Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Xander returned from his road trip only briefly. Now he has settled into a new city. Spike didn't escape the initiative and wasn't there when Buffy raided the place. This story is situated about five years after season 3.
Warnings: H/C, slash
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Long Weekend


Xander had never been this happy about a long weekend. Now he had four long days to spend whatever way he wanted. The week before a long weekend was always total hell at the site. Nothing went as planned. Deliveries had been late, there had been trouble with the machinery, people had fallen ill. Now he just wanted to get home, take a long relaxing bath and spend the whole four days just relaxing and collecting his strength. Some of his colleagues had asked him to join them for a small get away, but he refused. He really needed this time alone.

He was only a few blocks away from his house when he heard some noises coming from a dark alley. He was going to continue on his way, but then his curiosity got the better of him. He walked into the alley to see what had been making such sad noises. He saw a huddled human form, and quickly drew closer.

"Hey, buddy, are you all right?"

There was no answer. Xander inched even closer so that he was standing right beside the man. He crouched down and carefully extended his hand so that he could check for a pulse. The moment his hand was close enough to touch the man turned around. Xander got only a glimpse of the face but it triggered some not so pleasant memories. He remembered that face from one late night at the high school when he was offered as a present to this particular vampire. Xander reared back and spun away.

Although Xander had spent many years away from the hellmouth, he always had a stake with him when he was out after dark. He grabbed it from his pants pocket and advanced towards Spike once more. He kept waiting for the attack to come and was amazed when the vampire just lay in the ground and basically bared his chest for Xander to stake him. This reaction made him stop the stake just before it connected with Spikeís chest. Xander noticed the devastated look Spike was giving him then, and how thin he was. He had always been quite skinny, but now there were obvious signs of starvation, like sunken cheeks and lifeless eyes. Xander knew he was going to regret these words later but he reached with his hand and said: "Spike, you should come with me. You look really bad and if you stay here the sun will catch you in the morning. I know this place we can get some blood for you if you want to come with me."

Spike watched the boy reach out to him, both wary and amazed. He canít believe that this human who he has only met a few times and has tried to kill is being so nice to him. He takes the proffered hand and pulls himself up off the ground. He dusts off his clothes and turns to face the man waiting for him, watching for him the make the first move. Xander turns, and heads back towards the street.

Neither of them says a word when they walk out of the alley. Xander notices then that Spike is limping slightly. He knows the vampire has caught him watching, but neither of them comments on the vampireís injuries. They walk in silence until they reach the butchers. Xander canít understand why he offered his help to the vampire, and he definitely doesnít understand why the vampire accepted his offer. It feels really weird. They should be fighting, not being civilized to each other.

At the butcherís Xander orders a few pints of pigís blood. When Spike makes no effort to fish out any money, Xander takes his own wallet and pays the blood. Still there are no words exchanged. Xander just hands the containers to Spike and continues walking home. He is surprised to see the vampire still following him. He had figured that Spike would disappear after he got his blood.

As they walked Xander couldnít help wondering what the vampire was doing here. When he had left Sunnydale after graduation he had heard only snippets of information as to what was happening there. He heard that Spike had briefly returned the fall after graduation but no one had seen him after that. He had just kind of disappeared. Not like he really was missed by anyone. Now for some reason Spike had appeared in this town, the place where Xander had made a new identity for himself.

Xander had no idea what he was going to do when they got to his place. How could he invite a vampire to his home? Somehow he didnít want to leave him outside since it appeared that the vampire was ready to greet the sun. Xander didnít know why he cared, but for some weird reason he wanted Spike to be okay.

At his door Xander dug the keys from his pocket and opened the door. He stepped inside and turned to face the vampire. He can see the uncertainty on Spikeís face. Xander considers for one more moment and then:

"Spike, I invite you in."

Xander notices the flicker of surprise on Spikeís face before it closes down and he steps carefully over the threshold. Since this encounter with Spike has been entirely passive, Xander hesitates only a moment before turning and walking to the kitchen. He makes some sandwiches for himself and listens to see what the Vampire will do next. When he hears the near silent steps approaching, he turns.

"If you want to heat up the blood, you can use the microwave there."

Xander continued walking towards the living room when he heard the quiet words behind him.

"Pet, why are you doing this? Why didnít you stake me in that alley?"

Without turning around Xander replied: "I felt sorry for you. I know what it feels like to lose the will to live. I donít know what your reason is and frankly I donít even care but I felt like helping you. You are welcome to stay here if you want to assuming that you donít try to hurt me."

