taken care of things they would hunt. Xander could hardly wait. He followed Spike back to their car and watched his Sire stock his pockets with different kinds of weapons. He wondered if he was supposed to take something too but since Spike wasn't indicating anything Xander just stood and waited. Of course it wasn't like he would probably be able to use most of the weapons Spike had in the car. He could remember quite well how useless he had been while still alive. He didn't think his weapon handling had gotten any better. Most of his memories of being possessed by a soldier had faded away long time ago, and the scraps that remained hadn't been too useful.

Since Spike still didn't know what kind of demon Yangus was, he tried to prepare for everything. Of course his pockets had their limits so he needed to pick carefully. For a while he considered giving Xander a weapon but then he decided that the boy was better without anything. Spike didn't want to end up shot in the back or something similar. He couldn't trust his Childe's weapon skills. He had every intention of training the boy but he didn't have time for that right now. It would need to wait until later.

After Spike had finished arming himself, it was almost time for them to go to the place Yangus had given them directions to. Spike made his last checks and decided that he was ready. He checked the address and noticed that it wasn't too far. They could easily walk there. Spike walked with a brisk pace but made sure Xander was able to follow him. Just before he reached the address, he turned around to face his Childe.

"Whatever happens while we are inside, I need you to keep cool. I don't know if the man's interest was just an act or if he really wants you. We need to be careful of that. He said there wouldn't be any funny business but I don't actually trust him too much." Spike made sure he had eye contact with his Childe before continuing. "Whatever happens, I want you to stay clear of it. Let me take care of everything. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Good. Now we can go in."

They stepped up to the door and Spike knocked. Xander stayed a few steps back in case something unexpected happened and Spike needed the space or something. The door was quickly opened by Yangus and they were motioned to step inside. Xander followed his Sire into the house. It was very dark inside but he was still able to see pretty well. They were led through the house into a room that was obviously meant for spell casting. The walls were lined with different kinds of bottles and jars. When Xander saw the writing on the side of some of the jars, he decided that he actually didn't want to know what was in them. He noticed that Spike was checking the room carefully but it seemed he didn't see anything wrong. That made Xander relax a little too. He trusted his Sire's judgement.

"Could you please both sit down on the floor on the places I've marked on the floor."

Xander saw two marks on the floor and guessed those were the places Yangus meant. When he saw Spike moving towards one of the marks he followed his Sire's example. He carefully sat down on the floor and waited.

"To make things clear. You want to have a spell that makes you invisible to magic and everything else except for the plain eye? You don't want to be completely invisible?"

"No. Just to magic and other supernatural means."

"Good. Then we can get started." Yangus picked up some ingredients from the ground. "I need you to be completely silent while I chant. Nothing can disturb the process. Whatever happens, you must stay quiet. As soon as the chant is finished, the spell should be in force. It will last for around six months."

"That's all I need to know. Now let's see some action."

There was quite a lot of chanting. It sounded funny to Xander but he managed to school his reactions. He understood the importance of this spell. To him it felt like the chanting went on forever. He wanted to check on how Spike was taking the chanting but didn't dare to move a muscle. Yangus had said that nothing was allowed to disturb him during the spell and Xander thought that moving might count as disturbing. Finally Yangus' voice died down and silence filled the room. Xander still didn't dare to move and just waited.

"It's done. You can't be found by magic."

"Are you sure?" Spike was quick to demand. "I don't feel any different."

"I'm a professional. It is done. No one will be able to find you without you wanting them to unless they actually stumble onto you."

"Fine. Just know that if I find out that you've tricked us I will be back here before you even realise." Spike got up from the floor. "Now, name your price."

"I'd still prefer your boy's services for a few days but I guess I just have to settle for money. That's 50,000 dollars, thank you."

Xander looked amazed when Spike just dug some money out of his pocket and counted off the requested amount. He hadn't had any idea that Spike had been carrying so much cash around. After Yangus had counted and accepted the money, they said their farewells and headed out. Xander felt weird. It was funny to think that no one could find them now. He didn't feel any different. He didn't think he could believe that anything had been done until he saw it in practice.

Spike headed for their car again. He was a bit suspicious of the spell's effect. It couldn't be that easy. Still, there was no way for him to test it right now. He would just have to risk it. Now it was time for him to make good on his promise. Xander had been promised that they would hunt properly, and that was exactly what they were going to do now. At the car, Spike emptied the weapons from his pockets and put the rest of the money away. They wouldn't be needing it just now. Then he turned to face his Childe.

"Are you feeling hungry, Childe?"