"You have nothing to fear from me. I am not able to attack anything living. I am thankful that you are trying to help but maybe it would have been better to leave me at that alley and let the sun take care of me."

"Iím not holding you here. If you want to leave you can."

Xander sat on the sofa and put the TV on. He hoped that Spike would stay. He didnít understand why but he had a feeling that if Spike decided to leave, Xander would find himself disappointed. Since he didnít want to dwell on that, he tried to concentrate on the TV. Soon he felt the couch dip a little as Spike settled in beside him. Again they didnít say anything or even look at the other.

When Xanderís head started dipping a lot he decided that it was time for bed. He got up from the sofa and headed towards his bedroom. Suddenly Xander remembered his guest and turned to face Spike.

"I donít have a guest room so you have crash on the sofa. Is there anything you need?"

"No, luv. Iím happy like this. You just head for bed."

Xander went to his bedroom and slowly stripped to his boxers. He couldnít understand himself. There was a potential killer in his living room and he was just going to sleep. Okay, Spike had said that Xander had nothing to be afraid of, but why should Xander trust this demon? It would be very easy for Spike to just lie to him. These thoughts continued while Xander buried himself under the covers and he fell asleep without any answers.

In the middle of the night Xander suddenly woke to wailing and crying. He ran to the living room and found Spike lying on the floor, seemingly still asleep and having a nightmare. There is a constant babble going on.

"Please, donít hurt me anymore, no more tests, I canít take this anymore, please let me go or kill me, Iím begging youÖ"

Xander slowly inches closer until he is within touching distance. He kneels beside the shuddering creature and touches his shoulder to wake him up. As soon as Xanderís hand touches Spike the vampire springs up and throws Xander away from him. First Xander is sure that this will be his end but then he notices the vampire curled up and holding his head. Xander again crawls closer. This time he doesnít try to touch the vampire.

"Spike, can you tell me what the matter is? Were you having a nightmare? Are you hurting now?"

Spike just curls into himself more and clutches his head. Xander can also hear some whimpers. He waits patiently for Spike to say something to him. It is obvious that the vampire is in great pain. Finally Xander can hear faint muttering.

"They put something into my head. I canít feed myself. Every time I try to attack something living there is this terrible pain inside my head. Please canít you stake me? I canít live like this. I would do it myself but I donít have the guts."

"Spike I wonít stake you. I want to help you."

Spike slowly uncurls himself and watches Xander.

"Thanks, mate. I canít understand why you are doing this."

Carefully Xander gets closer and settles himself near the vampire. He is surprised when Spike comes even closer and attaches himself to Xanderís side with his hand thrown across Xanderís stomach. It seems to calm the vampire down so Xander tries to relax. Slowly they both drift to sleep.

Xander is very surprised when he wakes up still lying on the floor with Spike draped over him. He hadnít meant to fall asleep. Now his back and neck were hurting since the floor wasnít very comfortable. He was also suffering from a very painful morning hard on. He really wanted to get away from the vampire before it was discovered. Xander tried carefully extracting himself from Spike but the only result was that the vampire held on a bit tighter. Xander started feeling desperate. Nothing good could come from this. He tried again to push Spike away from him so that he could escape. This time the vampire moved but also woke up at the same time. Xander tried to use this last chance to escape but didnít succeed. Spike was regarding him with sleepy eyes and looking quite cute his hair all messed up and eyes still half asleep. Shockingly Xander could feel his erection just getting worse with these thoughts.

When Spike slowly moved his hand he accidentally bumped into Xanderís erection. Spike gave Xander a curious look and Xanderís face went bright red. Spike, however, didnít seem at all embarrassed. Xander was surprised when he could feel feather light touches on his skin. The first reaction his brain came up with was pushing the vampire of him but for some reason his body disagreed and just surrendered to the touch. When Spike didnít meet any resistance his touches got bolder and he also started placing feather light kisses all over Xanderís torso.

Xander canít be sure if he is imagining the feel of Spikeís hands all over his body. The hand going inside his boxers is, however, very real and Xander canít suppress the moan when Spike grabs his cock into a tight grip and starts stroking. Xanderís brain keeps telling him that he has to put a stop to this right now but his body disagrees and just keeps on enjoying the wonderful feeling.

Xander is so deeply surrendered to what he is feeling that he doesnít even notice when Spike gradually removes his boxers and throws them over his shoulder. Only when his cock is engulfed by a cold mouth does Xander realize what is happening. The sensations Spike is causing him are wonderful, he wonders where the vampire had learned to suck cock like that. Spike was applying just enough pressure so that Xander was helpless in his hands. His tongue was working relentlessly licking the vein on the underside of Xanderís cock. Xander was pretty sure that he wouldnít last for long. He moans sadly when Spike suddenly removes his mouth but the disappointment is short lived, as Spike starts to licking his balls taking them one at a time to his mouth and caressing them. Xander canít do anything other than clench his hands into fists and enjoy the feeling the vampire was inflicting on him. Just when Xander was sure that he couldnít take one more second of these incredible sensations the vampireís mouth was giving him, his cock was once more engulfed into that cool mouth. That was enough and with a mighty roar Xander shot his cum into Spikeís throat. The vampire swallowed everything and cleaned Xanderís cock in his mouth before pulling slowly away. Xander has melted into a puddle of goo and canít get anything even remotely sensible out of his mouth. The vampire just curls back to his side and smiles happily.

"Pet, would you like to move this to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable?"

When the words registered in Xanderís head he suddenly realised what has just happened and what Spike is suggesting. He reared away from the vampire.

"No, no this is wrong. We shouldnít be doing this. Youíre a vampire and Iím a human. Weíre enemies. We shouldnít be cuddling!"

Spike is persistent despite the hurt on his face and starts to crawl towards Xander in a predatory way. Xander tries to crawl to the opposite direction at the same time.

"Come on, pet. You canít say you didnít enjoy that. Why else would you have asked me here than to take advantage of my frail stage and my luscious body?"

"No, I asked you here because I felt sorry for you and I didnít want to leave you to die on that alley."

"Well, now Iím safe but I need more comfort. I think the best place for that would be your bedroom."

While Spike was crawling towards Xander he tried to herd him towards the bedroom door. He was partly successful with it because he was able to get Xander stuck in a corner and only a few meters from the door. Spike crawled so near Xander that he almost could touch him.

"Pet, please. I want you. I have wanted you since my sire gave you to me as a present. That kind of makes you my property so you donít really have any say in this."

Spike knew that if Xander decided to fight him he couldnít do anything because the chip would punish him. He just kept wishing that Xander wouldnít remember it.

"How do I know you wonít hurt me? You are a vampire after all."

"Luv, I already said to you that you are in no danger with me. All I want to do is make you feel good. That is my only goal. If I really wanted to hurt you, I wouldnít be here trying to persuade you to come with me freely. I would just grab you and force you. I, however, want you as a willing participant in this."

Xander didnít know what to think. This was too much. Fine, he had felt sorry for the vampire and invited him to his home. And there was the fact that he had been concerned and tried to comfort the vampire after his bad dream. He also had enjoyed the blow job more than he should have. It wasnít that Xander hadnít had affairs with men before but this was Spike. It was the person who had tried to kill him and his friends numerous times. Okay, there were the dreams he had had about the vampire during the years. He didnít have any plans of telling any of them to Spike. He knew, however, that he was literally stuck in a corner. He had let the vampire suck him off, so naturally he was expected to do something in return. He tried to formulate a suggestion that would suit Spike. He was really scared.

"Is it enough if I suck you off? Or do you want to fuck me? Just tell me what I have to do so that you will leave me alone."

The look on Spikeís face surprised Xander. The vampire seemed to be speechless. It takes a moment before Spike can say anything.

"Pet, what do you mean? I want to have you in every way possible and for a long time. I have no plans to leave you. I want you whole."

It is Xanderís turn to stare the vampire in amazement and speechlessness. When he is finally able to get something out of his mouth he voices his greatest fear. He can feel the tears burning behind his eyes.

"So you are going to turn me?"

Spike tries to move closer but when Xander tries to make himself as small as possible he decides not to move. He can also see the tears falling across Xanderís cheeks.

"Luv, what gave you that idea? I like you just like you are now. Why would I turn you? I like your warm skin and everything about you. I just want to be with you. Hold you close and make you feel good. I wonít force you to anything you donít want to."

"Will you let me stand up and go to the toilet?"

"Of course. You are not my prisoner. I donít want to hurt you. Iím sorry if I scared you. Itís just that all those years ago I was lusting after you but couldnít have you. Now you are here again and I still want you."