Xander had a pretty good idea what that question meant. He was really excited but tried to control himself. He didn't want to go bouncing around in front of his Sire.

"Yes, Sire."

"Then I think it's time we hunt."

Xander still tried to control himself but he was pretty sure that his excitement was clear on his face. The smirk on Spike's face confirmed his suspicions. Still the older vampire didn't say anything but just turned around and started running towards the busier streets. Xander ran after him and did his best to keep up. It seemed like Spike wasn't holding back at all. Xander actually had some difficulty keeping up but he tried very hard. He never totally lost sight of his Sire, but a few times it was close. Finally, Xander caught up when Spike stopped.

"So are you ready to hunt for the first time all by yourself?"

"Sire? What do you mean? By myself?"

"I 'm planning on letting you take care of the whole thing. I want you to pick out our prey and then corner them. I'll act as a backup and only get involved if I have to."

Xander began to get nervous. He'd thought that he would just follow while Spike hunted as usual, but it seemed that he was going to have the starring role this time. He looked around and found out that they were in a quieter area with only a few people walking around. When he really concentrated Xander was almost able to hear the delicious blood flowing in their veins. He found himself starting to salivate in spite of the two glasses of blood he'd had earlier. He carefully watched the people walking around and tried to pick someone suitable. Finally his gaze landed on two guys who reminded Xander of some boys who had teased him in school. In his opinion they were a very good target for him. He discreetly pointed them out to his Sire.

"A nice choice, pet. Now for the real test. You need to lure them somewhere before you can actually attack them. I will watch you but won't interfere."

Xander felt very nervous but decided that he was going to be worthy of his Sire's trust. At first, he wondered how he was going to lure the men somewhere but then it came to him. He waited until the men were in an area without many other people around and walked to them.

"Nice evening for a walk, isn't it?"

"Get lost, faggot, before we make you."

"Don't worry, I'm not making a pass at you! You two look happy together and I don't want to break anything up."

"What did you say?"

"I said that you two look happy together and..."

Xander had guessed the men's reaction correctly and knew to expect their attack. He sprinted into a nearby alley and when he heard the men following, he knew his plan had succeeded. He ran until he reached the end of the alley and then turned to face his pursuers. It was obvious from their faces that they thought he was easy prey and planned to beat him into bloody pulp. Xander hid his grin and just waited.

"We're gonna make you regret your words, faggot! You'll wish you were never born after we're through with you."

Xander could see Spike standing at the mouth of the alley and leaning against one of the walls. The older vampire didn't look concerned so Xander was pretty sure he was doing alright. He leaned his back on the wall behind him and regarded the two men.

"I couldn't help but see how much you belong together. It isn't my fault if you haven't realised it yet."

That was all that was needed for the men to attack. Xander was actually surprised at how easy it was to sidestep them. The men collided with the wall and were disoriented. Xander used the opportunity to his advantage and attacked them. In seconds, one of the men was unconscious on the ground and Xander was holding the other one against the wall. Curious about how the man would react, he changed into his game face. The scent of fear was intoxicating. Xander leaned closer and sniffed the man's jugular before giving it a long lick.

"W-what are you?" The man stammered. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Oh, I'm sure you've read enough fairytales to recognise a vampire when you see one," Xander explained slowly, as if to a little child. "And I would think it was pretty clear I'm going to kill you."

Then he didn't waste any more time on chatter, but sank his fangs into the man's throat. The first taste of warm blood in his mouth made him almost delirious. He drank with deep gulps and didn't give thought to anything else. Only when he realised that the man's heart was slowing down did he start to hesitate a little. Spike hadn't actually said that he was allowed to kill. Maybe this was a test of some kind? Just when he was about to withdraw his fangs, a voice whispered right beside him.

"Go on, Childe, finish him."

Xander didn't have to be told twice. He bit down again, stronger, and pulled more blood out. He drank until he felt the man's heart stop. Only then did he release his grasp and let the man fall to the ground. When he turned around he found Spike feeding off the other man. Even though he wasn't hungry anymore, he hoped that he would be allowed to finish that man too. He leaned against the wall and impatiently waited for Spike to stop his feeding. He wanted to hear what his Sire thought about his hunt. The expression on the older vampire's face hadn't revealed anything earlier.

Spike had watched his Childe's actions from the sidelines. He was impressed that the boy hadn't chosen the easiest prey but had gone for something more challenging. There was obviously hope for him yet. He had let Xander take care of the whole deal and only when Xander was draining the first man had Spike sunk his fangs into the other one. He deliberately drank slowly since he knew that Xander was anxiously waiting to hear his opinion about how he'd done. Finally there was no blood left in the man and Spike stood up. He found Xander standing near him and leaning on the wall. The younger vampire seemed to be calm but the nervous twitching of one of his legs gave him away. Spike stepped closer to his Childe and met his gaze.