Spike gets up and walks away. He doesnít turn his back on Xander but steers himself so that the way to the toilet is clear. As soon as he is far enough, Xander sprints to the toilet and locks the door behind him. Spike sits on the sofa to wait what is going to happen next. When Xander has been in the toilet for over 15 minutes, Spike decides that something must be wrong. He goes to the door and softly knocks on it.

"Xander are you all right? Luv, answer me."

The only answer he can hear is the frightened whimpers and obvious sounds of crying coming from the other side. He doesnít know what to do. He obviously scared the boy very badly. Now he had to fix this. Since it was the middle of the day he was forced to stay in the apartment. Now that he had found his boy again he didnít want to greet the sun anymore.

"Pet, Iím sorry I scared you. Can I do anything that will calm you down? I promise you donít have anything to fear from me. How can I prove it to you?"

Spike can hear sound of movement from the other side. Finally he can hear Xanderís voice faintly asking him.

"Can you please move away from the door? Go sit in the arm chair and tell me when you are settled. Donít move. Iíll come out then."

Spike started moving back towards the arm chair when he had sat down he yelled to Xander.

"Iím sitting down now. I wonít move. Just please come out. I promise I wonít do anything."

The door opened carefully and Spike can see Xanderís head peeking out. He tries to stay totally unmoving so that he wonít scare the boy again. Xander comes out but keeps his eyes on Spike the whole time.

"Will you allow me to tie you down?"

"Oh, you wanna play like that?"

As soon as those words leave his mouth Spike regrets it. He can see the terrified expression on Xanderís face and he tries to correct the situation.

"Iím sorry, pet. If you wish you can tie me. I just hope that I will be able to convince you soon that you are in no danger with me, but if it makes you feel more comfortable just tie me down."

Xander still keeps his eyes on Spike the whole time and retrieves some strong rope from one of the cupboards. He then comes near Spike carefully. Spike still keeps totally unmoving. When Xander is right beside him he starts to tie the ropes. Spike still doesnít move a muscle. He really hopes that he can get the boy to trust him again.

"Spike, Iím sorry to do this to you. I think I believe you, but I want to be sure. These ropes will stay on until Iím again sure about you."

"Pet, I understand. I canít stress enough that Iím really sorry. I thought you wanted me too and that is why I got carried away."

Xander mumbles something but Spike canít get clear what. He doesnít, however, bother asking since he was pretty sure the boy wouldnít tell him.

When Xander is satisfied with tying Spike to the chair he backs away and sits on the sofa.

"What are you planning, Spike? What is your story? Please be honest. I donít feel like staking you but I will do it if you donít co-operate."

"Pet, I have nothing to hide. I can tell you my whole story if you have time."

After the affirmative nod Spike continues.

"Last night you found me I was desperate. I donít know how much you know about what happened in Sunnydale after you left. There was this group called ďThe InitiativeĒ. They hunted down all kinds of demons, including vampires. It was done in the name of research but I would disagree. They brutally opened demons up and poked around. Some they killed after they were satisfied with their tests but some their kept around for further test. I was one of them. I was continuously transferred from place to place and researched."

Spike fell silent. Xander could see that remembering those times was quite painful for him. He, however, didnít do anything. He knew that the story would continue and he decided just wait until Spike was ready to tell him more. He didnít have to wait for long.

"Iím not sure how long time I spent with them. Suddenly last week they set me free. They just drugged me and transported me away from their compound. When I woke up I was alone. First I thought it was again some test, but when I noticed that I could go anywhere I liked and no-one was following me. You can guess how happy I was and when opportunity rose I tried to attack the first human I saw. I didnít get even near when this terrible pain exploded in my head. First I thought it was something temporary but now I have noticed that whenever I try to attack anything living, something goes off in my head. I suspect they implanted something there that prevents me from feeding. That is why I was lying in that alley. I was just waiting that someone would attack me or the sun would take me out of my misery, but then you came and took me with you."

There was again silence. Xander could see that Spike was thinking hard what he was going to say next. Finally Spike opened his mouth once more.

"I was attracted to you already when we met all those years ago in Sunnydale. Now when I saw you all those feelings came back to the surface. First I was afraid to do anything because I was sure that you would stake me if I tried to make advances. Then came the nightmares and you comforted me. In the morning you allowed me to touch you and I thought you wanted me too. I realise now that I was wrong. As soon as to sun goes down, Iíll leave. I only ask you if possible to give me some money for blood and not call the slayer on me."

When Spike stops his tale there is only silence. Spike watches Xander but canít read anything from him. Finally Xander raises his head and stares straight to Spike.

"I have to think about this. I know those ropes wonít hold you if you donít want to but I hope you will stay still and give me time."

Spike nods and then there is only silence. To Spike it feels like an eternity. He feels like Xander is taking forever with his thinking even it probably just takes a few minutes. Spike almost startles when Xander suddenly gets up from the sofa and starts pacing.

"So you are saying that you are unable to hurt anyone?"

"Yes, pet. Anything living I have tried to attack has caused me a bloody migraine."

"So before when you had me cornered I could have stood up at anytime and you wouldnít have been able to do anything?"

"That is correct. I didnít want to remind you about it because I really wanted you. I realise my mistake now. My intention was never to scare you or make you cry."

"If I untie the ropes now what are you going to do?"

"I will probably still sit here, warm some blood and wait until the sun goes down if you allow me to stay here until that."

"So no more fake attacks on me or anything?"

"I promise I will behave. I wonít come even near you. You wonít even notice that I am here. I will be invisible."

"I guess I believe you. It is not like you didnít have enough chances to off me before if you had wished. Just donít do anything like that again."

"Pet, I promise."

Xander unties the ropes and goes then to the kitchen to prepare himself some food. Spike waits until he comes out and goes then warm up some blood. He drinks it in the kitchen and destroys all the evidence so that at least his empty blood bags wonít upset Xander more.

They go around each other for the whole day. When the sun is starting to go down Spike collects his belongings and starts heading out. He is surprised when he finds his way blocked by Xander.

"Spike you donít have to leave. You can stay here if you want to."

"Xan, I donít want to make you feel uncomfortable. I think it is better that I leave. I donít think you would be able to be at rest if Iím here."

"I can try. I admit you freaked me out but Iím okay now. I think that I trust that you wonít try to hurt me. I donít want you wandering on the streets when you canít defend yourself."

Spike doesnít know what to say but he gives up and goes back to the living room. He sits on the sofa and is surprised when Xander comes to sit beside him. They proceed to watch the TV. At some point Spike can feel some weight on his shoulder. When he checks he notices that Xander has fallen asleep beside him. For a moment Spike considers waking him up but Xander looks so peaceful that Spike doesnít want to disturb him. He reaches carefully for the remote control and shuts the TV. Then he tries to settle as comfortable as possible. His little movement doesnít register in any way with Xander except that the boy snuggles even closer to him. Spike doesnít want to think about what is going to happen in the morning when Xander wakes up.

Spike wakes up in the middle of the night. Xander is still sprawled on him and is stroking Spikeís cock through his pants. Spike is already rock hard. He can also feel Xander slowly humping his leg and searching friction. Spike doesnít know what to do. He knows he should stop Xander and wake him up but Xanderís hand feels so good. He enjoys about the feeling for a small moment but grabs then Xanderís shoulders and shakes him a little.

"Xander, luv, wake up. I love what you are doing, but I donít want to freak you out."

Xander moves but Spike can tell that he really isnít awake yet. His suspicion is strengthened when he hears Xander moaning.

"I donít want to. I like sleeping on you and touching you. Donít make me get up."

"Xander, do you understand what you are doing?"

"Of course I do, Spike. Isnít this what we do constantly?"

"No, pet. We donít. Iíve been here only for a small while and you freaked out last time I suggested something like this."

That does it. Xander finally wakes up enough to realise what is happening. He is up from the sofa in a flash and tries to escape again to the bathroom, but Spike is quicker and grabs him around his waist. Xander starts sobbing in terror.

"Spike please let me go. Iím really sorry. I donít know what came over me. I must disgust you."

"No, pet. I just said that it felt good. And you should know from yesterday that I am interested in you. I didnít want to take advantage of the fact that you were sleeping. If I let you go now, will you behave and not run away?"

Xander goes slack in his arms and nods. Spike carefully lets go off him. Xander just slumps back to the sofa. He doesnít look at Spike.

"Pet, we need to talk. Yesterday you were horrified of me making suggestions but now you have dreams where we are together and have been for a long time."

"I donít want to talk about it, okay. There is nothing to talk about."

"Xan, donít be like that. I would be more than happy if I had a chance with you."

"Why? You are a vampire. You eat humans. Why would you like to do something else with me?"