"You did well, Childe." Immediately there was a bright smile on Xander's face. "But I would suggest more discreet measures. You risked getting a lot more attention than you wanted. What if some of the other people nearby had taken offence at your words?"

At first Xander had been happy because of the praise, but then his mood plummeted. He'd thought he had done well but it was obvious his Sire wasn't pleased with him after all. He stared at the ground and dug his toes into the asphalt.

"I'm sorry, Sire. I will do better next time."

Spike could see that he had managed to upset Xander with his words. It hadn't been his intention. He moved so that he was toe to toe with his Childe and then forced Xander to look straight at him.

"I'm not disappointed with you. I just gave you advice for the next time. Your idea was a very good one. You just need to be a bit more careful, okay?"

"Yes, Sire."

"Good. Now I think it's time we got out of here. I don't think this continent is safe for us right now even if we can't be found with magic."

"Where are we going to go, Sire?"

"There are ships leaving the port for several destinations. We'll pick one from there. I want to take you to Europe and show you around there."

Europe sounded fun. Xander had never been outside the country. He hadn't even left California many times during his life. He was pretty sure he had already seen more of the country in the last week than during his previous years together. Leaving the country sounded like a very nice idea.

They headed for the car again. Spike wanted to pick up some money in case they needed to pay for their trip immediately. He hoped that they would have time to return to the car a second time before departure, since he was actually hoping he could buy a place in one of the ships for his car too. He wasn't prepared to give it up yet.

In the end, Spike decided to drive the car to the port. It would save time in case they needed to leave quickly. It wasn't too hard to find a willing captain who could take them and the car aboard. They wouldn't leave until the next evening so they still had time.

Spike decided to take advantage of the opportunity and booked them into a fancy hotel. He gave them enough money to insure that no one would bother them before the next evening. Then he led his Childe up to the room. After a quick shower, they curled up on the bed and slept. Spike was pretty sure they were going to need the rest. There was of course the problem of feeding while on the boat but he would worry about it later. He knew they couldn't start snacking on the crew since that would probably be noticed too fast.

When evening came, Spike woke Xander up and made him go shower. He would have liked to do something else too, but unfortunately they didn't have time. Spike just had to suppress all his urges until they were on the boat. As soon as he had had his own shower, they checked out of the hotel and made their way to the port. When they arrived there, Spike could sense the Slayer was near. He glanced at his Childe and saw the boy sensed it too. This was a perfect opportunity for them to test if the spell Yangus had made was working. Very carefully Spike advanced in the direction of the Slayer. He made sure they both stayed well out of sight since the spell didn't protect them from being seen.

Suddenly they were right there, behind one of the buildings in the port area. Spike coaxed his Childe to climb to the roof of the building so that they could see and hear better without risking being seen. They were all there. The Slayer, the red headed witch, the Watcher and Angel. It was immediately obvious that they were pretty confused.

"Are you sure, Willow?"

"I've checked several times. It seems like they've disappeared from the face of the earth. I know that they came to this city but this is where the trace ends. I can't get anything. Do you think that Xander is truly dead?"

"Willow, we've talked about this." Buffy sounded weary. "We know Spike has turned Xander. Therefore the boy we knew is dead. The only thing left is a shell carrying his face; there's nothing of the real him left."

"I just can't believe he's really gone."

"I guess Spike found a way for them to hide." It was Angel's turn to speak. "I know he's been in New York before, so he probably has contacts here. I'm afraid that we can't find him unless he wants to be found."

"I'm not giving up yet," Buffy said. "We will turn over every rock in this city until we find them."

Then their voices slowly faded as they walked on. For a few minutes Spike and Xander lay on the roof before moving. Spike now had proof that the witch couldn't pinpoint their location. That was a relief. Now they would have some time in peace. When the spell finally wore off, he was sure Xander's friends would have already given up. Also they would be so far away that locating them would be very difficult.

When they got to the ground, Spike placed his arm around his Childe's waist.

"I think it's time we left this country behind for a while, Childe. Come on. Our ship is waiting."

Xander gave one more look towards the direction his friends had disappeared to. He had been glad to know that his friends cared enough about him to come after him but knowing they were intent on killing him the instant they saw him wasn't pleasant. He had his new life now, though, and knew he belonged with his Sire. Xander followed his Sire towards the ship, already wondering about everything he was going to see with Spike. There was a new world waiting for him.

The End

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