"Because I like you. I have liked you from the first time you were offered to me by my sire. As I already said it kind of makes you my property but of course I wonít force it on you. It just seems that you like me too and I would like to see if this goes anywhere."

"So you like me?"

"Yes, didnít I make it clear enough?"

Xander just stares at the floor.

"What would you say if I admitted that I might also feel something towards you?"

"I would be delighted but still wouldnít hurry you. If there is something between us we are going to take it as slow as you want."

"Do you really mean that you are interested in me? You are not going to throw this into my face as soon as I admit my feelings?"

"No, pet. I really do like you. Iím ready to put my ass on the line for this."

"So, how would you react if I kissed you now?"

"Why donít you try it out?"

Xander carefully leaned towards Spike and finally their lips touched. Xander was amazed by the softness of Spikeís lips. Somehow he had imagined that the vampireís lips would be hard the same way that they vampireís exterior was. First they just kissed lightly but then Spike started deepening the kiss. He touched Xanderís lips with his tongue and tried to pry his mouth open. Xander gasps in surprise and Spike uses the moment and starts mapping Xanderís mouth with his tongue. Soon also Xanderís tongue comes into play. They keep it going for a while. When Xander tries to pull away Spike follows him. Xander, however, pushes him away and sits gasping on the sofa. Only then Spike remembers that Xander has to breathe once in a while. He lets go of Xander but keeps his eyes fixed on the other boys face to see any expressions present there. All he could see was amazement.

"Wow, that was reallyÖ"

"What pet, what was it?"

"I canít describe it, but can we please do it again?"

"Sure, as soon as you have caught your breath."

"Fuck that!"

At the same time Spike has a lapful of an eager man who is kissing him with fervour. Spike lets Xander to have the lead for a while and concentrates only on responding. He, however, isnít very good in letting other people dominate him so he takes the lead. He kisses Xanderís mouth for a while but transfers then his mouth to kiss and lick Xanderís earlobes and neck. Spike can notice that Xander stiffens momentarily when Spikeís mouth reaches his pulse point, but then the boy gives up to the pleasure and just concentrates on feeling.

Spike isnít sure how far Xander is ready to take this right now but when he doesnít meet any resistance while putting his hands under Xanderís shirt he becomes a lot more daring. Soon Xanderís shirt is on the floor and Spike attacks his nipples. He licks and bites them with his blunt human teeth. His actions get deep moans and groans from Xander. Spike can smell the boyís arousal. He can also feel the boyís hard cock pressing into him through the layers of clothes. He wants to get them into a more comfortable position so he grabs Xander around his waist and lifts him up. Xander lets a startled yelp but doesnít protest. Spike carries him to the bedroom and puts him on the bed. He stops momentarily to admire the boyís beauty as he lies on the bed without his shirt, hair tussled and an obvious bulge in his pants. Then he shreds his own shirt and crawls over Xander. He can see the excitement in the boyís face but there is also some guardedness. The boy still doesnít trust him. Well, Spike is sure that by the end of the night the boy wonít remember even his own name not to mention who Spike is.

Spike straddles Xanderís hips and starts teasing his nipples. First he just touches them with the tips of his fingers but then starts twisting Xanderís nipples between his fingers. The boyís back arches up from the bed in pleasure. He also moans and pleads Spike to touch him all over. Spike just grins and keeps his touch only to Xanderís nipples. Then he leans over Xander and starts licking his neck once more. At the same time Spike locks Xanderís hands over his head. He knows that he canít keep them there if the boy decides fight him but it gives him some sense of power. Spike notices that the boyís throat is very sensitive and starts nipping at it with his teeth. Gradually he moves down but makes sure that he licks every possible place on Xanderís skin.

When Spike reaches the waist of Xanderís pants he stops for a while and watches Xander from under his lashes. The boyís face is flushed with passion and he is withering under Spike. When Spike starts undoing his pants slowly Xander starts panting quietly. Spike is surprised to see that Xander is going commando and his cock jumps out from the opening of the jeans as soon as they are open enough. Spike gives a few tentative licks and collects the pre cum glistening on the head of Xanderís cock to his mouth. Xander starts moaning and tries to thrust his cock nearer Spike so that the contact would be longer. Spike, however, pulls away with a wicked smirk on his lips. He continues removing Xanderís pants inch by inch. When they are finally totally off Spike throws them into a corner and places himself again on Xander. He starts his caresses again from Xanderís face with butterfly kisses and licks. He then continues downwards keeping the kisses and licks up. He expertly goes around Xanderís aching cock and continues his caresses to the inner thighs. He just kisses and gives long licks along the smooth skin. Xanderís moans just get louder.

"Spike, please, I canít take this anymore. Please touch me!"

"Pet, be patient. Everything in its time. I want to explore you all over first. We have time."

"Spike, Iím begging you. Iím about to explode. I canít hold on anymore."

"Just for a while, luv. I want to make you feel good."

"Iím already feeling good. I need you now. You donít know how long I have dreamed about this moment."

"I have also dreamed about this, pet. I want you to enjoy this as much as I do."

"I donít think that will be a problem. Iím already feeling like Iím in seventh heaven."

"Just hold on for a little longer."

Spike continues his caresses along Xanderís body. Finally he returns to Xanderís cock and after a few licks he takes it straight to the back of his mouth. Xander yells in surprise and pleasure. He tries to avoid thrusting into Spikeís throat but the vampire seems to want that and flexes his throat ready to take Xanderís cock as far as it will go and then the vampire swallows around his cock and Xander finds a new plane of enjoyment. Not one of his previous lovers had been able to take him so deep. He is sure that he will come any moment. When Spike suddenly grabs his balls he is helpless against the waves of pleasure. He doesnít even have time to warn the vampire before he shoots his load into Spikeís throat. It, however, seems that Spike doesnít mind since he swallows everything and then licks Xanderís half hard cock clean before settling himself on the bed beside Xander.

Xander lies on the bed and collects himself for a while. Then he tries to get up. A hand on his chest, however, stops him.

"Where are you going pet?"

"I just thought it was my turn to make you feel good."

"I just want to lay here for a while. We can worry about that later. Now I just want to look at you."

"Fine with me."

Xander settles back on the bed. He is feeling a little self-conscious about his nakedness since Spike is still wearing his jeans. He decides to try again and reaches his hand slowly towards the fastening of Spikeís pants and when he isnít stopped this time he flips the buttons open one by one. As soon as he has opened enough buttons Spikeís cock jumps out of its confines. Xander canít help himself and he reaches to caress it. Spike moans deeply as soon as Xanderís fingers touch him and that gives Xander more courage to explore further. He puts his fingers around Spikeís penis and starts pulling the foreskin. Spikeís moans get more deep and desperate. That awakens Xanderís lust again and he notices that his cock is filling up again.

Spike lets Xander play with him for a while but then he decides to take the reins back to his own hands. He pushes Xanderís hand away. He can see the fleeting expression of hurt on the boys face but it goes away as soon as Spike takes his pants off and blankets Xander once more. He attacks Xanderís mouth with new vigour. Their hard cocks rub against each other and stimulate their arousal even more. Spike is feeling that he wants something more and whispers to Xander.

"Do you have anything we can use?"

"In the top draw."

Spike reaches to open the draw and is surprised by the amount of fun stuff he finds there. He already starts planning what all kind of fun they can have with the toys he finds there. Now he, however, wants feel the boy around himself. He fetches the tube of lube and throws it on the bed beside them. Then Spike again concentrates on the boy writhing below him. He continues his attack. Xander is trashing on the bed with pleasure. Spikeís cool tongue feels so great on him and it feels that the tongue is in every place at the same time. He tries to arch his body closer to Spike to get to most impact possible.

Finally Spike reaches Xanderís crotch once more. He again teases the boy by going around his cock but not touching it. He can hear the boy begging and pleading and that goes straight to his own cock and hardening it even more. Spike pushes Xanderís legs up against the boyís chest. Then he starts licking his way down. He starts with a couple of licks along Xanderís stiff member and continues then to his balls. He takes them into his mouth one by one and applies just enough pressure to keep the boy hovering on the border of pleasure and pain. After he has paid enough attention to them he continues further and starts licking Xanderís perineum applying again some pressure with his tongue.

Xander doesnít even now what is up and what is down. He has lost all understanding about every other thing than the wonderful mouth and tongue that takes him to new places all the time. He has already given up with the begging since he noticed that it didnít do any good. It only encouraged Spike to tease him a little more. Now he just hopes in the one corner of his mind that is still working that the vampire would have some mercy and let him come already. He didnít have high hopes on it since it felt like the vampire really wanted to explore him all over. So he just gave up to the pleasure and enjoyed.

Spike had come to his goal. He had the boy totally under his control just moaning and trashing on the bed. He still had his surprise left. Without warning he started licking around Xanderís pucker and thrust then his tongue inside the boy. Xander yelped in surprise and his panting breaths just increased in pace. He tried to rock himself against the wonderful feeling. While Spike was busy with his tongue in Xander he reached out and started lubing his fingers in preparation. Then he withdrew his tongue. He could hear the disappointed whimper from Xander but it soon changed into excited whimper when he thrust two of his finger into Xander. As soon as his fingers were deep enough he started drawing his nails over Xanderís prostate. With his other hand he pushed Xander into the bed so that the boy didnít have a chance to move himself at all.

Xander didnít know what to think anymore. When he had felt Spikeís tongue inside him he was sure he was going to shoot his load right at that moment. Now when the vampireís fingers were inside him he was really hanging on the edge. Suddenly he can feel a third finger penetrating him and he canít take the torture anymore.

"Spike, you are killing me. Please make this stop. I canít take this anymore!"

All he got as an answer was a smirked reply:

"Shh, pet. This is just the beginning. There is still lot to come. And I mean that in every way."

Hearing those words just increased Xanderís arousal. He hadnít thought he could get anymore aroused but it seemed that he was wrong. Suddenly a feeling of emptiness took hold of him as Spike withdrew his fingers. Before he had time to voice his protests he could feel Spikeís cock head brushing against his hole and pushing inside. Xander would have liked Spike to thrust wholly inside him but the vampire took it agonisingly slowly. Xander tried to grab Spike to force him to penetrate him quicker but the vampire just pushed inside inch by inch. For Xander it felt like forever before Spike was inside him to the hilt. Then the vampire just stopped.

"Spike please, you have to move. I canít take this!"

"Just wait a moment pet. I want to let you get used to me so I wonít hurt you."

"Believe me there is nothing you can do to hurt me now. Iím somewhere so deep now that all I want is you to move."

It seemed that this had effect and Spike started slow moment inside the boy. He made sure that he hit Xanderís prostate almost on every thrust. Judging from the moans and pants he was doing pretty good job. When Spike felt his orgasm closing in he grabbed Xanderís cock to his hand and started pulling it in time with his thrusts. It didnít take long before he could feel Xanderís channel starting to contract and soon he could feel Xanderís warm come between them. The boyís yells of pleasure could probably be heard a couple apartments down. Spike rode Xanderís orgasm to the end and thrust then a couple times really deep and let then his cum inside Xander.

For a while they just laid panting. When Spikeís half flaccid cock slipped out of Xander they moved their position so that Xander was spooned against Spikeís chest.

"Pet, how are you feeling?"


"Okay, I think it is time to rest for a while. We can talk later. We have time, donít we?"


Spike smiled. He had achieved his goal. He had managed to fuck the boy into a condition where the boy couldnít form any intelligent thoughts. There was still a lot more he could show Xander but that had to wait. The boy needed his rest.

Xanderís brains were totally mush. Even if he had tried there probably wouldnít be any words from his mouth just some not understandable babble so he decided to keep his mouth shut. He had never felt this relaxed. He was so happy that there was still a few days of free time left. He had a strong suspicion that he wouldnít be able to walk now even if his life was in danger. He also had a suspicion that this wasnít the end of Spikeís talents. He was sure that he had very interesting few days in front of him.

While Spike thought about what all the nice things he could come up with he started getting hard. He didnít have the heart to try to raise the boy and also he needed some rest. Therefore, he just snuggled a little closer and pushed his cock inside Xander. Then he just stayed still. He was very contented to sleep inside his boy. He had no intention of letting go of him ever again now that he had him.

When Xander first felt Spike pushing inside him again he thought about protesting. He really didnít have any energy left. Then he noticed that Spike just wanted to be inside him. He got also comfortable and let sleep pull him under. He could worry about other things later.

The End

My challenge was as follows:

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus on: Spike/Xander
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too: No other specific pairings are necessary, but could include Angel/Wes, if ya want
Things you want: first-time future-fic, can be post-Chosen or take off from some other point in canon, would prefer happy ending (though angst on the way there would be acceptable) and smut. Lots of smut. *g* [Note, future fic can include the boys meeting in 2003, if the point you jump from canon is between seasons 3&4, for example. I know, that doesn't sound like future-fic from where we sit now, but it's in the future from where you parted from canon...if you get my meaning.]
Things you don't want: character death or extreme violence (see happy ending!)
Extras (highest rating, genre...): NC17 please!

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